Surprise Assembly

by katie



Carrie heard the gasps when she walked on stage…then the laughter. They were pointing and laughing so loudly that she could not hear the music and knew that she could not keep up. She saw the glares from the other actors and then from backstage. She wanted to run but her bare feet seemed planted on the stage floor.
“TITS! PUSSY! TITS! PUSSY!” The crowd was chanting at her, in rhythm. “TITS! PUSSY! TITS! PUSSY!”
She tried to sing… “You’re the one that I want, ew, ew, ew, oh,” but her voice was drowned out by the hundreds of people in the audience laughing. She looked out and saw her friends and family, laughing and pointing. Only poor Shannon, who was chained nude and was hanging by her wrist on the back wall by Mr. Jones wasn’t laughing. She was too busy sobbing in humiliation and pain…
Carrie sat bolt upright, her bare back hitting the cold desk she had been sitting in.
“Feel asleep did ya girl,” the boy next to her said, touching her shoulder softly. “Well, you didn’t miss anything trust me.”
Carrie shook her head, shocked that she had fallen asleep in class. She looked up at the boy, Greg, who had always been so quiet.
“Thanks Greg, I don’t know what happened.”
“I do, this class sucks,” the boy said laughing. “Boring as hell.”
Carrie smiled. Not many kids had been nice to her today. She knew why and guessed she didn’t really blame them. No one wanted to be nice to the naked girl and open themselves up to ridicule. Now all she had was Shannon and she wouldn’t see her until lunch.
She walked out of class, still not quite used to being nude in school, the feel of the cold tile on her bare feet still foreign to her despite her nude state for three days. She wandered towards the theater and the dreaded dress rehearsal. She was about to open the door when she saw Mr. Jones, the principal.
“Miss Bartlett, please come with me,” he said, motioning for her to follow him to his office. She dreaded what was to come in there. She had only experienced the office once and she had been fully clothed but she had seen Mr. Jones’ meanness towards Shannon and heard the stories from her friend. She knew enough to know that this was going to be less than pleasant.
She passed Mrs. Phillips, who glared at her, blaming the girl for her nudity. Carrie felt tiny now, being nude and judged by this woman.
The principal entered his office and went behind his desk. Carrie went to sit down but was stopped by the older man.
“Please, not on the chair young lady. They cost too much to have you dripping on them.”
Carrie turned red as she became completely humiliated…as if being naked constantly in front of people and now alone in this office weren’t enough, he was not insulting her verbally.
“Please kneel there on the floor, where Miss Malone kneels. I believe you’ve seen her do that.”
The girl took a step closer to the desk and dropped to her knees, sinking into the plush carpeting which irritated her bare skin.
Mr. Jones came around and leaned on the edge of his desk and directed the naked girl’s gaze towards the security cameras.
“There Miss Bartlett is you arriving at school today. Here, let me pause the tape and zoom in on your car.”
Carrie knelt there in shock, her mouth hanging open. She had no idea the students were watched to this extent or that Mr. Jones had the ability to watch most of the every move. She didn’t even know the half of it but was shocked nonetheless.
“Yes, it seems as if you are removing a sweater of some sort. And then you are naked beneath it. Did I not give you permission to wear your uniform to school and then strip here?”
“Yes Sir, you did,” Carrie said softly.
“Yes I did. I thought it was odd that you came in naked. Then when I saw these tapes I was even more surprised. Why did you not wear your uniform?”
“Um, well,” Carrie’s eyes were filled with tears. She didn’t trust this man enough to tell him about her morning. “I, uh, didn’t think I had to.”
She saw that this was not the right answer. Mr. Jones’ face turned beet red.
“You did not think you had to. What a stupid girl you are Miss Bartlett!”
He pushed the remote control and the picture froze with Carrie’s naked body in motion, running towards school on time.
“Miss Bartlett, I am shocked at your behavior. For this infraction, you will add another bottomless week to the one you have already earned, though I am not sure why I am being so lenient. Also, you will come in on Saturday morning to help me with a project. I expect you here at 8 a.m. Is that understood?”
The nude girl nodded, tears flowing down her cheeks at a third week having her pussy on display. At this rate, Shannon would have her clothes back on sooner than she would.
“You may leave Miss Bartlett,” the principal said, obstensibly returning to his work. In actuality, he was admiring the beautiful nude in front of him as she raised to her feet. Her breasts jiggled slightly and then her mound came into view. He watched as she walked away, her tight ass not shaking a bit, her pussy peeking from between her legs. Just as she was at the door, he said, “Oh, by the way, enjoy your date with Mr. McDonnell tonight. He seems like a nice boy. For your sake, he’d better be with what you are wearing.”
Carrie froze. How did this man know that? Were there spies everywhere? Was there any privacy from his leering eyes? She pushed through the door, not noticing the smirk on the face of Mr. Jones who had planted the seed that he wanted. He wanted her to feel that he was always watching because, in actuality, he was. There were few places on school grounds that she could go that he did not have video access to. The only places were the bathrooms and the locker rooms and he had backup plans for those.
“Mrs. Phillips, please hold my calls,” he said into the speaker as he drew the blinds and moved his hands down below his desk. Carrie’s humiliation had the desired effect on him.
Meanwhile, Carrie moved out of the principal’s office and began hurrying to the theater. The day of the dreaded dress rehearsal was upon her. Just 24 hours from now, she would be naked on stage in front of the hundreds of people. Maybe her bad dream from before wasn’t just a dream.
She had actually temporarily forgotten about the date with Craig that night. With everything that had happened, she wanted nothing more than to drive straight home and curl up under the covers and come out in three weeks, fully clothed. She thought she might even bathe clothed then!
She pushed open the door of the theater and stopped short. There was Darla Drama, a theater critic from one of the local news stations. With her was a cameraman and a man holding other equipment.
“Ah, our star. Carrie, hurry down here,” Mr. Sanders, the theater moderator and director of the show, said. “Miss Drama is here to publicize our show. She’s going to film our dress rehearsal and show it on the news tonight and tomorrow and review the play. Isn’t that great?”
Carrie thought it was way far from great but walked towards the stage anyway. The two men stood mouth agape. They had heard about the two naked girls at St. Mark’s and had even heard from one of their counterparts at the sports station that one of the girls was going to be on camera that night. But, neither one of them could believe it when the very naked and exposed Carrie Bartlett entered the theater.
Darla Drama was a woman in her 450s. Still very stylish and attractive…cosmetic surgery had seen to that. She was still a blone (bottled) but wore the latest fashions. Today she was dressed hip, a slinky sweater with a strappy cotton top and a thigh-length skirt. Normally the guys on the crew would not be able to take her eyes off of her. Today, their eyes were elsewhere, a fact that made Darla very angry. She would get even with this tramp and when she did, hundreds of thousands of people would see it.
“Miss Bartlett, a pleasure. I am truly excited to see what you have done with this role. I guess you must be the greatest actress in the world to make people believe you are in character. Not much in the way of costuming I hear.”
Carrie blushed a deep red and looked down towards the floor. She saw Darla stylish strappy sandals and yearned for them. She had not worn nice shoes in a few days…in fact, she had barely worn shoes and currently had no idea where her school shoes were after they were stolen by the boys this morning.
“Well, Miss Drama, Carrie here is one of the top actresses at St. Mark’s. She has shown great promise, even before her nude turn here. Carrie, hop onto the stage and get ready for the rehearsal.”
Carrie turned and started to where the steps normally were but saw there was just a step stool.
“Um, Carrie, we had to remove the steps because of the performance. Just hop up using the stool.”
Carrie stepped up on the stool and then put her right foot up, totally spreading her legs. She would have been humiliated by this position at any time…any girl would…but doing it while totally naked was more shame than ever. Amazingly, the cameraman was right there filming the entire process. The naked girl got on stage and ran towards the wings where the cast was waiting.
She could tell that the rest of the cast was nervous. Jennifer was especially so. Though the girl was tough on the exterior, Carrie knew that this was her first play. It showed her level talent though that Mr. Sanders had cast her in such a prominent role.
“Come on guys, why are you so nervous?”
“Carrie, did you see Darla Drama? This is going to be on tv.”
“Yeah, I saw her. And she saw me…all of me. Look, who’s on the most display here? Me right? Well, if I’m not nervous, why should any of you be?”
Carrie hoped that the other students would be fooled by her tough talk. Only Matt, the stage manager, seemed to know what she was doing and smiled at her. The other students just nodded and tried to gather themselves.
Carrie took a deep breath herself and dropped her bag onto the floor in the corner. She didn’t have a lot of time but the makeup girl helped dab some blush and eyeshadow on her face. The girl handed Carrie the lipstick and moved on. Carrie looked in the mirror as she put her lipstick on. In that glass she saw her complete nudity and almost fell apart. It took every ounce of strength she had not to break down and cry as she thought about what was to come…the television news show, the performances in front of everyone, the date with Craig. It was all so humiliating.
Out of the corner of the mirror, she saw Craig standing there and she wondered how long he had been looking at her. He was already in costume and looked adorable in his black leather jacket, tee and jeans. His black hair was slicked back with gel into the pompadour that his character would wear.
“Hey Craig,” she said innocently.
“Oh uh hi Carrie. I just wanted to, uh, wish you luck out there. You’ll be great.”
The naked girl smiled a real smile for the first time all day. Maybe that date wouldn’t be so bad after all.
“Thanks Craig…good luck to you. You’ll be a great Danny.”
She saw the boy blushing at her compliment.
“As long as you’re Sandy,” Craig said and then he turned and walked back to the stage area.
Carrie looked at the mirror and smiled. I can do this, she thought.
She turned and ran towards the stage. She wasn’t in the first scene so it gave her a chance to get a lay of the land. Darla’s film crew was standing in the front row, shooting up. She cringed, knowing the view they would have of her as they filmed but she stopped herself.
You can do this Carrie, she thought.
Finally her scene came and she entered the stage. The cast and crew was used to her presence by now and, to Darla’s surprise, no one flinched except for her and her crew. The sight of this beautiful teen acting on her high school stage while completely naked threw them all for a loop. The camera kept rolling and they knew they had a story that might make national news.
For Carrie, the rehearsal was a blur. She moved around the stage, giving her lines and singing her songs. She was very worried about the end, when she had to act like a slut and turn Danny on. In the play, were she clothed, she would be wearing a tight body stocking with a leather jacket over it…quite a difference from the long skirts and conservative blouses she was supposed to wear the rest of the time. But now, naked, she had nothing to show the transformation except for her acting.
She went out and did the scene, dancing her heart out. She was glad that she could not see her breasts bouncing as she danced, or how, when she thrust out her hips at “Danny” during the end scene, she gave him a view of her pussy lips that only her doctor had ever gotten before.
Finally the dress rehearsal finally finished. Carrie was drenched with sweat, which was made more obvious by her nudity. The other actors, especially the girls, had plenty of clothes to absorb their exertions but not her. There was nothing to hide.
She desperately wanted to run to the girls’ locker room and shower before her dinner with Craig but Mr. Sanders called her over.
“Carrie, Miss Drama would like to interview you and Craig.”
She groaned. Jennifer, who was standing next to her, gave the naked girl a squeeze on the shoulder.
“Go ahead Carrie. She’s a twit. You’re a much better woman than her…you can do it.”
The naked girl threw an exhausted smile at her friend and walked to the where Darla Drama was standing with Craig and Mr. Sanders.
The woman was flirting with Craig, telling him how handsome he looked and that John Travolta never looked that good. When Carrie got there, the pretty reviewer sneered at her.
“OK Darla, we’re ready.”
“Hello, this is Darla Drama, here at good old St. Mark’s, where the drama club has certainly attained a level of respect in the theater community thanks mostly to innovative shows directed by John Sanders, the local actor who had spent some time off-Broadway before coming back here to this little Catholic school and putting its acting shows on the map. Tell me John, what is unique about the current play here at St. Mark’s?”
“well, instead of doing the stage version, we have adapted the film vers…”
“Oh come on Mr. Sanders,” the reporter interrupter. “That may be all well and good, but you know that me and the thousands of people who are going to come to this show are not coming to see your newly adapted film version, am I right?”
The teacher stammered…”ii-‘mm not sure what you mean Darla.”
“I mean this,” Darla said, turning directly to Carrie. “This naked little girl playing the lead. Isn’t that the most unique thing about this show?”
The two students and teacher gasped. This was not what they wanted the interview to contain.
“Well, Miss Drama…”
“Come on John. You have managed to get a little T and A and put it into a high school performance. And you Miss Carrie Bartlett, how can you allow yourself to be put on such blatant display at your age. Shame on you.”
The girl tensed up, wanting to defend herself against the accusations but unable to form the words. She was so humiliated and soon everyone would see it all.
“As you can see from this footage, good young actors like Craig McDonnell here, superbly playing Danny, have to contend with Miss Bartlett’s hip-swaying, breast shaking performance.”
Carrie was appalled as she saw the small television show the final dance number, where she plays the flirty, dangerous Sandy. She had to agree with the reporter…she looked like a complete tramp.
“Tell me Mr. McDonnell, how do you act so well with this girl flaunting her vagina and breasts at you the whole time?”
Craig stepped to the microphone… “well, it wasn’t the whole time, just at the end.”
“Well, I saw the show and Craig McDonnell is just being polite. If you want a T and A show from this young girl trying to overshadow her fellow students, then come catch Grease this weekend at St. Mark’s. Tickets, which cost $5, are available at the door. This is Darla Drama with your weekend theater review.”
“CUT,” yelled the sound guy. “Another excellent segment Darla.”
The three people from St. Mark’s were stunned by the turn of events. John Sanders, the teacher, was outraged but unable to form a coherent argument. “She was already cast in the part,” he kept saying over and over to nobody in particular as he wandered back onto the stage and into his office.
Craig was lost in a fog, but the disappointment at the treatment of this girl that he liked was tempered by the fact that Darla Drama had used the words good and actor to describe him.
But one look at the hurt, humiliated expression on Carrie’s face changed all of that. She turned and looked at him, her eyes filled with tears, her body shaking in anger and embarrassment.
“Carrie, it’s okay, that woman had it in for you,” he said, pulling the naked girl into his arms. She went pliantly into the boy, needing his warmth and strength. Every ounce of her felt violated by the woman and the video taken.
“Everyone has it in for me Craig,” the nude teen said through her tears. “It’s so awful.”
Craig wrapped his arms around her and began to rub her bare back in compassion. Although he was tremendously turned on by having a naked girl in his arms, he knew that the moment was all wrong. “Come on, let’s go get that dinner.”
“Oh God, no, I couldn’t not now. I feel so horrible.”
“Well, that’s the best time to be with a friend. Who else would understand?”
The girl digested what was being said and agreed. “Okay, you’re right, but let me pretty up a little bit at least. Can you give me 15 minutes to shower?”
“Sure, let’s meet by the front door okay?”
The girl broke from the hug and nodded. “Thanks Craig, you’re great.”
With that, she turned and ran out of the theatre, heading to the girls’ locker room to remove some of the sweat and do the best she could at looking nice. A naked girl doesn’t have much to work with.


Carrie entered the locker room and heard sobs coming from the other side. She went around and saw Emily, the girl that had abused her during the first day of her nudity. The girl was sitting completely naked on the bench, her towel having fallen from her body.
The naked girl looked up, her face red from crying.
“Oh God, go away Carrie. I didn’t think anyone else was here.”
“Emily, what’s the matter,” Carrie asked, moving closer to the naked sobbing girl.
“Oh nothing, just got dumped by Eric Gorbo, the fucking pig.”
Carrie gasped. The boy had been the one to take her virginity and dump her the next day. She had also heard about what he had done in the hallway to Shannon.
“I’m so sorry Em. He’s such a jerk.”
The sobbing nude girl turned and looked the equally naked Carrie in the eye with a look of disgust.
“What the hell do you know, like a god like Eric Gorbo would ever date you. He hates you. He’s the reason I was so mean to you that day, he made me do it.”
Carrie’s blood boiled. Not only was this girl awful, but she had done those mean things to her because of a dick like Gorbo.
“Well, let me guess. You and Eric were so close…he never wanted to be with anybody but you. He was charming, held the door for you, brought you flowers, said he wanted you to be his girlfriend forever, right?”
Emily looked at Carrie and nodded, sniffling to clear her nose.
“Then, one night, instead of your regular dinner and a movie at the mall, he drove you to nice romantic place in the woods. There, he convinced you to touch his cock and you did, driving him wild. Then he asked for the ultimate gift…could he put it inside of you. You were so into his loving manner that you let him put it in your pussy…you gave him your virginity.”
The crying stopped as the girl looked at Carrie with disbelief.
“He wasn’t inside long, just long enough to pump once or twice. Then he groaned and you felt his hot juice fill you inside. He fell on top of you and then rolled off. He then pulled his pants up, grunted something to you like, ‘you can put your clothes on now,’ and then drove you home. You came in today, found a note in your locker asking if he could see you after baseball practice and he broke up you, causing you to sob in the girl’s locker room right now.”
Emily’s eyes met Carrie’s…both had a pained look in them. Emily was feeling the pain now and Carrie was feeling the painful memory.
“Holy shit, he did it to you too.”
Carrie nodded. “Three weeks ago. But you were lucky…he broke up with me in front of his friends. It was so humiliating. I’m sorry that you feel bad but not sorry that he’s out of your life. You’re better off without him.”
With that, Carrie headed off to her locker, grabbing a towel and going into the shower room. She turned the water on and tried to get the sweat off of her body. She felt dirty, not so much from her exertion on the stage but from what she had been forced to do up there and by the terrible interview. She realized that every word that Darla had uttered had been correct…she was a slut and a tramp.
She felt the soap rinse off of her and she finished washing her hair. Finally she was as clean as possible, though she did take extra effort to get her pussy clean, why she had no idea. She had no plans to let Craig anywhere near the area but since it would probably be on display, she wanted it looking nice.
She dried herself, careful not to let the towel cover her for longer than necessary. She was reasonably sure that Mr. Jones could not possibly have a camera in the girls locker room but she wanted to take no chances of getting into more trouble.
She quickly ran over to the mirrors and fixed her hair, using the brush she left in her locker. She then thought she should put some makeup on but realized she had none. She padded her way over to Shannon’s locker and, using her best friend’s combination, used her blush and lipstick and quickly replaced it.
She knew she was well past her 15 minutes and didn’t want to keep Craig waiting any longer. She rushed to her locker to throw the brush in. When she opened the door, a note popped out.
“Dear Carrie,
I’m sorry for the awful things I did to you in class this week. You have always been so nice to me but it’s just that, no boy was ever as nice to me as Eric was. I wanted it so bad I forgot to be nice to the people who like me. I hope you can forgive me.
Even though she was late, Carrie knew she had to respond. Grabbing a pen from her bag, she scrawled a quick note back. “Em, no prob…I completely understand…remember, I fell for it too. Apology accepted. Friends? Carrie.” The nude girl, her bare feet slapping on the hard, cold tile, ran to where the girl’s locker was and slid it in and then ran to the front door when a very cute and clean Craig waited.
“You look so adorable,” she said, blushing as the words came out.
“Why thank you…you look amazing,” he said, his eyes devouring her nude body. For some reason, she didn’t mind it coming from him.
“Well thank you kind Sir, I hope you like the outfit, it took me forever to pick it out.”
He laughed and bent his arm at the elbow so she could loop hers inside. That was so sweet, she thought. “Can we hurry though, I’ll freeze out here like this,” she said. They picked up the pace. As she headed to his car, she remembered.
“Wait, let me run to my car,” she said, breaking free of his arm and rushing to her car, pulling her keys out of her backpack. She threw her bag into her car and grabbed her brother’s sweater, which barely came below her pussy and was so big that anytime she moved her breasts would be displayed. Still it was better than being naked in her mind.
“Now, I’m ready,” she said, taking Craig’s arm. The boy was slightly disappointed but the smile on her face was worth it and he led her to his car.


Carrie didn’t know why, but she was taking great care to make sure everything was covered while she sat in the car. She pulled the sweater down to cover her pussy and folded her arms over her breasts to cover whatever was showing there. Even though this boy had seen her in all of her naked glory, she was still shy and wanted to hide her most private parts.
They sat in comfortable silence, listening to a CD mix that Craig had made. It was cool, music that Carrie liked. What she didn’t know was that Craig had quickly polled her friends and stayed up all night last night downloading her favorite music from the Internet.
“So, do you like pizza,” the boy asked. Carrie smiled, figuring that’s where they were headed. “Sure, who doesn’t?”
Craig pulled his car into the parking lot at Pizza Planet, one of the cool hangouts for teens. She secretly prayed that the restaurant would be mostly empty on a Thursday night. Even with the sweater on, there was no doubt she was nude underneath it.
“I called ahead to make sure there was no problem with your, um, outfit.”
Carrie looked at Craig with a smile…he really was a sweet boy. “Thanks for being so thoughtful Craig,” she said, moving a little closer and moving her bare leg an inch to her left so it was closer to him. He took the bait and touched her thigh, causing her to shiver in anticipation.
After a few seconds, his hand moved from her thigh and he put the car in park. “Let’s roll,” he said, getting out of the car. She pulled the sun visor down to check her makeup. By the time she was done, he was around to her side and had opened the door for her, a trick her mother had taught her to test a boy. Craig had passed with flying colors.
She felt the cold asphalt on her bare feet and it quickly wiped away any feelings of comfort her sweater may have provided. She took Craig’s arm as he led her into the restaurant.
Although Pizza Planet was a teen place, it was a better than average teen place. Cool music played and the lights were low…not like a typical pizza place. Still, anyone with vision of the door was surprised to see the nearly naked girl standing barefoot in the doorway.
Carrie’s blush intensified but Craig stood straight, not embarrassed by his date’s attire in the least.
“Yes, table for two please, McDonnell.”
“Yes Sir, Mr. McDonnell, I see your special guest is also here, though in more appropriate attire than I anticipated. Please follow me.”
Craig motioned with his hands for Carrie to follow the host. She saw eyes get big as she walked past booths and wondered what the reaction would have been had she been nude. Why had she agreed to this when she knew that she would probably be nude? Then she remembered that she could have been wearing her uniform had it not been stolen.
She saw people’s heads whip around once they were alerted by their dinner companion across from them who had a better view of her coming. She tried to walk proudly, knowing that Craig was behind her and supporting her, but she was red from her forehead to her breasts in shame. She was so happy for the sweater but knew it covered next to nothing.
“Here you go Miss,” the host said, motioning towards the booth. The girl sat, feeling her sweater ride up, knowing that anyone behind her would have gotten a view of her bare butt and maybe her mound as she slid into the booth. “Thank you,” she said, pretending nothing was wrong as she took the menu. Craig sat down across from her.
“Miss, I want you to know that normally attire such as yours would not be permitted here at the Pizza Planet…we have rules. But your friend here called us and explained your plight and we are understanding. I had three children go through St. Mark’s and I support that school 100 percent.”
Carrie smiled shyly at the man, “thank you Sir. It’s definitely not the way I would choose to go out to dinner but I appreciate your understanding.”
The man bowed and moved away from the table.
“Man, I’m starved after that rehearsal,” Craig said. “It took a lot out of me. Though the view was good!” He looked up at her and gave, what she thought, was the cutest grin ever.
“For you maybe…all I got was sore doing all of that shaking.”
The two laughed and feel into a nice conversation. Carrie found out that Craig had three older sisters (that explains his manners) and lived with his single mother. They talked about life, school and activities. Finally, the waitress came to take their order.
“May I,” Craig asked Carrie, who nodded, impressed by his manner.
“We’ll have a large pizza, half plain and half white with broccoli, I believe that is your favorite kind, correct,” he said. Carrie, dumbfounded by that information, nodded yet again.
“And we’ll have some breadsticks, two cokes and two waters. Oh, and a salad please for the young lady and why not bring us an order of French fries too, with the pizza.”
Carrie was taken aback by his command. She liked the feeling of having a man who could take care of her…most boys, especially that jerk Eric Gorbo, were such babies. But Craig knew how to treat a girl.
“Wow, that was impressive,” she said as the waitress left.
“Thank you, a trick my sister taught me. She said she always liked it when a man ordered for her.”
“Remind me to thank her someday.”
She smiled and grabbed one of the breadsticks that had just been dropped off at the table.
“So, Carrie, what’s the deal with the sweater?”
The girl blushed and looked down. Although her breasts were still covered, she noticed that the bottom had ridden up her thighs and her slit was slightly visible by looking straight down.
“Oh jeez, I’m sorry, I guess I’m showing more than I thought,” she said blushing.
Now it was Craig’s turn to blush. “No, I don’t mean that. Actually, I can’t see anything. I mean, why wear it at all? Everyone knows that you are naked under it and I’ve already seen you naked. Why bother?”
Carrie sat quietly for a moment, rolling the breadstick in her fingers. It was a question she had never really thought about…why was she worried about being nude…many people had already seen her in all of her naked glory. Why cover herself now?
“Because, I’m a girl and I would like to keep some things private, you know? You have no idea what it’s like to have everyone gawk at your breasts or your vagina. It’s really terrible to be the center of attention.”
Craig leaned in, his voice near a whisper.
“Carrie, tell me the truth, this turns you on just a little bit doesn’t it?”
Carrie gulped. No, please, not this again. Please don’t let this be her brother at work again.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, I think it’s kind of exciting to be naked. A thrill. Not that it has ever happened to me, but I would think it would be a turn-on. Plus, I heard about what happened in the bathroom earlier.”
Carrie’s face burned with shame.
“Come on Carrie, you didn’t think people didn’t hear about that did you? Man, it’s not every day that a girl fingers herself off in a boys bathroom at school.”
“Please Craig, stop this. You’re ruining everything,” she said, tears streaming down her face yet again.
The boy’s face turned from a smile to a frown. That was not his intention.
“Carrie, I’m sorry, I was just kidding. I don’t think any less of you.”
The girl’s face was pure torture as her eyes met his. “Well, I think less of me. I hate the fact that I get aroused like this. It’s not intentional…I try to fight it but I just get an itch down there. I can’t help it.”
Craig wanted to reach out and help this girl, but had no idea how. Then it hit him. He slid his foot out of his shoes and lifted it towards her bare crotch.
Carrie was surprised when she felt the cotton-covered foot at her bare pussy and gasped.
“Craig, what are you doing,” she whispered.
“Carrie, let me do this. You know you need to cum…enjoy it and stop being ashamed by it. You’re a normal girl with a normal sex drive who is constantly naked…I can’t see how being aroused by that is wrong.”
Somehow what the boy was saying made sense and Carrie unconsciously spread her thighs a bit, letting the boys’ foot begin to rub her slit. He could tell she was soaked as his sock became wet but he didn’t care. He rubbed his foot up and down her slit, moving his foot as fast as he could.
He looked over and saw the girl close her eyes and part her lips. He could tell that she was suppressing a moan. He watched as she wrestled with her emotions, trying hard to not to enjoy the boy’s movements but unable to ignore what it was doing to her inside.
He moved faster and he saw her grab the table to grimace. Just then the waitress came and her eyes flew open…Carrie wondered if the woman could see what was happening under the table.
“Your drinks…” the girl says, placing the glasses on the table. Craig says thanks but Carrie is unable to form the words, grunting in pleasure and embarrassment.
“Do you want me to stop,” Craig asked the girl. Carrie nodded her head yes and the boy pulled his foot away, causing her to moan in despair.
Carrie was filled with conflicting emotions. Part of her was ashamed that her body would betray her like this and wanted it over. But another part of her needed to cum after all of the teasing. And she wanted this boy to make it happen.
“Please Craig, don’t stop. Please keep going,” she said, her voice a gravelly whisper from her exertion. “Oh God, please finish me off.”
The boy smiled, knowing what this was doing to the girl. “Should I remove my sock?” Unable to talk, Carrie nods her head, her hair hanging down, now sticking to her forehead which is beginning to perspire. Craig pulls his foot up and removes his sock and replaces it onto her bare pussy. The feel of his bare skin against her soaking slit was such a turn on for him…his cock was rock hard. But this wasn’t about him right now, he thought, it was about her enjoying her situation for once.
For her part, Carrie lifted her butt off the seat and was grinding her pussy into Craig’s bare foot. When his big toe pushed past her lips and into her pussy, her eyes shut, mouth opened and her hands grabbed the edge of the table as the orgasm swept over her again and again. Just when it had subsided and her body slumped in relief, the waitress appeared with the pizza. The girl slid the big silver platter onto the table and sniffed the air.
“What’s that smell,” she asked. “Smells fishy.”
“Maybe someone got a pizza with anchovies,” he said smiling. But he and Carrie knew what the smell was…it was the smell of a good cum and they grinned at each other. The girl walked away, wondering what was up.
“You looked so beautiful just then, when you came,” Craig said softly, sliding a slice of pizza on a plate and putting it in front of her.
Carrie smiled shyly, unsure what emotion to feel. She had just been told she was beautiful, a definite compliment. But she had been told she was beautiful while in the throes of a massive orgasm, the first she had ever experienced from someone else.
“Thanks, I think,” she said, taking a small bite of the slice.
“No, I mean, you’re always beautiful, but the look on your face was awesome! You were so into the moment that, for a second, you forgot about being nearly naked in the room. You were just being you enjoying your body.”
The girl continued eating. Then she looked up with a smile. “It did feel so good. Thanks Craig, I really needed it.”
“Don’t mention. It really was my pleasure, though my socks is kind of wet now!”
The two teens laughed and the conversation picked up like before. And, when the two got up to leave (after splitting an ice cream sundae for dessert), she walked proudly next to her new boyfriend, unfazed by the stares at her barely naked body and bare feet.
At the car, she allows Craig to open her door for her and she slides in, reaching over to unlock his door for him. He slides in, starts the car (more importantly puts on the heat) and they drive back to school so that she can get her car. It has been a wonderful evening for both, especially Carrie who didn’t realize that boys could be so sweet.
When they get to her car, Craig takes her keys from her. “Let me go and warm it up for you…I’ll come back and get you.”
She watches the boy hop out and luxuriates in the warmth of his, enjoying the awesome music. Finally she hears a knock on her window and sees Craig motioning for her to get out.
“Your car is warmed up and ready to go…and I left you a little surprise in the CD player. I hope you like it.”
The girl got out, feeling the cold concrete on her bare feet. She raced to her car, Craig at her side. She started to slide in but then stopped and got out, pulling herself into a bearhug with the boy.
“Thank you so much. You don’t know what tonight meant to me.” Then she kissed him on the cheek and settled into the now warm interior of the car. She looked in her rear view mirror and saw Craig smile as he put his car into gear and start to move out. Carrie pushed play on her CD player and got this message…
“I hope you are listening to this…that meant we had a great time. You are such a special girl Carrie Bartlett and I want you to know that I really like you. Enjoy this music…it took me some research to find all of your favorite songs. Craig.”
The first song to play was Carrie’s all-time favorite, “These are the Days,” by the 10,000 Maniacs, one that Shannon had turned her on to after she had heard it from her older sister. Tears streamed down her cheeks at the thoughtfulness of the gift.
She listened to the beginning of each song. He had downloaded 20 songs onto the CD, each one a favorite of hers. How had he known, she thought. Had to be Shannon. She would have to remember to thank her for that one.
Finally she pulled into her driveway and took the CD out…she wanted to listen in her room. As she got up to the porch she remembered her sweater. Shit, she was going to have to tell her parents that her uniform had been stolen. She was about to open the door when she saw a bag with her name on it and a note.
“Carrie, Here is your uniform back. I was able to catch up with the guys who stole it and made them give it back. Sorry again about this morning. Phil.”
This day finished much better than it started, she thought. She pulled the uniform out of the bag and quickly put her skirt and blouse on, then her socks and shoes. It was kind of silly though…she had to strip it off as soon as she walked in but at least she had something for tomorrow and didn’t have to explain to her parents what happened to her clothes. She threw her brother’s sweater on over her uniform and walked in the house.


As Carrie pushed the door open, Tracey ran right to the door.
“Go ahead and strip for me, that way creepy Phil won’t be here to see it.”
“Oh, Phil’s not so bad,” Carrie said in a way that surprised her sister. They had always hated their brother. Carrie didn’t elaborate as she removed the uniform that she had just put on a few minutes ago.
Once she was naked, Tracey started asking about the date and the two girls stood there giggling and gossiping like normal teens, with the only difference being one was completely nude.
Meanwhile poor Shannon was enduring another embarrassing night. After school and basketball practice, she had raced home so that she could make it to Mr. Firgus’ house by 6. She skipped dinner, eager for some more of the pizza with the “special” cheese.
She made her way across the street and gobbled down the two slices that Mr. Firgus had readied for her. She then met him upstairs where she was surprised to find the man dressed.
“Mr. Firgus, are you going somewhere,” she asked the man, who had been naked every other time she had come over to ‘make her feel better.’ Actually, he was so turned on by her and the thought that he could be naked in such proximity to a gorgeous naked girl. Just the anticipation allowed him to leave that special “cheese” on her pizza before she came over.
“No, just need to do some laundry,” he said, his eyes devouring the unbelievable nude in front of him. Every night, he thanked God for sending this blessing to him.
“It’s okay Mr. Firgus, I can do it for you,” Shannon said. She had done plenty of laundry on her first two trips to his house.
“Are you sure you don’t mind?”
“Not at all, that’s what I am here for.”
“Great. The dirty clothes are in a pile in my closet. Can you throw them in that laundry bag for me. Oh, and there is a bag of change down in the kitchen. We can use that.”
The naked girl was already bent over grabbing the pile when she heard the last sentence and stopped cold. The old man was transfixed by the view she was providing, her asshole and prominent pussy mound on complete display.
“Um, use that for what?”
“For the Laundromat. Did I not tell you that my washer is broken? Oh God, I didn’t.”
The man saw the look of pain on the young girl’s face as she realized the humiliation she was soon to face.
“I really appreciate you doing this for me. You can feel free to take my car. We’ll use a few different machines and then bring them home. We can dry them here, the drier still works.”
That didn’t seem to change the girl’s sad demeanor. After seeing that there was no changing the man’s mind, she finished the task of gathering the dirty clothes, including the soiled underwear (ewww, she thought) and straightened up. She put the bag over her shoulder and started down the steps, her bare feet slapping against the hard wood floor.
Mr. Firgus was standing at the door, his coat on, scarf around his neck and gloves on his hands. “It’s a chilly one, especially for an old man like me. I’m sorry honey, I wish I could offer you something to put on but I know that you cannot accept.” His face really looked sad though inside he was ecstatic about her misfortune.
The girl held the bag of laundry close to her front, trying for some cover as she walked out of the house, following the old man to his car. She was surprised that he got into the passenger seat but he said, “I have trouble seeing at night. I hope you don’t mind driving.”
She shook her head and slid into the driver’s side. It had been more than a week since she had driven a car and she had never done it naked. Her driving privileges had been revoked by her father after she had been given the naked punishment. That had been nine long days ago.
The leather felt smooth against her bare ass and thighs. She took the key from the old man and pushed it into the ignition and started the big car. This was much larger than her car or any car that she had driven before. She would have to be careful maneuvering this monster.
She turned her body to look out the back window to pull out of the driveway. As she did, she felt her right breast graze something and looked down to see Mr. Firgus’ hand there. She shivered and looked up shockingly at the old man who was absently looking out the window. She sighed in relief, appreciating the fact that it was a mistake…he’s just sitting there…his hand’s in a normal position…if she were wearing clothes, she would have thought nothing of a hand grazing her but in the nude every movement was exaggerated.
Out of the corner of his eye, Firgus saw the girl’s face change from appall to calm and he smiled. It was the first time he had touched her and it felt good, even just a brush. This would fuel his fantasies tonight as he laid in bed thinking of her, enjoying another orgasm. Since she had come into his life, he was cumming more than five or six times a day…unheard of for a man his age. Several times he had nothing but his underpants to catch his excitement, explaining the high number in the laundry.
He snuck peeks at the nude girl beside him at times when he knew that she would be concentrating on the road. She was gorgeous…nice perky breasts and nipples, long, smooth legs and that bare little mound covering two adorable little lips. She was a perfect girl.
Truth be told, there was nothing wrong with his washing machine. He had just unplugged it to provide some humiliation for the girl and give himself some more ammunition for his masturbation.
Shannon drove along, the radio off, afraid to upset the older man next to her. She had an innate desire to please men and adults, unable to assert herself, even when she desperately wanted something. She wished she had found a way to say no to the man, to not allow this to happen. Nowhere in that paper she signed, did it say she had to go to a Laundromat in the nude during regular business hours. Why didn’t she just stay in her room, away from the prying eyes of all but her family?
She followed the directions of Mr. Firgus to a Laundromat that she had never been to before. She turned a corner and saw the bright lights of the shopping center and cringed, knowing that she would be on total display. She was heartened to see just a few cars in the parking lot as she pulled into a spot right in front of the storefront.
She put the car into park and sat still for a moment.
“Come on Shannon, let’s get this over with. I want to get home as quickly as we can,” Mr. Firgus said. Shannon could not have agreed more and quickly slid out of the car, feeling the ice cold concrete under her bare feet, which were still not accustomed to the cold despite a week without shoes, and the biting wind stinging her bare body.
She went around to the trunk of the car and pulled the bag out. She was unaware of the view she gave to the couple in the car parked behind her. They had been sitting there talking but the sight of her nudity had made them look. They were treated to an awesome display of a bare ass and pussy slit and then her long legs twitching as she pulled the heavy bag out and threw it over her shoulder, the heavy canvas smooth against her bare back and shoulders and the top of her butt.
She closed the trunk and followed after the old man into the store. She hesitated when she saw the Laundromat…it was dirty and filled with people, mostly men, who suddenly looked very interested in the newest customer.
“Mr. Firgus, please don’t make me do this. We can take the laundry to my house and do it there.”
“Nonsense Shannon, we’re already here and it will take much less time. Come on.”
He led Shannon through the room to the far corner past every set of staring eyes. She felt them poring into her, into her tits and pussy. She felt the discarded soap and lint on the floor, disgusting on her bare feet. This was a place she would never want to walk in with her feet protected by shoes and socks, let alone nude and barefoot.
She put the bag on a table in the corner and turned away. She felt some men getting closer to where she stood. Then it hit her…she was naked in this place far from home with only poor old Mr. Firgus to protect her. She could be in serious trouble.
“What is the meaning of this young lady,” said a voice that belonged to an older Italian women who emerged from a room behind the counter.
Shannon started shaking even more, afraid of this woman.
“um, well,” she stammered.
“Now, now Carmella, easy on the girl…she’s my guest,” Mr. Firgus said.
“Oliver? Oliver Firgus? Well, hello there my friend. It’s been too long.” The woman pushed past the naked teen and gave the old man a huge bear hug. “What have you been up to?”
“Well, just my research with the teens, etc. This is Shannon Malone, my neighbor who has been gracious enough to help an old man with his laundry.”
The woman turned to face the bare girl. Her expression had changed from anger to a smile.
“Hello Miss, a pleasure to meet you. I did not know that you were a patient of Dr. Firgus. Well, that explains her attire now doesn’t it. Shannon, if you are with Dr. Firgus, you are welcome here. This man saved my daughter from her sex addiction. I hope he does the same for you.”
Shannon shook her head. “No, it’s not like that…” but the woman interrupted. “I know dear, I know. It’s okay with me. I understand that Dr. Firgus’ methods can seem a bit odd but the results are phenomenal. I remember what you made Holly do that one time in the home improvement store. Changed her whole attitude. Now she is just a regular woman with regular sexual desire instead of that slut who dressed like a pig and performed for any man that asked. It was a miracle what this man did, an absolute miracle.”
The nude girl was almost purple in shame. The woman’s words were loud enough so that everyone could hear her and now they all thought she was a sex addict.
“Please, this is on the house,” Carmella said, going behind the counter and returning with a handful of quarters and a framed set of photos. When Shannon saw them, she was completely repulsed.
“I keep these photos here to remind me of what Maria was before and what she is now. Helps me to understand her better.”
The photo on the left was disgusting to the young girl. It showed a girl roughly her age, naked on all fours, a large penis buried in her mouth and a man behind her. From the look of it, Shannon could tell he was fucking her. She gasped. The girl looked crazed, her eyes wide open, her mouth almost distended by the huge cock in her mouth. Her hair was matted to her forehead, her breasts hung there in her awkward position.
The photo on the right showed another girl…Shannon was shocked to hear it was the same person. This girl was fully clothed…a turtleneck sweater completely covering her skin…a long, flowing skirt that went down to her knees…glasses and an innocent smile.
“”Dr. Firgus here made my daughter do all kinds of disgusting sex acts. She wanted to act like a slut so he turned her into a slut. And he took thousands of photos and videos to remind her of her disgusting behavior. I mean, sex with all kinds of men, many at the same time, animals, objects, you name, sex every place imaginable, in public, private, total nudity and sexually explicit clothing. After a year and a half of this vulgar behavior, she realized that she hated that part of her. Now she is a wonderful wife and mother of three daughters who has a great job and is totally well-adjusted…all because of Dr. Firgus.”
The woman smiled at the old man standing next to Shannon, who was repulsed by the photo and the words she was hearing. She felt the woman grab her arm and pull her close… “Don’t worry dear, he’ll fix you just like he fixed my little girl.”
Shannon wanted to protest…wanted to tell this woman that she was nothing like that crazed girl in the photo…that she had barely ever had sex and would never allow herself to become like her. But she had to admit, there was one resemblance between her and Maria…they were both nude.
“Thank you Carmella. Your generosity is always so wonderful. Now, young Shannon here can get to work while we chat.”
Mr. Firgus nodded towards her, a signal she knew to start taking the clothes out of the bag and into the washer. She pulled the drawstring open and began taking the clothes out. This was awful for her…she was being forced to wash clothes when she herself wasn’t allowed the luxury of having clothes. It made her miss clothes all the more and really feel her nudity and she hated it.
She pulled the clothes out and began to sort them…lights, darks and separates. She put the soiled underpants, undershirts and socks into a separate pile…she noticed the yellowing stains at the crotch of each pair of pants and cringed, guessing what the liquid was. Even if she was wrong, the other thing (urine) was almost as bad.
She gather some of the darks into her arms and turned to open a washing machine and load it up. She then did the same with the whites and then loaded some things that she felt should be washed separately, his dress shirts and dress pants for example. All told, she had filled six machines with his dirty laundry.
She looked around and remembered they had failed to bring the soap.
“Excuse me, Mr. Firgus,” Shannon interrupted the man, who was now engaged in conversation with the owner. “We forgot the soap.”
The man looked at the girl and sighed. “Shannon, I forgot you have probably never been to a Laundromat before. Take some quarters and you can buy some soap in the vending machine.”
Shannon whirled around and tried to find the vending machine. It was at the front of the store…the opposite end from where they were. She now noticed that the dozen or so people in the room were all staring at her and she blushed, knowing the view they must have had as she lugged the laundry from the table into the machines and bent over to load them in. Each pair of eyes must now know her ass and pussy very well, she thought.
She went to the bag of quarters that the man had brought along and grabbed $3 worth, hoping it was enough to buy the amount of soap to keep five washers going. She felt every step of her journey on the scummy tile floor…she felt every draft on her private parts…she felt every eye raping her, degrading her, making her feel like less than them. Finally she got to the vending machine and slid the quarters in and got the soap. She quickly rushed back to her corner but before she could, two large men blocked her way. She stopped in fear.
“Excuse me please,” she said, trying to sound brave but failing.
“I like your outfit miss,” one of the men said. “Is that why you are here…no clean clothes?”
The other guy and some of the gather people laughed. The nude girl blushed again. Carmella saw no reason to interrupt…after all this was the medical procedure that turned her daughter from a whore to a nice girl…she was willing to look the other way for now. If they started touching the girl in the Laundromat, then she would do something. She couldn’t have that in her place, but a little humiliation would do the cunt some good she thought.
For his part, this was going exactly the way Firgus wanted. He wanted the girl to be emotionally hurt, not physically. He loved seeing girls humiliated…it got his old organ pumping.
“Please, I’m not bothering anyone. Please let me through.”
The naked girl tried to push past the men, but they refused to budge. Shannon looked around and saw that every eye was on the interaction and that no help was forthcoming. She started shaking in both fear and anger.
“No miss, you are wrong. You are bothering me. Seeing a pretty young thing like you butt naked running around this place is bothering me…especially down here,” the man said, grabbing his crotch. “Now, if you please, answer my question. Did you not have any clean clothes to wear or are you a sex addict like this lady says?”
“Please, please let me through. I’m not a sex addict, I’m just trying to help this man out,” she said through tears. “Please let me through.”
She began to push through the two men when she felt hands cupping her asscheeks. She swerved and their hands landed instead on her two breasts. Finally she made it past them and ran to hide behind Mr. Firgus.
“Please Mr. Firgus, please don’t let them hurt me.”
The old man smiled as he felt the hard balls of her bare breasts press into his back as she pulled close to him. He turned his top half around and pulled her around him and hugged the poor girl. He felt her bare back with his hand and rubbed her silky hair.
“There, there now sweetie, it’s okay. The man was just curious. I’m sure he will let you be now. You have to admit, a naked teen is a bit different to most people. I’m used to it but these folks don’t normally see it do they?”
She nodded, her head buried in his chest, the entire Laundromat getting a full view of her bare ass and her pussy mound sticking out from behind. Many a man in the room had an aching erection from the scene and, truth be told, some women were getting a bit excited as well.
“Well now Shannon, go ahead and start the washers and then I’ll tell you what to do next.”
On autopilot, the girl broke free from his grasp and poured the soap into each washer and began the wash process. The machines began to shake as the washer began its cycle. The naked girl padded in her bare feet over to where Mr. Firgus, who she now thought of as her protector, was sitting.
The old man stroked her bare back as the girl stood next to him, her head bowed.
“Shannon dear, I think these people all deserve an explanation of your nudity. Please, go and sit on top of that washing machine and give them your story.”
The girl looks up at the old man, feeling betrayed that this man she had always trusted would turn on her. She shook her head, “Please no, Mr. Firgus, please don’t make me.”
“Girl, it will be fine. These people are entitled to know why you are nude and walking around here giving everyone total access to your body. Wouldn’t you be the least bit curious if you were them?”
The girl realized that the old man was right and she moved the two steps until she was next to the washing machine. She turned so her back was against the machine and her nude front was facing the people and she slid her body on top of the shaking machine. She quickly crossed her legs at the knee, trying for some cover.
“No Shannon, uncross your legs. I don’t think that is appropriate after the show you have put on today.”
She looked at the man…what did he mean? She was being forced to show her body to all of these people. If she had her way, she would be in the comfort of her own room doing homework, getting ready for bed. She might even have on her thigh highs, which was better than complete nudity. If she was lucky, she could have stepped into her cotton socks and felt covered at least on her feet.
For some reason, she did not resist, instead just uncrossing her legs and sitting with her knees spread. That gave everyone a better view of her hairless sex. As she sat there, she felt the machine shaking, and cringed. As soon as she felt the first tinge going through her body, she knew. She was going to orgasm right here, on this machine, in front of all of these people.
She shook her head from side to side to try and forget the wonderful feeling between her legs, but Mr. Firgus brought her back to the real world.
“Shannon, call everyone over please.”
The naked girl was hardly able to get her voice to be heard over the machines. “Please, can I have everyone’s attention,” she said softly, adding an even softer “…oh god.”
“Did you say something little lady,” one of the mean men that had hassles her before asked.
“OH GOD,” she said louder this time… “CAN I HAVE EVERYONE’S ATTENTION PLEASE…ah, ah, ah, eeee.”
The feelings inside of her sex were devastating…she was fighting the inevitable orgasm with all of her might…but she was weakening quickly. She had been prodded and displayed for 10 days now and it was having an effect on her. She had orgasmed just once during that time, a shameful display in the girl’s shower after being shaved for the benefit of her health class.
She looked up wither glassy eyes and saw the crowd gather closer to where she sat, quivering on top of the shaking washing machine.
“Well now honey, we’re waiting,” the man said.
“Oh God, oh God…okay…I wwantted too teelll all of yyyou why I’’mm nnakkeedd. OH GOD!!!” her words were coming in short bursts as she tried to fight off the orgasm, which was wanted physically but despised mentally. She wanted to cum but not here in front of everyone.
“I’mm a sttuddent at SSt. Marrk’’sss, ohhh! Anddd, ii earned a nnnnude----OHHHHHH!”
It was too much. She felt the crest begin in her pussy but soon rise through her entire body. Her face froze in midsentence, her mouth open in a wide O and her eyes bugging out. Her hair was sticking to her forehead and her body was tensed, her small, pert breasts sticking straight out.
Finally the unbelievable feeling from her pussy dulled to a throb but it was still there…the machine still rocked. Oh God, she thought, it was going to happen again. It was already building.
“Please continue Shannon,” Mr. Firgus said from behind the crowd.
“Oh God…oh I was given a nude punishment…oh God…no more…and I am staying totally nude at hoooommeee tooo!!! My fattthreerr’s rrullesss!! OHHH GODD!!!”
The crowd saw the girl press her sex down towards the machine, almost fucking the machine.
“Christ, she’s using the machine like a vibrator,” one of the women in the crowd, who may have been from the local college, said.
“What did you do to earn this nude punishment,” one of the nasty men asked.
“OHHH, wwhhattt?” the nude teen was barely there mentally.
The man walked right up to her and barked in her face. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO DESERVE THIS NUDE PUNISHMENT?”
That perked the girl up… “Oh…I uh, I uh…ohhh I skipped schoolll and lied about ittttt!!! OHHH GODDDD!! EEEEEEE!!!” She tried to hide the orgasm this time but couldn’t…she came for the second time.
The questions continued…she tried to answer as best she could but the orgasms would not stop. She lost track of them as she sat on that terrible machine. The first orgasms were wonderful and, had she not been in a room full of people, she would have loved them tremendously. But the last were just torture, her body beyond the breaking point. For some reason, she never thought of disobeying Mr. Firgus and hopping off that dreaded machine.
Finally, the last wash cycle was done and the machine stopped. Shannon collapsed in a heap…although the machine had stopped, her body had been shaking for so long that she still felt it…even her pussy lips still felt like they were quivering.
“Okay everyone, thank you for showing so much interest in young Shannon here. I hope you all have a better understanding of her situation now,” said Mr. Firgus, who had inserted himself between the crowd and the naked, quivering girl.
The group dispersed, shocked at their fortune of seeing this action on what would be a normally boring night at the Laundromat.
“Ok Shannon dear, let’s gather up the wet clothes and head home to dry them.”
The girl acted on autopilot, somehow gathering the energy to get off the washer and hop onto her feet, though she wobbled some and needed Mr. Firgus to steady her. She gingerly walked over to where the bag was, her body barely making the trip, her pussy lips aching from all of the pleasure. She finally gather up the wet clothes and threw the bag over her shoulder.
“Good night, Carmella and thanks for a wonderful conversation.”
“Thank you Dr. Firgus…it was a pleasure. Nice to have met you Shannon and good luck.”
The naked girl nodded, unable to form words as she followed the old man out to the car, barely feeling the cold air on her naked body despite the sheen of sweat over her body. She threw the clothes in the trunk and drove home, her humiliation still washing over her.


The reviews were in…Carrie was sensational and the St. Mark’s production of Grease was a great success. The Saturday morning papers were filled with stories by reviewers…more than had ever come to a high school production! Of course each paper had sent a photographer to get a picture of the naked star. Carrie was plastered in each of the local newspapers with black bars over her breasts and vagina.
But the pics weren’t the issue…each article was filled with praise for the young actress.
“Young Carrie Bartlett was sensational as Sandy and she had to overcome a great handicap in her role…Miss Bartlett played the role in the nude after violating one of St. Mark’s rules and earning a nude punishment. But that did not stop Bartlett, who danced and sang and acted as she was dressed…letting it all hang out and not hiding an ounce from the audience of very appreciate people.”
The papers were equally praising of the rest of the cast, including Craig, and one paper even noticed the boy’s “ease with his co-star, and he seemed to be very fond of her.”
As Carrie read the paper in her kitchen early the next morning, she felt warm, despite her complete nudity. She had gotten up extra early that day, wanting to bask in the glow of the good reviews before going to her Saturday punishment. She knew that Shannon was also going to be there, which made her feel a little better.
She sat there, her bare bottom on the hard wooden seat, remembering the day before. Shannon and Mark had arrived, but they got there just as the lights had darkened. Shannon, though used to her nudity a little more, wanted to wait until the very last second before going into that large crowd nude. Carrie’s sister had very thoughtfully saved two seats in the last row for Shannon so the couple could arrive and sit right down without being noticed. Of course, the nude girl had to survive intermission, but having Mark there made it a little easier.
Carrie’s mom and dad had been there, as had Phil…he was very sweet to her, even sending flowers to her backstage…wishing her luck. It was an amazing turnaround for a boy who had arranged for her humiliation just a day ago.
As she sat there in her kitchen on that quiet Saturday morning, she remembered getting dressed there just yesterday. Her brother hadn’t even bothered showing up to view it as he had the previous few times, but her father was there having his customary toast and coffee while reading the paper. He scarcely looked up as she pulled her uniform on, dispensing with the formality of a bra and panties…they were not allowed anymore and she figured it was useless anyway…she was going to end up naked in time as it was.
Stripping at school had been much tougher yesterday. A crowd of boys had gathered when they saw her get out of her car and followed her into the school building. There, in the cold foyer, she was forced to strip in front of roughly 15 boys at the beginning. By the time her blouse was off, the crowd had soared to maybe 30, with all but four being male. She knelt down and untied her shoes and pulled them off and then her socks, delaying the inevitable removal of her skirt and exposing of her pussy. Finally it was the only piece of clothing left and she let it drop to the floor and stood naked in the foyer, her clothes in a heap next to her.
She gathered up her clothes and stuffed them into a bag thoughtfully provided by Mr. Jones and dropped them off in the principal’s office. She felt the cold draft hitting her bare body even in the school building and wondered how poor Shannon managed being naked at all times, even outside in the winter elements.
As if on cue, Shannon came running in, barely making it before the first warning bell. Carrie saw the goose bumps all over her bare, hairless body and her erect nipples that looked so hard that she thought they would crack if touched. The girl was constantly in awe of how her friend managed to make it through life being constantly nude at all times.
“Oh man, it’s freaking freezing outside,” Shannon said. “The wind was blowing right through me and of course no one sat in the seat next to me and I was right up front with my legs spread…man, my pussy is freezing.”
Other girls standing together next to the naked girls were shocked to hear the conversation…most girls would never understand the things that Shannon and Carrie were forced to face daily. To them, discussing the cold on their pussy lips was becoming very natural.
The rest of the day had actually gone okay…despite being nude all day. Carrie didn’t realize it but Mr. Jones had sent a message out to all of the teachers to make sure the took it easy on her that day so that she could give a good performance that night.
Shannon had been forced through many of the same humiliations, including cleaning the lunch room by herself because Carrie was able to eat her lunch in the theater as the cast prepared for the show that evening. When poor Shannon didn’t finish in the prescribed time, she was forced to return to the cafeteria after classes and clean the floors by hand, her nude form on her hands and knees on the ground, trying desperately to scrub it clean as quickly as she could to avoid an extra punishment from Mr. Jones. She had finished all but three square feet of the huge room when the principal entered to tell her that she had failed in her mission and would have to come in on Saturday for extra punishment. The nude girl began crying at this injustice but said nothing, knowing what complaining had gotten her in the past.
Carrie knew none of that until after the performance last night. She had noticed how beat up Shannon looked but until the party after opening night, she knew none of this. She had gladly volunteered to drive Shannon to their joint punishment that next day and would leave to pick her up shortly. For now, she wanted to bask in the glow of a great opening.
She poured some cereal into a bowl and sloshed the milk in…some squirted up and landed on her breast. She took her finger and gathered the stray milk and, without thinking, put it into her mouth. She felt a chill go up her body by the action and wondered why.
She ate her cereal, enjoying rare peace and quiet in her house. Her father came in just as she finished…she was still embarrassed by her nudity in his presence and blushed but did not try and cover herself up, knowing that would earn his displeasure.
“Good morning sweetheart, still glowing after all of the praise last night,” her father asked with a smile.
Despite her discomfort, the girl could not resist her dad’s smile and grinned back at him. “A little…you should read these reviews,” she said, pushing the morning newspapers in front of him.
Her father poured a cup of coffee and sat down reading the reviews, a big smile across his face. Of course he was a little troubled by the nude pictures running alongside the reviews but their words made him proud. He leaned over and gave his daughter a peck on the cheek.
“Wonderful job Carrie, I’m very proud of you.”
The girl blushed at his praise, which she always craved. “Thanks Daddy, that means a lot. And thanks for coming to the show…I know it couldn’t have been easy seeing me up there like this.”
Now it was her father’s turn to blush. “It wasn’t easy at all. But, I am here to support you and I needed to be there last night. Your mother and I are planning to go again tonight and I have a feeling your sister might come too.”
“Oh Daddy,” she said, tears starting to flow down her cheeks, “Thank you so much.”
The feel of her nudity against his soft sweatshirt made her yearn for clothes again. She looked up at the clock and realized that she had to hurry to wash and get dressed to go to school and strip naked for this bizarre day of punishment. Weird that she would shower and dress before going to school to get naked and dirty.
She quickly showered, paying careful attention to grooming, wanting to be smooth on her legs and armpits. This was possibly going to be the last time she would be able to wash before the show and wanted to be as clean as possible, especially with all of those lights on her on stage. Just in case she needed them later, she packed a razor and some shaving cream in a small bag with shampoo and soap and threw them all into her book bag. Knowing Mr. Jones and his creative punishments, she might need all of these items.
Feeling a bit frisky, she grabbed a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt with socks and sneaks out of her room. She took a skirt and blouse with heels as well and left them on the step and brought her bulky old clothes into the kitchen where her father say. Why not give it a try, she thought.
“Daddy, is this outfit okay,” she said, holding up the sweatshirt and the jeans. She looked at him with her innocent eyes.
Her father started to look, knowing that she was defying his orders but her big smile let him know that she was kidding.
“Good one Carrie,” he said, his attention returning to the newspapers. She returned with the skirt and blouse and heels that were part of her new clothing regiment, at least for a while. Her father knew that this would only last through the end of the nude school punishment but she did not. For all she knew, she would never wear jeans or sweats again.
She quickly dressed, just pulling on her skirt as Phil entered the kitchen. “Carrie, can I talk to you for a second?”
“Ah, Phil, can it wait? I’m running late to pick up Shannon. We have to get to school.”
“No, I need to talk to you now ok?”
The tone in his voice worried Carrie. She grabbed her shoes and followed her brother into the family room.
“Phil, what’s..”
“I’ve screwed up big time here Carrie and it effects you.”
“What do you mean?”
“On your first night nude, I took some digital photos and sent them to a friend who created a web page and is ready at a moment’s notice to send them off to the internet for all to see.”
Carrie’s mouth opened and she gasped but no words came out.
“It was before Thursday morning, when I was still playing around. I never had any intention of having him post it, I just wanted to scare you with it. Now, he won’t delete the page unless I give him naked pictures of Tracey.”
“What? Are you kidding me? What are you pulling here Phil?” Carrie’s words were coming in harsh whispers.
“I know, it sounds like I am up to my old tricks and trust me, I won’t mind seeing the girl naked, but this is the truth. I had put away the idea of seeing Tracey naked after what happened with you, but now I don’t know what to do. I’m really sorry.”
The look on his face either made Phil the world’s best liar or he was really sorry.
“Alright, we’ll have to figure something out. What is this pervert going to do with the photos once he has them?”
“The original deal was, he just wanted to see Tracey nude. He has been in love with her since they met last summer at the pool…remember her white one-piece bathing suit?” Carrie nodded. “Well, he does too. Apparently she has been the subject of some of his romantic dreams lately.”
Eww, Carrie thought, what disgusting creatures boys are. But there was no time for her to worry about that now. “How much time do we have?”
“Until Monday. Carrie, what are we going to do?”
the girl didn’t know but assured her brother that they would figure it out. She looked at the clock on the wall and saw that she was now really late. She grabbed her bag and dashed off to her car and sped over to Shannon’s house. The naked girl was waiting at the door and rushed out, trying to avoid the cold weather. The sun would warm the day up to about 45 degrees that day, but this early it was still around freezing.
“Thank God you have the heat running. It’s so cold out!”
The two girls drove on to school, both dreading the coming events. Shannon knew from personal experience how awful Mr. Jones could be. After a few minutes, Carrie popped the CD in that Craig had given her after their date and the two girls became normal again, talking about their new boyfriends and jamming to the music. There was little traffic so Shannon didn’t have to cover herself nearly as much as normal.
They arrived at school and Carrie pulled up to the curb to let Shannon out.
“No thank you, I’m not going in there without you.”
“But it’s freezing, this saves you exposure time.”
“That’s alright, I’m getting more used to it. It’s not like there’s a lot of people here today.”
Shannon was right…there were a few cars, probably maintenance workers and some of the teachers and coaches here getting extra work done. Carrie found the closest spot she could to the door and the two cars eased out and ran for the front door. Even though she wasn’t completely naked, Carrie’s skirt was pretty short so her legs were bare…and her pussy was too under the skirt since she was no longer allowed panties. She felt the wind blow up her skirt and hit her bare lips and wondered again how Shannon did it.
They ran up the front steps and tried the first set of doors but they were locked. They moved along to the rest and found them all locked. “SHIT,” screamed the shivering and naked Shannon. Carrie saw the piece of paper flapping in the wind.
“Ladies, please use the service entrance around back and meet me in my office. Mr. Jones.”
“BASTARD,” Shannon yelled as she took off in a sprint to run around the building, the cold wind stinging her bare body. Carrie was right behind her, her shoes making a lot of noise compared to the muteness of Shannon’s bare feet. They finally reached the service entrance but this too was locked. The entrance was located in an open area around the back of the school building and was accessible to all of the worst winds. There was nothing around to block them since the athletic fields were out this way.
Shannon started to cry and banging on the door. Carrie stopped her and pointed to the sign. “PLEASE RING BELL FOR SERVICE.” Carrie used her finger to push the button and they heard a bell ring. “Oh God, OH God, OH GOD,” Shannon said, her body shaking from the cold. She didn’t dare cross her arms in front of her breasts for fear that Mr. Jones was watching…she was sure he was and that would just further her punishment.
Finally, they heard the inside bar of the door being pushed and the metal swung open. There was Joe, the maintenance manager, at the door.
“Ah, our punishment girls. Come in girls, don’t want you freezing your, um, anything off.” Too late, Shannon thought, as she pushed in past the large man into a grimy boiler room.
“Mr. Jones said that I should supervise something with you young lady,” Joe said, looking at Carrie.
“Right here,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.
“Why not here? Too good to be naked in the boiler room? Trust me honey, I’ve seen better, including your friend here. If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for you.”
Carrie realized that he was right and began unbuttoning her blouse. Her shaking hands made it difficult. How could she be nervous after all of this time being naked, she wondered. Finally she finished all of the buttons and pulled the blouse out of her skirt and completely off. She then unzipped the skirt and pulled it off, being careful not to let it touch the grimy floor. Now it was just her shoes and Carrie slipped out of them and felt the slime of the floor under her bare feet. Shannon looked on with a knowing nod as Joe took the now folded clothes and stuffed them in a bag.
“I’ll leave them here. When you are done today, you can come and get them here.”
The girls nodded and began to make their way out of the grimy room and into a hallway. At the door was a mat and the girl wiped their feet off as well as they could, not wanting to fall on the tile floor. They both wondered what their punishment was going to be. Finally they made it to the principal’s office and knocked on the door.
“Come in,” Mr. Jones said pleasantly and they were both shocked at what they saw when they entered. There, in front of Mr. Jones’ big oak desk was a huge poster that read, “NUDE CAR WASH TO BENEFIT ST. MARK’S FOOTBALL!” On both ends of the poster were nude pictures, one taken while Shannon was nude an spread in biology, the other from the art photo shoot that Carrie had posed for.
“Ladies, welcome to punishment Saturday!”