by katie

Part 3

Those early days had been incredibly humiliating. Day after day, new “rules” were added that further dehumanized the mailgirls and made it nearly impossible for Melissa to even consider returning to her old job.

One incident, though, gave her hope.

She had been on her hands and knees cleaning up a water spill of another mailgirl, Nicole, who had been trying to put a large bottle into the dispenser when it slipped and the entire contents spilled onto the floor. Nicole had been brought to the basement for her punishment and Melissa had been assigned to clean it up. She was not given a mop; instead she was given several rags and told to “hurry up.”

In the midst of her cleaning, she heard footsteps approach and looked up to see expensive wingtips and the legs of Craig, her former supervisor. He had encouraged her to join the program but now seemed embarrassed by her and wanted nothing to do with her. In fact, she hadn’t been to his office even on official business. Melissa suspected that he requested that she not be sent for his mail. She realized the degrading position she was in, naked on the floor, her butt in the air, her sex visible from behind, her breasts hanging down.

“Number 11, um, I mean Melissa,” he said softly. “Um, I need your help.”

She looked up at him from the floor, not quite understanding. After weeks of being treated like a nothing at work, she was shocked to be asked for help. “Well, if you need a mail pickup, you will have to ask Chuck,” she said, getting back to her drying of the floor. “He will assign an available girl.”

“Melissa, please stop doing that and get up,” he said, urgency in his voice. “I need your, uh, professional help.”

It had been so long that anyone had valued her for her professional knowledge and experience that she almost couldn’t remember being a colleague and not an object.

“Please,” he said, coming towards her and reaching out a hand, “get off the floor and talk to me.”

She took his hand and stood, feeling relief at being off of her bare knees. Craig led her to a chair at the table and she sat while he fetched them two cups of coffee. Melissa was stunned. This was a major breach of mailgirls protocol. They were not allowed to sit in any chairs in the office and were certainly not entitled to coffee. It was obvious that something big was going on.

“Melissa, I need your help,” he began.

“But Craig, I don’t work for you,” she said softly, her former confidence reduced to submissiveness. “What could I possibly do?”

He took a deep breath and looked her in the eye. “Well, you remember the Judco account, the one you worked so hard on and landed, just a few weeks before you, well, you uh, switched positions?”

She nodded, trying to remember any of the details of her former life. “Yes, they were a major company,” she said, her old world coming back slowly. “That was a million dollar account for us.”

As she spoke, Melissa looked down and saw her bare breasts and realized how far she had fallen. Was it just a few weeks ago when she had been negotiating million dollar deals? Now she was naked, as she had been for weeks, and assigned menial tasks like mopping up water and delivering mail.

“Well, Mr. Judd, the CEO, is threatening to pull the business,” Craig said, his voice cracking. Losing an account like that would cost him his job.

“Jeez, sorry to hear that Craig,” she said. “I’m sure you’ll figure out something.”

The man shook his head, clearly in pain. “We’ve tried everything but he’s adamant. He says that he signed a deal and didn’t get what he signed for,” Craig said.

“What was that?”

“You. He said you were the reason he signed with us and now he never hears from you.”

Melissa was confused and then smiled. “So you want me back?”

He sighed. “Yes. We need you to take a meeting with Judd. Woo him back. Assure him that we are the right company. I think if you can do that, he would sign the final papers.”

He stood up. “Let’s go back to my office and discuss this,” he said, moving away from the table. But she did not move. “What?”

“I will need Mallory too,” she said, some of her old assertiveness coming back. “She was my partner on this project. Mr. Judd liked her too. She will be important to winning him back.”

“Fine, I’ll get number 3, I mean Mallory, sent up too,” he said, getting impatient. “Please, we have to move on this.”

The pair strode out of the break room and towards the elevator. Melissa hesitated. She had not been allowed to use the elevator in weeks, since she signed onto the Mailgirls program. The Mailgirls were required to use the service stairs, no matter how many floors they had to climb.

Craig got to the elevator and realized that she was not with him. “What?”

“The elevator,” she said softly. “I’m not allowed to use it.”

He sighed again and walked towards her. “Melissa, you are not a mailgirl right now, you are with me.” He removed the device from her arm that alerted her to her next assignment. “Let’s go.”

The elevator arrived and the doors opened. Melissa was mortified when she saw others in the car and Craig pulled her into it. She was there naked with all of these people in clothes. Despite the weeks of exposure, the close proximity to others magnified her embarrassment.

Finally, after seemingly forever, they reached her old floor. She stepped out and felt the old familiar pride at being a part of this department. Then she remembered her appearance, barefoot and naked, and the pride disappeared.

“Everyone, I think you all know Melissa. She has agreed to come back and help us,” Craig announced to the group that had gathered. Her old colleagues cheered, even those who had chosen to ignore her once she became a mailgirl. “Have a seat, have a seat, let’s get started.”

Melissa hesitated for just a second before sitting on one of the leather chairs that surrounded the conference table, relishing the smooth surface against her bare skin. In moments, she was swept up into the conversation, her nudity quickly forgotten.

Forgotten, that is, until Mallory arrived. Melissa saw her friend’s nudity and remembered her own. Was this what people saw when she walked into the room? She suppressed that feeling and smiled at her friend who looked bewildered.

“Mal, sit down, we’ll explain,” Craig said, pointing to a chair next to Melissa. She did as instructed and Melissa touched her arm for comfort as Craig explained their predicament. A small smile formed on Mallory’s face as she figured out what Melissa had earlier… they were needed.

The group worked noisily in the conference room. Melissa wondered why no one mentioned their nudity or offered to get them clothes. Perhaps since they had been naked for so long, people were just used to it. Or, maybe it was just assumed that they would work naked.

After an hour of conversation, Craig said, “Melissa and Mallory, we are going to give you and Mallory an office to use to pull our presentation together,” he said. “Marianne, please allow Mel to use your office. It’s your old office Mel, so you should be comfortable in there.”

“That works fine for me Craig, thanks,” Melissa said. “And thanks Marianne, for letting us use it for a while.”

The woman looked anything but pleased but smirked and said “sure, let me log you on.”

The three women, one clothed and two naked, left the conference room and headed down the hall towards the offices that lined the outer walls.

“You girls are really something, coming back to help after all they have put you through,” Marianne said. “I don’t know that I would be so nice.”

“Well, we’re company people,” Melissa said. “We joined the program for the good of the company and now we’re doing this.”

“Plus it gets us out of mail duty,” Mallory said with a laugh.

Marianne joined in but Melissa did not. She didn’t want to be reminded of her position at the company.

They entered the office and Melissa gasped. It was her first time in there since she had been moved to the mailgirls program and everything was different. The walls had been stripped of her tasteful decorations and pictures. Now only a few photos in frames sat on the desk.

“Doug told me not to get too comfortable in here, that it was only mine temporarily,” Marianne said. “I think he assumes you’ll be back to use it.”

The words gave Melissa hope. “Well, I too hope to be back up here soon, but you should do whatever you have to in here to make it yours.”

Melissa felt a twinge as Marianne sat down in her old chair and began typing. “OK, you are in,” she said. “I’ll let you guys work in here. I’ll be in the conference room if you need me.”

“Thanks Marianne.”

Once the woman left, Melissa and Mallory looked at each other and gasped, grabbing hands and getting close. Melissa noticed that their breasts grazed each other and she felt a shiver which she tried to ignore.

“Oh my God Melissa, what the hell is going on,” Mallory said in a whisper. “Do you think we have been saved? Do you think we’re going to get our old jobs back?”

Melissa nodded. “Yes, they realized how valuable we are, more valuable dressed and working then as naked mules.”

“I can’t believe it, my prayers have been answered.”

“Mine too, but we’d better get working or they’ll throw us back into the mailroom!”

Melissa went around her desk and slid into her soft office chair, so comfortable against her bare skin. She took a moment and luxuriated in the view out of the window that she remembered so well. This office had been about status for her and being back reminded her of what she had lost. But now she was back… of course she was still naked but that would all be changing soon.

“Ok, let’s get started,” she said across the desk as Mallory sat in the guest chair. It was very familiar, something the two had done many times over the years.

And the two women worked. Craig would check in every so often but they were left mostly alone to complete the project. After just three hours, the final touches of the project were complete. Melissa and Mallory went back to the conference room where Craig had gathered his team. In a strange scene, the two naked women presented their work to their clothed colleagues.

When they finished, Craig got to his feet and clapped. “Man, have I missed that,” he said when the applause died down. “Ladies, welcome back and thank you.”

He motioned for the two nudes to take a seat. “OK, Judd will be here in about an hour,” he said. “Mallory will greet him at the elevator and bring him in here where she and Melissa will make their presentation. Mel, bring me in as often or as little as you think necessary. When he is ready to sign, we will bring in Doug for the final piece. Then, we can celebrate!”

The group started talking amongst themselves. Finally, Melissa spoke to Craig. “Um, can you get us something to wear?”

“Oh God, yes, what was I thinking. Yes, you will need some clothes.”

Speaking loudly now, he called out to one of the young assistants around the table. “Jenny, you’ll need to go to the store and get these ladies some clothes,” he said. “What size are you?”

Though they desperately looked forward to getting clothes, like any woman, neither was too excited to say their size out loud. Finally Melissa spoke, “I’m a medium or a 6/8.” Mallory said she was a small or a 6 and the girl began to leave.

“Oh, what size shoes?”

Shoes, Melissa thought, blessed covering for her poor feet. “I’m a 7 and Mallory’s an 8 ½.”

Craig held up his company credit card and, with that the young woman was off and the two nudes got emotional. They were very close to wearing clothes again.

Craig had ordered a few pizzas and the group ate and drank as they waited. Melissa felt so strange doing something so normal like eating pizza while naked in a room full of clothed people. At least she had Mallory for support. Surprisingly, no one had mentioned their nakedness nor had anyone been dismissive or degrading. It was as if she and Mal were wearing clothes; they fit right in.

Finally Jenny arrived with bags from a local women’s boutique down the street. “I hope you like them,” she said, handing one bag to Melissa and the other to Mallory.

“We should go change,” Melissa said, standing up.

“Don’t bother,” Craig said. “Just do it here. It’s not like we haven’t seen everything.”

Both nude girls got red faced at the reminder that everyone had seen them naked but did as they were told. Melissa put on a baby blue skirt, a white blouse, and a blue jacket. Sadly, there was no bra nor panties nor stockings but she was grateful for any covering at this point. She pulled the blouse on first, trying not to get emotional after being bare-chested in the office for so long. Her hands were shaking and she could almost not get the buttons done but finally she accomplished the task and she stood there, clothed in the offices for the first time in weeks. Of course her bare vagina was still showing but after so long exposed, she was grateful for her breasts being covered.

She bent over and slid her feet into the skirt and pulled it up, zipping it and securing the clasp at her hip. She then pulled the jacket on and felt different. After weeks of being a naked mailgirl, she was clothed, as much as any other woman in the room. Well, except for the final touch. “Um, do you have the shoes?”

“No, sorry, they didn’t have shoes but I’m an 8. You can wear a pair of mine from my office.”

“What about Mallory?”

“I’m a 9½,” said Mary. “I’ve got an extra pair. What color?”

“Her dress is tan,” Jenny said.

“Anything would work. I think I have blue to match your suit.”

Melissa noticed Craig’s face registering worry but got distracted as she watched Mallory dress. Her former assistant was so beautiful as she stepped into the dress and pulled it up her body. She turned to allow Melissa to zip it up the back. The dress clung to every one of the woman’s curves, making it obvious she was bare underneath.

When Jenny came back in, she gasped. “Oh God, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize it would show that much. Since you would only be wearing it for a short time, I didn’t think you would need underwear.”

“It’s fine,” Craig said, cutting her off. “After all we’ve seen of you over the past few weeks, this is modest. Who knows, maybe Judd will like it!”

Mallory blushed but didn’t complain. After all, he was right and she didn’t want to appear ungrateful. Mary returned with a pair of shoes and finally both girls were fully clothed.

The phone on the conference table rang. “He’s here? Great, we’ll meet him at the elevator, send him up.”

The rest of the group got up and cleared the pizza boxes, leaving just Craig, Melissa and Mallory. “Ladies, thank you for this,” he said. “I owe you both, big time.”

He started to leave but Melissa stopped him. “Craig, why don’t I ever get called to pick up mail up here, or from your office?”

Now it was the man’s turn to blush. “Well, I requested to not have you sent here because I felt so bad,” he said. “I convinced you to be a part of this program and now it has backfired for you both. I’m sorry about that.”

“Thanks for saying that Craig,” Melissa said.

“The elevator’s on the way,” Jenny said, poking her head into the room. Mallory hustled out of the room to meet Mr. Judd at the elevator.

Melissa’s stomach started to rumble with nerves. This was good, she thought, remembering that she always had this feeling before a big presentation. It had been so long since she had felt useful and appreciated. She was desperate to land this contract.

The door opened and there stood Jay Judd, billionaire owner of a large company. He was known by many to be a jerk but had taken a liking to Melissa in their early negotiations.

“Well, there you are, my girl, where have you been?” Judd said in a loud voice, his presence filling the room. “These boys seem to think they can pawn me off on someone else but I said no way, I deal with my girl Melissa and Melissa only.”

“Mr. Judd, you are always so sweet,” she said, moving towards him and accepting his hug and kiss on the cheek. “It has been too long. Glad we have a chance to catch up. How is Mona? And the kids?”

They continued their small talk as Mallory and Craig took their seats. Finally Jay stopped and looked around. “I guess we should talk some business since we are boring these two,” he said, taking a seat. “Well, Melissa, wow me.”

“Mr. Judd, thank you for taking the time to come here today,” she began, her old confidence back in full gear. “Our team here has put together a presentation on the benefits of working with us.”

She and Mallory then spent the next hour going through the presentation, answering questions as Judd asked them, bringing Craig in as needed. Throughout the time, Melissa had that knot in her stomach; was she making good points, was she convincing him? Finally, after ninety minutes, she stopped and looked him in the eye.

“Mr. Judd, we’re now just going through details here,” she said. “The point is, do you trust us, do you trust ME with your business?”

The man hesitated for a moment before smiling. “Of course I trust you. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t trust you. Tell you what …let’s sign this thing and make it official.”

The women smiled at each other and then Craig spoke up. “This is great Mr. Judd, really great. Let me get our boss in here to sign the final deal.” He left to call Doug and bring him over.

“So, Melissa, what have you been up to? You look great by the way. That suit is perfect on you.”

'You have no idea,' she thought. 'Well, I have been a naked mailgirl for the past few months and degraded and abused, thank you for asking.' But no, that would not be appropriate. “I’ve been well, doing some different things here at the company but really working hard. I think you would enjoy seeing me in my new role.”

“I bet I would,” he said.

'I bet you would too,' she thought.

In a few moments, Craig returned with Doug in tow. “Jay Judd, Doug Cawtright, VP here and the exec in charge of our division.”

Doug came into the room and shook hands with Judd. “Please to meet you sir, thank you for your trust in us,” he said. He then looked with surprise when he saw Melissa and Mallory there dressed but said nothing. His look said that he did not know about their part in this deal.

“Well, these fine ladies sold me hook, line, and sinker,” Judd said. “They are a credit to your company. I hope that you showcase them to everyone here.”

“Oh we have sir, we have,” Doug said, his voice betraying a hint of sarcasm.

“Well, let’s sign this contract and I’ll be on my way home,” the man said. He picked up the contract that Mallory had prepared and read it through. Finally, he affixed his signature and handed the pen to Doug. “I guess now it’s your turn sir. Do you want my company to pay you several million dollars to do business?”

Doug took the pen. “Of course Mr. Judd, of course,” he said, his hand shaking. “It would be our honor.” The executive signed his name and the deal was done.

“I am so happy Mr. Judd, thank you for your business,” Melissa said, moving towards the man. Doug, however, stood and blocked her and ushered the older man out of the conference room, saying, “OK, Mr. Judd, let’s walk you to the elevator and get you home. I am sure that someone from our office will be in touch soon.”

With that, the two men left, leaving Melissa and Mallory feeling odd. “What was that about?” Melissa asked.

“Oh nothing, I’m sure,” Craig said stammering. “Cold beers for everybody.” He walked out and yelled something to an assistant and then rejoined them. “You guys were awesome. We need to celebrate.”

Jenny came in with a bucket of cold bottles of beer and began handing them out. Melissa had forgotten about this, the celebration after landing a big account, and none were bigger than Juddco.

“To Melissa and Mallory, for coming through for us today,” Craig said. “CHEERS!”

The group clinked beer bottle and began to drink and talk excitedly. They were in the middle of the celebration when Doug returned and the room got silent.

“Well done team, well done,” he said, clapping in an exaggerated way. “Thankfully, we were able to count on two mailgirls to save the day. I wonder why I am paying this group such big bucks when all I need is to promote our mailgirls to executive positions.”

“Doug, wait, the client requested them, what was I supposed to do,” Craig pleaded.

“Enough Craig, enough. We got lucky with this one but next time, I expect better.” The room remained quiet. “You two, you are out of uniform. Please conform immediately or earn punishment points.”

“But, I don’t understand,” Mallory said, tears forming. “I thought we were going to be done with that.”

“You mean the job that you signed a hefty contract to do and that you are well paid for,” he said with a sneer. “That job?”

“Doug, we just landed a $10 million contract for this company,” Melissa said angrily. “Don’t we get any credit for that?”

“Yes, you get my sincere thanks. Now conform to our uniform requirements immediately or pay the price. It’s bad enough that you left our mailroom staff short all day. I am sure that Chuck can devise a suitable punishment.”

That was all that it took. Mallory stepped out of the shoes and pulled the dress up and over her head. She was naked in no time. Melissa took more time as she stepped out of the shoes and then took off the jacket. She noticed that her nipples were poking through the flimsy material of the blouse. Still, she had loved that flimsy cover. With trembling fingers, she undid the buttons and removed the blouse, placing it on the table. She then undid the clasp on the skirt and pulled it off, placing it on the pile on the table.

“You,” Doug said, pointing at Jenny. “Take these clothes away.”

She did so and Melissa felt a loss even though she had worn them for so short of a time.

“Here are your devices, I have activated them and let Chuck know that you are back in circulation. I am sure that you will have an assignment in no time.”

He began walking out as the two naked girls dejectedly attached the device to their arms. “And girls, thank you again for your help with this. To show you that we are truly grateful, I have arranged with Chuck for you to get 15 extra minutes of a dinner break tonight. The company appreciates your efforts.”

With that he left and both girls’ devices came to life. When Melissa made eye contact with Craig, he mouthed “I’m sorry” and turned away as the girls ran out of the cocoon of the conference room and headed back into mail duty.

* * *

Melissa knelt there still in disbelief. The white goop on her face now mixed with her tears but when she went to wipe it off, she was told, “No, leave it there.”

The words belonged to Craig, her friend and former colleague, who had just degraded her in a way that she didn’t think was possible after weeks in the program. But, ever the dutiful mail girl, she knelt there and let the gunk pool on her cheek and hair.

For his part, Craig felt a bit guilty of course, but there was no denying the rush of sexual thrill he had just gotten. He was zipping up after spraying her face and hair and chest with a stream of liquid.

It had all started that morning when Craig had been called into his boss’ office. Yesterday had been a strange day with Melissa and her fellow mailgirl Mallory saving the day on a big contract. Though the company had gotten a multi-million deal, Doug seemed angry.

“You have lost all credibility here Craig, completely lost it,” the man said sternly. “I don’t even know what to say.”

“Doug, it was out of my hands,” Craig said defensively. “Judd wanted Melissa. What was I to do? I didn’t want to lose the contract.”

“So you went and got bailed out by a naked mailgirl,” the man sneered. “How do you think the rest of your department feels about that?”

Craig was incredulous. He had thought that sealing the deal was worth the risk of having Melissa leave her mailgirl duties, had even hoped that maybe it would be a way out for Melissa and Mallory. After all, losing them had decimated his department, as evidenced by the near-collapse of the Juddco deal. But Doug and others were not seeing it that way.

“So now what happens?” the man continued. “Going to get 11 and 3 to bail you out every time you need it? What happens next time Judd shows up? Going to go and buy them clothes again and pretend that they aren’t naked mailgirls?”

The two men sat in silence for a moment. “I am tempted to go down there, give that girl some clothes and promote her to take your place,” Doug said. “She would run this department better than you.”

“What can I do to win your trust back?”

“Put her in her place,” Doug said. “Humiliate her and show her, and your employees, that you are the boss. You only have one chance at keeping their respect. I suggest you make it a good one.”

So Craig had left the office and called down to Chuck. He arranged for Melissa to be in his office by 10. “Also, send up some of the stored mailing tubes,” he said.

For a few weeks, the company had toyed with using mailing tubes that were inserted inside the mailgirls along with other types of bondage. They had been discontinued due to outrage from the women in the company. The mailgirls were never told about the change but noticed that the tubes weren’t used.

At 10, Melissa arrived in his office and smiled. “Hey Craig, am I glad to see you,” she began. “What did you think about yester---.”

“Shut up 11, on your knees,” he said harshly.

“What? Come on Craig, it’s just us.”

“Demerit, don’t test me 11,” he said, coming towards her. Instinctively, she fell to her knees.

“Please Craig, what’s going on?”

“Excuse me, did I give you permission to speak, 11,” he said. “And you have earned two more demerits for using my name without permission. I am 'Sir' to you 11. Understood?”

The mailgirl, tears filling her eyes, nodded.

“Use your words 11.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. That’s three demerits. I will be sure to report that to Chuck.”

The girl looked down in anger and confusion. What had happened to the man who was her friend, the man who had been so supportive, even yesterday? She had to ask.

“Sir, may I ask you a question?”

“Fourth demerit. No, you may not. Crawl over to me.”

She could not believe how mean he was being but she did as commanded and crawled the few feet to where he sat, conscious of her breasts dangling down and swinging as she went.

“Unzip my pants and give me relief,” he said and she gasped, shaking her head.

'Relief' was something that had been implemented but had also been shelved when the women (and some men) in the office had heard and been outraged. Relief was basically asking a mailgirl for a sexual favor to relieve the tension that you were feeling. The mailgirls (except for Nicole) had been appalled when it was brought up to them and dreaded being asked. This was the first time that Melissa had been asked and she had no idea that she was not required to comply.

“Five. Do it now or get another demerit, which I believe is a major infraction,” he said. “You know what that means.”

Melissa did know and desperately did not want it. The one girl who had received a major infraction had been lashed to a post in the basement and flogged repeatedly by anyone who wished. She had been tied there for several hours and then forced to work overtime. No, she did not want to get a major infraction.

So the nude girl leaned over and undid the man’s belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and reached in to pull out his growing member. “Use your hand this time,” he said, insinuating that there would be other times. “And look at me while you do it.”

Melissa wrapped her hand around the shaft and began to pump, causing him to moan. She did as commanded and looked at his face while she pumped and saw the look of satisfaction.

“Oh God,” he said, “put your face closer.” She again did, leaning in further so her face was inches from the tip of his member.

“AAAHH,” he shouted and she felt him twitch and then saw white liquid shoot out of him and splash her face, once then twice then a third time. It also landed in her hair and on her chest. She kept pumping until, finally, he sagged and was finished.

The whole episode took about two minutes but it was enough to cement her place in the company. There was no way she was ever coming back to work there as a professional.

“Don’t wipe it off,” he said when she went to move her hand to her face. He then adjusted himself and zipped up.

“Now, I have these four packages for you to bring downstairs,” he said. “Do not clean your face for the rest of the day. Is that understood?”

“Yes Sir,” she said softly, humiliated beyond belief.

“Good, now let’s get you fitted for these tubes. I think this one is for your ass.”

She was mortified as he first inserted a thin tube in her butt. Thankfully, he had used lube to ease it in. He then moved to insert a tube in her vagina, no lube this time but thankfully it went in smoothly. Using straps, he attached the tube to her hips to secure them inside of her.

“Now, I don’t think I have ever used this one or seen it used but I like it,” he said. It was a long tube with two clamps attached. “These go on those pretty nipples. Please massage them so they are erect. That will make this easier.”

She groaned but did as commanded and, in no time, her nipples, which were normally erect anyway, got even longer.

“Good, good,” he said. Moving the clamps along a rod, he positioned them over each nipple, attaching first the right nipple and then the left. She felt the tube pull on her breasts achingly.

“Now, this one goes in your mouth,” he said. A penis-shaped rubber plug was inserted in her mouth and then fastened in place by a strap buckled around her head. The tube was then attached to the outside of the rubber plug and she was effectively carrying four packages, none in her hands.

“Lastly, the yoke and the hobble.” He attached the metal bondage, first around her neck and then around each wrist. She had forgotten the humiliation of this particular device. Then the hobble chain that attached to her ankles. “I had a few links removed to make it a bit harder,” he said laughing. It had been weeks since she had last been bound like this and was incredibly embarrassed.

“Off you go 11, I hope Chuck keeps you like this for a while,” he said. “I will see you back here later this afternoon for another round.”

With that, the sobbing girl made her way slowly out of the office and to the stairs. As she walked, she felt the stares of her former colleagues and friends on her, their pity and derision. Just a few hours ago, they had celebrated together and shared a beer over their recent triumph. Now, she was back to the naked mailgirl. She had reached her lowest point.

Lunch time, and Melissa was alone, a rarity. Usually the mailgirls were assigned to lunches in pairs. Normally she was stuck with Nicole, the airheaded girl who seemed to relish the exposure and humiliations of the program. So far, no Nicole nor any of the other girls. Melissa was thankful for some quiet after the day she had.

Craig’s excretions had dried on her face, chest and in her hair. She smelled like it all day and hated it. It reminded her of her humiliation at his hands earlier today. Her good friend and former ally was now firmly against her too. There seemed to be no hope left.

As she sat there in despair, she was interrupted by a crash on the door. Looking over, she saw Mallory stumbling through the doors and into the mailroom. Melissa gasped when she saw Mallory equipped with the same bindings that she had earlier: her wrists cuffed to a yoke that hung around her neck, a tube in her mouth, one clipped to her nipples and two in her lower holes. She also saw a red blinking light on Mallory’s armband meaning that she was late.

“AH, number 3, late again. That’s another demerit,” Chuck said happily. “You are one away from a punishment session. That shouldn’t be too long now.”

The girl moaned, knowing the humiliation of a punishment sessions. Though all of the girls tried so hard to avoid those sessions, they also knew that it was an impossible task. They were given demerits for the lamest reasons and often unfairly. However, a mailgirl was at the lowest rung of the ladder and had no recourse. She simply had to accept the demerits and the punishment, which was often public and administered by Chuck.

Melissa tried to avert her eyes as Chuck began the humiliating process of removing the tubes from Mallory. However, she couldn’t resist watching, knowing that she had been on the other end of that just a few hours ago.

Chuck began with the mouth, as he had with her earlier, undoing the clamp that had secured the tube to the gag and then undoing the buckle. She watched Mallory moved her jaws around once the large gag had been removed.

He then moved to her chest and without any gentleness or regard for the girl’s feelings, removed the clamps one at a time. Mallory gasped and stifled a scream as each nipple was freed from the clamps.

He then knelt down in front of the naked girl and undid the straps before pulling first her vaginal tube and then her anal tube. Melissa thought she saw Mallory shiver as the vaginal tube was slid out of her and knew the feeling. Despite the humiliation, there was no denying the physical arousal.

He then undid the wrist bindings and then the neck and the girl was completely bare again.

“OK 3, you are three minutes late for lunch. Go kneel next to 11. Here’s your lunch,” he said, handing her a sack.

Mallory walked over to where Melissa knelt and felt Chuck secure her to the wall by a chain locked around her neck. This forced her to kneel upright and also assured that she could not get far.

“Craig?” Melissa asked quietly.

“Yes, what the hell was that about?”

“He did the same thing to me today,” Melissa whispered. “Not sure what happened. Yesterday, he was our best friend.”

The two sat and ate in silence before Mallory spoke. “I guess we’re never getting out of this program.”

Melissa shook her head. “No, I don’t think so.”

The two girls sat quietly, Mallory trying to get her lunch eaten and Melissa gathering her thoughts. She agreed with her friend that the program was now established. Today’s behavior by Craig sealed the deal.

She looked down towards the ground, seeing her bare breasts and remembering how exposed she was. How far she had fallen from the time when she was an executive of this company to now when she was a naked slave girl running mail around the building and being degraded.

Neither girl looked up when the door swung open. They were well used to people entering and gawking while they ate their lunch. In fact, the mailgirls room had become a popular lunch spot for many guys in the company.

“Um Chuck,” the male voice said. “Can I talk to Melis-, I mean 11?”

Melissa looked up and saw a well-dressed man. She thought his name was Jim and she wondered what he wanted. Then she remembered Angie telling her that one of the men in her department, Jim, had a crush on her. What did he want?

“Sure, just can’t release her for another seven minutes,” Chuck said, not bothering to look up from his paper. “Then she’s back in the pool for work.”

Jim took a deep breath. “Really? I can’t talk to her privately for two minutes?”

“Nope, those are the rules,” Chuck said.

“Fine, thanks for nothing.”

The man now had the attention of both naked girls as he made his way over and pulled a chair over. “Sorry about this Melissa,” he said, looking at the wall, uncomfortable. “I didn’t want to do it like this.”

“Um, do what?”

“Well, it’s like this, um, I, uh, really like you, have for a while and, uh, well, I don’t know if you would want to do something with me but I would like to ask you, ask or something.” The man was visibly nervous and still had not made eye or any other contact with Melissa.

The woman stifled a laugh. This was the most awkward way that she had ever been asked on a date. Here she was naked, with the cum of another man caked on her face and hair and chest, kneeing chained to a wall, and he was asking her out.

“Don’t you think it would be strange,” she said, ignoring the tap of Mallory next to her. “I mean, I’m not exactly at my best here most days.”

“That’s the thing,” Jim said, his eyes meeting hers. He was now animated. “I think you are awesome, even when you are forced to do menial things. You handle it all with grace and beauty.”

Melissa blushed, not believing his words. All she saw herself as was a beast of burden, not a graceful woman. “Thank you.”

“So, how about we go out one night, after work maybe?”

“Well, I work really late, until 9 most nights.”

“That’s fine. I’ll come down and meet you at 9 tomorrow night?”

The naked girl blushed and nodded. “That’s fine, I guess.”

“Great, thanks. See you then.”

The man left and Mallory looked at her with a wide grin. “Well how about that?” she asked her former mentor.

End of part 3

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