Tami Smithers: The Meeting
by katie

Part 2

Chapter 3

Tami walked across the campus, her arms crossed in a pathetic attempt to stay warm. Despite a rare thaw yesterday, winter had returned today in a blustery, frozen way. Many students who had shed their outer garments yesterday had returned to full coats, hats and gloves.

But not Tami. She wore the same thing she had worn the day before and the day before that and the days and weeks and eternal months before that—NOTHING! No, Tami had not worn clothes since that awful day when she been caught streaking, a stunt orchestrated by her sadistic RA Wanda. To avoid getting expelled, she had lied and was paying an awful price.

She had held out hope that maybe this brutal winter was coming to an end but today was as bad as it had been in a while. She had nothing to protect herself from the wind, which felt like it was leaving tiny pinpricks on her exposed flesh. From experience, she knew that there would be no real damage to her body but that didn’t take away the pain that the extreme cold weather caused her.

At least the cold weather kept her mind off of the few hours ahead. Yesterday, she had gotten an email from Dr. Harridance, as usual, detailing the work they would be performing on her in the lab the next day. This one, however, made her very nervous.


We look forward to our time together tomorrow. Please arrive no later than 1 p.m., as usual. However, we ask you to please leave your backpack and ankle pouch behind as there will be no safe place to keep them as we will have guests. Also, we will need to keep you for the full two hours so please do not plan to leave early or to be anywhere. With what we have planned, I would keep an hour after blocked out as well.

Thank you as always for your willingness to serve our project.

Dr. H.

None of those boded well for poor Tami. Guests? In the lab? Watching her being brought to orgasm? She shivered, this time not from the cold. How humiliating! But how could she object? She didn’t believe in modesty after all. What a crock!

And leaving her backpack and ankle pouch behind made her feel even more naked. She had arranged with Mandy to meet at the door when she was done, around 3:30 or so. That way she could get in and not have to hope that someone else was walking in. But to be out on campus and have nothing made her feel even more vulnerable than usual.

“Keep an hour blocked after?” What were they going to do to her? The experiments with Dr. Harridance were humiliating but he was mostly kind to her. His message yesterday seemed ominous.

Even though it was cold and crossing one’s arms over their chest could simply be a method to keep warm, she was intensely conscious of the fact that it could be construed as hiding her breasts from view. Of course, there was no one on campus who had not seen her breasts thousands of times, but still she was aware that people were looking to bust her for showing modesty. So, every time she passed someone on the path, she lowered her arms to her side and looked up to show that she wasn’t covering up. She felt so silly doing it but had become so paranoid she couldn’t help it.

She arrived at the stately old gray building that housed the Chalfont Institute. As usual, dozens of geeky students (all male), were gathered in the lobby as she entered. They, of course, had memorized her schedule and made it a point to be here for her arrival. Though no one ever said anything to her or touched her in any way, she still felt incredibly creeped out and hurried past them.

Pushing her way into the lab, she stopped short. In addition to Dr. Harridance and the student assistants, there was another researcher who she didn’t know. The two men in lab coats were conversing, not noticing that she was there. Brendo, of course, saw her immediately.

“Hey Tami,” he said, trying to be nonchalant as he stared at her nude body, though he was more intimate with it than any other person on campus but Rod and Jen (and now Mandy). Brendo had the fortunate task of inserting the devices into her, causing him great satisfaction but bringing her more shame than he realized. Of course he had no idea, assuming that she was all right with everything done to her. She didn’t blame him. Still, she resented him for putting her through these humiliations.

“Hey,” she replied, averting her eyes to avoid eye contact. She knew that he was very aware of every inch of her private area, or at least those areas that were private on every other girl. Today she felt even more naked without her ankle pouch and backpack.

“Oh Tami,” Dr. Harridance said, turning towards her. The other researcher took a step back so he was out of the light. Tami had a weird feeling about him. “Why don’t you mount the apparatus? Brendo can get you ready.” With that he turned and continued his animated conversation with the other researcher. Tami couldn’t hear what they were discussing but it seemed like they were disagreeing a bit.

But she couldn’t take much time worrying about that as she had to ready herself for the experiments. The normal routine was for them to bring her to the edge of orgasm and leave her there for a long while. In the midst of it, Tami felt like she was in that state for hours but she knew it was probably no more than twenty minutes or so. Then, they would finally allow her the chance to cum, which lasted a few minutes before observing her on the plateau phase. Usually these sessions last about an hour but today she had been warned to allow more time. She wondered what they had in mind.

Tami walked over to the chair and realized that she felt deep hatred for this inanimate object. This chair was where she was humiliated week after week, where her deep well of shame seemed to never reach bottom. Here she was splayed out, legs spread, arms cuffed, nothing to cover herself or hide her nakedness. Here they played her body like a virtuoso would play her violin, making her cum when they wanted and for how long they wanted. She hated that chair but couldn’t stop the way her body reacted.

In no time, Tami was secured to the chair. As always, her wrists were cuffed to the arms of the chair and her ankles were cuffed to the legs. There was a hole in the seat of the chair, offering access to her pussy and anus.

Using his gloved finger, Brendo worked to get her ready, sliding his finger up and down her spread slit. It didn’t take long for her natural lubricant to moisten her entrance so that the vibrator could slide in. He then slid underneath the chair and pushed the sensor, which was slick with lube, into her anus, causing her to gasp at the invasion. She closed her eyes and prayed that this would end or that she would eventually get used to it.

She sat like that for a while, the harsh light shining on her so that she couldn’t really make out anyone out there. She wondered how long they would make her wait when she heard the comforting voice of Dr. Harridance.

“Tami, thank you as always for your participation in this project,” he said. This was how he always started their sessions. Tami assumed that this was for the record as she knew they recorded each session. “As I mentioned, we are doing something a bit different. The last few sessions have been about monitoring you during the arousal phase and then during orgasm. Today, we are going to monitor you during repeated orgasm so we will be bringing you to several orgasms.”

Tami’s eyes grew big… several orgasms? The one they extracted from her each way was enormously gut wrenching. What would several do to her? She didn’t have long to think about it though as the vibrator began to work its magic inside of her. Despite the humiliation of the moment (or perhaps because of it), her body responded. In just minutes, she was cresting into her first of five orgasms. In fifteen minutes, she had achieved her five orgasms and was immensely grateful when Brendo stopped the vibrating in her pussy.

“Excellent Tami, excellent,” Dr. Harridance said in his kind manner. “You are doing so well.”

Tami wondered if she were done but worried that she was not going to be so lucky. She was right. “Now, for the next series of orgasms, we are going to gag you,” he said.

“What,” she said, her mind still in an orgasmic haze.

“We want to test of vocalization is an integral part of the orgasm experience,” the man said. “You are very vocal when you experience your release and we want to test of the reaction without the vocalization.”

Brendo came forward and strapped a gag into her mouth, a big red ball between her teeth with black straps that went around her face.

“Tami, please try to say something,” Dr. Harridance said.

“Mmphf,” was all that came out.

“Excellent. Now, I ask that you try to suppress your vocalizations for the next series of orgasms but I understand that may not be possible,” he said. “That’s why we have the gag in place. Brendo, please re-start the apparatus.”

The machine came to life, pistoning the phallus in and out of Tami’s sex. For the naked girl, the humiliation of being spread and gagged was intense. Still, there was little doubt as to where this was all headed… multiple orgasms. Since she had never really come down from her last series of orgasms, the first one of this series didn’t take long. In no time, she was bucking against her bindings and was cumming, the first of many more.

Tami was lost in a state of delirium, not sure how many times she had cum or when they were starting or finishing. She was barely aware that the intense feeling inside of her had subsided a bit and the machine had stopped. Finally she raised her head, her hair matted to her forehead, her cheeks flushed from the exertion. Once her eyes got used to the light pointing at her, she gasped.

There standing next to Harridance and Brendo were Henry Ross and, worst of all, Wanda, her evil RA who had gotten her into this mess in the first place. They both had smug looks on their faces, sadists who enjoyed knowing the true shame that Tami was feeling. The naked girl’s eyes registered her surprise but she knew that she couldn’t say anything, especially with a spy like Ross in the room.

“Tami,” Dr. Harridance said, “you are doing wonderfully. Just a bit more and we will be finished for the afternoon. We are joined by two guests today, Henry Ross, the college’s lawyer, and I know that you know Wanda. Mr. Ross was invited to check on the progress of our experiments.”

“Yes, Tami, thank you for being so, um, open to science,” he said, his eyes directing between her spread legs. “You have certainly given your all to the work being done here. Wanda has been very helpful in the college’s work with you and we wanted her to see the operation here to ensure that you are being cared for.”

He turned to Wanda who smiled and contorted her face into a concerned look.

“Thank you Mr. Ross and Ms. Percival for your interest in our project,” Dr. Harridance said. “Now, Tami we are going to remove that gag and go another round with the machine.” Tami groaned. How much more was she going to have to endure, she wondered. How many orgasms could she possible be expected to have?

Brendo removed her gag and she opened and closed her mouth.

“Water please,” she gasped.

“By all means,” Dr. Harridance said. Brendo grabbed a water bottle and held it to her mouth since her hands were bound. She drank as much as she could but some dribbled down her chin and onto her bare breasts. She heard a snicker and knew that it was Wanda.

“These next few will allow us to get a final baseline,” Dr. Harridance said. “Tami, as always, thank you for your dedication to this project. We are tremendously grateful.”

He nodded to Brendo who started the machine up again. As always, they knew the exact right ways to get her body to respond. Despite her humiliation and exhaustion, Tami knew it was pointless to fight it. In minutes, her body was responding. She closed her eyes, hoping to forget that Wanda and Ross were just a few feet away while she was being aroused so intimately. She heard talking and looked up to see Ross and Wanda having a conversation, laughing. For some reason, this made her feel even more disgusted; she was being brought to earth-shattering orgasm after orgasm while these two held a normal conversation.

“OHHHHH,” she cried out, as the pulsing inside her sex hit just the right part. That stopped all conversation as she steadily rose up the ladder until an orgasm was seconds away. “JESUSSSS,” she cried out as this one was intense. Her eyes bugged open and she saw Wanda holding up her phone to take a photo or a video or something. Even in her addled state, she was able to recognize that image would be used against her soon.

That orgasm subsided and then another one built. Then another and another. For over a half hour she was in a perpetual state of pre-orgasm, orgasm, and post-orgasm. Finally, mercifully, Dr. Harridance gave the signal to stop and Tami slumped in relief.

Dr. Harridance began an animated conversation with the other doctor and Ross, with Brendo bringing over some initial data. “Tami, these findings are incredible,” he said. “The contractions at the end were some of the most intense that you have experienced during the entire experiment. Truly remarkable.” The four men pored over the data, leaving Tami bound and nearly lifeless. This was one of the lowest points in her life, Tami thought, to have been brought to orgasm after orgasm in front of Ross… and Wanda.

Just then, she felt a shadow in front of her. Looking up, she saw her nemesis looking down at her in glee.

“Well well naked one,” she said very softly, so only Tami could hear. “Who would have imagined that little prank I engineered back in September would lead to this? This is a work of art, beyond my wildest dreams.”

“Go away,” Tami hissed, equally softly so as not to arouse the men further away.

“Not yet sweetie, not when there is so much left to do,” Wanda said. She crouched down, like a catcher, so that her face was inches from Tami’s spread and stuffed pussy. “My God, your lips are still quivering. I wonder how long they will do that.”

CLICK CLICK. Tami groaned as Wanda took photos of her sex.

“And back here, how do you stand that probe in your butthole, doesn’t it hurt?” CLICK CLICK “People will love these.”

“You can’t prove it’s me,” Tami said spitefully. “My face wasn’t in it.”

“Oh naked one, do you think there is anyone left on this campus who doesn’t recognize your pussy or your anus? Some guys probably know those places better than your face.”

Tami closed her eyes in shame, knowing that Wanda was right.

“But you’re right, let me get a better photo.” With that she reached between Tami’s legs from behind and got a photo up, capturing the nude girl’s vagina, belly, breasts and, worst of all, her face. “There, that better?”

“I hate you,” she said, her lip quivering, trying not to cry.

“But I love you, sweetums,” Wanda said. “I love seeing you scampering naked all over campus. I love seeing you cum and cum and cum, all for science of course. Yes yes yes, this was a masterpiece, I say, a true masterpiece. And all it took was convincing a stupid little freshman to streak. Easy as pie.”

Tami was getting so angry but also noticed that she was close to another orgasm. The probe inside of her was touching her most intense spot and she had never really come down from the last series of orgasms. Her belly, always concave, was going in and out as she tried desperately not to cum again, not with Wanda this close.

“Oh dear, you got one last one in you,” Wanda said, her eyes gleaming with sadism. “Well, let me help you.” She took her finger and pushed the probe in just a tad, enough to send Tami deep over the waterfall.

“OHHHH,” she cried out, drawing attention from the men. “OH GODDD, JESSSUSSS, AHHHHH!” The orgasm extended for a minute then two as the girl tested the bounds of her bindings before it finally died out.

“Tami, I am so sorry,” Dr. Harridance said. “I didn’t realize we had left you in such a state. Brendo, get those probes out of her.”

“Sir,” Wanda said, sounding innocent. “May I help?”

“Sure, but let Brendo lead the way,” Harridance said, turning his attention back to the men. Ross lingered in his gaze at Tami, sneering at her in a way that says, 'I know what happened'.

“What can I do,” Wanda asked the assistant who was heading towards Tami.

“Why don’t you remove the anal probe,” the man said, mistaking Tami’s groan of shame for one of relief. “I bet you can’t wait to have these out of you,” he said, patting her arm gently.

Brendo was expertly removing the probe from her pussy while Wanda twisted the one in her anus. Whether it was just a lack of knowledge or whether she was intentionally trying to humiliate her further, Tami would never know but she felt the probe finally coming out and a fart escape her. “OH GOD,” she cried out as Wanda snickered.

“That happens sometimes,” Brendo said. “It’s usually just some air. Doesn’t smell or anything.”

“I’ll be back to undo the bindings,” he said, walking towards the console where the probes readings came out.

“I can do that for you, sir,” Wanda said, obviously flirting with the boy. “You have way more important things to do over there with all of the science stuff.”

“Thank you,” he stammered. “I, uh, I will um appreciate that.”

Wanda again crouched down between Tami’s legs and took some photos. “Oh my God,” she said softly again. “That geek inserts stuff inside of you week after week. You must hate that. You’re the only girl he’s ever seen naked.”

“Please Wanda, please untie me so I can go.”

“I will, but this is such a great angle to see all of you,” Wanda said. “You must feel so much shame. I can see every crevice of your body. I’ve never seen a pussy so stretched. Look, your lower lips are gaping. You can probably feel a breeze up inside of you. That must feel weird.”

“Wanda, please—”

“No, seriously, I cannot even imagine that, though I would never be in your shoes, or your bare feet I suppose, since you don’t wear shoes anymore.” She stood up and lifted her foot.

“Do you remember these?” Tami saw a pair of silver ballet flats, her favorite pair. “Yep, I can see that you do. I love them. These and your old converse are so nice. And I was wearing your UGGS yesterday. They are so warm. I love them so much. You had such a great collection of shoes.”

Tami closed her eyes. “Wanda…”

“And these jeans are yours too,” she said. “They are the perfect color of blue… sometimes jeans can be too dark or too light but not these. And they hug me like a glove. I love them so much.”


“And you can’t see it but I am wearing your bra, remember the black cotton one? It is so wonderful the way it supports my boobs but the straps don’t dig in like others you buy. It is really the best bra I’ve ever owned, I wear it all the time. Remember wearing a bra? What’s it been, five months, six months since you wore one? I have to say that you don’t need one. Your boobs aren’t sagging at all. In fact, they look even better now, I’d say.”

“Wanda, please let me go,” Tami said, close to tears. “I just want to close my legs. They ache.”

“I bet they do. You were straining pretty good.” She crouched down and began to undo the left ankle cuff. But she stopped.

“I can’t stop looking at your pussy,” Wanda said. “I mean, you have a beautiful pussy, Tami, a beautiful pussy. I never realized how pretty a pussy could be but you definitely have a pretty one.”

“Stop being gross,” Tami said.

“I am paying you a compliment,” Wanda said, going back to the ankle cuff. Finally she undid it. She then moved to the right cuff, her fingers trailing down the spread legs, over the aching pubic mound (causing Tami to shiver) and then down the other leg. She undid that cuff and then moved to the wrists.

“I meant what I said about your boobs,” Wanda said as she undid the cuffs. “Magnificent. Even better than they were back in September, the first time I saw them. And your nipples… glorious. Are they always so hard? Man, does that hurt?

Tami was trying to ignore the girl and move but after so long bound she couldn’t move. “Wanda, help me.”

“Of course,” she said sadistically. “What are RAs and old friends for.” She took Tami's left ankle and lifted it up so it was closer to where it should be. She then moved the right leg and Tami was no longer spread-eagled.

Wanda leaned in and helped Tami to a standing position but the girl could not carry her own weight after so long being bound. Tami noticed that Wanda’s right arm went around her shoulders and then under her arm and around the front. Her right hand was cupping her right breast as she assisted the girl to a chair.

“Tami, I know that this experience was rough on you,” Dr. Harridance said. “Thank goodness your friend was here to assist you.”

“Happy to help Doctor,” Wanda said, batting her eyes innocently.

“Wanda,” Ross said, “would you mind escorting Ms. Smithers out of the building while I continue my discussions with Dr. Harridance?”

Wanda looked at Tami and smirked. “Absolutely Mr. Ross, it would be my pleasure.”

“Thanks again Tami,” Harridance said. “I will email you instructions for next week.”

Tami nodded and waited while Wanda grabbed her purse and coat before pulling the nude girl up onto her feet and escorting her out, her hand again cupping the bare breast. “Wanda, please move your hand,” Tami said under her breath.

“What? I’m just trying to assist you. This gives me balance, something to grab on to.”

The two girls slowly made their way out of the lab and into the halls of Chalfont Institution. Unlike her arrival, there were few there to observe the strange sight of the naked girl being nearly carried by another girl. Tami was very aware of her nipples getting hard from Wanda’s attention and she also felt the fabric of the girl’s sweater.

Wanda noticed. “Don’t you love this sweater,” she said, rubbing it in. “It’s so warm and soft. My aunt sent it back from Scotland for me, knowing how cold the winters got up here.”

Finally they got to the door and stopped. “Wait, I have to put my coat on,” Wanda said. “I don’t want to freeze out there.”

Tami held in a comment as they both knew that Tami did not have the luxury of putting anything on, even in the coldest weather. Tami saw the wool pea coat was hers, bought after many long hours waitressing. She had bought it to help keep her warm in the cold Vermont winters, but now it was no longer hers, just like she no longer was allowed the privilege of wearing clothes. No, the closest she would get to this coat now was to feel it rub against her as Wanda supported her walking out.

The girls both braced themselves against the cold Arctic wind coming at them. Wanda wrapped a scarf around her face while all Tami could do was lower her head.

“Good luck, naked one,” Wanda said when they got to the path. “My car’s over there. I’d give you a ride but I’m not going in your direction. I hope it’s not too cold. Your legs seem OK now.”

Tami glared at her but didn’t make a dent. A naked girl wasn’t too menacing. She saw Wanda rush away, feeling despondent as her shoes, her jeans, her bra and her coat moved out of sight. Then, shivering in the frigid cold, she took off towards her dorm, hoping that Mandy was there and she could get in, take a warm shower and try to shake that awful encounter with Wanda.

Chapter 4

As usual, the cafeteria was quiet for breakfast on this weekday morning. Not many students sat and ate breakfast during the week, choosing to grab coffee at one of the stands in the classroom building or at a truck. Some other students were fine with their Keurig or just eating yogurt or cereal. That made the caf a perfect place for Tami Smithers.

Tami was the campus nudist, forced into nudity after a streaking dare gone awry. For months now she had been exposed to everyone on campus, to weather extremes, to humiliations that would have destroyed most girls. Now resigned to daily nudity, Tami searched for locations where she could hide and a mostly empty cafeteria was just the ticket. Sadly, this is what passed for covering for the eternally naked girl.

This morning had been rough already. She had been forced into several shameful poses by Professor Brignon. Time after time, just when Tami had thought the poses could not get more explicit, she would be forced to expose herself even more. By the end, it was all she could do to not scream at the professor in frustration.

After going through the line for a bagel and apple (plus blessed coffee), Tami had found an out-of-the-way spot. Of course she was watched and seen, her nudity screaming out like a beacon, but she was still mostly hidden against a wall. She sat with her right foot on the edge of her seat, her leg bent in two and covering her right breast. She wrote on a notebook resting on her bare left thigh, her arm mostly covering her left breast as she went. For an always-naked girl, this felt like she was covered. Of course her bare butt was cold against the hard chair but she still felt like she wasn’t so exposed.

She was so lost in her work that she didn’t notice a boy approach her.


“Yes? Oh hey, Slice.”

“Hey, I didn’t think you would remember me,” said the boy, smiling as he slid into a chair opposite the naked girl. He was mostly known around campus by his art name, Slice Reality.

“Of course I remember you. Those comics you did for the newspaper were awesome. You are very talented.”

“Oh God, thank you Tami, it was nice to get something published.”

Slice’s illustrations were mostly computer generated. He had an amazing ability to incorporate photos together so they looked like they had really happened that way.

“So, how’s things,” he asked.

“Fine, just finishing breakfast and calculus,” she said. “You?”

“I’m cool. Just finished had a project that I been working on. Actually, it’s a gift for you.”

Tami looked surprised. She and Slice weren’t that close. In fact, she had only met him twice though she knew of him and had always liked him. He had always been nice to her, even when other kids would snicker or taunt her.

“Well, you inspired me to do a few illustrations,” he said. “I wanted to share them with you.”

He handed her a bound portfolio book. “Tami” was the title on the cover. Her heart in her mouth, worried about what might lie within the pages, Tami opened the first page.

“Whoa,” she whispered as she saw herself illustrated into a regular campus scene. Slice had taken the time to incorporate her into so many areas of campus life and history. The work was truly breathtaking. The photos were graphic at some points (her legs spread, etc.) but that was to be expected. In some ways, she hated it because the book was another reminder of her nudity. In other ways, however, it was quite an honor for someone to take so much time to do this for her.

“Slice, I don’t know what to say.”

“You like it?”

Her answer was honest. “Yes, very much, though I am humbled that you would dedicate a whole book to me.”

They sat for a moment in silence before Tami knew what to do. She got up out of her chair and went around the table. Leaning in, very aware of her breasts dangling beneath her, Tami gave Slice a hug. Just as they were breaking off, she heard a cough from behind her.

“Rod,” she said, her face breaking into a huge grin. There was no doubt that she was very much in love.

“Dude, it’s not what it looks like,” said Slice, stammering.

“What it looks like is you were getting a little close to my girlfriend,” said Rod, his face serious. In seconds though, Rod broke into a smile, unable to keep the joke going. “Nah man, not a big deal.”

Rod sat down and the three of them entered into an easy conversation. After a few minutes, Jen appeared, tray in hand.

“What are you doing here,” Tami asked her roommate. Jen was a notorious late sleeper, often coming very close to sleeping through class most days. Breakfast was never on her daily routine.

“The freaking phone kept buzzing,” she said, clearly annoyed. “Finally I grabbed it and it was the dean looking for you.”

Tami stopped breathing for a moment. She hated the dean and Ross, the lawyer. They were mean and definitely out to get her.

“What did he want,” she asked, her voice trembling a bit.

“I don’t know,” Jen said absently. “I told him that you were probably here.”

Shit, shit, shit, Tami thought. She knew that he would be on his way and that a confrontation was brewing. She dreaded seeing him and having to deal with him in any way. Without thinking, she put both feet on the floor, moved her knees apart and placed both hands on the table so as not to give any impression that she wanted to cover up.

“What’s that,” Jen said, pointing to the book.

“It is my gift to Tami,” Slice said proudly. Jen started to look and was equally impressed with it. They were so absorbed in looking at the book that they didn’t notice the dean approach.

“Excuse me,” he said, drawing their attention. Tami froze, knowing that he was staring right at her. “Miss Smithers, sorry to interrupt but Miss McIntyre told me that you would be here. Thank you for that.” He nodded at Jen who just stared.

The group sat in silence. The dean made no effort to ease the discomfort, looking down at Tami who knew that her breasts were clearly his focus.

“Miss Smithers, I don’t believe I know these gentlemen.”

“Um, that is, um, my boyfriend, Rod Sykes,” she said, gesturing towards the man.

“Ah, yes, Mr. Sykes, from the BSA,” he said. “Thank you for all of your help with that recent matter. Troubling situation but you and the board seemed to have it handled.”

Rod grimaced at the reminder that several of his members had gotten into trouble on a recent trip and that the BSA was in danger of a suspension.

“Yes sir, we are working on that,” Rod said defensively. “There are a lot of us who do the right thing and are working on keeping the group moving forward.”

“I’m sure,” the dean said. Still, Tami’s blood was boiling when she felt Rod was being attacked. The dean could do anything he wanted to her but she was not going to let him insult Rod.

“Rod has done amazing things for the BSA,” she said loudly. “He runs a mentoring program, a service project and they are advocating for rules to stop violence against women, among a ton of other stuff.”

“Take it easy Miss Smithers, I know all of that,” the dean said. “I am very grateful to Mr. Sykes and the others on the board of the BSA. Still, the shenanigans on that trip put the college in jeopardy of bad publicity and a lawsuit. I am confident that Mr. Sykes will take care of it though.”

“And who is this,” he asked, pointing to the other man.

“This is, uh, um, uh, what is your real name,” Tami asked, embarrassed.

“Scott Reynolds, sir,” the man said, putting his hand out to the dean.

“Yes, you did those pictures for the newspaper, excellent work,” the dean said, shaking Slice’s hand. “Indeed, we want to use those pictures in some of our admissions materials. Well done.”

“Thank you sir.”

“He did a whole book in honor of Tami,” Jen said, holding it up. Tami cringed, especially when he saw the sadistic gleam in the dean’s eyes.

“This is beautiful work Scott, really beautiful,” he said, thumbing through the book, shooting looks at Tami as he did. “We will need to find a way to use these, if that’s okay with you.”

“Fine with me but it’s up to Tami, I made them for her,” Slice said. “Of course, she doesn’t believe in modesty so I don’t know why she would have any problem with them.”

Tami’s stomach rolled. She desperately didn’t want these photos on the school’s website but what choice did she have.

“Of course that’s right, Mr. Reynolds,” the dean said, his face smirking while staring directly at Tami’s breasts. “I will work with some others in the administration to see how we can best use these. Mr. Reynolds, would you mind sharing these with me via the campus email?”

“Not at all,” Slice said with a smile, so happy that his artwork had been appreciated by the dean.

For a few seconds, the group sat there awkwardly, Tami very aware of all eyes on her bare chest. It took every ounce of self-control to keep her arms at her sides and both bare feet on the floor so as not to cover one inch. Finally the dean spoke.

“Well, Miss Smithers, I came by to give you this letter personally,” he said, reaching into his coat pocket to hand her an envelope. “We are gathering some people on campus to discuss you and your, um, situation. We have people coming who are supporters of you and some who are not. It should be a very fascinating conversation and will shed some light on your impact on the school.”

“Why do you need a meeting like that,” Tami asked, her voice sounding small.

“Yeah, doesn’t she have a right to be naked?” Jen asked.

“Of course, of course, but we still have a school to run here and we want to make sure that your religious nudity isn’t adversely affecting the school,” the dean said. “Then the Board can make a decision.”

“A decision on what?” Rod asked.

“On whether to allow Miss Smithers to continue going to school here,” the man said matter-of-factly. “Of course we would never dream of denying her right to be naked. However, if we feel that it is causing too much of a disruption to the other students, we may have to make a decision and live with the consequences.”

With that he nodded towards Tami, taking one more chance to ogle her boobs, and then to the rest. “Good day all,” he said as he walked away.

For a few moments, no one said anything. Finally, Rod spoke. “I just don’t like that guy.”

“HA, me neither,” Jen said to agreement from Slice and Tami who finally relaxed as she remembered that she was among friends.

End of part 2
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