Surprise Assembly

by katie



“Shannon, come on honey wake up.”

The girl heard the voice coming to her in her sleep. She tried to lift her
head off the pillow but she was wiped out. All of the exertion, both for
pleasure, work and punishment, had taken its toll on her and she was

She felt her comforter being pulled from her and the morning chill hit her
naked body. Shannon was the naked girl of St. Mark’s, spending every day of
her life without a stitch of clothing for six weeks after skipping school.
Tomorrow would end her third week of nudity.

“Come on Shannon, you are running late for school. You’ve already missed
your bus.”

It was her older sister Megan. Shannon sat bolt upright in her bed, her bare
breasts bouncing atop her slender frame. She looked over at the clock and
saw it was 8:05 and she needed to be in school in 25 minutes.

She flew out of bed, her bare feet making noise even on the carpeted floor
as she ran into the bathroom.

“Shit, I don’t have time to shower or shave,” she thought. This was not
going to be good as she had gym today and was sure that Miss Kelly would
notice her stubble and humiliate her. “There’s nothing I can do about it…I
can’t risk being late.”

She pulled her hair into a ponytail and rolled some deodorant onto her pits.
As she did, she noticed some hair growth there as well. “Shit,” she thought,
“this will definitely be noticed during gym.” Shannon resigned herself to
another round of humiliation during gym class but the punishment for being
late would completely outweigh anything that the gym teacher could do. Plus,
that would only be in front of 30girls but Mr. Jones, the principal, would
be sure to humiliate her in front of the entire school.

The nude teen ran out of the bathroom, grabbed her book bag, and ran down
the steps. Megan was waiting at the front door with a bagel and juice in a
travel mug.

“Come on, I’ll drive you to school. You might still make it.”

“God Meg, you’re a life saver.”

The older (and clothed) girl held the door open. The very naked Shannon
Malone noticed that the weather had turned cold again and the wind hitting
her felt the same as when she would have a rubber band snap against her
wrist. She winced at the cold but shouldered through to Megan’s waiting car.

She got to the car first and had to wait while her sister unlocked the
doors. The naked girl hunched over to try and stay warm, her arms wrapped
around her top, her knees trying to shield her sex and belly. It wasn’t
doing much good but it was better than just standing there and letting the
cold air belt her.

Finally she heard the lock on her door spring up and she quickly pulled the
door open and fell into the car. She gave a loud yelp as he bare ass and
legs came into contact with the cold seats.

“Christ Shannon, I’m sorry. I should have warmed the car up first. I never
thought of it,” Megan said apologetically.

“Oh course not, you are wearing a coat, sweatpants, socks, a sweater, what
do you care,” Shannon thought. But instead she just shivered and nodded her

Megan backed out of the driveway. She would have waited for the car to warm
up so that the heat was pumping better but she knew that they had to hurry.

“Sorry Shan, this might not warm up for the entire ride…this car is old and
it takes a while,” Megan said, her breath turning into a cloud as she spoke.
Again Shannon just nodded and began to rock back and forth, her arms crossed
over her breasts and her legs clamped tight together to keep her body heat.

As they pulled down their street and onto the main busy one, Shannon cursed
herself for oversleeping. It was her fault that she was suffering so…in fact
she was lucky Megan was still home from college or she might still be
sleeping and facing a terrible punishment.

“Meg, thhh-annks for ww-aaking me,” the shivering girl said.

The college girl looked at her sister and smiled.

“What time’s your class today,” Shannon asked, her teeth still chattering
but the heat finally piercing the cold air in the car.

“11. I’m leaving after I drop you off. It was nice being home with you for
the weekend…though I didn’t see you much.”

Both girls smiled…each knowing why Shannon wasn’t around much. She and Mark
had bonded wonderfully this weekend.

“So you guys are fucking each other now huh,” Megan said in a matter-of-fact
way that brought a gasp from her nude sister.

“What the hell kind of question is that,” Shannon asked, trying to sound

Megan laughed. “Come on little sister, you know that you are fucking him. I
saw your glow when we got home on Friday night and then I smelled it all
over the foyer and then you. You know I have a good nose!”

Shannon laughed a little. Megan always could smell everything. If they were
driving past someone smoking she would sniff the air and know it. Christ,
she remembered the time Megan had correctly predicted that Shannon had
gotten her period the first time she saw her. “I can smell it,” she had said

There was no use denying it then. “Yeah, we’re fucking. He took my virginity
on Friday night. It was wonderful.”

“Yeah, I thought so…from the looks of you and then that smell. And what
about Saturday and Sunday? Your breath smelled like it when you got home and
I saw some of his stuff on your puss.”

Shannon was mortified. She had thought that she had wiped everything off but
realized that had been foolish…they had fucked in his car after eating
dinner at the drive thru. He had wanted to shield her from having the
humiliation of being out to dinner but neither wanted to stay at her house.

They had decided on the McDonald’s Drive thru…then they would drive
somewhere, eat and do whatever else would come later. She had hidden in the
back of his Jeep as he placed the order and then paid for the food.
Technically she had broken her punishment but she didn’t care as she laid in
the back under a soft blanket that Mark had provided just for the occasion.

Once they were safely away from the glare of the restaurant, Shannon came
out and climbed back into the front seat, the smell of fries filling her
nostrils. She was hungry, despite eating those two slices of pizza at Mr.
Firgus’ house, and began scarfing the fries fro the bag. Realizing the scene
she was exhibiting to her boyfriend, she stopped, smiled and offered him

“Only if you feed them to me,” he said.

She gave him her sexiest smile and leaned over, swinging her bare left leg
over his crotch, and began to tease him with the fry. She took the tip and
traced the outline of his lips and then placed the tip just out of reach.
When he chomped to grab it, she moved it further and further away.

“Ask me nicely for it,” she said softly.

“Shannon, may I please have a fry,” he asked. She felt his cock pressing
against his jeans and she hoped he was still concentrating on the road as he
found them a dark, quiet location.

“Yes you may, good boy,” she said with a huge smile. With that, she pushed
the fry into his mouth and he gobbled it up.

She felt the car stop and looked out the window as Mark shut the headlights
out. There was nothing to see out the windows except pitch black.

“You wanted privacy,” Mark said. At that moment, Shannon left her seat and
straddled him, her nude pussy against his jean-covered penis. Using her
tongue she licked the salt off of his lips from the fry and then pressed her
lips against his tightly.

“Oh God Mark, can we fuck right now,” she asked in a whisper. “Please God,

She felt Mark’s hands near her pussy as he worked to free his penis from its
cover. In seconds she felt the organ pressing at her pussy, which was soaked
with her juices. In no time at all, he was past her entrance and in, filling
her until her clit was pressed against his pubic bone. His hair tickled her
bare organ as she rode him hard up and down…there was little finesse
involved, just pure animal sex and desire. She had been teased and denied
for too long…she was now taking control.

She came quickly, the events of the day overwhelming her. Being a teen boy,
he did too, filling her just after her orgasm, the thoughts of a gorgeous
nude girl riding his cock was more than enough for him to spew. They both
came with muted grunts, her hair sticking to her forehead in the front and
her length covering her face. His head was leaning back on the head rest as
he fell back in exhaustion.

She did not move, her entire body resting on him, his cock now softening in
her pussy. She was so happy and filled at this moment, she never wanted it
to end. After all of the crap thrown at her the last two days, Mark had
washed it all away with his love and support…and his sex.

“Holy shit, that was awesome,” she finally said, after the two had regained
their bearings.

“You’re not kidding, you are an amazing girl Shannon,” Mark said, lightly
kissing her neck.

With great effort, Shannon pushed her way off of the boy and slid back into
her seat. She could feel his cum leaking out of her and she quickly grabbed
a napkin and wiped it off.

“I brought some handi wipes…since I figured you might have a problem with
that, especially not wearing panties,” Mark said sheepishly.

She looked at him and smiled, her eyes getting used to the dark. “Aren’t you
thoughtful? I’m not sure if I should thank you or hit you. Obviously you
knew you were getting lucky with me tonight.”

“Well, I hoped!”

She grabbed the wipes and removed the sperm, mixed with her juices, that was
leaking out of her. When she looked over at Mark he was pulling his pants
off, leaving him naked from the waist down. He then pulled his shirt up over
his head and was as naked as she was.

“What’s this,” she asked with a mischievous grin.

“Why should you be the only one naked,” he replied.

The two laughed and eased into conversation as they ate. Shannon was
starving, quickly eating her two cheeseburgers and fries and then helping
herself to one of Mark’s chicken nuggets.

“Man you are hungry,” he said.

“You would be too after the day I’ve had,” she said, and then launched into
the story of her day. It was amazing, he thought. This girl, who was so
quiet in school now, loved to talk and he loved hearing her. She shared the
entire story of her day, from the breakfast when her hopes for clothes were
raised to the carnival and then the paint job.

He watched her as she talked. This girl, who always looked so pained in
public, was even more beautiful like this. When she had forgotten about her
nudity and was just being Shannon, she was completely animated and lively.
But when she was unable to get past being naked, she was quiet and reserved,
not wanting to draw any more attention to herself than her nudity already
did. He liked both Shannons but was glad that he was allowed to see this

“Mark, can I ask you something,” she had asked him.

“Anything,” he said, stroking her long hair.

“Will you still love me when I wear clothes?”

The boy wanted to laugh but the earnestness in her face made him pause. He
felt sure that she had labored over this question, had wondered whether he
truly loved her.

“Shannon, listen to me, ok,” he said as sternly as he could. She nodded.

“I liked you when I first met you…and I believe that you were wearing
clothes then,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong, I love you nude and even when
you get your clothes back on, I will want to see you like this as often as

That brought a smile to her face. “I am so happy you are saying this. I was
worried that you wouldn’t want me anymore if I wasn’t naked.”

The two hugged and he felt wetness on his shoulder…he guessed they were

“Mark, may I do something to you,” she asked quietly.


She reached over and turned his body so that she was between his spread
legs. She took his penis in her hand and began to masturbate him. He moaned
and she smiled, finally realizing the power that women can have over a man.
Then she bent at the waist and took him into her mouth slowly, enjoying the
taste of her first cock. Mark, who had been on his way to getting hard
again, suddenly turned rigid and he groaned.

Her mouth was so soft and so wet and so hot that it was not going to take
long. He cried out in pleasure and began to spurt into her mouth. She
swallowed him as he did so, surprised at the feeling but not minding the
taste at all. She had heard other girls describe it as tasting bad but it
was oddly pleasant.

“Oh God Shan, that was awesome. Thank you.”

She wiped her mouth free of the saliva that had leaked from her mouth as
they had gone there. “It was my pleasure.”

---“So, is he good.” Shannon shook her head and was back in that cold car
with her sister instead of hot and bothered in Mark’s Jeep.

“Uh, yeah, we had a great time.”

Shannon noticed that they were pulling into the parking lot. Hanging from
the main gate was a large sign, “First Female Wrestling Match Today at 4.”

“Oh God, what girl would want to wrestle,” Megan said laughing. “Seems

“Yeah, I wonder who it is,” Shannon said as the car pulled up to the steps.
She leaned over and gave Meg a kiss and a hug. “Thanks for saving me today.
I owe you.”

“Don’t mention it. And please, be careful with Mark. He seems like a sweet
kid but he is a boy and you know how they are.”

Shannon nodded, “I will, but I don’t think I have to worry. Mark is totally
cool. Do you promise not to tell Dad or Colleen or Jimmy.”

“I promise, but I already said something to Brig. She was up when I came
upstairs and I mentioned it. She was totally okay with it.”

“OK,” Shannon said, taking a deep breath to steel herself for another week
of humiliation at school. Her time off, really just Sunday, had gone too
fast. “See you in a couple of weeks when you get home again for Spring

She pushed the door opened and groaned at the cold wind that hit her. She
sprinted up the steps and into the warmth of the school, happy to be warm
but unhappy to be here again.

“Well, I see you are barely on time Miss Malone,” came a voice that she knew
belonged to Mrs. Phillips, the principal’s secretary who must have been
waiting for her at the door. Good, Shannon thought, let her wait for me.
“Mr. Jones would like to see you before school.”

She lowered her head at the words but went towards the principal’s office.


Shannon Malone was once again the only naked student at St. Mark’s. Rose,
Juli and Brad finished their nude punishments today...though Brad was
dressed when he entered the school, the girls had again arrived totally nude
but were permitted to dress in the hallway. Although Shannon had missed it,
the stories were told and retold.

Unlike Carrie’s redressing, which had been a private one in the principal’s
office, Mr. Jones had gathered the two nude girls at the front door, right
near the lobby where many students congregate in the morning.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please gather over here so that you all can witness
these two young girls getting their uniforms back.”

Not words you would hear in a regular high school, but St. Mark’s was unlike
any other high school in the world, except for this school named the
Cronberger Academy which was the basis for the new rules at SMHS. In
December, the school’s Board of Trustees, which included the mayor and city
council president, had voted to allow humiliation to be used as a punishment
at the school. This would include, but not be limited to, nudity.

Shannon had been the first person punished under the rule. She had skipped
school one day three weeks ago and called in a false sick call. For that,
she had earned six weeks of total nudity, a punishment that was extended to
her home as well.

Since then, several students, including her best friend Carrie, had been
under the punishment. But today, she would again be the only totally nude
student in the school, as Juli, Rose and Brad finished their punishments.
Carrie would spend one more day bottomless but would get her skirt back

Since part of the punishment was humiliation, Mr. Jones used every
opportunity to make things uncomfortable for the punished students to set an
example for other students. In truth, he relished the task, especially when
the punished students were female.

Of course, several students made their way over to where the principal stood
with the two naked girls. Though nude all last week and on Saturday, Juli
and Rose were mortified at all of these eyes being on them but worked hard
not to cover up and earn more punishment. Both girls realized after just a
week that they would do anything to avoid more nudity.

“Now, girls, can you tell everyone why you have been naked for the last

“We helped someone cheat on a test,” Rose said, her voice quivering.

“Yes you did…was it worth it Miss McKenzie?”

“No Sir, not at all,” Juli responded softly. Her face was tilted down and
she was able to see all that the boys and girls gathered were seeing.

“Excellent. Ladies and gentlemen, you will see that these two young ladies
have learned their lessons well. Therefore, they are hereby allowed to wear
clothing again, beginning today.”

Both girls chest heaved with relief that their ordeal was near over.

“Here you go…you may put on your socks. These are yours Juli and these are
yours Rose.”

The man threw the rolled up socks at the girls feet and they quickly reached
down for them, dying to end this misery. Both girls sat right down on the
floor, their bare butts against the cold tile. In their haste to put the
socks on, neither girl thought to turn away from the crowd. That gave the
assembled students an unimpeded look at their pussies as they spread to put
their socks on.

“Ok, girls, before you get back on your feet, here are your shoes.”

He placed the two pairs of saddle shoes in front of the girls and again they
put them on, keeping their legs spread open for all to see.

“Here are your panties. These are Juli’s and these belong to Rose.”

Again he threw the material at their feet and they quickly bent over to grab
them. Both girls unintentionally moaned at the feel of the fabric against
their bare sexes and at the pleasure of being covered.


The girls again dove for the undergarments, sliding them on their arms and
clasping them in the back. Rose had to maneuver her breasts into the cup, a
scene that was causing several boys to come to attention.


This was the first amount of real cover the girls had worn in school in a
week and both scurried to grab at them. Both sets of hands were shaking as
they did the buttons up. Finally, the girls had done it and were covered
completely from the waist up.

“And skirts.” Disdainfully the man dropped the skirts at their feet and
walked away. The girls quickly stepped into the skirts and pulled them up.
For the first time in seven days, they were as dressed as every other girl
in the school. Their long ordeal was over.

The two girls hugged to the cheers of the assembled boys and then made their
way out of the foyer and to their lockers to start another day. And Juli was
right, they had learned their lesson and would never get in trouble again.

Now Shannon knelt in Mr. Jones’ office, waiting for the man to come in. She
hated him and all that he had done to her. He had enjoyed her misery more
than she had thought any person could…he loved seeing her in humiliating
positions and creating more misery for her. She knew that this Monday
morning meeting would not end good for her.

Finally the man walked in, his gray business suit brushing against her nude
body as he passed her.

“Good morning Miss Malone,” he said, leering at the nude girl kneeling
before him.

“Good morning Mr. Jones,” she said softly. Despite herself, she felt unable
to stand up to this man, to show any kind of reaction but meek subservience.
Maybe it was the fact that she was nude in his office while he was dressed
authoritatively in a three-piece suit. Or maybe it was the fact that she had
to kneel in his presence while he sat high up in an executive chair. Either
way, she felt it and was unable to fight through it.

“Well, back to being the only naked student in school…I guess that makes you
proud,” he said smiling.

“No Sir, I hate it,” she said, again meekly.

“I’m sure you do Miss Malone, I am sure you do.”

He turned in his chair and looked out the window just as the bell rang to
signal the beginning of class. She wondered if he was looking for more
victims to have serve a nude punishment for being late. Amazingly, tardiness
and cutting school was nearly non-existent after Shannon’s punishment. This
was not good news to the silent majority who had hoped that the humiliations
and degradations would fail and the school could go back to normal.

“Well, Miss Malone, tomorrow is the halfway point. Do you have anything to

Her mind started to whirl. Was this monster giving her a chance to beg for
forgiveness and her clothes back? Even just a part of her uniform would
help…even just shoes and socks so that her poor hardened feet could be
covered and feel warmth and soft.

“Sir, I am so terribly sorry for skipping school, you have no idea. And
calling in that sick call was completely irresponsible and could have caused
me great harm. These three weeks have taught me that Sir and I promise that
I will never, ever do anything that will get me into this kind of trouble. I
promise to be a good girl, like I was before.”

The girl was talking quickly, tears streaming out of her eyes and down her
cheeks. This was her moment, her moment to beg for forgiveness, to break his
heart of stone. She worked every female trick in the book, tears, begging
and then, when all else fails, a pouty lip and quivering chin. She felt her
tears dripping onto her bare breasts but ignored the feeling, not wanting to
break her momentum.

“Well, Miss Malone, you make a very convincing argument. Maybe I could be
convinced to be a bit more lenient in my judgment,” he said, standing up and
walking around the desk so that he was inches from the girl, his crotch at
the level of her mouth. Her eyes got wide, he couldn’t possibly be expecting
her to…

“Miss Malone, get your mind out of the gutter! I am a respected educator who
values his job…and frankly having you suck me off doesn’t seem worth the

He leaned back against the desk and now towered over the naked, kneeling
girl. “No Miss Malone, I did not finish my last sentence. Perhaps I could be
convinced to be more lenient in my judgment if…”

The girl kneeled up straight, not wanting to miss a word of her salvation.

“…if I didn’t believe that my credibility at this school would be completely

The principal smiled as he watched the girl deflate. Her body slouched so
that her bare ass was resting on the soles of her feet. Her chest started
heaving as the tears turned to sobs at her brief glimpse of clothes torn

“Oh well, I suppose you will have to grin and `bare’ it, pun intended,” he
said laughing.

He stood up and walked around behind his desk again. He put on his glasses
and began reading papers on his desk.

Shannon got off her knees and stood up.

“Where are you going Miss Malone,” the man said, looking at her above his

“Sir, I thought you were finished with me,” she said softly.

“Miss, I am a man who speaks his mind. Trust me when I tell you that I will
let you know when I no longer need your services. Kneel back down and I will
finish with you in due time. You are not the only thing I deal with all day
Miss Malone.”

Redfaced, the girl slumped back down to her knees onto the scratchy floor to
wait. She desperately wanted to leave this man’s office, even though leaving
meant exposing herself to her schoolmates. At least out there she felt she
had a fighting chance.

RING! “Phillips here. Yes John, how is everything at Central High?”

Shannon tried to tune out the conversation but it was all she had to listen
to or keep her mind occupied.

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. What’s her name, Cindy?…Yeah, she must one
hell of a girl. What weight class is she?…130, yeah, I think our girl is
about that…No, she’s never wrestled before but she’s athletic so she’ll be
fine. Couldn’t have one of our boys wrestle Cindy now could we?…alright
John, see you this afternoon.”

The man hung up the phone and went back to his papers. His conversation had
intrigued her…she wondered who the girl was that would be wrestling
Central’s girl wrestler. It would be someone about her weight, since she was
roughly 120. And an athlete like her…she just couldn’t think of anyone.

“Well, Miss Malone, it’s time for you to start your day. There has been a
slight change to your schedule.”

The girl inwardly winced, knowing that this would be most unpleasant.

“You can hurry along to Biology class and then gym. Then you may grab your
lunch and hustle to the boy’s gym. There you will meet  Coach Jackson for a
quick lesson on wrestling. Then, instead of English in eighth period, head
back to the boys gym for some instruction before the meet.”

She was hearing his words but not quite comprehending.

“But, why,” she stammered.

“Come on, you cannot be that dense,” he said, looking at her blank face.
“Shannon, you are St. Mark’s newest wrestler.”


“Shannon, you are St. Mark’s newest wrestler.”

Those words had shook her. She had no desire to wrestle, thought the sport
was asinine and barbaric. Now she was being told she had to wrestle.

The nude girl stood up without thinking.

“No, I can’t, no way, I’ve never done that before. I hate wrestling and I’m
naked…this is disgusting!”


The girl stood there, unsure of what to do. She was tired of being pushed
around by this man, but she knew she barely had a leg to stand on. She was
unsure of whether she could trust her father would back her for standing up
to the principal and getting kicked out of school wasn’t a good alternative.
And of course, she would not be able to stand three more weeks of hell.

But the anger boiled inside of her. Who the hell was this man to make her do
these things, these incredibly degrading, humiliating things? But
instinctively, she knelt back down on the carpet.

“Now, I will forgive your momentary outburst because of the emotional stress
I know your punishment has caused,” the man calmly said to the naked girl
with her breasts heaving. “However, you will wrestle today and you will do
it to the best of your ability. I do not want to lose to Central simply
because they decide to include a girl on their team. Every other team in
this league has forfeited a match rather than have one of their boys wrestle
her. We will not forfeit…because you will wrestle her.”

The man sat back down. “Now, give it your all or I guarantee you that what
has happened to you these last three weeks will be a pleasant memory
compared to what I do to you in your last year and a half. Do we understand
each other?”

The girl stared at the man, disbelieving how awful he could be. The
principal stared right back, not yielding an inch to this naked girl.
Finally, Shannon looked down at the floor and said, “yes, I understand.” As
she did, a slow smile formed over the principal’s face as he knew he had
broken her yet again.

“Good, now you may go. And tell Fr. Magee I said hello.”


She had known that she would be punished for not having completely smooth
pubes, armpits and legs. She had shaved on Sunday but already some stubble
was showing when she arrived at school. She had been warned that she would
face discipline from her gym teacher if she did not keep it completely bare.
She had woken too late this morning to shave and had paid for it.

She had again been tightly tied to the gyn chair that had been designed
especially for her, it seemed. Again she was forced to lay there completely
exposed while her class watched her being shaved with the cheap plastic
razor. Right away, from the digging and the cheap plastic, she knew that her
pussy was going to be red and painful.

The lesson then turned ugly…Miss Kelly began to discuss alternative methods
of birth control.

“Girls, we know that many unwanted pregnancies can be avoided with proper
care. Today, we are going to learn about ways to prevent pregnancy.”

The scene would have been comical to Shannon if she were not such a
degrading part of it. A teacher, not much older than them, was standing in
front of a class of roughly 30 girls in their gym tees and shorts explaining
to them the dangers of teen pregnancy while a naked classmate was tied and
spread on a gyn chair behind them.

Just then, the gym doors opened and several boys pushed through, bringing
with them a wall of noise.  Shannon was mortified and closed her eyes but it
didn’t stop the onslaught.

“Wonderful timing Coach Torry,” Miss Kelly said.

“Thanks for the invite Barb…I think this is something boys should know about
as well.”

“You are right…okay guys, take a seat up here. Make sure you can see as well
as the girls can.”

The boys took seats in the bleachers, some easing into seats wedged next to
girls and others sitting on the gym floor, with Shannon slit at their eye

“Good, now we are here to discuss what women can do to prevent pregnancy.
Now, since we are a Catholic school, we must first stress that abstaining
from sex is the only 100 percent way of avoiding pregnancy.”

The students all groaned. They had heard this talk from their parents and
teachers since they were eight.

“However, we know that several of you are not going to take that advice and
will engage in premarital sex, which we must say is a sin according to our
church. But, since you will anyway, we would like to help you avoid unwanted

While the teacher was speaking, Shannon looked out at the group. Most of the
girls were watching Miss Kelly, well used to seeing Shannon in this
position. But most of the boys were seniors and had very little contact with
Shannon. They were soaking in this very explicit view of what should be the
private region of any girl.

“All of the things that we are going to demonstrate here are things that the
girl can be responsible for. For boys there are just condoms. For girls of
course there is the pill, which is birth control. A girl must take these
pills every day for them to be effective.”

She then launched into a discussion of several other options, including the
diaphragm, a female condom and a douche. Of course, nothing was 100 percent

After she described all of the items, she then demonstrated how to use each
item. Of course this was where Shannon’s humiliation was compounded. She was
forced to lay there while Miss Kelly and then several “volunteers” stuffed
each item into her bare pussy. And the douche felt so weird as it was done
time and again.

“Alright class, thank you for your attention. And boys, remember that you
are as responsible for preventing pregnancies as the girls are. Be careful
if you engage in premarital sex.”

The group got up and several people thanked the teachers loudly. Many of the
boys passed close by Shannon on their way out and made leering looks at her.

“Thanks Barb…I think the boys got a lot out of this discussion. I know that
I did.”

“My pleasure,” said Miss Kelly. As she was about to remove the condom, the
last item that had been demonstrated, when the phone in her office rang.
“Stay right there Shannon.”

She had said it without thinking and then laughed as she rushed to get her
phone. That left the naked girl with Coach Torry.

“Well Shannon, this is an interesting situation. Your poor pussy looks
pretty red and inflamed. Does it hurt?”

Shannon could not believe that this big man was standing there and expecting
her to openly discuss her pussy with him. This is something that a man would
never ask a clothed girl but since her body was so on display, she was fair

“Yes Coach, it does hurt a lot. Miss Kelly shaved me dry before you guys
came in and all of that stuff put inside made it worse.”

The man nodded and stared intently at the girl’s slit. She was mortified as
he looked at her, in more of a clinical way but still intently.

“I haven’t seen many of these, but yours is certainly very nice. It seems
very wet…is that normal for you,” he asked.

OH GOD, she thought. “Um, I guess so. I think it was kind of self-defense
after Miss Kelly was putting things inside. It figured it had better get wet
and fast.”

The man continued his stare. “Fascinating,” he whispered when Miss Kelly
returned. Shannon gave a sigh of relief, afraid of where the man was heading

“Sorry Coach. If you give me a second, I can get Shannon undone here and we
can grab some lunch.”

The man and woman looked at each other and smiled. “Sure, I’d like that,”
Coach Torry answered. Shannon felt like she was intruding on a private
moment but was unable to do anything about that. She felt the stickiness at
her slit run out as Miss Kelly removed the condom. Then she felt two pairs
of hands at her ankles, untying the rope. It made her uncomfortable to feel
the man’s hands on her but he was nothing but professional. They then undid
her hands and she was free for the first time in 90 minutes.

Without a word to her, the two teachers walked out, leaving her to get off
the table herself and shake some life back into her limbs. Finally she got
the feeling back into her feet and hands and began the journey into the
locker room for her bag and then the quick trek to the cafeteria for lunch.
She knew that what was in store for her during lunch and wanted nothing to
do with it.



The naked girl walked her aching body into the cafeteria to quickly get some
nourishment. She had not eaten breakfast and her ordeal in gym had been
painful. Now she had a few minutes to grab lunch and head to the gym.

She decided that a light lunch would be best. Even though she was starving,
she figured that she would be involved in strenuous physical activity that
day and wanted to avoid anything fried. She grabbed at an already prepared
salad, a package of dressing and a water.

She had to stand in line with a group of boys who were verbally harassing
her. She cringed and tried to block it out, looking straight ahead at the
food under the lights.

“Come on up here girl, no use waiting in line with those scum,” she heard a
voice say. It was Estelle, the woman who had taken care of her earlier when
she was forced to work in the kitchen.

“That’s on the house honey, take it east today,” the woman said with an easy
smile. Shannon mouthed the words “thank you” and moved out of the busy area
and down the hall to the boys’ gym. She desperately wished she could avoid
the wrestling from the afternoon but knew that there was no way around it.

She pushed through the doors and saw that the gym floor was covered with
wrestling mats. She had been to just a few wrestling meets in her three
years at St. Mark’s, including the one where she had to nude cheerlead for
two weeks ago. She hated wrestling and SMHS wasn’t very good at it. In fact,
the school had just two winning seasons in 15 years of wrestling and rarely
had anyone make the state tournament. The meets drew flies, mostly just
parents and some assorted friends. Even the girls’ basketball team had a
better attendance than the wrestlers.

She saw four wrestlers stretching on the mat, under the guidance of Coach
Reynolds, the varsity wrestling coach. Rumor had it that he had wrestled in
one of the Olympics, but he had never lived up to that glory. He coached at
St. Mark’s part-time and owned a gym in town but spent most of time
womanizing and marrying. Rumor had it he was on wife number four and about
to be divorced from her.

The door slammed shut behind her, drawing the attention of the five men.
Shannon wanted to roll up into the floor and hide but let that thought pass.
After all, the four boys had probably not only seen her but had touched her
at the carnival. But she knew it was about to become much more intimate.

“Oh look boys, our new wrestler is here,” Coach Reynolds said in a mocking
tone. “Come her girl and let’s get you acquainted with the sweet science of

Shannon walked towards where the action was, her book bag on her shoulder
and her lunch in her hands. Her bare feet did not make a sound on the soft
mats, which felt so smooth and good after a day of walking on concrete and

“Now Girl, sit down right here on the mat…and put your food aside. There is
no food on my mat. What kind of fool are you?”

“But, Mr. Jones said…”

“I don’t give a rat’s ass what Mr. Jones said or did not say young lady.
This is my gym and my mats and he can kiss my ass if he doesn’t like it.”

The boys smiled as Shannon took a step back. They had heard all of Reynolds’
bluster before. Most people coaching girls were much nicer than boys
coaches…Shannon was about to get a bit of culture shock.

“Now these young men have agreed to show you some of the moves of wrestling.
We have a chance to beat those pricks from Central and I do not want you to
mess things up. It’s bad enough they are making a mockery out of the sport
by letting one of you wrestle, but I will not let us lose because our cun, I
mean girl wasn’t good enough to beats theirs.”

The boys laughed at the near use of vulgar language by Coach Reynolds. The
man was nearly going into contortions trying not to say anything bad about
women but he was a known misogynist and they were sure he would slip up in
front of Shannon.

“Now, these gentlemen are going to demonstrate some holds for you to follow.
Please try and pay attention, I know how quickly you girls can lose focus.”

The boys started to laugh and Shannon boiled. How the hell did this guy
think he was? Women were making great strides in the world of sports, even
wrestling. She was going to show this pig what women could do.

She watched as the man put the boys through some basic drills, lecturing the
girl on the proper holds etc. She forgot her nudity briefly as the man
pushed her mentally…she had never been more sure that a man wasn’t paying
any attention to her nudity than she was with this man, this pig who hated
women. What a strange moment…he was so absorbed in his coaching that he had
no time to waste gawking her.

And neither did the wrestlers…Coach Reynolds did not allow pleasure to
interfere with his time. They moved around per his instructions, working out
the finer techniques of the hold, trying to please this washed-up former

Finally, Coach stopped and all attention came back to Shannon. She noticed
that the boys were sweaty messes, they singlets dripping wet. They grabbed
water from bottles near the side and then stood there, making up for lost
time by devouring her nude body. She had forgotten that look for a few
minutes but it came rushing back to her.

“Alright men, meet back here during eighth period. You can really work on
these moves with what’s her name.”

The boys headed out of the gym, leaving Shannon with Coach Reynolds. She was
too scared to move, unknowing of what this man had in store for her.

“Cunt-I mean, you. What are you waiting for? Go and finish your lunch and go
to class. See you back here during eighth period.”

With that he turned and walked away towards the area of the coaches’
offices. She was shocked at how he talked to her…no one had ever called her
a cunt before…well, certainly not a coach or a teacher. She should have him
fired, she thought, but knew she had no leg to stand on. It was the word of
a respected coach against one of a nude girl. Everyone would probably assume
she was at fault.

She grabbed her salad and rushed out of the gym. She went into the cafeteria
and found Carrie working to clean the tables without her.

“Shannon, where have you been,” the bottomless girl asked. It was Carrie’s
last day without a skirt and she was desperately working to avoid more

“I was in the boy’s gym.”

Carrie dropped her washcloth and looked at Shannon with her eyes wide open.
“Christ, you are the girl wrestling today aren’t you?”

Shannon nodded. “Oh God, this is so terrible for you,” Carrie continued.
“Mr. Jones is such an asshole.”

Shannon sat down to eat her lunch and fill her best friend in on the events
of the morning. Carrie listened the best she could while trying to finish
the tables. She was just about to wash off the last table when the bell
rang. She stood up straight in fear and then quickly leaned back over and
did her best to finish the table in case no one noticed she was late.

“Miss Bartlett, I would have thought that you would have done everything in
your power to avoid punishment today,” Mr. Kelly, the disciplinarian said.

“But Mr. Kelly, I was doing it alone and--”

“That’s enough Carrie. I know that Shannon was not here to complete the
punishment so I am not going to punish you…” a smile of hope crept onto the
girl’s face “…too much.”

Her smile was gone in an instant. “Tomorrow, you will strip nude before
lunch and stay that way all three lunch periods. Then, you will clean every
table every period. If you complete that punishment, then you will be free
for lunch. Otherwise, we add a day to it.”

Carrie was devastated. Tomorrow was going to be her first day covered in two
weeks…now she was going to be more exposed.

“Sir, may I help her clean,” Shannon asked.

“Only during the period that you have lunch. Otherwise, Miss Malone, you are
expected to be in your class. Like the one you should be heading to right

Shannon jumped out of the cold chair in which she was sitting. She had
become unused to going to class the last few days and took off for math
class. Poor Carrie was crying as she followed her best friend. Tomorrow,
they would again be nude together.


Shannon was sobbing as she got on the scale. The bleachers were full, as
expected, and her humiliation on display for all.

We were just minutes before the match and Shannon knew she had no shot
against Mary Brennan, the wrestler for Central. The nude girl had spent all
of eighth period being pushed and shoved and grabbed and squashed by her
teammates, all trying to teach her the ways of wrestling. Coach Reynolds
yelled and screamed a her, calling her, “the dumbest fuckhole known to
mankind.” She had cringed and withdrawn from him, making the whole process
even worse.

The boys had shown her no mercy, pulling her arms behind her harshly,
pushing her bare breasts and face into the mat. She had knees forced up hard
against her groin as the boys pinned her to the mat. All four wrestlers had
their way with her for the 40-minute class, exhausting her, pushing her
beyond her limits.

Finally, the bell rang and the “practice” was over. She felt like she had
been run over…she took an inventory of her body and found red marks from the
burns of her breasts rubbing against the rubber. Her knees were bruised, her
thighs were fire red and her face was scratched. She looked and felt like a
rape survivor.

“Jesus fucking Christ, what the fuck did Jones do to me? He gave me the most
untalented fuckhole in the God damn school.”

“Coach, please stop…”

“Stop what? Stop yelling at you? Would that help cunt? Frankly, I don’t see
it working. In fact, I think I may yell louder. YOU ARE THE MOST UNTALENTED

Shannon ran away from the man in mid-tirade, heading for the relative
security of the girl’s locker room. She went into a stall and sat down. She
quickly put her head in her hands, resting her elbows on her knees, and

She had no idea how long she had sat there, but wished that it was long
enough for the meet to be over and everyone to have gone home. She
desperately wanted this whole thing to end.

Suddenly, she saw sneakered feet standing outside her stall…she breathed a
small sigh of relief when she saw the feet belonged to a small girl.

“Shan, Shannon, it’s me Melissa. Can you open the door?”

The freshman standing outside the stall door was worried about Shannon. She
had seen the nude girl run out of the boy’s gym and down the steps. Melissa
had followed her and waited while the girl sat on the toilet. She heard the
sobbing and wanted to give Shannon some space, but also knew that things
would get worse if the naked girl did not wrestle.

She heard the latch on the stall door slide and the door push open. She saw
her friend sitting naked on the toilet, head in hands, her eyes puffy and
red. She looked so small and helpless that Melissa just wanted to hug her
and help her. The girl, already dressed in her practice clothes, knelt on
the tile floor in front of Shannon.

“Shan, come on, this can’t be the end of you. Coach Reynolds and Mr. Jones
are assholes and you know it. Don’t let them beat you.”

Shannon looked up, resignation and gloom in her eyes.

“Mel, it doesn’t matter what I do today because tomorrow, they just throw
more awful stuff at me. Every day I think, it can’t get worse and then it
does. I hate them, I hate me and most of all, I hate BEING NAKED!” The last
words echoed though the bathroom.

Even in the first days of her nude punishment, Melissa had never seen
Shannon like this. This was a defeated, broken girl not the Shannon that
Melissa had always admired.

“OK then, fuck it then,” Melissa said, her face inches from Shannon’s.
“Don’t wrestle, let Jones fuck up your life and then you have made the last
three weeks completely useless. You leave school anyway but they get the
satisfaction of knowing they broke you and they won. Jones, Gorbo, Haglin,
all of them pricks win and YOU LOSE!”

Shannon’s eyes went from pain and despair to anger. She pushed Melissa
backwards so that the girl fell out of the stall.

“What does it matter Melissa. They tried to break me and they did. So fine,
now what? Do I just go and do whatever they want, knowing that no matter
what I do, it will never get any better? It’s been three weeks and I have
been naked the whole time and you know what, it still sucks, it still hurts,
it’s still fucking humiliating. SO LEAVE ME ALONE!” Shannon pushed the stall
door shut with a slam and began sobbing again.

Melissa didn’t know what to do. What she did know was that she needed
reinforcements. She rushed out of the locker room and up to the girls gym
where several of their teammates were warming up. She explained the
situation and they huddled together to try and develop a plan.

Meanwhile, Shannon sat there, alone in her misery. Inside she felt bad about
pushing Melissa and would apologize to the younger girl later. She wasn’t
really pushing her, she was just lashing out at anyone. The poor girl was
just trying to help but Shannon was beyond help.

She just wanted to stop the world, put some clothes on and then move away,
far away from this mess. In her dreams, she and Mark would move to the West
Coast, maybe a warm location like San Diego or a cool place like Seattle. Or
maybe an island, where she would still be naked but so would Mark, the two
of them living their lives on an uninhabited island far away from wandering
eyes. Being naked with just Mark didn’t bother her. Sometimes she still got
embarrassed when he was there among others but he always put her at ease.

She was still sitting there with her eyes closed when she heard banging on
the stall door. “MISSY, LEAVE ME ALONE!”

Just then she looked and saw bare feet, possibly 16 or 18 bare feet, on the
tile floor. She knew they were girls and wondered what was going on. Shannon
slowly opened the stall door and peered out. Standing there were nine
members of her basketball team and they were completely naked. She saw the
different bodies, from the very petite Melissa to the bigger Heather. All
stood tall, their breasts thrust out.

“What the hell is going on,” she asked.

“Well, Mel told us about your problem, and this is the answer,” said Juli,
the team captain. “You hate being naked because you are all alone. But when
we got naked for practice, you didn’t feel so bad, right?”

Shannon nodded, wondering where this was going.

“Well, today you have to go out and do something completely humiliating and
degrading and you have to go out there alone. But, we will be in the stands,
cheering our hearts out for you, dressed just like this.”

Tears again came out of Shannon, but this time they were relief. Her friends
were right…the worst part wasn’t the nudity, it was being all alone and

“Oh God, you guys are unbelievable. You’ll really do this?”

They all nodded. “In fact, we already have started,” Heather said, her large
breasts jutting out on her chest. “Our clothes are strewn all over the
girl’s gym and we walked here nude.”

Shannon went over to Melissa and gave her a huge bear hug, feeling the
girl’s small bumps digging into her own chest. “Thanks for not giving up on
me Miss…I owe you big time.”

The girls parted and smiled. “We go together,” Juli said as Shannon walked
towards the boy’s gym.

And what a sight it was. The wrestling gym was full and a huge gasp went up
from the crowd as the mass of nude girl flesh entered through the side door.
The boys had gathered wanting to see one nude girl wrestling and were now
being rewarded by 20 naked tits and 10 pussies.

“What is the meaning of this,” Mr. Jones said menacingly. Shannon started to
back down but Juli spoke up. “We’re Shannon’s cheering section! We want to
be like her so we got naked. Any girl that wants to join us in the nude,
come on over.”

The nine friends stormed across the mats towards an area of open bleachers.
Shockingly several other girls walked towards them. Out of no where, the
sight of uniforms being removed and jeans being dropped and shirts pulled up
was everywhere. Soon there was piles of clothes, bras, panties, socks,
sneaks, saddle shoes, everything that the girls had worn was now on the
floor and they sat naked. Now there were almost 50 naked girls amongst the
clothed crowd of wrestling fans.

“What the hell is this shit,” Central’s coach said with a sneer. Coach
Reynolds laughed. “I don’t know, but I like it.”


Shannon, buoyed by the presence of her friends and the support of the other
random girls (though she assumed that some were just exhibitionists), walked
towards Coach Reynolds.

“Coach, you were a real prick to me this afternoon and I didn’t deserve it,”
she said. The coach seemed surprised that the nude girl was reacting to him.
“But, I am not going to let the team down by not showing up. I may lose but
I will do my best.”

“GO SHANNON! WHOO WHOO!” Shannon smiled at the distinctive yell of Juli. She
looked over and saw Carrie standing nude among the other girls. This was
getting way too crazy!

“Fine, go and warm up. You are wrestling in the 125 lb weight class.”

“Wait a second Reynolds,” Central’s coach said. “I don’t see her weight on
the weigh-in sheet. How do I know she’s really under 125 pounds.”

“Come on Sheeney, do you really think for one second that this body carries
more than 125 pounds?”

“How the hell would I know, I’m not some guesser on the friggin Boardwalk.
Either she weighs in or you forfeit that match. I’m not letting our Mary go
onto the mat with someone out of her weight class.”

Reynolds shook his head and looked angry. “This is a lousy friggin stunt to
upset our confidence Ben. You are really low.”

The other coach smiled.

“Alright, let’s go weigh her,” Coach Reynolds said.

“No, I can’t leave the floor without my team.”

“Fuck Ben, the weigh-in room isn’t that big.”

“Well, bring the scale here. Let’s get it over with so we can wrestle.”

Shannon stood there, unsure of what to do. They weren’t serious, were they?
Were they really going to weigh her in front of hundreds of people? Then she
saw Carl lugging the scale into the gym and she cringed. This was an even
worse humiliation for a girl…the nudity was horrible but to have everyone
know what you weigh just heaped on the degradation.

Instead of leaving it in the corner by the door, where they could do it
semi-privately, the Central coach demanded that the scale be brought to the
center of the gym.

“Alright young lady, hop on that scale so that we know that you belong in
your weight class,” he said loud enough for everyone to hear him.

There was silence in the room as everyone watched the nude girl pad over to
the scale on her bare feet and step up. The only sound was the dial of the
scale being adjusted. “122, no, 121. OK, she fits into the weight class,
though most people that we weigh have clothes on.”

The final dig. The scale was removed from the room and the match was ready
to begin. Coach Reynolds called the team into a huddle. Shannon felt the
press of male bodies all around her, smelled their sweat. For some odd
reason, this turned her on tremendously. She saw them dressed in their
singlets and wondered why she didn’t come to wrestling meets more often.

“OK fellas…and you…we need this meet desperately. Don’t let all of these
fucking tits and pussies make you nuts. Concentrate,” he said and then,
looking at Shannon, “we have a lot to overcome.”

The team put their hands together and with a low grunt yelled “TEAM.”
Shannon sat on the bench for the first three matches…she was the fourth
match. Just as had been the case at the away wrestling match at Mercy
Catholic, the other team was flustered by the nudity and St. Mark’s won the
first three matches.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the 125-pound match. For Central, Mary
Brennan and for St. Mark’s, Shannon Malone.”

Everyone sat up and took notice of the nude girl and her uniformed opponent
stepping on the mat. Mary had been practicing all season but had not had a
match in a real competition because every team had forfeited her weight
class rather than send a boy up to wrestle against her. St. Mark’s had
planned to do the same until Mr. Jones stepped in and found a suitable
replacement. Anything was better than forfeiting, Reynolds thought, so he
was open to the idea.

The two girls eyed each other up as they waited for the referee to begin the
match. Shannon was surprised when she saw Mary in person. Her first thoughts
had been that her opponent would be a butch lesbian. After all, no
self-respecting girl would want to wrestle against boys anyway, or so she
narrowly thought. But Mary was a lot like Shannon, cute, petite, tall and
thin, very athletic. She stood there in the same form-fitting uniform as her
male teammates, the only concession to her femininity being a tank top that
she wore over her bra.

Mary stood there in unfamiliar territory. She was the enemy among
everyone…her teammates had yet to accept her and neither had her coach…he
only took her after being forced to by a school district lawyer. Now she was
on the road, facing off against this naked girl who was obviously being
forced to wrestle her. That plus the sellout crowd, including the nude girls
in the corner who were screaming for her opponent at the top of their bare
lungs, made her knees quiver.

“OK, wrestle,” came the signal from the referee. The two girls warily came
towards each other and grabbed around the shoulders. Within seconds, Mary
had Shannon on the mat, the Central girl’s bare legs working to pin the
naked girl. But Shannon was quick and, though new to the sport, athletic
enough to ease out of it and get to her bare feet.

Her move brought a roar from the crowd, especially the nude cheering
section, operating under the direct supervision of Mr. Jones who was unable
to do anything about it. After all, he had encouraged this behavior by the
nude punishments.

The two girls squared off again and this time, Shannon was on top, her bare
breasts squashed against the back of the other girl who fought desperately
to get to her feet. Shannon had her arm around the girl’s neck, trying to
keep her in a headlock as she had been taught. But, just as she released for
a second to get a better grip, Mary got out of the hold and used her legs to
pull Shannon down and she was quickly on top of her.

Then it happened so quickly that no one even saw it coming…Shannon was on
her back with her legs in the air and Mary was pinning her. The referee
counted the nude girl out and ended the match, raising the Central girl’s
arm in the air.

Right away Mary went to Shannon helped her up. “You were tough, I don’t know
how you do it,” she said to the nude, who was suffering from the pain of the
match along with humiliation of losing.

Mary bounded off towards her cheering teammates who hugged her. She was
finally accepted after her first pin.

Meanwhile, the very naked, ashamed and hurt Shannon walked miserably back to
her team. She expected nothing but was shocked when Coach Reynolds came off
the bench, put his arm around her neck and helped her to the bench.

“That took guts, kid, lots of them. You’re alright in my book.”

Shannon was surprised as she took the seat next to the coach. She accepted
congratulations from the boys on the team and was handed a towel by the
manager who smiled at her. She smiled back and wiped the sweat off her face
and body but being careful not to cover herself in any way after seeing Mr.
Jones eying her carefully. She turned and saw her naked girls and smiled,
giving a big thumbs-up! They responded with a huge cheer and, in unison,