Surprise Assembly

by katie


The End is in Sight.

Part 1

Carrie was on her hands and knees, naked once again. Today was supposed to
be her first day of freedom from nudity. Instead, she was more exposed than
she had been since the first week, on all fours scrubbing the cafeteria
floor after school.

The day had started out with such promise. After showering, she had dressed
in her uniform blouse, socks and saddle shoes but had finally been able to
pack her skirt into her bag. Today she was going to be able to put it on…no
bra or panties for at least another week and she had to lift her skirt to
show that she was pantiless anytime anyone asked, but still, she would be

That was until yesterday. She was again punished unfairly, this time because
she had failed to complete her cafeteria punishment before the end of lunch
period. It was a job that she and Shannon usually did together but her nude
friend had been ordered to go to the boys gym to learn how to wrestle,
leaving Carrie alone to clean all of the tables. She was just about to
finish yesterday when the bell rang and Mr. Kelly gave her this totally
unfair punishment.

As she scrubbed the floor, she saw several students coming by to observe her
bare body, ass in the air as she scrubbed. She tried to take her mind off of
their devouring eyes by remembering the punishment that she had received in
the first place. She thought about how unfair it had been, but realized that
it was nothing compared to the hell that Shannon was going through. While
Shannon actually was guilty of the crime that she had been charged with, she
didn’t deserve the humiliation and awful degradation that they threw at her.
Actually no one did.

As if on cue, Shannon’s nude body appeared in the door. Carrie may not have
seen her at first but the boys who were gawking her turned and pointed.
Carrie was amazed that boys in school (and the male teachers and staff as
well) continued to stare at her naked friend, despite three weeks of nudity.
Carrie supposed that Shannon just had the perfect body, one that boys would
want to look at again and again.

Shannon padded over to where Carrie was and dropped to her knees.

“What are you doing Shan?”

“Give me a rag, I’ll help you finish.”

“You don’t have to Shannon, this is my thing,” Carrie said.

Shannon ignored her friend’s protests and reached over and grabbed a sopping
wet rag.

“It’ll take you half the time this way,” she said and the two started
washing. It wasn’t long before they fell into easy conversation, giggling
like schoolgirls do over the events of the day, etc. They were able to
ignore the commotion that two naked girls on their hands and knees washing
the floor was causing on the rest of the school.

Finally the two finished and Shannon helped Carrie lug the bucket of dirty
water back to the maintenance area. The girls then went to Mr. Kelly’s
office where Carrie had left her clothes. Shannon had to keep her jealousy
in check as she watched her best friend cover her nudity, first with a
blouse and then with the blessed skirt. She saw Carrie shudder as she pulled
the skirt up and knew what she was experiencing…Shannon had the same feeling
when she was able to wear that bathrobe for those brief bathroom moments.

Carrie now knelt down and pulled on her socks and then saddle shoes and for
the first time in two weeks, she was dressed like every other girl in
school, except for the fact that she was bare under her skirt. She would bet
that only she and Shannon had bare pussies but at least hers was covered.

“Come on, I’ll drive you home,” Carrie said as they walked out of the
discipline office. Shannon felt even more naked now that she was officially
the only one in the school displaying any part of her naked body.


Carrie looked over, wishing she could make everything go easier for her
friend…actually she wished she could make it all disappear. She resolved
herself to doing everything she could to end her best friend’s misery before
she had to serve all six weeks.


Shannon hopped out of Carrie’s car and headed up the steps to the house. She
felt the cold but not as bad as before…she could tell that spring wasn’t far
from coming…maybe being nude in nicer weather wouldn’t be so bad. Then she
shook her head…it wouldn’t be as bad physically but just as bad mentally.


She turned and saw her neighbor, Mr. Firgus, sitting on his porch and
waving. She turned and waved back and bounded up the steps into the house.
Her neighbor’s nice gesture chilled her…it was another reminder that she was
always on display…that there were always eyes out there watching her.

She entered her house and found only Jimmy at home. The boy was sitting at
the kitchen table doing homework.

“Hey Jim,” she said happily.

“Yeah,” the grumpy boy said.

“What’s the matter,” she asked him while pouring an iced tea.

“You’re the matter Shannon, you and your nakedness. It’s driving me crazy.”

The girl stopped and stared at her little brother. “My nudity is driving you
crazy? I’d like to hear you explain that one!”

“All of my friends tease me non-stop, talking about your body and what
they’d do to you. Then I get into fights defending you and everybody hates
me, all because of you.”

When he looked up from his books, Shannon saw a black eye, a bruised cheek
and tears flowing.

“Oh Jimmy, I am so sorry, but it’s not my fault,” she said, pulling him
close to her and hugging him tight. She felt his body shake with sadness and
her heart broke.

Finally the boy pulled back. Weird but he felt nothing but relief at being
so close to his naked sister. There was none of the sexual tension that had
filled their days earlier in her punishment. Instead it was the comforting
feel of his older sister making the bad feelings go away.

“I know Shannon, it’s just not easy for me,” he said. Then he smiled. “But I
guess it’s not as hard as it is for you.”

She smiled back, took a swig of iced tea and then said, “no, I think I might
have it harder.”

With that she grabbed her bag and went up to her bedroom to start her


Shannon sat in class, just staring at her paper. It was one of the first
times that she had been in her first-period biology class since her nude
punishment. When she was there, she was usually tied to a gyno chair in the
front of the room, serving as a live model for the sadistic Father Haglin.
However, she had missed the class several times because of assorted other
punishments thrown at her by Mr. Jones, the even more sadistic principal.

Now she was here, still nude but sitting among her classmates. Fr. Haglin
had decided on a pop quiz and Shannon realized she knew very little. This
was a completely foreign feeling to the girl, one of the top students in her
class and a member of the National Honor Society.

The bell rang and everyone had to bring their papers forward. Shannon was
still sitting there trying to answer the questions as everyone filed past
her naked body.

“Miss Malone, your paper please,” Fr. Haglin said. She felt his eyes on her
and realized she was the only person still sitting there.

“Um, yeah sorry Father but I think all of the missed class time…”

“That’s more than enough Miss Malone. You are responsible for making up lost
class time.”

“But Father,--”

“No buts Shannon. Bring your quiz up and be gone. It is not my concern that
you have not been following through with your studies.”

Tears of anger and frustration filled her eyes as she stood and walked her
quiz up to the front of the room. She dropped the paper on the desk and gave
a disdainful look at the priest who smiled smugly at her. She turned,
grabbed her bag and started out. But when she got to the door, she stopped.

“No Father, you will hear me. I am so sick and tired of being treated like
some piece of meat around here. If you didn’t use me for your sick
demonstrations, maybe I cold have learned something in this class.”


“Yeah, ok, like that scares me. Do you really think that there is anything
that this school can throw at me that I haven’t suffered through already?”

With that she pushed through the door and left the priest behind. Fr. Haglin
was red-faced and angry but he had to admit that she had him. There wasn’t
much left for this school to do to her. Or was there?


Later that day, Fr. Haglin was sitting with Mr. Jones in the principal’s

“Look Bart, it’s the only way for me to ever get this kind of data for our
research and it would be terribly humiliating for the girl.”

“I don’t know Tom, this seems a bit extreme, even for me,” the principal

“Look, you are quickly losing this girl, that much is certain,” the priest
added. “She is not becoming the doe-eyed follower that we expected her to
be. Her punishment was so far out there and for so long that we have forced
ourselves into this step or we lose her forever.”

Mr. Jones turned his chair so that he was looking out the window. Currently
Shannon Malone was out there with a large plastic bag and was picking up
trash all over the school ground. He saw a cloud form at her mouth as she
breathed and watched her shiver. This had been her detention punishment,
while the rest of the detained students sat in a classroom in silence,
working on word problems.

“Do you really think the school board will go for us using a student for
research purposes?”

“Did I really think they would go for the nude punishments that we proposed
after the Cronenberg Academy stories? Did I really think they would let us
push Shannon as far as we have? The answer to both questions is no, I did
not. But they have, so why not this?”

The principal turned and saw the girl bend over to get a stray piece of
paper. The view was lovely of her smooth, perfectly round shaped ass and
that little slit, still visible in the afternoon sun.

“Fine, put a proposal together and we’ll spring it on her after school

The priest smiled and walked out, leaving Mr. Jones to watch his naked
student. “Mrs. Phillips, hold my calls please.” And he unzipped his pants to
relax a little. It had been a long day and no pleasure for him.

Week 4, Part 2

Shannon was oblivious to the conversation that went on in the principal’s
office and also the view that Mr. Jones had of her right now. Instead, she
was desperately trying to avoid freezing to death.

She had known bad things were going to happen after she stood up to Fr.
Haglin. She had expected a day or two of nudity added to her total…maybe
that would have been worse!

Instead, when she arrived at the detention room, a place that scared the
hell out of her since many of the toughest students were there, she was
given this plastic bag by Mr. Kelly and told to go and clean the perimeter
of the school. She was to fill the bag or go for an hour, whichever took

She hesitated at first, not sure if she quite understood what she was being
told by the disciplinarian. The temperature had dropped below freezing again
last night and today hadn’t gotten much above. Now, with the cloud cover and
no sun, she would be out there in a very bitter cold.

But seeing no compassion coming from the man, she dropped her bag and walked
out of the room, heading for the back door. She was glad that most of the
school was empty on this Tuesday. For some reason, there were no activities
on this day and most of the seniors left school at 1 to go and work or on
internships. That plus the fact that school had actually ended roughly 20
minutes ago left her mostly alone in the hallways.

She pushed outside and was immediately hit by the cold wind as it swirled
through the open door. It felt like someone was poking her with sticks and
she closed the door and huddled inside. She heard someone clear a throat and
turned to see Carl, the maintenance man, standing there observing her.

“Does that look like outside to you?”

The girl rolled her eyes and shot the man a dirty look. He was unmoved,
crossing his large arms over his chest and glaring at her. “Do I need to go
and tell Mr. Kelly that the student he assigned to work the outside cleanup
detail is choosing not to follow directions?”

She shot him the dirtiest look but he laughed. She had forgotten how little
an effect a dirty look is when it comes from a humiliated naked girl.
Instead she pushed the door open again, gritting her teeth against the cold

That had been over 45 minutes ago. She had lost track of time but knew that
it must be almost 4 by now…the sun was nearly setting behind the school
building. There hadn’t been much sun to begin with and the little that had
been out was now gone, leaving her with absolutely no warmth at all. She
felt the cold wind whipping against her body, her bare feet almost numb
against the cold, hard ground. She continued picking up pieces of trash here
and there, trying to move enough to stay warm and keep the blood flowing.

She looked up from her work and saw most of the school dark. The only lights
came from the office that she knew belonged to Mr. Jones and the gym. She
guessed that the other detention students had gone home and that pissed her
off…why was she forced to stay out here and freeze after they had left after
less than an hour in the warm room. She would have cried but was too cold
for that.

“OKAY, kid, time to come inside.”

She looked and saw the figure of Carl, the maintenance man, near the
doorway. She had seen him lurking for most of her time out here and was a
little weirded out by it. But his presence now was a Godsend and she rushed
towards the door.

“Hold it, let me see what you have collected.”

“Oh God, please let me in Carl,” she begged, her voice cracking from the
cold. “Can’t we do this in the foyer?”
“No, I have to inspect your bags right here, hold it open for me,” he said.
He had not been ordered to do this, just wanted the chance to make the girl
suffer a little more and to get a little closer to this gorgeous nude teen.

Shannon’s hands shook as she held the clear plastic bag open. The large man
walked towards her and looked in.

“Take those aluminum cans out…we recycle here,” he said sternly. The nude
girl reached her arm in and pulled out the three cans she had grabbed.

“OK, not a bad haul for one little girl. Go and put it in the dumpster and
then go ahead home.”

She groaned but bundled the bag back up and hurried over to the dumpster,
opening herself up to the elements once again. With some difficulty, she
hurled the bag up and into the dumpster and then took off for the warmth of
the school building. She barely felt the hard, freezing concrete beneath her
feet as she scurried inside. As soon as she was in, she screamed at the pain
of reentry. Her whole body felt as if it were under attack of pins and
needles as her cold body came inside. She grabbed onto the railing inside as
she tried to get her body acclimated to the warmth.

She started sobbing at the pain of it all…it felt like she had sat on her
foot for a long time and then it had fallen asleep. She desperately wanted
to lie down but could not bring herself to doing that in the foyer.

Finally, the pain subsided and just uncomfortable tingling remained. With
great effort she started up the steps and then stopped and stood bolt
upright…how the hell was she going to get home?

By now, all of the buses had left. She obviously would have great difficulty
taking the public bus, though it might be her only option. With all of the
speed that she could, she headed for the phones in the hallway outside the
now dark gym. Using a calling card number that she had memorized, she pushed
in the numbers for her house. Jimmy answered and replied that Colleen and
Dad were out at a social function for the night and Brighid was taking a
night class. Shit, she thought, hanging up. Then she called Carrie.

“Care, I need a huge favor,” she began.

“Shannon, I can’t believe you are calling right now. I need to see you!”

“Um, ok, Carrie, I am stuck at school, can you pick me up?”

“Absolutely, but can you come over for dinner. I need to talk to you right

“Sure, I’ll call home and let them know. When will you be here?”

“I’ll leave now and be there in 10 minutes.”

The two girls hung up and Shannon went to get her bag from the discipline
office. She saw it there, lying outside the door. Thanks, she muttered. The
nude girl walked through the deserted hallways to her locker. She knew she
need to get her books together from her classes to avoid falling behind even

Being alone in school always made her uncomfortable and being completely
nude only added to her vulnerability. She wondered about Eric Gorbo, her new
nemesis, and remembered her encounter with him in the hallway early in her
punishment. She shuddered at that disgusting orgasm, especially now that she
knew how pleasant an orgasm can be with her boyfriend.

The nude girl walked untouched through the empty hallways, haunted only by
her fears and painful memories. Arriving at her locker, she grabbed several
books and stuffed them into her book bag. Knowing that she would never be
able to get all of this work done, she stopped and took books for biology,
math and computers. The rest she was still doing okay in.

She walked towards the doors, not wanting to keep Carrie waiting but also
not wanting to be to early that she had to wait outside. The rooms along the
corridor were mostly dark, the only light coming from beneath the office
door of Mr. Jones, the principal. Involuntarily, she shivered when she
walked by, hating just being near the man.

She stood in the foyer, feeling the cold again, even though this area was
enclosed there was no heat. Finally, she saw Carrie’s car pull up in front
of the building and she darted out into the night, which had turned even
colder than before. Carrie had pushed the door open and Shannon slid in,
closing the door in one motion.

“Oh Carrie, you have no idea the shit they just put me through,” she said.
“I cannot thank you enough for picking me up.”

She turned and looked at Carrie who was turned in the driver’s seat and
looking right at her friend with a look of surprise on her face.

“What, is something wrong,” she asked.

“Eric Gorbo just called and wants to try and get back together.”

The news hit Shannon like a brick. Gorbo had taken Carrie’s virginity from
her by lying to her and then broke up with her publicly the next day.

“He’s got such big fucking balls,” Shannon said seething. “You told him to
fuck off right?”

“Well, no,” she said.

“What? You are seriously thinking about seeing that jerk again? Come on
Carrie, show some respect for yourself.”

“No Shannon, you’re not getting it…this is our chance at revenge.”


Shannon gasped when she heard about Carrie’s plan and then laughed. If all
went according to plan, Eric Gorbo would know a thing or two about being

They drove straight home and Shannon went through the humiliation of saying
hello to Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett plus Carrie’s sisters. She thanked God that
Phil was out, though Phil would probably not be happy about it.

It was in these normal everyday situations that made Shannon more acutely
aware of her nakedness. She was here at her best friend’s house, as she had
been hundreds of times in her life, and she was completely naked while
everyone else was in their normal clothes. She knew she was blushing and
focused on her bare feet instead of looking Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett in the

“Mom, can we eat up in my room? Shannon and I want to catch up.”

Her parents look at each other and frowned, but Mr. Bartlett gave his okay.

“Thanks Dad,” Carrie said, handing Shannon a plate and the two grabbed
burgers and chips from the piles on the table. Carrie grabbed two sodas,
holding them close to her body, and the two girls went up the steps to
Carrie’s bedroom.

Carrie and Shannon discussed the points of the plan, which required the help
of her cousin Bonnie who managed the local movie theater. A Wednesday night
was slow there and she should be able to help them out. A quick phone call
and she was on board…the 24-year old woman had been with enough jerky men in
her life to know the feeling.

Then the phone call to Eric.

“Hi Eric, it’s Carrie,” she said, trying to contain her laughter.

“Yeah, I would like to get back together with you…I was just so hurt after
the last time, when you dumped me…yeah, I feel bad about that too and
everything I said. OK, let’s meet at the movie theater then…no, why don’t we
go see that Jean Claude Van Damm movie…would give us some privacy in the
theater…yes, I would like that too…alright see you in a little while.”

She hung up the phone and looked at Shannon. “The trap is set,” she said
smiling. The next calls went to Craig, Carrie’s boyfriend who loved the
idea, and Emily, another of Gorbo’s dumpees, who was all for it as well.
They agreed to meet at Carrie’s house…Craig would bring his video camera.

Carrie quickly dressed in her miniskirt and blouse, as dictated by her
punishment with her father. She told her parents something about going out
to study with friends with Shannon and then the two were off towards the
movie theater.

“Are you sure you can go through with this,” Shannon asked.

“I hope so, I just hate that boy so much after all he has done to you and me
these last few weeks…the hardest part will be the beginning when I have to
pretend to like him.”

They drove to the theater and met the other two kids in a remote lot. Craig
was driving his mom’s minivan so Shannon and Emily climbed in to wait in
there. For some reason, Shannon did not feel embarrassed with Craig as she
did with other boys…Emily was a bit different matter, after what the girl
had done to torture Carrie and Shannon before but all had been forgiven
after it was found that Gorbo was behind it all.

Carrie took a deep breath and drove to a closer spot. She got out and then
walked to the theater, looking to see if Eric had beaten her there. Of
course, being an insensitive asshole, he made her wait, but he was sweet
when he arrived, kissing her on the cheek and paying for her ticket. Inside
he bought a large popcorn and each of them a soda.

The two went into the theater for the action movie. They didn’t expect many
other viewers since the movie had been out for nearly six weeks and didn’t
do well to begin with. Even so, they chose seats in the back right hand
corner, the best spot for what Eric had in mind.

They sat and chewed on the popcorn, neither really talking. Then when the
lights went down, Eric made his move. He nearly climbed on top of Carrie, in
a way that would have made her uncomfortable if she didn’t have a plan in
mind. His tongue was in her mouth and down her throat before she had a
chance to react…boy, he’s making up for lost time, she thought.

She managed to calm him a bit and sit him back in his seat.

“Eric, it would turn me on if I could give you a blowjob right here in the
theater,” she said in her sweet yet sexy voice. “It would be my honor.”

The boy’s inflated ego fell for it, hook, line and sinker, as he unzipped
his pants to let his cock out.

“No, I want you nude, completely nude, I get such a rush out of having my
man naked while I suck his cock,” she said, pulling his shirt up and over
his head.

“Wait Carrie, I--,” he started.

“There there, I’ve been naked in public plenty of times…you’ll love
it…remember my first day when I masturbated in school….it was such a rush.”

She then dropped to her knees and urged his ass to lift off of the chair as
she removed his jeans and boxers, leaving him nude except for shoes. She
then leaned over to remove his sneakers and socks and the athlete was
completely naked.

“Oh God Carrie, what if someone comes in,” he asked.

“Then hide, but I don’t think anyone will come in…and if they do, they’ll
catch me doing this,” she said, sliding her hot and wet mouth over his
engorged member. He groaned and forgot about any inhibitions.

Carrie continued sliding her mouth over his cock, trying to hide her disgust
at performing this act on the boy that she despised. She felt dirty and
disgusting at the act. Here she was on her bare knees in a public movie
theater, sucking the cock of the high school quarterback who dumped her in
front of his friends. But she knew why she was doing it.

She knew he was close to cumming and she stopped.

“No hon, don’t stop, please…” he begged. She liked the sound of hearing the
boy begging her to do anything.

“Wait Eric, I have to go to the bathroom to take care of some things,” she
whispered in a sultry voice in his ear.

“No, just finish and then you can go,” he said in a whiny voice that men
have when they need to cum.

She shook her head while undoing one button on her blouse. “Trust me, it
will be worth the wait,” she said. “But do me a favor, keep your friend here
hard…masturbate while I’m gone.”

“OH God, you are so dirty, what happened to you,” he asked breathlessly.

“I realized what I was missing when you dumped me…now I am willing to do
anything to keep you.”

She took the boy’s hand and placed it on his cock and started him pumping
his own cock. He got so lost on the act that he did not see her grab his
clothes and leave him there in the theater, nude and all alone.

Carrie stuffed his clothes in the trash can, left the theater and gave
Bonnie the signal. Bonnie started the infrared video camera that was trained
on those seats, capturing the star jock jerking off in an empty theater,
completely nude. Wow, she thought as she watched the image on the screen,
that boy is built. High school quarterback is pretty hot,s he thought.

Eric could not believe his luck. When Donna, his newest lay, had called to
cancel due to a family obligation, he was resolved to a night of jerking off
in his room to relieve his frustration. He had called Carrie out of
desperation…needing to get laid. When she had suggested this movie in this
location, he thought it was the perfect idea…no one would see them together
and he knew he could talk the meek girl into letting him fuck her. He had no
idea she would get so freaky with him, especially when he planned to never
see her again. Her blowjob had caused him to possibly reconsider.

Bonnie got about five minutes of the nude boy jerking off on camera when she
stopped the movie and turned the lights on. “PLEASE HEAD DIRECTLY TO THE
LOBBY EXITS,” she intoned over the intercom for his theater only. “DO NOT

The boy jumped to his feet, startled out of his masturbatory haze. He looked
for his clothes and could not find any. Shit, Carrie must have taken them.
He wondered if she would come right back with them…what if the theatre
workers didn’t let her back in. He had to get out, he was a talented
football star with a scholarship to look forward to…he couldn’t die in a
movie theater fire.

He crept out of the row, with the camera getting a full frontal of the man.
He went to the back door of the theater and peeked out. He was surprised
that no one was out there running out but the announcement kept coming to
evacuate. He pushed the door open and went out into the lobby. The camera
caught him as he hustled around the lobby, his cock now soft and bobbing up
and down. He went towards the exits and saw a group of teen girls standing
there and gawking.

“Shit, that’s Eric Gorbo,” he heard them say.

“Fuck,” he thought, realizing that he had been tricked. He ran back to his
movie theater but it was now inexplicably locked. He was now drawing quite a
crowd as he walked nude through the lobby.

He gathered his courage and rushed towards the exits, through the group of
girls who whistled and woofed at him. One brazen girl reached out and
grabbed his hard ass, giggling at his shapely backside.

He pushed through the glass doors out into the parking lot. He cursed
Carrie, remembering that she had his keys and wallet with his pants. He
moved through the sidewalk next to the theater, trying to ignore the taunts
and the catcalls as he went, his hands having no trouble covering his cock,
which was now almost shriveled up inside of his balls. But his perfect ass
was on total display to everyone who walked or drove past.

He started to walk home, trying to figure out what to do next, when a police
officer pulled up. He thought about running but knew in his current
condition there was no where to go.

“Eric Gorbo, what the fuck are you doing boy,” the police officer said.

Dismayed at being recognized, he said that he had been robbed and forced to
strip…they had taken his clothes and his wallet and keys.

“You mean, the clothes that we found in the trash can in the theater where
you were jerking off,” the officer said.

The nude boy was acutely aware that a crowd was gathering around him and the
police officers.

“But, I was with my girlfriend,” Eric started, “and we---”

“There is no record of a girlfriend son, in fact, the theater people said
you entered alone. And the manager says there is no girl on the tapes. You
are under arrest, everything you say can and will be used against you in a
court of law.”

The other officer moved in and took the boy’s arm, handcuffing them behind
him. Now his cock was on full display and several onlookers, especially the
women, pointed and laughed. His normally large penis had shrunk to a minute
size from fear and exposure.

He was taken into the police cruiser and brought to the police station.
There he was charged with indecent exposure, sexual deviancy in a public
location and lying to a police officer.

And the whole thing was videotaped by four laughing teenagers, who wasted no
time in getting in on the Internet, thanks to Jimmy Malone.

The End, Part 1 (M+/f,nc,bd,forced)

The next day was largely torture free for Shannon, her first during the
four-week punishment period. Even Fr. Haglin, the biology teacher who was so
creative in his humiliation of her, was calm, teaching the class as normally
as he had before her nude punishment began four weeks ago.

After the humiliation of Gorbo, who was missing from school today, Shannon
has gone home with her friend and studied. Of course, she had taken a break
to see the magic that Jimmy had worked on the Internet, putting Gorbo’s
distress in every location he could find. Of course the news got around
school quickly.

The school day was nearly over when she got words that chilled her.

“Shannon, sweetheart,” Miss Edwards said, disturbing the quiet of journal
time. “Mr. Jones would like to see you in his office briefly before you

She grimaced and the teacher saw the distress in the girl’s face. She had
tried to make it easy for the girl, one of her favorite students, but the
principal definitely seemed to have it out for Shannon.

“Shannon, why don’t you leave now, grab your stuff from your locker and then
meet Mr. Jones,” the woman said smiling. “That way you won’t miss your bus.
You can finish your journaling at home alright?”

Shannon returned the smile, glad to have one adult in the school sticking up
for her. She put her books away and left the room. She stopped at her
locker, grabbed the books she would need, and made her way to the
principal’s office.

She pushed through Mrs. Phillip’s outer door just as the bell rang. The
woman looked up at her, but this time there was no disgust in her eyes.
Instead, there was the first sign of pity, a sight that startled the nude

“Shannon, wait right there please,” the woman said softly. “I’ll tell Mr.
Jones that you are here. Leave your bag here with me.”

The girl stood there as usual but Mrs. Phillips said, “feel free to sit
dear.” Oh God, she thought, why is this woman being so nice to her. She
eased herself into the wooden chairs, thanking the woman for the kindness.

After a moment, Mr. Jones came out of the office and beckoned her to come
in. He was surprised to see the girl sitting on the chair and he gave his
secretary a dirty look. She pretended to ignore it and he quickly closed the
office door.

Shannon was surprised to see Fr. Haglin sitting in one of the office chairs.
Because of his presence, she hesitated to fall to her knees and assume her
customary position. The principal coughed and moved his head to remind her
to kneel and she did, her bare knees sinking into his plush carpet. She
wondered if there were now knee marks in this rug after all of her time

“Shannon, thank you for coming,” Mr. Jones said. “I hope you learned your
lesson in detention yesterday.”

“Yes Mr. Jones, I did,” she said softly, once again feeling subservient to
this man.

“Do you want to say anything to Fr. Haglin,” he prompted.

“Um, yes, I guess. Father, I am sorry for speaking so disrespectfully to you

“Apology accepted, especially after what you are about to do tomorrow,” the
priest said menacingly.

The girl looked at him questioningly, wondering what she was going to have
to do tomorrow.

“You see Shannon, Father Haglin has been working on a physiological
experiment for many years and is very close to finishing his work. He just
needs a research subject to complete the data and tomorrow you will be the
research subject.”

The girl looked startled. “But, Mr. Jones, I never agreed to--”

“Wait a second, you will do what you are told to do, unless you want to
remain nude for the next year and a half here Miss Malone. And I can also
extend that time here if you continue with your current academic situation.”

Shannon knew that she was being blackmailed. Not only would she be forced to
be nude for the next 17 months or so, but she was also going to lose her
academic standing. Goodbye Brown, goodbye college scholarship.

“Yes Mr. Jones, I am sorry Sir.”

“Good, then first thing tomorrow, report to my office and we can get you
started,” Mr. Jones said. “You may go.”

The girl got to her feet and left the office. Both men were chuckling at her
response, knowing that they held her right where they wanted her.


Thursday was another frigid day, but that cold almost seemed not to matter
to the nude girl as she waited for the bus. She was lost in her thoughts,
oblivious to the scene that she was creating…people honking, men staring,
women glaring and boys leering.

As the bus pulled up and the door opened, she got in without thinking,
grabbing the front seat. She saw Vince instinctively train the mirror on her
bare pussy and she spread her legs as she knew was expected. While she still
hated the exposure and wanted nothing more than to go to the back of the bus
and hide under a seat, her mind was elsewhere today.

Today was the day when she would be Fr. Haglin’s “research subject.” All she
knew was it was a physiological experiment but she had a feeling it would be

Before she knew it, the bus was full and they were heading towards school.
As usual, she sat alone…for a while Rose, who had suffered from a week’s
nude punishment, had sat with her, but soon she tired of the attention given
to the nude girl and moved back with her friends. Sometimes Shannon felt so
alone but today she was glad not to have to make conversation.

She waited for the entire bus to unload, per Vince’s orders, and then got
off into the cold winter day. She was glad that she was only outside for a
few seconds before getting into the school building.

She hadn’t even brought her book bag to school, knowing that she was to be
subjected to humiliation at the hands of the priest. Besides Mr. Jones, he
had been the most brutal person to her and she feared him the most.

Shannon walked up the steps and went right into the principal’s office,
eager to get this awful day over with.

“Ah Shannon, I do like a girl that is prompt,” Fr. Haglin said. “Come with

The priest led her back out into the hallway and proceeding to the
auditorium where this whole mess had started more than three weeks ago. He
walked down the side aisle, motioning her along, and up the steps onto the
stage. She gulped, figuring that this meant she would be on display in front
of someone today.

“Come on Shannon, come behind the curtain to our point of experiment.”

She eased past the priest, who was holding the curtain aside for her. She
gasped when she saw a frame, roughly six feet high. The top bar held two
cuffs at each extreme…then there was a small seat with two large penis
shaped things sticking out of it and a place for two cuffs near her feet,
also at each end of the frame.

“What is this for,” she asked, moving away from the frame.

“This is our experiment. Come and I can set you into it for the day.”

“No, please Father Haglin, I can’t.”

“Miss Malone, we have been over this. If you refuse this, you fail Biology
for the year and goodbye Brown. And I am sure that Mr. Jones will find some
reason to keep you naked for the next 17 months. Come on, it’s for science.”

The girl knew she had no choice and moved towards the hideous looking
machine. She felt Fr. Haglin lead her into position over the large dildos on
the seat.

“I have poured a generous amount of lubrication on these so they will enter
you easily.”

The girl hesitated but allowed the man to ease the dildo into her bare
pussy, causing her to shiver. In a few seconds, the plastic filled her
completely and her lips were resting on the smooth surface of the seat.

She felt the priest’s hands on her shoulders, leaning her forward so that he
could maneuver her anus so it was in line with the other dildo…suddenly she
felt the plastic in that virgin territory and cried out…but within seconds
she was completely filled.

“Now, to inflate them further so they do not slip out,” Fr. Haglin said. She
felt the two penises begin to get larger inside of her, she grunted in the
pain at the stretching of these two sensitive organs and at the strange
feeling in her anus.

“Good, squirm around, try and dislodge the dildos,” he said to her. That was
no problem…the girl desperately wanted to be rid of these dildos but all
that she did was irritate her innards and she cried in despair.

She felt Fr. Haglin take her wrists and attach them above her head,
strapping her in. He then did the same for her ankles, leaving her
completely on display and vulnerable, unable to cover any part of her and
unable to move. He then attached a suction cup like object to each of her
breasts, causing her to stifle a cry.

“Excellent. Now, for the final piece,” he said, putting a long, cock like
thing near her mouth. “Open wide,” he said, twisting her nipple, causing her
to scream out in pain and shock, enough time for him to stuff the cock gag
into her mouth and seal her voice inside.

“Alright, the students should be here in a few minutes. Enjoy your last bit
of peace for the day.”

If this was going to peace today, she cringed at thinking what was coming
next. How could being attached to this awful contraption be peaceful. Then
she heard the sounds of her schoolmates filling the auditorium and she
closed her eyes, disbelieving that she could be brought to a lower form of
life than she had before…even she did not think it could get worse but this
definitely was.

Finally she heard the voice of Fr. Haglin calling everyone to order.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for taking time out of your first-period
classes to join us here for a bit of a science lesson. As some of you may
know, but most of you do not, I have been working on the physiological study
of the female body…I have been trying to determine the physical capacity for
a woman to experience pleasure. Is there a limit to how many orgasms a woman
can have in a certain time?”

Shannon closed her eyes, now aware of what he was going to do to her. He was
going to make her cum in front of the entire school.

“Open the curtain please,” he said aloud. She looked up, tears filling her
eyes, and saw the fabric parting. Within a few seconds, she saw the stunned
faces of her classmates, who had been through a lot in the last few weeks
but never expected to see Shannon so exposed and so open and vulnerable.

“Miss Malone is going to serve as our research study. She will give me an
idea of how many orgasms a woman can experience.”

He came near her and pushed her frame closer to the front of the stage. Now
she was a mere few feet away from the front row of students and she wanted
to curl up and die.

“This is a remote control and it will cause the vibrating dildos inside of
her to shake,” he said, to the titters of the classes gathered before him.
“Now, now, this is serious science. Shannon will be providing a serious
scientific contribution here today.”

“I will put the dildos at a moderate level so that we can measure the

Shannon saw him turn a knob on the control and she felt the dildo in her
pussy begin to hum. She moaned, despite herself, as the dildo hit all of the
right places, including the front wall of her inside which was that special
spot that she touched when she masturbated. Within a few seconds, the one in
her ass started going, causing the interior wall between the two dildos to
shake violently. Then the suction on her tits began and she was delirious.

Shannon’s body responded despite itself…she wanted to scream out in agony
but the gag kept her quiet…”OH GOD NO!!” Her body shook in ecstasy and she
came in a violent but brief orgasm as Fr. Haglin stopped the remote.

“There, that was orgasm number one…this counter will keep track of her
contractions, etc. This is a study that began at Campbell-Frank College in
Vermont and perfected at the Chalfont Institute. There an extraordinary
young woman named Tami Smithers has had more than 200 orgasms in one
session…I wonder if we can match that here at St. Mark’s. If we can, I can
write up our study and submit it to major scientific journals.”

In her post-orgasmic haze, Shannon did not really register the amount of
orgasms Fr. Haglin expected of her. When it registered she really began
sobbing…if one orgasm felt like this, she doubted she could handle more than

“Now, each of you will be able to use this remote control today. Pass it
through the aisles…you may leave and return to your classroom when the
counter registers an orgasm.”

Shannon saw that there were roughly 25 or so students in the auditorium.
Then she recognized most of them from her first-period biology class. The
remote was passed to the first student, a girl, who tentatively turned the
knob a bit. Shannon felt the dildos come to life and groaned…but the
velocity was nothing compared to what she felt before, more like a dull
touch inside of her. She was on edge and needed to cum again, despite the
humiliation of it all.

She cried out from beneath her gag, asking for it to go faster without
knowing why she was asking for it. The girl, not realizing what was being
said by the nude subject, moved it higher on instinct and was rewarded by a
loud moan by the subject. Within a few seconds, Shannon’s flat stomach was
heaving in and out, her tits were shaking and she was cumming for the second

It went on and on like this for nearly an hour…there was no let up for the
sweaty naked girl as all 25 of her biology classmates (save Eric Gorbo who
had his own troubles right now) used the remote and brought her to orgasm.
By the time the bell rang, the counter read 26 and the girl was reduced to a
quivering mess of naked flesh. The boy who had used her last had left the
remote on high and now Shannon experienced another orgasm, unwatched except
by the counter and the unseen video camera mounted at the foot of the stage.
Shannon was desperate, she wanted this to end now but had no way of doing
that…her body responded anyway and she screamed through the gag as another
orgasm pulsed through her, giving her 28.

By now, a second class, this one a mixture of seniors from a physics class
and another junior biology class, came into the auditorium. Mr. Jones took
the remote and smirked when he saw the dials still tuned to high…he was
about to lessen it when he noticed the bucking student quivering again, this
time through orgasm number 29.

Finally, mercifully, he turned the knobs off and for the first time in an
hour, the dildos and suction cups were still. Shannon’s body, used to the
constant motion, still buzzed and she inexplicably had another unwanted


“Well class, let me run you through out experiment,” Fr. Haglin said. But
Shannon was lost in a haze of pain and humiliation. There was no pleasure in
her orgasms, just physical reactions to the intense stimulation.

Fr. Haglin led her to her 31st orgasm and then left her in the classes’
hands. One after another, the students tormented her and soon her counter
read 69 and the class was still half full.

By now, Shannon’s brain had pretty much shut down…she was oblivious to
anything but the constant buzzing in her nether regions and the suction on
her breasts. She was so out of it that she did not hear the sound of a man
running into the room, demanding to know the meaning of this. She heard two
voices yelling near the front of the stage and the buzzing get stronger. She
yelled out as the dial reached maximum velocity for the first time and she
had multiple orgasms, one after another.

That’s when she passed out. When she came to, she saw the face of her
father, looking extremely concerned. Next to him was Carrie…she wondered if
she had dreamed it but then felt the things still inside of her and her
wrists still attached to the frame.

The gag came out first and she screamed…her jaw had been in the position for
a while and she had bit down on the gag during the orgasms so her jaw was
locked in the position.

“Carrie, can you work on getting those things out of her while I get her
wrists and ankles undone.”

She was so humiliated at having her father see her like this. When she found
her voice she cried out to him. “Daddy, I am so sorrr—uhhhhh!!!--that
yyyyyou have to sssssee me like thisssss---AAAAHHHHH!!”

The counter spun to two more orgasms, bringing her to 101 orgasms in just
under two hours. The girl was mortified that she had been forced to cum two
more times with her father and best friend just inches away. But Jack Malone
just looked at her with compassion and quieted her.

“Shh, sweetheart, everything’s fine. You are not at fault here. I am sorry
that you had to go through this.”

She felt the blessed relief in her shoulders as her father undid the straps
holding her wrists above her. She cried out in pain as Carrie deflated the
anal dildo and her battered skin started to get back to closer to its normal
size as she pulled it out. The same with the front…Carrie was scared to see
Shannon’s vagina still quivering, despite the remote control being turned
off and the dildo pulled out.

As Jack Malone undid the straps holding his daughter’s ankles, tears formed
in his eyes. He saw the bruises and red marks there and on her wrists and he
knew that she had struggled the entire time. He always had trouble seeing
her nude, but could not bear to look at her in the current state. He heard
her moan as Carrie undid the suction cups on her breasts and Jack saw how
red and ugly the girl’s perfectly breasts had become. He wondered what would
have happened if they had continued all day as planned.

Now that she was completely undone, Jack pulled his daughter to him and
hugged her softly, not wanting to hurt her but wanting her to feel loved.
She started crying again, as if the floodgates had reopened after the daze.
He then lifted her into his arms and carried her out of the school and home,
away from the monsters who did this to her.

THE END, Part 2

Somewhere during the walk to the car, Shannon passed out. The ordeal had
taken every last stitch of energy the poor girl had left and she was unable
to process all that had been done to her in the last two hours.

When she woke up, she was in a daze. Was it all a dream? She noticed she was
still naked in her bed and wondered if it had all happened. But when she
moved her legs, she felt the pain in her crotch and then her breasts and
knew that the nightmare had indeed been real.

She didn’t open her eyes. She wondered if this was going to change anything?
After all, she was still nude? Did her father really intend for the nude
punishment and everything that went along with it would remain in place
despite the hell that she had been put through?

Finally she looked around and was surprised to see that she was not alone.
Carrie was sitting at her desk, wearing the uniform that every girl in the
school but Shannon wears. Carrie was writing on a tablet and hadn’t noticed
her friend’s stirrings.

“Oh God, I feel like shit,” Shannon groaned. Carrie leaped out of the car
and rushed to Shannon’s bedside.

“Jesus Shan, I thought you were gone for good. Are you in terrible pain?”

The girl tried to sit up but could not at first. Then, with Carrie’s help,
she was able to get into a sitting position, her bare breasts peeking out
from beneath the blanket as she did. The modesty took over and she lifted
the blanket and immediately cringed…her nipples and the tips of her mounds
were still sore from the suction.

“What happened?”

“Well, once you feel up to it, maybe we can bring you downstairs and we can
all talk about it. I think Jones and Haglin went a little too far this

Shannon looked at her friend and smiled. “You think?”

The two girls laughed, Shannon feeling a bit more with it.

“I feel like there was someone punching the inside of my pussy over and over
again…it’s just so sore…I can’t explain it.”

“Yeah, I can’t even imagine.”

As the two girls talked, there was a soft knock at the door.

“Come in,” Shannon said softly.

She saw the head of her father peeking in, followed by Colleen.

“Honey, I am so sorry this happened to you,” Jack Malone said. “We feel so

“Dad, I know.”

“Well, why don’t you get dressed and come downstairs for some hot chocolate
and lunch. We can discuss some things there.”

Shannon’s face lit up at hearing him tell her to “get dressed.” It had been
weeks since she had last worn real clothes.

“OK Dad, sounds good. But where are my clothes?”

“Right here,” Carrie said, opening the closet and drawers. All of her
clothes were back where they had been three weeks ago, before her nude

“God, how long was I out,” she said, tears of joy streaming down her face.

“Well, we’ll go and give you some privacy. Come on down when you are ready.”

Shannon’s face was brightened by the first true smile she had worn in weeks.
Not only clothes, but she had privacy back. They were two things that every
teenage girl cherishes.

Her Dad and Colleen left the room and closed the door, leaving Shannon and
Carrie alone.

“Do you want me to leave too, so you can be alone for a few minutes,” Carrie

Shannon shook her head. “No, there have been way too many times when I have
felt alone these last few weeks. You have been the only person there for me
every step of the way.”

Carrie helped Shannon to her feet and the nude girl was wobbly for a few
seconds. She seemed to get her footing back and walked over to the closet.
She eyed the clothes, touching her dresses and skirts, feeling her sweaters
and jeans…this was heaven! She hoped that this wasn’t a dream and her living
nightmare would begin again.

“I just want to wear some sweatpants and a fluffy sweatshirt! I want to be

The two girls rooted around until they found what she wanted…soft grey
sweatpants and a warm sweatshirt that they got when they visited Brown.
Carrie pulled out a bra and panties and placed them on the bed.

“Well, what do you think,” Carrie asked. Shannon was surprised at how
difficult this all seemed. Wearing clothes was so natural to every other
person but it had been three weeks and it seemed weird to be putting them

“I don’t think I can handle a bra right now, my boobs are killing me,” the
nude girl said. “But I want panties so bad.”

She reached for the small ball of fabric, white cotton bikinis, and slowly
stepped into the them. It was almost like a stripper but in reverse as she
slowly, joyously, pulled them up her long, shapely legs and then covered her
bare pussy. She gasped at the feel, especially against her lips which were
now so sensitive. But then she stood up, the first layer accomplished, a
feeling that she had won over the enemy.

“Oh Christ, this feels so nice,” she said. The two girls laughed, knowing
how strange it was for a teenage girl to be rejoicing over wearing panties.
Everyone else just took it for granted…in fact some girls they knew went
without them on purpose. But just the feeling of having an intimate part of
her anatomy covered for the first time in weeks was enough to make her day.

“Carrie, I’m sorry…I hope you don’t think I am rubbing it in,” Shannon said,
remembering that her friend was still bottomless because of a recent

Carrie smiled and lifted her skirt to reveal a tight pair of yellow panties.
“I stole a pair of your while you slept. Fuck Jones and his rules!”

The two hugged, Shannon not minding the press of the fabric of Carrie’s
uniform against her breasts.

“Now, the shirt and covering…oh Thank GOD!” The girl slipped her arms
through and pulled the shirt over her head and down her torso. She winced a
bit as it passed her breasts but the material was soft enough and the shirt
was big enough that it wasn’t bad for long.

“This feels so good, I can’t even begin to tell you,” she said, her eyes
closed in joy.

“Trust me, I know the feeling, remember,” Carrie responded.

She sat down to begin the unfamiliar process of pulling the sweatpants on.
The feel of material against her legs was now completely foreign to her, but
it was a feeling that she was going to love getting used to again. She put
ankle socks on her feet and stood up. The mirror on her door presented an
odd reflection to her…instead of seeing her bare breasts, hairless slit and
nude body, she was wearing soft and comfortable clothes. For the first time
in three weeks, she was a normal girl again.


Shannon sat in the kitchen chair, luxuriating in the clothing that she had
been denied for so long. She had her knees pulled tight against her body for
warmth and was sipping a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

She and Carrie sat there with Jack and Colleen Malone. They were each
waiting for the right time to speak. Lunch had been quiet…each knew what the
other had been through. Shannon’s distress was obvious…the intense forced
orgasms had humiliated her and hurt. Carrie had felt terrible about seeing
her friend in the situation but her pain was nothing compared to the hurt
and guilt racking Shannon’s father. He had agreed to this punishment and had
actually carried it forth with great force. He now had to admit that he had
a hand in this terrible ordeal his daughter had been subjected to.

Finally with lunch out of the way and hot chocolate being served, Jack
Malone started.

“Shannon, I think I speak for Colleen here when I say how truly sorry we are
that this ever happened,” he said softly, his voice filling with emotion. “I
was uncomfortable with this whole nude punishment from the start but I
allowed them to convince me it was best for you. But that’s not their
fault…I am your father and should have known better. I am terribly sorry.”

“Yes Shannon, we should have seen the awful effect it was having on you, but
we turned a blind eye to it because we thought we were doing the right
thing,” Colleen added. “Now we know how awful it was.”

Shannon seemed as if her body was filled with tears as more flowed out of
her, down her cheeks and staining the sweatshirt. She was crying tears of
relief, forgiveness and pain at the memory of her innocence lost.

“Dad, Colleen, I forgive you. I know they tricked you into this and you had
no way of knowing what they were doing.”

The body language and mood of the room shifted a bit as the young girl made
everyone at ease.

“Dad, how did you know what was going on,” she asked.

“Well, once Carrie called me, I knew I had to get there,” Jack answered.

“Carrie called,” she asked, looking at her best friend.

“Yeah, I heard about the experiment in the hallway after first period. I ran
and saw what how they had you tied and knew it was awful. I saw you spasming
from an orgasm and knew what they were saying was true. I saw the counter
read 30 and ran to the phone. I had to call information to get you dad’s
work number and then I called.”

“You are such a good friend,” Shannon said, smiling and crying at the same
time. Her tears became contagious as her friend started to tear up.

This led the two teens to tell Jack and Colleen everything that had happened
over the last three weeks, from the visit to the mall, the biology
experiments, art lessons, car wash, carnival and more. Shannon shared about
her experiences with Mr. Firgus, Vince the bus driver, the police officers
and Carl the maintenance man. The two adults sat there spellbound, their
mouth agape in disbelief.

“How could this have gone on without us knowing,” her father asked.

“How did you guys stand this torture for so long,” Colleen asked.

Both girls shrugged. “What choice did we have,” Carrie said. “If we wanted
to stay in school, we had to follow their punishments there and if we wanted
a place to live, we have to follow the punishments at home. All we could do
was survive it.”

Quiet ensued as the two adults realized how right the girl was.

“And we had each other,” Carrie continued, putting her arm around Shannon’s
neck. “That was enough for me most of the time.”


After the talk with the two girls, Jack Malone sprung into action. He called
the school’s Board of Trustees, asking for an immediate meeting. While
Shannon was a bit embarrassed at having to rehash everything again, she knew
the greater good of ending this nude punishment outweighed it all.

The Board acted immediately…with grave results for some of the characters.
Once copies of the videotapes was found in Mr. Jones’ office, many people
had some explaining to do.


The tape of the boy digitally raping Shannon during her first week of
punishment was sent to the police and sexual assault was added to the
charges he was already facing. Once word of the rape and the other indecency
charges reached Miami, the football scholarship was revoked and no other
school came forward.

Eric’s lawyers worked out a deal where he would serve one year of intense
community service…because of the nature of his crimes, he was sentenced to
nude physical labor. So every day for a year, he was there with the rest of
the chain gang, picking up litter alongside the highway, painting municipal
buildings, mowing grass, shoveling snow, etc., all while completely naked.

When the news spread, girls throughout the area would flock to find where
the prisoners were working…all wanting a peek of the boy’s hard body and
naked cock. After all, his Internet movie was now world famous.

Eric survived this humiliation and degradation. After a year, he tried to
find work, but few places would hire him after his history. Finally, he
found a job working as a towel boy in the local gym.


Jack Malone confronted his old neighbor, who quickly apologized, arguing
that his sexual desires got the better of him. He did point out that he
would have never physically harmed Shannon in any way. While this was
probably true, Jack was unwilling to accept him living across the street.

Firgus resigned from his job as director of the sexual deviants unit at the
local psychiatric hospital and sold his house, moving to an over-55 active
retired community. There would be no young girls for him to humiliate, a
fact that saddened him after nearly 60 years of doing it for work and

As a final gesture of thanks to Shannon and Jack for all they had done for
him, he dropped an envelope into their mailbox. It was a check for $50,000
made payable to Shannon Malone, with the words “College Fund” written in the
memo field.


Once word got back to the bus company that Vince, while not breaking any
laws, had contributed to the humiliation and degradation of the naked
students, he was removed from the school bus route after more than a decade
of service. He was assigned a route where he would be less tempted…driving
groups of senior citizens from the local retirement community, ironically
the same one where Firgus lived. Now, instead of driving fresh young bodies
to school, Vince lugged old women and men to the mall, supermarket, church,
bingo, etc.

Once in a while, Vince and Firgus discuss the old times and the girls they
used to ogle. Usually reminiscing while waiting outside of the local deli
for the senior ladies to return.


The gym teacher was given a severe reprimand and was given a one-year
suspension from teaching after her particularly dastardly treatment of
Shannon. The only thing that saved her job was Shannon, who spoke out about
the kindness that Miss Kelly had shown her at times. Because of this, the
gym teacher was suspended with pay and her position was held for her during
her year away.

Barbara felt awful afterwards and wrote Shannon, begging for the girl’s
forgiveness. Shannon was having a particularly awful day, especially since
her pubic hair, which Miss Kelly had forced her to shave, was coming in and
causing her awful itching and irritation. But Shannon saw through her own
discomfort and wrote a nice letter of forgiveness back to her former


The disciplinarian was given a letter of reprimand for carrying out the
orders that had been laid out by Mr. Jones. Shannon testified that Mr. Kelly
had never done anything inappropriate to her, but the school board found
that his actions were malicious anyway. Mr. Kelly was allowed to keep his
job though and the students noticed a definite difference in his demeanor.


The English teacher, who had always felt bad about the school’s treatment of
Shannon and had lodged several complaints to the Mr. Jones, came to see the
girl the day of the final punishment. She said she was terribly sorry that
she hadn’t done more to stop the craziness and would always feel bad about
what had happened. Shannon, of course, set the woman’s mind at ease,
thanking her for the hugs and attention, but most of all for the kindness
she had shown, the only kind she had received from any adult at the school.

Miss Edwards also went to the school board, backing up Shannon and Carrie’s
claims. It was all the collaboration needed to convince the board that Jones
was in the wrong. The woman was given the task of taking over as principal
on an interim basis…at the end of the year, with the full support of the
students, parents and faculty, she was named the permanent principal of St.

Of course, her first task as interim principal was to eliminate naked
punishments and humiliations. Her memo read: “no matter what, students must
be treated with the respect they deserve. Stripping them of their clothes,
and therefore their dignity, does not stay within the boundaries of decency
that any school should.”


The principal’s secretary assumed that she would be sent out after Mr. Jones
was no longer the principal. She had eagerly joined in with the man in the
humiliation of Shannon, delighting in putting the girl down. But it was her
change of heart after hearing about the “experiment” that saved her job.
Shannon remembered the kindness and concern and accepted the apology letter
sent to her by the woman. Miss Edwards decided to keep the woman on, as long
as her attitude towards the students changed. It did and she enjoyed a long
and happy career working under Miss Edwards.


Desperately trying to avoid another black eye on the Catholic Church, the
powers of the order in which he belonged begged the Malone’s to please keep
the situation with Fr. Haglin quiet. They promised retribution and transfer
of the man. Jack looked to Shannon for her approval and quickly got it…the
girl wanted nothing to do with publicity.

Fr. Haglin was assigned to a segment of the order that lived in the
mountainous region of Canada. There the priests lived a monastical life,
shunning all creature comforts, including clothes. Shannon received an
anonymous envelope in the mail, showing the priest struggling to plow a
field using animals and ancient tools…and of course the girl had to smile as
she saw the exertion on the man’s face and body as he did so in the frigid
temperatures while being nude and barefoot.


The principal knew his time was up when Jack Malone stormed into the school
and carried his nude and battered daughter out of the school that day. Why
he didn’t destroy the hours of videotape that he had collected of the nude
punishments and humiliations was a question on most people’s minds.

He was quickly removed from his office, given indefinite leave of absence
while the case was heard. While he was found guilty of misbehavior, etc, no
one could find serious criminal behavior by the man. While he had certainly
gone beyond the moral law of his job, he had not broken any of man’s laws.
He had been smart enough to maintain enough distance to each humiliation so
that he was following the letter of the law set down by the school
board…until Fr. Haglin’s experiment, which he blamed on the priest entirely.

However, his abuse of power was more than sufficient for the school board to
remove him as principal. But, he had received tenure the previous year,
making it impossible to get rid of him. The school board provided him the
opportunity to stay with the school but he was allowed no authoritative role
in the school. Miss Edwards named him director of audio/visual services,
basically making him the guy who teachers came to for requests such as VCRs,
DVDs, TVs, etc. He was allowed to continue employed at St. Mark’s as long as
he was never seen talking or interacting with a student except when the need
arose as part of his job…i.e., a student needing equipment, etc.

The school board also added a caveat…he could stay employed as long as he
followed the strict dress code imposed on just him. Therefore, the man
earned nearly $80,000 as the naked AV guy, walking the halls of the school,
his bare feet slapping against the cold tile while he delivered the
equipment to each classroom. The students laughed and pointed when they saw
his flabby belly and butt and his shriveled dick roaming through the halls.
They tortured the man, calling him names and playing tricks on him. Jones
put up with it, knowing that he would be unable to find work elsewhere,
especially not making the money he was. So every day, he was forced to feel
the way he had made Shannon, Carrie and the other nude students
feel…inferior and alone.

The first day he had been forced to strip had been dreadful…Miss Edwards had
called a special assembly and then called him up. The students were shocked
as the man slid off his suit coat and then removed his tie. He kicked off
his shoes and socks before nervously removing his shirt and pants. The
giggles from the crowd of students and teachers was overwhelming as he stood
there in a tank undershirt and boxers, his cock now rock hard and pointing
out of the fly. There were people pointing at him and he was humiliated.

“Alright Mr. Jones, I think you should know that your disrobing is not
complete…please finish and put your clothes in this bag.”

The man pulled off his undershirt, revealing a bigger belly than most people
thought he had. He then lowered the boxers and stood completely bare before
the school, the place where he had once ruled with an iron fist. Now he was
reduced to nothing.

>From the wings, Shannon and Carrie enjoyed the show. They shuddered at the
memory of their first stripping here in this room, but both were glad that
the principal was getting his. They were also happy to see that the man was
forced to stay naked during his drive to work and had to arrive at school
and leave the building nude, just as they had. Turnabout is fair play Mr.
Jones, they thought.


The girl, who had been so painfully shy and quiet before and during the nude
punishment, came completely out of her shell. She became an outspoken
advocate for the rights of women and girls, especially within the Catholic
Church. She volunteered at a local battered women’s shelter and started a
phone line at school where girls could call if they were in some trouble.
She figured that she and Shannon could have used a place like that when they
were in their lowest moments.

Carrie, who had always dreamed of going to NYU and pursuing acting, instead
decided on Brown. There she could still study acting and theatre while also
keeping her hand in counseling, something to fall back on…it was a win-win
situation, she figured since she loved doing both things!

She and Craig stayed together all through college. Craig went to school in
nearby Kingston, enrolling at the University of Rhode Island. The two became
inseparable, sealed by the fact that Craig was there for her when she was at
her lowest. A wedding is tentatively scheduled for June 2007, the summer
after they will graduate with Bachelor’s degrees.


While the physical pain and abuse healed quickly, the psychological and
spiritual damage done to the girl would always be known as nude Shannon was
slow to heal. Despite the fact that her schoolmates supported her, she could
never get beyond the fact that everyone there had seen her completely nude
and humiliated. She felt that everyone of them was undressing her in their
mind, seeing her nude body the way it had been before, not as it was now,
covered by the uniform of her school that every girl wore.

She had been surprised to learn that she was the choice to be senior class
president since she had not run. A covert write-in campaign had been set up
and she had beaten the real candidates by 2 to 1. But she never got to serve
in the office as she never returned to St. Mark’s.

That summer, she begged her father to send her to another school, any place
but St. Mark’s. When pressed for a reason, she broke down in sobs, telling
her father all of her fears and feelings. He needed to hear no more and
quickly agreed.

He and Colleen accompanied Shannon on a tour of private girls schools in the
area. She decided on Our Lady of Grace after meeting with some of the
teachers and students. Jack and Colleen discussed Shannon’s case with the
principal who agreed to keep it quiet. They decided she was in good hands
and immediately signed her up. Shannon used some of the money from Mr.
Firgus to pay the extra tuition…though her father told her that eh was
willing to pay for it, the girl wanted to do this herself for herself.

Shannon tearfully shared the news with Carrie. Though the two were saddened
at the thought they would be apart, both knew this was the only way. While
Carrie had gotten beyond her punishment and grown, she knew that Shannon’s
exposure and humiliation had been far worse and longer. She yearned to have
her old friend back, not this shell that had been in Shannon’s body for the
past few months.

The new school was exactly the thing that Shannon needed. Her self-esteem
returned and her grades, which had slipped a little during and after her
nude three weeks, skyrocketed. In just a few weeks at OLG, she was at the
top of the class and one of the most popular girls in the school.

In addition, her basketball skills had earned more notice. Instead of
concentrating on her nudity, coaches saw her as the player she truly was.
The end of the St. Mark’s season last year had seen her lead the team to the
playoffs and earn all-conference status. At Our Lady of Grace, she led the
squad to a berth in the state championship game, the school’s first. That
earned the attention of several coaches, including the woman at Brown who,
after also seeing her grades, offered the girl a full financial aid package
to attend the prestigious Ivy League school.

At Brown, she lived with Carrie, best friends reunited. The only time that
Shannon set foot on St. Mark’s grounds was to see her friend graduate on the
football field. She was filled with pride but also cried at the thoughts of
what might have been.

As for Mark, he never stopped loving and supporting her, even during those
dark days. He had stood with her when she was nude, when she was depressed
and angry immediately after the punishment and when she transferred schools.
He had accompanied her to every dance and formal that Our Lady of Grace had
and she had been his date at the formal proms and dances at the Academy. She
had been proud to see him graduate from high school and was glad to know
that he had chosen to go to school at Providence College in Rhode Island,
choosing to be closer to her once she went to Brown. That was his signal to
her that he intended them to be together for a long time.

He had proposed to her the night of her graduation party. While she cried
and thanked him for the honor, she declined. “Mark, I love you so much, but
I need to take care of myself for a while first. Let’s keep things the way
they are and then reconsider later.”

Mark understood and the two continued on as lovers and friends.

As Shannon wrote in her journal that night she got her clothes back: “They
thought they had beaten me, that my nudity revealed all of me to them. But
they were wrong…I was naked, but part of me was hidden. I can’t wait to find
that part of me again, to make up for all that they did to her. Now I can
just be me.”