Lonely Hearts
by kitn

Sitting curled up on the sofa in the rented beach cottage staring into the fire her thoughts a million miles away she rises and paces slowly from the fireplace to the sliding glass doors. The rain was thundering against the roof making her more restless, the silence that she craved making her stir crazy. Pausing at the doors she grabs the handle and in one decisive movement pulls it open.

The pounding of the surf intensified with the now open door. Crossing her arms over her chest she stands in the open doorway as the rain soaks through her clothing plastering it to her body. Slicking back her hair with her hands she moves out on to the deck the full force of the storm lashing her skirt about her body her hair blowing wildly around her head. Moving with a grace inherent to her nature she moves slowly through the storm closer to the ocean. The sand sliding softly under her feet her thoughts matching the turmoil of the weather. Stopping with the surf lapping at her feet the rain pouring down she sinks to the sand tucking her skirt about her listening to the sounds around her reveling in the violence of the storm.

Wrapping her arms around her legs she stares out into the waves as they crested forcibly while the rain continually lashed her with its blinding fury. Her tears blending with the rain her body wracked with silent sobs as she wonders just what will become of her now.

Life had always been, well if not simple at least tolerable but as all things do her life was changing and she was unsure as to the direction it was moving in. Like the rain it seemed everything in her life was striking out at her from all angles. Her insecurities holding her back from being loved fully, her lousy job with people who didn't appreciate her, her bills piling up and most recently having her Master remove his collar from her neck after announcing he was marrying and would no longer be able to keep her. Sighing deeply and making an effort to compose herself she looks left and right down the beach assuring herself that it was empty. Chuckling softly to herself thinking that the beach was now like her life..., empty , lonely, desolate. Despair welling up again and a fresh wave of tears crashing over her like the breaking of the waves she surrendered to the sobbing and lay on the beach letting the weather have a shot at her.

Sometime later hearing a noise from nearby she sits up and looks around more curious than frightened by the sound. "Who's there?" she called above the din of the storm, receiving no answer decides it must have been her imagination, but all the same rises and stands staring out at the ocean as the rain washes the sand from her clothing and hair.

He watched her from the shadow of the nearby copse of trees wondering at her insanity of being out in the storm unnecessarily. Glancing to the left he could see the doors to the cottage had been left wide open. "Damn fool woman", he thought to himself "she'll catch her death of a cold" shaking his head making a mental decision he marched out into the driving rain careful to stay out of her sight lest he frighten her into running away. Laying a hand upon her shoulder and tightening the grip he could feel her body tense in fear even as she took a deep breath and spoke. "Sir please release me" her tone wavery and quite without emotion, he could tell she had been crying. "Come back to the house Woman ... It's raining quite hard and you'll catch your death", he tried reasoning.

Wrenching away from him her long skirt plastered to her legs making running off impractical she took a few steps backwards and he could see the white of her throat where her collar once rested the rest of her neck tanned by the suns exposure. "Sir please leave me be", she began slowly as she continued moving backwards looking for all the world like a Wild Filly about to flee at the slightest sense of danger to her person. Do not make me chase you Woman, Come into the house and dry off" his voice hardening slightly seeing the abandoned look on her face. "Come with me now Ma Cher" Lifting his hand to her as he talked softly murmuring nothing really but gentling this wild creature before him. Her hands fluttering as she debated what to do where to go, she chanced a glance over her shoulder and at that precise moment her grasped her arms pulling her tightly to him.

"You're shaking", not a question but a simple statement of fact as she struggled briefly for freedom that she didn't really desire. With powerful muscles he scooped her up off the beach and carried her now still and unresisting body to the cabin. Setting her down on the sofa he watched as she slid to the floor resting against the sofa. He returned to her after closing the door and dropping a few towels on the floor to soak up the rain. Sitting on the sofa next to her he got his first good look at her... She sat with her eyes closed but feeling his strength leaned against him to absorb some of it. Her hair auburn in color and hip length hung limp and wet against her very pale face. His fingers strayed of their own accord to her throat and gently began stroking the white stripe. Realizing how very wet they both were stands up and removes his clothing laying it before the hearth to dry. Turning to her "Ma Cher remove your clothing and dry yourself off", she remained sitting against the sofa staring into the fire as he stoked he flames higher. Turning back to her and seeing she had not moved "NOW Ma Cher, rise and strip so that we can dry you off". He noted with interest that she responded to the command in his voice even as he realized she didn't seem aware of what she was doing. He stepped towards her and began to dry her off with a minimum of motions taking her hand and bringing her to the hearth.

Sitting in the only chair there pulling her to rest between his legs her head resting on his left leg as he worked the knots out of her hair fanning it out over his legs to dry. He began to speak "Ma Cher what possessed you to be out in this downpour? ", he spoke not really expecting an answer and was surprised when in a soft trembling voice she began her tale. When she was finished her story he just sat there and stroked her hair beginning to understand the depths of her hurt he felt her relax against him and slowly ceased his stroking as her breathing deepened into sleep.

Now was the time to plan. He hadn't wanted another slave, certainly didn't need the complication of a new slave and training. After being deceived by his last slave he sold her and hadn't looked back. Looking down at the auburn haired beauty he realized he knew nothing about her as far as where she was from or even something simple like the color of her eyes, smiling he stroked the white area of her throat. Well at least she seemed to be loyal to some extent. The whiteness of her throat attesting to the length of time she had been collared. Rising and taking her with him he moved into the bedroom, her naked body warmed by the hearth. Laying her on the bed he moved off to find some rope. "I have no desire to chase her into the rain again" he rationalized to himself. Returning to the bedroom he arranged her body to his satisfaction before braiding all that luxurious hair entwining the rope in the braid and tying it to the headboard of the bed. Going one step further as to bind her hands together in front of her and then to her chest making the knot at her side so she couldn't reach it. Then exhausted himself crawled into bed beside his new Pet. "Guess the old adage Finders Keepers has proven itself true" with a soft sigh he pulled her close and drifted off to sleep.