by Katie

Part 1

Erin had met Jimmy in high school four years ago. They had been together since. One thing that he loved was her body and he loved to show it off. In fact, the swim club was his favorite place to do it.

Like most girls her age (21), she wore pretty skimpy bikinis at the swim club. The top covered the cups of her breasts, which were now sized at 34C. The bottoms were just a V in the front and back with ties on the side. A bikini offered him easy removal, forcing her to show more than she intended.

Just yesterday, Erin had one of the most intense moments of her sex life. The two were sitting in deck chairs around a table in a semi-secluded spot. Although people surrounded them on three sides, Jimmy saw that no one could see Erin’s front unless they were walking and then she would be covered by a towel.

“Put your feet on my chair,” he said to her. The girl saw the glint in his eye and, like always, complied. This had the intended effect of spreading her legs, putting her bikini covered pussy in view.

Erin had a feeling what Jimmy was going to do but was still stunned when he reached over and untied the sides of her bottoms.

“Jim,” she implored as harshly but quietly as possible. Still she made no attempt to stop her boyfriend as he grabbed the triangle covering her pussy and pulled it down, revealing her hairless sex. Her blue eyes darted around to see if anyone was watching but she could see no one looking.

“Put your hands on the armrests for 10 minutes,” Jimmy said with a smile. “Make no attempt to cover yourself until I say time is up.”

Their eyes locked and Erin saw the passion in Jimmy’s eyes. This turned him on so much and she could not deny that her now exposed sex was getting wet. Without taking her eyes from his, she placed her arms on the chair and wrapped her hands around the bar.

Jimmy’s smile melted her heart. Erin saw now why she loved him so. She was amazed at the feeling of being bottomless in such a public place. Just a few feet behind her was an older couple having dinner. If only they knew what was going on behind them. To their right was another table, this one filled with teens who were flirting with each other. Although the boys were sneaking peeks at her bikini clad breasts, they had no idea what was going on just below the table.

Erin saw Jimmy slip his foot out of his sandal and move it between her legs. Her eyes widened in fear and anticipation as she had a pretty good idea where it was headed. She moaned softly as his bare foot made contact with her spread and wet sex.

“Oh God,” she softly gasped as his foot expertly hit her lips, rubbing up and down. His toes teasingly poked inside the lips and then out. She gasped again, praying that her sounds of pleasure did not attract anyone’s attention. She knew that, barring police action, there was no stopping Jimmy once he started this game.

Jimmy’s foot started moving faster up and down her gaping slit. She bounced a bit in rhythm, matching his thrusts with her own as much as possible without attracting attention. Her eyes were at half mast, a tell-tale sign that she was about to cum.

“Erin, is that you?”

The voice jarred her out of her rise to orgasm. She opened her eyes to see her cousin April approaching. Her orgasm subsided a bit but Jimmy refused to stop, despite her silent pleas.

“Hh-ii AApprill,” she stammered, her mind foggy after being so close to the brink of orgasm.

“Hey Jim,” she said, leaning over to kiss the boy. Erin was sure her cousin would notice her exposed vagina just a few feet away but the girl missed seeing it.

For her part, April was oblivious to the sexually charged atmosphere of the table. Instead she sat and began to talk and catch up with her favorite cousin. Erin tried to keep up her end of the conversation but found it difficult with Jimmy’s foot rubbing her ferociously now, trying to make her cum in front of her cousin.

Finally, when Erin could not take it anymore, she asked April if she would run to the snack bar and grab them some drinks. The girl wasn’t more than 10 feet away on her errand when Erin’s whole body shook in an incredible climax, possibly the most powerful of her young life. Not only did she shake but so did her chair and Jimmy’s where her feet were stationed. She squeezed her eyes shut as she came and tried to keep the eruption from being too obvious. It took all of her strength not to scream out in pleasure.

Finally the tidal wave subsided and Jimmy’s stroking slowed and then stopped. She opened her eyes and saw the boys at the table next to her staring at her. She blushed, knowing they had an idea of what just happened. Jimmy knew that her breasts were bouncing beautifully and that it was clear that the girl was having an orgasm. He had looked over and winked when Erin’s cum began.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, leaning over and kissing her deeply on the lips. She devoured him, returning the love. “But here comes April, better cover up sweetie.”

Erin’s hands hurriedly reached to her bottoms, pulling the triangle back up over her pubic mound and tying the strings just as April placed the sodas on their table. She looked at her cousin, Jimmy and the boys and asked, “What did I miss?”

Part 2

Another time, the two were swimming in the pool, which was semi-crowded on this weekday, mostly filled with kids and their moms. Both Jimmy and Erin were working nights and weekends in their summer jobs so they got to enjoy the pool in semi-seclusion. They were in the lanes reserved for adult swim, completely out of the view of the children at the pool. At this time of day, very few people swam in this area and only one lifeguard was stationed but she sat at the opposite end of the pool.

The two were hugging against the wall, Erin’s firm, round breasts pressed against Jimmy’s hard chest. Although they were not kissing above water, their faces were inches apart. What could not be seen was below water as Jimmy was inserting a finger inside her bikini bottom and rubbing her hairless slit, bringing her close to orgasm. Suddenly he stopped and the girl moaned.

“Jimmy, please, I was so close,” she whimpered.

“I know sweetheart but you haven’t earned the great release yet,” he said softly.

His fingers now found the strings of her bikini bottoms and he pulled them loose. Seconds later she was stunned to feel the material leave her skin and pulled away. She was now naked below her bikini top in a public pool.

“Jimmy, we can’t do this here,” she said, whispering so as not to attract attention.

“Well, I just did,” he said with a smirk. “Plus I want to do this.”

He undid the clasp around her neck and the strings at the side of her top allowing her breasts to spill out of their bindings.

“Jimmy,” she said, covering her now exposed breasts with her hands and ducking under water. “Please give me my suit back.”

“I will, back in the car in 30 minutes,” he said, moving away from her. She began to follow but struggled with her hands covering her boobs. “I will be back in 30 minutes with a towel to cover you. But you must remain nude here in the pool that whole time.”

“Jimmy,” she hissed at his retreating back but she realized that there was no way to stop him without revealing her entire nudity to the people sunning themselves and the lifeguard.

When he exited the pool, he turned and waved and left the pool deck, leaving his girlfriend nude and without a swimsuit. She had no choice but to wait for him to return and hope that she would not get caught.

The minutes felt like hours to the naked girl. Every time someone entered the pool, she would curl into a ball, her hands cupping her breasts, her knees pulled up to semi-cover her bare pussy. She felt that she was home free when she saw Jimmy approach, but just then several college-aged boys entered as well and dove into the pool. She cringed when she realized she knew two of them from school. They waved at her and she waved back unthinking before remembering her bare breasts. She prayed that she was far enough away and under water for them not to notice.

“Hey Erin,” one said, swimming towards her. Please God, please let me get out of this, she prayed.

“Hey Mike, how is everything,” she said, her brain barely functioning. The boy stopped several feet from her and engaged her in conversation, not seeming to see that she was naked. He asked about Jimmy and her summer and she answered as best she could, not wanting to act rude but desperately wanting the conversation to end.

“Mike, let’s go,” one of the boys shouted from the pool deck.

“Alright,” he shouted back and then turned to Erin. “Well, great seeing you. I hope to see more of you this summer.”

“Same to you Mike,” she said, wondering if he had any idea how he nearly saw as much of her as possible if he had just swam closer.

As soon as the teens were out of range, Jimmy rushed over. “Did he see you,” he asked. Erin shook her head and Jimmy looked as if he were a bit disappointed.

“Well, the half hour is up, you made it,” he said. “Here is your towel.”

Instead of the beach towel that she had brought with her, he held up a bath towel, barely big enough to cover her from the tip of her breasts to the bottom of her pussy. He stood at the top of the ladder, indicating that he wanted her to get out that way.

“Please Jimmy, can we do this over at the steps,” she asked.

“I guess so but there are several guys sitting there in the chairs,” he said.

She looked and saw that he was right. “No, the ladder is fine,” she said.

She was scared to do so but she removed her hands from her breasts and grabbed the rail of the ladder. Quickly she put her foot on the bottom rung and exited the pool. Jimmy made her turn around before wrapping the towel around her. As she turned, she saw Mike and his friend walking on the other side. Each guy got an eyeful of her naked body.

“Oh God,” she groaned as she tied the towel just above her breasts. She grabbed Jimmy’s hand and exited the swim club.

Back at his car, she asked for her suit back. “Sorry, I left it at our chair at the club,” he said, acting innocent. “You are going to have to go back and get it.”

At first she was angry at him but the look of excitement in his face removed all of that. She saw how happy it made him to do this kind of public nudity so she relented.

“Ok, what should I do with the towel,” she asked, giving him a naughty look.

“Leave it there,” he said smiling.

Part 3

Erin was sitting in a towel waiting for Jimmy to pick her up for another day at the swim club. She wondered what he had in mind for her today. After all, their recent activities there had gone beyond swimming and volleyball.

Last week, he had untied her bikini bottoms and masturbated her to orgasm using his foot. Of course the orgasm was as public as possible, at a table surrounded by other members with her cousin heading towards their table.

Just a few days back, he had stripped her naked in the pool and made her wait there for a half hour while he took her suit. She had almost gotten caught but he arrived just in time, though she was sure that those guys knew.

She figured he had something in mind today because he had called her and told her not to put on her suit yet, that he had a surprise for her.