Surprise Assembly

by katie



Nestled in the back of Brighid’s little car, the music from a CD mix
blaring, the sounds of Megan singing the words way off-key all could have
made Shannon forget about her predicament. But, anytime she looked down and
saw her bare breasts and then her bare feet, it all came flooding back to
her. She was on her way to her favorite aunt’s house bare naked.

Maybe if things had happened differently, she’d be dressed in a sexy dress
like her sisters. Maybe, if she hadn’t taken her car without permission and
driven to school last Monday, her father would have had some compassion and
given her clothes for the night. He had done that last week when she visited
Brown. In fact, Dad and Colleen had provided proper clothes for Carrie too.
But there was no such kindness for her today…nope, tonight she was going to
pay for her sins.

She guessed if she had never skipped school three weeks ago and earned the
nude punishment in the first place, none of this would have ever happened.
She could be one of the other girls, walking around school, laughing at the
nude students, safe and content in her plaid kilt and blouse. And most of
all, she would be wearing socks or tights and shoes. Perhaps she would even
be able to slip into a bra and panties.

Of course she could wear a bra and panties, she admonished herself. Most
normal girls are allowed to wear them every day in life. Only she, the nude
and punished Shannon Malone had to go through life nude without the support
of a bra or the covering of panties. Only she was forced to live her life
with nothing to protect her from the elements and from leering eyes. Only
she had to put up with the unwanted groping, sexual comments and nastiness.
Now she had even lost the protection of her loving father, who was throwing
her to the wolves bare and alone.

You’re being totally dramatic here, she again chastised herself. She was
going to be far from alone. Alone would have been better than what she was
about to do. At least she had her sisters along with her.

“Why do you think Dad and Colleen are being such hard asses,” she yelled
over the loud music. Brighid leaned over and turned the music down. “What,”
the oldest sister asked.

“I said, why do you think Dad and Colleen are being such hard asses.”

“It’s pretty simple,” Brighid replied.

“It is,” Megan said puzzled.

“Yes, Shannon was the perfect daughter who has fallen from grace. He treated
her better than anyone else and she let him down.”

“That’s bullshit,” Shannon said. “He treats me like he treats everyone

“Yeah Brig, Shannon’s right,” Megan said. “He paid your way through college,
bought you this car, lets you live rent free. Seems like he treats you
pretty good.”

Brighid sighed. “That’s not what I meant. He’s a wonderful father who has
done so many great things for all of us. It’s just that Shannon was special.
She looks the most like Mom, she was the star athlete, top of her class and
gorgeous. What father wouldn’t want to treat a girl like that special?”

Shannon and Megan had no answer for that.

“He’s being extra mean because he thinks he’s losing you forever. He’s
trying to make sure you stay a good girl.”

“Let’s get this straight,” Megan said. “He’s keeping her naked, humiliating
her in front of everyone she knows, making her live her life completely nude
for six weeks so that she stays a good girl?”

“He’s just listening to that asshole Mr. Jones. We all know what a pervert
he is, but Dad is following his advice. He said that this was something that
girls especially hated so why not make it their punishment. He got the whole
town to buy into it.”

The girls got quiet, the only sound coming from the radio being played at a
low volume. Then Megan spoke.

“Well, hell with them. I say the Malone sisters kick some ass tonight! We’ll
show them we’re stronger than them!”

“YEAH!” Shannonn yelled from the back, kicking her bare foot in the air
between the seats. The girls all started laughing as Brighid turned the
music back up and they sang at the top of their lungs as they sped towards
the wedding.


The reception hall was a brightly lit union building with an attached
ballroom. Both Megan and Brighid had been to formal dances here…the local
boy’s prep school often held proms here. Shannon wondered if Mark would be
bringing her…and if so, would she still be naked? Oh God, that would be

“Do you want me to drop you guys off here in front or should we all go and
park,” Brighid asked.

Megan looked at Shannon, who answered, “Let’s all go and park. I want to
stay with you guys the whole time.”

Brighid pulled the car into the driveway and pulled back to the parking lot
located behind the building. “Are you ready Shannon,” Megan asked.

“Oh God, no but I guess I have no choice,” the nude answered. “Let’s go.”

The three girls got out of the girl. Shannon noticed that her two older
sisters had pulled around her, almost shielding her from onlookers. They had
arrived as close to the scheduled time as possible, figuring that most
people would already be in and seated. Maybe they could squeeze in the back.
It seemed a shame to sit way in the back when your favorite aunt was getting
married but desperate times called for desperate measures.

They pushed through the door and were met by a gorgeous sight…Aunt Katie
looked beautiful in her white wedding dress.

“Oh girls, I am so glad you are here, we’ve been waiting for you,” she said

Shannon forgot her nakedness and ran over to hug her aunt. “Oh Shannon,
thank you for coming. You are showing such courage being here like this,”
Katie said, rubbing her gloved satin hand over her niece’s bare back.

“I wouldn’t have missed this for anything Aunt Katie,” Shannon said. “Sorry
we’re late.”

“Girls, I have a huge favor to ask, and it’s even bigger since your father
is being such a pighead about Shannon,” Katie said.

“Anything Aunt Kate,” Brighid said.

“Would the three of you stand for me tonight? Be my bridesmaids?”

The three accepted right away. “There are flowers over there for each of

The girls ran over and grabbed a bouquet and then it hit Shannon…she was
going to be walking nude down the aisle and standing in front of the entire
wedding party. “Oh God, I can’t do this…no, please no.” The nude girl fell
to her knees in the little lobby, just inches from the door where they were
about to march out of. She felt the cold hard tile as she crumpled into a
ball…the self-assured girl from a few seconds ago had melted away and she
was now a quivering mess.

Shannon felt several hands on her bare body and then she felt the soft
gloved hand of her Aunt Katie, the woman who had become like a mother to her
since her own had died, embrace her.

“Shannon, I am so sorry about this. I never should have asked you. I assumed
you would be clothed and then, when I heard about the nudity, I figured you
would be used to it by now.”

Shannon tried to compose herself. “I just don’t want to ruin your wedding by
being naked.”

“Oh sweetheart, that wouldn’t ruin my wedding,” Aunt Katie said softly.
“What would ruin my wedding is if you weren’t here and having a good time. I
would be honored to have you stand next to me, wearing the fanciest dress or
wearing nothing. Would you do me that honor?”

The young nude girl pulled back from her aunt and wiped her tears away.
“Aunt Katie, do you mean it?”

The older woman gave her a kind smile and nodded.

“Oh God, I am so sorry. I would be honored to be in your wedding.”

“That’s my girl. Okay, line up oldest to youngest. Shannon, you get to walk
in just in front of me. Then the three of you will stand up next to the
minister with me. OK?”

The three women nodded. Katie whispered something to Shannon, who smiled.
Just then the doors opened and in walked Kate’s father, Shannon’s

Shannon’s resolve burst again. To be naked was awful…to be naked in the
presence of her grandpop was truly the worst possible thing.

“Hello ladies. Well Shannon, this is an interesting getup,” he said when he
got through kissing and hugging Brighid and Megan. “You poor thing.”

“Hi Grandpop, sorry you have to see me like this,” she said, her blush
extending well beyond her face and down to her chest.

“Nonsense, there’s nothing there I haven’t seen before. Remember, I changed
your diapers. I just feel bad for you is all. I’m going to give that
son-in-law of mine a real talking to. I always admired how he was handling
you girls after your mom died, but this seems a bit extreme.”

“Thank you Grandpop, but it’s my own fault,” she stammered.

“Well, either way, I don’t like it. But that’s for another time.”

With that, the older man locked arms with Aunt Katie. “Well, sweetheart, you
look absolutely beautiful. I am so proud to walk you down the aisle. Are you

The beautiful bride smiled and, with tears in her eyes, nodded.

“OK, Brig, let’s get this wedding started,” Grandpop said and Brighid opened
the door and started down the aisle. As soon as she took a step out in her
high heeled shoes, the organist began the wedding march. Megan shortly
followed out of the vestibule but Shannon did not step forward to take her
place in the doorway.

“Shannon, go, it’s going to be okay,” Aunt Katie said. Slowly the nude girl
put one bare foot out and then the other. She heard the gasps as people saw
her in the doorway. There was no turning back now and she started down the
aisle. She desperately tried to muster some of the old bravado, trying to
remember the brave words of Aunt Katie, how she was honored to be here, how
she looked beautiful nude and should be proud of that. Instead, all that
popped into her head was the humiliating fact that she was again nude in a
strange public place, nude in a room full of clothed people who were shocked
and outraged by this naked girl.

She saw her father and Colleen looking at her, it was a look of pride mixed
with apology for what she was going through. Finally she made it where her
sisters were waiting next to Tom and the groomsmen and the minister.

Shannon couldn’t even look at Tom. She had always loved him…Tom and Aunt
Kate had been dating for years. He always felt like the older brother she
had never had. But now, he was seeing her in all of her naked glory and she
felt about two inches tall.

She heard the music change and came out of her revelry to see her
grandfather walking Aunt Kate up the aisle. She looked gorgeous and for just
a moment, Shannon forgot about her nudity and instead felt joy for her aunt.
She was indeed proud to stand for her.

When Aunt Kate met up with Tom, Shannon noticed that the focus of nearly
everyone had shifted to the soon to be married couple. But the minister’s
eyes never left her naked body and she felt uncomfortable.

“Kathleen, what is the meaning of your bridesmaids attire or lack there of,”
he asked in a menacing hiss.

“Oh Reverend, that’s my niece. She’s being punished by St. Mark’s and has to
stay nude for six weeks. It’s our bad luck that the wedding fell during this

The man’s face got extremely red in anger. “I don’t care who agreed to this
punishment, I will not allow this kind of filth in my ceremony. She must
leave now or get dressed. I cannot have it.”

Shannon’s face turned ashen. She was ruining the wedding. She turned and ran
back down the aisle, hearing the gasps of the assembled churchgoers who
hadn’t been privy to the private conversation.

She ran outside and sat on the cold concrete steps. She prayed that she
might die of hyperthermia…that being out in the cold would end her misery.
The way her luck was going, she would just get a bad cold.

She heard the hall doors open behind her. She knew it was someone coming to
track her down but she decided not to turn around. Her mind was made up. She
was not going to ruin her aunt’s wedding…it was bad enough that she walked
down the aisle naked, causing the scene that she already had.

“Shannon, come inside this instant,” she heard her father’s voice say. “This
is ridiculous. Are you going to let one man’s words keep you down?”

As she turned to him, her father was taken aback when he saw the hurt and
the anger in his daughter’s beautiful face. He had no idea the depths of the
pain her prolonged public nudity had caused.

“I’m sorry Daddy, but you can’t make me go back in there,” she said,
sobbing, shaking her head from side to side.

“But sweethe---,” he began.

“No Daddy, I am not going back in there. You can make me stay naked as long
as you want, but you cannot force me to go in there and ruin Aunt Katie’s
wedding. I won’t do it.”

With that, she turned her bare back on her dismayed father. She had never
stood up to him before…had always been the picture of the perfect daughter.
Now she had skipped school, taken the car without permission and was turning
her back on him.

Silently he turned and went back into the hall to inform his sister-in-law
that Shannon was not coming back. Shannon’s sobs became even harder
now…though it felt good to finally say no, she was heartbroken at what she
had done to her aunt’s wedding.

“Shouldn’t you be inside the hall and not outside,” a voice said. Shannon
looked up and saw the shape of Mark, her boyfriend. She hadn’t even heard
him walk up the path.

“Oh God Mark, I am so glad you are here,” she said, getting up off her seat
and running to embrace the boy. He hugged her back, wondering what it was
going to be like to hug her when she was clothed. Until then, this sure was
nice though, he thought.

Shannon felt the smooth feel of the man’s suit…the warmth of being so close
to her boyfriend…to feel safe in a way that she had not in nearly a week.
Since Monday, she had no place to be herself. Her home was a mess with no
covering and her father and stepmother being totally awful. School was
terrible, with Mr. Jones’ reach extending everywhere. Here, in Mark’s arms,
was the only place she could be taken care of and feel safe.

“So, why are you out here freezing instead of in there watching your aunt
get married,” he asked.

She began to tell the story but he stopped her. He removed his coat and put
it around her shoulders… “here, before you catch a cold.” It felt so good
around her body, the smooth interior of his coat touched her bare skin and
sent shivers down her spine.

“Mark, I can’t, Daddy wil--,” she said.

“No,” he interrupted, “forget what Daddy wants this time. He’s being

Shannon nodded and continued on with her story. Mark listened and held her.

“Well, the minister said you had to be covered. You’re covered now. What do
you think?”

“Like this,” she asked questioningly. “I might as well be naked.”

The boy stepped back. “Hate to tell you this Shan, but you are probably more
covered than half of the women in there. My coat is longer than many dresses
and there’s not much cleavage showing. There’s nothing I can do about the
bare feet, but you’re used to that.”

The girl let his comments settle for a few seconds. Of course Mark was
right. Was she kidding about this being like being naked. This was
completely wonderful…she hadn’t been covered in public in so long.

“Alright, but only on one condition. You walk me in and never leave my

“Of course, why do you think I’m here?”

The girl took his extended arm and they pulled the door open, stepping in.
Shannon heard the minister beginning to recite the vows. Everyone in the
church turned and saw the couple moving down the aisle.

“OH Shannon, I’m so happy you came in,” Aunt Katie said. “Come up here and
stand with me.”

The naked girl turned to Mark who nodded and slid in next to Colleen who had
slid over to clear a spot for the boy. Shannon locked eyes with her father
who smiled and nodded his approval of her attire.

She still felt weird with her bare feet against the tile floor but
remembered all of those times when she had kicked off her heels to dance.
That had been with stockinged feet but not much different.

The girl, covered only in her boyfriend’s sport coat, walked up and stood
between Megan and Aunt Katie, who whispered, “I am so glad you came back
in.” The minister still looked angry but said nothing and continued on with
the vows.

Shannon watched as Aunt Katie and soon to be Uncle Tom joined hands and
recited wedding vows that they had written. Then the priest pronounced them
husband and wife and the couple kissed, earning applause from everyone,
including Shannon, who was totally caught up in the moment, forgetting her
near nudity and relishing the joy of her aunt.

She walked down the aisle on the arm of one of Tom’s friends and ushers. He
gave her a lecherous look and she immediately wanted out. She didn’t really
blame him…after all she had displayed her entire body a few minutes ago.

She pulled away from the lech as soon as she could and joined up with her
sisters and Mark, who was chatting with Jimmy. Her father and Colleen came
up to join the crowd.

“Shannon, I’m sorry about all of that, I was wrong for making you come here
naked. Let’s have a good time tonight and try and enjoy the night, ok?”

“Apology accepted,” she said, grabbing her father in a bear hug. It felt so
good to be able to hug someone and not feel so conscious of your bare
breasts sticking into someone’s body.

“Hello Mark, it’s nice to see you again,” her father said.

“Hi Mr. Malone, thanks for inviting me.”

Shannon looked at her father with amazement. After the last week, she had
assumed that he hated her and wanted to torture her. Now he had done such a
nice thing.

“You invited Mark?”

“Yeah, after your little meltdown in the hallway before we left, I figured
you might need some friendly faces. And I guess Mark came just at the right

“Mr. Malone, the sports coat was my idea. She was freezing out there and I

The man held up his hand to stop the boy. “Please, don’t even worry about
it. It was just the right idea.”

With that, he extended his arm to Colleen. “Shall we go and enjoy the

Colleen smiled and took the arm and went escorted towards the dining area.
Meg and Brighid followed with Jimmy and Shannon and Mark brought up the
rear. The evening turned out to be perfect in Shannon’s eyes. She ate a
wonderful meal, her first with covered breasts in nearly three weeks. Then
she danced with her boyfriend, to fast and slow songs, not worried about
whether a nude girl should be dancing to fast songs. Mark was right, his
coat covered more of her than some of the other girl’s dresses, including

The only snag came when her cousin’s boyfriend, Tim, asked her to dance. He
had been really nice all night, chatting with her in a friendly way. Mark
told her that he didn’t mind so the two went out for a slow number.

Things were good, the two teens chatting, when Shannon felt the sports coat
rise up her ass. She felt Tim’s hand pulling up the material.

“Tim, what are you doing?”

“Nothing, just trying to see more of what I saw at the ceremony.” With that,
he ripped the front of the coat open, sending the button flying, and
exposing her naked front. The girl’s hand came up and slapped the boy across
the face and she ran off the dance floor, pulling the coat closed in front
of her. “Oh sure, get all modest now.”

“Mark, please take me home,” she said, tears welling in her eyes.

“But the weddi--,” he began.

“Please take me home now Mark,” she begged. He read her eyes and stood up,
not noticing his ripped button. Erin, her cousin, had seen everything and
came up to apologize for Tim who was hammered, but the girl pushed her
aside. She wanted nothing more than to be away from here.

The two slipped away and on the way home she told Mark the story. She
finished with, “I promise you that I’ll sew a new button on your coat.”

“I don’t care about a silly coat. I’m just glad that you are okay.”

By this time, they had pulled up outside of her house. The rest of the
family was still at the wedding and Shannon knew what she wanted. “Why don’t
you come on in…”

As the two teens were about to enter the house, Shannon stopped and pulled
the sports coat off of her body, leaving her naked again…this time by

“Shannon, what are you doing,” Mark stammered.

“This,” she said, pulling him by the tie up against her and kissing his lips
hard. She grinded her nude body against his hard, beautiful clothed one and
moaned…she had never wanted to lose her virginity more. She pulled him
inside the house and began stripping the boy of his suit right there in the
foyer. His hard cock sprang out of his boxers as she laid him down, locked
the door and slowly eased herself down on top of him.

“This is for my hero,” she said and gasped as he slowly filled her and the
two teens made slow, passionate love. Mark took her virginity from her
gently and lovingly and Shannon closed her eyes as she rode on top of her
boyfriend with the two climaxing together. The nude girl collapsed on top of
her lover in a sweaty, exhausted embrace.

Finally the couple got the energy back to get themselves together. Mark
dressed while Shannon ran to the bathroom to clean up…for a girl who is
always naked, there wasn’t the option of just throwing your panties on…a
romantic encounter and its remnants would definitely show up to anyone who
looked…there was little to hide.

Shannon finished cleaning herself up and joined Mark on the couch, lying
down with her head in his lap, just enjoying his company, while he watched a
basketball game. Just then, the front door opened and Jimmy walked in,
followed by her father and Colleen. All three smiled hellos to the two teens
and went up to bed, though Colleen gave them an odd stare. The teens
wondered if the woman knew for Shannon had seen how red her pussy was after
the sex. Of course Colleen knew, the smell of sex permeated the
hallway….luckily Jack Malone had been too tired to notice it and Colleen
would never say anything. She went to bed, happy for her stepdaughter.

For the first time in a long time, Shannon didn’t feel uncomfortable about
her nudity. She luxuriated in the warmth of Mark, who had his arm over her,
idly rubbing her side and back. Occasionally he would get naughty and stray
to her breast but for the most part he was just teasing her with soft

She wasn’t sure how it happened, but she fell asleep…all of the emotions of
the night were too much for her. She woke up in the middle of the night, all
lights out and a throw blanket over her. In the moonlight, she saw a note on
the table from Mark…

“Shannon, Thank you for one of the best nights of my life. You looked so
peaceful I didn’t want to wake you. Call me tomorrow and we can do
something! I love You! Mark.”

Happy tears welled up in her eyes as she read the note over and over again.
She was so overjoyed to be in such an awesome relationship. She laid back
and fell asleep again, Mark’s note pressed against her body.


Saturday was a day of dread for Shannon, though she had almost forgotten
about it. She woke up on the couch in the living room, more relaxed and
refreshed than any morning in a while. Maybe it was the awesome sex, maybe
it was falling asleep in her lover’s arms or maybe it was the feel of the
blanket over her naked body. Whatever, she woke up with the sun pouring in
through the living room windows on a gorgeous weekend day.

She stretched her arms above her in the quiet house. She saw the kitchen
light on and knew her father was probably reading the New York Times and
drinking a cup of coffee. This was his solace every Saturday and Sunday
morning, getting up before the house became crazy and enjoying the quiet.

Reluctantly she pulled the blanket from her. When her bare feet hit the
carpeted floor, the realization of her Saturday punishment hit her. Mr.
Jones had told her and Carrie that they and the other nude students would be
the “entertainment” at the carnival to benefit the field hockey and lacrosse
teams. “No sense just letting the boys teams’ benefit from your, uh,
predicament,” he had said laughing.

Shannon walked into the kitchen and was rewarded with a smile from her

“Well, you’re up early. Want some breakfast?”

“No thanks, maybe just some orange juice,” she said. She poured herself a
glass and grabbed a seat next to her father, grabbing a section of the
paper. This had always been something she loved…getting up before everyone
and enjoying quiet time with her dad. None of the other kids had ever
thought to do it, but Shannon had been his companion on these mornings for
years. Lately she had begun to sleep in more often than not, but the
occasional weekend she would rise early to join him.

As she sat across from him, reading the arts and entertainment section, Jack
Malone was filled with pride. Shannon had turned into a wonderful woman. She
had obviously grown into a gorgeous one physically, but he was proud of her
spunk last night while dealing with the unfair situation he had thrown upon

“Shannon, can we talk for a minute,” he said finally. The girl looked up
from a story on a dance company in Harlem and smiled. “Sure Dad, what’s up?”

“Um, I’m afraid I have been unfair to you lately and I’m sorry. This nudity
thing has made me uncomfortable from the start but that’s what they
recommended so I went with it. Then I went too far and I am sorry.”

Shannon’s heart began to pound hard in her chest. Was she about to get
clothes back?

“I know Dad, it’s been awful,” she said, trying to suppress her excitement
at getting clothes back.

“Sweetheart, I’m sorry, but I’ve set out the rules and have to follow them,”
he said. Her body sagged, realizing that she wasn’t getting anything back.
“But I promise to not be such a hardass. And hey, you’re halfway there.”

Tears streamed down her cheeks and onto the paper. She tried to smile and
said, “yeah, halfway there. Thanks Dad.” She got up from the table and went
upstairs to try and get ready for more humiliation.

She sat down the toilet to pee, door open as she had become accustomed. She
saw a hand reach in and close the door completely, giving her some privacy.
She was glad to see that things would be changing, even in such a small way.

She finished her business and turned the shower on. She wanted to get washed
up again, not wanting any remnants of last night’s exploits with Mark to
still be around while she was being displayed at school. Yes, she was sure
that she would be on display big time at school.

She shaved her legs, pits and pubes and turned the water off…enjoying
standing in the heat of the steam. “Shannon, phone,” she heard Colleen say.
“It’s Carrie. Do you need a ride to school today?”

God bless Carrie, she thought. “Could you tell her I would love that?”

“Sure thing.”

She grabbed the towel and dried herself off completely. Then she saw her
bathrobe hanging there again. She wondered why it was there but quickly put
it on, enjoying the time covered. She didn’t wear any makeup and just pulled
her hair back into a ponytail after brushing her teeth. Shannon turned to
leave the bathroom but thought better of wearing the bathrobe, not knowing
why it was there. Better to stay naked and ask first before assuming she
could wear it out.

She left the warmth of the bathroom and entered the drafty hallway. She
noticed that her bedroom door was back and her comforter and sheets were on
the bed. Thanks Dad, she thought, maybe he was softening a bit. She wondered
if her stockings were in there as well but didn’t want to push it.

Shannon heard the doorbell and went downstairs. She saw Carrie, dressed as
normally as she had seen her lately. Carrie’s dad had reacted in a similar
way to her own. Although Carrie wasn’t forced to be naked, she was made to
wear ridiculously short skirts and tight tops with heels and nothing
underneath. Mr. Bartlett thought the humiliation would guarantee that his
daughter wouldn’t misbehave again and he was right.

Today she was wearing a sweatshirt, jeans, socks and sneaks.

“Carrie, you look so comfortable, what’s with the normal clothes?”

“Dad realized he was being too harsh on me. So, on the weekends, I get to
wear whatever I want on top…but nothing underneath. Still skirts and blouses
during the week and nude at home but only until the punishment is over.”

Shannon was really happy for her friend, who looked relieved. They had both
feared that Mr. Bartlett would make Carrie wear nothing but the slutty
clothes she had been forced to wear the last two weeks. Part of her was a
bit sad of course…this gave Carrie even more covering than before and even
then she was more covered than her own nudity.

“Bye Dad, I’m heading to school,” she yelled into the kitchen and the two
girls, one clothed in normal teen clothes, the other totally nude, headed
out into the cool morning air.

Shannon noticed that the weather wasn’t as cold as it had been. Oh it was
still unbearable for a girl constantly without clothes, but it was getting
better. Not much solace for her last three weeks of nudity but it was better
than nothing.

Carrie had left the car running while she had gone inside so there was
instant warmth for the nude girl. She smiled and thanked her best friend as
they began their trek to the school and a day of more humiliation.

On the surface, helping with a carnival sounded innocent. Being nude might
be a bit of an issue but otherwise, how tough could it be making sno-cones
or taking tickets. But both girls had experienced Mr. Jones’ twisted mind
first-hand and both knew things would not be easy on them.

Shannon filled her best friend in on the wedding and the wonderful sex she
had shared with Mark. Carrie had lots of questions and was genuinely happy
for her friend, who seemed happier than she had been in weeks.

All too quickly, they pulled up to school. This time, Carrie knew better
than pull around front, instead going to the back where the maintenance
entrance was. They parked in the first stop and Carrie got out. Shannon took
a deep breath to steel her nerves and then opened the door, her bare feet
against the cold concrete (a feeling she never got used to) and ran to catch
up with her friend.

At the door was a sobbing naked girl, another student named Rose. She and
her friends Juli and Brad were also involved in a naked punishment that was
lasting a week. All would get their clothes back on Monday. She was banging
hard on the door, her body covered with goosebumps and her nipples standing
up totally erect. She was shivering and it looked as if she had been there a
long time.

“Rose, calm down,” Shannon said, wrapping her arms around the girl, their
naked bodies meeting. “What’s wrong?”

“I’ve been out here for 15 minutes. I came early to be sure I wouldn’t get
more punishment for being late. I went to the front door and it said to come
back here and knock. I’ve been banging on the door for so long…I just want
to go inside and get warm and be away from everything.”

Shannon knew the feeling and was currently starting to feel the cold
herself. Carrie, in her sweatshirt and jeans, didn’t feel it yet but knew
she would before too long. She began knocking on the door and yelling for
Carl, the maintenance man.

“What’s going on,” came a male voice behind them. The three girls turned and
saw Brad, wearing a long-sleeve shirt and jeans. Unlike the girls, he was
permitted clothes to go back and forth from school because, during the day,
he was forced to wear a cock ring that meant he was always erect. The girl
wondered why he was getting away from the public nudity so much but figured
that Mr. Jones was just a sick man who preferred seeing his girls run around
naked more than his boys.

“They’re not letting us in,” Shannon said, watching the boy’s eyes
completely drink in the attached nudity of two girls. “And stop gawking at
us, you should understand how awful that is.”

He quickly averted his eyes and looked sheepish. “I’m really sorry
Shannon…you too Rose. I didn’t mean to, it’s just you girls are so beautiful
and so naked…it was a natural reaction.”

Shannon realized the boy was right…not that she was going to let him off
easy but she understood his dilemma.

“Can I ask why you two are hugging, not that I mind,” he said.

“We’re freezing and Rose has been out here for 15 minutes.”

Carrie continued banging on the door. “Why the hell won’t they let us in,”
she wondered aloud. Her banging was interrupted by the distinct sound of
slapping feet on the concrete. The very naked Juli came rushing around the
corner and met up with them.

“Why are you guys waiting out here,” she asked, crossing her arms over her
breasts and bending over at the waist to try and stay warm. Carrie explained
that they had been knocking. Brad just stared at the assembled nudity in
front of him, amazed at being in the midst of it.

Sizing them up, he thought Shannon’s body was definitely the best. She had
awesome long legs and her body was tight and hard. Her little breasts just
fit perfectly on her thin body…she was a wet dream come alive.

Rose was probably his next favorite. She was small too, shorter than
Shannon, and her legs weren’t as great, but her petite body was just so
feminine. The girl had hard, point tits with nipples the size of a penny and
had the look of a timer in a turkey. Those little nips were a definite
turn-on for him.

As for Juli, she was the heaviest of the three nudes but she was far from
being overweight. She had nice curves but her legs were a bit thick, he
thought. Her breasts were obviously the biggest, probably a 36 C or D. She
was nice and many boys in the school had drooled over her large chest. Now
they had gotten to see her full round boobs (without a trace of sag, he
noticed) up and close and personal every day for the past week.

Finally the door opened and a smiling Carl was standing there, eying up the
nude girl flesh standing there. “What’s with all the racket,” he asked

Carrie stepped aside as the three nude girls pushed their way into the dirty
boiler room. They felt the grime of the floor on their bare feet but it was
a better alternative to the cold concrete…at least it was warm in here.

Brad motioned for Carrie to go in first, a show of good manners. Actually he
was very interested in seeing her ass in the tight jeans. He didn’t know
Carrie and though he had seen her nude before, he rarely got up close to
her. The last time was the day she stripped him on stage and then jerked him
to erection before looping the ring around his penis. Oh that stupid ring…he
hated that ring.

“What took you so long,” Shannon asked, her voice quivering from her

“Mr. Jones told me to wait until all five of you were here before letting
you in,” he said smiling. “Don’t worry though, I was watching you with the
surveillance cameras.”

The girls groaned at the knowledge that their every naked step is on film.

“OK you two, off with the clothes. You know the rules. And you,” Carl said,
pointing to Brad, “put that thing on your cock. But you have to get one of
the girls to do it for you, Mr. Jones’ rules, not mine. Personally I wish
you had some pants on….no reason to see that thing flying all around.”

The girls giggled at how uncomfortable Carl was at the thought of the naked
boy. Nice to see someone else getting a bit embarrassed for a change. Brad
just nodded and began to strip off his clothes. He pulled his shirt and
undershirt up over his head together, revealing a buff chest and a flat
stomach. He kicked off his shoes and used his feet to remove his socks and
then began to unbutton his jeans. The girls gasped as he pulled them down,
his penis desperately trying to poke its way through the cotton of his
underwear. He was obviously in major arousal after seeing the naked girls so
close and hugging each other for warmth. He wondered if his cock would ever
be flaccid again.

Shannon instantly felt herself flush, despite the cold she had felt a few
minutes before. She had noticed this feeling when she saw Brad in the hall
last week…she was turned on by his body, his strong shoulders, her tight,
hard butt and, of course, his long hard penis that was sticking straight out
away from his body.

Brad sheepishly looked down at his now bare feet on the cold, grimy floor.
He knew the next part of this would be humiliating and painful.

“Would any of you girls mind putting this on,” he asked, holding up the
penis ring. Awkward silence followed as the girls just stood there. Shannon
desperately wanted to touch it, to feel that huge thing, but hesitated.

Finally, she stepped forward. “I’ll do it,” she said quietly. Brad mouthed
“thanks” to the girl and thrust his crotch out to make it easier for the
girl. Shannon reached out and started to slide the ring over the boy’s
smooth penis. Brad moaned at the contact, at feeling the girl’s soft hand
graze his achingly erect penis. She slid the harness to the base of the
boy’s organ and tightened it as far as she could. She looked up and saw the
humiliation and frustration at being touched by this beautiful naked girl
but unable to respond.

Shannon moved away, feeling hot all over…her sex was soaked…she could feel
the moisture poised at the entry. She fell back within the other nude girls.
Meanwhile, Carrie was still dressed, mesmerized at the sight of Shannon
putting the ring on the boy’s penis.

“Come on you,” said Carl. “Get those clothes off. And you, put your clothes
in this bag. Hurry up.”

Carl moved to get his clothes together, his hard cock bouncing up and down
as he went. The girls all winced, wondering if that was as painful as it

Meanwhile, Carrie began to strip. First, she grabbed the bottom of her
sweatshirt and pulled it up, revealing her round, full breasts. She then
kicked off her sneaks and began to undo her jeans. She tried to ignore the
gawking stares of Carl but was unable to avoid the looks from Brad. His
penis was twitching and he was groaning as she pushed her tight jeans down
her legs and off, revealing her vagina.

“Another dry cum, huh boy, poor thing,” Carl said laughing. And Brad did
look like a poor thing as his body shook and his eyes glazed over. “You, put
your clothes in this bag. I will make sure it is in a safe location. Now go
and meet Mr. Jones in his office.”

The five nude teens started out of the grimy boiler room. As they reached
the door, the janitor said, “by the way, use that rag to wipe off your feet.
Otherwise, you’ll be working for me cleaning footprints off the hallway
floor on Monday.”

For some reason, the comment cut right through the nude students, who
dutifully wiped their feet on rags left by the door and headed into the
school for an uncertain day of carnival fun.


The five naked teens—four girls and a boy—walked uncomfortably through the
cold hallways of their Catholic high school. They were part of a very
special Saturday detention.

Shannon was just about to finish the third week of her six-week totally nude
session for skipping school and then calling in a false sick call. She was
given double the time. Plus, her father was extending the punishment to home
so she was completely naked every minute of the day.

Carrie was just about to finish her second semi-nude week after
“misbehaving” during a public school function. Truth was, her only crime was
standing up to some perverts while walking with Shannon to a recruiting
event at the local mall but her word was not enough against the priest whop
leveled the charge against her. Her first week had been complete nudity and
this second week, which ended on Tuesday, had just been bottomless. This
Tuesday she would get her skirt back but no panties or bra and she had to
lift her skirt and reveal her pantiless pussy and ass to anyone who
requested for a full week.

At home, her father had forced her to go without panties or bra either and
had done away with pants or any skirt that went below her knee. He had
relented and allowed her to wear comfortable clothes on the weekend but the
punishment still stood during the week. And no panties or bra on the
weekends either.

Juli, Rose and Brad were all about to finish their one week of total nudity
after helping each other cheat on a test. Actually Juli and Rose were
helping Brad pass a quiz and they had all gotten caught. Juli and Rose had a
week of complete nudity to and from and at school while Brad was allowed
clothes for his trip back and forth. In exchange for the clothes, the boy
was forced to wear a ring around his penis to keep his organ hard for the
entire day.

The five were walking from the boiler room, where they had entered, to the
principal’s office, where they would receive their instructions. As they
went, they all cringed when they saw posters advertising them and the
carnival. Each one had a photo of one of the nude students, blown up to
poster size. Most were of the girls but Brad had one or two hanging around
as well, all showing how well-endowed he was.

The five walked silently down the hall to face their humiliation. They heard
a buzz coming from the gym as they passed it and could only guess what was
in store. The group entered the anteroom of Mr. Jones’ office and waited as
the door to the principal’s office was closed.

Not that the man did not know they were there. He had rejoiced at the misery
he had caused the nude girls waiting outside…he had seen every second of it
through the video surveillance. Now he was just going to make them stew for
a little bit outside.

The five teens stood miserably, trying to stay calm. Shannon and Carrie knew
first hand about how awful these things could be…both had been forced into a
naked car wash for the football team last Saturday. This might even be

Finally, the door opened and a smiling Mr. Jones motioned for them to come
in. Shannon and Carrie entered first and both dropped to their knees in
their required positions. The other three teens stared, not knowing what
they were doing, having never been summoned to the principal’s office.

“Yes, I see you three are confused. Miss Bartlett and Miss Malone are in
their required position. You see, I prefer not getting my new chairs all wet
with the juices that leak from naked girls. I hope you understand. Please,
kneel next to the other two please.”

The girls were humiliated after the comment about “juices that leak from
naked girls.” It was a natural thing, they all knew, but he made it sound so
dirty, like they were at fault. Juli and Rose sank to their knees into the
plush carpeting. It already hurt their knees as the carpet fibers poked up
into their bare skin.

Brad was about to join them when Mr. Jones stopped him.

“Please, Mr. Davis, sit in the chair. Us men don’t have to worry about the
juices like the girls do, especially with that little thing on you.”

The girls seethed as they watched the boy sit into the chair, spared the
humiliation of being forced to kneel in front of this man. It was clearly a
sexist attitude…Mr. Jones strongly believed in the superiority of men and
was showing it here. The boy, while punished by nudity, was spared the
indignation of kneeling on the floor and being nude on the trek back and
forth from school. The nude boy was still one level above the nude girls.

“Now, thank you to all five of you for being on time for our little
project,” he said, as if the students had a choice. “Today, you will be part
of our carnival in support of the lacrosse and field hockey teams. Please
take these papers and sign them before we continue.”

The papers contained statements that St. Mark’s High School was not
responsible for any injury, physical or mental, suffered during the
performance of their tasks today. It also stated that they had “volunteered”
for duty today and that they were freely giving themselves for this
community service activity. It also said that $1,000 had to be raised for
the community service to be deemed a success.

Shannon and Carrie knew that they had no choice but to sign and did, placing
their signed documents back on the principal’s desk. The other were reading
intently and shaking their heads at parts. Rose was crying again.

“Please hurry up. The carnival is set to start in 30 minutes and you all
need to get set up.”

“But, Mr. Jones, we didn’t volunteer for this, you made us come here today,”
Rose said.

“Well, Rose, here is your choice. You can work on the carnival here today or
spend the rest of your time here at St. Mark’s in your current state. Now do
you volunteer for this activity or not?”

The girl nodded her head and signed on the dotted line. Mr. Jones smiled as
he saw the other two nude students do the same thing. He knew that he held
power over these students, especially the girls. They so much valued their
modesty that they would go to any lengths to be clothed. He silently gave
thanks to the school’s Board of Trustees for instituting the nudity rule.

He collected the five consent forms and put them into a drawer.

“Now, you five can make your way to the gym. Heather Johnson will be there
to assign you to your jobs. Smile and make St. Mark’s proud!”

The four nude girls got off their knees and started walking towards the
door. Brad stood up and followed the girls, but not before Mr. Jones said,
“sorry for all of this son, but I have to punish you like the girls or I’ll
get a sexual harassment suit thrown at me, you know.” The boy nodded and
exited the room, following after the nude girls. He hated this ring around
his penis but he liked being so close to nude females.

The five naked students wandered through the cold, drafty hallway towards
the gym. Again the noise made them all cringe.

Finally they pushed through the door. Inside, roughly 30 or so girls were
there, most wearing t-shirts representing the team they played for, either
lacrosse or field hockey. Shannon felt another wave of humiliation as she
was about to be humiliated by the girls that she used to hang out with.

Heather, a tall pretty girl, walked towards them. She went right over to
Brad and pulled him by the penis, causing him to moan. “Good boy,” she said
smiling. “You stay here with me. Her hand began to masturbate the boy, who
was moaning despite the humiliation of the situation and the knowledge that
her movements were only going to cause him frustration. Still, having a
gorgeous senior jerking him off was quite a turn-on.

She continued to jerk him off while issuing orders to the nude girls. “Juli,
you go with Pam and Tracey. Rose, you go with Anne and Grace. Carrie, walk
over there and meet Jenny and Kyra and Shannon, you go over with John and

The girls’ stomachs fluttered with the uncertainty of the next stage of
their humiliation. Shannon was especially apprehensive, going over to the
only boys in the room. Little did she know that girls can sometimes be
meaner than boys!

The nude girls went off to meet up with their handlers while the shamed Brad
had another dry orgasm, one of many he knew he would suffer in the next few
hours. He was led away by Heather, who never relinquished her grip on his


The carnival was underway and already the nude students were suffering from
the awful humiliation and exposure. Each one had a different degrading task
to perform and each one was undergoing ingenuous torture.


Juli had gone over to her handlers, Pam and Tracey. In this case, they might
as well have been handlers because as she walked over to meet the two
athletes, she saw the sign: “Pony Rides, 25 cents.” She hoped that she was
simply helping in the booth that contained a real pony but soon found out
that she was indeed the pony.

The girls told her to get on her hands and knees. Quickly a bit gag was put
into her mouth which was connected to leather restraints that would allow
her to be ridden. They then inserted a small tube into her ass which was
covered in horse hair for her tail. It wasn’t painful but she felt the hair
brushing against her mound, causing her to water up from the arousal as it
lightly brushed her bare pussy.

“Alright, she looks ready,” Tracey said. “Let’s give her a try.”

Juli tried to turn to see what was happening but felt some weight on her
back. “Giddy up horsey,” she heard and felt a slap right against the side of
her hanging breasts. She cried out but began crawling around the course laid
out for her. Her knees ached terribly against the hard floor and her large
breasts were being tortured by swaying from side to side as she crawled. She
had to stay up high so that the legs of the rider were not on the floor…if
not, she got a slap against the side of her now aching breasts.

Finally she arrived back at the starting point and Tracey got off. “Good
horsey,” she said to her, laughing. Then it was Pam’s turn. This girl was a
bit heavier and Juli groaned when she was carrying all of the girl’s weight.
Again she felt the slap at the side of her breasts and she began the journey
around the circle, a trip she would know well by the end of the carnival.


Meanwhile, Rose walked over to where Annie and Grace stood. Both of these
girls had always been pseudo friends of hers…they had gone to elementary
school together and had played sports together. They looked at her with
sympathy and smiles.

“Sorry about this Rose, but we have no choice,” Grace said, leading Rose by
the arm. She was placed with her hands tied above her and her ankles tied at
the base so that she was in an X shape. She then saw Annie remove paper from
tape and stick it to the back of a target and then slap it on her bare right

“Yeow, jeez, that hurts,” she whispered.

“I know Rose, but this is going to happen a lot today. You are going to be
squirted with water guns from about 20 feet away. Boys pay 25 cents and get
30 seconds to spray you and get points if they get each target.”

With that she slapped one on the other breast and then had a third in her

“What’s that for,” Rose asked, then she closed her eyes and started to sob.
She had figured it out—her pussy.

“Sorry again Rosie,” Annie said and slapped the target onto her pubic mound.
She knew this would hurt most of all because her hair would be pulled out
along with it.

“After each one gets wet, we’ll have to replace them. They’ll probably get
wet every time. We have about 3,000 of these so we should be good, but I
don’t think you’ll have much pubic hair left.”

She closed her eyes and rolled her head back. She knew that she was going to
be in for a rough day.


Carrie padded over on her bare feet towards Jenny and Kyra. They were
standing at the dunk tank and she winced, knowing that she was going to be
the clown in the tank.

“Here you go Carrie, hop up and give it a try,” Kyra said, almost kindly.
The nude girl climbed the ladder and walked out on the plank. She sat down
and realized that she had to put her legs down spread wide apart for
leverage. With the clear plastic tank in front of her, she knew the image
she was presenting.

“One last thing,” Jenny said, reaching over from the ladder. She took both
of Carrie’s wrists and tied them together behind her. Now the girl had no
way of covering herself and climbing back up would be an adventure.

“OK, I guess you have to wait there until the carnival begins. Don’t fall
asleep on us up here,” Kyra said smiling.

She started away when she stopped. “Oh yeah, by the way, unlike most dunk
tank clowns, you are not allowed to say anything. So, here,” she pushed a
ballgag into the girl’s unsuspecting mouth, rendering her speechless.

The two girls giggled and left her helpless and gagged on the ledge, waiting
for the carnival goers to enter. Carrie just wanted to close her eyes and
drift off to sleep but was afraid she would fall off her perch and drown. So
she kept alert and looked all around, taking in the sights of the weirdest
carnival in history. She saw Juli at the pony rides and her heart ached for
the girl. Then she saw Rose at the target shooting contest and started to

“Please get me through this,” she prayed.


The nude boy was led through a throng of cheering girls as Heather continued
to jerk him off. He had already dry cum once at her hands and was certain he
was in for many more.

The girl led him to bench where he was forced to lay down flat on his back,
his achingly hard penis sticking straight up. His torso was tied with a
leather strap to the bench as were his ankles so he could not move.

“You are the ring toss,” Heather said laughing. “I’ll show you.”

He turned his head and was able to see the girl toss a ring towards his
penis. It hit the top and bounced off. Two more also banged off of his cock
and to the floor. Finally the fourth one landed over his penis and spun
around, causing him to groan in pleasure and frustration.

“One point for me,” she said loudly and went to retrieve the ring, her hand
lingering over his penis. He groaned again with need of cumming but he knew
that it wasn’t in his near future.

“Make up the sign, five rings for 25 cents,” she said smiling. Heather
walked away, leaving the boy nude and attached to the bench.


Shannon walked slowly towards the two boys. They were leering at her and
grinning. She thought that they should be beyond this immature
behavior…after all, she had been naked in school for nearly three weeks. But
the boys never seemed to tire of seeing her nude body, no matter how many
times they had seen it.

She walked to the boy who she thought was John. He smiled and took her hand.

“We’ve been busy getting you equipment ready all week in shop class,” he
said. The thought of a bunch of boys preparing her “equipment” did not make
her happy but she smiled and said ok.

They led her to a chair that resembled the gynecologist chair from her
trails in biology class. The two boys enjoyed feeling her bare body under
the guise of “helping” her into the chair. She groaned as she felt her
ankles being wrapped with straps and then pulled back. Her arms were then
pulled above her and tied to the back of the chair, rendering her unable to

“Now for the tits,” Rick said. She felt them groping her breasts and then
sliding a smooth thing over it. She looked down and it looked to be metal
with a large pointy end. “Oh, I forgot,” he said, inserting a ballgag in her
mouth, this one also having a long, thin metal thing attached to it.

Meanwhile, John was working on her left breasts, mauling it before sliding a
metal thing over her little breasts. She saw him twisting a screw on the
side and she felt the metal tighten around the base of her breasts, slowly
squeezing her little tits tighter and tighter until she moaned. He looked up
at her and smiled again before giving another twist. She saw her breasts
getting redder and more swollen.

She was in some pain now as both of her tits were squeezed by these
vice-like apparatuses. She tried to yell at them that it was too tight but
the strange gag in her mouth made it useless.

“Finally, my pride and joy,” John said laughing. He held up another large
stake, this one attached to a smooth cylinder. “Guess where this one goes

With that he slid the cylinder into her wide open and vulnerable pussy,
causing her to gasp. She had been dry and there was little lubricant on the
cylinder but it went in to the hilt. She looked down and saw the large stake
sticking up from her pubic mound, looking like a penis. She saw the boy
working on another screw and felt something moving outside her pubic mound
and inside. The boy screwed until she started to scream as the two metal
pieces pinched her.

“Now, that’s in place,” John said smiling. “Just right for the water balloon
toss. Let me demonstrate.”

He took the water filled balloons and tossed one at the stake protruding
from her pussy. It hit and water exploded all over the nude girl. What was
worse was the impact caused the metal inside of her to shake and cause her
great discomfort.

“Or I can throw at your tits,” he said, letting another one go. Her breasts
were now sore from the strain and stung as the balloon his her left breast.
She was soaked again, this one completely flooding her chest and face.

“Or your mouth,” he said, throwing a balloon right at her face. She could go
nowhere and got the latex balloon right in the face, causing her to be
completely soaked.

Rick then came towards her with a towel. He rubbed the thin towel all over
her body, getting her feels in while also absorbing the water.

“Should make us a fortune. Three balloons for a quarter,” he said laughing.


The fair attracted nearly every student in the school, with many bringing
disbelieving friends from other schools. Not that any of the nude students
noticed. They spent much of the afternoon being barraged by their jobs.
Carrie was a mess, soaked and freezing, constantly working to get back on
her little ledge. Juli’s knees were in terrible pain after riding all of the
carnival goers around the circle. Rose had little red marks from where the
stinging little sprays from the water uzis hit her bare body. She also had
almost no public hair left after they were pulled out from the hundreds of
times the targets was removed and readministered to her pubes.

Shannon was in a state of agony as well…her breasts were nearly purple from
the squeezing and the impact of the balloons, her vaginal walls were scraped
raw by the metal tongs and she was freezing from the soaking she was

Brad had cum more times than anyone could remember, though Heather had tried
to keep track. Each girl (and it was nearly all girls who came to the booth)
lingered while removing the rings from his hard cock, all admiring the long,
wide organ. He had shut his eyes and was trying to imagine a pleasurable way
that this could be happening but each dry cum snapped him back to reality.

Finally the carnival was over. After three long and grueling hours, the nude
students were released from their bonds and allowed to go. As the five
gathered themselves, they heard Heather call out, “$997.75…not bad for a
day’s work. Thanks to you five.”

The words cut like a knife through the five nudes who knew they had missed
their goal by $2.75. Wordlessly, they made their way back to MR. Jones’
office, who dismissed them to go home.

“Oh and don’t forget you five, that you now owe us another Saturday. See you
then. And the same rules apply to that day that applied today…if you arrived
naked today, do the same then. If you stripped nude here, do the same next
week. And Mr. Davis, remember about taking care of your condition.”

Brad looked down and remembered that he had to have one of the girls relieve
him of his erection. He looked around and silently begged for some mercy.
Juli came forward and undid his ring and began to jerk him off. Within
seconds he came, shooting his stuff all over the girl. She was handed a
towel by the principal and wiped off the spunk.

“Take the towel and wash it for me honey,” the principal said. “Return it on

The humiliated five walked quickly out of the office, wanting to erase the
whole day from their memory banks. Carrie and Brad dressed in the boiler
room and the group left without a word. Shannon and Carrie barely exchanged
a word on the drive home, humiliated by the entire day.

Shannon arrived home, leaned over and hugged her best friend and ran up the
steps to shower and go to bed and put this awful day behind her. She had
just entered the house when she saw a note.

“Shannon, We had to run out and Megan and Brighid took Jimmy to the mall.
Dinner is alone for you but Mr. Firgus asked if you could give him a hand
today. It means a lot to the old guy. Love, Dad and Colleen.”

The nude girl sighed, knowing that her day from not yet over. Being the nice
girl she headed over to her old neighbor’s house to see what he had in store
for her.


Shannon walked over to Mr. Firgus’ house, her naked feet padding against the
hard, cold street. The sun was setting already and it was barely 4:30. The
day, which had been mild earlier, was turning cold with a stiffer wind
blowing up the street.

The very naked teenager felt that wind with every part of her bare body. Her
feet against the cold street…the wind up her long, bare legs and slamming
into her bare pussy. Up higher, her nipples were hard as rock, threatening
to break off from her firm breasts. Her hair was blowing in the wind and her
cheeks were red from the blowing gusts.

She had to stop and was mortified as a minivan full of high school boys,
fresh from their basketball game, drove past her. She saw the mother
driving, looking embarrassed for the girl but angry that her son and his
friends were exposed to such a thing. The boys, who looked to be about her
age, were staring at her, mouth wide open, eyes big as silver dollars.

Despite being completely naked for nearly every hour of the last 19 days,
this exposure still humiliated her. There was nothing ever hidden from
view…her entire body was on display for anyone who cared to look, even these
boys and their mother in a minivan just driving down the street going God
knows where.

Mercifully the car passed and she continued her journey across the street to
her neighbor’s house. She went to the front door and saw a sign directing
her around back. She always seemed to enter through the back door and exit
through the front. She went around the side of the house, grateful at being
away from prying eyes of the street, and opened the back door. There on the
table were two pieces of pizza. She realized that she was starving after
having missed lunch due to the carnival. She had dinner plans with Mark but
figured she needed to eat something now.

“Mr. Firgus,” she called. “Mr. Firgus, it’s me Shannon.”

Of course the old man knew that Shannon had indeed arrived. He had watched
her every step, from her arrival home from school to her journey across the
street and around the back of his house. He kept very close tabs on the
naked girl with his binoculars…her room was at the front of the house and
her window was usually easily seen from his bedroom.

He had already “prepared” the two slices of pizza. It was a special blend of
a pie from the local pizza store with cheese and some of his own “juices.”
He would think of her and jerk off, leaving some of his special stuff on the
pizza. He had done this the first night she had come over and the naked girl
had raved about the new special “cheese” so he made sure that there were
more slices each time she was over. It was the least he could do, he
figured, after all she did for him. And the thought that a young woman would
be tasting his cum and not knowing it turned him on immensely.

“Yes Shannon, I’ll be down in a minute. Feel free to finish those last two
slices of pizza until I come down.”

YESS! The girl thought as she sat in the chair, wincing a bit at the cold
wood but quickly forgetting all of that as she dug into the large slice of
pizza. She wondered if she could get some pizza like this and would ask Mr.
Firgus if she could get her own supply.

She bit down on the first slice, loving the taste of the pie. But pizza
brought back some unpleasant memories. Last Tuesday and Wednesday, as part
of the punishment for not earning enough money on the car wash, she and
Carrie had been forced to work in the kitchen during lunch hours. This meant
revealing her nude body in a more intimate way to the workers in the kitchen
and then serving the food to her classmates.

The workers, especially the men, had a field day with her bare pussy,
staring at it, making comments about it, seemingly mesmerized by it. They
weren’t threatening in any way…in fact everyone was polite as could be. The
forewoman Estelle, an older lady who ran the kitchen, made sure of it. She
had said, “Look all you want boys but no one touches this girl or you will
deal with me. And make sure no one is slacking so that they can ogle the
young lady. She is here to do her job the same as you.”

She had felt so vulnerable as she worked in the kitchen…her bare feet
against the hard tile floor, sometimes made slippery by the grime that comes
from cooking. She would also feel the heat from the stoves as she worked to
make the pizzas and then the grill as she helped cook the burgers. She hated
the grease from the grill that would splatter, causing little red welts to
form along her body. The only covering she was allowed was the humiliating
hairnet she was forced to put on over her head to keep hair out of the food.

While the workers just devoured her with their eyes, her schoolmates were a
completely different story. She heard so many rude comments from them, some
uttered under their breath, others just blatantly spoken.

“What’s the topping, smells like anchovies,” one boy had teased the day she
served pizza. “Looks like we’re getting our burgers heavy on the pussy,
light on the tits,” another said when she worked the grill.

Carrie hadn’t fared much better. At least Shannon could hide behind the
counter and in the kitchen. But despite being given back her blouse, shoes
and socks, she was forced to strip completely nude for the lunch periods and
then bus the tables and take out the garbage from the cafeteria.

When Shannon volunteered to take her friend’s place, Estelle had quieted
her. “She can’t work back here nude like you because she had that pussy
hair.” Finally, an advantage to having her pussy shaved, she thought. But
she still felt bad as she watched Carrie out there, in the presence of
everyone, lugging large bags of trash, and then being forced to clean tables
and grab trays.

Back to the present, she took another bite of pizza, realizing how hungry
she was. She grabbed the newspaper sitting on the kitchen table and began to
read the sports pages. It had been a bad year for the Knicks and the
Rangers, something which would cause her father great distress. Of all of
her siblings, she was the most into sports. Often, Daddy would take her to
the Garden to watch games. Jimmy was into his computer and games, Brighid
and Megan never had any time for sports. But she and her dad would sit
there, watching the games on TV for hours. As she dove into that sports
page, she was lost in the warmth of those memories, so far away from her
naked reality.

Mr. Firgus watched from the doorway as the girl sat so unselfconsciously. It
was rare to catch her like this these days, he realized. Her nudity had made
her so aware of her body and of the many eyes feasting on it that she was
rarely in this state.

He watched her as she sat there, chomping on her slice of pizza and reading
the paper. Her face was so pretty like this, so innocent and engaged. Her
small breasts, round with those two hard nipples, were perfect for a girl
her size. Her saw her legs were spread, her bare feet flat against the
floor. She was the picture of naked perfection, from the tips of her little
toes, up her long, slender legs, past her bare, full pussy lips, up her
flat, smooth stomach, over her small but round breasts, up her neck, across
her cute, freckled face with its gorgeous eyes to her long hair.

Just as she was devouring the second slice, he entered the kitchen. She was
not surprised to see him walking in naked. The man had been nude nearly
every time she had been here, supposedly to make her feel comfortable
because of her own nudity. In actuality, the man got off on the thought of
being naked so near to a naked teenager.

“Hi Shannon, enjoying the pizza,” he asked.

“Oh yes Mr. Firgus, this is unlike any pizza I’ve ever tasted,” she said. He
noticed that relaxed state was gone as soon as he entered. In its place was
a tension unlike anything he had ever seen in a young girl. “Thank you for
saving me some.”

“My pleasure Shannon. Now, onto the job I have for you. I need you to paint
my basement for me.”

He led her out of the kitchen and down some steps that she did not existed.
Down in the basement was mostly storage with a small area finished. There
was a computer, TV and a couch.

“I’m afraid I have let the walls in this house go to ruin. I was wondering,
if you would be willing, if you could paint my house, one room at a time. I
will pay you $300 per room painted. And you can do it at any time in the
next three weeks but I would like it completed by then.”

She calculated in her head that this would mean more than $2,000 to her
savings, a fee that she had never been able to earn. What harm could
painting do?

“How many rooms,” she asked.

“Well, here, then upstairs in the living room, dining room, kitchen,
hallway, foyer and then the stairs going up, the hallway up there and then
my bedroom. That’s nine rooms…let’s say for $3,000.”

The girl let out a low whistle. That was a ton of money.

“Alright, I’ll do it,” she said. Then she remembered her nudity and the fact
that she would still be naked as she painted. But the money was just too
good to pass up.

“Well now, here is the paint and the rollers. Do you need anything else?”

The girl, not all that knowledgeable about painting, shook her head and the
man left. She did not know that a video camera was capturing her as she
went, drinking in all of her nudity.

She thought back to when her father and Colleen had painted their house. All
of the furniture had to be moved to the center of the room, no easy task for
a naked girl all alone. She went over to the end table and removed the lamp,
placing it on the floor. She then picked up the wooden table, which was cold
and hard against her nudity, and moved it over about three feet from the
wall. She did the same with the couch and then the other end table. She was
conscious of her body which was starting to perspire despite the coolness of
the basement.

She was grateful that the TV was on a stand with wheels and moved easily.
She was unsure what to do about the big computer desk but decided to just
start on the other walls first.

Finding a pile of drop cloths she spread them out over the furniture and
then on to floor, trying to be certain that no part of the floor would be
open. She bent over to pull the cloth up against the wall and was oblivious
to the fact that the video camera was recording her ass and slit in great

She found a radio and plugged it in, turning the tuner to a top 40 station.
With the music blaring, she got to painting. Mr. Firgus watched from the
steps, her body an erotic vision. He knew from his psychological background
that women just do not understand what it is about them that turns men on. A
woman would never be able to figure out how a man could be sexually aroused
simply from watching a nude girl paint but for Firgus it was almost like
sex. His cock was rock hard and he was stroking it while sitting prone on
the steps.

But Shannon wasn’t aware of his attraction. Instead, she put all of herself
into the task, singing as she rolled the paint onto the wall. A new song by
the Counting Crows filled the room and she instantly thought of Mark and
their date. She hummed happily along to it, her mind filled with pleasant

Finally she had finished all but the fourth wall. Now she had to figure out
what to do with the computer desk. She moved towards it and as she did the
computer screen came alive. She gasped when she saw the screensaver…it was
her completely naked in a picture taken off the school website. The photo
had been taken while she was forced to masturbate during a biology lesson on
the female reproductive organs. She moved the mouse and saw that there was
file called “Shannon.” Firgus watched from the steps, intrigued at what her
reaction to the photos would be. Of course he knew she would find them…he
wanted her to.

She stood there, moving the mouse to see dozens of her nude photos, which he
had carefully downloaded from the school’s supposed secure web site. There
they were in all of their gross, pornographic glory…taken from the web page
that she herself had designed.

“Oh I see you have found your file,” Mr. Firgus said, entering the room.
Embarrassed the girl closed the screen and turns to the man.

“Why do you have these,” she asks, her voice filling with emotion.

“Shannon, I am a psychologist for sexual deviants. These photos are being
used for the treatment of other patients. It is my screen saver because I am
so fond of you.”

The man’s answer seemed that it could be true. She knew he was a
psychologist and she desperately wanted to believe him, but it just did not
seem right.

“Shannon, despite our little event at the Laundromat, have I even attempted
to hurt you or touch you inappropriately,” the man asked. The nude girl
shook her head.

“Well, you are safe with me, I promise. Your family is too good to me for it
to be otherwise. I think of you like a niece.”

He saw the girl’s body language change from a defensive one to a softer

“Are you okay,” the nude old man asked of the nude young woman, who nodded.

“Good, now let me help you with this desk. I may be old but I can help out a

The old man’s body grazed against hers as he passed her to get to the other
corner of the desk. Together the two nudes pulled the desk a foot away from
the desk.

“Is that enough room sweetheart,” Firgus asked and Shannon again nodded. And
just like that, the man was gone from the room and up the stairs. But the
presence of those pictures had ruined her mood and the rest of the painting
project was done in silence.

Finally the entire basement was completed. It had taken roughly an hour and
a half. For $300, that wasn’t bad. She took the brushes and rollers over to
the sink and began to clean them off. She realized that she had some paint
on her from the splatters and wondered if maybe she could use Mr. Firgus’

She put the paint away and the furniture back where it belonged, all except
the computer desk. A part of her wanted to look at the pictures again.

“Mr. Firgus,” she yelled up the stairs.

“Hold on sweetheart, I am on the phone. Give me two minutes.”

She quickly rushed over to the computer and sat down. Within seconds, she
had opened the “Shannon” file and began going through the photos one by one.
There were several from the basketball game and then some from her biology
class, gym class when she was shaved and had tampons inserted and then from
when she had fallen asleep in the training room. She shivered at the
vulgarity of it all but a part of her was getting wet down in her vagina.
What was happening to her?

She heard his footsteps on the stairs and she quickly closed the file and
got on her bare feet.

“What did you want dear,” the old man asked, an accusatory smile on his

“Um, I just wondered if you could help me push the computer desk back.”

He laughed and again brushed past her to get to the other corner and then
the two of them pushed the desk back in place.

“You really did a wonderful job…although I see your breasts got some heavy
splatter. Would that classify as covering your body,” he asked laughing.

She looked down and was mortified to see that her breasts were nearly
covered with paint. “Luckily it’s water based paint,” he said, still

“May I use your shower Mr. Firgus,” she asked softly.

“Sure sweetie, there are towels in the closet.”

She went up and spent some time in the shower, working to scrub the paint
off. She was worried that Mark would be waiting at the house and didn’t want
him to see it. Finally she got out and dried off and there the man was,
standing at the door of the bathroom.

He walked over towards her and reached out and she tensed completely.

“Shannon, may I touch your shoulders? You seem so tense I was wondering if I
could give you a backrub.”

The girl straightened even further than she had before. She was a bit
uncomfortable at having this man touch her.

“Um, well,” she stammered.

“Shannon, please, I am old enough to be your grandfather. Please read
nothing into this but my desire to see you more comfortable.”

The girl looked lost in thought and then said, “OK Mr. Firgus, I’m sorry if
I’m getting weird. Everyone hasn’t been that nice to me.” Including you, she
wanted to add. Their little show at the Laundromat was still fresh in her

She felt the man’s presence right behind her and then his hands on her bare
shoulders. He dug his fingers in strongly but not roughly. His fingers,
though old, were strong and knowledgeable as he began to massage her
battered shoulders. An afternoon tied at the carnival followed by painting
had caused her some aching.

A moan escaped her as he continued on her shoulders, neck and then down her
arms. Then he pushed her forward a bit so her hands were balled into fists
and they were braced  on the counter and he moved his hands down her back
and her sides, his hands tantalizingly close to her breasts.

The old man could not believe his good fortune. He was actually being
allowed to touch the naked flesh of this perfect creature. He was actually
being allowed to use his hands to bring pleasure to her current miserable
condition. His cock twitched at the feel of her smooth skin and the sight of
her flawless back and round cheeks. This would be the subject of his
fantasies for months.

Finally he was done and the girl straightened up. Her body felt like jelly
but she was more relaxed than she had been in weeks.

“Thank you Sir, that felt wonderful,” she said.

“You are welcome. It was the least I could do for all you have done for me.”

She finished drying off and walked down the steps. The man was there holding
$300 in cash.

“Here you go, a $300 payment to Malone Painting,” the man said smiling. His
eyes locked onto hers and for the first time, she felt a bond with the man.
He was one of the few males in her life who wasn’t staring at her breasts
instead of her face.

“Thanks Mr. Firgus. I’ll see you tomorrow. I appreciate this chance.”

“My pleasure Shannon, I’ll see you then.”

She exited out the front door and the man watched her. Two hours of
frustration at being so close to the nude girl was coming to a head and, as
he watched her scurry across the cold street, he erupted all over a towel
that he held just for that purpose.