Jessica’s Ride Home
by katie

Jessica walked in the cool night air, savoring the wonderful feelings that were inside of her. She was strolling hand in hand with her boyfriend and the evening had been perfect. For a girl like her, these kinds of nights were rare and new and she could not believe it was happening.

The world had changed for her about four years ago when her parents divorced. Her mother had married a man who took ownership of the three girls (her mom, Jess and her younger sister). By law, they were now owned by him and he decided he wanted to keep them as his slaves. Her mother and sister took to it immediately, loving the life of a slave. She had been tougher and he had broken her in. For three years, she was chained and kept in the house, forced to be their slave. She had been made to quit school worked hard for 16-18 hours a day while her mom and sister were allowed lives outside of the house.

She had finally given in and was now allowed a normal life. Of course she was still owned and still his slave but he rarely used her. In fact, since she gave in, there was hardly anything asked of her.

Tonight was a first for her. She was on a date. Rob was someone she had met while taking classes at the community college. After being "home schooled" for three years, she had finally gotten her GED and was going to the local community college for some courses. Her stepfather did not necessarily think that a woman needed education but her mother was supportive so she was allowed to go.

Her stepfather didn't know about the date. She had told her mom but just asked him for permission to go out. She had no idea how he would feel about her being on a date. But the night with Rob had been worth the risk. They had driven a little ways to a waterfront area where there was a boardwalk. They had eaten dinner and ridden the rides. She had felt normal for the first time in years. She was wearing what most girls her age would; a top, shorts and sandals. She had snuck a bra and panties on, despite the rule against them. She usually followed all of her Master's rules but not tonight.

Jess had almost forgotten her Master. After all, he most likely didn't miss her. When she left the house, her mother had been naked on her knees servicing her. She thought that her mom would give her the chance to be a normal girl for one night.

As they approached the parking lot, Jess' heart nearly stopped. There stood her stepfather, her mother and sister there on their knees, wearing flimsy dresses with leashes around their neck and connected to the car.

"Good evening Jessica," he said, no emotion in his voice. "Who is this young man?"

"Sir, this is my friend, Rob."

She turned and saw Rob's mouth wide open. Though slave girls were relatively common in their area, it was obvious that Rob was not familiar with them and had no idea that she was part of a slave family.

"Rob, you are holding hands with my property, did you know that son?"

Quickly Rob let go of Jess' hand and moved away. "Sir, I didn't know. She didn't tell me."

"No, there's a lot young Jessica didn't tell tonight."

He approached her. "Jess, you didn't mention a date tonight. Why not?"

She swallowed hard, knowing that things were about to get bad for her. "I'm sorry Sir, I didn't think you would approve."

"Well now Jess, you don't give me much credit. I'm not sure I approve or not but you didn't give me a chance."

"Sorry Sir."

He put his hand under her chin and lifted it up to make eye contact with his. "Sorry's not good enough."

He led her to the back of his car and opened the back tailgate. Her eyes widened when she saw all of his bondage paraphanalia laying there.

"Rob, I am going to take possession of my property here, ok?"

"Yes Sir, I'm going to go."

"No son, I would like you to stay and see what happens when Jessica is being punished."

"Please Sir, please don't punish me, not in front of Rob."

"Jessie, you don't get to decide what I do and who I do it in front of," he said evenly. "You are mine and I will do what I want. STRIP!"

'Oh God', she thought, 'I'm about to be punished here, in public with Rob watching'. A bit of a crowd, even a police officer or two, was gathering. No one would step in of course... a man had the right to do whatever he wanted with his property in these parts.

With trembling hands, she reached down and pulled the hem of her top up and over her head, revealing a pretty pink bra. She heard her mother gasp, knowing that the bra was hers. Jess and her sister were not allowed any bras and only given panties when their master allowed it, usually during their periods.

"Oh, I see you are wearing stolen property," her stepfather said. "Or is that your bra?"

"No Sir," she said, tears streaming down her face.

"Perhaps I should get those nice police officers involved?"

"No Sir, please. I will never do it again."


She reached behind her and removed the bra, the motion though familiar to most girls was not to her so she struggled, like a boy trying to undo his first bra. Finally, Master ordered her mother to come and help. The woman got to her feet, whispered an "I'm sorry" to Jess and undid the clasp. Jess pulled the garment down her arms and off, showing her perfectly round and pert breasts, their nipples standing out straight from the night air and the moment.

She then leaned over, noticing how her breasts dangled, to undo the clasps on each sandal before stepping out of them and pushing them near the pile of clothes. Dreading the next moment, she undid the button of her shorts and the zipper and pulled the shorts and her panties down at the same time. She didn't fool her Master though... he leaned over and grabbed the small wad of cloth and held them up.

"Did I give you permission for these?" he asked.

"No Sir."

"Jessica, Jessica, Jessica, you disappointed me tonight."

She stood there naked, her arms at her sides, as she knew she should. Master was intentionally delaying her punishment, letting everyone drink in her nudity and making the anticipation more difficult for the girl. Finally, after several minutes, he moved.

First, he grabbed her arms behind her and cuffed her wrists together. He then pulled them even tighter, so that he could connect her elbows, a tie that was once pretty easy for her to achieve but was now painful after so long not being bound.

"Climb in," he ordered and she did so, getting into the well of the back of his SUV. She had never ridden here but had a feeling that things were not going to go well for her.

"Feet together."

She groaned but did as commanded. This was her "special" tie. During her years of bondage, Master had tied her like this often, saying that it was only for her. He never tied her mother or sister in this diabolical way. She positioned her feet so her soles were up against each other. This forced her thighs apart as she sat "Indian" style. He grabbed the leather band that she knew so well and slipped it over her feet, imobilizing her in this position. She knew that there was nothing she could do to hide her vagina from view and she could see Rob looking at her sex.

Master then grabbed the two fine pieces of twine, each having a loop in the end. Jess knew exactly what this was for as he leaned over and tweaked her nipples to get them as elongated as he could. They didn't need his attention as they were already achingly erect. He slid one end of the twine around her nipple and then other to the opposite big toe. He did this to both, effectively immobilizing her. Any movement at all would tweak her nipples painfully.

A strap around her neck kept her pinned to the seat at her back and another around her waist kept her even more secure. She then felt his fingers at her sex and he slid a vibrating egg inside of her. She knew from experience that it would be enough to drive her crazy but not enough to make her cum.

"Rob, care to come and kiss her good night? After all, you spent your hard earned money on her tonight, the least she could do was a good night kiss, maybe you can cop a feel?"

"That's okay Sir, I'm fine."

"Rob, you used my property all night. I am being generous here. Don't insult me."

"Yes Sir."

She heard his footsteps get closer and then he was right there. "I am so sorry about this," she whispered as he leaned in and kissed her. His hands were on her exposed breasts and he slid his tongue into her mouth. She moaned beneath him as her Master used the remote and let the egg buzz inside of her. All too soon, it was over and she heard Rob back away.

She then felt a gag being stuffed into her mouth, muffling her sobs. Her Master secured it one link too tight to cause her discomfort and then slid covers over each eye. Then, she felt him slip ear plugs into each ear, pushing her into a space where only her pain and humiliation existed. She barely could make out the slam of the back tailgate door and felt the SUV begin to move. Sobs racked her body as the pain, humiliation, sexual frustration and anticipation of what was to come filled her body.

The End

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