Tami Smithers: The Meeting
by katie

Part 1

Chapter 1

The girl furrowed her brow and increased her effort. The hill was steep and she had to lift herself up to get her bike up the hill. The incline was a killer but she had known that going in and decided to test herself. Her earbuds were cranking out dance music at a frantic pace, willing her further and further. Finally she reached the top of the hill and her path was now all downhill. She could sit back down on the bike and rest and she pulled out her earbuds for a moment.

“That was a nice view Tami,” came a yell from behind her. She turned and saw three guys standing behind her and another to her right in front. They had been gawking at her as she rode the stationary bike here in the college gym. And the view they had was spectacular… of her naked butt and her vagina in clear view between her legs from behind and of her bouncing breasts and pubic mound from the front.

Tami Smithers is the Campus Nudist. Since her first week of school in September, when a streaking dare went terribly awry, she had been completely nude 24/7. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. At first she had been allowed a raincoat and shoes and even a smock but each of those precious items were taken away over time so that now she had nothing to cover herself ever. Every inch of her, from her pretty toes and feet to her long red hair (and everything in between), was always visible to anyone who wished to look. And, you can be assured that many at Campbell-Frank looked.

You would think that after so many weeks of extreme exposure, she would have gotten used to it or at least developed some sort of immunity to the stares, but she seemed to have an unshakable sense of modesty. Down to her bones, she was humiliated to be seen naked all around campus. However, she could not tell anyone of that shame or risk expulsion. She had lied when caught streaking, telling campus police that she was a religious nudist. If she were to be found out, she would be expelled and her dream of a college education would be gone. No, she had to stick it out, no matter how much she hated it.

Being naked all the time meant that things that most normal people would never consider doing without clothes; she had no other choice. That is what led her to the campus fitness room. She tried to find off-times when it would not be crowded and her exposure would be at a minimum. For the most part, at this time most days the room was empty and she had found an exercise bike far away from the main room, but still people found her. Of course, the mirrors everywhere and her bare skin make her clearly visible to anyone looking. Just another inconvenience for a truly modest girl forced to go naked 24/7.

Sometimes, Tami would swim laps in the campus pool located next to the fitness center. In there she could hide and other people were showing skin. Of course, no one showed as much as she did but she could pretend. She had tried running on the treadmill but that had hurt her feet too much. Even though they had taken a beating over the months of walking over rough terrain, her bare feet were still no match against the belt of the treadmill so she stopped. There was also a stair-master that she used and an elliptical machine, but both left her feeling very exposed so she stuck to the bike.

Finally, her cool down time finished, she stopped pedaling and got off the bike, her workout over. Of course, always conscientious, she went and got the spray cleaner and rag to wipe off the seat. A naked girl must be very careful to keep these things clean. Tami made sure to clean the seat before (after all her naked body, including a very sensitive body part, was touching it) and after.

She grabbed a few of the other towels that were stacked on a table and wiped her sweat off. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that even that drew the attention of the men who couldn’t seem to take their eyes off of her.

“Tami! Tami!”

Tami turned to see who was calling her name. Coming towards her was a woman about her age, wearing a blue golf shirt and khaki capris, the uniform of all of the students who worked in the sports complex.

“Yes?” she said, wondering who this person was. At first, she wondered how this person knew her but then remembered that was silly. Everyone knew that Tami Smithers was the naked girl.

“I just wanted to say hi. I’m Megan, I’m a sophomore,” the girl said, holding out her hand to shake Tami’s. “I see you in here all of the time and I think you are truly an inspiration. Sorry those guys were so rude. Wish I could do something about them but I guess it doesn’t bother you.”

You have no idea, Tami wanted to say but instead just smiled and nodded.

“My friends and I talk about you all of the time,” Megan continued. “We think you are awesome and brave and all of that. What a role model for women.”

Tami cringed. First, she hated being the topic of conversation, though she knew that she was a frequent topic among the students and faculty at the school. She figured that if she were them and there was a crazy girl walking around naked, she would have talked about her too!

Second, she hated being called brave and a role model. She was far from either, in her mind. Really, she was just a girl who was being forced to live a lifestyle that she didn’t want. Perhaps it was brave to see it through, but that didn’t seem to be what people thought was courageous. They thought she was living some noble cause.

“Um, thanks.”

“This is so weird and all but,” Megan said, looking around, “do you think we can take a selfie together? Does that weird you out?”

Yes, very much, Tami thought. She hated having her picture taken because when she finally got the chance to wear clothes again it would serve as a reminder of this awful naked year. Also, she worried about what people did with the photos. Still, how could a nudist without modesty object? “Sure, no problem.”

Megan pulled out her phone and got close. Tami felt the girl’s clothes brush up against her bare skin and moaned softly. She so yearned for clothing that even the slightest touch would bring a longing to her.

The girl raised her hand in the air and aimed the phone’s camera at them. In the screen, Tami could see that her breasts and their achingly hard nipples were well in view. The camera then revealed her flat stomach and her tuft of pubic hair. Though not the worst exposure she had ever experienced, it wasn’t great and her stomach turned a little. Of course she knew that people took pictures of her nudity all of the time; however, the fact that she was posing for this one made it seem more revealing.

“That is great,” Megan said as she flipped through the multitude of photos she had taken. “Can I friend you on Facebook or Instagram? Then I can post this and tag you.”

Again, Tami’s stomach rolled. She hated knowing that naked photos of her were out there on the Internet. “Um, yeah, happy to be your friend on Facebook but you can’t post that photo; no nudity allowed.” She had found out the hard way that nudity isn’t allowed on Facebook when she had been briefly banned for posting nude photos but, how else would Tami Smithers be photographed on Facebook?

The girl’s face drooped. It was clear to Tami that she wanted the notoriety of being friends with the naked coed. “But, we can take a selfie of our faces,” Tami offered. “That way people know that we are friends.”

Megan smiled broadly. “That’s awesome,” she said. “Let’s do it.”

This time, Tami’s smile was easier as she knew that her breasts and vagina weren’t in the shot. Though her bare shoulders were in the shot, as were the tops of her breasts, she could have simply been wearing a tube top or a bikini. It was definitely usable for Instagram and Facebook.

“That’s great,” the girl said looking through them. “What’s your number, I will text them to you.”

As Tami gave the girl her cell number, she cringed when she saw that Megan had listed her as “Naked Tami.”

“You don’t know how much this means to me, to be friends with you,” Megan said with delight. With that, the girl leaned over and hugged her and went back to her work station, texting as she went. Tami was sure that she was telling everyone that she became friends with the naked freak of the school and was probably texting the photo everywhere.

The naked girl sighed and, after bending over to pick up her water bottle and ankle pouch (hearing a low whistle behind her) she headed home. Sometimes she would shower at the gym but today she needed to be away from this place and her new “friend”.

Chapter 2

Tami was bent over, drying her legs, when she heard the door open and her roommate said, “whoa.” She knew that Mandy had gotten an eyeful of her rear and, probably a peek at her vagina from behind. Of course, being naked for Mandy was even more shameful because the girl seemed to know that she was faking the nudist thing.

Drying off after a shower was always tough for Tami. It had been determined that a regular towel could potentially cover too much so she was only allowed a few smaller towels, hand towels. Obviously there were not enough to cover her but also there weren’t enough to fully dry her. Most days, there was a trail of water drops from her body and her wet footprints in the hall leading back to her room. Once she was dry, often she would go out and mop up the floor so that no one slipped.

She had just finished showering and was trying to get dry when Mandy walked in. She could make no motion to cover up, even as she felt a trickle of water stream down her breast and drip off of her left nipple.

“Hi Mandy,” she said, trying to pretend that this wasn’t mortifying.

The other girl just smiled and walked past Tami, holding an interoffice envelope and a letter. “So, I just got this letter from the Dean,” Mandy said, her face beaming sadistically. Mandy had been acting surly towards Tami since that night when the naked girl had rebuked her advances. Now, she looked positively giddy. “Apparently, I am invited to a meeting with him and Ross to discuss my naked roommate. Won’t that be a fun afternoon?”

Tami froze. Oh God, she thought, this could be the end! After all of the trouble she had put herself through over these many months, this meeting could be the end of her.

“Um, what are you going to say?”

“Not sure yet,” Mandy said, keeping Tami hanging in suspense. “You know, I just don’t know exactly what to make of you. Are you a true nudist without modesty or are you a very modest girl who is pretending. I guess I have until Friday to decide.”

The girl went to the mini fridge that the girls shared and grabbed a bottle of water. As she drank, she looked at her roommate, standing there in all of her naked glory, her face a riotous mixture of fear and worry.

“Tami, don’t get so worked up,” Mandy said. “Either way, you make out here. If you are allowed to stay, then you keep your scholarship. Get expelled and you get to wear clothes. It’s a win-win proposition for you.”

The words made the naked girl stand even straighter. “I don’t want to wear clothes,” she said, not convincingly. “I never want to be covered. I want to be nude.”

Mandy snorted. “Hm-mm, yes, I know. Well, you certainly are nude… and have been for months now. I’m glad that you are getting what you want.”

Tami was seething now. This girl was twisting the knife but there was nothing she could do. Tami was at a perpetual disadvantage when it came to those determined to humiliate her.

Not knowing what else to do, Tami sat down at her desk and tried to do some work. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Mandy looking over at her and smiling. While she hated it, Tami made every effort to not cover up and even spread her knees apart in case Mandy thought she was trying to block view of her vagina.

As she sat there, Tami became distraught. How could she change Mandy’s opinion? She needed this girl’s good words at this meeting. Then it came to her but it would not be easy.

Summoning every ounce of strength, Tami got to her feet and sat on her bed with her back against the wall. She pulled her knees up and spread them, giving Mandy a clear and obscene view of her sex. Without looking, Tami knew that she had Mandy’s undivided attention as she reached down and began to rub her now spread lips slowly. Despite herself (and maybe because of the situation), Tami moaned at the touch and her sex watered immediately. Damn this responsiveness. Still, despite it all, Tami knew that bringing herself off, especially in front of an audience, would be difficult. She rarely made herself cum and, these days, never had to. Between her other roommate Jen and he boyfriend Rod, her orgasm quota was well filled.

Still, this was nice, in some ways. Controlling her own sexual pleasure was a rare thing indeed for her and if Mandy weren’t here and watching, Tami thought that it could have been pleasurable. Instead it was all she could do to continue. She continued to rub but really was unable to get beyond the surface pleasure. After a few minutes and not getting anywhere but frustrated, she looked up in pain and discomfort. “Mandy, please?”

In no time at all, the roommate had jumped from her bed and flew onto Tami’s bed. In seconds, she had her face between the girl’s legs and was darting her tongue into between the slick lips. Her two hands reached up and cupped Tami’s breasts, playing with the erect nipples.

“OHHHH,” Tami moaned at the pleasure and shame. While she could not deny her body’s reaction, she also wondered how she could just ask her roommate to lick her in order to gain an ally for the meeting with the Dean. As usual, every orgasm seemed to come with a price, this one making her feel dirty.

Mandy’s method was very different from Jen’s, but no less effective. While Jen’s licks were longer and slower compared to the frantic short burst by Mandy, nevertheless the result was a massive orgasm building from deep within the humiliated naked girl. She lifted her hips in the air and humped the girl’s face as she cried out again and again in pleasure and shame. Finally, after 10, 11 and then 12 thrusts, she exhaled and began to sob.

“Shhh,” Mandy said, holding her finger on Tami’s lips and sliding up the naked girl’s sweaty body and placing her face inches away. “Don’t cry sweet Tami.” She then locked her lips onto Tami’s and began a deep kiss.

“You are so wonderful,” Mandy said, running her fingers through the girl’s long red hair. She moved her hand down between Tami’s legs, finding the girl’s clitoris still erect and vagina still wet. “I think you may have another one in you.” Tami shook her head no but her words were cut off as Mandy kissed her again and then slid down and began another oral assault on the naked girl’s sex. “OH GODDDDD,” Tami moaned despite herself and clamped her hands in Mandy’s hair.

This time, Mandy switched it up a bit, sliding one then two then three fingers inside of Tami while also sucking on the girl’s button. This orgasm came faster but no less furious. Again, 12 or 13 contractions as Mandy hung on for dear life. Finally, Tami screamed out in pleasure and Mandy nursed this orgasm, which seemed to go on for minutes. Finally, Tami collapsed on the bed.

“Let’s see if we can get a third out of you,” Mandy whispered and began sliding her fingers in and out as Tami weakly tried to push her away. It was no use, Tami’s body was so primed for sex that she began to ride the wave and was too weak to stop it.


Mandy could not believe it. The room was silent, except for the low buzz coming from the nude form sleeping beneath her. After all of the months of being denied this opportunity, Mandy had finally been given the chance to have sex with her nudist roommate. This was something she had looked forward to since being assigned this room back in January. She had been so mad when Tami had rebuffed her that first night. Jen had told her that Tami would be open to a sexual relationship and had even brought Tami to orgasm in front of Mandy. Still, when she had tried to make her move, Tami had told her to stop. The campus nudist who did not believe in modesty had stopped her.

Since then, the two had co-existed. Tami aware that Mandy was annoyed but nothing new occurred. Until tonight. Though Mandy wondered if her announcement about the meeting with the Dean had anything to do with it, it didn’t matter. Here she was resting her head on the inner thigh of her naked roommate, her fingers running through the red pubic hair, occasionally rubbing the lips that were enflamed after Mandy had licked and fingered the girl to six massive orgasms.

Six orgasms. Mandy shook her head in wonder at the super woman lying beneath her. Not many women could even contemplate that much sexual pleasure at one time but these encounters seemed to be a regular part of the naked girl’s life now. Mandy wondered how Tami got anything accomplished with her mind so addled by all of the sex!

How different would Tami’s life had been, Mandy thought, if she had never become a nudist. She had heard rumors that all of this was a ruse, that Tami had lied to avoid getting expelled after being caught streaking. If it were true, what a price the girl had paid. Still, Tami was super popular among many of the students at Campbell-Frank. In fact, everyone knew and most liked her, even those who thought she was really weird.

Mandy thought that she probably should have been more empathetic towards her naked roommate. After all, it can’t be easy living as naked life here at school. Everyone knew her body intimately. The weather up here got freezing in the winter and Tami slogged through it all barefoot and bare, well, everything. But Mandy just couldn’t stop how seeing Tami walking naked made her feel. She got off on the humiliation of others and seeing the modest Tami forced to reveal herself day after day was just wonderful.

Deep in her heart though, she did love Tami. Even though they were not exactly friends, Mandy had grown to really respect the unintentional nudist. Even without this encounter, she never would have said anything negative to the dean. Though he had asked her to “report” anything back to him when she had been assigned the room, truthfully, she had too much respect for all that Tami had gone through to turn her in now. No, she was a definite ally of Tami.

But this was her dream come true. After all of these months lusting after the naked body living just a few feet of her, she had finally gotten the chance to touch her, to bring her to orgasm. In fact, she had never once thought of her Tami doing it to her. No, she only wanted to bring Tami pleasure and that’s had certainly been accomplished today. Tami had cum at least five times… maybe six. Mandy was so intent on her work that she lost track. But it had been glorious.

Mandy needed to share this momentous occasion. Her phone was sitting on the desk just out of her reach. She wondered if moving would awaken Tami but she deduced that the naked girl was out for a while, so overcome by the intensity of the orgasms. Mandy took the chance and reached up to get her phone and was back before Tami had stirred even a little.

She desperately wanted a selfie to commemorate her first time with Tami. She held the phone out a little above her. In the screen, she saw that her face and Tami’s vagina were in the shot perfectly. She angled it up just a little bit to get Tami’s sleeping face in the background, not that anyone would ever doubt who it was. After all, Tami’s pussy was almost as recognizable as her face.

Opening up the Snapchat app on her phone, she typed in the caption “FINALLY!” and sent it off to Jen. She worried that Jen would get angry. She had been licking Tami daily (sometimes multiple times a day) since December. Would she be upset that another girl was licking Tami?

BUZZZ. “OMG…Mand so happy for u.”

BUZZZ. “Be home in 20 mins. Fill me in then.”

BUZZZ. “Jealous!”

Mandy smiled. Jen approved. Maybe they could both do Tami. The naked girl deserved all of the pleasure she could get after suffering through so much.

* * *

Tami heard voices in the room as she groggily came to, being careful not to move and alert her roommates that she was awake. Tami was still feeling the aftereffects of so many orgasms and the shame of allowing Mandy to lick her in an effort to win her approval for the meeting. For Tami, it was one of the lower points in a year filled with them.

“So she just asked you to lick her?” That voice was Jen.

“No, not really,” the other voice, Mandy, said. “She was horny and trying to do it herself but couldn’t.”

“She never can,” Jen said. “Just can’t get the right angle.”

“Well, I got the right angle,” Mandy said boastfully. Then she laughed and so did Jen.

“So did you get invited to this thing with the dean on Friday?” Mandy asked.

“Yeah, I did. So did Rebecca and Marisol. Not sure who else. I would think Terri and Rod. Anyone who can support Tami and her right to be a nudist.”

Tami relaxed just a bit. Having friends in the room would be helpful.

“So, how many times did she cum?”

“Five or six, I think,” Mandy said. “I was kind of busy.”

UGH. Five or six orgasms, Tami thought. What a slut I am. And to have her sexual exploits talked about so casually was so humiliating to this private girl.

“She’s a superwoman. Let me see if I can get a few more out of her.”

Tami felt the bed shift and Jen’s body next to hers. Time to “wake up,” she thought.

“Oh, hey Jen,” she said groggily. “I’m so hungry. What time is it?”

“Um, it’s 5:30… I guess we can go to dinner in a second but first…” With that, she turned Tami’s body towards her and dove between her legs.

“Jen, no, oh, Jen, oh, please, um, I’m sore, oh, ahhhh,” Tami tried to stop this assault on her sex but it was useless. Jen was too good at giving her pleasure and Tami liked it too much. That plus the fact that she was naked put her at a disadvantage. Even though she had just cum five or six times, Jen had her cresting in no time at all..


End of part 1

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