Tami Smithers: The Meeting
by katie

Part 3

Chapter 5

Tami walked gingerly but happily down the hallway away from the Black Student Association Office. She and Rod had made good use of the empty office just a few minutes ago and she was truly a woman fulfilled.

After the Dean had left their table, the friends chatted a little bit more. Tami was trying to shake the shame from that morning and the dean’s ominous words. While Slice and Jen debated something, Tami leaned over and whispered into Rod’s ear. “Think the BSA office is empty?”

“Probably babe, why?”

She slid her hand over his legs and onto his crotch. “I’ll meet you there in five mins,” she whispered as she stood. “Guys, I should go and do some work in the math lab.” She packed her bag and grabbed the book that Slice had created for her. Walking around the table, she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks again. You are very sweet.”

Five minutes later, she was bent over the desk in the BSA office and Rod was plowing into her from behind. Even though the desk was cold to the touch and her breasts were being mashed into the hard surface, she loved it, relishing the raw, animal rutting, the need to mate with her adorable boyfriend. For his part, Rod hadn’t even completely disrobed, just pulling his pants down to his ankles and going at it.

“AH, AH, AH,” Tami cried out rhythmically to Rod’s thrusts. Truthfully, she needed this badly, even though she had been brought to dozens of orgasms just the day before. She needed orgasms out of love and need, not scientifically and humiliatingly done.

“GGGGGGGGHHHH,” Rod cried out and thrust one last time into her. She felt his cock stiffen then twitch and then she felt his warm liquid fill her. That was enough to push her over the edge and she came too, not in the earth-shattering way that she had yesterday but good enough. Finally they were done and she collapsed onto the desk.

“Oh my God babe, that was amazing,” Rod said, as his staff slid out of her. “I was not expecting that today.”

The naked girl mischievously turned around and dropped to her knees. “Think you have any left in there for a girl to enjoy,” she said, grabbing the base of his now deflated member and stroking it. “I feel like I would like some more.” She leaned in and took the knob of his penis into her mouth, causing him to groan and harden a bit. “Hm, more please sir,” she said with her mouth full of him. That was enough to get another inch and then another until soon he was completely engorged inside of her mouth. She worked it like she had learned to do, her mouth suctioning around him, her hand stroking the shaft while the other hand caressed his testicles.

“OH GOD,” he moaned and then she felt him shake repeatedly before unloading a torrent of sperm down her throat. “Holy Christ,” he said, gasping.

“That was wonderful,” she whispered, pulling him down onto the floor and cuddling with him as he passed out. Worried that someone would walk in and “catch” them in the act (though of course only Rod was inappropriately dressed…she was wearing nothing as always), she pulled his pants up and slid him onto the couch, not wanting to disturb him. Seeing that her class was starting soon, she grabbed her bag and left the office.

She was about to leave the building when a girl passed. “Uh Tami,” she said, pointing at the girl’s pubic mound. Tami looked down and saw her thighs with a river of white gunk running down them and other spunk in her pubic hair. How had she not noticed? Mortified she thanked the girl and hightailed it into the nearest bathroom. A naked girl had no place to hide a mid-day dalliance, she thought.

Using toilet paper and wet paper towels, she got the area mostly clean but knew that she needed a shower as she smelled like sex. Still, it was better than before. Standing at the mirror, examining herself, she felt that she was okay to go to class. Feeling like she had something in her eyes, she leaned over the sink to get a better look.

Just then, the door opened. “Whoa Tami, easy.” Of course it was Wanda. Tami shuttered at the view she had just given this awful girl. She imagined that her anus was open for view and probably also her pussy. Still, Wanda had seen much much more of her yesterday in that lab.

“Get lost,” Tami said, trying to act tough. Here, at least, the disadvantage wasn’t as bad as it had been yesterday when Wanda had the obvious upper hand.

“After all of my help yesterday,” Wanda said sarcastically. “Well, maybe I won’t be so stingy with those photos I took yesterday.”

Tami stopped still. “Please Wanda, don’t send those to anyone,” Tami said.

“Why,” Wanda said, feigning ignorance. “You’re a nudist. Why wouldn’t you want anyone to see those photos?”

“Wanda, you know the truth,” Tami said. “Please don’t.”

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, for now at least.” Tami breathed a sigh of relief. “But I got something for you, another opportunity to share yourself with the other students and the faculty.”

“No,” Tami said firmly.

“You don’t even know what it is.”


“Well, I guess I’ll have to tell Congi and the Dean that you aren’t interested in their proposal,” Wanda said, making her way to the door. “I am sure they will wonder why. I guess they can ask you themselves at that meeting.”

She opened the door.

“Stop. What do I have to do?”

* * *

Tami could not stop her leg from bouncing up and down. She barely noticed the cold, hard surface of the folding chair on which she sat. The girl could not believe what she was being asked to do.

She remembered the smug look on Wanda’s face as she had told her what she had in store for her. Tami wondered how horrified her face was as she listened to the idea.

“You know those ‘Ted Talks’, when people speak for 10-15 minutes on a topic?” Wanda had asked. When Tami had nodded, Wanda continued “Well, you are giving one tomorrow night.”

'Ted Talks' had become the rage among many on the Internet. Experts would speak on a passion or expertise. Recently, Campbell-Frank had tried to copy the successful format, calling them 'Frank Talks'.

“No effin way Wanda, no way,” Tami said, shaking her head.

“OK,” the girl said, pulling out her phone. “Let me text Congi to let her know you are no longer interested. What reason should I give her?”

Tami was stuck. Now here she was, waiting backstage while the crowd gathered. In no time at all, word had spread: “Naked Tami Is Giving A Frank Talk.” Posters hung all over campus overnight. Most had a picture of her face but some had her bare breasts on them. In Pilgrim Hall, her dorm, she had seen several with photos from Chalfont. These she ripped down, praying that not many people saw the graphic photos.

Getting ready for this event was tough. She was being asked to talk about nudism. How could she talk about her “passion” for nudism when she hated it with every ounce of her being? Then she remembered helping her friend Annie with an audition last year. Annie really wanted to be the lead in their school show. The two girls had rehearsed for hours in the days leading up to the auditions, so much so that Tami probably knew the roles better than those who wanted them. Of course she was too shy to ever be on stage… she hated the attention. 'Ha,' she thought, 'now I'm the center of attention, but for all of the wrong reasons.'

'Yes,' Tami thought, 'I'll have to pretend that I am playing a role on stage. I am Tami, the nudist.' She had played this role so many times before, of course, walking regally around campus when all she wanted to do was curl up and hide. Asking Jen to keep licking her in front of the dean when all she wanted was to clamp her legs shut and say no more. Agreeing to have people touch her boobs and insert things inside of her at the health clinic when all she wanted to do was run for the comfort of her room. Pretending to be a nudist in front of the dean and other school administrators when all she really wanted to do was beg to be allowed clothes. No, she had played this role many times before and was getting pretty good at it.

She had rehearsed it in her mind over and over. She knew that her performance had to be spot on. Spies would be everywhere in this auditorium, and any misstep could spell doom.

“Tami, you ready?”

It was the sweet face of Professor Congi that peeked into the room. Tami exhaled. Though Professor Congi had been the reason for her humiliating exhibition last semester, the kind-hearted woman had no idea of the shame that the naked girl was feeling. Tami felt safe in her care.

“Yes, ready as I’ll ever be.”

“You’ll be great, piece of cake to talk about something you feel so passionate about,” the woman said, placing her arm around Tami’s naked shoulder. The knit sweater felt so good rubbing against her bare skin. For a moment, Tami could remember what it felt like to be clothed in a warm sweater. Sadly, the memory was fleeting and Tami was again feeling the chill of the hallway on her bare skin. Nope, no warm cable-knit sweater to cover her battered boobs and belly, no sweater dress to hide her from the stares of all those on campus.

They got to the main area and Tami heard the din of the crowd. She didn’t know how many people to expect but sounded like hundreds (thousands?!?) of people. The room was big enough for a few thousand… would that many people really come to hear her speak? She expected many in the audience to be men. After all, how many guys would pass up the chance to see a naked girl for a half hour?

A technician handed her a microphone that hooked behind her ear along with a box. “I guess you’ll have to hold this,” he said, eyeing up her naked body. “Usually people slide it into a pocket or clip it to a belt or something.”

Tami sighed. Just another way her nudity separated her from the rest of the world. She thought of some places that he could have put it, knowing that the researchers at Chalfont had experimenting putting things inside of her. In fact, she felt a stirring in her loins, wondering what was becoming of her!

With a nod from the tech, she walked out from the shadows of backstage and onto the well-lit stage, applause building as people saw her. There were some gasps from people who may have been from town and had not yet seen the naked co-ed they had heard so much about.

Finally the applause died down and Tami took a deep breath, ready to play the part of the dedicated religious nudist. She saw Rod in the front row, smiling at her. Rebecca and Jen sat next to him with Marisol and Terri behind them. Looking around she saw Wanda and Lorinda smirking at her a few rows back and then Mandy standing in a tunnel that led to the lobby.

“Hello. I am Tami Smithers. As you can see, I am naked and I have been for the most part since September, when I declared myself a religious nudist.” She stopped and spread her arms wide, giving the crowd a full view of her bare body. “Sorry for those who are only listening on a podcast. You will just have to take my word for it.” LAUGHTER

“Now, usually I hear two questions about my nudity: One, aren’t you cold? And two, are you nuts?” More laughter from the audience.

“To answer the first question: yes, always! There are some really cold floors at this school and it’s really drafty.” [LAUGHTER]

“Now, for the second question, I don’t think I am crazy, though I am sure there are people who think that I am. I guess if I saw a girl running around campus naked all of the time I would think she was crazy too.” [LAUGHTER]

“Honestly, I wonder why I was called to this lifestyle. After all, there are so many other, less embarrassing, cooler things to be called to do. Maybe I could have been called to wear nothing but designer jeans. [LAUGHTER] Or only the color yellow. Scratch that, I never looked good in yellow [LAUGHTER]. But seriously, being called to be a nudist? IN VERMONT? Yes, I think my God is having a little bit of fun with me!” [LAUGHTER]

“Still, there is no denying that I feel called to live this lifestyle. Just like the men who created this college to further their religious mission felt called to do so. Just like our ancestors felt called to come to America for religious freedom. People thought they were crazy, but here we are.

“Like them, my lifestyle is sometimes not easy. I have walked naked when it was freezing cold and the sleet was pelting my body and freezing my feet. I have walked naked when it was so hot that my bare feet nearly blistered on the concrete. I have been naked for all to see and I have worked really hard to let go of modesty, even though I have been taught since I was a little girl that modesty was important and to not let people see my body. From the time we are little, girls are taught to sit a certain way so that people can’t see up our dresses or skirts. To wear tops that cover our breasts. That’s too revealing, you can see too much cleavage. That skirt is too short. Those pants are too tight, that bathing suit is too skimpy. Those messages have been drilled into us from the time we were little girls. Now, I am being called to live differently, to allow people to see every part of me and that has not always been easy.

“It’s been hard sometimes to not be modest. Sometimes I have wanted to run away and put on clothes. That’s why I no longer have any clothes, giving them to my friends or to charity. I got rid of pillows and blankets on my bed to not be tempted. I don’t use big towels so I can’t wrap myself up in them. I have done all of this to try my best to live as I feel called to live.

“Now, I’m not claiming to be like those people I mentioned before or even asking other people to follow me. Trust me, I’m not. I don’t think everyone is called to be naked. For example, my friend Rebecca is studying to be a minister, to help bring people closer to God. She’s not called to be a naked minister. My friend Marisol is called to counsel those in trouble and she does a great job but she’s going to be clothed while doing. My friend Jen is called to be a kind and loving human being and, though she tried being a nudist once, she wears clothes. My boyfriend Rod is an engineer and he has been called to build bridges and roads for the community. This summer, he is going to help poor communities and he will be clothed when doing it. They are not called to be nudists. That calling was for me only.

“So I’ve outlined the difficulties of living my lifestyle. What about the positives? What do I get out of it? After all, if I only had the things I just mentioned, why do it? Well, I have never been closer to my God. I talk to Her all the time. When I am tempted to cover up or I am in a difficult situation, I ask her for strength. When I manage to navigate a tough moment in my life, I thank Her for helping me through it. And though I sometimes wonder why She chose this path for me, I am grateful to have Her in my life. That has been amazing.

“I’ve also developed incredible friendships and I can’t help but think that me being naked has something to do with it. I have friends who love me and trust me because I don’t have anything to hide from them. That has been a great gift. You probably don’t realize this because you only know the popular, awesome me that I am today [LAUGHTER] but I wasn’t always so popular. In fact, I was a pretty typical math nerd in high school. Being naked, somehow, has allowed me the opportunity to have friendships that I never imaged before.

“I am also very in tune with nature. I suppose I’d be crazy not to be. I have to be very aware of certain weather conditions for safety. But there’s more to it than that. I feel connected to God through nature. I’ve not been sick all year, even though all of my friends and roommates did. Somehow, living this way has helped me develop resistance to germs or something, I don’t know.

“What I do know,” she began in conclusion, tears welling in her eyes which locked with Rod in the front row. “In many ways, I am happier than I have ever been in my life and I can’t help but believe that nudity is a reason for it. Thank you!”

The crowd leapt to its feet, huge applause. Tami was spent, not believing she had gotten through it. Though some of it was total fiction, much of it was true and her story. She was moved by the approval from the crowd. She saw Rod and Jen cheering loudly. Even Wanda was standing, though her face showed the sadistic grin, as if to say, “I just managed to get you to give a speech to hundreds of people naked!”

Tami didn’t notice that Professor Congi had joined her on stage and jumped a bit when she felt the woman’s arm around her shoulder. Professor Congi was holding a microphone and began to speak.

“Well, I think we can all agree that Tami was indeed amazing. Thank you Tam for enlightening us tonight. I have known you for a while but have never heard you speak so eloquently about your lifestyle in this way. Thank you so much.” More applause.

“We have a little time for questions, as long as that’s okay with you, Tami.” Tami cringed, desperately not wanting to answer anything, but she smiled and nodded anyway. “As always during Frank Talks, we ask questions with respect, grateful to the person who spoke so passionately. There is a microphone in the audience for anyone who would like to ask.”

Professor Congi chose a questioner. “Yes, you sir.”

A middle aged man, most likely a professor, stood with the microphone. “Tami, thank you for your time here today and for laying yourself, um, bare on stage today. Sorry, I realize how it sounded after I said it. I wonder why you have decided to not wear shoes. I know that many nudists do wear them. Why not wear shoes, especially in the cold weather?”

Tami smiled but thought, 'I didn’t realize that nudists could wear shoes. Damn Wanda!' That would have helped at least a little. She hated being naked very much and being barefoot was a constant reminder of it. Still, she knew now that she could never wear them again.

“Well, I know that some nudists wear shoes but I wanted nothing between me and the ground,” she said. “Being barefoot connects me to nature so I decided to go a bit further than other nudists. My bare feet against the ground or the floor, feeling the concrete or the tile or the wood or the grass, and even the mud and dirt and snow, is a part of the connection I want.”

Another professor stood. “You are very brave Tami and not just tonight,” he said. “I wonder if you would consider yourself more of an exhibitionist than a nudist since nudists tend to congregate together and do not practice nudity outside of those areas.”

“No, I don’t think of myself as an exhibitionist,” she said. “Actually, I think the two words are very different. A nudist is simply someone who chooses to no longer where clothes. An exhibitionist is someone who likes to show off. I definitely do not think I am an exhibitionist.” At least with this answer, it was all truth, she thought.

Another hand, this time a girl. “Tami, I have to say that I am a huge fan of yours. I have watched you walk naked around campus all year and have been so impressed by your courage. I have a crazy question that I hope is not disrespectful. I’ve been looking at you and you have an amazing body, by the way. I wonder what your thoughts are on body hair. I see that you have pubic hair. Why? Isn’t that covering?”

Oh God, Tami thought, please don’t take that away from me. She looked and saw Wanda’s eyebrows arch and knew that she would soon be losing her blessed pubic hair. “I don’t see it that way,” she said. “Just natural body hair.”

“But you shave your legs and under your arms. Why not your pubes? Aren’t you covering up?”

Tami shook her head. “I don’t see it that way. I guess I shave my legs and underarms out of habit. I’ve always done that. I don’t usually trim my pubic hair.”

Another girl. “How about jewelry? Do you wear it?”

Tami had a ring on her finger, a gift from Rod and earrings plus she sometimes wore a necklace that she had gotten at her graduation. “Yes, I do. They don’t cover anything.”

“I just wondered if you didn’t allow manmade objects on your body.”

Tami again shook her head. “No, it’s okay.”

A woman raised her hand. “Tami, thank you for your courage tonight and for living your life as you do. I can’t help but worry about you though. You have given yourself to this faith with complete abandon and for that I salute you. But it is so extreme. I worry that you will not be able to sustain it. Any thoughts?”

“I’m sorry but I don’t understand the question.”

“Well, I guess I’m saying that being a nudist here on campus, where you are protected, or even at home is one thing. But what about a job? Or grad school? How will you move forward?”

Tami frowned. “I don’t know. I guess I haven’t thought that far ahead. I have been just trying to get through day to day. Maybe God will have something else in store for me by then.”

Wanda now stood and Tami braced herself. “Tami, thank you for your TIT-ilating account of your life. I feel much more a-BREAST about this LEG of your life.” There was some tittering from those in the crowd who got the innuendo. Tami realized that as much as some people liked her, many others still laughed at her. “I know you said that you are always so cold and you can usually tell from looking at your, um, chest.” Tami cringed, knowing that all eyes turned to look at her erect nipples. “Doesn’t your religion allow a scarf or a hat and gloves or Uggs for God’s sake?”

'You should know why I don’t wear a scarf or any of those other things,' Tami thought. 'YOU TOOK THEM AWAY FROM ME!' Of course, this rant had to be internal since that would make it clear to everyone that she was not a real nudist. “I think the things all of the things that you just mentioned would be against my religion. They provide cover and I have chosen to not have anything covering me.”

Lorinda stood up and took the microphone. “Do you even remember what it’s like to wear clothes anymore?”

Tami stood there quietly for a few moments and the crowd was quiet too. It was obviously an emotional question for this nudist. Finally, Tami spoke. “Sometimes I can remember wearing clothes, like when I brush up against someone or hug someone. But, usually, no, I can’t remember what it was like to wear clothes. It’s been too long.”

The crowd was silent for a moment and then someone yelled, “We love you Tami!” That brought a smile to the girl’s face, which had been pained, and applause from the audience.

“Well, that is all of the time that we have for tonight,” Professor Congi said stepping forward. “Thank you to Tami for being here and sharing her story. Tami, you are a true inspiration.”

With that, the crowd cheered again. Through the speakers came the music to “Fight Song,” as the crowd dispersed. Rod hopped on stage, a bouquet of flowers in his hand. “Babe, you were awesome. I love you even more,” he said, leaning in for a kiss before handing the bouquet to her. Shortly they were joined by Jen, Rebecca and Marisol. Mandy was nowhere to be found.

“How about a picture,” Professor Congi said, taking out her cell phone. The friends gathered around the naked girl who, holding the flowers in front of her, hoping they covered enough, smiled anyway. After she took a few, she handed the camera to Jen and asked for a photo with Tami who was happy to oblige. After a few minutes, Tami left the room, happy to have such caring, loving friends and forgetting, for the moment, that she was going to have to walk naked again through the frigid night. For her, life was a series of ups and downs like this. For once, she decided that it was okay to be happy.

Chapter 6

Backstage, Tami’s heart was beating fast. She knew that there were thousands of people out there waiting to hear her and she was nervous. After all, how often did a professor get the chance to present her work to all of her colleagues?

As the winner of the most prestigious math teaching award, Tami had been given the chance to address the group who gathered at the convention. Laughing, Tami thought about the talk she had given many years ago in college. Back then, she was just a young girl and now of course she was a professional woman, top of her profession, who was married to her best friend and they had three beautiful daughters. But that wasn’t the only difference of course: today, she was fully clothed and then she had been forced into nudism.

Tami shook her head, not believing the amazing journey she had taken over the years to get here. Looking down, instead of bare feet, she saw two-inch heels and stockings. Instead of bare legs and pubic hair, she saw creased, stylish dress pants. Instead of boobs and flat belly, she saw a white button up blouse and a tailored dark navy jacket. She wished she could have gone back and told her 18 year old self that it would get better.

The technician came over and handed her to microphone with a pack. Unlike that long ago night in college, Tami had a place to clip it and to hold the pack. Confidently, she strode to the curtain as she heard the music play. The audience was chanting “TAMI TAMI TAMI.”

BEEP BEEP BEEP… ”Shake it off, shake it off…” BEEP BEEP BEEP

“Tami.” The girl opened her eyes and saw her roommate Mandy standing over her, shaking her. “Your alarm is going off.”

Tami rolled over and saw Mandy. Looking down, she no longer saw the business suit that she had been wearing a few seconds ago in her dream. Gone was the blouse and jacket. Gone were the pants and the stockings and the shoes. Back were her boobs and pubes and bare feet and legs. UGGH…the dream was so real and she actually felt like she had been wearing clothes.

“Thanks Mandy, sorry about that.”

“You have that art thing today?”

Tami shook her head. “No, not today. No class until nine. I forgot to change the alarm.”

“I hate to be forward but do you want to climb up and snuggle with me?”

Tami saw the warm polka dotted pajama pants that her friend wore and the fuzzy socks on the girl’s feet. She had slid back into bed and was now nestled under a warm comforter. Yes, Tami thought, she desperately wanted to get under the covers.

“OK,” she said softly, rolling out of bed and to her feet. Knowing that Mandy was eye level with her bare vagina, she made an effort not to hide herself in any way as she took the two steps into the girl’s bed and slid under the covers.

She moaned as she felt the soft sheet beneath her and then the warm, cozy blanket settle on top of her. It didn’t take long for Mandy’s arms to envelope her but Tami didn’t care. She was luxuriating in the warmth of the bed and the love of a friend and quickly drifted off into sleep again.

* * *

“Who’s that?” a freshman girl asked a junior walking next to her.

“Oh, that’s Tami, the campus homeless woman,” the junior said casually.

“What? We have a campus homeless person?”

“Well, yes. Apparently, she used to go here and was a nudist or something. Well, one day, she went crazy and started stealing clothes from other girls and tried put them all on at the same time. Since then, she has just wandered the campus.”

“And the school lets her?”

“Yep. Someone said they felt a little responsible for her situation. Not sure why. Anyway, she’s harmless. Never talks to anyone and we all leave her alone. A lot of people feed her and leave her clothes. She can’t get enough clothes and blankets. Even when the weather is warm she wears long sleeves, long pants, hat, everything.”

“That is so wild.”

They walked closer, and, as was now traditional, the junior chanted, “Tami Tami Tami.”

* * *

Again, Tami was passed out and barely registering her roommate shaking her. This time, Mandy was lying next to her but trying to get the naked girl to snap out of her sleep.

“Tam, you have class in 20 minutes,” Mandy said in her roommate’s ear. “I think you need to get up.”

Tami groaned. She desperately did not want to leave this cocoon with Mandy. Still, she was a nudist who didn’t need covering of any kind. She rolled over and kissed Mandy on the lips. “Sorry Mand for making you wake me twice but it was nice laying here with you.”

“I was sorry you fell asleep so fast,” Mandy said, rubbing her roommate’s bare ass. “I was hoping to have some play time.”

Tami pulled away with a laugh. “Sorry about that but I think everything the past few days has just tired me out,” she said, regretfully getting out of bed and the blessed covering it provided. “Maybe later, ok?”

“Sure, I guess,” Mandy said, watching the bare backside move towards where the girls kept their toiletries. “You did a really good job last night.”

Tami blushed but was glad that Mandy couldn’t see it, another sign of her modesty. “Thanks. It was hard to get up there and give a speech to all those people but I think it went ok.”

Noticing that the upper bunk was empty, Tami asked, “where’s Jen?”

“Didn’t come home last night,” Mandy said. “I think she stayed at that girl Leisha’s room.” Tami felt a twinge of jealousy but that quickly shook it away. Though it was clear that she and Jen were lovers, it was also clear that Tami’s loyalty was with Rod. It was nice for Jen to have someone special too, in addition to Tami.

“That’s great,” Tami said. “They seem good together.” Tami grabbed her small wash cloth and made her way to the bathroom. There would be no time to shower but she wanted to at least brush her teeth, etc. Bracing herself, as she did every morning, she pushed out into the hallway, hoping no one would be out there. For once, luck was on her side and she made it to the bathroom and back with no one seeing her.

“What class do you have now?” Mandy asked, still under the covers watching Tami as she pulled her hair back into a ponytail and put on lipstick.

“Feminism,” Tami said. This class was a mixture for her. It totally lined up with her vision of the world but it was difficult because her teacher used her as an example of how women could live differently from what the patriarchy dictated. Tami hated being praised for something that was a charade. Plus, she was anything but a feminist heroine. After all, her life was being dictated by Dean Jorgon and Ross (and Wanda too, of course). Still, it was an interesting subject and it was mostly women in the class so there wasn’t much gawking or harassment.

“Want to meet for lunch?” she asked, turning to Mandy. She was feeling much friendlier to the girl and wanted to reciprocate the nice gesture of letting her in bed this morning.

“Sure, see you in the caf?”

“No, let’s go to the salad place in the student center,” Tami said. “I have some dollars left on my food card. It will be my treat!”

“Sounds good, Tami,” Mandy said smiling. “I’m glad we’re becoming friends.”

“Me too,” Tami said, hoisting her book bag onto her back and bracing herself for the humiliating walk through campus. Every day she walked bare through the paths of the school, her body on display for all to see. Still, she felt great shame each time. Why couldn’t she get used to it? Why did she have such a bottomless well of modesty?

Feminism class went well, as did her math class. As she got up to walk out and meet Mandy, her professor stopped her.

“Tami, can you come with me to my office?”

“Sure,” Tami said, confused. She had never really interacted with this professor, an older man with great academic credentials. He had stared at her boobs and legs a bunch of times but nothing that set off alarms for her. After all, nearly everyone on campus, males and females alike, stared at her boobs and legs.

They entered the man’s office, which was filled with books. He sat in a rolling office chair and motioned for her to sit in a upright chair placed next to the desk. She did, flinching a bit as her bare bottom came into contact with the cold surface but settling in after a moment, well used to this sensation by now. She kept both feet on the floor and her knees together, trying to keep her pussy out of sight. Of course that was hard to do but she tried hard anyway.

“Tami, have you ever heard of the Wishbein Award for Students of Mathematics?” Seeing Tami shake her head, he continued, “It’s given to a first-year student who shows great promise in the study of mathematics. This student gets the opportunity to do independent research in the area of mathematics plus it pairs him/her with a faculty mentor. It also offers a cash award for your time. This is addition to other scholarships offered by the school.”

“Wow, that sounds like a great opportunity,” Tami said, not comprehending what he was saying.

“Tami, I am nominating you for the award.”

The naked girl looked up, speechless. Finally she smiled and took the professor’s hand and shook it. “Thank you so much Dr. Boyle, I am so grateful.”

“Not at all,” the man said. Tami released his hand and he slid it onto her bare knee and the naked girl held her breath. NO, she thought, this was not happening.

The man began explaining the details of the nomination, etc., all the time, his hand squeezing her bare knee. 'This is probably just an innocent thing,' Tami thought. 'Maybe if I was not naked, this would feel normal.' Then she realized that no, it would be weird if she was clothed too.

“So, are you okay with me nominating you for this award,” he said, sliding his hand further up her leg onto her inner thigh. Now, he was inches away from her bare vagina.

Summoning up strength, most likely from the feminism class she had just had that morning, Tami said, “I bet a lot of girls leave this office buttoning their pants and straightening their tops, don’t they Professor.”

The man smiled but his hand stopped. “But you don’t wear pants or tops, do you Tami?” he said, looking smug. “I thought you didn’t believe in modesty.”

Tami swallowed hard. “I don’t, but I have to go and see the Dean.”

Looking as if she had slapped him, the man removed his hand. “Why are you going to the Dean?”

Tami smiled. “He has taken an interest in my life and meets with me every so often. I am sure he will be excited to hear about my award.”

The man slid back in his chair. “You don’t have to tell him about what just happened.”

“Professor, what you just did, it’s not a big deal to me but it’s not right,” she said, getting to her feet and grabbing her book bag. “You’re a professor in a position of power. Many people would call what you just did sexual harassment.”

“I know, I know, you are right,” he said, looking ashamed. “Well, congratulations on the award.”

“Will you be my faculty mentor?”


“Then I think I will decline. But thank you for selecting me.”

Her timing was perfect as she spun on her bare feet and walked out of the office, her heart beating a million beats per second. Inside she was shaking but outside she smiled. Give the naked girl a win for once!

End of part 3
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