The mood in the dining room was tense. Seated around the table were two adults and one young woman, finishing their meal in mid-afternoon. The silence was deafening. Finally, the man spoke.

“Katherine, I cannot believe that you have been this stupid,” he says evenly though he was plainly annoyed.

“Yes Uncle Ron,” the girl said, her eyes not leaving her half-eaten food. “I am terribly sorry sir.”

The silence continued. “Uncle Ron” was not really Katherine’s uncle, but he did marry her “aunt,” who was actually Katherine’s mother’s best friend. When she had died, Katherine’s mother had asked Aunt Janet to take care of Katherine. That had been four years ago, when Katherine was 14.

Everything went well for a while between the two women. Then, when Katherine turned 16, she got wild, hanging out with a bad group of girls and getting into trouble. That was around the same time that Ron had come into the picture. The older two had married in a few short months and Katherine now had a father figure for the first time in her young life.

Things hadn’t changed much for the first few weeks. Then came the day that Ron had caught Katherine smoking in the backyard with some friends after school. He had punished the girl (again a first as Katherine’s mom hardly ever disciplined the girl and Janet had never set down the law). But Ron followed through and Katherine learned a lesson.

As time went on, Katherine straightened out a bit. But her punishments became more and more strict. Since she turned 18 a few weeks ago, they had also taken on a whole new tone.

“Well, after lunch, you should prepare for your punishment,” Uncle Ron said.

“Yes sir,” came the croaky answer from the young girl. Beneath the table Katherine’s legs shook violently.

The end of the meal came too soon and Katherine headed up to prepare for her punishment. Once she came of age, the punishments all began this way. First she would shower and then wait in her room. She hated this humiliation almost as much as the punishments themselves. In the bathroom, Katherine stripped out of her sweatpants and t-shirt as the water ran. Just before stepping into the warm shower, she removed her bra and panties and got under the warm water.

Tears mixed with the shampoo and water as she remembered her immature behavior last night. Since Ron’s punishments began, she had tried to stay out of trouble. But anytime Becky was around, Katherine just couldn’t help it. She couldn’t say no to the girl and last night was no exception.

Becky had called to invite Katherine over to State U. for a pep rally and party. State was going to play in a game for the national championship the next day and they were having a big bonfire. Ron had expressly forbidden Katherine from going there but she went anyway. When the frat party she was at got busted by the police, Ron had to pick her up at the police station for underage drinking. She was surprised that he had remained silent about the whole thing during the drive home and even all morning. The suspense was killing her.

Finally she finished washing her long blonde hair and turned the water off. She grabbed a towel and dried her body and hair but then left it there in the hamper. Naked, she walked back to her room to wait for Uncle Ron.

Katherine sat on the edge of her bed, both feet on the floor as instructed. Her knees were shoulder-width apart and her arms were at her sides. She could see her reflection in the mirror as she sat. Her puffy pink pussy lips were well on display and you could even see darker pink/red just inside her gaping lips. Her nipples were hard and pointing straight out of her round, full, firm breasts. There was not one inch of her womanhood hidden from anyone who chose to walk past her room or to actually enter.

There was denying that Katherine was a gorgeous girl, like her mother before her. Katherine was tall, about 5-10, with long shapely legs. Her body was thin but curvy and her breasts were just the right size, 34C. Her belly was flat, her waist was small and her hair was naturally blonde and curly. This was a girl that turned heads but often lately her body was just a way to embarrass her.

One of the reasons that her pussy was so well displayed was her last punishment. Just a few days ago, Ron had forced her to go to a salon to have her pubic hair waxed. Janet had accompanied her to the appointment. Instead of just wearing a robe like the other women at the salon, Janet made Katherine strip everything off and sit on the table. Katherine had been humiliated to sit there in the room completely nude as the technician waxed her legs and pubes. She even had to get on all fours while they waxed the area between her pussy and her asshole. She had cried then from the humiliation and pain of it all. She felt her breasts dangling down as she knelt there. No other girl had to do that but Janet had suggested it and the technician had agreed.

Katherine even had to walk back and forth from the dressing room nude. She had felt so exposed that day as every woman in the room examined her. Of course she also felt very naked without hair on her pubes.

Another punishment involved doing yardwork topless. She had been forced to strip her shirt and bra off and bend over to weed and garden. Thankfully they had a big fence around the perimeter of the yard but she had felt Ron’s eyes on her and had been humiliated.

Whatever lay ahead, Katherine was sure would be bad. She knew she had done wrong and now prayed that Uncle Ron would take it easy on her. She sat very still and spread her legs as wide apart as possible, hoping to please him. She also sat up straight as he liked, pushing her breasts out invitingly, praying for some compassion.

In a few minutes, she heard footsteps in the hallway near her door. She saw Aunt Janet push her way through the doorway. The woman stared directly at Katherine’s spread pussy and grinned. She then made eye contact with the girl and made it clear she was looking forward to the events to come. Uncle Ron came in right after and closed the door. He also made pussy contact first, then slowly moved upwards, gazing intently at her erect nipples and then her eyes. He too smiled but not in glee, more sadistically.

“Very good Katherine, I see that you are getting used to our preparation work,” he said. “That wax job is holding up well I see. Still no stubble huh? Shame really, I’ll have to wait to send you again.”

Of course, Katherine had submitted to an in-depth inspection when she returned from the salon last week. It had been terrible to lay there and spread her legs, grabbing each ankle to spread them further and further apart. Then she had to repeat the action of getting on all fours so that he could examine her asshole. Katherine shuddered remembering that horrible day and the humiliating positions she had assumed.

“So, you wanted to go to dear old State U and support the football team huh,” Uncle Ron said sarcastically. “Well, you will show you support for the team well today.”

Aunt Janet returned from Katherine’s closet with a State jersey that the girl had bought last week. She knew the big game was coming and that Uncle Ron and Aunt Janet were having a party to watch it. She had even asked to invite some friends and they had said yes. Last week at the mall, Katherine had bought this jersey. It was actually a child’s size but she wanted it tight to show off her boobs and also be short enough not to reach her jeans, leaving her flat belly bare. She had loved the look of it and thought it would get the right attention from Kevin, a boy she liked and had invited to the party. It was a real sexy look for the party but not something that would upset Uncle Ron too much.

“You are still coming to the party,” he said, “and you can wear your new jersey.”

Katherine’s face broke into a smile. Obviously her actions had earned her some leeway today.

“And only your jersey.”

Katherine was stunned. This jersey would only extend to her belly. Her whole bottom half would be exposed.

“Please Uncle Ron, please not that. I am so sorry for disappointing you but please don’t make me do this.”

“You did more than disappoint me young lady, you broke the law,” he said angrily. “You are lucky I don’t let you rot in jail.”

The young girl began sobbing, knowing that she was in for a night of humiliation. Aunt Janet tossed the jersey onto the bed behind her. “People will start arriving in 15 minutes or so,” Uncle Ron continued. “You should wait 30 minutes before putting this jersey on and coming downstairs. Until then, stay exactly as you are and leave the door open. If anyone asks what you are doing, tell them that you are serving punishment time. Are we clear?”

The girl nodded but was admonished and managed a feeble, “Yes sir.”

“Now, there are certain rules to the evening. You will not deny any request tonight except something sexual. If that happens, please come and tell me about it. Two, you will never cover your pussy or your asshole with your hands or any piece of furniture, pillows, blankets and the like. When you sit, your legs must be spread the exact distance that you are spread now. Do not cross your legs. And again, if anyone asks, you tell them this is your punishment and what you did to deserve it. Are we still clear?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good.” Aunt Janet set the clock radio for a half hour. The two adults left Katherine sitting there, totally exposed to anyone who passed by. Tears streamed down her face as she imagined the night to come.


Downstairs, two dozen or so people were arriving for the football party. Most would be decked out in the red and yellow colors of State U. Included in that group were several young girls and boys, friends of Katherine’s. Right now, they were entertaining themselves; Katherine was too busy sitting on the edge of her bed naked and spread, dreading what was to come.

Katherine’s vision was blurry from the tears but she could still see the clock. She knew she didn’t want to go down there wearing only the jersey but she also knew that sitting here and waiting was horrible. She prayed that the night would end soon enough but she knew she had several hours of humiliation ahead of her.

Every creak in the house caused her to jump. Several times she had to stop herself from closing her legs in fear. She knew that if Uncle Ron or Aunt Janet were the people approaching, her punishment would just be worse. So she sat there, legs spread, pussy lips gaping and on display to anyone who happened along upstairs. Since the only bathroom in the house was on this floor she was certain that someone would see her eventually. After all, she still had to sit there for 15 more minutes and she could hear the crowd arriving downstairs. It was humiliating, sitting here nude and spread in her room while dozens of people had a good time just below her.

She heard someone coming up the stairs and closed her eyes. The moment of truth was here. The steps came closer and closer and then stopped, just outside her door. She opened her eyes as she heard a female gasp. The worst thing that could happen had. It was Becky, her friend and troublemaker. Becky would never let her forget this one.

Katherine had been praying that Becky did not come tonight. After all, she was a popular girl and often would accept an invitation to Katherine’s only to go to a better party. But Becky was now here and seeing Katherine in all of her glory.

Actually, to call Becky a friend was an exaggeration. Katherine desperately wanted to be Becky’s friend but the other girl was only interested some of the time. She used Katherine when she didn’t have anybody else to hang with or to get something that she needed. Becky was catty and mean to most girls and got away with it because she was smart, funny and rich. If Becky liked you, you were in at their high school. Katherine knew that she would never live this down and that her days as popular were through.

“Holy shit Kath, what the hell are you doing?”

“Hi Becky, um, this is my punishment time,” Katherine stammered. She desperately wanted to close her legs from Becky’s wide eyes. She saw the girl looking directly between her legs, right at her pussy, as if studying it. “You know, for last night.”

“Yeah, what a great time huh? Sorry you got busted. I heard the cops were on their way and got the hell out of there. I looked for you but couldn’t find you.”

Yeah, right, Katherine thought, but she remained silent. Being nude and on display takes the fight out of a girl.

“Why are you letting me see your puss Kat,” Becky asked. “Why don’t you close your legs?”

“This is the punishment,” Katherine said, tears welling again in her eyes. “I have to stay like this until that alarm goes off and then I have to get dressed and come downstairs.”

The girl in the doorway started laughing hysterically. “I have got to take some pictures of this,” she said, grabbing her cell phone.

“Please Becky, don’t,” Katherine said but it was no use. Like a good girl Katherine remained spread as Becky took several pictures of her predicament, including several close-ups of the girl’s spread pussy. Finally she stopped and stood in the doorway. “I’m going to get the others. They have got to see this.”

“No, please Becky,” Katherine called out but the other girl was gone in a flash, running downstairs to tell the others. Although she knew that they would all see her in her glory in just a few minutes, she didn’t want to be this vulnerable here in her room, unable to do anything but sit there and let their eyes rape her. She heard the commotion of several sets of feet on the steps and soon her room was filled with five teens, all schoolmates and friends of Becky. There was one other girl, Amanda, who was the only person equal to Becky in the school. Their parents were both major players in town and the two girls had been raised in the same power circles. The other kids were boys: Derrick, Becky’s WASPy boyfriend who was a pervert and loved to leer at the girls (Katherine was always uncomfortable around him); Kevin, a cute guy who was Derrick’s cousin but way nicer (Katherine had a very bad crush on him); and John, a really nice guy who was the other’s lackey. He was the male equivalent of Katherine and was always the butt of their jokes. But not this one; Katherine was taking the brunt of this one.

“You weren’t lying Becky, what a trip,” Derrick said, his eyes right on Katherine’s breasts and their rock-hard nipples which were pointing directly at him. “What an unbelievable body.”

“And what a way to show it,” Amanda said. “I knew you were always into Kevin but this is a pretty desperate way of getting his attention.”

“Shit, she’s got it alright,” Kevin said, his eyes drinking every inch of her nakedness up. “She has definitely got my attention.”

The nude girl started sobbing as the group continued to verbally harass her, her breasts heaving as she did. Each person posed for a photo next to her and the boys all got down and posed in front of her exposed pussy. Finally they had their fun and began to leave. Becky was the last to leave and came over.

“What a smooth puss you have my dear,” she said loud enough for the group in the hallway to hear. “Do you wax?” Tittering came from the hallway.

“Y-y-ess,” the humiliated girl responded.

The group broke into laughter, finding it even funnier to humiliate this girl and finally left her alone to her tears. No sooner had they left than the alarm went off. Gratefully Katherine closed her legs for the first time in nearly an hour and got to her feet. She found the jersey that was to be her only covering for the night and pulled it on. Even though it covered little, it was better than total nudity, she decided. Still, when she looked in the mirror, she was stunned at the sight she was. The jersey was incredibly form-fitting and sexy. But her pussy lips were extremely prominent between her legs. She turned and saw that her ass was totally in view to anyone. From her bare toes to her waist she was totally bare and on display. With a deep sigh, Katherine left her room and headed to the steps to begin her descent into a night from hell.


She heard the gasps before she saw any faces. Obviously the sight of her lower half was more than enough to get people’s attention. Once she saw their faces, she was even more mortified. They pointed and many laughed.

“Now, now everyone, settle down,” Uncle Ron said with a laugh. “Katherine will explain everything. Katherine, honey, go around and say hello to everyone and explain what is going on.”

The young girl grimaced but did as her uncle instructed. She went around and said hello to her uncle and aunt’s friends first. It was weird being hugged by them as she was acutely aware of her nudity and felt vulnerable. Over and over she explained her behavior and how this was her punishment.

She had to go and say hello to her “friends,” even though they had already seen plenty of her. They laughed but acted much more subdued with the grown ups there. Becky leaned in and whispered “We were going to leave and go to Kevin’s house after a few minutes at this lame party but we have changed our minds. We want to see what else Uncle Ron has in mind.”

Katherine cringed but quickly set upon helping her aunt serve drinks. As she served, most of the people seated were eye level with her bare pussy. She saw their eyes directly on her sex, most not even trying to make eye contact. Finally her uncle told her she could get her own soda and go and hang out with her friends.

Although she was finally able to get out of the way of most of the partygoers, she still had to display herself to her friends. She was settled between Kevin and Derrick and both boys put their hands on her thighs, their fingers inches from her sex, which was open because she was forced to keep her knees shoulder width apart and her feet firmly on the floor. John sat across from her, staring directly at her spread lips while Becky and Amanda sat on the floor. Becky rested her head on Katherine’s knee and every so often she would purse her lips and blow, sending a wave of air directly at the nude girl’s pussy. Katherine moaned at the pleasure of the action, causing her “friends” to laugh at her.

Finally the game was about to begin. Uncle Ron called Katherine to the area in front of the TV.

“Everyone, as you know, we have had some fun at Katherine’s expense because I believe that humiliation is a big part of the punishment process,” he said. “As you can see, this has obviously been a success so far but I think this phase is over.”

Katherine’s eyes were filled with tears but she was also relieved because it sounded like her torture was ending. Taking her by the arm, Uncle Ron led the bottomless girl over to the fireplace step, just inches to the right of the big-screen TV. There was a cushion on the bricks there, just in front of the fire.

“Katherine, please remove your top and get on all fours there,” Uncle Ron said quietly.

The girl’s eyes flew open wide and her mouth began to question him. “Now or this gets much worse.”

Resigned to her fate, the girl took her trembling hands and grabbed the bottom of her jersey. Somehow she managed to pull the shirt off her body, letting her breasts pop out for all to see. Gasps of surprise and lust filled the room as the teen’s nude form was on display.

Katherine was full-fledged crying as she got onto all fours, her ass and pussy sticking in the face of those sitting behind her and her boobs dangled down with her painfully erect nipples pointing straight into the cushion. What a view for those from the side.

“Enjoy the game everyone,” Uncle Ron bellowed to the cheers of all assembled. Becky and Amanda moved over to sit on the floor, again inches from her dangling breasts. She felt a wind every so often and was mortified to learn that it was Becky blowing at her nipples. The people laughed as she shivered but thankfully the game started and much of the attention turned to the TV. Uncle Ron reminded her to watch the big game so she lifted her head, a gesture that reminded her of her humiliating position.

In a few minutes, State U. scored. The room filled with cheers and even Katherine broke into a smile. The extra point made it 7-0.

“Ok, part two of Katherine’s punishment is about to begin,” Uncle Ron said. “I have put everybody’s name in a hat. After each score, someone gets to spank Katherine’s behind. State U. will be her left cheek and College A & M will be her right. It will be like a little scoreboard. She gets one spank per point scored. By the end of the game, her butt will tell us who won.”

Tears streamed down her cheeks at the humiliation of it all. She was mortified even more when the first person to get picked was Derrick. “Ok son, seven spanks on her left cheek.”

“Yes Sir, my pleasure.”

She felt Derrick’s hand on her bare bottom and again she shivered. Though her head told her that she hated this evening, her sex and feelings told her otherwise. Becky and Amanda could smell the tell-tale smell of an aroused female and they chuckled to each other.


“OWWW! No please Derrick, please not so hard.”


“OWWW! Derrick, stop it.”


The boy let loose with four straight smacks, all hitting her left cheek, which was reddening quickly. It took all of her energy not to get out of position and cover her poor bottom but she knew from experience that the penalty for that was even worse then what she was dealing with.

“Please Derrick, please no more. Uncle Ron, I beg you to stop this, please,” the nude girl on all fours begged but no one would listen.

“One more little Katherine. And I’m making it my best!”

SMACK! The boy came down from high in the air and hit the girl with all of his might. Her whole body arched in pain and she screamed out loudly.

The room cheered and laughed at her discomfort. Everyone congratulated Derrick who sat down on the couch, his face just a foot or two behind her. She could only imagine the view that he had of her bare slit, her exposed asshole and her reddened cheek.

The game continued and when State U. recovered a ball in the end zone, a louder than normal cheer went up from everyone except Katherine, who cried some more.

“Janet, your turn,” Uncle Ron said cheerfully.

“Oh, let our guests get a turn at her Ronny, I get the pleasure of spanking her often,” the woman said.

“No, no, fair is fair Janet, spank that girl.”

“Please Aunt Janet, please don’t hit me,” the nude girl begged. “My bottom is hurting so bad. Please.”

“You should have thought of that when you were boozing last night over at the college,” Janet said. She walked right over and let a hard spank go into the girl’s aching left buttock.

“YEOOWW! Please stop, OH GOD IT HURTS!”

The next two were thuds and then, with a smile, the woman turned her rings around so that the diamond faced downwards. That made the fourth and fifth spanks even more of an agony for the girl.

Once again the crowd cheered. The nude girl sobbed now, her hair blocking her face. For the rest of the first half, she was forced to sit there on all fours. In all, she accepted 27 more spanks on her left cheek, which was considerably more red than the 14 she had taken on right when College scored two touchdowns. Those had hurt too though because there was anger in those spanks.

Finally, at halftime, Katherine was allowed to stand up and rub her poor bottom. She continued to cry though the tears were drying a bit. There was no rest for the weary though as she was forced to serve food and drinks to everyone for the rest of the half. Several people asked to touch her bottom, to feel the heat and she had no choice but to oblige. Finally the game ended and most of the guests left. Only her friends remained and she prayed that her uncle and aunt would ask them to leave too and she could have some peace. Unfortunately, just the opposite happened.

“Well goodnight kids,” Aunt Janet called. “We are heading to bed. Katherine, you will entertain your friends and then clean up the rest of the mess before going to bed. Is that clear?”

The nude girl nodded. “Speak child.” “Yes ma'am.”

“Good,” Uncle Ron said. “You will stay in your current state until I decide you can dress. That might be tomorrow or it might not. I have not yet decided. However, your party rules apply still; no reasonable request will go unfulfilled. Good night all.”

The kids were all smirking at each other. They had some plans for Katherine and the night was still young.


The nude girl stood there, in front of her five friends, still embarrassed to be naked and on display despite the fact that she had not worn clothes in several hours. She felt the five pairs of eyes roaming up and down her nude body and there was nothing the girl could do about it.

“Well Katherine, you are quite a sight tonight,” Becky said with a smirk.

“I’m sure glad we came to this party, even though you didn’t want to Beck,” Kevin said leering.

“I know, you guys were right and I was wrong,” the girl said, not taking her eyes off of Katherine for a moment. “Turn around please Katherine. I want to see the back side of you again.”

Closing her eyes in frustration, Katherine turned around as commanded. She heard them laugh at her bruised backside, especially the left side that showed State U.’s dominance in their bowl game.

“My, my, State U. is a good team, isn’t it Amanda,” Becky said, causing more laughter. “But I’ve seen enough of her backside, I want to see more. Katherine, bend over and touch your toes. I want to see that little star you have back there.”

It is the most humiliating posture for a girl to take. Katherine paused for a second, hoping for some mercy from her so-called friends but none was coming. She groaned but bent over and grabbed her ankles, revealing the most intimate part of a girl’s anatomy for all to see. She could not see them as her hair now covered her face but Katherine could hear the tittering from the kids assembled on the couch, just a few feet from where she had her asshole on display.

“Katherine dear,” she heard Amanda say. “John here is having trouble seeing your little asterisk there. Can you be a doll and spread those cheeks further for him? He has never seen a girl’s asshole before.”

“Stop it Amanda, I didn’t ask for that,” John said defensively.

“No, but you know you want to see it.”

There was silence as Katherine reached behind her and pulled her bruised ass cheeks further apart so that her school friends could get a better look. This was the ultimate form of humiliation, the nude girl thought. Could anything be worse than being bent over and pulling your cheeks apart so five kids could see your asshole? She thought not.

“Ok, Katherine, I think we have seen enough of that particular area, though young John here was very interested,” Becky said. “You may stand again.”

Relived that this was finally over, the tall, nude blonde stood again. She now had to look at her friends sitting there just a few feet away and know that they had all seen her most secret hole.

“Ok, I guess you are probably near your finish point, huh Kathi,” Becky asked. Katherine steamed even more; Becky knew that she hated being called “Kathi” or “Kath” or “Katie.” She was Katherine but standing there nude she didn’t feel like she had much of an argument to make. Also, it sounded like Becky and the others were about ready to let her out of this misery.

“Yes Becky, I would really like to finish,” she said softly.

“Good, then do it.”

The kids all snickered but Katherine stood there not knowing what she meant.

“Make yourself cum Kathi, finish youself,” the girl said loudly.

“No, Becky, you can’t be serious,” Katherine stammered in protest. “I can’t do anything sexual, my uncle said so.”

“No Kath, he was very clear, we couldn’t do anything sexual to you, though John is about to burst in his pants,” Becky said. “He didn’t say anything about you doing something sexual to yourself.”

“Please Becky, don’t you understand how horrible this is for me,” Katherine said in anger. “I thought you were my friends.”

The group laughed at her outburst. “Not really hon,” Derrick said, “I never knew why Becky hung around with you but I’m glad she did. We would have missed this.”

Katherine’s face burned in shame at their words now. They were never her friends; she had been a fool all along.

“So let’s have it,” Kevin said lustily. “Come over here and sit between me and Derrick and do what Becky ordered you to. Unless you want us to get Uncle Ron.”

The nude girl shook her head. The boys moved aside to clear space for her to sit. In a daze, Katherine sat down, gasping when her bruised cheeks made contact, and spread her knees. She hesitated, begging for mercy with her big blue eyes. But the leers on the faces of the boys and the looks of glee on the girls’ faces told her that she was not getting any. Only John looked sorry but his eyes were now directly on her spread sex.

Her right hand went down between her legs and instinct took over. She rubbed her lips, noticing that they were soaking wet. She closed her eyes and rubbed harder. In just a few moments, she had screamed out in a loud orgasm, letting her humiliation roll away. Just for a moment she could be lost in her own pleasure before the harsh realities of her situation came flooding back.

She opened her eyes and she heard the girls applaud. Her cheeks burned even hotter. The boys were stunned and silent at the wanton act they had just witnessed.

“Did your phone get that Mandy or was mine the only one snapping away,” Becky asked.

“No, I got it all on video,” Amanda said. “I’ll e-mail it to you now.”

Katherine snapped her eyes shut in humiliation. She knew that this night would be all over school in hours. How could she ever face those people again?

“Well, this has been fun but I think we’d better leave,” Becky said. “Maybe we’ll ask Uncle Ron if we can come by and help with another of your punishments. Toot-a-loo.”

The girl waved towards Katherine and started towards the door. Amanda was quick on her heels. The boys lingered, not wanting to leave the nude girl but a harsh yell from Becky snapped them back to attention. John said a meek goodbye, trying to console Katherine but he left too, leaving the naked girl all alone.

Finally alone, the girl curled up into the fetal position and cried for a while. After a while she remembered her orders to clean up after the party. She knew that it was late and she was exhausted from everything that had happened so she got moving on the cleanup. After more than an hour of doing trash, cleaning dishes and cups and wrapping leftover food, the house was back in its pristine condition. Mortified, Katherine carried the trash out to the cans out back, cringing when the motion detector tripped the flood light. Thankfully it was late and she hoped no one else saw her nudity.

Katherine’s bare feet made hardly any sound as they walked through the kitchen and into the living room, shutting the lights off. She went upstairs and went into her room. Within seconds of hitting the pillow, she was sound asleep, nude as she had been nearly all day.