Surprise Assembly

by katie



The girl struggled to her feet to keep up with the boy. He wasn’t being very
sympathetic to her efforts to walk with her hands bound behind her. He kept
walking quickly and the smaller girl was having trouble staying with him.

“Eric, please slow down…I can’t keep up.”

“Well, do you best because it will hurt if you fall,” the uncaring boy said

“Why do you hate me so much,” she asked him, trying not to give him the
satisfaction of seeing her cry.

“I don’t hate you, I just enjoy humiliating girls, just ask your friend

The mention of Carrie drove a stake through her heart  again as she
remembered the awful way the boy had taken her friend’s virginity.

She ran to keep up with the bigger athletic boy as he pulled her leash
happily down the hall. She was extremely grateful that there were no
students out at this time since class had already begun.

He led her to the locker room area and stopped outside the boys locker. She
tried to catch her breath as he waited. She assumed that he was looking for
a place to secure the leash while he went inside and changed. Then, all of a
sudden, he jerked her leash, causing her to stumble as he pushed inside the
boy’s locker room.

The first thing she noticed was the awful smell. The girl’s locker room
smelled nice…fruity from the sprays the girls used and the perfume. This was
just bad, the smell of years of sweat that had accumulated in the room and
the fact that most boys never thought about it.

She wanted out of this disgusting room, where she saw underwear strown all
over the floor and something that she knew was a jockstrap dangling off a
bench. But instead she was pulled right to the middle of it as Eric went to
his locker.

He opened his lock and pulled the door open, attaching her leash to a hook
in it. She was now forced to stand on tiptoes as he wrapped the leash around
the hook a few times.

“Wouldn’t want my little doggie to get away now would I,” he asked with a
laugh. He grabbed his gym clothes and walked away, leaving her tied to his
locker, naked and all alone in the boy’s locker room. She was scared that
anyone could walk in but no one did and Eric reappeared completely dressed
in his gym clothes. A part of her was disappointed…he could see her in all
of her nakedness, why couldn’t she at least see him undress to underwear.

He threw his school uniform into the locker and pulled out his sneaks. The
boy sat down so that his face was inches from her pussy…she tried to turn so
that he could only see the outside of her leg but that put more pressure on
her throat so she was forced to stand there on display while the boy bent
over to put on and lace his sneakers. She felt his hot breath on her bare
lower lips and groaned, humiliated once again at her total nudity.

Suddenly he stood up and undid her leash from the hook, allowing her to east
the pressure on her calves from being on tiptoes. She was pulled by the
leash throught he grimy bathroom area and into a back door that led to the
boy’s gym.

She was humiliated when she realized that there were roughly 40 boys in the
class. She was the only girl in the room and she was completely nude, a fact
made very obvious by the startled gasps and the fact that all action stopped
when she and Eric entered.

“Alright guys, let’s not make too big a deal here, we’ve all seen Shannon
naked before,” Coach Torry said. “Hello Shannon, welcome to boys gym.”

She looked up and saw the man smiling but he wasn’t looking her in the
eye…he was staring down, towards her little breasts or maybe her bare pussy.

“Today is the obstacle course. Everyone must compete and finish in less than
five minutes. Eric, since you and Shannon just got here, you guys stretch
and can go last.”

The boy nodded and led the nude girl over to an area to the side of the
course and began stretching. He ran her through some paces, making her
spread her legs and stretch time and again. She knew it was just an
opportunity for him to see her pussy lips spread but she had no choice but
to do it and she did. Many of the boys who had completed the course or were
waiting to compete found their area and chose to do their cool-down or
warm-up exercises there as well.

Finally, it was time for Eric to go on the obstacle course. He tied the
leash to a piece of the bleachers by the starting gate, mortifying her with
a “can’t let my pet get away.” He then got set and began the obstacle
course, giving Shannon her first real look at it. The girls did nothing like
this in their gym. First was a wall with a rope over it that had to be
climbed. Then a row of tires, a low fence to crawl under, a plank and
finally a leap over a low wall. None of the boys had needed more than four
minutes to finish it and Eric completed it in just over three minutes.

“That’s high for today. Great job everyone, that’s the end of class.”

“Ah, Coach Torrey, Shannon hasn’t gone yet.”

The coach looked over at the naked girl.

“Come on Eric, don’t be ridiculous. She’s completely naked and her arms are
tied behind her. Plus, she’s a girl, she could never complete this course.”

The girl started to seethe…yes she was naked with her hands tied behind her,
but being a girl had nothing to do with being unable to complete the course.

“But Mr. Jones expects her to participate in all of my classes, including
gym. We don’t want to go against the principal do we Coach?”

The man knew he was licked.

“Ok, untie her until she goes over the wall, then retie her when she’s over.
She’ll have to complete the rest of the course with her hands tied,” Coach
said, then to an obviously distressed Shannon, “sorry hon, rules are rules.”

Coach did decide to give Shannon three extra minutes because of the retying
of her hands and the fact that “she’s naked and all and a girl.” Finally the
boys began to untie her and she felt a momentary relief that her arms were
now not bound and pulled up behind her. She knew that it was a very
temporary thing, as temporary as the time it took for her to climb the wall,
but it was better than nothing.

She stood at the starting line and waited until the coach said “GO!” The
boys started yelling at her as she ran towards the wall. She leaped up, her
bare right foot hitting the wall as she grabbed hold of the rope. Her feet
did not give her the traction that sneakers would have but she was able to
muscle her way up the wall and over. On the other side, Eric pulled her arms
up behind her again and tied them much tighter than the principal had,
causing her to wince and grimace. “Too tough for you little girl doggie,”
the boy whispered and pushed her off to the rest of the course.

Because of the shove, she was going too fast when she hit the row of tires
and was unable to make it through, falling on her face halfway through.
Because she was unable to use her arms, she struggled to get to her feet.
Finally she finished the tires and rushed to the low bar that she had to
crawl under. She felt her breasts crushing under her as she scurried under
the bar and scampered to her feet.

She ran towards the small plank, feeling the effects of the course and her
bondage. She made it the first few steps on the plank before losing her
footing and falling, the plank coming up and hitting her square in the
vagina. She moaned in agony and fell off the plank, much to the delight of
the hooting boys who were enjoying her discomfort.

She gathered herself together and, despite the great pain, made it to her
feet and jumped back on the plank, managing to complete the skill and then
jumped over the low wall at the very end.

“Oh jeez, 8:02. Sorry, you have to run punishment drills. Eric, see that she
does 25 laps, 50 situps and then 50 jumping jacks please.”


The girl was exhausted after being led through the punishment drills…the
laps were bad enough but jumping jacks with your hands tied behind you are
really tough. She watched Eric as he looked at her firm body jump around,
her breasts bouncing as she did it, sweat pouring off her body.

The sit-ups were especially degrading. The boy held her feet while the girl
labored to do 50 sit-ups while her hands were tied behind her. She hated
this close contact with the boy she despised, hated his hands on her ankles,
his eyes getting an up close and personal view of her pussy and breasts as
she brought her body up and down.

Finally, she completed the punishment drills and laid back. Despite the pain
as she laid on her wrists, she felt some relief. To her horror, Eric clipped
the leash back on and yanked her up, causing her to yell out.

“OWW! Eric, please give me a second to rest.”

“Look doggie, you may not be worried about being late for the next class,
but I am.”

He yanked her along, seemingly very angry at the girl. She thought he was
pushing the whole dog thing a little too far but he liked to humiliate her.

He went through the door and led her back into the shower area. He pushed
her under a nozzle and turned the water on cold, letting the spray hit her
directly. He used his hands to keep her under the water as she screamed and
tried to get away from the awful sting of the cold water.

“Rob, grab me some shampoo,” she heard him say. Within seconds she felt a
cold liquid on her head and then his hands roughly working the soap through
her long hair. She wanted to cry in agony at this torture but she was unable
to muster much energy.

The boy pushed her head under the stream of water and the shampoo started to
rinse off, running down her face into her eyes, nose and mouth. She sobbed
in humiliation and pain.

Finally, he let her head out of the water stream and then began to soap her
body. It was the first time he had touched her (expect for her arms and
wrists) since he had groped her to orgasm in the hallway last week. She
hated him but his hands felt good as they slid the bubbles all over her
dirty, sweaty body.

He was thorough, getting every nook and cranny of her body soaped and then
rinsed. He even washed her feet, instructing her to lift her feet so that he
could do the bottoms. That was an especially dirty part of the naked girl’s
body since she was not allowed shoes.

Once he finished, he turned the water off. Shannon tried to catch her
breath. But there was little time to rest. She felt him untie her hands and
reattach them to the shower nozzle.

“Time to shave you,” he said matter-of-factly. She looked up and was
appalled to see most of the class of boys still there, watching her shower
and debasement.

He grabbed a some shaving cream, boys shaving cream she noticed, and began
lathering up her long legs. She moaned at the cold cream on her skin, which
was now racked with goose bumps from the frigid shower. She feared for the
safety of her legs but the boy was gentle, shaving her left leg first,
taking care to not nick her. Then he did the other leg, making it as smooth
as possible.

He then stood up and did the same to her underarms, taking extra time around
the curves of that area.

“Now, my favorite, the pussy!”

the boys all hooted and hollered at this and Shannon began to sob again.
Eric took her chin and looked her right in the eyes as he lathered up her
mound, sliding his soapy finger into her slit. She moaned in pleasure,
surprised at her body’s response. The boy grinned evilly again and then he
crouched down to start shaving her mound. Again, he surprised her with his
gentleness, doing the mound first. Then he grabbed her labia, pulling one to
straighten out the skin, and then the other so that her entire area was
clear of hair and cream. He then made sure that the area between her slit
and anus was clear as well before standing again.

“Smooth as can be. I like my girls to look nice.”

He unattached her wrists from the nozzle above her and turned the water on
again, hitting her with the cold stream to rid her of any remaining hair and
cream. Finally he turned it off, leaving her a shivering, freezing mess.

He retied her arms behind her and reclipped the leash and led her back to
his locker, through the throngs of boys still gathered. He opened his locker
and again attached her leash to the hook, causing her to strain on her
tiptoes. He then grabbed a towel from his locker and she assumed he would
dry her. Instead he left her there and headed back towards the shower. She
was now left there among the 40 boys, all feasting their eyes on her. She
feared for her safety, but except for a few gropes of her breasts here and
there, the boys left her alone.

“Alright guys, scram. Go to class,” Eric said. She turned and saw him
standing there in just a towel. Mentally she hated this boy for everything
he was and everything he had done to her. Physically, this kid was gorgeous,
with a body like nothing she had ever seen. He was built up top, that much
she could see now as the towel was just wrapped around the waist. He held
his clothes in his hands so she knew he was nude under it.

“I thought we could have some alone time, you know, away from the prying
eyes,” he said.

He walked up next to her. She tried to look away but couldn’t…he was
gorgeous, even better looking than she had thought before.

“You know, you could make this much easier on yourself, if you’re nice to
me,” he said, moving his body closer to her. She smelled his freshness, his

“What do you mean,” she asked weakly.

“You know, if you are nice to me, do something special.” With that, he
removed the towel and she gasped. His penis was perfect, she thought. It was
long and thick and made her knees weak to look at.

“Something special,” she asked, licking her lips unconsciously.

“Yeah, you know, like maybe a blowjob,” he said, moving closer to her,
putting his cock right near her face.

Yes, she thought, be nice to him. What was the harm, he was gorgeous. She
had performed oral sex before, why not now when it could help her. Maybe it
would make him be nicer to her for the rest of this day. She started to nod
but stopped.

No way, this was Eric Gorbo. Nothing was worth giving herself so intimately
to this monster.

“Fuck you Gorbo, but I only let nice things in my mouth. Not dicks like

She clamped her mouth shut and moved as far away as the leash would let her.

“Fine, suit yourself, I’m not going to rape you. But you will pay for
turning me down.”

He dried himself and threw his gym clothes in the locker. He quickly dressed
and undid the leash and led her out.

Score one for the naked chick, she thought smugly, even though she knew that
she had messed with the wrong guy.

She ran to keep up with him, her bare feet slapping at the tile floor. She
stopped at his locker to get some books and she saw herself in the mirror.
She looked like a drowned rat, her hair straight.

“Please Eric, pull my hair into a ponytail,” she asked.

“Sorry, no.”

To her surprise, the rest of the day went fine. Lunch was weird…she was not
allowed to sit at the table with Eric and his friends. Instead she had to
kneel on the floor next to his chair, eating the few scraps that he allowed
her to eat. She was starving, having not eaten since last night, but all she
got was two bites of a sandwich, three potato chips and three swigs of soda,
which she almost never drank.

The other students at the table made cracks about her but she tried to
ignore them, concentrating on the little bits of food she was given. All she
really could see was their legs and feet beneath the table. By looking at
their legs and feet, she could tell that there were two other girls there.
She yearned for their shoes, their socks, their skirts. She wanted so badly
to be sitting there fully dressed, having a normal conversation over lunch.
She desperately wanted to be normal again.

The rest of the afternoon went smoothly. She was exposed to a whole new
group of eyes in class though, mostly seniors in different tracks than her.
They gawked but the faculty kept them under control. Every class went like
lunch, she knelt next to Eric, in full view of everyone, in the aisle.

Just before seventh period, he led her into the boys bathroom and held her
leash while he peed at the urinal. She felt gross just being in there (it’s
sick that boys pee standing up, she thought, and right next to other boys.
EEWWWW!!). Then it hit her. She had to pee.

“Excuse me Eric, but can you let me pee too. I haven’t gone all day.”

“Sure,” he said. “Go right into the urinal.”

She cringed…even though she had gone in a urinal at the mall with Father,
this felt different. But she had no idea when the chance might come again so
she spread her legs at the urinal next to Eric and let loose, the pee
hitting the porcelain and heading down. She heard voices around her, calling
other boys to see her piss. Now roughly a dozen boys were watching as the
pee left her body. It was hard to do without spreading her lips and some ran
down her leg, much to the delight of the boys.

Finally she finished and Eric flushed both toilets. They went to the sink
and the boy washed his hands.

“Eric, I have some on my legs, could you wash it for me,” she asked sweetly.

“No,” he said flatly and led her out of the bathroom.

When the last class ended, Eric led her back to Mr. Jones’ office. Her leash
was tied to the chair in the anteroom, opposite Mrs. Phillips, who muttered
“I can’t believe I have to sit here and look at this today” under her

Finally she was called in and Eric unclipped the leash from the chair and
led her in. She knelt in her customary spot and he sat in the chair.

“Eric, you were an excellent pet owner today, thank you so very much for
your help.”

“It really was my pleasure Sir,” he said.

“Shannon, thank Eric for being such a wonderful pet owner today.”

The girl shook her head. She would never thank the boy for the abuse he
heaped on her.

“Shannon, are you defying me?”

She looked the principal in the eye and shook her head.

“SO thank Eric for being a wonderful pet owner today.”

She looked at the boy and said, “Thank You Eric for being a wonderful pet
owner today.”

The boy smiled. “Any time. You were a pretty good doggie. Mr. Jones, I
groomed her as you directed and exercised her.”

The two men laughed as they continued the charade that she was a dog.
Finally Mr. Jones came around and untied the girl’s wrists, causing shooting
pain through them as the blood returned. Her shoulders cried out as well
from the agony of having been bound like that for so long.

“Ok, Eric, thank you very much. You may go.”

The boy left, grabbing her breasts as he passed. Mr. Jones pretended that he
hadn’t seen it.

“Miss Malone, a car much like the one you normally drive was seen on the
street next to school. Is it yours?”

The girl looked up, shocked that she had been caught.

“Yes Mr. Jones.”

“Well, didn’t I forbid you to drive to school? Another rule broken.”

“No sir, you forbade me to park at school. You never said I couldn’t drive.”

The man stopped. This was the first time the girl had stood up to him. And
damn if she wasn’t right. Now he was stuck since he had no way of punishing
her for it.

“You are right Miss Malone, but I wonder how your father and stepmother will
feel about it. They should expect a call tonight. That is all Miss Malone.
Get your book bag from Mrs. Phillips. She had put a binder full of homework
for you to complete tonight, since you missed classes today. Have a good

The girl stood and left the office, happy that she had won a small victory
over this man. She got her bag from the disgusted secretary and took off for
her car and the peace it provided.

This time, her walk to the car was much less crowded. Students were still
walking home and there was a lot of activity. It was warm for the season and
many people were out jogging and walking. The sight of the naked girl,
though normal in school, was still a shock to some outside. She rushed past
them and ran to the street where her car was parked.

“OH NO!” The car was not there where she had parked it. She walked down the
street, thinking that she may have been mistaken, but it was gone.

“How am I going to get home,” she wondered. Then she thought she might make
the bus. She ran back to school, passing many of the people that she had
passed on her way out. Now they got a full frontal view. The girl was too
frantic to notice or try and cover herself.

She ran to the bus area and saw Vince about to pull away.

“WAIT VINCE!” The bus stopped and the door opened. The naked girl gratefully
hopped on and was about to take her now accustomed seat in the front when
she gasped. There was a very naked girl named Rose, someone from her
homeroom. A very happy Vince now had two naked girls to ogle and turned the
mirror so that her now smooth again pussy was able to be seen from the back
of the bus and they took off.


Once the bus was rolling, Shannon turned to her naked schoolmate.

“Oh Rose, I’m sorry this is happening to you. I know exactly how you feel.”

Tears started to stream out of the newly nude girl. “Oh God, Shannon, it’s
awful. I never knew how bad you’ve had it. Everyone looking and grabbing,
nothing ever hidden. I can’t believe this has happened to me.”

The girl’s body racked with sobs. Shannon put her arm around her to comfort
her, giving the rest of the boys a chance to hoot and holler.

“You’ll get through it. It’s only a week right. I’m about to finish my

The two talked. As they did, Shannon got a chance to look at Rose’s body.
She had always been a great looking girl, very tall and full. She had nice,
full breasts, much bigger than Shannon’s or Carrie’s. Easily a 36C or D. Her
legs weren’t as long as Shannon’s but they were nice. The girl had always
worn clothes designed to show off her body, but never like this.

“This was all Brad’s fault,” Rose began. Rose and Juli had been studying on
Friday morning for a chem. Quiz. Brad saw them and begged for help. His
mother had been sick and he had been with her at the hospital. He hadn’t
studied and had no chance of passing this quiz. The girls felt bad and
decided to help him. They had gotten caught and told to report to Mr. Jones’
office first thing that morning. Although they knew it was a possibility,
none of them thought they would get the nude punishment.

That Monday morning, the three had been stripped on stage in the auditorium
by a very humiliated Carrie. Mr. Jones had also invoked a new rule in place
for boys that they had to be erect at all times so Carrie had been forced to
masturbate Brad to erection and then a ring was slid over the base of his
penis to prevent it from becoming soft. The boy could only release the ring
when he peed and at the end of the day. Of the three, only Brad was allowed
clothes going home because of his extra punishment of the ring.

Shannon listened to the whole story, saddened. She agreed with the injustice
that Brad could wear clothes to and from school, but understood the reasons.
Finally, they were at Rose’s stop.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow,” the girl said as she stood to leave, with the
hoots and hollers from the bus filling their ears.

“Good luck Rose,” Shannon said. She watched the girl dismount the bus and
run down the streets, a naked blur.

She closed her eyes and tried to forget all that was happening. The boys had
finally settled down and were now just talking amongst themselves. She kept
her legs spread open so that everyone still had an uninterrupted view of her
slit, but while her body was still being ogled, her spirit was far away.

She was in a dream world, where she was the only one wearing clothes among
many naked men. Mr. Jones had his arms tied behind him, a spreader bar on
his ankles, the ring around his cock and a gag in. He was begging the
smartly dressed Shannon for mercy and was getting none.

There was Eric Garbo nude and being forcibly masturbated by a machine…he was
screaming for mercy but she just smiled and walked by.

There was Mr. Firgus being forced to do the laundry in the nude on national
television. Then he was forced to orgasm while telling the story of his

There was Vince his naked body tied to the front of the bus while she drove,
in her very covering turtleneck sweater and jeans. She could hear him
calling her name, “SHANNON, SHANNON…”

“Wake up kid or I’ll have to take you back to the bus barn.”

She shook her head awake, not realizing she had fallen asleep. Why was she
so tired lately? The other kids had exited the bus without her knowledge…she
wondered what fun they had at her expense.

She grabbed her book bag and got off the bus. She took off at a quick speed
down the street, oblivious to the honking motorists and yelling. As she
rounded the corner of her street she breathed a sigh of relief. Her car was
in the driveway next to Colleen’s. Then she saw her father’s car too and
knew she was in trouble. He was never home this early.

She walked up the steps and entered the house. A very angry voice belonging
to her father called her into the kitchen.

She went in and saw her father’s face red as a beet, his hands folded on the
table. Colleen looked nervous sitting next to him.

“Young lady, can you explain the reasons behind your actions today?”

“Dad, do you mean the car?”

“Do I mean the car? Of course I mean the car.”

“Well, I overslept and…”

“And you took the car despite being told not to, is that correct?”

She nodded.

“Well, imagine the surprise that Colleen received when she came home for
lunch and the car was gone. No note in here either.”

“Oh Colleen, I’m sorry, I should have…”

“Wait a second Shannon. There’s more. And then Colleen called the police and
told them what happened. They put out an all points bulletin for the car.
Imagine our surprise when it was found a block from school.”

The naked girl blushed in shame. She had caused a lot of anguish for her
stepmother and father today.

“Dad, Colleen, I’m really sorry. I never should have taken the car.”

“Damn right. That car is a privilege Shannon, not a right. You were late for
school, that’s your fault. You had no right to take that car.”

She started to cry. “I’m sorry daddy, I never meant to upset anyone.”

“Well, too late. When you go upstairs, you will find your room exactly like
it was before. No door, no sheets, no comforter. The stocking and socks are
gone and your chance to earn shoes is also gone this week. Now go up to your
room and think about your actions.”

The naked girl turned and walked out of the kitchen, her sobs echoing
through the hallway. She went to her room and wailed when she saw her room
bare again. The little privacy she had was gone again.

She laid down on her mattress, again as bare as she was, and buried her head
in it, sobbing.

Dinner was brought to her, little though it was, by Jimmy, whom she was
surprised to see wearing clothes. He told her his nude punishment had been
lifted. She had not eaten a full meal that day and was feeling the effects.
The small sandwich and juice was not enough to fill her growling stomach but
that was all she was given. She made her way over to her desk to work on
assignments from classes she had not attended.

Each assignment had a reference to her. Math class was to determine the
capacity of her vagina given the following measurements. History class was
to write an amendment to the Constitution allowing Shannon to go naked
through the rest of her life. English class was to write a limerick based on
her and her nudity. She started to cry, amazed at how quickly she had become
the joke of the school.

No one came to say good night to her. She heard her father and Colleen go to
bed early, around 9. They said good night to Jimmy and shut their door,
uninterested in speaking to Shannon. They had no contact with the naked girl
since she had been sent to her room.

Shannon went into the bathroom, careful not to close the door, and got ready
for bed, using the toilet and brushing her teeth. She desperately wanted a
hug from her daddy but knew that she was not welcome in there right now.
Instead she turned her light out, curled up on her rough mattress and cried
herself to sleep.


Excerpts from the diary of the Shannon Malone, the very naked teenager:


Well, it’s back to no privacy for me. No blanket, no comforter, no pillow,
no bedroom door. Dad and Colleen are being very anal about having me follow
the rules. Colleen reprimanded me this morning when I closed the door
slightly while going to the bathroom…she reminded me that the door must
always be open. Then my dad made a comment about me wrapping the towel
around myself when I got out of the shower. It seems like they are going out
of their way to remind me that I am always on display and that I am not
permitted privacy.

The bus was awful today. Rose and I sat naked again in the front…but today
four large men sat behind us, making comments, touching our hair and
reaching around the seats and pinching Rose’s breasts and my legs. Vince
ignored them but I saw him smile. When did everyone get so mean? When did it
become okay to harass a girl simply because she was naked.

Rose was openly sobbing and was being teased for it by the girls in the back
of the bus. If they only knew how awful it was and that it could be them at
any time. Then they might not laugh at us…then they might not be so mean. I
promise that I will never act that way to another student when I get my
clothes back…if I get my clothes back.

Speaking of that, Carrie got most of hers back today. It was strange, she
was stripping everything off in the lobby when I walked in. She had just put
everything in her box and was carrying it to Mr. Jones’ office so I went
with her. Her stripping always draws a crowd…at least I don’t have to go
through that. I suppose that is the one advantage of being totally naked all
the time. She says that the boys go nuts when she strips off her blouse…more
than when she takes off her skirt.

That seems weird to me. I mean, a guy can see breasts a lot more than the
lower stuff. I mean, breasts are on display at the beach, the pool, in
newspapers and on TV. How often do boys get to see pussys, except in their
wet dreams.

I joined her to walk to the principal’s office. She was the only person who
would understand the hell I was going through at home. She dropped the box
off on Mrs. Phillips’ desk when she heard the principal call her.

“Miss Bartlett, what are you doing? Please come in here. Miss Malone, you
may come as well.”

I followed her in and we both dropped to our bare knees like robots in front
of his desk.

“Miss Bartlett, answer me,” he said. “Why are you naked today?”

Carrie looked completely shocked. “Um, because you told me to be naked Mr.
Jones. For my nude punishment?”

“Which ended today,” he said, almost spitting it out. “Today, you are only
supposed to be bottomless. Come on miss, you are not a stupid girl.”

I looked up and saw a look of shock and then total happiness come onto
Carrie’s face. I didn’t blame her…I’ve been dying to have any covering at
all for more than two weeks now. To have it given back when you didn’t
expect it must be totally awesome!

“Go and retrieve your box and come back in here and put your clothes on. I
will forgive the fact that you are out of uniform now but do not expect me
to be too lenient.”

Carrie brushed past me as she jumped to her knees and bolted out of the
office into the secretary’s area to grab her box. I watched Mr. Jones’ eyes
follow her out of the office, his mouth arched in a leering smile. What a

Carrie came running back in, her full breasts bouncing. She placed the box
on one of Mr. Jones’ prized chairs and opened it. She grabbed her blouse
first and pulled it on, letting out a moan of pleasure from feeling material
against her rock hard nipples again. She then grabbed two socks out of the
box and her saddle shoes and quickly knelt down to cover her feet. She was
now dressed normally from the waist up and the thighs down.

She looked at me and smiled. I gave her one back, but it was forced. I guess
I was happy for her but at the same time, I hated the fact that she was
mostly covered. Even her pussy was more covered than mine…she still had hair
there and I was bare.

“Thank you Mr. Jones. I promise I will never get into this kind of trouble
again,” Carrie said.

“Yes Carrie, I hope you learned your lesson. You will come to school dressed
like this for the next week. Put that skirt in your book bag and bring it
home. You will drive to school in your uniform as it currently is. Next
Tuesday you may put that skirt on but no bra or panties for an extra week.
And remember, any person in school that wishes may ask you to lift your
skirt and show them that you are bare there. I will not be so lenient next
time. Is that clear?”

Carrie nodded her head and we were dismissed. As I got to my feet, she
shoved her skirt into her backpack and I followed her out of the office.
When we reached the waiting area, she turned and gave me a huge bear hug. Oh
God, the feel of her soft white blouse was too much…I loved it and wanted it
so badly. I felt my eyes fill up with tears and was afraid I would blow my
cover and Carrie would know what I was thinking. But when our hug broke, she
turned and started out of the office, barely giving me a chance to follow.

I watched Carrie walk in front of me and noticed the change right away.
Before her punishment and while she was naked, her walk had been much more
timid and hunched. Now, she walked tall and seemed like a whole new woman. I
can’t wait until the day that I am the one dressed and walking proud down
these halls, unashamed of my nudity. But now I just follow along behind my
best friend, hoping to blend in somehow. I know, it’s silly…how can a naked
girl blend in anywhere?

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a very humiliated Brad Davis, his erection
raging and pointing straight out in front of him. He looked like he was in
agony and the girls all laughed and pointed. I hadn’t seen a dick this
openly before and was shocked at how big it was.... it was bright red and
looked like it might burst.

“Poor Brad,” one of the girls said laughing. “When he takes that ring off,
he is going to cum so much he’s going to pass out.”

The boy looked up and saw me staring at him…actually staring at his
penis…and he shuddered and moaned.

“Jesus, he really wants an orgasm, he’s dry cumming just seeing Shannon.”

That broke me from my daydream and I moved away, watching Brad’s bare ass
walk in front of me. As bad as I have it, it must be so much worse to be a


Oh God, today was completely and totally awful…and school had nothing to do
with it.

I mean, it still sucked and all…we had an away basketball game, which is
always terrible. The other team’s fans were really getting on me, talking
about my little tits and bare pussy…one boy yelled that I must be the whore
of St. Mark’s. Like I said, real nice kids right?

But at least we won and I scored 15 points. The drive home on the bus was
awesome…being with the team is one of the few places that I feel comfortable
these days.

Home has been really rough lately. Dad and Colleen have been so strict with
me…making sure I follow the letter of the law now about exposing myself. Dad
gave me all of the chores that Jimmy and Brighid usually do, including
taking the trash out, doing the dishes, straightening the family room,
vacuuming, everything. Every day after school I do all of the chores, make
dinner or help Colleen with the meals, serve the food, clean up, empty the
trash cans and then go and do all of my homework. Of course, I am totally
nude at all times and always on display.

Today I got home and noticed Megan’s car in the driveway. When I walked in
the house, I saw Dad in a suit and Jimmy dressed up too.

“Why is everyone so dressed up,” I asked Dad.

He looked up at me with an exasperated look on his face. “Are you kidding?”

Dad must have seen my hurt and confused expression because he softened.

“Tonight’s Aunt Katie’s wedding to Tom. You didn’t really forget, did you?”

But I had. My favorite aunt, the one who really stepped in for me and my
sisters when mom died…the one who had the talk about sex and periods and
boys and everything…the one who bought us our communion dresses and our
dresses for grade school graduation. She was getting married to a totally
awesome guy and I had totally forgotten.

“Oh God, I did. I’d better go and find something to wear.”

I started running up the stairs but stopped midway up. Oh God…there was
nothing to wear. I was going to go nude! I ran back down the steps and began
to beg my father, dropping to my knees in front of him and grabbing him by
the waist.

“Daddy, please let me wear something, please anything. I’m begging you,
please let me wear a dress and stockings and shoes….please don’t make me go

I was going completely mental, sobbing and screaming. Dad tried to pull away
but my grip on his pant legs was too good. I begged and pleaded for mercy
but when I looked up, I saw a resolve in him that I have never seen before.

“Shannon Kathleen Malone. Let go of me this instant,” he said, his voice
barely above a whisper but registering in my crazy haze nevertheless. I let
go and fell back, resting my bare butt on the soles of my feet.

“Colleen and I have discussed this a lot. At first, we planned to let you
dress for this occasion, Colleen even bought you a dress. But your actions
of Monday proved that you did not learn a lesson since we were not strict in
our enforcement of your punishment. So, we called Aunt Kate and she said it
was okay with her, so you are going as you are.”

I began to wail in humiliation and sorrow but he held up a hand and silenced

“Enough of that. You made this bed, now you will lie in it. You should go
and shower and get ready. Feel free to wear any makeup that you like but you
must hurry. We are leaving in 20 minutes and you are coming in whatever
state you are in.”

I saw him turn and move away. He had never been so firm with me…I had always
gotten away with murder with him…had always been the favorite. I had seen
him be this way with Brighid, to some extent and Jimmy. But Megan and I had
always had a free ride.

I got to my feet, shaky from all of my hysteria. I saw Jimmy, who smiled
sympathetically. I walked up the stairs and was met by my two sisters, both
in different stages of dress. Brighid, as always, was completely dressed,
ready to leave. Megan was in a bra and panties, her thigh high stockings on.
I noticed that her makeup was half on…my little scene must have gotten their

“Shannon, I feel so bad sweetheart,” Megan said, hugging me. I was so happy
she was there…I had missed her so much. We had always been best friends and
having her away at college while I was going through this had made it so
much worse.

“I can’t believe he’s making you go to Aunt Kate’s naked for christsakes,”
she said. “What’s gotten into him?”

My sisters helped me into the bathroom. “Hurry up and get washed. I’ll try
and get Dad to let you come with us. That’ll give you some extra time,”
Brighid said.

It barely registered in my brain but I nodded and she left the bathroom. I
watched Meg turn on the water and test the temperature. I then felt her
hands push me towards the shower and I went, almost on autopilot.


The hot water sprayed my back and snapped me out of my haze. Then it hit
me…I was about to be forced to go naked to the wedding of my favorite aunt,
naked in front of family, friends and strangers. For some people, their
first impression of me would be this night and instead of dazzling them with
a stylish dress, jewelry and shoes, I would be ridiculed for my naked
breasts, hairless pussy and bare feet.

I still had not moved but I felt the cold air hit me as Brighid opened the
bathroom door. “What did he say,” Megan asked.

“She can come with us, but he made it very clear she has to be naked the
whole time. No tricks like letting her wear something of ours. Completely
bare, he said.”

“Christ, he is being a real bastard this time. What is his deal?”

I put my head under the spray to get the sweat out washed and to block out
my sister’s conversation. I am so tired of it all, so tired of being
humiliated all the time, being naked and forced to do things against my
will. I just want to be a normal girl…I just want to blend in.

I felt a hand on my body and then soap. I pulled my head out of the water
and looked to see Megan reaching in to wash my body.

“Sorry Shan, we don’t have a ton of time here and you seem lost in another
world so I figured I’d help. Is that alright?”

I nodded, reached for the shampoo bottle and began to lather up my hair. I
felt Megan’s hands and the soap roaming up and down my back, over my ass and
then up and down my legs. She then reached around and did my front, my
shoulders, arms and then the front of my legs. While she did this, I
shivered from the kind touch, something I received very little of these

“Alright Shannon, everything’s done but your boobs and your puss. I love you
and all, but I’m not going there.”

She closed the curtain and I heard the door close, the first time I had been
alone in the closed bathroom all week. I luxuriated in the warm water and
the privacy. I knew it would be the last for a long while and wanted to
enjoy it.

I took the soap that Megan had left and began to soap up my breasts. They
had become so sensitive lately, since the nude punishment had begun. I
wonder why. Now, as I swirled the soap around the edge of it and then closer
and closer to the areole and the nipple, I began to moan softly. This felt
so good. I had never been much on masturbation before, but I had trouble
stopping lately…being nude all the time just gave me total access at any
free moment…it brought my sexuality to the forefront of every moment.

I could fell the itch between my legs and slowly slid my soapy hand down my
flat belly to my puffy lips. As soon as I touched my mound I felt the sharp
jolt through my body. Yes, this is good. I slid my fingers in from above,
rubbing my clit in the process. This was so good…almost too slippery, I
thought…not enough friction…then I found the spot and my whole body shook. I
know I cried out in pleasure and didn’t care…didn’t want to stifle the only
thing I could control these days…I was giving myself this orgasm and damn if
I was going to spoil it by trying to stay quiet and calm.

I felt my legs give way and I fell back against the cold tile. It didn’t
matter…I just kept sliding my fingers back and forth inside of my pussy as
orgasm after orgasm came over. I was shaking almost violently from the
pleasure and sobbing from the release. Finally it was reaching the point of
being too much and with great effort I stopped my hand. I didn’t pull it
out, that would be too empty of a feeling, but I stopped the movement.

After a minute, I pulled my fingers out and ran them under the hot water. I
then took the nozzle off the hook and sprayed it right at my pussy, trying
to get my sloppy juices off my lips and upper thighs. I figured that
tonight, they would be receiving some scrutiny.

I turned the water off and grabbed the towel. Next to it was a robe, hanging
right there in the open. I looked closely and was shocked to see my robe
hanging there, the robe that I had not worn in almost three weeks. I touched
it and felt the soft, blue terrycloth. I rubbed it against my bare breasts
and gasped at how nice it felt. Oh God, maybe I could wear it, maybe no one
would notice.

I opened the door. “DAD? COLLEEN? JIMMY?” The spectacularly dressed Megan
popped her head out of her room and smiled. “They’re gone Shannon. Put the
robe on. We won’t tell.”

I pulled the robe off the hook and slowly put it on, pulling the front shut
and tying the front shut. I felt tears fill up my eyes and stream down my
cheeks…the soft terrycloth felt like satin or silk against my skin. It was
my first covering of any kind since waking up Monday morning and just the
second time in three weeks that I have worn anything even closely resembling
clothes. Not since my visit to Brown last week have I not been naked.

I looked in the mirror and barely recognized this clothed version of myself.
It had been so long that I had been naked that I just assumed every image of
me from now on would come complete with my naked breasts and vagina. Seeing
this image of myself almost made it worse…I liked the part of me that was
seen when clothes were worn. I always thought I had a cute face and
shoulders and all the boys always told me how much they loved my long legs.

I’m not sure how long I stood there, just looking at myself with clothes. It
was like looking at an old picture, trying to remember where it was and what
I was doing. I heard a knock on the door and then saw it open behind me.

“Shannon, Christ, we have to go.” It was Megan, looking spectacular in her
little black dress, showing just a tad of her cleavage, but not too much.
The hem was high, just an inch or two below her crotch. She wore black
fishnet stockings and five-inch high heels. I must say, she looked awesome.
Tears started coming to me again…this is how I wanted to look tonight…this
is how beautiful I wanted to be. Instead, it was just me, no dress, no
jewelry, no stockings, no shoes, just my skin…my breasts, my pussy, my legs,
my belly, my back. Nothing but me to go out there in front of hundreds of
strangers and, worse yet, family and friends.

“Oh sweetheart, come on, pull yourself together,” Meg said, pulling me into
a tight hug. “You’ve been in worse situations these last few weeks than this
and you’ve done great. Come on, sit down and let me do your makeup. Brighid,
come in here and do Shannon’s nails.”

“What’s the use,” I said. “No one is going to be looking at my nails.
They’re going to be looking at my tits and my pussy. You know that.”

Meg seemed surprised at how vulgar I was being.

“You’re right, but why not look as good as you can, even being nude? They’ll
be looking anyway, why not feel a little pretty about it?”

I didn’t know how to answer so I let Meg kind of push me down onto the
toilet. IT felt so good to be sitting on the plastic seat and not feel its
cold, hard surface against my bare bottom. Just one of the many indignities
sent upon a naked girl.

I heard Brighid enter the room while Megan told me to close my eyes and
relax. I listened, partly because I always listened to her and partly
because I wanted to enjoy being still for just a few minutes. Everything had
been so crazy for the last half hour or so…now I just wanted to stop.

I felt Brighid’s hands on the soles of my feet and then the soft brush of
the nail polish applicator on my toenails. I didn’t even look to see what
color she was using…I trusted her and what did it matter really? I didn’t
need to match anything. I have always been partial to pastels…pinks,
purples, etc…but whatever she was using would be fine. Both of my sisters
were always so fashionable, I wasn’t worried about what they were doing to

I felt something near my eyes and gathered that Megan was working on my
eyelashes and eyelids. It made me wonder why we girls do all this for
boys…the boys I’ve been dealing with haven’t exactly been wonderful to me.
In fact, nearly all of them have been completely and totally awful…starting
with Mr. Jones and my father and working down…Vince, Mr. Firgus, Eric Gorbo,
Fr. Haglin, Carl the Maintenance Man, even her brother Jimmy in the
beginning. Maybe we girls have this all wrong…maybe boys are worthless and
we should find better places to spend our time than in front of the mirror
worrying about looking good for them.

Then I started to think about Mark…how gentle he had been each time we had
snuggled…what a gentleman he was on our first date, making me feel so
comfortable despite my nudity…how gorgeous he is with broad shoulders, blue
eyes, great strong legs and that beautiful face. Well, maybe some boys were
worth it!

I heard the whirl of a hair dryer and a hard brush moving through my
hair…then the soft, gentle brush on my finger nails. I was getting a spa
treatment from my sisters and it felt wonderful.

Finally they were done. “Okay, let’s get going,” Megan said. I stood up and
gasped…the girls had done wonders. I looked awesome…if I do say so myself.
The makeup was more than I normally did for myself but it wasn’t too
much…just the right flavor and colors for my complexion. I noticed my toes
and fingers were painted a pastel pink…my favorite color.

“One more thing,” Megan said. She was holding a bottle of her perfume. She
took a dab and put it on my wrists and neck and then shut the top.

I followed my sisters out of the bathroom and was about to go down the steps
when Brighid said, “Shannon, sorry to do this, but I need the robe back. I
have to return it to where the rest of the clothes are.”

“Come on Brig, let her wear the robe in the car. We can return it tonight
when we get home.”

“Daddy was clear Meg…sorry Shannon. If anyone sees her outside in this robe,
she’s going to get into huge trouble with Dad…more than she already is. I
don’t care about me or you, we’re old enough to deal with it. But do you
want Shannon in more trouble than she is now?”

Megan looked down towards the ground…she rarely would admit to being wrong
but her silence spoke volumes.

“Look Meg, Brighid’s right,” I said, getting looks of shock from my sisters
who probably thought I would do anything to be covered a little while
longer. “I’m going to be naked anyway, why chance getting into trouble.”

I saw both of them looking at me sympathetically.

“Besides, it was so nice to wear this, even for a little while. And you guys
made me feel like a princess…I don’t know how to thank you.”

I handed my robe to Brighid who disappeared with it down towards the
basement. She reemerged and went out to the car to warm it up while I waited
by the front door for their signal. I looked down at my body and silently
prayed to God to get me through this night like he has gotten me through the
other days.

I heard a horn blare and cringed, not needed to draw any more attention to
the fact I was coming out. Meg came up from behind me. I had heard her on
the phone but couldn’t make out who she was speaking to. She grabbed my hand
and we darted to Brighid’s warm and toasty car. I slunk into the back,
hoping no one saw the vulgar image I presented as I climbed into the
two-seater. Finally I was settled, Megan hopped in and we were off.