by katie

Part 2

It had been six weeks since that fateful day when Melissa and her fellow mailgirls had their fates sealed. The program was continuing and there was no way out of it for her. She was sentenced to another year and a half of nudity and humiliation in exchange for the money they had offered her. Greedily she had taken it and now she was paying the price, literally, with her body.

Since that day, the humiliations had come fast and furious. First, there had been the new bondage. With the advent of the new mail tubes that were inserted inside of them, there wasn’t a need for their hands as much. So, each was fitted with a metal yoke that went around their neck and extended out across their shoulders. Then, each wrist was secured to the ends of it, rendering each mailgirl unable to move her hands or cover herself. The only time this yoke was removed was during breaks. Of course, the time it took Chuck to remove it was deducted from their breaks, which were already short enough.

Now, Melissa sat on a special chair that was designed to stimulate her sex. She heard some of the guys who installed them call the machine Sybians but all she knew is it drove her crazy. The buzzing brought her to the edge but it wasn’t enough to put her over. Instead she hovered near orgasm until her wrist device alerted her to her next pickup.

That had been another tweak. The device had been on her upper arm before but in her current bondage, that location had been impossible to see. Now, it is manacled to her wrist, just next to the cuffs. It now blinks and buzzes to ensure that she is alerted to her next assignment. It is a bit tough to see it but the device was adjusted to give the mailgirls the best view possible, even in their bondage.

Melissa felt an orgasm building and hoped that maybe, this time, she would be allowed to blissfully orgasm. Sadly, just as she felt the climax coming, her device beeped and the machine stopped. She moaned in frustration just as two secretaries were coming by. One tsked as she passed, letting Melissa know that she looked down upon her wanton sexual desire. Melissa was so used to humiliation now that the woman’s disdain barely registered though she salivated at the women’s clothes. She looked longingly at their shoes, pretty shoes covering their feet. Neither had probably ever felt the office floor against their bare feet like she was forced to every day.

Her gaze made its way up their legs. One wore black tights with patterns of vine running up and down them. The other had on slacks that hugged her curves just right. The one who wore the tights had on a shimmering black skirt that ran to mid-thigh. It was so pretty and definitely Melissa’s style. Though she rarely wore skirts to work because she was always chilly, this was something she would have owned.

On top, both wore thin sweaters to fight the constant chill in the office. This was, of course, a luxury that Melissa was no longer afforded so she froze, her nipples achingly hard and threatening to burst. Now, with her arms up, she couldn’t even wrap them around herself for warmth.

The one girl, who wore the skirt, was showing way more skin up top then she ever would have. The girl wore a white blouse with the top three buttons undone. Melissa thought she could make out a hint of the girl’s bra peeking out, totally inappropriate for the office. What the hell am I thinking, Melissa said to herself. I’m worried about her bra peeking out? My breasts have been bare and flashing in everyone’s faces for months now.

Melissa got to her feet, wobbling a bit after a few minutes on the sybian, and began trotting to the next spot. She made her way quickly, much quicker than she expected hobbled the way she was.

That had been the latest indignity. Each mailgirl had irons on their ankles with a hobble chain that was about two feet long. This made for some interesting gaits as each girl handled the bondage differently. Of course, the hobble was no excuse for not making it to your assigned location on time. The first day they had been given an extra minute or so on each run but now were back to normally two minutes to arrive. Each girl learned how to make their way quickly to their assigned location.

After the meeting when the program was extended permanently, several mailgirls had quit. That left the remaining six to work extra time each day. Now, six weeks later, no new girls had been hired and Melissa had not heard a word about it. She guessed that it was cheaper to just use the girls they had, especially since they were getting the job done.

Melissa hobbled her way to the accounting department. She was happy to see it when it pop up. First of all, it wasn’t too far away and she could take her time getting there. Second, the department was run by a sweet woman named Angie who took pity on the mailgirls.

While many of the other managers liked to lord their power over the girls and others were afraid of being reprimanded by Chuck or Dranick, Angie didn’t worry. She had been there for more than 30 years and was now head of accounting. She knew where the bodies were all buried and was too valuable to get rid of. She had fought hard to get the mailgirls program abolished but had been overwhelmingly outvoted. Now, she did what she could to help the girls individually.

Melissa entered the accounting department and was directed by a sweet receptionist (Mandy) to Angie’s office.

“Melissa, dear lord, how are you? Please come in,” she said, pointing to a soft leather chair. Melissa stood still, not sure how to react. She hadn’t sat on anything but the sybian at work in months. All other times, she was forced to kneel or just stand there, as if sitting didn’t occur to anyone. Now she wondered how to do it.

“And let me get that stupid thing off of your neck so you can relax for a few minutes,” Angie said, coming towards her. “And don’t worry, I switched off that awful contraption. You have nowhere to be for a few minutes.”

Melissa’s body visibly relaxed. She was always rushing or on edge or embarrassed. Since she started the program, she didn’t think she had relaxed one time. And since the bondage and the sybian chair, things had only gotten worse.

The clank of the metal keys against her wrists cuffs led to relief as one wrist and then the other and finally her neck was free. Her arms ached as she lowered them but it was a good ache. She finally had control of her arms after hours without.

She sat gently down on the chair and moaned at the softness of it against her bare bottom. She had forgotten little luxuries like this existed.

“Dear, feel free to sit any way you choose,” Angie said, depositing the yoke on the floor by the door. As she spoke, Melissa understood what she meant. That was code for “you can cover your vagina if you’d like.

“Thank you,” she said softly as she crossed her legs at the knee and then placed her hands in her lap. For a perpetually naked girl, this felt like complete covering as her breasts and vagina were not on display. Even the ever present ankle cuffs and hobble chain (which no one but Chuck had a key for) did nothing to prevent her from enjoying the moment.

“Melissa, I am so glad that it was you they sent,” Angie said, looking the mailgirl in the eye, a rare occurrence, and putting her hand on the girl’s arm. “I’ve been wanting to speak with you for a while now. How are you doing?”

The naked mailgirl’s eyes filled up with tears. “So much harder than I expected,” she said. “And lately, it seems like it keeps getting worse and worse.”

“Yes, that Drankic is definitely amping up. Never liked that man.” Melissa could only nod. “Just so you know, I am working on getting the program ended. It is a horror and a degradation of women, even those who entered voluntarily. I suppose I have your support on this?”

Melissa replied, “yes, but I don’t see any way out. They love it so much.”

“What’s not to love, pretty naked women running around in bondage, sticking ‘mail’ inside of them,” Angie said. “It’s disgusting, no offense.”

“None taken,” Melissa said softly. “I think it’s disgusting too.”

“So, I’ve taken it upon myself to rebel a little,” Angie continued. “When I get the chance, I’m going to break some rules and let you girls come in here for a break once in a while. Can’t do it a lot or there might be consequences but I’ll do it when I can.”

Melissa was becoming emotional at the woman’s kindness. “Thank you but I don’t want you to get in trouble,” she said.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m untouchable,” she said. “I know too much.”

With that, the woman stood. “So, I just wanted to let you know there are people here fighting for you,” Angie said. “I will ask for you a few times a week to keep in contact and give you a break. I’m especially worried about you and Mallory. I think you were both bullied into this program and are now stuck. I know you made your own choices but I think they’ve taken advantage of you.”

Melissa started to stand too but Angie stopped her. “Stay for a few more minutes,” Angie said. “You are off the clock and away from prying eyes. Enjoy it.”

Angie went behind her desk and began working again. Melissa sat back, letting her back ease into the chair, and closed her eyes. In seconds, she had drifted off to sleep.

“Melissa,” came the voice. “Sweetie, you have to get up and get back to work.”

It was Angie, gently trying to awaken her. Melissa, remembering her surroundings, jumped to a start. “Oh God, I’m so sorry.”

“No problem at all dear, but Chuck just called. They need you back in the mail pool.”

Melissa groaned, knowing that her humiliations were about to begin again. She sat up and spread her knees apart like a good mailgirl.

“Have to put this on again,” Angie said, holding onto the bondage yoke. As she enclosed Melissa’s head in the contraption she began talking.

“I know this is a weird thing to say but just so you know, Jim in my department has a crush on you,” Angie said with a smile. “He watches your every move and if anyone has a negative thing to say about you, he cuts them off. It’s very cute.”

Melissa blushed. First of all, she was pretty sure that Jim wasn’t the only man who watched her every move. Second, what negative things were people saying?

“So,” Angie said as she buckled one wrist into the yoke and then the other, “if you are interested, maybe he could call you for a date?”

The nude girl looked shocked. She had zero social life since her mailgirl days began. How could she have a serious relationship with someone who saw her naked and degraded every day?

“Um, sure, I guess,” she stammered. “It’s just, don’t you think it would be weird?”

“Well, maybe but I’ve seen stranger things,” Angie said. She handed two envelopes to Melissa, one in each hand. The girl was grateful that Angie hadn’t used one of the new tubes that got inserted into her. “Tell Chuck to send this standard mail.”

Angie opened the door for Melissa and sent her off, activating the armband. “I gave you 10 minutes to get back. Take your time.”

Melissa was grateful for the compassion and went on her way, noticing that Jim was looking at her. When her eyes met his, she blushed and ducked. She thought that Angie was right…it was cute.

* * *

Melissa and Mallory sat during their break sipping at the sandwich they had been given. It was barely edible but the only food they were given. That, an apple and a bottle of warm water were the only lunch that the mailgirls were allowed during their meager break.

It was rare that the two old colleagues were placed together during breaks. Usually Melissa was lumped with the vapid Nicole. It was reassuring that they were in it together, though Melissa could only imagine how angry Mallory must be with her. After all, it was she who convinced Mallory to join the mailgirls program. Now they were both stuck.

They watched as Nicole floated in, two packages in her hands. Melissa gasped when she saw that the woman was completely unfettered. Unlike she and Mallory, Nicole did not have her wrists manacled in a metal yoke and her ankles were not locked into a hobble chain. The big boobed blonde was leaning over the counter and flirting with Chuck who uncharacteristically turned his attention away from Melissa and Mallory and locked his eyes on the breasts on display in front of him.

“What the hell,” Mallory asked, her mouth wide open. She had obviously noticed the same thing.

It was common knowledge among the mailgirls that Nicole was willing to do whatever it took to please the men in the company. She had earned little rewards before (longer breaks, easier assignments, etc.) but this seemed to be completely out of line. After all, if all of the others mailgirls were required to be in bondage, shouldn’t she?

“Unbelievable,” Melissa answered. She looked over at her former assistant and wondered what she was thinking. Mallory did not say another word, just silently eating her sandwich. She could not believe how her life had changed.

Was it really just a year ago when she had graduated among the top of her Ivy League class? She had been one of the best and brightest and was lucky enough to land a job with a woman who, though just a few years older than she, could be a role model. Mallory was sad to realize she was still following Melissa, just not in the right direction.

Mallory remembered walking into the building for the first time, a bundle of nerves. The job, as an assistant in the company’s special events department, was a perfect blend of her interests. She was interested in public relations, event planning and business development and this position dealt with all of those areas.

She had spent hours wondering what to wear. Her normal interview suit didn’t seem right. She and her roommate Joanie had gone shopping to find the perfect outfit. Funnily, they had rejected many outfits for “showing too much skin.” Ha, look at her now! Those outfits looked like they came out of the convent compared to her nudity.

She and Joanie had settled on a black skirt, a tad above the knee, black jacket, white shell and black pumps, not too high. She had toyed with black patterned tights but since it was spring she had chosen to go bare legged. The reaction she had gotten from the HR guy had made her nervous. He stared at her legs frequently during their time together and she wondered if she had made a tactical error. However, when she finally got the chance to meet with Melissa, everything changed.

They had hit it off immediately. Melissa was just a few years ahead of her but seemed so assured and experienced. She instantly had what Mallory wanted in a career and she hoped that she got the job.

After several agonizing days waiting for her phone to ring, the call finally came. Melissa was offering her the position as her assistant with a salary beyond Mallory’s imagination. She accepted on the spot.

In the first weeks, she loved everything about her job. Yes there were long hours and yes there was a ton of work to do but Melissa was an awesome boss and their relationship was fantastic. She was learning so much and they were pulling off fantastic events that were garnering new clients. After three months, she had gotten a stellar review from Melissa and other bosses. She seemed on the fast track at the company.

Then came the Mailgirls Program. Mallory had, at first, assumed it was a joke. She had always been a staunch feminist and was shocked that her beloved company would really be using women in such a degrading way. She was disgusted when one of the recruiters for the program came to her and laid out the pluses of it.

But there was no denying that the program stirred something in her. The feminist brain may have been combating the submissive soul inside of her. That night, she thought long and hard about being naked in the office and submitting to the demands of the mailgirls program. She knew she would never be able to go through with it. She knew she would lose the respect of all of the other women in the office, especially Melissa, her mentor and idol.

The next morning though, the strangest thing happened. Melissa called her into the office and said that she was seriously considering joining the mailgirls program. Mallory was stunned to hear it. Her boss was the last person she would have expected in the program. Melissa was smart, energetic and moving up in the company.

“Why,” she asked.

“Doug’s putting some pressure on me, saying that it would look good for me and the department if I volunteered,” she said. “The money would be great and he said he was sure we would be out of it in a few weeks. After all, how could this program be successful.”

They sat quietly. “If I do it, would you come with me?”

Mallory thought for a moment and then answered, “maybe. I don’t know if I could do it.”

Melissa leaned over and gave the woman’s hand a squeeze. “Trust me, we could do it together, I know it. And it will only be for a few weeks and then we’ll be back here several thousand dollars richer. Plus, how bad could it be?”

Those words still rang in both their ears. It could be very bad, awful even. Mallory remembered agonizing over the decision to join the program.

“But El, I’m going to double my salary and there will be no pressure,” she had argued when one of her good friends from college had questioned her about it.

“Mal, let’s forget for a minute the fact that it is degrading to women and treats you only as sex objects,” Ellen said. “Why would you take a job so far beneath you?”

“It would pad my bank account and help me pay off some of the thousands of dollars of college loans,” Mallory said. “That plus my bosses are really pushing for it. It would look good if I’m a team player.”

“Do you think you could walk around bare-assed naked in front of everyone at your company,” Joanie asked.

“Really,” Ellen added. “You could never go back to work there when this is done.”


“Mallory, do you really think any of those people are going to take you seriously after seeing your tits and ass for six weeks or however long this thing goes?”

Mallory sat quietly. “I hadn’t thought about that.”

“You still haven’t answered my question,” Joanie said. “Do you think you could really do it?”

The woman had been thinking about it long and hard. She had no idea if she could do it but there was no denying she was excited to try it.

The night that Melissa had approached her about it, Mallory had been alone in her apartment as Joanie was staying overnight at her boyfriend’s house. The thought of being a naked mailgirl overwhelmed her. Could she do it?

Right there, she decided to try it for the night, vowing to stay naked in her apartment all night. She pulled her sweatshirt over her head and used her feet to remove her heavy wool socks. That left her in just a thin t-shirt, pajama pants and panties. Looking down, Mallory saw her nipples poking through the shirt from the cool air and the excitement of the moment. She quickly pulled the shirt up and over her head, letting her breasts be exposed.

For a few moments she sat like that, not sure she could go any further. The feeling of being topless thrilled her but scared her as well. Even here, alone in her apartment, she felt so vulnerable and exposed.

After 20 minutes or so, she got up the courage to slide her pajama pants off. The thrill of sitting in just her panties there on the couch caused a jolt inside of her. Hesitantly, and a bit embarrassedly, she moved her hand down inside her panties. She was shocked to find that she was soaking wet and quivered at even a slight touch. In seconds she removed her panties and actively got into her masturbation. With no one home there was no need to hold her moans down so she let them flow. She began bucking her hips in time with each thrust of her hand and in no time was crying out with a pleasure she had never felt before.

Usually she would have stopped with one orgasm but her desire did not subside and she brought herself off two more times before collapsing exhausted, her hand still between her legs as she fell fast asleep.

She had awoken with a start as the sunlight filtered in through the window. She prayed that Joanie hadn’t come in and found her like that. Happily, she was still alone as it was only 6 a.m. She gathered up her clothes and rushed into the bathroom to get ready for the day.

But she hadn’t really answered the question for herself. Could she be naked in front of people? She had experimented a few more times being naked in the apartment by herself but what about in front of others.

“Well, I don’t have an answer for that really,” she answer truthfully.

“I have an idea,” Ellen said. “Do it tonight, in front of us.”

“WHAT?” Mallory and Joanie both exclaimed in shock.

“Get naked now,” Ellen said again. “If you can’t do it for us, how will you be able to do it in front of strangers?”

“Jesus El, we’re at a bar,” Mallory said, embarrassed.

“So, you think anyone here is going to mind a naked girl with a body like yours running around?”

The girl shook her head. “No, it’s illegal. I can’t.”

“Fine, then let’s go to my apartment,” Ellen said. “It’s three blocks away and we can be there in no time.”

Hesitantly, Mallory nodded. In no time at all they had paid their bill and the three friends were off. Though she looked solid on the outside, inside Mallory was a quivering mess. Was she really heading off to get naked in front of her three best friends?

Of course, her friends had seen naked already, or at least semi naked. They had changed near each other and tried on clothes, etc. Also, they had been together on the beach and worn skimpy bikinis. But that was different. First she was only briefly naked if at all. Also, she wasn’t the only one naked. Now, with her friends fully dressed, she would stand out.

They got to Ellen’s duplex apartment. It was very dark as the street light was out.

“Hey, why don’t you strip here,” Ellen said. When she saw the luck of shock on her friends’ faces, she smiled. “Look, it’s pitch dark out here, no one is around and it would be good practice.”

Truthfully, Ellen was a closet lesbian and sadist. She would scour the Internet for hours to find stories of girls stripping and being stripped without their consent. This was a perfect setup to a story, she knew, but one that was actually happening to her.

Her eyes darting around, Mallory finally said yes. She bent down and unzipped her high heeled boots and slipped out of them, her stockinged feet on the cool pavement sending a shiver down her spine.

“Hand me your clothes as you go,” Ellen said. “That way you won’t be tempted to cover up.”

Mallory leaned over and grabbed her boots and handed them to Ellen who gave them to Joanie.

“Keep going,” she encouraged Mallory, who began unzipping the skirt that she was wearing. Since she had leggings on, she knew that she would still be covered if she removed her skirt. However, she was wearing a flimsy bra that would hide very little so she wanted to wait for her blouse. She shimmied the skirt over her hips and down her legs and meekly handed it to her friend.

With shaking hands, she worked on the buttons of her blouse. Each one felt like it took forever to get undone but finally she was able to get the last one undone and she shrugged the garment down her arms and off, handing it neatly to Ellen and then crossing her arms over her barely covered breasts.

“No, no, none of that,” Ellen said. “You can’t be covering up over at the work of yours so none of that here. Now, get this finished.”

Mallory was surprised at her friend’s pushiness. As for Joanie, she was not believing what she was witnessing. Was her friend really getting naked on a public street?

Mallory reached down and hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her leggings and pulled them down her legs and finally off, careful to keep her panties in place. She began to shiver as the cool night air played with her bare skin. She desperately wanted to cover up and get dressed but knew that she was helpless as Ellen had her clothes. What had she gotten herself into?

“This is far enough isn’t it El,” Joanie asked, finally able to divert her attention away from her stripping roommate to their other friend. “I mean she is in a bra and panties. That shows her willingness right?”

Ellen shook her head. “No, it’s not far enough,” she said harshly. “Will she be allowed to stay in her underwear at work? No, it’s total nudity there and it’s total nudity here. Unless she wants me to keep her clothes and walk home the way she is. The only way she gets her clothes back is if she strips off that bra and her panties and comes up to my apartment and stays naked for a little while.”

“Ellen, you are being unreasonable,” Joanie said.

“No, I’m not Joan, I am trying to help her,” Ellen said firmly. “She thinks she wants to do this stupid mailgirls thing. She can’t even take her clothes off in front of us, her friends. How could she possibly join that program?”

Mallory felt tiny standing there in her underwear while her friends discussed her like she wasn’t even there.

“So, which will it be Mal, walk home like that or take the rest off, come upstairs and get your clothes back eventually,” Ellen asked.

“Mallory, you do not have to do this,” Joanie said walking towards her nearly naked friend, removing her coat to cover her.

“No, it’s okay Joanie, El’s right, I have to do this,” she said. She reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra and immediately the cups gave way and her breasts sprang out. She removed the flimsy garment and placed it in Ellen’s hands.

A low whistle came from both girls as Mallory’s breasts came into view. They had never really seen them like this and were stunned. They were perfect, or nearly perfect. Each was round, the size of naval oranges and firm with areolas the size of dimes. Sticking out from each were hard, pink nipples.

“Beautiful,” Ellen said reverently. Both girls stared for a long time at their friend’s boobs before Ellen snapped out of it.

“Ok, you are almost there Mal,” she said. “Just take off the panties and we can move this along.”

If her bra was hard, this felt even harder. After all, breasts were always short of out there and seen through shirts or cleavage or bikinis. But her vagina and anus were private and had only been seen by her doctor and a few lovers.

Using both hands, she grabbed the waistband at each hip and slid the pink cotton down until it was off and she was completely naked in front of Ellen’s duplex.

“Awesome, just awesome,” the girl cackled. “I can’t believe you did it.”

Mallory felt small again as she stood there naked in the cool night air while her friends drank in her nudity. “Can we please go inside,” she asked.

“OK, I guess,” Ellen said. “Though I have to say I really like seeing you naked out here like this.”

“Ellen, you are being mean,” Joanie said.

“OK, OK, let’s go,” she said, “here’s the key.” Not wanting to relinquish control of Mallory’s clothes, she handed the key to Joanie instead.

Mallory could not believe the feeling. Yes there was some thrill, like in her apartment, but there was also terror of being on display, of being humiliated in front of everyone. Would the mailgirls program be thrilling or humiliating?

Finally they made it to Ellen’s apartment. True to her word, Mallory stayed naked. The three women finally got over their friend’s nakedness and began to enjoy the evening. Ellen brought out a bottle of wine with three glasses and soon the girl’s night continued with one major difference…a very naked girl was sitting amidst her friends.

One thing Mallory noticed was a heightened sense of feelings. She felt every draft. She felt every fabric of the couch and the floor. She felt the air playing upon her bare skin. And she felt the eyes of her friends as they drifted to her boobs or to between her legs. Once or twice, her own eyes drifted down to see what her friends were seeing but it was hard to get a perspective until she saw her own reflection in the screen of the TV. It was weird to see herself in such a position and wondered what her two friends thought of her.

At the end of the night, Ellen was true to her word and gave Mallory her clothes back, though somehow her panties and tights were missing. Mallory wondered what happened to them but accepted her friend’s denials and got dressed. Her skirt was short but she had felt okay with it since she wore leggings. Now it would be obscene. She wondered how she and Joanie would get home on the bus without flashing someone.

That night, she had brought herself to a few more orgasms, each time stifling herself with the pillow so as not to awaken Joanie. Finally she drifted off to sleep, wondering if she could really commit to the mailgirls program.

The next work day, she and Melissa were called into the HR office. There Doug and Rudy sat around a table.

“Here are the details of the program,” Rudy said, handing the women a pamphlet, which detailed the program. Both women were stunned at what they read.

“The mailgirl program is intended to inspire our work force while also giving women an opportunity to experience another dimension of our company. Each mailgirl will be a valued part of our team’s success and vital to our operation.”

On the pamphlet were numbers about productivity, etc. Both women rolled their eyes as they read it. They knew that the program was nothing more than a chance for some of the execs to ogle naked women. They were surprised it was being allowed but there was disclaimer on the pamphlet:

“The company’s Board of Directors has approved this program and have been granted a waiver by the city government. All actions done through the auspices of the Mailgirls program will be considered legal. The company and its employees are not liable for any criminal charges.”

Both women raised their eyebrows at the words “criminal charges.” Neither had considered that they would be doing anything illegal.

“Each mailgirl will remain in uniform at all times. That uniform will be determined by company administration and subject to change at any time without warning. Also, all mailgirls are subject to any rules dictated by administration without restrictions. Due to the extreme nature of this program, each mailgirl is restricted to fulfilling her contract without exception.”

Attached to each pamphlet was a contract for each woman to sign. Much of the same language was written there plus legalese. A bit ominiously were the words: “WITH HER SIGNATURE, THE SIGNEE AGREES TO ALL REGULATIONS WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS. THIS CONTRACT IS BINDING.” The penalties for breaking the contract were steep and spelled out.

Melissa and Mallory each took a deep breath and leaned over to sign the contracts. Both men looked pleased. “Because of the nature of this program, we have decided to give each mailgirl the opportunity to sleep on her decision before it becomes binding. Therefore, you have until tomorrow to make your final decision. If you choose to back out, you must let me know by 7 a.m. tomorrow morning by email. If I do not hear from you, I will assume you will be a part of the program and you will gather here tomorrow at 8 a.m.”

Both women left the office, neither sure of what she had gotten herself into. They would quickly find out.

* * *

Mallory spent the night tossing and turning. She and Joanie had discussed the issue at length. Joanie tried to talk her friend out of it, especially in light of the strange events at Ellen’s, but Mallory seemed determined.

“Plus, it’s only going to be for a little while and then I’m done and richer for it,” Mallory said.

“What are you going to write on your resume then?”

“Well, I will say that I was a vital part of operations at this company.”

“Doing what?”

Mallory was stymied by this. “I don’t know but I have time to figure it out.”

The next morning, she wondered what to wear to work. She knew she would soon be taking it off but should she dress professionally or casual. She opted for something simple yet able to wear to work and wore a black sweater, tan pants and pumps. As usual, she took the bus in and noticed a few appreciative stares from men. Most girls are well used to this but for Mallory, she wondered what those guys would think if they could see her at work shortly.

She got to work and was met in the lobby by security and Rudy. “Mailgirls do not use the elevator,” the guard said harshly. “Please use the stairs and meet in the mailroom immediately.” Neither man could hide their disdain for the woman who was stunned by their behavior. Jed, the guard, had always been so nice and Rudy had seemed pleasant every time they had interacted, including yesterday when they had signed the contract. She was beginning to see what was in store for her as a mailgirl.

She had never taken the stairs nor been in the mailroom. She felt a chill as she descended from both the temperature change and the fear that was now starting to build inside. What had she gotten herself into?

She entered the room marked Mailroom and saw that several other girls were there waiting but not Melissa. Had she abandoned her? Fear really surged inside her as she thought that maybe she would have to go it alone. Happily, the door swung open and Melissa walked in, dressed impeccably as always. However, instead of the confidence she normally exuded, Melissa’s face showed the fear she was also experiencing. They had come a long way from the fifth floor corner office.

“OK, I believe everyone is here and I am happy to say on time,” Rudy said. “As mailgirls, you are now the lowest rung on our corporate ladder. You will not be late, you will not cause a problem. You are to be seen and not heard. Is that clear?”

The girls nodded. Melissa and Mallory, who were used to being treated with respect, stood shocked. The girls were not offered a chair. In fact, only men in business suits were seated, including Doug.

“Now, please remove your clothes. Each girl has a bag with her number on it.” Melissa was handed one with an 11 on it and Mallory got a 3. “Your name is no longer important to us. That number is how you will be referred to here in the building.”

Mallory felt her face get red in embarrassment. She saw her former boss’ face get clouded by humiliation and anger. Looking around, most of the other girls were beginning to disrobe. Mallory and Melissa had not yet begun when Rudy said, “excuse me 3 and 11 but you will not be receiving a personal invitation.”

They both began taking off their clothes. Mallory began by kicking off her pumps and then unbuttoning her pants and sliding them down her legs. Melissa had to lean over to undo the buckle of the heels she had unfortunately selected this morning. What had she been thinking, Mallory wondered. Once they were off, Melissa reached underneath and pulled down her pantyhose and then undid the skirt. Soon both were standing there in just their tops and panties.

Mallory took a moment to look around the room. Two girls, including Nicole, were already naked. The men in the room were drinking in the nude girls while also enjoying the sight of so many women stripping in their presence. Soon nearly everyone was naked but Mallory, Melissa and one other woman.

Mallory grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up and over her head to reveal her bra covered breasts. She then reached behind her to unhook her bra, letting her breasts pop free. She then pulled her panties down her legs and was naked here in the bowels of her company’s office complex. Bending over, she gathered her clothes and put them in the bag marked #3. One of the men, Chuck, came over and grabbed the bag, taking his time to ogle the naked girl.

Shortly the other girl completed her striptease and left Melissa as the only woman in the room wearing clothes. Bizarrely, from the waist up she looked like the very picture of a modern working woman, a black blazer with an off-white top underneath. From the waist down, however, she wore just a skimpy pair of black lace panties. The powerful woman looked anything but as she shrugged off her blazer and the pulled the sleeveless top over her head and off and now stood in just a white lace bra and black lace panties.

“11, we don’t have all day,” Rudy said.

Seeing all eyes on her, Melissa was blushing as she unhooked the bra and removed it, revealing gorgeous breasts with very erect nipples. She then slipped her panties down her legs and off to stand naked. She bent over and piled her clothes in her bag which was promptly taken away. Now, 12 women, all beautiful but different in size and shape, stood naked along the perimeter of the conference room.

“Now, this is your official uniform with some modifications,” Rudy said, reading from a script. “Each of you will wear this device which will allow you to receive instructions on your next pickup, etc. These devices are specially designed to include timers. Each time you receive a package, you will be given a time limit to complete your delivery. Each employee that you come into contact with will have the ability to start or stop the timer.”

The device was held up so the girls could see them.

“Now, some rules. No elevator use by mailgirls. You will use the service stairs in all cases.

“You will arrive via the service entrance unless otherwise instructed. You will be in uniform as soon as you enter the building.

“You are not permitted to use the water fountains. Water will be provided in special locations throughout the building.

“You are not permitted to use the ladies rooms on the main floors. Bathrooms expressly set aside for mailgirls will be used here in the basement.

“You are not permitted to sit in chairs. When not working, you will kneel on the floor.

“You are not to block pathways. If anyone choose to walk past you, you must move against the wall and allow them to pass by.

“Are these rules clear?”

Nods all around.

“Please answer me properly with yes sir.”

“Yes Sir,” came the chorus.

“Good, now, Chuck will be in charge of the mailgirls. You answer directly to him. However, all employees here are above you and your superiors. If any of them gives you an order, you will follow it without question. Any questions?”

One of the girl, a meek looking young woman who Mallory had never seen before raised her hand. “Do you mean like sex stuff?”

The men in the room laughed and the girl blushed even darker red than she was.

“No, you are not a sex slave, or any other kind of slave for that matter,” Rudy said. “You are an employee who has agreed to participate in this program and you are being very well compensated for it.”

“Any other questions?”

“What about when we have our time of the month,” one woman asked. “Can we wear panties then?”

“Excellent question,” Rudy said smiling at the woman, who Mallory now knew was Nicole. “No, you may not wear panties. You can use a tampon to stop the blood. If you leak out, you will be responsible for cleaning it up.”

The girls all cringed. Thinking about cleaning up their own menstral blood was gross.

“Because we have 12 girls in the program, six of you will work from 6 a.m-6 p.m. The other six will work from noon until 10 a.m.-10 p.m. There will be two 10 minute breaks throughout the day plus a 15 minute lunch break. Lunch will be generously provided by the company since you obviously have no where you can go to buy it nor can you store it anywhere on you such as a purse, etc.”

“So, for the first two weeks, odd numbers will work the 6-6 shift while even numbers will work the 10-10 shift. After two weeks, we will swap.”

Mallory and Melissa looked at each other gratefully, happy they were going to together.

“Now, grooming is vital for someone in your position. Therefore, each mailgirl must look her best: hair, makeup, etc. Each mailgirl must be shaved on her legs and underarms. Pubic hair is allowed but must be minimal. All pubic hair must be approved by Chuck.”

The girls shuddered at the mention of the lecherous man standing next to Rudy. Most resolved to shaving themselves bare since they would rather not subject themselves to his pube check.

“OK, we will get you fitted for the devices. Gentlemen, you may go back to your offices.”

The rest of the day went on like that as the girls were indoctrinated to their new lowly positions, including a humiliating walk to the security office to get new ID pictures taken. At the end of the Orientation, the girls were given back their clothes permitted to dress and leave, with the instruction to return at their appointed times the next morning.

“Be here 15 minutes before your start time,” Rudy shouted as they left, grateful to be in clothes again.

End of part 2

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