Patrick’s Examination
by katieslave

Patrick sat in the waiting room, reading a copy of Newsweek from like a month ago. There was nothing else to do except watch the boring medical video playing on the TV mounted on the wall.

He was the only patient in the room. When he had made the appointment for his physical, he was told that this was the earliest appointment.

Patrick was going to see Dr. Christine O’Brien, the newest doctor in the practice. He had been going to Dr. Stein for years but it was nearly impossible to get an appointment. And he had procrastinated for several weeks and now really needed this physical for his entrance into the graduate program at the local University.

He had never had a female doctor but Patrick imagined she was older and unattractive. Rarely were female doctors as cute as they were portrayed on TV. Still, he imagined what would happen if she were cute and that got him aroused.

"Patrick Callahan."

Patrick looked up and was shocked at what he saw. The nurse was drop dead gorgeous. Dark reddish hair pulled back in a ponytail over a face that was picture perfect. He couldn’t tell much about her body except she was thin and medium height.

"Yep, that’s me," he said, feeling foolish. Who else could it be, he thought, there’s no one else here.

As he stood, he became aware of his cock pressing a bit into his pants, getting ready to become a full-fledge erection. Even after 25 years of living, he still had trouble keeping that guy calm down there. He hoped that the nurse didn’t notice and she made no fuss as he pressed past her and in the door.

But the nurse had noticed and asked him to wait there. Nervously Patrick watched her walk towards the main desk and whisper something to another woman who nodded. The nurse then came back as if nothing had happened.

Patrick shook his head. You’re just feeling guilty, he thought. That wasn’t about you. The nurse smiled at him and urged him up on the scale. "185," she said, "very nice. Now your height...6-1. Very nice. You are really in proportion."

Patrick detected a bit of a flirt in her voice as she asked him to step down and follow her into an examination room. He hopped up on the exam table and waited.

"Now, because you are getting a physical, you need to remove your clothes. Please do that for me now."

The man had figured this would happen. With Dr. Stein, he always would get strip down to his underwear and put on a gown. But the nurse usually left him alone to do this and there was no gown in sight.

"Um, can I have a gown?"

"Oh, sorry, we ran out late last night. I am so sorry. We have an order coming in today but this is the first appointment. We can reschedule your appointment if you want."

The man did not know how to respond but shook his head. He really needed this appointment today and figured he had worn less at the beach.

"No, no problem. Will you leave to let me undress?"

"Oh don’t worry about it.  I just have some things to get ready for the examination. Don’t mind me."

Oh God, he wasn’t sure he would be able to handle undressing with this beautiful woman in the room. Already his cock was rock hard. He realized he had little argument... she was right, he would be undressed without the gown anyway so what was the big deal.

Patrick pulled his shirt up over his head and then his undershirt. He could have sworn he heard the nurse gasp when she saw his ripped chest and flat stomach... years of rowing in college had given him a great body.

Now came the part that he dreaded, removing his pants. He kicked off his sneakers and socks and unbuttoned his jeans. He turned away from where the nurse was the pulled the jeans down, standing there in a tight pair of boxer briefs.

He folded his clothes and placed them on the table next to him and then sat down. He put his hands down on top of his erect cock, trying to hide, and leaned forward.

"Sorry Mr. Callahan, but the underpants have to be removed too. This is a full physical."

The man looked at the woman in surprise. "You’re kidding? Can’t I just remove them when the Dr. needs me to?"

The nurse shook her head. "Sorry, you have to be fully prepared for the physical. That’s my job."

The man stood up, giving the nurse an untended long look at his hard cock barely covered by his underwear. Awkwardly Patrick pulled the underwear clear of his erection and down his legs. He placed the garment on top of his other clothes and sat down again, trying desperately to figure out a position to hide his sex.

The nurse swiftly moved to grab his pile of clothes before the man could move. "Hey, what are you doing," he implored as the woman headed out of the room.

"Sorry, Mr. Callahan, the room is sterile and these clothes are not. I can’t leave them in there. You will get them when your appointment is over."

Patrick didn’t think that was a very good reason but felt unable to do anything about it. Instead he sat there, trying to cover up, sitting almost in the fetal position.

Making matters worse, the nurse didn’t shut the door when she left so he was open to the gaze of anyone who walked by. He saw two other nurses come by, all getting a major glimpse of the nude man. He saw that each nurse seemed prettier than the last and his erection became painful.

Finally the doctor came in and Patrick’s cock jumped. Dr. O’Brien was gorgeous. Under her white lab coat, she had on a denim miniskirt that showed quite a bit of leg and a white blouse that had the top three buttons undone to reveal a bit of cleavage. He didn’t think it was possible but Patrick’s cock grew even more rigid.

"Well, Mr. Callahan, it is nice to meet you," the doctor said, reaching her hand out to shake his. Without realizing it, Patrick removed the hand that was covering his cock and shook it. The doctor glanced down and grinned before releasing his hand.

Patrick was surprised that the exam then launched into a normal exam, except of course for his nudity. Dr. O’Brien checked his lungs and looked in his eyes, ears and nose. She then checked his reflexes and they were fine, though a little embarrassing as he was asked to put his hands on the table by his sides, leaving his cock open to gaze. He was too ashamed to notice that Dr. O’Brien and the nurse were looking directly at his still-hard cock.

"Okay, wonderful, that part is done," Dr. O’Brien said. She turned and sat in a chair directly opposite the table. As she did, her skirt rose up her legs, revealing way much of her thigh. Patrick noticed that she had amazing legs, a fact that his aching cock now also noticed.

"Mr. Callahan, I now have some questions for you to answer," the doctor said casually, crossing her legs at the knee.

The questions began, mostly run of the mill questions about his health history, etc.

Then came the embarrassing questions.

"Are you sexually active Mr. Callahan?"

The nude man nodded.

"I’m sorry but you will have to answer out loud. Can you answer the question again? Are you sexually active?"


"Good, how many partners have you had?"

"Um, I don’t know... 10 or 11?"

"Hmmm... were they in long-term relationships or one-night stands?"

"Mostly one-night stands," he answered sheepishly.

"Did you always use protection?"

He shook his head again and then remembered to answer out loud.  "No Doctor."

"Mr. Callahan, this is very irresponsible. You could have led to unwanted pregnancies or STDs. Have you ever been tested?"

He shook his head. "But Doctor, I have been married for three years and been monogamous for two years before that."

"Doesn’t matter, you could be bringing diseases home to your poor wife."

Patrick got redfaced.

"When was the last time you had sex?"

"Over the weekend. Saturday night, I believe."

"OK, do you masturbate?"

Oh God, he thought. "Does this really matter," he asked.

"Of course, this isn’t some frivolous matter to me Mr. Callahan," the doctor said. "I care about all areas of my patient’s health and sexual areas are important."

The nude man got sheepish. "Sorry doctor," he said, mumbling, "yes, I do masturbate."

"How often?"

OH God, this was so humiliating. "Every day, just about," he said.

"Every day.  Wow... ok, do you ever do it more than once a day."

He nodded. "Mr. Callahan, could you speak your answer please. I want the records to be accurate."

"Yes, I do sometimes do it more than once a day."

"When was the last time you masturbated?"

"Um, uh, this morning."

Both sets of female eyes rested on the erection. Patrick felt their stares and knew they were imaging him jerking off. This was horrible.

"OK, those are all my questions," the doctor said. "Now to finish up the examination, Kat here will shave your pubic hair and we can proceed."

The man looked up in shock. "What?"

"Mr. Callahan, you have already admitted to a poor history of sexual hygiene as far as disease protection. We need to shave your pubic hair to sterilize the area."

Patrick was humiliated to see stirrups pulled out of the table and put into position. This felt so unmanly of a position to be in. Meekly though, he put his bare feet into the metal holders and watched as the nurse, Cat, came closer, holding a straight edge razor and some cream.

"You are in luck, Cat was in the operating room before coming to our office," Dr. O’Brien said.

Patrick couldn’t look at his cock, now fully on display. But when he looked up he was shocked to see three women, two obviously nurses, peeking into the room from the hallway as the door remained open. Their eyes were directly on his nude sex organ, now pulsing.

He jumped a bit when the cool foam touched his pubes. Cat’s gloved hand now rubbed it in, gently and slowly, almost erotically. Of course everything in that area felt erotic to him, especially after having an erection for the past half hour. The nurse continued to rub, not taking her eyes off of his cock. He saw her lick her lips subtly.

"Alright Mr. Callahan, I am going to start the hair removal," Cat said as she brought the straight edge down and began scraping off his pubic hair. To get the razor around his cock, Cat would grab the tip and move the hard pole to one side or the other. This little touch was driving the man crazy and he moaned. He was embarrassed to see a little smile on the nurse’s face.

Finally, after a few minutes, he was hairless below the waist. "One last thing," Cat said. She took a towel and rubbed a liquid onto the area. Patrick gasped as he felt a burning on his skin. "That’s Nair, to keep the hair from growing back for a while. We women have to get used to it. I suppose men don’t."

"Thank you Cat," Dr. O’Brien said, rolling the chair towards the exam table. "Time to finish our physical. Please stand Mr. Callahan."

Shakily the nude man stood. His looked down and saw that his cock looked huge now that he was totally bare down there. He heard a flick and looked up to see Dr. O’Brien putting on latex gloves.

"OK, have to check you for a hernia," she said. She reached up and cupped his balls gently. "Turn your head and cough."

Humiliated, the man did as directed. As he did, he made eye contact with the women in the hallway who laughed at him. This was the worst experience of his life but he could not help but notice his cock was harder than ever.

"Again please."

Three times he was asked to cough while the gorgeous doctor felt his balls.

"Wonderful, sit back down please Mr. Callahan and I can finish my examination."

The man thankfully sat back down but his relief soon ended when he heard, "put your feet back into the stirrups for this part."

He did as directed and saw Dr. O’Brien come towards him. "Cat, can you give me some lube?" Patrick’s eyes got huge as he saw the nurse pour several globs of gel onto the doctor’s index and middle finger.

"Relax Mr. Callahan, but I have to put my fingers in your anus to check inside there."

He opened his mouth to protest but the doctor had already snaked her fingers inside his virgin opening. The man wanted to scream but held it in, trying to hang onto some vestige of manhood. The doctor moved her fingers all around the anus, touching his cock with the other hand for some leverage.

"Wonderful a clean bill of health," she said. "Just one last thing..."

Patrick had thought he was home free but was apprehensive. What now, he wondered. Dr. O’Brien removed her gloves and took some cream. She moved close to him and tenderly took his cock into her hand. "We need a sperm sample."

She looked him in the eyes as she caressed his aching cock. The man was humiliated when he moaned aloud as the doctor moved her hand up and down the shaft of his cock, teasing him, pushing him close to orgasm. From the angle he was sitting he could see down her blouse as she bent forward for a better angle at his cock. He saw her round breasts straining against half cups of her bra. He saw her smooth, white chest with the nipples pointing almost through the lace cups. He looked up and saw that she had seen where he was looking and she smiled and licked her lips. That was all it took and he came.

The doctor grabbed a specimen cup and directed much of the cum into it. Some had escaped onto her fingers but she kept on jerking him off as the orgasm continued. Finally he was out of cum and he slumped in relief and shame.

"Excellent response Mr. Callahan," the doctor said, wiping her hands with a towel. "That was perfect."

She stood up. "One last thing. Did we weigh you with your erection or without," she asked.

The man could barely answer. "With," he said softly.

"OK, let’s get another weight with you soft as you are now. That would be more accurate. Follow Cat out to the scale please."

The man was shocked at the thought of walking around the office naked. He was about the protest when the woman grabbed his hand and took him out of his seat and onto his feet. Before he knew it, Patrick was out in the common area where the nurses sit. He was burning with shame but followed meekly to the scale. He stepped up and was humiliated to see the door to the waiting area open and several people sitting there. They could see him in all of his naked glory.

"181... wow, she must have taken a lot out of you," Cat said so only he could hear. She let him step down and motioned for him to follow her. He heard a whistle as he walked away, his hard butt on display.

"Thank you Mr. Callahan, a wonderful appointment. Make sure to make another appointment soon. We need to do this again," Dr. O’Brien said, shaking the nude man’s hand as she left. He saw that his clothes were in a pile on the exam table. Again the door was left open as he dressed hastily and left.

Although he was thoroughly embarrassed, he knew he would make all of his appointments with Dr. O’Brien from now on. No wonder she came so highly recommended.