Surprise Assembly

by katie



The girls were shocked. A nude car wash in the middle of winter.

“Girls, this is part of your community service which is an integral part of
your punishment. This will not only benefit the fine boys of our football
program which brings tremendous attention to our school, but also the men,
mostly, and women of our community who are usually unable to get their car
washed at this time of year.”

“But Mr. Jones, it’s so cold outside.”

The man glared at Shannon in disgust.

“I am going to ignore that indiscretion of speaking out of turn Miss Malone
because I know that you are under a lot of strain and I am a Christian man.
Do not try it again however.”

The naked girl bowed her head, her face flushed in anger but she said
nothing else.

“I am not stupid enough to endanger your lives by making this happen
outside, though the alternative is not exactly a Hawaiian Island. We will
have the car wash in the bus port. Also, the day is expected to get up to
high 40s today so we should be okay. Before we go out and get this started,
you girls need to sign this paper. This is the generic paper signed before
all community service projects, about liability, etc. Just sign it and we
can be on our way.”

The girl naively signed the paper without reading it, causing Mr. Jones to
smirk. You think these girls especially would know better than just sign
something without reading it.

“Okay, follow me please. Miss Bartlett, please leave your bag here. You may
come get it in a few hours when you are done.”

A few hours! Both girls’ shoulders sagged when they heard that. This
punishment was going to seem like forever.

The girls followed the principal, who was dressed in khackis and a
long-sleeve fleece. The halls were freezing as the heat was not on with no
classes in session. The naked girls knew it very well…their bare feet felt
the ice-cold tile floor…their bare breasts felt the cold, heavy drafts
swinging through the deserted halls…and their bare pussies were exposed to
the elements, Shannon’s not even given the luxury of being covered by pubic

They walked down past all of the lockers. Carrie felt even worse, knowing
that many of them probably contained clothes…girls’ sweaters, boys’ jackets,
anything that could cover her nudity…cover her shame…give her warmth.

Finally, they made it to the busport. The girls were surprised to see all 50
of the football players, from freshmen to seniors. Shannon was especially
humiliated…this was the crowd she had hung out with…fellow jocks…the team
she had cheered for as the head cheerleader. Was it really just two months
ago that she been in uniform, on the sidelines for the big state
championship? She felt like she had been nude for way longer than that. Her
mind now recalled how that uniform felt on her…she remembered being a bit
unhappy that it was as revealing as it was. The skirts were ultrashort and
the tops had a bare midriff. They all wore ankle socks so more was bare than
covered but man, how she wished for that much cover now, when she wasn’t
even allowed to wrap a towel around herself after a shower.

Mr. Jones led them right into the area where the football players stood.
“Gentlemen, I think you know these ladies. Shannon and Carrie are on
punishment and part of that is to help you with this activity. Please do not
pity them…they deserve this duty today. Is that clear?”

The boys nodded. Judging by the looks on their faces, there wasn’t any
thoughts of pitying these girls. They were out for blood and wanted to
humiliate these girls, especially their former friend Shannon, the beautiful
girl who had rebuffed many of their advances. She was not quite such the
uppity bitch that she had been before.

The truth was, Shannon was far from an uppity bitch. She had rebuffed many
of them but not in a mean way. She was a strong, independent woman who was
not about to give herself to any boy that wanted it. Now, she was far from
that image. She was a naked, scared, overwhelmed little girl.

Coach Lapey walked over to where the principal stood with the girls.

“Shannon, it’s VERY nice to see you again. I’m sorry, I don’t believe I know
you,” the man said to Carrie, holding his hand out to shake hers. “I am
Coach Lapey and you are Carrie Bartlett. Well, it certainly a pleasure, a
real pleasure.”

The girl noticed that he was certainly taking great pleasure in staring at
her bare body, a fact that he concealed even less than his players had. She
was afraid of what the next few hours would hold.

“Coach Lapey, would you be so kind as to send two of your players to my
office to grab the large posters please? Just look for the nude photos of
these two girls and they will know they have the right one.”

“Absolutely, Jim and Bill, go and grab those posters out of the Mr. Jones’

The two freshmen jumped to attention at their coach’s words and hustled back
into the school building. The girls shivered as they got a good look at what
was known as the bus barn. This is where the school kept the 15 buses that
transported the students back and forth from school. There were some big
ones and a few small ones and two that were for students with disabilities.
All of these were currently being moved out onto parking lot by Joe to leave
plenty of space for the car wash.

“Girls, follow me and I’ll give you an idea of the setup for this event,”
Coach Lapey said. The girls followed the man, happy to be away from the
leering boys, at least for the moment.

They followed Coach Lapey towards the open door. Both girls cringed, knowing
that this would put them into view of anyone outside of the school building
but also from the cold air blowing in.

“The cars will come in this way, be washed by the two of you and then exit
this door. The guys will take the money, provide you with soap and supplies
and then direct the cars out of the bus barn. Do you understand the

“You mean, we’re the only ones washing the cars,” Shannon asked and the
coach nodded.

“Yep, this is your community service and we really appreciate it.”

The girls looked at each other, knowing that this day was about to turn even
more awful. Out of the corner of her eye, Shannon saw the boys running back
with the posters and cringed when she saw her nude photo, her legs spread,
every eye drawn to that part of her body that was supposed to be private,
was supposed to be just hers. Now, everyone driving by would see it.

It was strange to her, but the photos taken along the way had been almost as
bad as the constant nudity. At least with the nudity, her exposure was
limited in some ways…by the way she moved, how quickly she was there, could
she be behind something, what angle were you looking at her, etc. In a
photo, there was no hiding anything and the people could stop and stare as
long as they pleased and there was nothing to stop them.

“Shannon and Carrie, please go and put these signs on opposite sides of the
street so that we get people from both directions,” Mr. Jones said. Both
girls groaned, knowing that meant more public exposure.

“Jim and Billy, you guys go and help the girls and then take the first shift
on the street, directing traffic. Don’t worry, we’ll replace you in an hour
so that you don’t miss too much time with our female volunteers.”

Shannon laughed inside…volunteers, yeah right!

The girls grabbed the signs and carried them out into the cold day, happy
for the minimal coverage they provided and for the fact that the sun was
beginning to peek out and warm things up a bit. Shannon volunteered to carry
the one across the street, followed close behind by the very happy freshman
named Bill. His classmate, Jim, looked just as happy behind Carrie, watching
her tight butt as she walked.

“Shannon, I really think you are cute,” Bill said. The naked girl turned
towards him and smiled.

“Thanks Bill, that’s sweet.”

“Yeah, I always wondered what you would look like naked and now I know. And
you are every bit as hot as I imagined.”

No longer sweet, now just sick, Shannon thought, but continued to smile,
hoping that maybe this boy could be an ally.

She glanced in both directions in the street, saw no cars coming and put her
bare foot onto the blacktop of the road and started to cross, holding the
big sign in front of her to provide as much coverage as she could. Obviously
someone coming the other way would have a pristine view of her ass and bare
back, but at least her breasts and pussy were covered for the time being…at
least until she put the sign in.

She got across the street and then heard the cars approaching. She heard the
familiar yells and cheers and lewd comments. The cold wind was hitting her
body, feeling like sharp needles. Her nipples were so hard they looked like
they would break with one touch. She looked up and saw Carrie struggling to
place her sign into the hard ground…obviously the wooden legs of the sign
were not sharp enough to break through the winterized ground. Finally, Jim,
conveniently coming up from behind Carrie and groping her at the same time,
assisted her and the sign was finally in place, after more than a half dozen
cars had stopped to see the naked girl and read her sign.

Shannon was a bit stronger than her friend but still struggled mightily to
break the ground. Finally Bill helped her, grazing her bare breast in the
process. Shannon looked up and saw that four or five cars were pulled over
on her side as well, getting a full view of her exertions and then reading
the sign. The two teens scampered across the street to meet up with the
other two. The boys stayed outside and began to form the cars into lines.
The girls saw nine cars already lined up.

They felt the air was a bit warmer inside the bus barn but not much.

“Girls, this is Carrie’s team and this is Shannon’s team,” Coach Lapey said,
pointing to the two groups of roughly 15 guys each. “Their job is to make
sure the water is in the bucket and the soap is going and that you have
fresh dry towels. You will do all of the scrubbing and hosing down of the

“BRING IN THE FIRST TWO CARS,” he said loudly to four boys who stood at the

Two large black SUVs rolled in. The girls saw that two twenty-something men
were behind the wheels, gawking at the nude girls. Shannon closed her eyes
to brace herself for the day’s events.
“I’d get moving sweetie,” Coach said, “or you will never make your goal.”

Goal, what goal, Shannon thought as she opened her eyes, seeing Carrie on
her tip toes already soaping up the hood of the first SUV. Shannon bent
over, imagining the view that the man in the SUV was getting as she leaned
over the bucket, wringing out the sponge. She takes the sopping wet sponge,
now dripping over her bare legs and feet, and begins soaping up the hood of
the man’s car. She is also on tiptoes to try and reach the middle of the
hood, her breasts occasionally scraping the cold and now wet metal. She
looks up and sees the man’s eyes not on her face, but right on those
breasts, watching her hard nipples achingly rub against his hood.

Some of the soap had wiped onto her breasts but finally the entire hood was
soapy and wiped. Now she sprayed the hose, but the nozzle was loose and she
ended up as wet as the car. She began to shiver in the cold bus barn.
Finally, after almost 15 minutes of scrubbing and rinsing, the car was
finished and she was soaked, from her hair to her feet, which were walking
in a film of cold water.

She looked over and saw Carrie struggling to finish her SUV and began to
feel lucky that she was athletic and used to strain. Washing a car while
nude was very hard work. The nude girl wondered if she should go and help
her equally nude friend out.

“Shannon, over here please,” said Coach Lapey. She looked over and saw five
guys standing there with thin washcloths and walked towards them.

“Stand with your legs spread and arms extended out to your sides,” the coach
said softly. Without thinking, the naturally obedient girl did as commanded,
now completely exposing her bare breasts and pussy for display.

“OK, stand completely still while the boys dry you off so that we can avoid
you getting sick,” the coach said. “Gentlemen, go to it.”

Before Shannon could even comprehend what the coach was saying, the boys
began their assault, taking their thin towels and mauling her. Two shared
her breasts, one dried her pussy, another dried her face, back and arms and
a fifth was the lucky boy responsible for her pussy, legs and feet.

She felt their uncomfortable groping through the rough fabric, their
inexperience readily showing. There was no finesse, no thought of being
gentle…just grabbing and squeezing at her breasts. However, the boy at her
pussy was using the towel in a more gentle fashion, dabbing at her puffy
lips, lightly drying her inner thighs.

“Every time I think I’ve dried her thing down here, it gets wet again Coach,
what should I do,” the boy, who Shannon thought was named Trevor, asked with
a shy, mocking tone.

The coach smiled. “Yes, girls have that problem, I guess you’re doing it

Shannon didn’t believe it, but these comments humiliated her even more than
her nudity did. She knew they were correct, she was getting sexually excited
by his touches and could not control her body’s reactions.

He moved on down her smooth, bare legs, while his friends continued to
concentrate on her tits. She followed Trevor’s commands and lifted her left
foot and the boy dried the soles of her bare feet and then her right. This
was so humiliating, her body was a bright red.

The drying was finally over and Shannon went back to work on the next car,
this one a smaller car, a Toyota. Wouldn’t take nearly as long. In the
meantime, Carrie was over getting dried off, a different group of five boys
taking their turns drying her entire body. Shannon heard a moan of what
seemed to be a mixture of pleasure and frustration from where Carrie,
followed by laughter as the boys knew what was happening.

“This one really like it. Christ, her friend got soaked from our touch and
this one is moaning…two real sluts,” one of the boys said. Shannon tried to
control her tears at the mean words but continued washing the car, ignoring
the college-aged man behind the wheel, getting a close-up view of her bare

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Carrie get back to work as she
finished the Toyota. She was forced back to her drying area, where five new
boys were waiting. Again, they were rough with her, except for the boy
drying her vagina, who was doing it tenderly. She saw it was Trevor again
and wondered why. Her eyes must have given her away and he whispered, “Coach
likes the way I do it…he thinks you are going to cum.”

She was mortified…her wanton sexual desire was obviously full evident to the
men in the area, who watched her with fascination, wanting her to humiliate
herself further by cumming in this terrible situation. She closed her eyes
and willed her self not to enjoy this so much but her body gave her away…she
felt her pussy soaken and heard Trevor sniff the air and say, “Ahhh,”
drawing the laughter of those watching, which seemed to include everyone in
the bus barn except Carrie, who was struggling to finish the new SUV brought

“Lift your left foot Shannon,” Trevor said softly and the girl blindly
obeyed, not even giving a thought to not following this boy’s orders. Why
not, she thought, every other male is ordering me to do things, why not this
one? The drying of her soles seemed like the last straw of humiliation, the
last place that had been mostly hidden. It was as if lifting her leg in the
air so that he could dry the bottoms of her feet was the last piece of

Trevor finished and she was glad to get away from him without moaning out
loud like Carrie had. Shannon moved back to the washing area and began on
the minivan that had pulled in, filled with about seven teenage boys, using
mom’s car on a Saturday.

As she washed, she heard moaning from Carrie and without looking knew that
the girl was having an orgasm. She heard the boys laughing and making rude
comments but she didn’t want to add to her friend’s humiliation by looking
up, concentrating on her own car in front of her instead.

“OH GOD,” she heard Carrie exclaim, followed by a grunt through clenched
lips. Shannon knew why…the exposure was terrible but it was hard to not
think about sex and your sex parts when they were constantly on display and
all anyone ever looked at. She had been so aroused lately, much more so than
when she wore clothes…the constant nudity saw to that. She imagined that
Carrie was simply giving into that and hoped that she could control it
better but she knew it was a losing battle.

She heard applause and was surprised to see roughly 20 men and boys in the
barn not affiliated with the football team standing there gawking. She was
mortified even more now…this day kept getting worse.

Carrie could not stop cumming…this was so much worse than the other night
with Craig…there she was being loved, made to cum by someone who cared for
her, who wanted her to feel pleasure. Yes it was in public, but not to
humiliate her…to make her feel like a woman. But now, with this boy pushing
his towel-covered finger into her pussy and rubbing up and down her lips,
her body took over…despite her brain’s strenuous objection, her body

Now her body shook but not from the cold this time…she was hot, starting in
her pussy and working through her whole body. The boy removed his hand from
her vagina and dried her legs. She tried to block it out but all of her
energy and all of her thoughts were focused between her legs. Meekly, she
raised each leg as ordered so that the boy (Christ, she didn’t even know his
name) could dry the soles of her feet, a humiliating exercise in and of

The rest of the day went that way. Carrie came three more times, Shannon
twice…neither girl could help it. They were being constantly prodded, poked
and mocked by the football players and the onlookers. The coach protected
them most of the time, but occasionally he would drift away, leaving his
charges alone in command of the girls.

In five hours, the girls managed to wash 35 cars at $20 a piece. When 2 p.m.
hit, the scheduled end of the car wash, just two cars remained. The girls
had raised $700 and where given permission to finish the last two cars,
bringing their total up to $740, the most ever raised for a charity car wash
at the high school, especially with only two people washing.

Coach Lapey counted the cash collected. “Whoa, what a great day. $740 is a
record. Thank you ladies so much. It’s a shame that you didn’t reach your
goal but you gave a heck of an effort.”

Both girls looked at the man questioningly.

“Mr. Jones didn’t tell you girls that your goal was to raise $1,000 did he?
What a bastard he is! HA! Well, you signed the paper so you are stuck with

The girls stood there, not knowing what to do. They hurt terribly, arms and
legs in great pain from all of the washing. The girls had washed nearly two
dozen cars apiece and still had failed to reach this goal.

“Why are you girls standing there. Mr. Jones wants you in his office
immediately. Thanks again.”

Oh God, Shannon thought, what more could happen. But at least they could
leave this cold barn and get away, for however brief a time, from all of
these eyes. It was 2:30 and both girls were complete messes and Carrie had
to be at the theater by 3 and Shannon had a game at 4:30.

The two nudes walked silently towards Mr. Jones’ office…before they made the
final turn down the hallway, Shannon turned and grabbed her friend in a huge
bearhug and both girls started sobbing.

Finally, they gained composure… “it was awful, wasn’t it,” Carrie asked.
They continued on their journey to the principal’s office. Mr. Jones waved
them in and commanded Shannon to kneel in her normal position while Carrie
stood there.

“Miss Bartlett, are you better than your friend? Do you think you deserve to
stand while she kneels?” The girl shook her head no and dropped to her
knees, implying his order.

The man was holding a piece of paper. “well, I heard that you two raised
$740…not bad for five hours of work. However, it fell well short of the
$1,000 mark that we set here in the contract that both of you signed.
Doesn’t it say that Miss Malone. The man held the paper out so that Shannon
could see it. The nude girl nodded.

“Words Miss!”

“Yes Mr. Jones, it says $1,000.”

“Good girl…see you can follow orders, even though you failed to reach your
goal. Do either of you know the consequences? I assume you do since you read
it in the paper you signed.”

Both girls frowned as neither had read the contract.

“Neither of you read this piece of paper. Pity. Well, first, you will be
punished during all three lunch periods, 4th though 6th periods, Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday. I don’t think you will enjoy it. Plus, you will be
here the next four Saturdays to help in other fund raising activities. I
hope you do better then. Dismissed.”

The girls got up and stumbled out of the office, both desperately afraid of
wht was in store for them at school.

“Want to grab some lunch,” Carrie asked. “I could go and throw on my clothes
and run to McDonald’s or something.”

The nude friend nodded and the duo set off to find Carrie’s clothes. They
found the bag in the boiler room and Carrie threw on her stuff and went to
the fast food restaurant. While she waited, Shannon went to a side bathroom,
needing to pee. She squatted over the toilet, not wanting her private parts
to touch the grimy seat.

As she finished, she felt the horny feeling come back…she never came as hard
as she wanted in that bus barn…she held back, not wanting to put on too much
of a show. Now, with her fingers spreading her pussy lips, she started to
rub her raised clit…she rubbed and within seconds, the feelings started
shooting up and down her body. She rubbed her harder, using her other
fingers to rub up and down and then inside her pussy lips…she imagined it
was Trevor doing it, right here, then shook her head and it was Mark, her
sweet boyfriend who had yet to pressure her for sex…and she came again,
right there in the boiler room bathroom.

CLAP! CLAP! “Bravo Miss Malone, what a horny little thing you are,” said
joe, the large custodian. “I was surprised when I heard the sound of
something tinkling in my toilet but imagine my shock when I saw a beautiful
little girl squatting over it, peeing. And then to watch her cum right here,
well all of my years working here have been worth it now.”

BANG! BANG! BANG! “That would be Miss Bartlett…I’ll slink away and pretend
this never happened. But we will know, won’t we Shannon. Oh and don’t forget
to remind her to strip in here and leave her clothes. Mr. Jones would not be
very happy if she walked in dressed would he?”

The girl was now sobbing, not even allowed to enjoy one private moment in
this awful day. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and flushed the
toilet. The pounding got more insistent and she rushed over to open the
door, letting her friend in. The smell of the fries thankfully overpowered
the smell of her sex juices and she took the bag from her friend’s hands.

“Um, don’t forget to strip again. Mr. Jones would kill you if you didn’t.”

“Oh Christ, I almost forgot, thanks.”

And she got nude again, leaving the bag in the boiler room and the two naked
girls headed for the relative quiet of the girls’ locker room and ate their
lunch, chatting about life, trying to remember a time before they were
naked. After a while some of Shannon’s basketball friends arrived and Carrie
left to meet the rest of the theater crew. Both cringed when they thought of
Monday and Carrie remembered that there was the issue of Tracey’s nudity to
deal with. But first, there was a game to play and a show to put on.
Somehow, both girls made it work, with the basketball team winning again and
the play getting a standing ovation, but both were exhausted as Carrie drove
Shannon home that night.

“Thanks for the ride, I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” a very naked Shannon
Malone said to her now dressed friend.

“Yeah…and Shannon, I hate what’s happening, but I’m sure glad we going
through it together.”

For the first time that day, Shannon smiled, even though it was a weak one.
“I know, me too. Bye.”

The nude girl sprinted up the steps and into the warmth of her house, glad
that this day was almost over. Carrie drove off, feeling weird in clothes
after going without for more than 14 hours. Her non-driving hand wandered
down beneath her skirt as she went, playing absentmindedly with her bare
puss. She thought about the day and the orgasms and then the play…and she
thought about Tracey. Her orgasm luckily came at a stoplight and she was
able to get home without a crash, stripping when she entered the front door,
with only Tracey home to see her. She was thinking about telling her younger
sister about the nudity thing, but the girl was off and talking about a boy
she had met at the play who thought she was a senior and Carrie thought
better of it, preferring to wait a day.


Carrie wanted to get away but couldn’t…how did she end up in this deli…all
she could see was her bare legs spread in front of her and she smelled
pickles. She wanted to shout out for help but nothing came out of her mouth.

“Boy this new pickle warmer is awesome…so realistic…almost like a real
pussy,” the man suddenly standing in front of her said to another.

“You’re right…let’s try it out.”

The girl struggled mightily but could not move…then saw the man lift a large
pickle and move it towards her spread pussy lips.

“NOOO!!!” she cried, knowing that the object was way too wide to fit inside
of her. But the men heard nothing and began to part her pussy lips and stuff
the pickle in…the pain was intense but she felt the betrayal of her body and
she came while the huge invader went into her hole. She felt her thighs
quiver and her pussy spasm around the cold, soft pickle.

“Christ, it came just like a real girl too, look at those pussy lips. Man
this is a great invention.”

Their reaction caught the store like wildfire and soon everyone was coming
over to stuff pickles into her vulnerable, wide-open pussy…she tried to cry
out for help because it was awful while being awesome at the same time. She
kept cumming and could not stop…

“Let’s try two pickles…” NOOOOO!!!

“Carrie! CARRIE!!! WAKE UP!”

The girl shook her head and came to, realizing that she was not really in
that grimy deli but in her bed…completely open, her covers long ago thrown
to the floor, her hand buried in her snatch and her legs spread. She looked
up and saw her brother shaking her, touching her bare shoulder. She sat up
quickly, a little lost in a fog, closed her legs and brought her knees up
against her body, trying to shield herself from the boy’s line of sight.

“Carrie, Christ, snap out of it, it’s me Phil.”

The girl’s eyes started to focus on the boy in front of her and he could see
her whole expression change.

“Jesus, Phil, what a dream I just had.”

“I bet, I saw your hand moving pretty good down there. Almost didn’t want to
wake you but thought I had to.”

The nude girl blushed…even though her brother had seen all of her body, this
was the first time she had ever been so wantonly displayed in his presence.

“Shake it off, it didn’t bother me none,” the boy said, smiling. “I wanted
to wake you because I had an idea about how to get Tracey nude today.”

The boy began whispering a plan in his naked sister’s ear. Carrie kept
nodding, not liking the idea but thinking the plan could work.

“Okay, so we’ll do it during breakfast, right,” Phil asked softly.

“Yeah,” Carrie said. “This whole thing sucks but I believe you when you say
that you will take care of things Phil. I’m trusting you.”

The boy nodded and left the room, leaving Carrie alone with her thoughts.
She thought about how weird her dream was and was bothered that she had zero
privacy…now even her dreams were apparent to the world…her brother knew what
she was doing and the basic gist of her erotic dream.

She crawled out of bed, noticing some pain in her vagina, wondering how
rough she had been on herself during the night. Obviously, judging by the
smell in her room, she had been very busy with her fingers. She looked down
and saw her juices caked on and nearly gagged. Maybe she really was a slut,
she thought.

She heard the music playing in Tracey’s room and realized that she must be
awake and getting ready for church. Carrie remembered that her mom and dad
were going to be away all day, leaving her, Phil and Tracey alone until late
that night. Phil was right, today was the day to trap Tracey.

Part of her wanted to just tell Tracey and ask her for help…maybe the girl
would go along with it. But, another part of her knew that Phil’s plan was
probably the way to go.

She slid into the bathroom, realizing for the millionth time how naked she
was and how that made her different. There was nothing to take off while she
waited for the water to warm so she stood in front of the mirror, giving her
body the long once over. Why not, she thought, everyone else was seeing her
body, why not her?

When Carrie looked into the mirror, she was surprised to see roughly the
same body that had been there before her naked punishment. She felt so
different on the inside, she was a bit taken aback to see that the outside
was almost the same. Her nipples, which always felt so hard to the point of
being a bit painful, looked the same as they always did. The only slight
difference was her pussy lips, which seemed puffier and redder than they
used to be.

She felt the steam start to filter out beyond the shower curtain and stepped
in, luxuriating in the warm water splashing over her. She washed her hair
and shaved all of the key areas, her legs, underarms and trimmed her pubic
hair so that it looked neat (why she did this she had no idea!). She then
took the shower head massager off of the hook and placed it between her
legs, letting the water squirt up against her puffy, aching pussy lips. She
gasped and then moaned…realizing that she was much more sensitive than she
had ever imagined. Her legs began to shake and she fell back against the
slick tile wall as the orgasm washed over her.

“Carrie, are you alright,” she heard Tracey say.

“I’m fine,” Carrie said in a shaky reply. Christ, am I never allowed to
orgasm alone again, she wondered. She finished washing up and turned off the
water, wringing her hair out in the tub. She grabbed the towel and dried
herself, being careful not to wrap it around her and break the rule, even
though there was no one around to see her. It was now so ingrained into the
girl’s psyche that she didn’t even think about wrapping that warm, fluffy
towel around her for cover.

She took a few minutes putting on the minimal amount of makeup that she wore
and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Although letting her hair fall
naturally would have covered more of her, she hated how she looked like
that. The ponytail was more her style.

She left the bathroom and hurried downstairs. She knew that the plan called
for her and Tracey to leave the house and go to mass at 9:30. They would
then return home and have breakfast where she and Phil would lay their trap
for their unsuspecting sister.

“I started the car so it would warm up,” Tracey said, reappearing in the
foyer with a heavy ski jacket on. “I wasn’t sure what you would be wearing
so I figured I would help out.”

Carrie thanked her sister and saw a pile of clothes on the bottom step with
a note.

“Carrie, wear this today. I won’t tell and I think you deserve a break.

She saw a heavy sweater and jeans folded with a bra and panties lying on
top. Next to the pile was a pair of socks and sneakers. She silently thanked
her brother and grabbed the soft, cotton bra. She used to hate bras, feeling
confined in them. Now, as she pulled it on, snapped it shut and shifted it
around so that the cups were over her breasts, she was beyond happy.

Tracey came in and gasped. “What are you doing in that?”

“Phil left it for me…said he wouldn’t tell and I didn’t think you would mind

Though she seemed surprised that their brother would be so nice Tracey just
nodded. She sat there while her formerly naked sister put on the other
clothes, luxuriating in the feel of her bra and panties, something so simple
to other girls but a real treat to her after being without them for nearly a
week. Then the jeans and finally the sweater and she was covered from neck
to ankle. She sat down and slipped her socks and sneaks on and was covered
except for her face and hands for the first time since last Monday morning.

“Carrie, I don’t feel right about this. Daddy said you weren’t allowed to
wear a bra or panties for three weeks and no pants…you might get in

“You have no idea what it’s like being naked all the time and being on
display at all times. It sucks Trace, absolutely sucks. Give me one freaking
hour to be dressed like a normal girl will you for chrissakes.”

Carrie’s words were almost spat out at her younger sister, who stood in
shock, having never heard her sister speak like that to anyone, especially
not her. They had always been best friends.

“Carrie, I’m sorry,” Tracey said in a very low voice. “I didn’t realize…”

Carrie grunted, threw on her coat and was out the door, into the waiting
warmth of her car. Tracey followed closely behind, her mind whirling. She
knew that Carrie’s nudity must be bad but she had no idea of the depths of
it. In fact, it looked kind of fun at times and she fantasized about it
being her nude at school.

The two drove to church in silence, the music playing providing the only
sound in the car. Every so often Tracey would look at her big sister,
looking so odd in the comfy clothes, her legs out of sight for the first
time in nearly a week. Each time, she saw anger in Carrie’s eyes as the girl
looked straight ahead, her eyes on the road.

Finally they pulled into the church parking lot and Carrie pulled into a
parking space. She put the car into park and was about to leave when she was
stopped by Tracey.

“Carrie, please, let’s get past this. I am really sorry about what I said. I
didn’t realize how awful it must be for you. I wasn’t trying to make you
feel worse.”

Carrie stopped and calmed herself.

“I think you have been enjoying me being naked,” she said softly. “You can
feel superior to me when I am that way, the first time you have been able to
feel that way with me. You want me naked all the time don’t you?”

The girls stared at each other, Carrie’s face filled with anger and Tracey’s
registering shock.

“I do not—,” Tracey stammered.

“Stop it, you do…you love it. You try and pretend you are there for me, but
you’re not. You love it.”

Tracey was stunned, but not at the allegations. The fact was, she was
secretly happy to have her sister be humiliated. It certainly made her look
better. She had always wanted to be superior to her sister but she was
shocked that Carrie had seen through her.

Carrie opened the car door and got out of the car before her sister could
answer. Tracey quietly got out herself, following her sister into church.
They sat towards the back on the left side of the large building. Carrie was
so happy to be dressed normally that much of her anger towards Tracey was
gone. She sat and tried to pray quietly in the church that she had gone to
her whole life.

She heard it before she saw it but experience told her that Shannon was
nearby. She turned and saw her very naked friend slide into the pew next to
her, followed closely by Brighid, Jim and their parents. Shannon grabbed
Carrie’s hand tight and Carrie looked at her with a smile. However, a part
of Carrie was unhappy at Shannon’s presence. She was enjoying just blending
in with the rest of the congregants and now everyone was looking her way,
though she had to admit no one was looking at her.

Shannon looked over at her best friend and was surprised at the lukewarm
reception she had gotten. After all they had been through, she was hoping
for some support. She was shocked to see Carrie wearing jeans and a sweater,
her legs hidden from view for the first time in a week.

The nude girl had a lot of problems this morning…in addition to being the
only naked person in this house of God, she was also extremely horny. The
day before she had experienced orgasms but only superficial ones…they had
teased her body and she had been on display, but not one of the orgasms was
fulfilling. She felt an uncomfortable itch in her pussy and had tried to
scratch it herself but she just couldn’t satisfy herself…she needed someone
to do it for her. Mark was away for the weekend and she would probably not
see her until the next week…she could never last that long in this

“Can you come with me to the bathroom,” Shannon whispered to Carrie. The
last thing Carrie wanted was to walk around with her naked friend but she
nodded. They stood up together and Carrie felt every eye in the church on
them and she cringed. She desperately wanted to blend in today, to enjoy
being dressed like a normal girl.

They went out of the church and down into the auditorium where all of their
dances had been held when they were young girls. Both had fond memories of
the room, of being with their friends, of dancing with boys, of the flirting
and the fun. Neither could now believe that one of them was naked here.

They went into one of the bathrooms hidden back behind a stage. Shannon felt
there was less of a chance of them being seen.

“Carrie, I have an unbelievably huge favor to ask,” she said after the two
had entered the bathroom.

Carrie saw Shannon’s swollen nipples and looked down to see her puffy pussy
lips. Shannon’s face was red and looked strained.

“Sure Shannon anything,” she said, trying to help her friend.

“Um, well, this is beyond anything we have ever done before, are you sure
you are up to anything?”

Carrie swallowed hard. What could it be? How bad could this favor get?

“Uh, yeah Shannon, though you are starting to scare me.”

Shannon looked down in humiliation at what she was about to ask. “Carrie, I
need you to help me cum.”

Carrie’s face registered the shock that Shannon expected, though the naked
girl did not dare look up at her friend. Instead, her vision focused on her
bare feet on the tiled floor. There was no noise in the room, just complete
and uncomfortable silence.

Finally, Shannon felt the need to speak. “It wouldn’t mean anything, like no
lezzie stuff. It’s just a physical need after all that happened yesterday
with the boys in the car wash and then the game, I just can’t get there
alone and I have no one else to ask.”

Carrie came out of her thoughts and looked at Shannon. She saw the great
humiliation coming from her best friend and knew the feeling. She saw the
need in her as well, the need to past this awful thing…Carrie had been able
to cum with her own hands but had known that yearning feeling.

“OK, I’ll do it,” she said softly. Shannon’s face shined…she wasn’t going to
be ridiculed, especially not from her best friend. Instead, she was going to
get help.

Carrie walked up to Shannon and softly guided her into a bathroom stall and
closed the door. She dropped to her knees and gently began to play with her
friend’s lips…Shannon moaned and gasped. Carrie pushed her finger inside and
began to touch the front inside wall of Shannon’s vagina. Though it felt
weird having her finger up another girl’s pussy, Carrie knew the place where
Shannon needed to be touched…she knew the exact spot on her…about an inch
above the opening on the front wall.

Carrie moved her finger up and then felt Shannon stiffen. She looked up and
saw the girl looking straight ahead, her eyes glassy, her mouth open but no
noise coming out. She felt the girl’s pussy spasm over and over and her body
shake. She kept touching that spot, massaging it with her finger and finally
release happened for Shannon who stuffed her fingers into her own mouth to
keep from yelling out in passion.

It ended with the naked girl slumped over in relief but her face registered
with a smile. Carrie pulled her now soaked finger out of her friend’s
soaking hot sex.

“Carrie, thank you so much…I needed that so bad.”

“You’re welcome, but let’s not do this again okay,” she answered, smiling.

“No, I owe you one.”

“Seriously Shannon, I’ll let Craig handle this area for me, though I might
take you up on it if I ever really need it.”

The girls washed up, Carrie her finger and Shannon her now sticky sex, and
went back up to the church with mass having started.


Carrie and Tracey were driving home in uncomfortable silence…Tracey was
dying to ask what had happened when Carrie and Shannon had left. Both had
come back looking strange and Tracey thought she noticed a smell.

Trying to pray at mass with a very naked girl standing two spots over from
her had been hard for Tracey…she didn’t go to school with Carrie and Shannon
so she hadn’t had much experience with nudity, just what she had seen from
Carrie. For now realized how bad it could be…she had seen the looks from all
of the people, especially the boys. The leering, the absolute staring…and
few were staring at the girl’s face, she had noticed. She saw them looking
at poor Shannon’s bare breasts as she stood there and then at her bare slit
and ass when she was leaving church. It must have been awful for the girl,
especially running to the family car as the temperature was below freezing
this morning.

Carrie pulled the car into the driveway and got out, heading up into the
house, Tracey close behind. The older girl removed her coat and started up
the stairs still dressed when she stopped and remembered her punishment. She
came back down and asked Tracey for permission to strip, as had been
dictated by her father.

The younger girl nodded and Carrie shed her wonderful normal clothes. She
pulled her socks off one at a time and then unbuttoned her jeans, sliding
them down her long, white legs. She hesitated at what to remove next and
finally decided on her blouse, being unused to having panties on at all. She
decided to keep her pussy covered for at least a little longer and
unbuttoned her blouse and slid it down her arms.

Carrie reached behind her and unclasped her bra and removed it, tears
flowing down her face…the hour she had worn the garments had made it worse
and she yearned for clothes even more now. Finally all that remained were
her panties and she slid them down. She was once again a very naked girl.

She left her clothes in a pile and went into the kitchen where Phil was
cooking breakfast.

“Ready for our plan,” he whispered. Carrie nodded, “Very ready,” she said.

“TRACEYYY!!! BREAKFAST,” Phil yelled to his sister. Carrie sat down, feeling
the cold, hard wood of the chair against her newly bare butt.

She looked up when she heard her sister’s footsteps in the kitchen and
gasped…the younger girl was completely naked, her bare feet barely making a
sound on the tiled kitchen floor.

Phil was speechless, staring at this girl who he always thought of as a
little girl but was certainly much more than that. It was almost comical,
from a movie Tracey thought, the way he stood there with his mouth open and
his hands slack, almost dropping the food he was carrying.

Tracey had sat in the foyer, trying to figure out how to make this right
with her big sister. She wanted to give her a hug and apologize for wanting
to feel superior and tell her how bad she felt. She wanted to make it all go

Then it hit her…the only way to make it right was to take away that thing
that caused her to have any superiority…she would spend the rest of the day

Quietly, she kicked off her clogs and, using her toes, removed her socks.
She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off, revealing a pair of long, toned
legs that rivaled any other girl her age. Her shirt was short so her pastel
blue cotton panties were on display and they were pulled up tight, with her
lips pressing up against them.

Although she was showing more than she ever had, barring a bathing suit, she
still was more covered than most girls her age frequently are. She had never
been outside of her room or the bathroom in this state of undress but she
was still covered. Knowing that she had to go all the way, she pulled her
top up over her head, putting her full teen breasts, covered in a sports
bra, on display.

She pulled that off over her head as well, knowing that she needed to go all
the way. Her 34C breasts, bigger than even her sister and among the biggest
for any girl her age, popped free and her nipples hardened almost
immediately, both from the cold and the arousal…she had never felt like this

The bent over and slid off her panties and stood naked in a very public area
of her house, her clothes now piled next to her sister’s signaling to anyone
that walked in that two teenage girls were now nude.

She walked over to Carrie, who was drinking the scene in herself.

“Carrie, I did this for you…I will stay naked for you for the rest of the
day. I just want you to forgive me.”

Carrie stood up and wrapped her arms around her sister, tears streaming down
her face.

“Oh God, I forgive you. I can’t believe you did this just for me. You are

“I’m so glad,” Tracey said, now crying herself. “I am so sorry about what’s
been happening, I just want you to love me again.”

The sight of the two nude girls embracing caused Phil to get instantly
aroused, a fact plainly obvious by looking at his crotch where his now erect
penis was pressing painfully against his pants.

“Well, this is an unexpected treat,” he said aloud. “Man, am I glad I’m home

“You know Phil, you could join us,” Carrie said playfully. “Might make that
little thing, I mean, big thing, feel better.”

Both girls giggled but Phil was shaking his head. “Oh no, that’s okay. I’ll
just be a spectator this time.”

The three siblings sat down to a nice breakfast, the nudity of the two teen
girls the only thing setting this apart from so many other meals around the

As they ate, Phil observed his sisters…this was better than he had ever
expected. He would never act on these thoughts…they were his sisters after
all, but what normal boy his age would not drink in their nudity and love
every second of it?

Breakfast was over and Phil left his sisters to clean up. He went and got
the camera and took pictures of his sister, focusing on Tracey of course,
since they probably already had enough of Carrie. Through his lens he saw
the incredible beauty of his younger sister, her shapely curved ass, her
pert and full breasts and an almost hairless pussy with two large puffy

As the girls finished drying the plates, Phil went to his room to download
the photos and send them to Don, hoping that this would end this little
episode. What had started as a fun way of humiliating his sisters had turned
bad and he felt awful about it. He hoped he could trust Don and the other
guys to keep their word but he was afraid that the pics would soon be all
over the Internet.

Tracey was unaware that this was happening and was just trying to get used
to being naked in her house. She was so glad that it was just Carrie with
her now. Phil was a problem and she wished he were gone, but having their
younger sisters with Mom and Dad made it easier. Carrie of course had been
nude in front of everyone, including their older siblings who had moved out
but had come running home the minute they heard about her punishment…their
brother Jason for obvious reasons and sister Mindy to be of some support.
Both had experienced their fathers “unique” punishments over the years,
including Mindy who was not allowed to wear tampons one period because she
had left the wrapper on the bathroom floor after inserting one. She had bled
all over her panties and uniform, causing teasing that survived through her

Now Carrie was trying to survive her father’s imagination and Tracey was
living a little of it. Carrie knew what her sister must be going through,
the new sensations, the feeling of the breeze drifting through the house and
touching every part of her body, the feeling of the cold wood on her bare
body, the feeling of the fabric of the couch or the bed or the rug on bare
flesh that had rarely if ever felt that fabric. And a bit of the humiliation
of being naked at all times.

Both girls knew that it was different for Carrie than Tracey. The younger
girl’s nudity was self-imposed and would not be long lasting. Carrie’s was
put on her by her father and she did not have a say in when it ended. But at
least Tracey would have an inkling of how it felt to be on display all the

Just before dinner, Phil announced that they needed some things at the store
and he was going to go. Tracey agreed to go with him and went to her pile of

“What are you doing,” he asked.

“Putting my clothes on so I could go with you.”

“No, that’s not the deal, you agreed to be naked the whole day didn’t you?”

“Yeah, but not outside. That wasn’t part of the deal.”

“Oh yes it was,” Phil replied. “You said, I am going to be naked for you all
day, didn’t you?”

Tracey started to cry, knowing that she was trapped. “Fine then I’m not

“But now you have to. Carrie will tell you that she is not allowed to not do
something simply because of her nudity. Remember the play.”

Tracey looked at her sister who had her head bowed. “He’s right Tracey, I
couldn’t stop doing the play simply because I was nude.”

Tears flowed out of the girl’s eyes and down her cheeks as she realized she
was beat. She could stop this now but knew that she would lose the respect
of Carrie if she did…she had agreed to spend the day like Carrie and she was
now about to experience public nudity like her sister never had.


Tracey walked towards the front door and felt the cold air hit her bare body
for the first time…she was completely nude and about to go to the food store
with her leering older brother.

“Tracey, go out to the car, I need to talk to Phil for a second,” she heard
her older sister say.

While the newly public nude scampered out into the cold day and to the car,
Carrie was admonishing her brother.

“I thought you were done with all of this crap Phil, you tricked her into
doing this,” she said.

“Wait a second, she agreed to do it. It’s only fair Carrie, she wants to
know what it is like to be you. This is part of it.”

Carrie weighed that for a moment. A part of her was glad to see her sister
get a taste for the public humiliation that she had endured, but another
part of her was scared for her sister.

“But I never have to be naked in public like this,” she said, her argument

“No, but you do at school and you were nearly nude at that restaurant, so
this is close. She doesn’t have to be nude at school…actually she’s getting
off easy.”

“That’s not true and you know it. Just take care of her. A little
humiliation but nothing more, please.”

He raised his hand and said, “I swear to God, I will not let it get crazy
and no one will touch her.”

He turned and walked out of the house and down to the car. This was just too
perfect, he thought. He got into his small Pontiac and saw his sister
sitting in the passenger seat, her knees clamped together, her arms folded
over her forming breasts. She was down as low in the seat as she could go.

“Trace, relax…this won’t be too bad.”

“Right Phil, so you’ll be stripping too and walking around so everyone can
see your thing. No, I didn’t think so, so let’s skip the lecture on it not
being that bad and try and get it over with.”

That steeled the boy’s resolve…he was going to make her go through every
second of this humiliation. He had thought that he might just let her stay
in the car, but now she was going in and shopping totally.

He drove slowly, pulling up to cars higher than them and giving a short
honk. That turned all eyes towards them and that brought the attention that
Tracey so desperately wanted to avoid. She closed her eyes but heard the
yells coming, even through her closed window. What was it about the sight of
a naked girl that brought out the disgusting animal in men, she thought. She
had seen it at church with Shannon, she had seen it at home with Carrie.
Even when her sister was wearing just the sexy clothes, she felt the way men
stared at her.

And what a sight she was. Her smooth, pale skin almost glowed in the
twilight and her pert nipples stood straight out from her body. She was a
gorgeous girl just starting to bloom into a woman. No one would have
imagined that she was still a virgin, not with that body.

Of course Phil parked the car as far away from the store as he could in the
parking lot. He put the car in park and said, “let’s go” and Tracey felt the
cold winter air hit her bare body. She didn’t want to go but was afraid to
be left out here by herself. She looked out the window and saw Phil already
halfway to the store. In fear she threw the door open and rushed out of the

Her bare feet hurt on the cold asphalt as she ran to catch up with her older
brother. She finally made it and hooked her arm in his.

“Please Phil, don’t leave me.”

The boy felt the naked girl press against his side and smiled. He felt a
little bit bad for her but remembered that she had been a jerk a few seconds

“Just close to me and I won’t let anyone hurt you,” he said.

They got to the store without anyone seeing, at least they didn’t think so.
Shortly they were under the canopy of the store, it’s bright lights shining
down on the very naked girl and her brother.

“Go grab a cart, I’ll meet you in there,” Phil said.

Tracey did not want to separate but saw no chance of winning an
argument…Phil was obviously in control here. She ran down the row, her bare
feet now slapping against the pavement, grabbed a cart and pushed it towards
the door. She felt the cold plastic of the handle rub against her bare
breasts and winced. It was cold out here…how did Shannon do it all the time?

She felt the cold of the sidewalk against her bare feet and then the whoosh
of hot air as she entered the supermarket. She shivered, not from the cold
outside but from what awaited her inside.

The tile in the supermarket felt so strange…she figured that hardly anyone
would have ever been barefoot in a supermarket. She entered into the produce
section and cringed when she saw her naked breasts on display in the mirrors
over the fruit. Oh God, she was completely naked in a supermarket!

She saw Phil talking to a man in an apron and he motioned her over. She
tried to walk with her head up, proud of her body, but she was so scared her
legs shook. She was so happy to have the cart to hold on to.

“Tracey, this is KT, my friend from school,” Phil said.

“My friends call me KT. It is very nice to meet you.” She nodded at the boy
was staring directly at her breasts with their erect nipples pointing right
at him. He hadn’t even looked at her face and she knew he was going to make
her life miserable.
“Your sister’s kind of quiet, almost rude I would say,” the boy said to

“Tracey, KT’s a friend. Please be nice,” Phil said to his sister.

“Sorry, very nice to meet you too K.T.”

“No, I said my friends call me K.T. You can call me Taylor,” he spat out at
her. “A little naked girl like you is not my friend.”

Tears started to fill her eyes at his hateful words. It wasn’t so much what
he said but the way he said it, degrading her, making her feel like a slut,
like a lesser being than him.

“Hey KT, wait a second, that’s my sister.”

“I know Phil, but she’s walking in here naked and then she’s rude to me.”

“I see your point, but she’s still my sister.”

“Alright, I’m sorry little Tracey for making you cry.” The two boys started
to laugh at her and that forced more tears. Normally she would have stood up
to these boys, but she felt so vulnerable standing here nude in public with
them standing there fully clothed.

“Tracey, here’s the list. Go and get the stuff while I chat with KT here.”

“Phil, please no…”

“Trace, I’ll be there in a second. I just wanted to talk to KT for a

“Yeah honey, don’t be such a baby…those tits certainly don’t look like they
belong to a baby. Your body looks like a woman but you are crying like a
little girl,” Taylor said, provoking laughter from the two boys.

Tracey pushed her cart away, torn between wanting to be away from that awful
man and from needing to be close to her brother, who was also her protector.
She could barely make out the list through her teary eyes but she could make
out the outlines of several people stopping to look at her and her nudity.

“What a fucking slut,” she heard a woman say.

“Fuck, look at that body…what I would do to fuck that,” a man said. She went
on autopilot, grabbing the vegetables and the fruit needed in the produce
aisle. She tried not to, but she saw her nudity reflected in the mirrors
again. She saw her nipples, threatening to explode they were so hard…she saw
her flushed cheeks and the fact that the redness seeped down to her breasts.
In some areas, she saw her pussy, trimmed for swimming season to just a
stripe over pink, puffy lips.

And she saw the crowd gathering. She saw there were roughly 30 people now in
the produce section and she seemed to be the only one shopping. The rest
were watching her, pointing at her, laughing at her. She needed to get out.
As she reached for some carrots, the spray over the veggies went on and she
got soaked. The spray bounced off the carrots and soaked her entire body.
She tried to pull away but the surprise left her standing there getting
soaked. Finally, she felt hands grab her around her waist and pull her away
from the water.

“Are you alright,” she heard a voice say. She felt the hands turn her around
and she came face to face with a gorgeous boy. “Tracey, are you okay?”

She now made out the face of a boy in her class. It was Andrew Drummond. She
had the biggest crush on him but she never thought he paid her any
attention. Now she had all of his attention and she didn’t want any of it.

“Tracey, please, snap out of it.”

She blinked her eyes and focused on him. Andrew’s face showed signs of
concern. She looked behind him and most of the crowd seemed equally worried.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m okay. I don’t know what happened.”

She saw the boy breathe a sigh of relief.

“Jesus, I knew there had to be some reason you were naked. You must have
zoned out, here take my apron and my sweatshirt,” Andrew said, removing his
top clothes and trying to wrap them around the nude girl.

“No, Andrew, I can’t. I have to stay naked.”

The crowd watching gasped. Andrew turned and waved everyone off, blocking
their view of Tracey with his body and pulling her and her cart into a
storeroom, away from people’s views. The crowd began to disperse now that
the show seemed over.

“Tracey, what the hell is going on here,” he said, trying to keep his voice
low. This area was reserved for employees only and he could only imagine the
uproar if anyone found out he had brought a naked teenager into the back.

Tracey began to cry again as she related the whole story to this boy, who
was now her savior besides hardly ever speaking to her in school. She felt
her hair matted against her forehead from the spray…she felt the water
forming little drops on her breasts and shoulders and arms, causing her
flesh to crawl with goosebumps.

“Here,” Andrew said softly, handing her a clean, dry towel.

“Thank you for saving me Andrew,” she said softly while she dried the spray
off her body and rubbed the towel through her hair. “I didn’t think you knew
I existed.”

The boy smiled. “I knew…more than you probably know. I watch you when you
come in here with your sister or your mom. And at school. You are so cool
and pretty, I just didn’t have the guts to talk to you. And then, when you
came in nude, I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I had imagined it, but, Oh God,
sorry. I think I said too much.”

Now it was Tracey’s turn to smile. “No, you didn’t say too much. I think you
said just the right amount.”

The two teens looked at each other, the naked girl and her clothed savior.

“well, I guess I’d better finish shopping and get out of this mess. Thanks
again for saving me Andrew. I owe you big time. Hope you don’t get in any

“Nah, it was really nice to see you. Well, you know what I mean.”

They both laughed and the girl began to push her cart back out into the very
public store.

“Hey Tracey, can I call you sometime?”

The girl gave her sexiest grin and nodded. He watched her bare bottom as she
pushed out through the double doors and exit onto the main area of the
store. No one was ever going to believe this, he thought. He was going to
date Tracey Bartlett! And he saw her naked. He really liked this job!

Meanwhile, Tracey continued her naked journey through the now crowded
supermarket. The word of mouth had been passed and she now had a gauntlet of
gawkers in every aisle. Her encounter with Andrew had steeled her
resolve…even though she wanted to curl up and hide from their perverted
stares she continued to fill the cart with the groceries needed.

The worst had been the frozen foods. Her already aching nipples threatened
to burst out of her breasts as she opened several cases to get the meals,
ice cream and frozen veggies for her family. At one point, the door had
closed on her naked butt, sending shivers up and down her body.

She was amazed that no one had touched her or harassed her. There had still
been some things said to her, praising her private (not so private) parts,
calling her a cunt or a slut, but mostly people just gawked. It was awful
and she hated it but she made it to the cash registers where Phil waited.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for shopping McKenzie’s Grocery Store…our
nude shopped Tracey Bartlett is ready to check out. Anyone interested in
helping her bag should please come to the register. Thank you and have a
pleasant shopping day.”

She turned towards the front area of the supermarket and saw the boy Taylor,
her brother’s friend smirking at her. She had been right, he was trying to
make life difficult for her.

Roughly 35 or 40 people now gathered around the cash registers as she and
Phil worked to check out. Phil gave her the task of reaching into the cart
and loading everything onto the belt, a job that would give interesting
views to all who wished to see. The people in front of her got an obstructed
view of her pussy as she bent over and they liked what they saw.

Tracey was out of breath after loading the food on the belt and then into
the bags. She put the bags into the cart and waited for Phil to pay.

“Oh jeez, I left my wallet in the car. Let me run and get it.”

“Oh no, Sir, you will have to stay here,” the register girl said. “You are
responsible for these groceries. Send your sister out please.”

The nude girl shook her head. “Please Phil, no. Don’t make me go all the way
out there alone. I could get raped or kidnapped or something. Please don’t
make me do this.”

“Tracey, it’s fine. The lot’s well lit and we’ll be able to see you from
here. If something happens, we’ll be right there.”

“I’ll go with her,” Taylor said, smiling,” to keep her safe.”

“Thanks KT…that would mean a lot,” Phil said. Their plan was working
perfectly. His new girlfriend, Amy at the cash register, was going to get a
nice long massage on their next date…maybe a foot rub too…after helping him
and KT pull this off.

Tracey took the keys from her brother and started out, KT putting his arm
around her, looking like he was protecting her. Really he was just getting
off on touching the nude girl’s flesh. He got off on humiliating girls and
making them do public things…this was way beyond anything he had ever

They went out into the cold night, which hit the naked teen like a fist. She
wanted to run away from this boy but felt a pull towards him that she could
not break. Once they were away from the store, he tightened his grip on her.

“This is fun Tracey…I’m so glad to meet you.”

He put his arms all the way around her body and cupped her right breast with
his right hand. He then pushed his left hand down to her slit and pushed his
fingers inside, causing her to moan in pain, humiliation and a little

“Man, you are soaked Tracey….you like this.”

She shook her head no but her body was betraying her. As rubbed faster and
faster and she felt her body tingling, starting at her crotch. She
desperately did not want this orgasm but her body did.

“Oh God…no, please no.”

“Should I stop,” he asked calmly, his fingers still working their magic as
they walked closer and closer to Phil’s car.

She shook her head again, “no, please don’t stop.”

And then it happened. Tracey’s body stiffened…her legs felt a bit wobbly and
she came right there in the cold parking lot in view of several people
watching from the store. When she was through, the boy withdrew his fingers
and wiped the juice off on her bare thighs and breasts.

“Grab the wallet. I’ll meet you back there.”

He turned and went back to the store while the nude girl tried to get her
bearings. What the hell was happening here, she thought. Then she began to
get frightened by being out alone and naked in this parking lot. She opened
the door and searched all over for Phil’s wallet. She looked everywhere,
under the seats, in the glove compartment, on the dash, in the back but it
was no where.

She turned and took off in a full sprint to the store. She saw Phil paying
the girl for the groceries.

“Sorry Tracey, KT found my wallet in the produce department. I must have
dropped it when I came in.”

She seethed but was happy to be warm again, at least for the few seconds it
took to pay. She then pushed the cart out of the store to the wild applause
of all assembled. Little did she know that the store closed circuit security
cam had caught her humiliating orgasm on tape, bright and clear. KT, being a
store employee, knew exactly the right spot to stop and have her orgasm.
Now, it would be the masturbatory fantasies of all in the store for many
nights to come.

Oblivious, Tracey put the groceries in the trunk while Phil warmed the car
up. Finally they were on their way home, Tracey glad for the dusk to cover
herself with.


Tracey ran in the house and was met by a visibly worried Carrie.

“Quick Tracey, get dressed.”

“What, no, I promised.”

“Forget it…Mom and Dad will be home in a minutes. They just called from the
gas station.”

Tracey ran to grab her clothes from the pile. She pulled on her shirt and
then her jeans…she had just finished buttoning them when her parents,
sisters and Phil walked in the front door, each with a bag in their hand.

“You know, one of you could have helped your brother with groceries instead
of leaving him out there by himself.”

Tracey and Carrie leveled their brother with a dirty look but they had
nothing to add. What was Tracey going to say, “I went with Phil to the store
Mom, but I had to come in and put my clothes on first before you got home.”
Instead they just apologized and grabbed the bags from the hands of their
mother and father and began putting the food away.

“Tracey, may I speak to you please Miss,” Mrs. Bartlett said. Tracey’s eyes
met Carrie’s and both began to panic.

“Sure Mom,” said the girl, her firm breasts pressing against her tight tee.
She went out into the hallway, out of earshot of the rest of the family in
the kitchen.

“Tracey, what is the meaning of what you are wearing? I mean, a girl like
you that is so well-endowed needs to wear a bra, even in the house. We live
in a family of mixed genders…it is not fair to your father and brother to
have to see you like this. Do you understand?”

The girl’s face got a bright red in embarrassment at being chastised for
this by her mother. She looked down and saw what a display she was making.

“Sorry Mom…I wasn’t thinking. I will go and change.”

“Here, just put this on, it was sitting here on the floor. I am assuming it
is yours since Carrie isn’t wearing bras and the younger girls don’t wear
them yet either. And these panties are here. Are you not wearing any panties

The red intensified in the 16 year old who shook her head. “Oh Tracey,
please dress appropriately. We do not want a repeat of Carrie’s punishment
now do we?”

If you only knew Mom, Tracey thought as she shook her head.

“Good, now run into the bathroom, put this on and no one ever has to know.
I’m glad I saw it before your father and Phil did.”

Tracey took the undergarments and thanked her mother, again saying to
herself that if her mother had only seen her at the grocery store or walking
naked at home a few minutes ago she would have flipped!

She went into the powder room and stripped again and quickly pulled her bra
and panties on before dressing again. For the first time in hours, she was
completely clothed. Now she knew how bad it could be and how bad it was for
Shannon and Carrie. She would be more sympathetic to her sister and her
sister’s best friend from now on.

Monday Morning

The alarm rang and rang for Shannon on Monday. The girl was exhausted for
reasons unknown to her. Sunday had not been good, starting with her
humiliation at having to ask Carrie for help to have an orgasm to having to
finish a humiliating assignment for Fr. Magee on her reproductive system.

Monday wasn’t starting out any better. Her parents had left the house for
work early, Jimmy had slept over a friend’s house and Brighid was away on
business. That left her alone in the house and she was sleeping right
through her alarm.

And her dream was so peaceful…of course it involved clothes. She was wearing
a bra, panties and thigh high stockings and was trying to select a dress
from her closet…a closet full of beautiful clothes. She was obviously going
to a prom or a wedding and wanted to look her best.

Finally the alarm went off and she stayed asleep. The telephone ringing at
8:30 woke her up.

“Hello,” she said, her head still in a sleepy fog.

“Holy shit, Shannon, are you sick?”

“No Carrie, why are you calling me so early?”

“Early, Shannon, school starts in two minutes. It’s 8:30!”

“Oh no!” she slammed down the phone and threw off her sheets. There was no
time to shower, though she knew she should. She had worked out last night
and gone to bed before washing up. She imagined the smell of her but there
was no time. Maybe she could grab a second to run to her locker and wash up
but for now she had to move. She knew she was going to be in trouble anyway
but wanted to try and avoid more.

But now, how to get to school? The bus was gone, her parents and sister were
not an option. She looked across the street and saw Mr. Firgus car gone as
well. The only option the poor girl had was the city bus. She rushed out the
door and stopped. There was her car in the driveway, untouched since her
punishment began just two weeks ago. The temptation got the best of her and
she went back inside, grabbed her keys and went out to the car.

The weather was warmed today, but the car was cold. She let it run for a few
minutes, luxuriating in the privacy of having her own car.

Privacy was something she had precious little of lately. The door to her
room was still missing, though having her covers and pillow back was nice.
She was not supposed to close doors when she showered, peed, shaved, nothing
was her own. Things had gotten better last week than the first week, but she
still was not used to the total nudity, the feeling that everything she did
was on complete and full display. She had no physical reaction that was left
out of vision. She was a healthy 17 year-old girl who was unable to hide her
vagina and breasts from the world.

She took the gear shift, put the car in reverse and headed towards school.
She had still not finished her plan about what to do when she made it
there…she couldn’t park in the student lot, not after the video display she
had heard Mr. Jones keeps on school grounds.

She pulled down the street that ran in front of school and turned right just
past the grounds onto a residential side street. At night, this street would
be filled with cars but it was mostly empty during the day as people went to
work. Occasionally there might be young mothers home with their children or
senior citizens but for the most part this area was pretty sparse during the
day. For her needs, it seemed perfect.

She pulled in front of a house that looked dark and parked her car. She
screwed up her courage, took a deep breath and exited the car, grabbing her
bookbag as she went. She started the walk to school briskly, trying to get
away from any potential prying eyes. She felt the hard sidewalk rub against
her bare feet…even though she had been completely nude for nearly two weeks
she was still unused to the feeling of her bare feet always touching the

She rounded the corner and bumped into two older men, just returning from
the coffee shop. They both smiled and nodded at the nude girl…they knew all
about her and were happy to have such an up close view of her. She took off
at a sprint, wanting to be as far away from those men. She knew she was not
supposed to cover herself from anyone’s view, but her left arm was across
her breasts and her right hand covered her mound as she ran past the men.

“Have a nice day young lady,” the one man laughed, patting his friend on the
back. The rest of the boys at the coffee shop would get a kick out of this

As she ran towards the school, her breasts, though little, bounced up and
down, quite a sight to the boys in classrooms on that side of the building.
It was also a sight for Mr. Jones, the principal who saw an opportunity to
inflict more humiliation on the young girl.

“Mrs. Phillips, please get me Eric Gorbo. Thank You.”

“Right away Mr. Jones,” came the voice through the intercom. The principal
smiled as he thought of his newest plan to torture the nude student.

Shannon tried to enter the front door but it was locked. She tried all eight
of the door but nothing budge. She banged on the door but finally saw the
sign on the door.

“Please ring bell for entry after 9 a.m.”

Her body shivered from the cold and exposure as she pressed the button,
causing a buzzing. So much for sneaking in and out. Of course, there was no
way for a naked girl to sneak around a clothed world but she still wanted to
blend in in the worst way.

She heard a buzz followed by a click, like the door was unlocking. She
pulled on it and was able to open the door. She rushed inside, eager for the
relative warmth of the school. She never noticed that the school was that
much warmer, especially in public areas. She had always been one of those
girls who was always cold and liked to wear sweaters and long sleeves. She
used to complain to friends about how cold it was in the lobby, foyer and
hallways and here she was savoring the warmth of those same areas.

She thought about skipping the principal’s office but knew that would be
breaking another rule. She figured she should just take her medicine now and
headed towards Mr. Jones’ office. She was surprised to see Eric Gorbo
waiting in the anteroom, talking in a friendly way with Mrs. Phillips. When
the older woman saw the nude girl, she sneered.

“Have a seat there Miss Malone, Mr. Jones will be right with you.”

She buzzed the principal to tell him that Shannon was there and went back to
chatting with Eric. The boy pretended to be deep in conversation with the
woman but was watching the nude girl sit with her knees spread, as taught by
Mr. Jones. Part of her nude punishment was never covering any private part
and always giving plenty of visual access.

The view that Eric Gorbo had was spectacular. The girl was gorgeous,
definitely one of the top five looking girls in the school. Her pussy was
completely bare, shaved as an “illustration” during a hygiene class. She had
not shaven over the weekend nor this morning so there was a trace of stubble
but her puffy red lips were prominent.

Her breasts, though small, were beautiful…with her nipples pointing out
straight. The word to describe her tits was “perky,” Eric thought…a perfect
word for the girl as well.

Two weeks of complete and total nudity, humiliation and exposure had done
wonders for her attitude as well, Eric thought. She was less proud than
before and her body had become even more lusted over. She was the epitome of
a perfect girl.

The principal opened the door and happily greeted Eric.

“How are you today, son? You are looking good.”

“Thank You Sir, how can I help you today?”

“Well, why don’t you come in and we can discuss it. Come on in my office and
make yourself comfortable.”

The two men started into the office but Mr. Jones stopped. “What are you
waiting for Miss Malone? Keep yourself in here.”

The girl look startled…no one had spoken to her but yet it was assumed that
she was doing something wrong. She stood quickly and followed the two
clothed men into the office. Eric sat in one of the plush chairs while she
sank to her knees, humiliated to be forced into a level beneath the boy.

“Miss Malone, I’m glad to see you made it today. I thought maybe we were
having a repeat of your escapades of two weeks ago…when you decided that a
day of fun with your friends was more important that a day at school. I
thought maybe you would in this current state of undress until you were

The men laughed at the joke. Shannon cringed at the power this man had over

“Yes Sir, I am sorry but I overslept.”

“Yes, your appearance certainly gives us that impression. No shower I see,
and no shaving…maybe for three days now, I would guess. Yes…but I am
surprised you made it here so quickly…after all, Miss Bartlett did not call
you until 8:30. Is there anything you want to tell me?”

Shannon gulped but shook her head.

“Excellent. Now, for your punishment.”

The man came around the desk, his suit brushing the bare skin of the nude
girl. She shivered at the touch of clothing on her body, a concept becoming
more and more foreign to her.

She followed him with her eyes as he moved to the closet in his office. She
needed a place to look and didn’t want to see Eric Garbo. She saw the
principal reach up and grab the dreaded box of cuffs that she remembered
from last time. She also saw a box containing her uniform and a box for
Carrie. She also saw three more boxes, with the names of two girls and a boy
on it.

“Shannon, you missed quite a morning…you will notice that the ranks of nude
students has more than doubled. Rose McDonald, Juli McKenzie and Brad Davis
are all naked as well…will be for a week. There was some cheating on a test
among the three. In fact, they will be joining you and Carrie on Saturday
for punishment as well.”

Shannon rolled her eyes, trying not to think about her past Saturday and the
sexual frustration it caused.

“I think those three are also juniors so you should know them.”

He placed the box behind her and she heard him pulling things out. She
looked up briefly and saw Eric’s eyes widen and then he looked at her and

She felt Mr. Jones’ hands on her wrist as first her right and then her left
was pulled back together behind her. She felt the course rope begin to be
wrapped around her thin wrists tightly, causing her to wince.

Though she could not see it, Eric could…the way her breasts were now thrust
out in front of her with her arms pulled back was amazing. The boy shifted
uncomfortably in his seat as his growing erection strained against his

Shannon did not want to have to deal with the spreader bar…it had been so
uncomfortable and gross but she was sure it was coming. Instead, she felt a
band of leather around her neck. She looked down and saw a large ring
attached to it and wondered what it was for. In seconds she found out as a
leash was attached to it.

“Eric, I am giving you the task of taking control of this girl. You must
always be in control of her leash or it must be attached to something like a
desk or a bar of some sort. Think of it like a dog…you can’t let the leash
go or the dog will run free. Same principle here with Miss Malone.”

“Yes Sir, it is my pleasure,” the boy said, smirking at the nude girl who

“Miss Malone, you will accompany Eric everywhere he goes today, including
his classes. Mr. Gorbo, I believe that your class is just beginning gym

The boy nodded. “Good, take her there and be sure that she participates
fully in the class. Come back here at the end of the day and I can relieve
you of your duty.”

The principal sat behind his desk and began reading papers. Eric stood up
and grabbed the leash that had fallen between the girl’s breasts.

“Let’s go Shannon, don’t want to miss gym now do we.”