by kitn


He stood upon the steps in front of her house watching her work.  She moved to the music playing in her headphones obviously a country tune by the occasional bits and pieces she sang out loud.  He smiled as He stood there waiting to be acknowledged.   He took in the drop cloths the paint and the rolls of tape stacked about the front porch. The house would be painted he mused to himself as he waited, watching her begin to mask the windows.  Out loud he muttered, "What a waste of tape"

Taking the steps two at a time He yanked the roll from her grasp and spun her around to face Him all in one motion.  Gasping in surprise she stood before Him slack jawed, her heart beating wildly in her chest.  Good Afternoon Sir she managed to stammer in spite of herself.  How long have you been standing there? She hurried and brought to Him a chair, which he promptly settled in a grip on her arm dragging her to her knees before Him.  Long enough He replied cryptically not wishing her to know He had only been there minutes before her surprised notice of Him.  He lightly caressed her face and stroked his fingers through her hair as He sat and watched as she worried and wondered at how long she had kept Him waiting.  Long enough he whispered once more as He leaned close to her ear.  Clean up this mess ... and bring the tape inside with you.  Swallowing hard she nodded her head and hurries to do His bidding, first taking the tape into the living room and stacking the half a dozen rolls carefully on the table,  remembering the one He still held onto outside.  Taking a steadying breath she returned to the porch collecting the rest of the painting paraphernalia and carrying it around the back of her home and storing it in the shed there.

Taking advantage of her scurrying to and fro he moved leisurely into the house and moved from window to window drawing the blinds and preparing to enjoy His time with her.  He set His roll of tape atop the others and set the bag he had brought with Him, before now unnoticed, next to the table.  She walked thru the house from the back and knelt in the doorway of the living room waiting permission to enter and approach Him.  He smiled when He noticed her there and motioned her forward. "Come my slut ..." she hated it when he called her slut .. but knowing how aroused it made Him she accepted it without her usual complaint.  Dropping to her hands and knees she slowly sensually crawled across the room to Him ... stopping just before her head would have touched His knee and kneeling up her thighs spread to visual straining and her head bowed in her sweet submission to this man.  Her eyes were focused on a spot between His spread legs her hands were resting palms up on her thighs.

He looked down upon this woman who belonged so totally to Him that she did not even think to question His orders to bring the tape along inside with her.  He allowed Himself a smile at His thoughts as she knelt there so quietly just enduring the strenuous kneeling and enjoying His light touch.  You have gone far too long without contacting me slut .... You do know that deserves punishment ... to have made me come all this way to check on you and make certain you were ok ..... that deserves punishment also do you not agree?  He pressed onward knowing that she would not speak until He permitted it, no demanded it of her.  You were supposed to write me and page me daily weren't you slut ? You have displeased me and that too can not go unpunished.  He watched her body begin to tremble as she knelt there before Him.

Smiling he picked up the first of many rolls that would be used to bind her body into immobility for His pleasure and what would eventually be her pain.  Stepping behind her and drawing her arms back he began at her wrists .... Wrapping them several times before moving back down to encase her hands as well. Can't have you using those little fingers and their claws to help you get free now can we my pet.  He continued pulling tape free from it's roll and wrapping it up her arms ... lifting them and forcing her to bend forward to accommodate the tension.  He kept wrapping layer after layer using the whole first roll until her arms from the elbows down looked like one limb .... Fused into immobility.  He smiled down at her and raised her face with His hand under her chin.  Comfy yet my pet ? he laughed softly as he said ... didn't think so and picked up a narrow roll of tape.  Let's see what we can do about it .... Head up shoulders back slut ...

She complied slowly testing as He knew she would the tape already in place on her arms.  He began pulling tape from the narrow roll lifting it and wrapping it tightly about the base of one breast .. making it balloon as he continued to imprison it in tape .....  He repeated the treatment with the other breast and just when she though He might be through he pulled long strips of tape off of the roll and applied them in a criss cross fashion over her breasts encasing her nipples .... "Very nice my slut" he smiled down upon her bound form adding more tape around her breasts to keep the little x shaped pieces from pulling free.

Grasping her by her bound breasts he urged her to her feet her soft moans following her rise.  Come this way my pet .... Smiling he led her down the hall to the play room and with no little bit of urging He assisted her in mounting the spanking bench putting her body at just the right height for penetration or punishment .. whatever he chose ..... "Don't Move, Slut" he threatened in a voice that made her very bones liquefy.  She knelt so quiet and still that even when he left the room and listened for any sign that would indicate she had shifted position he heard none.  Returning to the room bag in hand along with the remaining rolls of tape He smiled.

"Close Your eyes slut", He commanded brusquely.  Complying quickly she felt the cotton balls being placed against her eyelids and then heard the tape He pulled free from the roll to tape them in place ... thus ensuring she would not be able to see what would come next from his bag.  He added plenty of tape to the cotton balls once they were secured in place .. enjoying the look of her blind and nearly bound.  Leaning close He whispered open wide .... And so saying He placed a large ball that barely fit all the way inside of her mouth.  Close, he whispered and she complied ... He took strip after strip of the sticky sealing tape and covered her mouth ensuring she would remain well muffled for now ....

Leaning close His warm breath tickling her ear he began to whisper ... time to take away your hearing slut .... It has been far to long since we have played hard ..... and well we do not need to have you listen to the number of strokes you will be given, it will be soon enough that you will be required to count for me ...  With His words echoing in her head she felt Him apply the ear plugs ... the soft waxy kind that mold to fit and seal out sound almost to completion.  To This he added tape .. to cover her ears and make noise even less sharp and harder to hear.  He watched her body strain to use all of it's resources to remain alert to whatever might happen ..... She was not prepared when she felt the first of the tape touch her thigh and with a muffled squeal jumped slightly.

Laughing he merely slapped her ass with His hand and continued using one roll of tape for each leg He made certain she would not be walking away ... wrapping the tape around her thigh and calf ensuring she would not even rise from her forced kneeling position on the bench.  He moved on and secured the other leg in the same fashion then just because He could he tormented her poor bound feet by tickling them.

He left her there bound, blind, deaf and mute for what felt to her an eternity but was in reality only an hour.  She knew he had returned when she felt the first blow from his belt across her backside. Squirming as best she could she moaned deeply into the muffling gag and waited for the second blow .... His blows when they came were full armed swings .. carrying all the weight that was Him with it ..... there was no mistaking that this was a punishment and not a pleasuring ass whooping.

When he felt she has had enough .... He stopped His strokes and listened to the ragged sound of her breathing and smiled as He ran a hand over her ass feeling the heat radiating off of it and certain that it would be black and blue later on he stepped back.  Swinging her head wildly to all sides she listened and waited, wondering what would happen next.

He slowly peeled the tape away from her lips and removed the ball nestled within allowing her to breathe easier and to swallow.  "Slut .. I am going to leave you bound as you are for a time .... To be determined only by me ... You have displeased me greatly of late and now you have time to think and reflect on why you disobeyed me.  When I return we will see what we will see ...."  Reaching out he spreads her legs even wider and uses more tape to secure them to the sides of the spanking bench.  Smiling He knows she has not heard much if any of what He has said but by the addition of more tape she knows it is to be a while before she is free and she sighs softly thru her nose.