Bondage Section:

Stories primarily based on Bondage and Domination.  Here you will see stories about Masters and slaves, and lovers at play.  Some will be romantic, some will be light and fun, some will be extremely erotic, while others completely innocent.  Some stories though will also cover the darker side, with characters not so willing.

Enforced Nudity Section:

Stories primarily based on nudity in various forms, usually at the expense of one of the characters.  Some BDSM aspects may also be present in some of the stories here, but for the most part they cover general humiliation, or accidental nudity, or nude play.   Some are romantic, some are light and fun, and of course some are very erotic.  Yet here too there are stories of the darker side.


A history of the stories as they are added to the site. There are no links here, just the brief outlines and the names of  the stories themselves.