by kitn


Standing there in her bedroom looking frantically for the misplaced keys she groaned as her search was interrupted by a knock at her door.  "COME IN" she yelled, hoping it would be friend not foe as she resumed her search.   The steps sounding on the stairs lent her security as she recognized the tread of her lifelong friend and confidant.  "Hello Chris, pardon the mess .. if you can bulldoze your way to my chair have a seat", she joked after hugging and releasing him.  Laughing at the mess she had created he strode to her desk chair avoiding various piles of "stuff" sitting down he glanced into her open closet and chuckled at the mess she was making there as well.  "Kel ?", he began "What are you looking for, or is this a new ummmmmm decorating style you are trying out" he snickered.  "Alright Chris enough of that ... I lost a set of keys and am going nuts trying to find them ... I know that they are here somewhere I had them in this very room just last week" tossing aside a clean set of sheets in the process of her explanation.  Chris ever curious about his friend began to help her look for the keys while straightening up the room as he went. "Kel .. i really think that you should stop where you are and really think about where you may have left them"  stopping her agitated search she starightened up in front of the closet so that Chris couldn't help but notice the White hangar on the top bar just behind and to the left of Kelly's head, fascinated he stepped forward and reached beyond her shoulder pulling the  hangar from the closet.  A blush spreading up her cheeks as she recognized the object of his attentions and she waited in silence for the joking to begin in earnest as she frantically tried to come up with a reason for owning a collar and leash but no Dog to go along with it.

"Well Kelly ... it seems that you and I have a few things to discuss" he chuckled with a positively evil grin. He unbuckled the wide black leather collar and motioned her forward.  She couldn't believe this Chris was holding her collar at just the right height as if he expected her to kneel so he could fasten it on her.  Daring a glance at her friend she began to move forward slowly, "Now" came the quiet order as she increased her step stopping a couple of feet from him she kneeled without thinking.  "Oh ho .. so I am right", he mused "You have been training .... who is the Lucky Dom ?"  Kneeling there staring at her feet, hands resting on her thighs palms up as she had been taught was stunned by this side of Chris she hadn't known existed while he merely seemed amused that he had found her out.  "Answer me Kelly" the iron lacing his voice unmistakeable now.  "Sir", she began "i am currently without a Master as you know he just married.  This bit of information startled Chris momentarily as he recalled her last boyfriend and the end of their relationship when he Married.  "Kelly are you telling me that Rodney was your master ?"  Nodding her head ever so slightly to acknowledge this statement in the afirmative.  "Interesting .... very interesting" he said aloud as he fastened the collar about her slender throat. "where is the lock for the collar Kelly ?"   her reply when it camee was softly voiced "Sir i keep the lock in the top left hand drawer of my desk"  Turning from where he was standing he grasped the drawer pull and slid it out revealing the locks along with the missing keys, his smile widened and he laughed at the found keys now aware of their purpose and her frantic search.  turning back to his newfound Submissive friend he smiled at her kneelin position before securing her collar with the lock.  "Sir .... the keys are what i've been searching for ... how will i remove the collar ?" she questioned as she felt him step up behind her "Well then Pet I guess you are just stuck being my Kat until I see fit to look for the keys and release you understood ?""Yes Master" "Good, now clean up this mess and come to the living room nude ... and Kelly ?" "Yes Master ?" "It had better be quick and bring any toys you happen to posess with you"

Hearing him stride form the room she allows her slim frame to crumple to the floor it felt so right to have a Master again .. she hurriedly cleaned the mess before stripping out of her jeans and t-shirt collecting her bag of toys she entered the living room silently handing the bag to her Master she kneeld as before in front of him eyes lowered.  He began rummaging in the bag looking at her assortment of toys and smiling as his fantasies of posessing her had finally come to fruition all because of a collar in her closet.

"Shall we begin then Pet ?" the sound of his voice loud in the stillness of the room making her jump then nod her head yes.  "Open wide my pet and lets you and me get acquainted" he waited patiently for her to part her jaw before placing the ring gag into her lovely mouth and ratcheting it wider and wider till her jaw was fully extended in an O shape her eyes remained downcast as he pulled a set of nipple clamps from the bag next ... Very nice he mused as her reached for and began fondeling her full breasts in preparation for the clamps then changing his mind reached into the bag for the rope ... hmmmmmmm where to begin he wondered then knew with certainty that he would enjoy seeing her breasts bound tightly but not with the rope ... "Stay where you are do not move" he commanded as he left the house and returned shortly with a spool of  insulated wire which he proceeded to wrap around her tits in tight coils from the base to her aeureoles .... Very nice indeed my Pet .... now where di I place those nipple clamps .... picking them up and snapping them unceremoniously on each nipple her gasp audible through the ring in her mouth her eyes widening slightly at the pain.  Did that hurt dear ? aw poor baby let me take your mind off the pain he said as he took the rope and tied it tightly about her waist using the long ends to run between her legs to pin each of her outer lips to her thigh as he tied it off tightly to her waist rope.  Getting better all the time my Pet now your hands please ... he waited as she lifted her hands to him .. taking her hands he looked at them kissed each one and then ordered her to turn around and give him her hands once more... Doind so her hands were now extended behind her back where he grasped them firmly tying her little fingers together along with her thumbs before lifting them and tying them off to her collar ... A little tension never hurt anyone right Pet .... she nodded her head quickly in agreement as drool began to seep from her open mouth ... Aw Pet look at that he scolded  moving to the bag once more he removed a cloth and dabbed at her chin before stuffing the rag into her open mouth then taking the leather hood compliments of the bag began to make sure she couldn't spit the rag out by covering her head and lacing the hood very tight ... Comfy Love .. he whispered into her leather covered ears she nodded and he continued would oyu like to see for a while yet ? again the affirmative nod and he reached around to unizp her eyeslits .. better ? another nod of agreement ..... I never knew you could be so quiet Kel .... he chuckled at his own joke and then pushed her forward to lay on the floor her bound tits aching from being tied and her nipples in pain from the clamps were now squashed below her into the plush carpeting as he grabbed her ankles and bound each individually to her thighs tickling her feet as only he knew how causing her to squirm and ten moan in pained pleasure grabbing the lacing of the hood he pulled her upright again .... What a pleasure to have you finally Pet ... you know i always did like to call you pet .. .. Matter of fact that will be your name from here forward .. if you do not answer to it there will of course be punishments .... and for deeds well perfomed .. rewards .. the choice is Mine ... From now until i tire of oyu you are mine .. do you understand me Pet ? ... her slight nod in the affirmative made him smile as he reached forward and ever so slowly denied her her sight as the zippers closed her whimper of Fear? was heard and the darkness encroached ....