Surprise Assembly

by katie


The next day was one that Shannon was greatly regretting. Last month, she and
Carrie had decided to attend as many college visits as possible. They hoped to
go to school together, dreaming of life as roommates in the great college world.
Though their dreams were a bit different, both thought they could find a school
they liked together.
Shannon had always wanted to attend Brown University in Rhode Island, an Ivy
League school where her oldest sister had gone. She wanted to go into law,
hoping to work as an advocate for abused women and children. She laughed now,
thinking that she was an abused child herself.
Carrie thought New York University was the place to go. It had an outstanding
theater program and she wanted to be an actress or a photographer. The
attraction of the city was awesome to her, the hub of everything.
They were going to apply to both places and see what happens. They had both
signed up for Brown's junior visit day, held every year in February. This year,
it was today and the two were ready to go. Jack and Colleen Lynch were
accompanying the girls on this trip while Carrie's parents were taking them to
Normally Shannon would have been excited to be traveling to Brown again…Brighid
had loved her time there so much and Shannon had visited her many times, loving
the feel of the campus. She couldn't wait to get back there, but that was
She didn't want to go to Brown like this, naked and completely bare. She wanted
to curl up in her room and never leave but that was impossible. Her father had
insisted that she keep her commitment to Brown and the arrangements were made.
The trip there took roughly three hours. They would pick up Carrie at 7 and then
head north. Shannon could barely eat anything at breakfast. Her father said
nothing to her as the three of them headed for the car. She was glad that her
dad had thoughtfully warmed the car up as the morning was the coldest thus far.
She was thankful that she didn't have to worry about the bus today.
They went to Carrie's house and Jack asked Shannon to please run up and get her
friend. Shannon was a bit unhappy about having to expose herself but got out of
the car and ran up the cold hard steps. Mr. Bartlett opened the door and his
eyes got wide.
"Shannon, you're a sight this morning. I hadn't realized you'd be naked today as
well. What a pity."
"Good morning Mr. Bartlett," Shannon said softly. "Is Carrie ready yet?"
"Not quite. She's in the family room."
Shannon ducked her head into the other room and saw her friend pulling up a
tight mini skirt. She was already wearing a tight tank top and it was obvious
that there was no bra involved.
"Carrie, what are you wearing?"
"It's Dad's idea. Since I couldn't be naked at Brown, he made me wear a
revealing outfit. This skirt is Tracey's, a size too small for me. The top is
mine from last year, before my, well, you know."
Shannon knew that she meant before her breasts developed. Carrie had been pretty
flat until last summer and had blossomed to her new fuller size.
She pulled on a pair of thigh highs and heels and looked like a sexy young
thing. Shannon's eyes were wide…her friend never wore clothes like this.
"Does it look awful," Carrie asked.
"No, you look great. Amazing. You could pass for a college girl."
Carrie smiled. "Really?"
Shannon nodded, meaning every word. It was true, her friend was gorgeous in that
outfit. Her father had been trying to embarrass her but she was looking better
than normal.
"I had been hoping to blend in on the campus. Guess not now," Carrie said.
"Well, having a naked friend with you might make it difficult."
Carrie went and grabbed her bag and kissed her mother and father goodbye. Both
looked shocked at her appearance but there was nothing to say…the outfit had
been selected by her dad.
The two girls ran out to the Lynch's car and jumped into the back seat. Jack
Lynch's eyes almost bugged out of his eyes when he saw his daughter's best
"Good morning Carrie. Don't you look nice."
"Thank you Mr. Lynch, but I would rather be wearing my regular clothes. I think
Dad has gotten rid of all of jeans and sweats."
The weird foursome, with the clothed adults with one naked teen and one dressed
in a scantily clad outfit in the back seat, headed out to the highway. The two
adults tried to get the girls involved in the conversation but were unsuccessful
so they talked amongst themselves. Shannon looked out the window, sure that
everyone was looking at her.  Actually, very few had noticed her and those that
did could only see her shoulders and maybe the tops of her breasts. But she felt
completely on display.
Carrie felt just as bad. Her short skirt was constantly riding up her thighs and
her nipples threatened to poke a hole in her top. She wanted to curl up in the
back seat and sleep until they arrived home.
Finally, after about 90 minutes on the road, Jack Lynch pulled over into a rest
stop. "Hungry girls," he asked. Colleen said she was famished but neither of the
teens wanted to get out. The two sat in the car, which was parked in a pretty
remote section of the rest stop, with no other car in sight while the two adults
went inside to get food. They then ate in silence while Jack Lynch drove the
remainder of the way to Brown.
Shannon felt a knot in the pit of her stomach as she saw a sign: "2 miles from
Brown University." They were already in Providence, heading past the apartment
house where Brighid had lived her last two years. It was a clear shot to Brown
from there, a two-miles stretch on a major highway. Shannon saw her dreams of
attending Brown die right then. She could never go to a school where she had
been forced to be naked…it was bad enough that everyone back at St. Mark's only
saw her tits and pussy. It would be worse if her new schoolmates got that as
their first impression of her.
Instead of continuing down the road, Jack pulled off onto a small residential
"Colleen, why don't you get the surprise for the girls out of the back.?"
"Good idea Jack," said the woman, as she eased the door open and got out of the
SUV. She returned with a large suitcase and sat in the back with the girls.
"Now, this is a surprise. Carrie, you must never tell your parents that we
allowed this. Is that clear?"
The girl nodded, wondering what was inside.
"Ok then, ladies, this is for today," Colleen said, opening up a suitcase filled
with clothes.
"OH MY GOD, are you kidding," Shannon asked, tears flowing from her eyes.
"Not kidding at all," Jack said from the front seat. "We're not easing up on
you, that's why we held out so that you would think we were going to make you be
at Brown naked. But, it's not fair to your future to have you at a disadvantage.
As for you Carrie, I thought your dad might do something like this and, frankly,
I disagree with him. So, Colleen came up with this plan."
"Thank you, thank you," Shannon said, hugging her stepmom. She then rummaged
through the clothes. She found a pair of her jeans and a blouse. There was even
a bra and panties.
"Oh God, clothes. I can't wait."
She pulled on the bra, forgetting for a moment how to put it on. She wrapped it
around beneath her breasts and clipped it in the front before sliding in on
correctly and pulling her arms through. She was covered, she was wearing clothes
for the first time in a week. She loved the feeling as she pulled on the
panties, feeling the cloth against her vagina. Oh it was so sweet.
Shannon luxuriated in the feel of each garment as it went on. Jack and Colleen
watched her like proud parents did on Christmas morning as she pulled on each
piece. She loved the feel of the blouse and then the jeans. They felt like
velvet against her bare skin. She then rolled on a pair of ankle socks and then
the sneaks. For the first time in eight days, Shannon Malone was fully clothed.
She looked over and saw Carrie was just clutching her clothes to her. She had
grabbed a pair of jeans and a blouse as well but had not yet put them on.
"Care, what's the matter."
She looked up, tears in her eyes. The clothes were so close but yet…
"Your dad's here," she whispered.
"So, come on, put the clothes on. You'll feel so much better."
"I can't…your dad will see me."
"Carrie, you've been naked in front of the whole school and your whole family.
My dad is just another guy. Plus he's seen me naked for the last week."
It was so tempting to the young girl. She so wanted to put these warm, regular
clothes on. They were so much better than the revealing outfit she was currently
wearing. But somehow, she couldn't let her guard down.
"Ok Carrie, I'll get out of the car for two minutes. But hurry or we will be
Jack Lynch got out of the car and Carrie quickly disrobed, removing the tight
tank and the skirt. She would have frozen walking outside at Brown in that
outfit anyway. She pulled the blouse on, knowing that no bra that Shannon owned
would fit her. She noticed her hard nipples showed, but not nearly as much as
before. She quickly pulled on panties then the jeans, thankful that she and
Shannon were roughly the same size. She then pulled on socks but then gasped.
"I only have the shoes my dad made me wear. I can't wear them with this."
"Relax Carrie, I packed sneaks for you too. These are mine," Colleen said,
pulling a pair of Nikes out of the bag and handing them to the young girl.
Carrie smiled and slid them on, loving the feel compared to the heels her father
had selected.
"Okay Mr. Lynch, I'm done," Carrie said through the window. Jack smiled and came
back in. He hadn't needed the notice, he had been watching, unable to take his
eyes off of the naked girl who had grown up so much in the last year.
"Thanks Carrie, you look different."
The girl laughed, so much more comfortable in jeans and a blouse, even though
her nipples were still prominent. It was so much better than that miniskirt and
tank top. Every part of her was covered except her face and hands.
Jack Lynch got back into the SUV and noticed the mood change right away. The
girls were chatting away now, their voices excited at the prospect of visiting
Brown, his alma mater. He realized how much the nudity, or in Carrie's case the
revealing outfit, had weighed on their minds.
The visit to Brown was better than expected. The girls had seen the dorm where
most of the freshmen lived. They separately imagined their room, how it would be
decorated. Shannon had a meeting with the women's basketball coach who was
excited to meet her and asked for a tape. That worried Shannon, but the girl
smiled and said sure. At the same time, Carrie met with the director of the
theater program, who encouraged her to apply and audition for a spot in the
Both girls thoroughly enjoyed seeing the men's track team and football teams as
they worked out in the athletic department's fitness room. They looked at each
other and giggled at the same time, both thinking that it would be fun to work
out next to these men.
The four sat in the student dining hall and ate the free meal provided by the
admissions office. Though not fine dining, both girls enjoyed the atmosphere.
Jack and Colleen were so proud to see how natural Shannon looked at college,
like this was definitely the right place for her.
After lunch, both girls had their final interviews with an admissions officer
and were strongly encouraged to apply early admission. This was a source of
pride to both girls and they excitedly chattered about it all the way back to
the car.
They made their way to the parking lot, currently crowded with cars but not many
"Okay, girls, off with the clothes," Jack said.
The two teens stopped suddenly, their chatter ceased.
"Ah Daddy, can we do it in the car, please," Shannon asked.
"Honey, I've already given in more than I should have. Your punishment was total
nudity for six weeks. I gave you clothes for a whole day after only a week. But
the time is up and you need to strip now. You may not get back into the car
wearing clothes. Carrie, same with you, strip outside the car, put your clothes
in the bag and then get in. You can put your other clothes on. Shannon, once you
have both sets of clothes, put them in the back of the car and then hop in so we
can get home."
The excitement seeped out of the girls. Shannon began first, kicking off her
sneakers and using her toes to remove her socks. It had felt so good to her feet
to be covered, now that was gone. She glanced around quickly, hoping no one was
around, unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. Her blouse was long enough to
cover her ass and pussy.
Carrie hadn't moved, was too nervous to move. She didn't want to strip in this
public place but realized she had no choice.
"Carrie, come on," Shannon said in a whisper. "I can't finish until you are
naked and in the car. I'm half naked already so hurry up."
Carrie snapped out of her funk and kicked off her shoes. She knew that her
friend was right. She then reached down and pulled off her socks. She quickly
disposed of the sneaks and shoes and threw them in the bag.
She looked around anxiously, hoping that no one was near. She was in luck but
figured that wouldn't last long. She undid her jeans and pulled them and the
panties down in one movement, trying to save time. She was now nude except for
her blouse, on Brown's campus.
Her trembling fingers undid her blouse. She had noticed the boys looking at her
braless tits inside of her blouse. If they could see her now…that was nothing.
She undid all of the buttons and let it slide off of her. She quickly stuffed it
in the bag and ducked into the car, leaving Shannon out there in just her blouse
and bra.
To save exposure time, the girl pulled her arms into her blouse and undid the
bra and removed it, pulling it out her sleeve. She was now in just her blouse
and unbuttoned the garment, removing it and standing naked again. Her time in
clothes was over.
She stuffed the blouse in the bag and zipped it. Shannon picked the heavy bag up
and opened the back of the SUV, threw the clothes bag in and scurried around the
car and into the backseat, pulling the door shut. She sat back, the smooth feel
of the leather seats against her bare butt, thighs and back. The clothes had
been wonderful things, but they were just a tease. This was her life now, at
least for the next six weeks.
The girls sat in silence. Jack Malone grimaced, sad that the girls were so
"So, it could have been worse right," he said hopefully. "Those cross country
boys could have seen you like this."
There was no reaction at first. Then a hint of a smile came across Shannon's
"They were cute weren't they," she said softly. She looked at Carrie and
grinned. Soon the two of them were chatting away, forgetting about their nudity.
Jack turned up the radio in the front while Colleen dozed. The man was enjoying
listening the happy sounds of his daughter and her best friend, chatting about
their day while nude in the back seat.
Carrie arrived home and waited by the front door. The new rule was that she must
be naked in the house but she couldn't just strip, she had to do it in front of
someone. She had hoped that it would always be her mom or sisters.
"Mom, I'm home," she shouted.
"Hi dear, I'm in the kitchen."
"Ah, Mom, could you come in here so I can do my clothes thing."
"Oh sweetie, I can't, I'm finishing a recipe for dinner. Call Phil, he's
No way, she thought.
"TRACEY! LIL! Anyone here?"
"Carrie, the only person home besides me is your brother. Please ask him to do
Carrie wanted anything but that. She and her brother had never been close. He
was older than her and thought he was way too mature to hang out with his
younger sister. But last night, she had felt uncomfortable in his presence, like
he was leering at her. She supposed she couldn't blame him for keeping his eyes
on her pussy and breasts the whole time. If he was naked, she would probably
fixate on his penis.
"Um, Phil? Phil, could you come down here for a second please."
She heard a thump as her brother's feet hit the floor. "WHAT?"
"Phil, I need a favor."
She heard his footsteps and then he was at the top of the steps. His eyes got
big when he saw her outfit. He had already been at school when she got dressed
this morning. Even though he had seen her nude all last night, this was a great
"What do you want?"
"Phil, I need to undress in front of someone and Mom is busy," she said,
swallowing hard. "Can I do it in front of you?"
The boy's face broke into an evil grin. "Sure, just one second." He turned and
went back towards his room. When he emerged a minute later, he came straight
down the steps, sitting on the next to last one.
"Go ahead sis, I'm all eyes."
The girl groaned under her breath but kicked off her heels before moving to
unzip her skirt. She let it fall to the ground, unveiling her vagina, barely
covered with her soft pubes. She heard her brother let out what sounded like a
whistle and cringed, knowing the view he was getting. The half naked girl
finished the job by pulling the halter top over her head and standing totally
naked in the foyer.
"Alright, the show's over sicko," Carrie said sarcastically. "Thanks for your
Her brother just sat there smiling. "You're welcome. Oh, by the way, I want you
hear this first."
Carrie saw her brother pull a mini tape recorded out of his pocket. He pressed
play and she heard her voice:
"Well, two things. There's the obvious thing about everyone having total access
to your private parts. I hate the fact that everyone now knows what my pussy
looks like or my breasts. It's awful."
"Man, that sounds bad. I can't even imagine. What's the other thing?"
"I'm constantly aroused."
"Shush Tracey, Dad will kill me if he finds out."
"This is arousing to you? Being completely naked in public turns you on."
"I know, I don't believe it either. I have no idea why it happens, but I was so
wet and aroused that I, oh God, I masturbated in the boys bathroom after I
dumped the piss."
"No way."
"Tracey, this has to be a secret among sisters. Promise me no one will ever know
about this but us."
"I promise. Man, I don't believe it. I wonder if I would react the same way."
Carrie's face was completely pale, all of the blood drained from it. No one was
supposed to hear her conversation with her sister over dishes last night. Where
had he been?
"Oh God, Phil, please give me that tape."
Phil laughed. "Um, I don't think so."
"Where did you get it?"
"Well, on a lark, I grabbed it when I saw you and Tracey washing the dishes. I
figured you would talk about girl stuff. I sat in the dark in the pantry and
started taping. Imagine my surprise when I got something that would really
embarrass you."
Carrie looked in her brother's eyes, hoping to get some sympathy. After all,
they were blood.
"Phil, what are you going to do with it?"
"Well, Care, that's up to you. I could play it for mom and dad. I'm sure they'll
love to hear about how their baby girl fingered herself in the boys bathroom at
school and how she loves to be naked in front of strangers."
Carrie started to cry. She was screwed.
"Or, I could just keep it for myself, just listen to it in the comfort of my own
room and no one ever hears it."
"Oh please do that Phil. Please don't play it for anyone."
"Again, that's up to you. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to keep this
tape from circulating?"
Carrie again knew she had no choice and nodded her head, no words coming to her.
"Good. Now, you will do my chores for the rest of the week, including taking out
the trash and walking the dog. And, you will remain naked while doing them all.
"Please don't make me stay naked. Phil, please, I'll do the chores, but let me
wear something."
"No, completely naked at all times. If Dad asks, say you are paying me back for
something but don't want to break his nudity rule."
Oh God, Carrie thought, but she said, "Okay."
"Good. Oh, last thing. You must convince Tracey to get completely naked in my
presence one time in the next week and she must remain naked until I tell her
she can dress."
Carrie's mouth opened wide and she shook her head no.
"No, please don't drag her into this. It's me you want."
"Yes it is, but I want to see her naked too. She's got quite the killer body."
"Christ Phil, we're your sisters. Have you no shame?"
"Carrie, I don't want to fuck you. I only want to admire beautiful female
bodies. I am a young man with sexual urges."
Eww, gross, Carrie thought. I don't want to know your sexual urges.
"Okay, I'll do my best, but you can't let anyone know about that tape."
"No, that's not the deal. I won't tell Mom and Dad. Others might know about it."
Carrie cringed, knowing that Phil and his sick friends would be listening to her
tape, saying how turned on she got out of being naked. She would never live it
Just then Mrs. Bartlett walked in.
"Phil, thank you for doing that for your sister. I'll handle it from here."
The boy nodded and smirked at his naked sister before heading back upstairs into
his room. Carrie breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the music blare from
his room and the sound of the door closing.
"So, how was Brown," her mother asked and the two women moved into the living
room and chatted. Carrie then went into the kitchen and helped her mother fix
dinner and set the table. It all felt so normal for the girl but it was far from
it. In fact, she had really never been naked anywhere but in her room and the
bathroom in the house. Her parents were real sticklers for being fully dressed
most of the time.
They were so busy talking that the women didn't even notice when Mr. Bartlett
arrived home with the younger three kids. Carrie stiffened when she saw her
father enter the kitchen. Her loving, caring father had turned wicked yesterday
and this morning and Carrie wanted nothing to do with him.
The feeling was apparently mutual as the man entered the kitchen and looked at
her nude form with contempt. He brushed past her, not even acknowledging her
presence and gave his wife a kiss.
"Carrie was just telling me about her trip to Brown. Aren't you interested in
hearing about it?"
"Maybe some other time," her father said gruffly as he quickly left the kitchen
and went up to his room to shower and change before dinner.
Carrie's cheeks became wet as the tears came out of her. Her mother saw the
sadness in her daughter's face, as did Tracey.
"Now Carrie, give him time. He's very angry."
"He doesn't love me anymore, he hates me," Carrie said, her tears turning to
sobs. Her mother rushed over and put her arms around her, pulling her into a
huge bearhug.
"I know it seems that way honey, but he loves you so much. He's just
disappointed, that's all."
"Oh God, what can I do to make it up to him," the naked girl asked.
"Shh, let him deal with it in his own time."
Meanwhile, Jed Bartlett stood on the steps, crushed by his daughter's words. Did
she really think he hated her? He was taking it so hard because he loved her so
much. Slowly, he continued up the steps and into his room to get out of his work
clothes and cleaned for dinner.
Finally, the seven Bartlett's gathered in the kitchen for dinner. They all had
regular seats, with Tracey and Carrie on the end by their mother while the
younger girls and Phil nearer to their father. The family joined hands for
"Dear God, please pray for this family and thank you for bringing Carrie back
from her trip safely," said Mr. Bartlett, who opened his eyes briefly to see a
smile come to his daughter. He still loved her, she thought.
"So, now, tell me, how was Brown," Jed asked his daughter, who was so happy and
began talking about her trip through the rest of dinner. The other siblings,
Phil included, were happy to see their sister in such a good mood.
When dinner ended, Tracey and Carrie helped to clean off the table which was
their chore for the week and the trash can quickly filled.
"Phil, can you take out the trash please," Mr. Bartlett said.
"Oh Daddy, I'll get it," Carrie said, rushing over to where the trash was.
"But it's Phil's chore this week Carrie, he can do it," Mrs. Bartlett said.
"No, that's okay. Phil did me a favor so I told him I would do his chores for
Both parents looked at their two children, shocked that they would be helping
each other. They had talked frequently about the fact that the two did not get
along and it was a worry. This was unprecedented.
"Is this true Philip," Mr. Bartlett asked."
The boy nodded, a big smile on his face.
"Yeah Dad, I helped Carrie with some school work last week. She's doing my
chores this week in return."
The boy then watched his sister wrestle with the bag, trying to wretch it from
the can. He saw the muscles in her ass and thighs twitch as she pulled. Finally
she got it free and pulled the sliding glass door open, running with the bag to
the side of the house where the trash cans were. Phil was loving the sight of
his naked sister in the backyard, trying to avoid getting seen and he flicked
the light on.
"So you don't trip," he yelled out. She glared at him, knowing the real reason
he had done it. She felt her nipples harden from the cold air hitting her as she
deposited the trash bag into the bigger can and rushed back into the house. She
went to open the door but it was locked. The naked girl began banging on the
door, looking around desperately hoping that no one was there to see.
Finally Phil came to the door and slid it open. "Gosh, must have locked when I
closed it. Sorry Carrie." The smirk on his face said that this was no accident.
"That's okay," she said, trying to sound sincere.
Phil's eyes followed her all the way as she got a new trash bag and placed it
into the empty can. To do so, she had to bend over, her little slit peeking out
from behind.
Once the trash can was finished, Carrie began washing the dishes with Tracey.
Usually, the two did their chores together, making them go faster. For example,
this week, Carrie was to clear the table and Tracey was to wash the dishes and
put them away. The two helped each other finish both chores, giving them some
company and also making the job get done faster.
Tracey started asking Carrie questions about her outfit at Brown but Carrie held
her finger to her lips, asking for quiet. Instead, Carrie peppered Tracey with
questions about school, etc.
When the two finished the dishes, they went into the family room where the
younger siblings were watching TV as mom and dad sat on the couch talking. Just
then, Phil came in.
"Um, Carrie, Maxie needs to be walked. That's my job, but since you are doing my
chores, I thought I would let you know."
Carrie rolled her eyes but began to move out of the living room.
"Jed, we cannot allow this. Let's allow her to wear something outside. It's
freezing. Even the dog has more covering than she does."
Carrie looked at her father, begging to be allowed some cover. Then she
remembered Phil's rule.
"No, Mom, it's my fault. I agreed to do Phil's chores and I earned the
punishment from Dad. It's not fair for me to be begging to be allowed clothes
after what I did. I'll do it nude."
The entire family, save Phil, looked at her in shock. They assumed that she
would do anything to be covered. Jed was actually planning on giving in to his
wife's request before Carrie's speech.
"You are absolutely right," her father said. "I am glad to hear that you are
taking responsibility for your actions. Now, go and walk Maxie, I'm sure the
poor old boy needs it."
The nude girl walked over to where the dog's leash was kept and went looking for
the pet. It had been a gift to the family about 13 years ago but he was on his
last legs. Carrie would miss Maxie, but wanted out of this chore. She found the
dog curled up in Dad's study, warm on a rug.
"Come on Maxie, time for your walk."
Carrie interpreted the look from the dog as one of bewilderment. Was she going
to walk me outside like that, she thought he must be thinking. Well, the answer
was yes and she didn't like it any more than he did.
She leaned over and clipped the leash on his collar. As she leaned in, she lost
her balance and felt his fur rub against her bare breasts. She shivered at the
nice sensation. What the hell am I doing, she thought. This is Maxie for
Christsakes. She quickly stood up and led Maxie out of the house and out in the
cold night air.
Oh God, it's freezing out here. Please Maxie, pee fast boy, she thought. They
made it down the steps and out onto the sidewalk. Luckily most of the people
were already home and had dinner. There was nobody out on the street but to be
safe, she stayed close to the houses, hoping to be able to dive behind some
bushes if any cars came by.
She watched as Maxie sniffed at this tree or that, begin to lift his leg then
move on.
"Please Maxie, please go soon boy," she said to her dog, who looked at her as if
to say not to rush him.
She was so busy egging Maxie on that she didn't hear the footsteps until it was
too late.
"Holy shit, Carrie Bartlett, is that you?"
She swung around and saw John McBride, a boy she had grown up with from two
doors away. John was a year older than her and had gone away to college this
year but he had always hung out with her when they were young. John was walking
his family's dog, Terri.
"Um, yeah, hi John."
"What the hell are you doing out here like that," he asked, his eyes roaming up
and down her naked body.
"Well, um, it's part of this new thing at St. Mark's and…"
"Crap, you got a naked punishment? You, Carrie Bartlett, the nicest most
well-behaved person in the entire school, got a naked punishment?"
She looked down embarrassed, but doing that only reminded her of her nudity. The
first thing she saw was her erect nipples and then her bare feet. She felt even
more naked standing out here in the cold while John was in a heavy winter coat,
pants and sneaks.
"Hey, don't get all shy with me, it's me John remember? You showed me your
little puss five years ago."
 Carrie smiled, remembering the dare game they had played that summer. She had
asked to see his penis and he had answered that he wanted to see her pussy. They
had decided to do it at the same time, him lowering his shorts and her pulling
her panties off and dress up. She had been mesmerized by his penis, which went
from a soft little thing to something longer and straighter as he took a close
look at her bare slit, then totally devoid of hair.
"Yeah, I remember."
"What did you do?"
Carrie started to tell him about what happened but then felt something touching
her pussy. She looked down and saw the snout of Terry at her pussy. The naked
girl cried out in surprise and jumped away from the dog. Maxie growled to
protect his owner.
"Come on Terry, it's Carrie, dump dog."
"Ah, John, do you think we could continue this inside. I'm freezing out here, as
you can imagine."
John started to laugh. "Yeah, I guess so. How about we grab some coffee tomorrow
morning. I'm home on break. Maybe before you leave for school, you can come over
to my house and we can chat. Will you be wearing this?"
Carrie shook her head. "If I'm on my way to school, no, I'll be wearing my
uniform. I have to wear it to and from school but strip when I get there and
when I get home. Weird huh?"
"Yeah. Oh well, that's too bad. I like you this way," John said, his eyes
Carrie caught the flirting nature of the conversation and felt a tingle in her
pussy. Was it watering, she wondered, then laughingly thought I hope not,
icicles would form out here.
"Well, see you tomorrow morning then," she said.
As she passed him, he reached out and pecked her on the cheek. "It's great
seeing you again, all of you."
She grinned back at him and walked back towards her house, Maxie in tow.
Shannon wasn't having nearly the good time that Carrie was and she was even more
First, after dropping Carrie off, her father had recommended a trip to
McDonald's. Shannon loved their French fries and readily agreed. They pulled
into a Mickey D's that they had never been before and drove around looking for a
drive thru.
"I don't see a drive thru, we'll have to go in."
Both women in the car gasped.
"Jack, Shannon's naked. We can't go in there."
"Nonsense, she's always naked. This isn't any different than at school. She was
willing to be nude at Brown. I'm hungry and you guys both said you were hungry.
So let's go in and eat."
Both females knew there was to be no more argument as Jack Lynch opened the
door, got out and slammed it shut. Colleen looked back at her step daughter with
sympathetic eyes and then turned and eased out of the car.
Shannon looked around, wondering if she could stay in the car. There were three
other cars in the parking lot so she knew there were others in the
restaurant…could she really go in there?
Then she saw her father standing at the door, continuing to hold it open even
though Colleen was in. This was a less-than-subtle hint that he expected her in
there now.
She took a quick glance in either direction and opened the door. The nude girl
was like a blur to anyone driving by as she sprinted towards the door being held
by her father.
She happily felt the heat of the restaurant as she entered by unhappily heard
the surprised cries and whispers when she appeared. She looked around and saw
about a dozen people eating their meals and maybe 10 people behind the counter,
all but two were teenage boys.
She didn't know what to do as she stood there with her father as he read the
menu board. Was he kidding? This was McDonald's, what was there to read. Either
you wanted a hamburger or not. Colleen was looking at her husband with the same
look of disgust. Both knew what he was doing.
Shannon folded her arms over her breasts and stood tight against the counter.
The only thing on total display was her ass and that she could live with. At
least her breasts and pussy was hidden from the prying eyes.
She looked up and saw the boys inches from her, staring at her body. Not one of
the six boys in front of her was looking her in the eye, choosing to look at the
tops of her breasts which jutted out over her folded arms.
"Okay, I'm ready," Jack Lynch said. "I'll take the number 3 meal with a coke.
Colleen ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and a coke. All eyes turned towards
the naked girl, although several of the boys behind the counter had never taken
their eyes off of her.
"Um, I'll take a small fries please," she said, her voice barely rising above a
"Would you like a burger or drink with your tits, I mean fries," the boy said,
obviously embarrassed at his mistake.
Shannon's face turned an even deeper shade of red as she looked down at the
counter, shaking her head no. Jack Lynch was angry at the boy and about to say
something when the manager came over.
"What is the meaning of this," said the older man. "You," he said, pointing at
Shannon, "cannot be in here. See the sign, no shoes, no shirt, no service. This
some kind of prank?"
"Mr. Evans, this is Shannon Malone, the girl from school I was talking about,"
the boy at the counter said. This doubly embarrassed Shannon, not only did he
know her but she had been their topic of conversation.
"Oh this is the girl you wanted to fuc, I mean sleep with."
Shannon gasped, feeling like someone had hit her in the stomach.
 "Hey now," her father said. "That's my daughter. Watch your mouth Sir."
The manager backed up, knowing he had gone too far.
"Sorry Mr. Malone, but we just had that conversation and Harold here said that
about your daughter. And, judging by what I see here, I don't blame him one
There was silence as the men stared at each other.
"Well, I can see that this has all been a misunderstanding," the manager finally
said. "Harold, please give the Malone's here their food, on the house. I
apologize for any offense you may have taken from our conversation Sir. It will
now happen again."
The boy, thankful at no longer being involved in the uncomfortable situation,
started getting the food that they had ordered. He was clearly out of sorts,
keeping something covering his crotch at all times. Finally all of the food was
there and Jack Malone grabbed the tray and quickly pulled away.
Shannon turned away, glad to not have to look at those gawking boys anymore. She
followed her father to a booth and she groaned internally when she noticed it
was next to a window. At least there was no play park here…she was saved the
indignity of having little kids point and laugh. Now it was just the teens and
grownups she had to worry about.
Her father sat with his back to the window and Colleen sat next to him, leaving
Shannon with to face the window, her bare breasts on display to anyone walking
"I figured we could shield you a little if we sat like this," Colleen said. Jack
looked at her as if the thought had never crossed his mind.
The threesome sat in silence, eating their food. Shannon nibbled on a fry at a
time, savoring the taste of her favorite food of all time and tried to forget
where she was. That was all but impossible though as the tables surrounding them
were cleaner than they had ever been before.
Just as she had finished her fries and she was waiting for Colleen to finish, a
group of roughly 15 teenage boys came through the door. Shannon desperately
wanted to dive under the table but knew that was impossible. They went to the
counter and spoke to Harold, who pointed towards where she was sitting. They all
turned and Shannon knew that the boy must have called all of his nerd friends to
come and have a gawk. Her father and stepmother had not yet seen them but
Colleen turned when she saw the horrified look on Shannon's face.
"Jack, we've got to go," the woman said when she saw the menacing group of teen
boys moving towards them.
"What, you haven't finished eat--," Jack said before interrupting himself when
he saw the gawking gang of boys. "Ok, let's roll. Shannon, stay with me."
Shannon had never been afraid of a group of boys before but this time, something
felt wrong. She wanted to hold her father by the neck and have him carry her out
but settled for staying right by his side.
The two adults and the naked girl slowly headed for the door, hoping to get out
without an incident.
"hey Shannon, I heard you enjoy eating fries…do you like long things to eat? I
have something long for you," one of the boys said. Shannon closed her eyes but
the taunts continued.
They were almost through the crowd when Shannon felt a hand pushing against her
pussy, a finger pushing inside.
"AAHHH!!!" she said, jumping away, putting her father between herself and the
offender. The threesome ran out of the restaurant and into the car while the
boys stood at the door and laughed.
Shannon erupted in tears in the back seat, her whole body racked with sobs as
she let out all of her humiliation, anger and frustration. Colleen glared at her
husband, knowing that he had pushed too far.
"Shannon, for what it's worth, I am so sorry about that. I never meant for all
of that to happen. If I had known, we never would have gone in there."
Shannon kept crying, not bothering to respond to her father, who put the car in
reverse and drove home.
Carrie dressed in her school uniform with her father and brother at the table
watching. This was so humiliating, having them sit there, her father buttering
his toast, barely looking up from his newspaper while her brother slurped up
cereal, his eyes never leaving her bare body.
The order of her dressing had been spelled out by her father. Socks first, then
shoes. She could then put on her skirt and finally her blouse. Of course, there
was no bra and no panties. She was completely bare underneath, not that it
mattered. She was going to have to strip at school anyway and the lack of
undergarments would make that easier. She just wished she could have something
to ward against the cold wind that blew up her skirt as she went outside. At
least she didn't have to worry about the bus like Shannon did. She was still
allowed to drive to school, thankfully, though she wondered why her father
hadn't taken away that privilege.
She dressed as quickly as she could, relishing the first covering she had been
allowed since coming home from the trip to Brown. Had it only been 12 hours ago,
she wondered?
She grabbed her bag, kissed her mother and father goodbye and went out into the
winter day without a coat, which was one more cover she was not permitted. She
threw her school bag and purse into her trunk and headed over to John's house
for breakfast.
The path to his house was familiar. Although it had been over a year since she
had been there, she remembered making this trip quite frequently as a kid. She
remembered chasing John into the house, the two of them making a racket and
being playfully yelled at by his mom. That had been years ago, before puberty.
Even after she had sprouted tits and pussy hair, they had remained friends,
though the friendship had changed a bit. Now they talked more and no longer
She rang the doorbell and smiled when John opened the door.
"Hi Carrie. Please leave your uniform on the porch and come on in."
Carrie smile flew from her face.
"What," she said in a snarl.
John was nonplussed.
"I said, please leave your uniform on the porch and come on in. I know I spoke
pretty plainly."
"Fuck you John McBride, who the fuck do you think you are. Just because you saw
me naked…"
She watched as he pushed play on a small cassette recorder, one that looked a
lot like Phil's.
"Well, two things. There's the obvious thing about everyone having total access
to your private parts. I hate the fact that everyone now knows what my pussy
looks like or my breasts. It's awful."
"Man, that sounds bad. I can't even imagine. What's the other thing?"
"I'm constantly aroused."
CLICK! He stopped the tape.
"Yeah, Phil must have seen us talking last night so he stopped over and gave me
this little piece of tape," John said. "It sounds wonderfully clear, like I'm
there with you and Tracey in that kitchen, washing the dishes. I can almost see
your bare ass jiggle as you wash. What a sight that must have been."
Carrie stood, frozen solid in shock and fear, on the front porch. This was not
the John she remembered. What was it about a naked girl that made men so mean
and disgusting, she wondered.
"Please John, don't do this. We're friends, aren't we?"
"Sure we're friends, but if you want this tape to stay secret from your mom and
dad, then you will do what I say now. So, please remove your clothes, leave them
hanging on the porch rail and then you may enter. If you leave, this tape gets
played for your mom and dad."
With that, John closed the door, leaving the girl alone with her thoughts on the
Oh God, what am I going to do, she thought. I have no choice, I have to strip
right here and go into this boy's house nude. Tears streamed down her face as
she kicked off the saddle shoes and took off her socks with her toes. She draped
the socks over the porch rail as instructed. With trembling fingers, she
unzipped her skirt and then unbuttoned her blouse and stood naked on his porch.
She laid these garments over the porch rail, like she was hanging them out to
dry. How cold they would be when (or if) she ever was able to put them on again.
She then rang the doorbell, hopping from one foot to the other to stay warm. The
damp morning was worse than the temperature of the night before and her dog
"Who is it," came the voice from behind the door.
Mother fucker, she thought. "It's Carrie."
"Oh, just a moment."
Oh God, he was torturing her. She desperately wanted to be let in, before anyone
saw her and before she froze to death.
After what felt like an hour, but was probably only three minutes, Carrie heard
the click of the deadbolt and saw the door open.
"Why Carrie, so nice to see you…and your naked. Oh my God, that's weird. Oh
well, it's so nice of you to agree to make me breakfast."
The naked girl entered warily, wondering why the man was speaking so loudly and
seemed to be talking to an audience. She peered in but saw no one.
"I'll have eggs and bacon, please and I'm sorry but my mom has all of her aprons
in the wash so you'll have to cook like that."
The look in John's eyes said that this was not a request. He was ordering her to
make him eggs and bacon, with the hot grease flying all over her naked body. She
cringed at the thought but moved into the kitchen and began to fix the meal. She
poured the oil into the pan for the bacon and began to fry it as her mother had
taught her. She then began scrambling the eggs and poured them into another pan.
"Um, Carrie, I really don't like scrambled eggs. Could you throw them away and
fry me up two eggs please. Over easy would be good."
The girl turned and glared at her tormentor but knowing that he had her right
where he wanted her, she dumped the eggs out and washed the pan. Then she
cracked two eggs into a pan and began to fry the egg.
John admired the little dance that she was doing, both to avoid the splattering
grease but also the one of pain when a drop hit her. He hoped that the camera
was getting it all.
He and Phil had made this arrangement…Phil would hide in the pantry, filming his
sister's humiliation. Then, the two boys would make dubs and share it with their
friends. John knew dozens of guys at his college who would love a peek at this
naked girl. Phil of course just wanted to add to her torment and would show the
video to everyone, knowing that would kill his sister if every boy that looked
at her had seen her naked.
Finally, Carrie finished cooking the meal and put the eggs and bacon on a plate
for John. She hadn't even thought to cook for herself and John had made no
mention of preparing something for herself. Plus, her stomach didn't feel so
well after the humiliation of the morning.
"This looks great Carrie, but do you really want to kneel next to me during the
meal? I mean, this is carrying things a bit too far but that's okay by me."
She looked at him, her eyes begging for mercy, but all she saw was him smirking.
The nude girl, her breasts and belly showing signs of the splatter burns,
dropped to her knees in the kitchen, in perfect view of her brother's video
As she knelt there, tears streamed down her face again. This was so humiliating,
to be treated like a dog by this boy that she was once friends with. She wanted
to be swallowed whole by the floor, to disappear and never come back.
She watched as he ate his meal, sprinkling salt and pepper onto the eggs.
"This isn't too bad, I'm surprised that a girl with your body and sex habits
learned to cook so well. When did you find the time?"
Carrie's face turned red in shame and anger. She was virtually a virgin. The one
time she had been fucked had been short, just under a minute. John was painting
her to be a major slut.
Finally, the boy finished his meal and pushed the plate over to the edge.
"Thanks for agreeing to wash up after breakfast. I'm going to read the paper
here. Where is it? Oh man, I left it outside, could you go down the front walk
and grab it for me?"
Carrie groaned but started to get to her feet.
"No, no need for that. Crawl to the door and then you can get on your feet.
After all, you agreed to be my pet and pets do walk on all fours."
Shamefully, the girl did as ordered, praying for some release from this
humiliation. At least it was just for this one man. Even though this was awful,
it would have been worse if others could see it. She did not know that her
brother was sitting gleefully in the closet in perfect view of her upturned ass
and her pussy mound as she crawled to the door.
The naked girl opened the door from her position on all fours and then stood.
She looked quickly in both directions before darting to the sidewalk where the
paper was rolled up and banded. She turned around and started back, but not
before a group of high school boys walking across the street saw her and gave
her some approving comments.
She got back to the front porch but was surprised to see the door closed. She
went to open it but found it locked. Fuck, she thought. She saw the boys from
across the street, staring at her as she stood there ringing the doorbell.
"Who is it?"
"Come on John, let me in," she hissed.
"How can I let you in when I don't know who you are."
"Christ, it's me Carrie with your paper. Please John, there are boys watching
"Oh Carrie and my paper. Just a minute please, I'm not decent."
You're not decent, she thought, I'm naked on your goddamn porch with about a
dozen high school boys, probably from my school, gawking at me.
The boys started moving across the street towards, disbelieving that a beautiful
girl like that would willingly stand naked in broad daylight. She thought about
putting on her uniform and leaving, but was deathly afraid of what would happen
if John played that tape for her father.
The naked girl started banging on the door. "Please John, I'm begging you, let
me in."
John was watching the boys too, reveling in the situation that he had put Carrie
through. While they had once been best friends, the chance to torture and
humiliate a gorgeous naked teenager didn't come along often.
He heard the banging get harder as the boys reached his sidewalk. He would save
her in just a minute. The boys were standing at the foot of his walk, about 15
feet from the naked girl, who was turned so just her bottom was on display to
them. If they looked carefully, they could see her mound peeking out.
"OH GOD JOHNNY, PLEASE LET ME IN," she screamed. The boy at the foot of the walk
laughed while one started up it towards the frightened naked girl. As John saw
that, he unlocked the door and a very grateful Carrie pushed her way in.
"Thank you John, I thought you were going to leave me--"
"Why are you standing? Shouldn't you be on all fours?"
The naked girl looked up at her former friend, wondering what had happened to
this boy she had once loved so much. She dropped to the floor, on her hands and
"hand me the paper please," John commanded, and the naked girl got onto her
knees and handed the boy the paper.
"Good girl," he said, patting her head. Humiliation and shame mixed with anger
inside the girl.
"Now, you can finish cleaning the dishes."
Ashamed of herself, she crawled over to the sink, feeling the wetness escaping
between her pussy lips. Oh God, she hated this but somehow she was aroused. When
she got to the sink, she pulled herself up to a standing position and began to
wash the dishes and the pans. She was just about finished when she felt John up
against her. He was completely naked, his hard cock poking at her bare ass.
"John, no, what are you doing?"
"You think you can tease me here all morning and not have it affect me? Now, I'm
going to get some relief."
The boy roughly grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her around. She cried
out in surprise and fear as the boys pushed her bare ass onto the counter and
moved between her legs, forcing them far apart. His cock was inches from her
"NO,NONONNO, pleasssssee NOOOO," she cried, fighting him off the best she could,
but she was no match for the bigger, stronger boy, her fists had no effect on
She was sobbing, resigned to the rape that was about to happen. Suddenly, over
his shoulder, she saw a blur run towards her attacker and grab him by the neck,
pulling the boy away from her. She hopped down from the counter and grabbed a
chair for protection as this unknown person attacked John.
"FUCK YOU, this was never supposed to happen this way," said the other boy, who
Carrie could now see was her older brother. Phil had the smaller man in  a
headlock and for once, Carrie was glad to see her athletic brother.
"Are you calm asshole," Phil asked the naked John, who answered in the
affirmative. Although he didn't release him totally, Carrie could see that her
brother had relaxed his hold on the boy's neck.
"You went over the edge John, way over the edge. I wasn't going to sit there and
watch my sister get raped you animal. What the fuck were you thinking?"
"I thought it was okay. You wanted me to humiliate her and I did. I thought this
was okay."
"No man, that's rape you idiot. The other stuff was just teasing, putting her in
her place. But rape is fucking brutal and no woman should ever have that happen
to her."
Phil let go of the other boy's neck, pushing him to the floor. Carrie was
stunned to see her brother.
"Ww-hheere did you come from," she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.
"In the pantry," Phil said meekly. "I was videotaping this whole thing as a
joke, something to hold over you. I'm sorry this happened."
Carrie started to dry heave. Her brother had been behind this whole debacle,
humiliating her beyond words. She was sick to her bones…having her former best
friend act like a pig was bad enough, but to find out that her brother arranged
the whole thing was beyond the girl's understanding.
Phil moved towards her, feeling horrible. He and Carrie had never gotten along
all that well, but this was beyond anything that could have happened. He moved
in and tried to console her, pulling her into a hug. She resisted for a moment
but then started sobbing into his shoulder.
"I'm so sorry Care, it was never supposed to happen like this. I was just trying
to rub it in a little, have a little fun. I never meant for you to get hurt."
"Phil, it's awful, you don't understand what it's like being naked all of the
time, men think they can do anything they want to you. It's awful and the worst
part is, my body responds. I hate it but I get wet, you wouldn't understand."
Phil pulled her tighter. "Trust me, I understand. Who better than a boy would
understand what it's like to have sexual arousal at inopportune times. Trust me,
it sucks."
The naked girl let out a tentative laugh. She guessed her brother was right…most
girls can hide their excitement under their skirts or pants. Her arousal was out
in the open, kind of like a boy.
"Come on, time to leave."
The siblings walked towards the door, John McBride still naked and sitting on
the floor, taking in the whole scene.
"Carrie, I'm really sorry. I got carried away."
"John McBride, please don't ever speak to me again. I'm never going to tell
anyone about this but I will never forget."
The naked girl walked towards the door while Phil gathered up the audio tape and
the video camera. Insult was added to injury when Carrie found her clothes
missing on John's step, the victim of theft by that group of boys. Phil offered
to go into the house and get her new ones but both knew they had to hurry to get
to school on time. Carrie was about to drive naked when Phil removed his sweater
and handed it to her.
"Here, it's better than nothing."
Carrie took the sweater and put it on. Even though it was big enough to fit two
of her, she was glad for some cover and for his kindness.
"Thanks, and, ah, thanks for saving me back there. Even if it was your fault I
was there to begin with."
The boy nodded and slid into his car, taking off for school. Carrie knew she had
no time to dawdle and rushed out of the driveway and went to school. She thought
it was better to leave the sweater in the car instead of answering why she was
wearing it and walked into school naked for her third punishment day. Today was
also the day of dress rehearsal for the play, something she was dreading. This
was not going to be easy, she thought.
Normally, Shannon would have been there waiting as her best friend arrived that
morning, but not today. Instead, she was in the workout area, sweating away on
the cardio machines. During the offseason, her coach instituted a fitness
program and she had procrastinated and now needed to finish it that day or be
forced into more punishment drills. She had gotten a taste of the punishment
drills last week and wanted nothing to do with it.
The cardio training wasn't bad, and really unnecessary for the girl…she was in
great shape. The machines were no problem normally, but nothing was normal these
days for Shannon Malone. She had been relegated to six weeks of total nudity at
school for skipping one day and calling in a false sick call. Things at home
weren't any better as she was allowed just one more piece of clothing a week.
This week, she got thigh high stockings to wear. Joy…they covered nothing.
She enjoyed working out and wasn't sure why she had put it off. She was in
awesome shape, as everyone who had seen her in all of her naked glory could
attest. She was currently on the machine where she could work her shoulders,
legs, thighs and upper body. After 20 minutes on this, she would be done.
She started with her shoulders, holding her arms above her and pulling them
forward along with the weights connected to them. She was grunting softly from
her exertion, the soft pleather bench sticking to her bare ass as pushed.
Just as she was finishing this exercise, she heard the door of the workout room
open and saw Eric Gorbo walk in, followed by a television crew.
The television reporter, a shapely blonde in a miniskirt and jacket, gasped when
she saw the girl naked on the exercise equipment. The cameraman grunted but
smiled, pleasantly surprised to be able to see more than this cocky boy working
"What the hell is this," the reporter, whom Shannon recognized as the local
sportscaster Lori Wilson, said.
"Oh Christ, what are you doing here now," Eric asked the naked girl.
"I was finishing my team workout," Shannon said, her face lowered towards the
"Why are you naked hon," the camera man asked.
"I can answer that for you," said a voice, which Shannon knew belonged to Mr.
Jones who entered the room. "Miss Wilson, it is a real pleasure to meet you, I
have enjoyed your work for many years now."
The sports reporter smiled on the outside and gave a pleasant greeting to the
man. But inside, she knew what he really meant…"I've jerked off to your
appearances on the news now for a number of years. I have seen you naked in my
dreams thousands of times."
"So, can you explain what is going on here Mr. Jones?"
"Yes, this is Shannon Malone and she is a student here. Last week she broke a
major rule of the school so she was sentenced to six weeks of total nudity at
the school."
Lori and Mac, the camera man, looked at the naked girl for confirmation.The
humiliated Shannon just nodded her head.
"Oh my, I hadn't even heard," the visibly shaken reporter said. Shannon noticed
the woman's face was now flushed.
"That's fine, Shannon is embarrassed by it but she has to get used to it.
Shannon will continue her workout while you do your story on our fine young
quarterback, right Miss Malone."
"Yes Sir," she said softly.
"Alright, if you need anything, I'll be in my office," said Mr. Jones, who could
have added that he would be watching the surveillance camera's feed of the naked
girl's workout.
After the fights that had broken out there among members of the football team
last year, the school had secretly paid to install a camera in the room to cover
the school in case of a fight or injury. Now it was being used simply for the
pleasure of the principal.
"Well, if it's okay with you Shannon, we'll begin filming Eric here working out.
We're doing a story on him since he signed with Miami."
Shannon rolled her eyes, knowing that Eric had been impossible to live with
after his signing in December. The team had won the state championship and Eric
was the best player. He had walked around like God's gift to women ever since.
"That's fine," she said, trying to be brave for the sports reporter. But
something about the woman's reaction to her was unsettling. Most women treated
her with disdain or ignored her. Not this one who seemed to watch her every
move. And the naked girl noticed that the woman wasn't making eye contact…she
was looking the same place that men do…at her tits and pussy. For some reason,
this unsettled her more than when the men did it…at least she expected them to
be pigs.
Shannon tried to continue on with her workout, wanting it over with in the worst
way. She laid back and began to bench press, pushing her arms up and down. She
was doing it quickly to try and get it over with but her force was causing her
to grunt with each thrust.
That caught the attention of threesome who were roughly 10 feet from her.
Shannon didn't even realize the show she was putting on. Her legs were spread to
either side of the bench, causing her slit to be very prominent. Mac tapped Lori
and pointed at the girl's pussy lips which were gaping with each thrust. The
girl smiled and nodded. Mac put the camera on his shoulder and began filming the
Shannon was still pressing, not even looking up. When she finished, she was
mortified to see the three leering sets of eyes and the rolling camera focused
on her.
"What are you doing?"
"Just testing to make sure the equipment is okay…and it is definitely okay from
my end, Lori," Mac said.
The reporter laughed and set her eyes down towards his bulging crotch. "Yeah, I
can see that." She didn't add that her own panties were soaked from the show.
Shannon wanted to run away but had to finish her legs exercises. She spread her
legs to get her feet into straps and began doing scissor kicks with them,
pulling the weight up as she closed her legs and then releasing the weights as
she spread again. The strain on her legs caused her thigh muscles to twitch. The
force was causing her to grunt with each motion…much as she tried not to give
her observers the satisfaction of hearing her.
Meanwhile, the sports reporter was conducting an interview with Eric…Shannon
noticed that they set up right in front of the machine she was on. She was sure
that everyone would get quite a view of her in the background as the interview
happened. Her grunts mixed with Eric's egotistical answers. Shannon closed her
eyes and prayed that her attire would be too risqué for television and she would
be cut out. Then she remembered it was a cable station and all bets might be
Finally she finished and she grabbed a towel to wipe her sweat and then dry off
the machine, which was wet with her sweat and other juices. She moved over to
the running machine and, because this was a school activity, she had to run
barefoot on the machine, unlike her morning jogs with Brighid when she had
sneaks on. How she wished for just that little bit of coverage now!
She started running and wasn't shocked to see Eric and the reporter turning
around so that she was again in the shot. She was mortified to think that her
bare breasts would be bouncing all over the television as she ran. At least her
lower half was blocked by the treadmill.
To her relief, the interview ended and they turned the camera off. She saw them
gathered together talking and she assumed they were discussing the next shot.
Finally her 15 minutes on the machine were up and she got off, heading over to
the water fountain to get some liquid. She was about to leave the room when she
heard Eric.
"Hey, Shannon, can you help us over here?"
The naked girl turned around and walked back in, using every ounce of her being
to listen to this boy.
"What do you need Eric?"
"Well, I need someone to spot me on this weight bench. Lori here will be
conducting the interview and Mac is running the camera. I think you should be
able to spot me, though I'm not sure how much help you'll be if the weight falls
on me but I guess you'll have to do."
What a jerk, Shannon thought. He wants my help while insulting me. But she knew
that Mr. Jones would have a problem with her non-cooperation and probably extend
her punishment with trumped up charges.
"Sure Eric," she said, her voice sugary sweet. "Anything for our football star."
"Great, thanks hon," the reporter said. "Stand right there behind Eric while we
shoot him lifting."
Thanks, I know how to spot for a weightlifter lady, I am an athlete. Instead of
lashing out, Shannon smiled and moved into position. Eric laid back and put his
hands on the bar.
"A little closer Shannon, I need you to be right there in case something
Shannon took a step towards Eric and realized the position she would soon be in.
His face would be inches from her naked pussy. She wanted to move back but knew
she had no choice.
The boy began lifting the bar…as he did, Shannon saw the camera angle and knew
that her pussy would be front and center in every shot. That would make up for
it being covered while she ran on the treadmill.
Finally he was done and Shannon helped him place the bar back on the stand. With
her hands occupied, Eric moved his hand and slipped a finger into her vagina,
which was inexplicably wet. She yelled out and jumped backwards while the boy
moved his finger to his nose.
"Ah yes, I remember that smell well."
Shannon was mortified as Eric made it sound to the reporter and cameraman that
he had pushed his fingers into her vagina often. It was just that one time when
he had digitally raped her but now she sounded like a slut.
"Can I go now," she asked sullenly.
"Sure sweetie, watch the news tonight," Lori said. "You will be a star."
The naked girl walked out of the exercise room and ran to the shower, wanting to
get ready for her next class. That night, a million people were treated to her
body, with parental discretion advised of course. The early news had her breasts
and pussy blocked but the late night version showed her in all of her glory. Of
course, the station publicized the midnight show heavily, drawing the VCRs of
thousands of horny men who enjoyed a free show of beautiful naked teen.