Surprise Assembly

by katie



The two girls made it to Mr. Kelly's office at the same time. He escorted them into the main foyer where two exercise machines that resembled the Nordic Trac were stationed.
"OK girls, pick your machines," Mr. Kelly said. The students who were passing through the foyer stopped to see what promised to be an interesting event.
"Excuse me Mr. Kelly," Shannon said.
"Each of you will ride these machines for a little while. Please pick the one you want. I thought I was pretty clear."
Shannon looked at Carrie and shrugged, but got up onto the machine on the right, closer to the main walkway. Carrie then mounted the one on the left, closer to the wall.
"Make sure your feet are in the stirrups and begin operating the machine. You will be on there for the first 20 minutes of the period."
The assembled students (and some teachers Shannon noticed) giggled at the order. There was nothing particularly taxing for the young girls, 20 minutes on the exercise machine was nothing. But being on this machine, holding the handles and exerting force left them completely open to anyone's view, unable to close. Of course, as they exercised, their breasts and asses would bounce and create an erotic sight. And the sight of sweaty nude young girls in the halls would raise most of the boys' blood pressures (among other things).
The girls started moving the machines, pulling their arms in the opposite direction of their feet. It was long before sweat started to form on their nude bodies as they exerted energy. Shannon was definitely in better shape than her friend, who started to feel the burn in her thighs and shoulders, The gathered crowd watched Carrie's amble breasts sway from the exertion but also from the heavy breathing. Shannon's little breasts did not jiggle the way Carrie's did, but her taut, firm body was still a sight to behold.
Finally, Mr. Kelly told the crowd to move onto their next class. Shannon and Carrie had hoped their workout was done but he set the timer and showed them the video camera and told them not to stop until the timer went off and he came back to get them down. Any stoppage before the alarm going off would signal another punishment.
The girls groaned at the knowledge that their punishment was not yet over but continued moving on the exercise machine. Carrie closed her eyes in exhaustion, trying to forget the heaviness in her chest and the pain in her legs and shoulders. Shannon wanted to close her eyes but something caught them. It was Mr. Jones, standing off in the shadows, watching their every move. She thought he was almost nude but remembered he was wearing a tan suit that day. His hand seemed to be moving quickly but when he saw her looking at him, he vanished into a door and was gone.
Finally the alarm sounded and Mr. Kelly came out of his office. "Okay, girls, part one is over. You may get off the machines."
The girls stopped moving their arms and feet and brought the machines to a complete stop. Carrie's body felt like it was on fire every time she moved and was a bit woozy as her bare feet came out of the holders and onto the floor. Shannon was a bit better off but she was still a bit unsteady after 20 minutes of full movement.
"Ladies, over here for part two."
The girls both moaned at hearing his instruction. They had hoped that part two wasn't going to happen. They moved tentatively towards the disciplinarian who was holding a long silver cylinder.
"OK, stand here, back to back, about a few inches apart...good girls," he said. "Now, each of you bend over and grab your ankles."
The girls looked at him questioningly. This seemed weird, even for the recent events. This would put them in a very vulnerable position in the middle of very well-trafficked place.
"Come on ladies, please do not make me ask you again," the disciplinarian said sternly.
Shannon moved first, grabbing her ankles, causing her ass to stick out and become very prominent. From her vantage point, she saw several male students standing behind her, pointing at her asshole, now on display, and slit which was very prominent. She then saw Carrie's head and their eyes locked as Carrie assumed the position, her eyes wide open and scared. Shannon smiled and mouthed the words, "relax."
"Girls, I am going to put my hands on your upper backs to put you into position. Please do not be alarmed, I am a gentleman."
Both girls winced a little as his cold hands touched their sweaty backs and pulled them backwards a bit until their butts and slits met and they were leaning on each other. He then pulled Shannon an inch away from Carrie and slit the metal cylinder in between and wedged it between each set of pussy lips, producing gasps from each of the girls.
"Ladies, part two of your punishment is to stay in this position until I come and get you, roughly 15 minutes after the bell. That means you will stay like this for the next 40 minutes."
Moans of anguish from the girls, who did not think they could stay in such an uncomfortable spot for so long, especially with the cold metal wedged inside their moist sexes.
"If either of you moves and this cylinder falls, the punishment will be double your current nudity. Is that clear?"
Both girls shivered but said yes in unison. The assembled crowd laughed at the funny way the girls were standing and forced to stay.
"Oh and one other thing," Mr. Kelly said before reaching over and switching a button that made the cylinder vibrate. "Enjoy ladies."
The groans turned to moans as the vibrations felt good inside of them. Shannon knew the feeling and hated what was happening to her body. She was going to cum and hoped to God that no one knew. Also, the wetter she got, the more slippery the cylinder became and the possibility of a slip became greater.
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Mr. Kelly put a sign up that said, "Please do not touch Carrie Bartlett and Shannon Malone, our nude students, with your hands. Punishment is one day of nudity."
One day of nudity, she thought. Carrie got three weeks for less than that. She tried to take her mind off of the terrible buzzing between her legs but it was getting more intense. She felt Carrie's body swaying and whispered..."please Carrie, stay tough...we have to keep it there. Think of something else."
Both girls tried to take their minds off of the intense pleasure building in their loins. Carrie thought about the terrible trouble she was going to be in at home and what her father would do to her. Shannon tried to think about basketball or something gross, but it was no use. The orgasm was coming and coming fast.
"Caaarrieeee...ii can't sstop itt. I'mm going to cumm...heelppp mee! AHHHH!!!" The girl's body shook as she grabbed her ankles tighter and tighter to try and keep from moving. Her vibrations sent Carrie over the edge who cried out in anguish from her second public orgasm of the day. Both girls were exhausted from their impressive climaxes but somehow they managed to stay pressed tightly together avoid having the vibrating cylinder slip away.
"Great job," they heard a girl's voice say and heard applause from the gathered crowd. Carrie cringed when she heard the was Emily, the girl that she had humiliated in photo lab.
"Wow Carrie, I always knew that you and Shannon were close, but never this close...cumming together, how sweet. Must feel nice to know that your pussies are so close together that you can feel the same vibrator. Cool huh."
Both nude girls wanted to say something back but knew they were not exactly in a position of power. Carrie also knew that she deserved some of this after the trick she pulled on Emily earlier.
"Emily," Carrie said, her voice muffled and strange from being bent over. "I'm really sorry for what happened in photo lab. I was angry and you were being mean."
"You think that was mean, wait until you see this."
She heard the girl take the lid off of something and smelled was a marker.
"Emily, don't, please. You'll get a punishment, read the sign."
"I'm not going to touch you, the marker is. I just want people to know the kind of person they are dealing with."
Carrie saw the girl approach and felt the marker on her ass cheeks. She stayed totally still, even as the marker made letters on her ass. Whatever was written must have been humiliating because the gathered students pointed and laughed.
"Now the front," Emily said as she wedged herself in to write something on the girl's breasts and then on her thighs. Carrie and Shannon could both plainly read what had been written on the thighs..."I like it here" with an arrow pointing up towards her slit. Shannon saw that the writing on her breasts said, "Moo Moo" on the left one and "Squeeze for good luck" on the other.
Carrie closed her eyes, knowing that the marker would be hard to scrub off.
"Now, to earn three extra weeks for you and six more for your lesbo friend, try and stay still now."
Carrie felt it at her side, a slight tickle. Then it got more intimate. She looked up and saw that Emily was using a feather to tickle her sides and her breasts. She was trying not to squirm but, like most girls, her breasts were very ticklish. Then she felt it tickle her asshole and she jumped. Somehow, her ass maintained some sort of contact with Shannon's and the vibrator stayed in but it dropped a little and any more would be the end.
"Oh God, please no, Emily, please stop...I'll do anything if you stop," Carrie said.
"I'll stop...right after this feather touches your little puss...try and stand still now."
Just as the feather was about to touch her slit, Mr. Kelly came out.
"What is the meaning of this," he asked Emily. "Did you not read the sign that said don not touch? That meant no touching."
"But sir, I did not touch them, the marker did and the feather did. Not me," Emily answered in a sweet voice.
Mr. Kelly looked at the girl and grimaced. He was afraid that she was right but this was to stop.
"Alright, you got me, but now I want to be made clear. No one is to touch these girls at all, not with an object or their hands. Got it Emily?"
The girl nodded, giving a hateful smile towards Carrie, who could barely see and was lightheaded after the tickling attacks and the fact that her head was upside down.
"Alright, girls, 10 more minutes. Everyone can watch these girls but no more touching. Let me readjust this vibrator for you so it doesn't fall."
Mr. Kelly reached between the asses of the two tortured girls and pulled the vibrator up higher, causing the girls to breathe a small sigh of relief. The crowd started to disperse but when the bell rang, the hallway filled again. Everyone came by to have a look and many got a laugh from seeing the writing on Carrie's ass. By now the girls were almost too lightheaded to care but they continued to see the feet and legs of their schoolmates, the girls in their saddle shoes and blue socks or tights and the boys in regular brown shoes, socks and pants.
The time was almost up when Shannon felt that familiar tingle again. "OHH God, no," she said as quietly as she could.
"What Shannon," Carrie whispered.
"It's happening again," she said, squeezing her eyes shut.
"No, Shannon, no. I'm too weak to handle it. We're almost there. Hold off please."
"OHHH GODD! I can'ttt!! UHHHHH!"
The noises came out like little squeaks as the girl did her best to hold off the orgasm. Her whole body tensed but her ass remained tight against Carrie.
"Shannon, hang on, I know it's awful."
"Alright girls, time's up. You can let go."
Shannon let out a loud screaming orgasm and fell to the floor, curling up in the fetal position. She then screamed as her muscles burned from being in the same position for so long. Carrie could barely stand erect and needed help from Mr. Kelly to get into a full standing position, groaning as her back straightened. The vibrator fell to the ground with a clang and everyone gasped when they saw what was there. They had wondered what the buzzing was and what had sent poor Shannon over the edge.
"Oh jeez, girls, I'm sorry about the writing. I thought the sign was clear. Honey, go to the showers and try to get it off. Maybe Shannon can help you when she comes back to Earth."
Carrie walked gingerly over towards where best friend laid curled up in a ball of exhaustion and humiliation. Two forced orgasms in plain view of everyone, but the second one had been the most powerful one she had ever had. She was so embarrassed by the fact that everyone knew it too.
"It's alright Shannon, you were right. We did it together...we made it!"
Shannon looked dazed as she looked up at her friend. She heard the words but was not comprehending.
"Come on, come with me to the locker room and help me get this marker off."
Carrie grabbed Shannon's shaking hand and helped her to her feet. Shannon winced as her legs straightened but soon had her wits about her and followed Carrie down the hall. When her eyes got lower she saw what Emily had written.
"Oh God, Carrie, this is awful."
"The writing," she said, pointing to Carrie's asscheeks.
"What does it say, Oh God, I hope it comes off."
"It says, I like it back here, push it in hard."
Carrie turned white as a ghost. "Please walk close so no one can see it. Oh God, I hope it comes off."


The girls separated after spending about 20 minutes scrubbing the marker off...almost all of it came off...luckily Carrie's glean of sweat made it nearly a bit easier...her skin had been wet when Emily had written. Still, the areas which had been written on were raw and red, obvious to the naked (no pun intended) eye. And the words on her ass, which falsely told the world that she liked being butt fucked, were still there, faded but there.
The halls had mostly emptied by now. The only ones left were those involved with sports or activities. Shannon was late for basketball and had scurried to the gym. Carrie was due in the theater for rehearsal of Grease. She wondered if there was any way out of this but knew there wasn't. Mr. Jones had already forced Shannon to play a basketball game naked. Why not a naked actress?
She entered the theater and saw the rest of the cast gathered on stage. At least she didn't have to worry about costumes, she thought. The gang, her best friends, stared as she came in through the stage door and went up the steps. She was so humiliated to be here naked with these people she so admired.
The all stood in silence as she entered the group. The guys were eying her hungrily...the other girls were sneaking peeks to size her up. Then, Jennifer, who was playing Rizzo, the bad girl, the play, walked up to her and stared her in the eye.
"Couldn't let me steal all of the glory could you Bartlett," she said menacingly. Carrie was scared for a second until the girl broke into a big smile and the rest of the group joined in. "Gotcha ya!"
Carrie sighed and joined in the laughter...this didn't feel like it was directed at her as much, though she knew it was in some ways. It felt good to be among her friends.
"Cheer up kid," Jennifer said. "At least now we're going to be sure to have a sellout."
The cast all laughed, including Carrie, and they headed off to the side of the stage. The director, Mr. Sanders, came on stage at that point. He didn't seemed fazed at all by the young beauty's nudity.
"Well hello Carrie, thanks for joining us. Tough to have a rehearsal without Sandy."
"Sorry Mr. Sanders, it's just that..."
"Don't worry hon, it's fine. Mr. Kelly told me where you were. Anyway, let's get on with it. Tomorrow is our last dress rehearsal before Friday's show. We have a lot to get through today."
Hearing the word "dress" made her sad, but Carrie quickly forgot her nudity for a while as she absorbed herself into the discussions about each scene. Mr. Sanders had been an actor off-Broadway before coming to run the theater program at St. Mark's and he had taught her a lot. She wondered if she would be able to do this professionally. But first, she knew she had to get through the next two weekends of the show.
Finally the discussions were over and she had to act out a scene. It was the scene involving Danny, her love interest. They were reenacting the movie rather than the play and this scene took place in the diner.
Carrie was fine as she entered the scene, but then she saw Craig, the boy that had made her pussy wet that morning, the one that she had dreamt about. He was playing Danny and this is the first she had seen him since she became nude.
He entered the scene, wearing jeans and a buttoned-up oxford. He looked adorable, Carrie thought, and I look horrible. What must he think of me?
Somehow she got the power to make it through the scene without screwing up too badly. Surprisingly, Craig, a very strong actor who planned to major in theater in college, kept messing up his lines, fumbling through things.
"Craig, what's the matter man," Mr. Sanders asked. "This is not like you."
"Mr. Sanders, she's naked. How do you expect me to perform normally when there's a naked girl so close to me? It's impossible."
Carrie felt her stomach tighten, like she might throw up. This boy, whom she lusted after, was unable to be near her because of her nudity. She was going to ruin this whole show that they had worked so hard on for weeks.
With tears flowing down her face, Carrie said softly, "I would quit the play if they would let me, so that things could go on as planned. But they won't. I'm so sorry."
She dropped her script to the floor and ran backstage, past the other actors and actresses not used to outbursts from this girl. She ran into the one of the unused makeup rooms and hid her head in her hands sobbing.
After a few minutes, there was a knock on the door.
"Go away," she said.
"Can I please come in," said the voice that she recognized as Craig's.
The door opened slightly and he eased into the room that was lit by one a dim lamp on the counter.
"Please don't. I feel awful enough about ruining the play. I don't need to feel any worse."
"Well, that's why I'm here. I wanted to say I'm sorry about all of that. Your nudity wasn't a problem, it was how it makes me feel."
She looked up at him through teary eyes, the cute boy a blurry image.
"I really like you Carrie and have wanted to tell you for a long time. I just never knew how. Now, with you naked, I can't concentrate. I followed you everywhere between classes, just watching you. You are so pretty and have such a great personality and a great body, I just can't help it."
Carrie wasn't sure what to do. The boy wasn't even looking at her, choosing instead to concentrate on his own sneakers.
"Um, that's sweet Craig...please, look at me."
The boy raised his face and made eye contact with the naked girl. Carrie was surprised to see his eyes on hers instead of on her breasts or pussy or bare legs.
"Craig, it's still me, still Carrie. I'm so glad you feel this way about me, because I feel this way about you. You were the reason I wore those sexy panties this morning."
The boy's mouth dropped open. "Me? How?"
"Well, I had a dream about you last night and I was feeling naughty, so I wore them."
Craig's mouth closed and turned into a smile.
"Hey, would you like to grab some dinner after rehearsal tonight?"
"Oh Craig, I can't tonight. My father is having a dinner party. Can it be tomorrow night, after the dress rehearsal? Though I won't be getting dressed too much."
The boy laughed and moved closer to Carrie.
"Tomorrow would be great. I'll wear something nice, though I don't think I can say the same of you. Thanks."
He closed in and pulled her to him, giving her a long, soft hug. Carrie closed her eyes, relishing the warmth of the boy next to her, the feel of his clothes against her naked body. For his part, Craig could not believe that he was feeling a nude body pressed against him, the first naked girl he had ever touched. This was exactly what he wanted.
The two disengaged from the hug and moved out of the room. Some of the other cast members saw the two blushing and that Craig was sporting a major hard on. Jennifer gave a knowing smile to Carrie who grinned and then looked away as the cast continued on with the rehearsal, Carrie feeling as comfortable as any naked girl could on stage.


When rehearsal was over, Carrie headed out of the theater and was met by Shannon, who was sporting wet hair after showering post practice.
"How was it? Was it awful?" Shannon asked her friend.
"Actually, not at all, though I don't know if I'll make it through the shows this weekend. But rehearsal was good and Craig asked me out."
Shannon was playfully shocked but then said, "I knew he would. I saw him following you everywhere and then he was there the whole time we were working out."
Now it was Carrie's turn to play shocked but she couldn't contain her smile. "I know, I was embarrassed then but now I know why he was there. He likes me."
The naked girl started to blush.
"Well, we'd better head out. Colleen is coming to pick me up and she said she would drive you home too."
"Oh that's great, let's go."
The two nude girls were almost out the front door when Mr. Jones stopped them.
"Ah, Miss Bartlett, I was hoping to catch you. Can you come back in here for a second?"
The puzzled girls came back into the warmth of the school.
"Well, although I did not call for you too Miss Malone, I suppose it is okay for you to come as well. Miss Bartlett, I think my original punishment was a bit harsh. Your crime was certainly not as bad as Miss Malone's. Therefore, your punishment is limited to school property only. You may wear your uniform to and from school but must strip completely nude in the atrium before entering school and bring your clothes to my office before going on to the rest of your day. If I find you disobeying this rule, the punishment changes to match Miss Malone's completely in length and severity. Am I being clear Miss?"
Carrie nodded, afraid to breathe wrong and lose the chance at her precious clothes.
"Here is your uniform, put it on. You will notice there are no panties...they were illegal and as such, you are not allowed to wear them again. Tomorrow, I expect an acceptable pair of panties on you young lady. Understand?"
"Yes Mr. Jones," she said quietly, accepting the bag offered to her. She reached in and pulled her uniform out, pulling it close against her. She quickly pulled her skirt on to cover her pussy and ass. As she pulled on her bra, she looked at her Shannon, her best friend, who looked happy for her despite the fact that she was still naked and would be for five more weeks.
"Oh God, Shannon, I'm a horrible friend. I'm so sorry, it's just that..." her voice trailed off.
"Come on Carrie, please. I'm happy for sense both of us walking around the streets totally naked."
Though her words were brave, the nude girl was a bit sad. She watched as Carrie soon became totally covered, pulling her blouse together and button it shut. She wished Mr. Jones would have a change of heart with her too, but she knew she was destined to be this way for a while and, if Mr. Jones had his way, possibly forever.
"By the way Miss Bartlett," Mr. Jones said, popping his head back out of the office. "You are still entitled to driving privileges. Your keys are in your pocket."
"Yes," Carrie said. "Um, thank you sir."
She grabbed her book bag and uniform bag and started out the door, taking Shannon by the hand and pulling her out into the cold winter night. Carrie felt so warm, despite having no panties...that was nothing compared to what she had been through all day. Shannon felt the cold cement under her bare feet and the nasty wind hitting her bare body and wanted to run back into the school but she saw Colleen's car mercifully pull into the parking lot.
"Shannon, thanks for everything today, I don't think I would have made it without you," Carrie said, pulling her best friend towards her in a hug.
"No problem, that's what friends are for. Good luck with your parents tonight."
"Thanks, I'll need it. At least I don't have to face them naked...that would be awful."
The two friends got to Colleen's car and parted, with Carrie giving a wave to Shannon's stepmother. Shannon eased into the car and sat down on the towel covered seat. It almost didn't bother her anymore. At least the heat was on and pumping.
"Thank you for the ride Col, taking the bus home this late by myself in my condition would have been rough."
The older woman laughed. "I imagine so, though I have never, in your condition."
Colleen pulled away from the school and headed the car home. Being back at the same high school she had graduated from 25 years ago brought back memories. She thought she still had an outstanding body, though not the same one she had back in 1976. In some ways, she liked her body better now. She had been rail thin in high school with no breasts. After years of maturing, her legs were still awesome (she worked out five times a week) but her breasts had grown a bit. They were much more round than they had been as a teen.
She had thought a lot about poor Shannon and her plight. Colleen could not imagine being 16 and naked all the time. Teen girls always have problems with their bodies (breasts too big, not big enough, etc.) and sometimes want to hide it. But for Shannon, there was no hiding an inch of her body. She wondered if she could have taken this treatment when she was a young girl.
"I guess you're excited about tonight," Colleen said.
"Tonight," Shannon asked, not even bothering to open her eyes. She was enjoying the dark, the heat and the light music playing.
"Yeah, you get your socks tonight. You didn't forget did you?"
Shannon sat bolt upright, her eyes wide open. "Oh God, I did, I forgot all about it. I mean, it's always been there in the back of my head, I couldn't wait for this day but with everything going on, I forgot it was today."
Colleen was surprised, figuring that the girl would have been counting the minutes. Maybe Shannon was getting used to the nudity thing a little.
They pulled into the driveway and Shannon saw all of the lights were burning. She caught a glimpse of Jimmy's nude bottom as he darted past the window in the living room. Then it hit her...she wasn't even safe from prying eyes when she was home.
She followed her stepmother out of the car and up the porch steps and into the house. She felt the welcome warmth again and slipped inside just as Jimmy was heading upstairs. She watched his cute little white butt flash as he went up the stairs and she smiled. She would actually have more clothes than him in the house after tonight.
Although she would still go completely naked to and from school, per her punishment, her father had lightened her sentence a bit at home. Each week she would earn cover, starting tonight with her socks. They were just to wear at home but they would be so welcome.
She entered the kitchen where her father was preparing something Italian. "Spaghetti and meatballs," she asked her father just before kissing him hello.
"Yep, my specialty for our big night. I think every Tuesday is going to be special around here for the next few weeks."
Shannon wasn't sure what she thought about her father making a big deal about her getting a piece of clothing. While she was glad to get them, making a production out of it only drew more attention to her nudity.
Shannon walked over to the table and saw the table was set with six places.
"Is Megan coming home for dinner," she asked, hoping it was her sister home from college who was coming instead of another guest.
"Nope. I invited Mr. Firgus over for dinner. You two have become so close and he's all alone I didn't think you would mind."
Uggh, thought Shannon. She shouldn't mind Mr. Firgus being there. After all, he had seen her in all of her naked glory many times and had come through for her that morning. She just wanted to put on socks and forget it. Her father had other plans.
"Shannon, could you put out some glasses and put ice in it," her father asked. As she began to do as he asked, the doorbell rang.
Shannon looked at her father. "Daddy, he's naked, remember."
"That's alright, it's probably Mr. Firgus. You answer the door naked around here, why shouldn't he?"
They heard Jimmy's tentative footsteps on the stairs and heard the door creak open.
"Oh my, hello James," they heard Mr. Firgus say. "Don't be embarrassed boy, I have one of those too."
"Yes sir," Jimmy replied as the door closed.
The man and the naked boy entered the kitchen. Mr. Firgus kissed Colleen on the cheek and shook Jack's hand. "Hello Shannon, nice to see you again."
"Hi Mr. Firgus," Shannon said, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek. The old man felt his cock flutter in his pants. "Thanks again for giving me a ride this morning."
"Think nothing of it," he said. Colleen and Jack hadn't known that Mr. Firgus had been called on to drive their daughter and Shannon told the story. Jack thanked the old man himself and called everyone in for dinner.
Brighid came in and was surprised to see their neighbor there with her two naked siblings. She looked at her father, who smiled and asked her to grab a seat. Mr. Firgus and Jimmy had already sat down (at opposite ends of the table, Brighid noticed) and she eased in next to the old man, giving her sister a break. Shannon breathed a sigh of relief and sat next to Jimmy in the corner. While she liked Mr. Firgus, she was a little uncomfortable being naked and sitting right next to him while eating. She could tell that Jimmy was equally uneasy about the man's presence at dinner.
Jack carried the bowl of pasta over to the table and Colleen brought over the garlic bread. "Dig in everyone," Jack said as the gang began to reach for the food. Mr. Firgus was in heaven, watching Shannon's naked body move with grace. She was so unassuming, not even realizing the reaction her basic movements caused in him. Just watching her reach for the pasta or the salad caused his cock to get rock hard. Then watching her spread dressing on her salad or shaking the cheese on her pasta was almost too much.
"-isn't that right Mr. Firgus?"
"Um, excuse me," he said, looking at Brighid who had caught him staring at her sister.
"I said, it's a shame about the new rules at St. Mark's isn't it?"
"Oh, well, I think there are some benefits to it."
"Such as?"
The old man squirmed a bit, obviously uncomfortable at the line of questioning. Shannon looked up from her meal filled with curiosity. What was Brighid doing?
"Well, I think it is an outstanding deterrent. After all, what teenager likes having to display themselves in public. Not only in school but on the street, etc. I know I would be more careful."
The man's words stopped Brighid's line of questioning and Colleen asked Shannon about Carrie. Shannon had forgotten about her poor friend, who was now probably having to endure her parents' abuse.
The rest of the family listened to Shannon's story about Carrie's nudity punishment and the unfair acts that she and Carrie had to do during eighth period. While Jack and Colleen were both a bit annoyed that Shannon had been unfairly duped into punishment, a part of them was aroused by the thought of the two naked girls working out and then having their pussies pressed together.
A look over at Mr. Firgus confirmed that he was having the same thoughts. Brighid was a bit repulsed by the whole idea.
Finally dinner was over and Shannon and Jimmy cleared the table. Mr. Firgus enjoyed the sight of the naked girl reaching over him to get the plates of Colleen and her father. Her bare thighs grazed his pants leg and he almost came right there.
Once the table was clear, Brighid said she would get dessert.
"Wait a second Brig, I think we should allow Shannon the honors of getting her clothes for the week. I think you are going to like the special surprise that Colleen has in store for you Shannon. This was her idea."
Shannon stood as her stepmother handed her a wrapped box. She opened it, expecting a pair of regular knee socks and was surprised to find...


...a pair of sheer thigh high stockings. Her mouth fell open in surprise as she had never worn anything like this before.
"Do you like it," Colleen asked, her face filled with pride.
"Um, yeah, I like it a lot. I've just never worn these kinds of stockings before."
"They're elastic tops. I figured they would keep you warmer than socks. They go all the way up past your knee. Since you were only allowed socks, I figured why not cover as much as possible."
Shannon took the stockings out of the box and held them up. They didn't look like they covered much nor would they keep her warm. She smiled at Colleen's thoughtfulness but yearned for her old socks.
"Great, can I put these on now," she said. "I guess I'll wear my regular socks tomorrow night."
"Oh don't worry," her father said. "We bought you five pairs of these, one for almost every day. That way you can always have a pair."
Shannon started shaking, feeling so depressed that she was not going to be allowed to wear her regular socks.
"Look how happy she is, she's shaking," Mr. Firgus said smiling. The three older people smiled at the scene.
But Brighid knew better. She knew that Shannon's reaction was negative and not positive. These stockings not only weren't going to cover her, they would do more of an emphasis on her bare legs. These stockings were like a spotlight on her.
The girl's hands were shaking so much that she struggled to put on the first stocking. Brighid got out of her chair and knelt next to her sister, rolling the material and easing it onto the bare foot and up the leg. The elastic took hold about two inches above her knee, leaving the upper thigh and pussy on display. Quickly she did the same with the other leg until they were both on the trembling girl.
Shannon grabbed Brighid's hand and mouthed the words "thank you."
"Stand up sweetie, let's see you in those stockings," Colleen said. Shannon looked at her, silently wishing that she were still nude. She stood up, feeling the nylon against the floor. It felt so odd to no longer be bare foot after a solid week without shoes or socks.
"Wow, those stockings are unbelievable," Colleen said. "They make your legs look five feet tall."
The men in the room nodded, unable to form words. The girl had great legs anyway...adding thigh high stockings was more than anyone could have asked for.
Shannon slid back into her chair as Brighid began to serve dessert, a homemade cherry pie. She felt the silky nylon under her thighs and thought how odd it was to be more embarrassed about being in thigh highs than she was about being naked.
As she ate her pie and ice cream, she suddenly thought of Carrie and how her best friend was making out.
But Shannon was not on the mind of Carrie, who was suffering terribly. Her father had always believed in corporal punishment, continuing to spank the boys. He hadn't spanked her or her sisters once they got their periods, thinking it improper for a father to lay a hand on his daughter once she became a woman. That rule went out the window that day.
Right now, Carrie was kneeling on a hard piece of wood, completely naked. Her ass was raw from the spanking she had received as were the front and back of her thighs. She was sobbing from the beating, the first she had received in four years. Even back then, it was a few smacks with a belt on the bottom or the bare hand. But this was beyond all of that.
She had arrived home, happy to be wearing clothes. Her happiness stopped the minute she arrived in the house. Her father and mother were sitting silently on the couch in the living room. She could see the anger in her father's face and knew she was in deep trouble.
"Well, look who is home. Well, if it isn't the naked student from St. Mark's? Funny, you don't look naked. Why are you dressed?"
"Um, Daddy, um, Mr. Jones allowed me to wear clothes. He thought his punishment was a bit too harsh."
"Too harsh...well, that's nothing compared to the punishment you will receive in this house after you humiliated this family. You are a slut!"
Carrie's mouth opened in shock, as if her father had slapped her across the face. She took a step back in horror at his words.
"Jed, please, she's our daughter. Maybe she can explain."
"Explain why she has brought shame and disgrace to our family? Explain why she's now flitting around that school, showing everyone her naked body, probably loving the attention? Where did we go wrong?"
"Daddy, that's not right at all. I hate being nake..."
"SHUT YOUR MOUTH. You have done enough. I guess wearing "fuck me" panties under your uniform was something the school forced on you. Yes, you may have appeared to be a nice little daughter, but deep inside, you are a slut who needs to be punished."
Both women in the room were stunned. Carrie had never heard her father talk like that and Maureen hadn't heard it from her husband in years. When they first dated, Jed Bartlett had been a real son-of-a-bitch but in college he had found religion and had begun to treat her well. He was so handsome and athletic that Maureen had stuck with him when he was a jerk and had reaped the benefits of the changed man. But this was the old Jed rearing his ugly head.
"Jed, please, this is Carrie. She's a good girl. She made a mistake."
"Damn right she did, and it humiliates this family. We're a God fearing, religious family who are pillars of this community. It just does not do to have our daughter flaunting her tits and pussy for the world to see."
Tears were streaming down her face as she saw her father in a whole, new light. This was not the loving, caring man she had known throughout her life. She wanted to run but her legs would not allow it, they were numb.
"Jed, we signed the paper allowing the school to follow through with their new rules. You knew this was a possibility."
"No, not with Carrie. She was always the good girl. She was the baby. I never thought this would happen in a million years. And to be wearing those panties...there's no excuse! Where did you get them slut? Some guy give them to you as payment for getting into your pussy?"
"Daddy, no, please stop. I would never do that."
"Enough crying. You'll be crying soon enough. Maureen, please gather the family. It's time for a session."
Both women gasped. A session hadn't happened since Carrie's older brother Will had been caught smoking dope one day in the woods. Carrie was young but remembered her brother being stripped naked (like Jesus, her father had said) and spanked until he almost passed out. Each member of the family took turns spanking him until their father had said the time was up. That was almost 10 years ago but she remembered it like it was yesterday.
"Get them Maureen. Punishment time is in 10 minutes."
Carrie's mother looked at her daughter with sympathy but left the room, leaving her daughter alone with her angry husband. Carrie just stood there as her father seethed.
"Daddy, I'm really sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I love you."
Jed's face softened. His daughter had always gotten away with murder. She was his favorite among the seven children. She had a cute little face and loved to cuddle with him.
"And I love you too Carrie, that's why I am so disappointed. I hate to do this but it's for your own good."
The other four members of the Bartlett family gathered. Carrie had an older brother and sister who were married and no longer living at home. This left Phil, her brother who was a year older than her, Tracey (14), Lil (12) and Rose (11).
"Okay everyone, I know this is a bit unusual but we are going to have a punishment session, the first one in years. But this involves the entire family since our good name was dragged through the mud. That is why you are all being asked to take part in it."
The other kids looked at each other with questioning stares, except for Phil, who remembered Jason's punishment very well. It was so effective that he and his siblings that had been there had never thought about behaving badly.
"Carrie, please explain what happened in school today."
All eyes turned towards her and she flushed. She didn't want to be the center of attention, had been that enough today. But her father was insistent and she had no way out.
"I had my uniform taken from me because I misbehaved at school and I walked around naked. I'm going to be totally naked at school for a week."
The other kids gasped. They had all heard about St. Mark's punishment but never thought Carrie would be caught up in it. She was always the good girl, a goody too shoes, according to her brother, who was a student at the boy's prep school. Tracey was scheduled to enter St. Mark's next year as a freshmen and the stories she was told about Shannon had convinced her to keep herself clean of trouble.
"And what else Carrie," her father prodded.
"And I was wearing non regulation panties so I will be bottomless for an extra week and pantiless for a third week."
The girls gasped and Phil tried to hide his growing arousal. Even though it was his sister, just the sound of the word panties made him crazy.
"Truth is, you were wearing panties that would be considered slutty, right? Red, silk, thongs? In fact, aren't you pantiless now Carrie," her father asked, knowing the correct answer after receiving the call from Mr. Jones.
"Yes Daddy," Carrie said meekly.
The other kids looked at her in shock. Wearing a skirt without panties was a no-no in their house. Even when they came from the shower, they were supposed to be in panties and a bra if necessary under their robes. To be in public naked was the worst thing they could imagine and knew that Carrie was in trouble.
"I'm not sure your brother and sisters believe you. In fact, I don't think your mother and I are too sure about it either. Please lift your skirt and show us."
All eyes in the room looked at Jed Bartlett in shock. Was he really asking her to display her pussy in the living room in front of the whole family?
"You weren't too good to show off in front of the whole school. I think you can swallow what's left of your pride and show your family."
Just then the doorbell rang and Carrie breathed a sigh of relief, hoping for a reprieve. Her mother left the room and warmly greeted a man at the door.
"Jim, what a wonderful treat to see you."
"Mo, it's my pleasure. Always great to see you, Jed and the kids."
Carrie saw Jim O'Neill as soon as he entered the room and remembered the last time she had seen him. She was naked, carrying the jar of piss down the crowded school hallway. She blushed some more but was actually glad he was here. Surely Daddy would calm down and not humiliate her with his old friend in the house.
"Jimmy, it is great to see you. How are you old man?"
"I'm well, well," the other man replied, embracing her father.
"Carrie, it's great to see you. I see things have improved for you since the last time I saw you."
"Yes sir," she said, not even making eye contact with the man.
"The last time? When was the last time you saw her?"
"Today at St. Mark's. She was carrying something, I think it was a jar of piss into the boys' bathroom. She was completely naked. I'm glad to see you're wearing something now. That must have been terribly embarrassing for you, not that I minded seeing you that way. You have blossomed into a real beautiful young woman."
Carrie lowered her head in shame. He had seen her at her worst hour in her worst state.
"She was what?"
"Carrying pee into the boys' bathroom. Some sort of prank I guess."
Carrie looked up and saw her father'face turn bright red.
"That does it young lady. I am no longer even going to entertain the thought of being lenient on you. Jim, I'm glad you are here to watch this. Tonight, you are a member of the family in all senses and you will participate in our punishment session."
"Daddy, no, ple..."
"That's enough from you. I think your actions have said enough. Phil, slide over and let Mr. O'Neill sit next to you on the couch. Girls, grab a spot on the floor. Jim, Carrie was just about to show us that she was pantiless."


Carrie looked around the room, hesitating to follow her father's order to reveal her pussy to her siblings, parents and her father's best friend. She waited and looked at her father for some sort of mercy but saw none was coming. So she reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it.
Phil leaned over to get a better view. She saw her thighs come into view and then he saw it...her mound prominently on display. Carrie kept pulling her skirt up until the hem reached her belly button.
Gasps of appreciation filled the room. Phil's eyes almost bugged out of his head at the first clear view he had ever had of a live pussy. Jim took a bit longer time admiring this young pussy, it was perfection. Even the girls on the floor was admiring her mound, not having the chance to study another girl's pussy very much.
For Jed and Maureen Bartlett, it was the realization that their little girl was a woman now. Her pussy was in full flower and she was no longer a little girl. Jed was a bit disturbed when his cock twitched a little in his pants and he had to remind himself that this was Carrie he was looking at.
"Okay, Carrie, that's enough."
The girl breathed an audible sigh of relief as she let her skirt fall down and cover her pussy again.
"Now, strip completely naked for us and we can start the punishment."
Carrie's eyes started to fill with tears, which flowed down her cheeks. She had hoped that her pussy exposure would be enough.
"Jed, is this necessary," her mother said.
"Maureen, I have given you too much control over raising these girls and look what happened. I think you need to stop questioning my methods and allow me to discipline this girl."
Maureen Bartlett stopped speaking and closed her eyes, resigned to the moment. Carrie knew she was out of option. She bent her knees and began to untie and remove her shoes and socks. She then fumbled with her buttons and undid her blouse, leaving her in bra and skirt.
Slowly, hesitatingly, she unclasped her bra and pulled the straps down her arms and off, revealing her full 34C breasts to everyone in the room. The men looked at her hungrily...the girls were a bit jealous, especially the younger girls who wished for breasts. Tracey especially was small up top, barely needing the training bra her father insisted she wear.
"Well, you must have really wanted us to see your breasts. After all, you could have just removed your skirt first. We had already seen your vagina," her father said.
Carrie blushed an even darker shade of red. She didn't know why she had removed her bra, it seemed better than revealing her pussy again.
"Finish please so we can get on with the punishment."
She had thought this was the punishment. She realized she was in for a rough time. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor in a heap. She kicked the garment over on top of the pile of her other clothes and stood naked in front of everyone, the way she had spent her entire day. Her time wearing clothes hadn't even reached an hour.
"Ok, time for the remainder of the punishment. Carrie, for your crime against our family honor, we will each get 20 spanks of your body. I will give the spanker free reign to spank wherever they see fit. That totals 140 spanks."
Carrie groaned, thinking there was no way her body would be able to take that kind of abuse.
Carrie started to sob from the humiliation from having her parents and siblings touching her bare ass.
"Carrie, you will stand in any position that the spanker wishes. I will begin and then your mother and Jim will take their turns. I have put the four children's names in a hat to choose the spanker at random."
"Carrie, please bend over and hold your ankles while I spank."
She did so, humiliated at the vulnerability of the position. She felt the 20 smacks from her father and then her mother. Mr. O'Neill rearranged her so that he could spank the insides of her thighs and she was forced to sit on her bare ass on the chair while he alternated smacking her left thigh and then right 10 times each. She was so mortified as she laid there, her ankles out wide on either side and her bare pussy on blatant display.
Finally, she was allowed to close her legs but she did it too fast and her thighs rubbed, causing her to groan.
"Now, the kids. First is Tracey."
Tracey walked over and mouthed sorry to her sister. She had Carrie bend over and grab her ankles, causing her to moan. Both girls knew there was no alternative. Tracey gave Carrie's ass 20 half hearted whacks and walked back to her seat. Her father looked at her sternly but knew he couldn't do anything about it.
The next two to go were the youngest two sisters. Both of them did what Tracey did, barely hitting Carrie but the girl's ass was so raw even their light hits caused her pain.
Finally, it was Phil's turn. He smiled and said, "Carrie, come and lay across my lap."
The girl rolled her eyes and somehow made it to where her brother was sitting. She hesitated but then laid over her knees, feeling the rough fabric of his jeans against her soft, battered thighs. She also felt something poking her and got sick in her stomach when she realized it was her brother's penis.
WHACK! WHACK! Her brother started in on her bruised, painful ass. She felt terribly vulnerable in this position over Phil's lap and the pain and burning in her ass and thighs. Finally he was done and her head slumped beside his leg, her face mashed against the side of his jeans. She was exhausted and mentally beaten up. The pain in her ass and thighs would subside but the feeling in her psyche was really damaged.
She felt a hand pulling her up and saw her mother and sister showing concern for her. Her father looked worried as well. He came over and pulled him to her, giving her a huge bear hug.
"Carrie, this was for your own good. I'm sorry it had to be this way."
Carrie began sobbing, burying her face in his sweatered shoulder. Despite his meanness earlier, the familiar smell of him soothed her. "Please Daddy, I never meant to embarrass the family. I'm so sorry."
"I know sweetie, I know. Now, this whole event is over, except for a few new rules."
Carrie pulled away, hoping that there was no more.
"First, you will strip your clothes off at this time every night and remain naked you leave for school in the morning. If you have plans out of this house, we can discuss it but mostly, you will be naked after 6 every night until your punishment is over three weeks from today. Is that understood?"
Carrie nodded. "Yes Daddy."
"Good. I don't want you to ever forget the humiliation of stripping naked. You going to be disrobing in front of people a lot in the next three weeks and I want each time to be humiliating. Now, for the rest of the night, you will serve the meal and do the chores. You will not have dinner. Instead, I will show you where you will stay throughout this meal. Everyone, dinner is ready."
The entire family headed into the kitchen. Carrie saw the piece of wood in the entryway.
"This is the new punishment spot. You will kneel here whenever I tell you. Tonight, you will serve the meal and then come and kneel here until you are needed for something. You will come to dread this wood and hopefully there will be no repeat of today."
She had then served the meal, feeling the hot and cold of the food as she carried the bowls next to her body. After each serving, she would go and kneel on the wood, her knees pressed hard against the unyielding surface. Her knees hurt almost immediately and joined her ass and thighs as problem areas. She would get short reprieves when someone requested something (usually Mr. O'Neill or Phil) but then had to go and kneel again.
Finally dinner was done. She cleared the table. She started washing dishes when she heard Tracey ask if she could help. Carrie was grateful to her sister for her concern and slid over to allow room at the sink. The clothed teen dried as her naked sister washed in silence. Finally, Tracey got up the courage to speak.
"I think what Daddy did was awful. You don't deserve this humiliation."
"Thanks Trace, but I did bring shame to the family. I probably deserve some kind of punishment."
The two continued washing the dishes in silence.
"So, how is it?"
"How is what," Carrie asked.
"Being naked all the time. Oh God, I don't think I could even imagine it, everyone seeing my things, having nothing to cover me. Oh man, that must be awful."
"It is school and here. You know, you wouldn't think it would be so bad here. I mean, it's our home. But it's just as just feels so wrong."
Carrie looked and saw her sister staring directly at her tits. "Um, excuse me Tracey. Do you like them?"
"Oh yes, you have beautiful breasts. Oh God, what am I saying. I don't mean, um, it's not that I'm a lesb--, um, it's, uh, they're so nice and perfect. Mine haven't grown at all."
"Relax Tracey, admiring another girl's breasts doesn't make you a lesbian. Now if you were looking at my other place, that might make you one."
The two girls laughed. Then Tracey's smile turned serious.
"What's the worst part?"
Carrie's smile went away as well. She looked around to make sure they were alone.
"Well, two things. There's the obvious thing about everyone having total access to your private parts. I hate the fact that everyone now knows what my pussy looks like or my breasts. It's awful."
"Man, that sounds bad. I can't even imagine. What's the other thing?"
Again, Carrie looked around the room, making sure they were alone. "I'm constantly aroused."
Carrie put her finger to her mouth. "Shush Tracey, Dad will kill me if he finds out."
"This is arousing to you? Being completely naked in public turns you on," Tracey whispered.
"I know, I don't believe it either. I have no idea why it happens, but I was so wet and aroused that I, oh God, I masturbated in the boys bathroom after I dumped the piss."
"No way," Tracey gasped, shocked at her sister's revelation.
"Tracey, this has to be a secret among sisters. Promise me no one will ever know about this but us."
"I promise. Man, I don't believe it. I wonder if I would react the same way."
The two girls finished the dishes, oblivious to the fact that Phil was sitting quietly in the next room, smirking and hearing everything.