by katie

part 1

"Oh my God, he is so cute, and he is always looking at me. I wonder if I have a chance with him.”

Nicole’s chatter was constant but Melissa didn’t mind. She listened and tried to look interested. After all, they shared a break time every day and it didn’t make sense to alienate one of the few people she could speak with.

While her head nodded, Melissa’s mind was far away. As always, she wondered how she got herself into this one. She sat on the floor of the room and shivered. She felt she ought to be used to the chill by now, after spending many days down here.

She listened to Nikki talk and talk about one of the guys in the marketing office, Chris.

“Every time I go into his department, he stops and looks at me,” Nicole said. “Don’t you think that means something?”

Melissa nodded in agreement. Inside, she wanted to scream, “He looks at you because you’re a beautiful young girl with blonde hair and big boobs who is naked, that’s why he looks up. Everyone looks up when you walk into the room.”

Melissa and Nicole were “mailgirls,” a new initiative started by their company. Nicole was cheerful because she was a high school dropout who was happy to be working. Melissa, however, was a college graduate with a Master’s degree. She had been Director of Corporate Sponsorship and Events at this firm, organizing parties and get togethers for 1000s of people, helping the company land dozens of new contracts. But, even with all of that, she and Nicole were now equals, both naked mailgirls.

The new boss of her firm had devised this program as a way to improve morale and increase productivity while saving money. It had been well received and had achieved all of its goals. Melissa had hoped it would bomb miserably but was wrong. Now, her hopes rested on the fact that they might release her from the program and give her old job back. Those hopes were fading fast. The company had never been more successful.

Melissa had agreed to serve as a mailgirl, despite misgivings. Her supervisor had been pressured by Doug, the new CEO, to recruit her and her assistant Mallory into the program. Both were bright and attractive women who would be a coup for the program. If women like them were willing to do it, then what would the problem be? Despite her misgivings, she had accepted the signing bonus, sizable raise and the assurance that the situation would be reviewed after a few weeks and that her willingness to serve the company would not be forgotten.

Now she was stuck. The money was too good and the contract she had signed was ironclad. If she quit the program, she had to repay her bonus. If they hired her back, her salary would be greatly reduced.

So she sat with Nicole, one of the 12 mailgirls who worked here. They worked as partners, each getting three 15-minute breaks a day, one of which was their lunch break. Because the company worked long days, the girls were broken up into shifts, six from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. and six from noon until midnight. They worked two weeks on one shift and then two weeks on another shift. The girls were worked hard but the money was worth it.

The mailgirls had strict guidelines to follow. Each wore a gadget attached to her wrist that alerted the company to her whereabouts and also gave her orders. They were not allowed idle time unless authorized by a superior, in this case, anyone else who worked there.

On their breaks, which were strictly regulated, the girls were attached by neck collar to a bar that hung on the wall. The girls were then stuck sitting up against the wall, in full view of Chuck, who was the mailroom supervisor and master of the mailgirls. He would attach the collar to each girl and then the wire from the bar to each collar. The girls could move a little from side to side but could not leave the wall.

Nicole sat cross legged, animatedly talking, not noticing that Melissa rarely said anything and wasn’t even really paying attention. Melissa sat with her back against the wall, her knees up. Of course she was never allowed to cover her sex and she dutifully kept her knees shoulder length apart. However, she felt like her breasts were sort of covered in this pose so she felt a little better. This was a joke of course… everyone who worked at the company had intimate familiarity with her entire body, especially her boobs, ass and sex. She wondered how she could ever sit across the table and look anyone in the eye while knowing they had seen her naked. Still, she was still modest and liked to feel like she was covered.

Melissa shivered, her body still not used to the cold surfaces against her bare body. Plus, they kept the offices at a temperature similar to a meat locker. She had always worn an extra sweater and on those rare occasions when she wore a skirt or a dress she always wore tights or stockings to stay warm. A sweater was no longer an option for her so she shivered. Of course the cold ensured that her nipples would always be achingly erect.

She looked up and saw Chuck staring directly at her sex. Melissa desperately wanted to cover up and protect her poor vagina from his gaze. But that would earn her a demerit… enough demerits led to public punishments, from a spanking in an executive office to a flogging in the lobby or the loading dock. One of the mailgirls, early on, got so many demerits she was flogged and left tied to a pole for anyone to run their hands up her body and even inside of her. Melissa desperately wanted to avoid that.

“Missy, I mean #11, break over,” Chuck called. She hated the name Missy, had never been called Missy, but Chuck continually referred to her as Missy. Of course, no names were allowed for mailgirls so each was given a number. Hers was 11 and it was painted onto her right hip so everyone knew who she was. That never stopped Chuck from calling her Missy, knowing that she used to always correct him. Now he did it to rub it in.

She got to her feet and waited for him to undo her from the bar. Despite the fact that this happened several times a day, it mortified her to be so subservient to this loathsome creature. He controlled when she worked, when she sat, when she ate, even when she drank.

“Chuck, may I relieve myself,” she asked quietly.

The man looked at her smugly. “Why’d you wait so long to ask? Fine… anything over a minute though and I am starting the clock.”

Starting the clock was a threat to all mailgirls. They were given a certain amount of time to complete a task. Most of the time limits were tight, barely giving the girls time to get from one place to another. To start the clock meant they would have even less time.

Mortified, Melissa walked to the corner towards a large litter box. Knowing what was expected, she straddled the box, squatted down and released her urine into the box. She had been taught to face the room and not the corner as she went. A mailgirl was not allowed any modesty, not even in moments that all others consider private. Chuck watched leeringly and Nicole watched absently as Melissa tried to hide her shame. Finally, mercifully, the stream stopped. She reached over and grabbed the mini-rake to cover her urine. Then she grabbed a square of paper and wiped herself, depositing the tissue in the waste basket before standing.

“Finance needs you Missy, I mean #11,” Chuck said with a smirk. “You have two minutes to get there. It’s a rush job.”

Melissa grunted under her breath. Every job was a rush job and two minutes seemed standard. Of course Finance was five stories up and on the other side of the building. She would be required to take the service stairs, even though the main stairs would have put her right at finance. Of course a mail girl was not allowed to use the elevator. She heard a bing on her wrist device and knew that Chuck had started the timer and she could go. She hurried out of the mail room and down the empty concrete corridor towards the service steps. She had to admit she had never been in better physical shape. Between the miles of running she did and the little food she was able to eat during her one break her body was lithe and sexy.

Melissa still could not get used to the feeling of being naked in the office, a place where she had once arrived at work in clothing and was considered upper management. How quickly she had fallen and how quickly they had moved on without her.

Though running naked down the empty basement was one thing (with its cold hard floor against her poor bare feet), once up the stairs and into the executive offices was another level of shame. Here she had once walked among the workers, wearing shoes and pants and sweaters and blouses and bras and panties and stockings and socks, blessed, blessed socks to warm her feet. Now all she wore was the gadget on her wrist and a painted number on her hip. How humiliating!

She walked past the receptionist of the department, a kind woman named Janice who always tried to help Melissa and the mailgirls. She mouthed, “Drankic,” and looked towards the office that all of the mailgirls dreaded. Jakob Drankic was one of the top people in the firm. He ran the finance department with an iron fist and was known for his poor treatment of mailgirls. Many of the most humiliating rules set up for them were established by Drankic.

After mouthing a grateful “thank you,” Melissa entered the busy office. One of the major changes since the mailgirls program started was the scarcity of women working for the firm. Many quit, unhappy at the treatment of other women, or they were nervous about the direction the firm was headed. Others just decided they didn’t want to work for a company where naked women were running around.

However, those who stayed seemed to be dressing less conservatively. Melissa noticed a young woman standing at the copier in an extremely short shirt with a blouse that had one too many buttons undone. Her heels were at least five inches high and, according to Melissa, totally out of place in an office. Back when she was allowed clothing choices, Melissa opted for pants, conservative tops, sweaters and flats. If she wore heels, they would maybe be an inch at most. High heels were for going out, she thought. Of course, who was she to now judge another woman’s clothing choices?

She blushed at the appraisal of her naked body as she walked in. Despite weeks of total nudity and being completely exposed, she just could not get rid of that modesty.

She knocked softly on Drankic’s door. “ENTER,” he bellowed. She walked in and saw him on the phone. He motioned for her to kneel and she did so, feeling silly as her knees sank into the plush carpet. She had once entered this office as an equal, dealing with budgets and expenses while sitting her clothed body in that leather armchair. Now she was subservient, kneeling naked on the floor. How different her life was today.

“No, we are going to get this hammered out right now, no delays,” he screamed into the phone, slamming his fist onto his desk. His eyes drank in the nude form before him and Melissa wanted to melt into the rug to escape his stare. However, she had no choice but to kneel there and suffer his gawking without a movement.

Melissa was glad that she had relieved herself before coming up because the call stretched several minutes. She had nothing to do but kneel there and wait for his commands. She was grateful that her timer had stopped as soon as she entered the room. Otherwise, she would be earning demerits left and right and would have found herself secured in the loading dock available for all to fondle. That thought made her do her job to utmost of her ability.

Finally he screamed, “GOOD…let me give you to my associates to close the deal,” and he pressed a button, forwarded the call and slammed the receiver down.

“11, good, glad it’s you,” he said, coming around the desk. In his hands, he held a long tube that, Melissa had to be honest, resembled a penis. “Here is the message. Please bring it to Chuck and tell him that it better be in Chicago by 10 tomorrow morning or it’s his ass.”

He held the tube in front of her. “I suppose you can figure out where this goes?” Melissa shook her head no but she was afraid that she really did know.

“Well, we thought this might be a way to give us more fun ways to do the mail,” he said. “It will go in your vagina. These straps will help you keep it inside of you. Won’t that be fun?”

Melissa started to cry, not for the first time in this program. Drankic, not surprisingly, did not seem to care about her feelings. “I did you a favor and lubricated it a little,” he said. “Should go in no problem.” He handed the tube to her but she didn’t move a muscle. “11, take it or I will put it in for you. I am sure you do not want that.”

That was enough for Melissa to grab the tube in her hand. She noticed now that some of the tip had been lubricated but not much. She prayed that her body would provide a natural lube.

Pretend it’s your time of the month and you are simply putting in a tampon, she thought to herself. Still, she hated her period time when everyone could see the string dangling from her. This would be even worse.

She took the tube and placed it between her legs. She rubbed the tip of it on her pussy lips, trying to will some lubrication and was happy when a bit slid in. She placed two fingers at the base and slowly moved the plastic tube inside of herself until it finally was in.

“Now the straps,” the evil man said. Melissa grabbed each strap so they were secured around her legs. Now she felt a fullness she could not describe and it was unlike anything she had ever experienced. Every part of her vagina was touching this foreign object. She had never walked with something inside of her and she did not know if she could move quickly.

“I know this will take some getting used to so I will give you a bit more time to get back to the mailroom,” he said. “You got here in two minutes so I’ll give you three to get back.” With that he started the clock on her device and sent her on her way.

Melissa started off quickly but then doubled over. The feeling inside of her was exquisite and painful all at the same time. She tried to move a few more steps but stopped again, much to the joy of the man watching her. “You may need more than three minutes,” he laughed.

Finally, summoning up a resolve from within, Melissa managed to put a few steps together and walk out of the office. As soon as she exited the office, several eyes were on her. Each looked down between her legs and gasped. A few men gawked while two girls giggled. She managed to make her way out of the department and towards the back steps.

As she rushed, she felt a buzzing inside of her. What the hell was that, she wondered. The buzzing intensified until she had to stop and moan in pleasure. She was doubled over at the railing when Mallory, her friend and former assistant, came running up.

“You ok,” she said until she saw the tube between Melissa’s legs. “Oh shit, what the hell is that?”

“Uh, uh, it’s, uh, from Drankic, a, uh, new mailing tube,” she said, the rush of pleasure filling her. She desperately did not want this orgasm but felt like she had little choice. “OHH GOD.”

Just as suddenly as it started, the intense buzzing stopped. This time, Melissa groaned in frustration as she was left on the cusp of orgasm.

“That man is pure evil,” Mallory said. “Sorry, I have to run. We’ll talk on the bus.” Mallory put her hand on Melissa’s shoulder and ran past her up the steps.

Melissa tried to move quickly but even few feet the buzzing would start again. She was getting desperate to either have an orgasm or have the buzzing stop. Somehow, she managed to keep moving after seeing her device blink yellow at one minute. She knew she had to get there on time or Chuck would punish her.

Just as her clock was about to hit 0:00, Melissa pushed through the mailroom door and the device blinked green for success. Just then, the buzzing intensified. Melissa knew that she would not be able to withstand this latest assault on her and she began to moan as the orgasm came rushing inside.

“OHHH, OHHH GODDDDD, AAHHHHHH!” she cried out, doubled over, both hands holding the chair in front of her as she came violently.

CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP. Standing there was Drankic and his assistant Dawn, who looked embarrassed to be there. Melissa wondered how they had beaten her there but then remembered the elevator. More humiliation heaped on her when she saw Doug, the new CEO, and Craig, her former supervisor, also standing there. They looked surprised.

“Well Jakob, you were right, this will be an interesting addition to our mail supplies,” Doug said. “11 here seems to have thoroughly enjoyed herself.”

Melissa was humiliated to have cum in front of them but then the buzzing started and she moaned without realizing it. They looked at her and laughed.

“But, we will have to limit their use,” Doug continued. “It will hurt production if we have mailgirls stopping all the time and having orgasms. Only senior management can give permission for these new tubes to be used. Got that, Chuck?”

“Yes sir,” the mail lackey said, his eyes never leaving Melissa’s quivering naked form.

Drankic and Dawn left, leaving her alone with Doug, Craig and Chuck. “11, Craig and I wanted to talk to you about a few things,” he said. Melissa tried to concentrate on his words but the buzzing was getting more intense and she had never really plateaued from the last orgasm. She heard talking but her brain didn’t register them. Her only focus was the buzzing and the incredible feeling it was giving her.

“So, that should cover it, any questions,” Doug said as Melissa let out a moan and it was obvious an orgasm was sweeping through her.

“My word,” Doug said, obviously upset by her behavior. “I had no idea you would be affected like this. I am glad we came to the decision we did. Please see Chuck if you have other questions.” With that he turned and walked out. Craig looked at her sympathetically and followed his boss.

Melissa was drained and had no idea what had really just happened except that she was as low as she could ever have been. She had missed the part where Doug talked about her old job. All this time, she had wanted to just find out what was going on and she had missed her chance.

“Let’s get that out of you before you cum yourself to death,” Chuck said laughing. Though she usually hated his touch on her body, this time she was grateful to not have to remove the tube herself. “Put your hand on the tube so it doesn’t fly out,” he said. Chuck undid the straps around her legs and let the tube fall softly into her hands. She was revolted to see that it was covered with her juices and the smell was of her sex.

“Here are some wipes, please clean it off,” he said. Humiliated, Melissa wiped the tube clean of her juices and handed it back to Chuck.

“You need a break I am sure, though I don’t know why I spoil you Missy, um, 11,” Chuck said, leading her over to the wall. She accepted his touch again without comment as he latched on the collar and then connected her to the wall. She sat down and began to sob before falling into a deep sleep.

Chapter 2

Melissa sat up, her back straight and against the back of the seat. Her feet were solid on the floor, her knees 18 inches apart. She really had no choice with her posture; her bindings forced her to sit this way.

Melissa, Mailgirl #11, was on her way back to work after a too-short of a night after a long day of work. She was one of 12 mailgirls hired at her company. She had once been an executive with the company and was now relegated to running mail around the building. Adding insult to injury, she was forced to do it naked and was now submissive to all who worked there.

Not one inch of her was hidden as she sat there on the bus with her five shift mates, including her former assistant Mallory and her new mail partner Nicole. They were heading in for a full 12-hour shift after way too short of a time at home. Each remained nude and were chained to ensure full exposure. Each girl had a collar which was attached to a hook above their seat. This forced each girl to sit up as straight as possible to ease the strain on her neck. Their wrists were attached to armrests, ensuring that their arms did not cover their body in any way. Their ankles were attached to hooks on the floor, keeping each girl’s sex on full display.

The girls were allowed to talk amongst themselves but rarely did. They were all too tired. Each ran for most of their 12 hour shift and endured more humiliations than any of them could have imagined. They now sat rigidly on the bus as they headed away from their homes, blessed cover and rest.

Melissa closed her eyes to try and pretend she was anywhere else. Even if she could just imagine that she was on a bus on the way to work like she used to before her terrible decision to join the mailgirl program. Back then she would ride the bus with all of the other workers, fully clothed, shoes on her feet, briefcase and purse on her shoulder. Now those were all luxuries that a mailgirl did not need and was not allowed.

Each girl was driven to and from her home. Before getting off the bus at home, she was unshackled and given a short, thin shift to cover her body. Basically, each dress was cut low and came just below the public mound, barely covering anything but it was enough so they would not be arrested in public. Each girl wore the shrift and was required to return it the next morning.

Melissa was always the next to last to be dropped off (Nicole was last and Melissa wondered if Nicole gave the bus driver something extra after she was gone). The ride took forever as the process of driving to each house, undoing the shackles and letting each girl off was time consuming. As it was, Melissa barely made it home before 8 and was required to be ready for pickup at 4:30 the next morning.

As each girl boarded the bus, she was required to hand the shift to the driver when she entered the bus. She would of course be naked otherwise; no shoes, undergarments or even jewelry were allowed. She would then follow the driver to her seat where she would be attached to prohibit movement.

As each girl came aboard, she would have to walk past each of the other girls, grazing their bare knees. Melissa felt shamed by the stirring this touch created. She rarely had time for companionship outside of work. She worked six 12-hour days every week and barely had any time to herself. On Sundays, her only day off, she slept off the shame and exertion of the week. Plus her self-esteem had dropped so low, she could barely muster the energy to go out.

One advantage to being home and living alone was the ability to wear clothing. As soon as she entered her house, she would strip off the little dress and hang it on the hanger. She would then go and shower, spending several minutes in the warm water, cleansing her body and soul, letting the steam remove the shame she felt. She also, embarrassingly, fingered herself to orgasm a couple of times while in the shower. There was no denying the stirring that she felt all day and she needed the relief that the orgasms provided.

After the shower she would put on warm pajamas or sweatpants, underwear and socks (blessed socks). She would then either go right to bed, buried under the covers, or veg on the couch and watch TV.

She felt the bus lurch and knew that they had arrived at work. Her company had installed a special canopy so people on the street could not see the naked women arriving at work. However, Melissa felt exposed walking naked across the sidewalk and into the building, her bare feet against the cool, hard cement. Often a crowd of people would gather to watch

In the lobby, each girl was led to a newly installed “shower area.” Here they were attached to a hook in the wall and forced to shower. The walls were glass and, magically, steamproof so every part of their bodies was on display. Each girl was washed and shaved to keep her entire body (except her head) devoid of hair. Even at this early morning hour many workers were arriving. Some would stop and drink their coffee while watching the display. Others would simply admire it as they walked on by as they headed towards the elevators. It made Melissa sick to her stomach to think that all she was now was a decoration.

After the shower, each girl was led to a chair where she would do her hair and makeup. A two-way mirror allowed full view of each girl, who was chained with her legs spread. Of course each chair was raised a bit so that their vaginas were eye level with those watching, who could also push a button which would make the chair cushion vibrate, which usually did the job of turning the woman on. The buzzing was never enough to get them off, but enough to start the juices flowing.

Once all made up, the girls were led into the mailroom to be paired off. As usual, Melissa was partnered with Nicole. That meant they would have a break together, eat lunch together, and, on jobs where two were required to carry a heavy load, work together. Melissa would have much preferred Mallory, her old friend and assistant, but they were never paired together. Both had laughed off Chuck advances in the past and now he was making them pay.

The monitor was strapped to Melissa’s wrist. No sooner did it go on then it buzzed, indicating a pickup. Melissa ran off, noticing the two minutes blinking down.

Four hours in and Melissa had yet to be called down for her break. Already she had made eight or nine runs through the building, carrying packages of various sizes and weight. She was grateful that no one had asked her to insert the tube inside of herself yet.

Finally, at 10:01, her screen buzzed red to indicate that she should report to the mailroom. She had been kneeling in the corner of the third floor lobby after having delivered her last package. Each mailgirl had designated areas to kneel and wait when not in use. After her last delivery, there had been no message on her machine so she had gone and waited. Her knees hurt from the hard floor upon which she knelt and she was grateful for the chance to move.

Rushing down the stairs, she was surprised to see Mallory coming down from the fourth floor, heading downstairs as well. They ran into two more mailgirls as they descended.

“What’s going on,” Mallory asked.

“Beats me,” Melissa replied. She hoped that maybe they were disbanding the nude mailgirl program. Of course she knew this was a distant possibility but with every bare step she took she prayed for it.

When they opened the door, they were surprised to see the other group of mailgirls already kneeling there around the table. Their neck collars were chained to the wall and they were kneeling with their legs spread as always, arms behind them. Melissa and Mallory were led to two open spots and secured the same way until all 12 mailgirls were there waiting.

After what seemed to be an eternity to the poor, kneeling naked girls, five men in business suits, including Doug and Craig, came through the doors. Most looked at the girls with disgust and contempt, and a little leering. Craig was the only one who had sympathy for the girls, giving Melissa and Mallory, his former colleagues, a smile before freezing up when he noticed Drankic’s eyes on him.

“Girls, we are here today to announce that we are making the mailgirls program permanent,” Doug said with a smile. “Congratulations on earning full time jobs and making this program such a success. Productivity is up throughout the company and our retention rates are extremely high and much of that is thanks to you and your hard work.”

Many of the girls smiled, seemingly happy with the news. Melissa and Mallory looked miserable. Craig made eye contact with them and had to look away.

“If you choose not to stay with the program and were previously employed here, you cannot get your old jobs back,” Doug said. As he did, all heads turned towards Melissa and Mallory. “Of course, all of you are welcome to leave if this position is not to your liking. You are not slaves. However, those who leave will pay back any bonuses given. As you know, the contract you signed said that you would stay with the program until it ended or 18 months, whichever was longer. Obviously the program is surviving so the 18 months looks like a real possibility.”

Melissa’s felt like each word was a blow to her insides. She hated this job but had already spent the money on her apartment and a car, neither of which she used very much. Why had she accepted this job? She had been greedy and was now paying for it.

“Now, I turn it over to Mr. Drankic for some new guidelines for the mailgirls. Jakob?”

The evil Mr. Drankic stepped forward and his eyes drank in the nude flesh before him.

“Girls, first, many of you do a great job of being subservient to the rest of the staff. Make sure that continues. You are always to allow others to pass by turning your body against the wall to ensure they have full access to the area in which they walk.”

The girls nodded. Every mailgirl knew this rule by heart.

“Of course, the bathrooms are off limits to mailgirls. You will continue to use the litter boxes located throughout the building. Also, water fountains and water coolers are not for your use. Please continue to drink out of the water bowls left in the designated areas. If they are not filled, please courteously ask one of the support girls to fill them for you.”

“The elevators and main stairwells are off limits as well. Continue to use the service stairs. If there is a package that is extremely heavy and it is determined that you are unable to use those stairs, then Chuck will monitor your use of the service elevator.”

“You have all been made aware of some of the new packaging that requires insertion inside of your vagina or anus. Each department will be equipped with KY jelly to allow for easier penetration if you are unable to lubricate yourself.”

The girls all winced and even those who had smiled before frowned. No one was excited for the new packaging.

“Now, as a way to keep yourself lubricated, while at rest, you are required to rub yourselves frequently to keep your arousal high. This will help with the insertions when needed and also save us money on the lube.”

“Obviously, we know that this will cause some unplanned orgasms. However, we cannot allow you girls to walk around getting off nonstop. So, any unauthorized orgasm that is viewed by a superior, which is pretty much everyone who works here, you will be penalized with a demerit.”

The girls all gasped. This seemed harsh, especially since they were now required to masturbate throughout the day.

“The only exception is when the new packaging is inside of you,” he said, leering at Melissa. “As we found out, it is impossible for your girls to resist when those things are in you.”

“Since your nudity is such a distraction to the ‘real’ employees who work here, we need to set up some rules to help them. So, borrowing from a nearby college, we are going to allow employees to ask you to present and for relief.”

The girls looked confused. What did this mean?

“We hired a porn actress to demonstrate each one for this video. Please watch and see.”

A screen came down from the ceiling and a DVD started to run. On the screen was a large chested blonde walking down the hall with a UPS envelope in her hand.”

“Excuse me Mailgirl #11,” a man said. Melissa blushed. Were they making fun of her? She certainly didn’t look like this girl but the hair was dead on.

“Yes sir,” the actress said, dropping to her knees.

“Please present your vagina to me.”

“Yes sir,” the woman said, bucking her hips into the air and spreading her knees as far apart as possible.

“Is that enough sir?”

“Yes, continue on your way.”

A few steps later, a woman stopped her.

“Excuse me Mailgirl #11. Would you please present your anus to me.”

“Certainly ma'am.” The girl turned her back to the woman and bent over as if to touch her toes. Reaching back, she pulled her ass cheeks apart and her wrinkled anus came into view. She stayed there for nearly a minute before saying, “is that enough ma'am?”

“Yes, continue on your way.”

They then cut to another scene. This time she was carrying a bunch of interoffice envelopes.

“Excuse me Mailgirl #11,” a man said.

“Yes Sir,” the actress said, again dropping to her knees.

“Please provide me with relief.”

“Certainly sir. Would you prefer to use my mouth, my vagina or my anus?”

“Mouth would be fine.”

The actress crawled over to the man, unzipped his pants and, shockingly, took his growing penis in her mouth. Many in the room gasped at the blatant sex act being performed on the screen. It didn’t take long for the man to moan in pleasure. From the way he grabbed the actress’ hair, it was obvious he was finishing inside of her mouth.

The DVD stopped and the lights came back on.

“Obviously that was a bit of a dramatization,” the man said. “If you are going to provide relief, we suggest that it be done in an office or some other room not visible to all. We aim to protect the employee’s modesty and most would not want to have their private parts visible for all to see.”

Melissa laughed but it wasn’t funny. They certainly did not care about her private parts being visible. As for her modesty, well that seemed to be a non-factor too.

“There’s no way,” one of the other girls, #4, blurted out. “I-I-I couldn’t have sex with people like that. I just can’t.”

“Now, because of the changes in the program, each of you will have a chance to meet with our HR person,” Doug said looking at #4. “You will be given the options in each of your particular cases. Because you each signed on individually, each case is individual. We will start with #1. Chuck, please undo her bindings.”

Chuck went and undid the collar around the girl’s neck. She stood and followed Rudy, the HR person who Melissa remembered as nice but now noticed that he leered at her creepily, into a makeshift office. Behind closed doors, the two talked but no one in the room could hear anything.

#1 came out of the office and instead of going back to her spot on the floor, walked towards the exit. There she was handed her shift and sat on a chair in the hallway.

“She’s getting out,” Melissa thought, “maybe I have a shot.” The next girl was unchained and went into the office. Melissa waited as 10 of her naked colleagues were taken into the room. Thus far, 6 were sitting in shifts in the hallway and four were kneeling back in the position, including Mallory who was crying softly, obviously unhappy with how the conversation went. Only she and Nicole had yet to go.


Chuck came over and took his time undoing her bindings, making sure she noticed that he was devouring her nude body with his eyes. Enjoy buddy, Melissa thought, this might be the last time you see me like this.

Finally she was freed and she got to her feet to follow Rudy into the office. Rudy sat behind a makeshift desk but she was not given the luxury of sitting.

“Well, #11, it seems that you have gotten rave reviews as a mailgirl and we appreciate the effort you have put into the program thus far,” Rudy said, his eyes right on her bare pubic mound which was nearly eye level with the seated man. “We, of course, hope that you will choose to stay with the program.”

“Um, well, thank you Rudy,--“

“Sir,” he interrupted. “Please refer to me as Sir. You are still a mailgirl and as such you are beneath me.”

Melissa was taken aback by his tone. Rudy had never spoken to her like that. Actually, he had been a decent guy when they had worked together. Amazing what her lack of clothing and status had done to her reputation.

“Sorry Sir. I meant thank you, Sir but I really misjudged this position and would like to discontinue my employment in the program,” she said meekly, adding, “sir.”

The man looked up from her vagina to her face and grinned. “Really? Well, that is obviously fine. As Doug said, you are not a slave. Let me pull out your paperwork and let you know the process of leaving your position.”

The man ruffled some papers in his hands and found the stack with her info in it (it said #11 on the name line, not Melissa Ruffan, she noticed) and read the top page. “OK, 11, in order to persuade you to leave your old position as Director of Corporate Sponsorship and Events, we raised your salary to $80,000, well above the salary that the other girls in the program are getting. We also gave you a $50,000 signing bonus plus a no interest loan to pay off that apartment of yours. According to your contract, if you were to leave before the 18 months were up or before the program disbanded, you would have to pay back the bonus and the loan, which totals $100,000 plus the penalty of 1 ½ times your salary. All told, you must pay us $220,000 in order to walk out of here today.”

Melissa felt weak in the knees. “$220,000? I don’t have that kind of money. How can I possibly pay that back?”

“11, that’s not really my concern,” Rudy said with a gleam in his eye. “You signed the papers willingly and accepted the money. Now you must repay it.”

“But, I never expected it to be this awful,” she said, tears streaming down her cheek. “Please Sir, there must be some way out of this.”

Rudy looked at her smugly. “Well, maybe if you showed me your asshole, I would be able to put a good word in for you.”

Melissa felt completely broken as she considered this “offer.” She knew that to turn around and willingly show her anus to this awful man would be the lowest moment of her life, even with all of the low moments she had subjected to recently. But, if it meant the end of the program for her, she would do it.

Shaking, she turned around and bent over, grabbing her ankles, her hair flying down to cover her face. She wondered how long she would have to stay like this before he was satisfied.

“11, please spread your asscheeks for me,” Rudy said. “I need a better look.”

Melissa reached up and pulled her cheeks apart. She felt a breeze on her exposed sphincter and cringed, knowing that he was seeing her private place and probably more than that. Even after several weeks of being exposed to hundreds of eyes each day, her modesty still kicked in.

“OK, you can get up now,” Rudy said. Her face was beet red from humiliation and being upside down. “Well, there’s nothing I can do. What is your decision?”

“But, you said you would put in a good word for me,” she said indignantly. “What about that?”

“First of all, watch your tone Miss, or your punishment will be legendary,” he said, getting to his feet. “I don’t owe you a god damn thing. Is that understood?”

The girl tried to match his gaze eye to eye but her lesser position and nudity made her feel unimportant. Instead she lowered her eyes so they went to the floor. “Yes sir,” she said meekly.

“Good. So, are you able to pay us the $220,000 you owe us or should I assume you are staying with the program?”

“Sir, I don’t have $220,000,” she said. “Can I pay you back in installments?”

“You seem like a nice girl, you really do, but a deal is a deal. Go back to your place and stick it out for a little while longer,” he said. “It’s only 12 more months.”

She opened the door and walked back to the place she had been kneeling. Chuck grinned as he approached her and whispered, “I’m glad you’re staying, you’re my favorite.” With that, he reattached the wire so she could not move away from the wall. Melissa knelt there sobbing as Nicole was unattached. In just a few minutes, the blonde was back smiling from ear to ear as she was reattached to the wall.

“Well, we lost half, about what we expected,” Drankic said. “Girls, that means you will be working double shifts.” The girls all groaned. They were already exhausted after a 12-hour shift. None could imagine working longer.

“Because we are kind people and care about our mailgirls, we will scale the hours back a bit,” he said. “You start at 6 a.m. and finish at 9 p.m. Of course, your compensation will be raised accordingly. This is a temporary measure until we can hire six more girls. If you know if anyone who might be interested in joining the program, encourage her to apply.”

With that, the men in their fancy business suits turned and walked out. Craig stopped and looked apologetically at Melissa and Mallory. After all, he had convinced them to apply for the program, thinking it would impress his boss. It had, but at what cost?

“Break time over,” Chuck said as he went to undo each girl from the wall. “Back to work.” All of a sudden, all six girls had green light flash on their wrist attachments and each bolted for the door.

“I love this job,” Chuck thought, watching the naked flesh rush past him.

End of part 1

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