New Rules
by katie

Part 1

Chapter 1

Bob walked into the library with the letters under his arm, an empty duffel bag over his shoulder. He had been given a most strange command from his boss and was nervous about executing it. Nervously, he went around the front counter to the office where the librarian sat.

“May I come in?” he said after knocking.

“Sure, anytime,” said Sandra, a petite brunette in her early 40s. Sonia was a runner and biker and kept in top shape. She was about to be his first victim. “Have a seat. What can I do for you, Bob?”

Bob crossed his legs at the knee and nervously placed the letters in his lap. Finding the one marked “Sandra,” he handed it to her.

“President Jones asked me to deliver this to you and make sure that you comply with it immediately,” he said.

Sandra read the letter and the jovial smile vanished. “No, it can’t be,” she said, leaning forward. “This cannot be happening to me.”

“I am afraid so, Sandra. I am terribly sorry.”

Sandra opened the letter and shook her head. There in black and white were the words she did not want to read.

“What is my recourse?” she said angrily.

“There is none save for quitting,” he answered.

“But I have tenure,” she said. “Does that not count for anything?”

“No, I’m afraid not,” he said. “Your job is safe. Just these conditions have changed.”

The two sat in silence for a long minute. Finally the woman stood. “Fine, I’ll do it but I think it’s awful.”

“I agree,” he said softly. “Sorry to be the bearer of the news.”

“Whatever,” she said harshly. “What do I do?”

“Comply immediately with the conditions stated in the letter,” he said, gesturing to his duffel bag.

“Fine.” Using her feet, she kicked off the shoes on her feet. She raised each foot off the floor and removed her socks, placing them in the shoes and handing them to the man who placed them in the duffel bag. He could tell that she was unsure about what to do next. Finally she began undoing the button on her pants and then unzipping them before pulling the pants down her toned legs.

Bob took in a breath as her bare legs came into view. There was no doubt that she had great legs and rarely showed them off. A skirt was a rarity from Sandra and when she wore a skirt it always came to her knee or below. To see her thighs, so toned from hours of exercise, was a real treat.

Sandra removed the pants and folded them before handing them to the man who placed them in the duffel. She stood there for a moment, bare from the waist down except for panties which peeked out beneath her blouse, trying to summon the courage to continue. That gave Bob time to drink in the beauty in front of him. As nervous as he had been to be given this task, there were definite benefits.

With shaking hands, Sandra began undoing the buttons on her blouse. Bob saw her white bra come into view as she went. Finally she removed it and stood in just her cotton bra and bikini panties.

“Isn’t this enough,” she asked, folding her arms in front of her to block her bra-covered breasts.

“Sorry Sandra, total nudity is the requirement,” he said.

She reached behind her and undid the clasp of the bra and removed it. Her breasts were smallish but well shaped and firm. The nipples were now erect. She handed the bra to him and stood with her hands over her breasts.

“OK, just give me your panties and we’ll be done,” he said, matter-of-factly.

Shaking Sandra hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down her legs and off. As she handed them to him, she became emotional.

“How am I supposed to do my job,” she asked. “How can I keep their respect?”

Bob stuffed the panties into the duffel and stood up. “Please, they picked you for this and you gave them what they wanted. You’ll have their respect and you will definitely have their attention. Keep strong and you’ll be fine.”

The man walked out of the office, leaving the naked woman to figure out what to do next.

Sandra was the first employee selected for the Nudity Appreciation Program (NAP) at Albante School, a which housed men ages 18-20 who needed extra schoolwork in order to get to college. Most were athletes who couldn’t qualify for scholarships yet. As the school was all male and most of the employees were male, only women could be selected for NAP. The program was founded in response to complaints about conservative values, etc., settling onto the school. It was vaguely based on a program at Blanke Schande, a college in California that forced all women, students or faculty, to remain naked at all times on campus. The college had found that the nudity rules eliminated many of the school’s problems as far as gender roles, etc., and fostered a positive community for women. After a few problems with male students disrespecting the women, a solution had to be found.

Fifteen women were selected by vote of the students and faculty. It was now Bob’s job to get them to conform to the new rules. It was going to be a long day.

Chapter 2

Bob’s next stop was just a few feet away. The second employee to receive a letter was Janet, the library’s assistant. While Sandra had been a surprise selection to him, there was never a doubt that Janet would be on the list. She was young, attractive and seemed to have no problems with her body, frequently wearing short skirts and low-cut tops. She had aroused the attention of many of the men in the building, both students and faculty.

“Janet, may I have a moment,” he said after waiting for her to help the next student in line.

“Yes, what can I do for you?”

“Well, I have a letter for you,” he said, handing her envelope to her. Unlike Sandra, the woman did not seem to know what was coming.

“Oh my God, are you kidding me,” she asked after reading it.

“No, I’m afraid not,” he answered.

She looked at him with a stunned expression. “I’m supposed to waltz around the school naked?”

“Yes ma'am, that is the plan,” he said. “You of course can elect not to but then your position would be terminated.”

“That’s not fair,” she said. “I have rights.”

“No ma'am, technically you do not,” he said. “Well, you have the right to leave the job. However, we are a private school and, as such, have the rights to require our employees to wear any uniform we choose. This will be your uniform.”

The woman’s face was scarlet red. “Can I think about it?”

“Sure,” he said. “You have five minutes.”

The man grabbed a newspaper from the counter and sat down to read. Every so often he would look up at Janet who was lost in thought. There was no sign of Sandra who was still hunkered down naked in her office. Bob knew she would have to come out eventually. She taught a class during third session.

Finally, the five minutes up, Bob approached Janet.

“Well, have you reached a decision?”

She looked up shaken. “I need this job. I have no choice.”

“Fine, then let’s get started.”

“Here,” she asked, looking up wide eyed at the students who were working nearby. “Can’t we go someplace private?”

“Afraid not, but it doesn’t really matter,” he said. “They’re going to see you naked at some point. Might as well get it over with here and now.”

Janet got off of her stool and stood up. “Fine, let’s do this,” she said. She bent over and undid the clasps of her shoes and stepped out of them. Bob noticed that she looked much smaller without the heels on. She then undid the hook and zipper of her skirt and let it fall in a heap around her feet. Looking nervously at the group of students using the computers a few feet away from the counter, Janet hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties and shockingly pulled them off while remaining covered from the waist up. Bob let out a whistle as her very pretty, bare vagina came into view.

“You are very pretty,” he said to her but she didn’t respond. It was obvious that she was trying to build up her willingness to strip with the students so close by. Finally she pulled her sweater up over her head and then undid the blouse that was underneath. In no time she was removing her bra and stood naked. Within a few seconds, the attention of the students was upon her and they were shocked.

“WHOA, Ms. Briggs, what the hell?”

She didn’t respond, just slid back onto her stool and went back to her work. She crossed her legs at the knee, her bare foot dangling and shaking. He noticed it as he bent over to get her clothes.

“Thanks, Janet,” he said smugly as he left her there with nothing on.

Chapter 3

The day had gone swimmingly for Bob thus far. He had already stripped four of his colleagues. After leaving the library, he had moved to an administrative office where two young women worked in cubicles side by side. They had both been selected to be in the program and he soon had their clothes in his bag.

Now he had knocked on the door of a classroom where a young teacher named Stacy was teaching a class of about fifteen men. She answered and smiled. “Hi Bob, what’s up?”

“Stace, sorry to do this to you but you have been selected,” he said, handing her the letter.

The woman’s face went white. “No, it can’t be.”

“Yep, sorry.”

“Can we discuss this outside in the hallway?”

“There is nothing to discuss,” Bob said softly. “Either you comply or you have to leave. There really is no room for discussion.”

Stacy looked stricken. “Seriously Bob, how I am I supposed to do what you are suggesting?”

“Well Stace, first of all, I am not suggesting anything. This is required. Second, you were selected for a reason. People here wanted you to be in this program. So, I expect you to fulfill your requirements.”

The woman looked at her students who were watching the exchange intently. She was a small, petite blonde who always wore baggy clothes. No one knew what she had underneath.

“Fine, fine, I’ll do it,” she said. Sitting down at her desk, she pulled her foot up and removed one boot and then the other. She then pulled each sock off and stood.

The boys were stunned. What was going on, they wondered.

The teacher pulled her baggy sweater up so she could manage to undo the button of her pants and slowly lowered them to the ground. She held the garment out to Bob who placed it with the other clothes in the bag. The students gasped. Most were at the older end, 18 or 19, and shocked by what they were witnessing. Was their young, hot teacher, who had always dressed like a Muslim in a burka, really taking off her clothes?

She then lifted the big sweater up over her head and the room got deathly quiet. Stacy was seriously stacked and they had never known it. “Whoa,” said one of the boy reverently, causing the teacher to blush even further. Her bra barely restrained her breasts, which threatened to bust out. She reached behind her and undid the straps and her bra came loose, letting her breasts come into view. She then reached down and pulled her panties off, leaving her naked in her classroom, fifteen sets of eyes on her.

“Just hand me your clothes and I will take off,” Bob said. The woman meekly bent over, her breasts dangling, and grabbed her clothes, handing them to the man who put them into the big duffle and walked out, leaving her there to teach her class.

His next stop would be another two for one. In the counseling department were two hot women, Carrie and Amelia. Both were among the top vote getters. Bob walked in as they were both in the common area getting coffee. Two students were waiting, obviously to see them.

“Hi Bob,” Amelia said. “What brings you to these parts?”

“Well, I was given a special task by President Jones,” he said. Both got white immediately as they figured it out.

“You are kidding me,” Carrie said.

“No, sorry ladies, you were both selected,” he said, handing them their letters. “In fact, you were one and two in the voting.”

The women blushed and both looked at the students waiting.

“Can we do this in my office,” Amelia asked.

“No need,” Bob said. “Easier to do it here.”

The women looked nervous. Finally Carrie said, “What the hell” and began unbuttoning the front of her dress. When she had undone to her waist, she shrugged out of it and let fall to the floor, puddling around her. She stepped out of her shoes and handed both the shoes and the dress to Bob. She then undid her bra and pulled off her panties and was naked in the matter of seconds.

“Wow, that was efficient,” Bob said, eying the naked woman in front of him appreciatively.

Amelia was less enthusiastic. She was wearing several layers and struggled to figure out what she should take off first. Finally she selected her sweater and then her blouse. Underneath those two layers, she had on a tank top. Looking at the students who were shocked by their good luck, she finally undid the buttons on her pants and removed them after stepping out of her ballet flats.

Again, Amelia seemed undecided. Finally she pulled the tank top over her head and her little breasts were on display. They were small, she was nearly flat chested, but there was no denying her cuteness. Finally she pulled her panties off and handed her clothes to Bob.

“Thank you ladies, please carry on with your day.”

End of part 1

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