Surprise Assembly

by katie



 The crowd was emptying out of the auditorium after the assembly and it was followed by the two naked girls. Although they were nearly alone and walking slowly, to Carrie, it felt like every person in the world was looking at her and laughing. She felt every air current on her body, she noticed the odd feeling under her toes and bare feet as she walked naked in her school for the first time.

Shannon grabbed her friend's hand, knowing exactly what she was feeling. Though she had been naked now for a week, it still felt fresh to her and scary! She grabbed her friend's hand tightly and walked with her towards the theater.

This was a place that Carrie knew very well. She had been involved in the drama club since entering high school three years ago. Already she had performed in five shows and was scheduled to be one of the leads in the school's performance of "Grease" this weekend. Tears started to leak from her eyes as she remembered how her first big starring role was turning quickly into a disaster!

The girls got to the door and saw a sign on an easel..."Special Welcome to the St. Mark's Women's Club." Shannon breathed a sigh of relief. This might not be so bad, she thought. Carrie was still frightened at being seen but relaxed a little when she realized it was woman. She was still mortified at being naked, but being naked in front of women seemed a better thing.


Shannon opened the door of the theater and they were immediately met by the warmth of the room and an overwhelming smell of perfume. The saw the first three rows of the room were filled with mostly older women, in their late 50s, early 60s. One of the women was standing on stage, at a podium.


"Oh, you must be our volunteers," the gray haired woman speaker said as they walked in. The 40 or so women in the audience all turned and they heard some gasps. "Well, um, we didn't expect you to be naked already but appreciate your enthusiasm. Mr. Jones said he thought you would be perfect for the job today. Please have a seat in the back and we will call you when you are ready."


Carrie and Shannon scampered into the relative security of a seat, huddling down low and hiding as well as they could. The meeting continued, giving the nude girls a chance to catch their breaths and get some bearing.


Shannon was surprised at the tameness of the event...this was unlike most of the humiliations that Mr. Jones had planned for her during the last week. It couldn't be pity, maybe he was just running out of ideas. Maybe these last five weeks would be easier than she thought. And with Carrie naked with her for one week and bottomless for another, she would at least have company. Although she didn't know what she and Carrie had "volunteered for," she didn't think it could horrible.


She heard the door open and felt the breeze. Both naked girls turned and were shocked to see about a dozen handsome young men enter the theater, all dressed in lab coats. Carrie's eyes were wide and she attempted to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands but Shannon grabbed her arms when she saw Mr. Jones peering out at them from backstage, smiling.


"OKAY, ladies, come on up. Again, we appreciate your help and for volunteering."


Shannon stood up shaking, but she was in much better shape than her friend, who was unable to stand.


"Ladies of the St. Mark's Women's Club, as you know, breast cancer is a very dangerous thing for women our age. Today, we are thankful that the medical students at University Hospital are here. These men, and they are all men today, are studying to be general practioners and they will demonstrate how to check breasts for lumps. Miss Carrie Bartlett and Miss Shannon Malone, our naked friends here, have volunteered to be the models."


Both girls cringed, knowing their fate. There were two metal chairs set up on the front of the stage, just in front of the podium. Also on stage were about 12 male medical students, no older than mid 20s. Most of them were so cute and that fact mortified the young girls, who felt the cold hard metal on their bare butts, legs and back.


"Ladies, this is Dr. Bob Neumann, director of clinical studies at University Hospital and an alumnus of this fine school. Dr. Neumann, the floor is yours."


The distinguished doctor moved towards the podium, never taking his eyes off of the naked young beauties sitting on the stage.


"Well, ladies, thank you. It's rare that we are able to find such willing volunteers, especially at such a young age but that is certainly something wonderful about this school. Mr. Jones invited us to do this today and I thank him. I also want to thank the young volunteers for allowing us to use them as demonstrations today, but also allowing us to videotape the demonstrations to show our classes in the future. This will be a great benefit to women everywhere as we work to help detect breast cancer earlier and earlier and save lives."


He motioned for the students to gather around the young naked girls.


"While a mammography is the best test to detect breast cancer, women can do something on a regular basis to help prevent breast cancer. Self-exams are an excellent way of finding lumps or abnormalities in the breast. Now, would the two volunteers please stand."


The nude girls stood, now on total display for all in the room. They could see the lumps growing in the pants of the young male medical students and tried to ignore them.


"First, we will examine the right breast. Ladies, please raise your right hand and use your left hand to feel your breasts for any lumps or abnormalities."


The girls were mortified to be feeling their breasts, such private things, in such a public place. But they complied, with the men just inches away and the group of 40 women watching intently.


"That's good, young Shannon, I believe, is doing an excellent job. Feel underneath as well and the sides...not just the area around the nipples Carrie."


Carrie blushed even more at the thought that she was not groping herself properly. Finally, Dr. Neumann was satisfied and asked the girls to do their other breast. This time, he praised Carrie, telling her she was much improved.


The newly naked Carrie Bartlett was stunned by the turn of events in the last two hours. When she awoke, she was a regular clothed girl, ready to face the day. Now she was bare naked, feeling her tits in the name of science in front of dozens of eyes.


"Ok, now that the young ladies have shown how it is done, I am going to ask each of the students to please examine their breasts to make sure that there are no lumps."


Carrie closed her eyes but heard a cough from the wings and looked to see Mr. Jones standing there and shaking his head. So she was forced to keep her eyes open as half of the male students examined her breasts and the other half examined Shannon's. There was no gentle touches like she had experienced with boys. This was rough touches, as they tried to feel through her skin and see if there were lumps. Despite the awfulness of the moment, she was shocked to feel her pussy start to water and she smelled the same smell that had filled her bedroom that morning.


She could barely hear Dr. Neumann droning on.


"It's important to remember that each woman's breasts are different, and that changes can occur because of aging, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause, or taking birth control pills or other hormones, etc., he said. "And it's normal for the breasts to feel a little lumpy and uneven and common for a woman's breasts to be swollen and tender right before or during her menstrual period. But, as you can plainly tell, neither of these young ladies is having her period, though Miss Bartlett does seem to be discharging some liquid. I do not think it is blood."


OH GOD, he can see it, she thought! EVERYONE CAN SEE AND SMELL IT. She looked up and saw a smirk on the boy examining her as he nodded as if to say, yep, I know what it is.


Finally, all 12 medical students had verified that Shannon and Carrie had correctly completed the self-exam properly. Both girls breathed a sigh of relief, sure that their humiliation was over.


"Now, ladies, you can come up here, two at a time, and feel what a smooth, cancer free breast is supposed to feel like. This will give you a baseline for when you do your own self exams."


Both girls moaned and Carrie shook her head no, but to no avail. The women formed a line and came up two at a time. Each time, the naked girls would be forced to raise an arm straight up over their heads while the women felt that breast and then switch arms. Tears flowed out as they were groped by the women, each time with the doctor within inches of their naked flesh giving last second instructions. The med student filming the action was also right in the mix, getting very close looks at the action and also showing other areas of the body.


Finally, all 40 women came up and had completed the humiliating exam. The girls' breasts were red and sore from all of the groping, a sight that produced knowing smiles from the med students.


"Well ladies, again, thank you for the opportunity to speak on this and for allowing the demonstration. I hope it was enlightening and I am glad that two students now have this expertise themselves and I hope they will be useless in conveying this information to other students."


The doctor left the podium to great applause and he went right over to Shannon and Carrie and held his hand out to shake theirs. Both girls noticed that his eyes were not on their faces and cringed. He was examining their red bruised breasts and smiling. He then walked out, leaving the med students to follow along. Just then, the bell rang, signaling the end of the period.


"Oh good heavens, how time flies. Ladies, I think we give a round of applause to these young girls who have volunteered for this great service. It means a great deal to us old folks that young people like you are willing to be involved with us. Thank you again girls."


The women applauded the naked students who blushed even further and left the stage. Shannon was ready to head back to the classes...Carrie was anything but, going out there among her friends naked for the first time.


"I'll see you at lunch. Be strong, you can do this," Shannon whispered to the girl, giving her a hug as the two parted ways just outside the theater doors.




Carrie's heart dropped to the floor as she felt Shannon's presence leave her side. With Shannon, it had just been awful. Now, it was horrendous, definitely the worst thing ever. She had two classes before Shannon would be with her again and those two hours would be unbelievably bad.


She tentatively made her way down the hallways, which were parting in the middle to let her pass. She heard the comments from her schoolmates, calling her a slut and pointing out how much they liked her tits and cunt. She wanted to crawl into one of the lockers and hide for the rest of the day, only being let out by Shannon after everyone had gone home. But she knew those thoughts were useless now.


She stopped at her locker and deposited her book bag and grabbed her camera. She was supposed to be at photo class for third and fourth period before lunch. In the first half of class, they take the pictures then they develop them in the second half of the period.


Carrie looped the carry case around her shoulder and made her way to the photo classroom in the basement of the school. There were only 10 kids in her class, surprisingly eight of them boys. They probably thought it was a blowoff class but it wasn't. They actually worked hard and had to complete a ton of assignments. Carrie was really good at photography and thought about making it into a career.


She passed the throngs of people heading up the stairs, some brushing against her. The feel of their clothes made her yearn for cover but she walked on silently, trying to hold her head up high in dignity as she had seen Shannon do all week. But inside, she was a quivering mess, not sure she could make it an hour let alone a week. Plus an additional week bottomless thanks to her own stupidity.


Finally she made it into the catacombs of the school. She and Emily, the other girl in the class, had often remarked that the location of the photo classroom was a good indication of the importance the school placed on it. The official reason was that the chemicals involved, etc., were better placed in the basement.


She got to the class and was about to open the door when she was grabbed by Darryl, one of the boys in her class, who took a handful of her breasts and squeezed, causing her to cry out. He smiled as he went past her, into the classroom.


She tried to regroup and bent over to pick up her camera bag, which had fallen in the exchange, giving the entire classroom a great view of her slit and asshole as she bent at the knees.


"Miss Bartlett, a lady bends at the knees, especially a naked one," joked Mrs. French, her photography teacher, a cool hippie type of woman who wore long skirts and had curly hair.


The nude girl blushed, "Yes Mrs. French, sorry."


"Don't be sorry honey, the view was very nice. There are worse views that a naked one of a healthy young girl."


The words were not intended to be sexual. Mrs. French was extremely heterosexual, married with four children, but she did admire the female form, as most artists do. But the hormone crazy boys in the class laughed hysterically at the comment.


"Gentlemen, and I use that term extremely loosely, settle down, or maybe you would like to join Carrie in the buff this week?"


That quieted the horny boys for the moment.


"Well, Carrie, no sense in you grabbing a regular chair. You are the model for us today."


"SWEET!" said Darryl in his distinctive voice.


"Settle down Darryl. You are one comment away from being the male model for the rest of the semester!"


"Please Mrs. French, I can't do this, I'm begging you please don't make me," Carrie cried.


"Sweetheart, there is nothing I can do. This comes from Mr. Jones. I think you can expect a lot of this in your classes today."


Carrie started to sob but hopped onto the raised platform, which had been thoughtfully covered with a soft brown cover that felt warm to her skin. She wished she could use it to cover herself but just stood there.


"Now, today we are going to do some tasteful nude photos. It's the type of photo usually done in magazines."


Oh God! This was horrible, Carrie thought.


"Each of you, one at a time, will come forward and photograph the model in whatever way you choose," the teacher continued. "The photos will then be put into an album and used as a project score. Each album will of course be on display at our upcoming open house as well."


Carrie's sobbing got harder and her whole body was flushed.


"Please open the windows to allow for more natural light."


A few of the taller boys reached up for the windows that were across the top of the room, the only part of the basement accessible to the outside. Carrie noticed now that anyone walking by outside or looking from the first floor across the way would have a great view of her humiliation.


"May I go first, Mrs. French," Emily said shyly.


The class all looked in surprise at the girl, who barely said words to anyone in the room but Carrie. They had all thought she would be embarrassed to take part in this assignment.


"Sure Emily. Go ahead."


The girl took her camera and walked towards the raised area. Carrie looked hopefully into her eyes, praying for some compassion. Emily smiled an evil grin at her.


"Put your hands up over your head in surprise...yes, expose that body for me."


Everyone was shocked at the girl...what had gotten into her. Carrie had no choice but to comply as her former friend forced her into humiliatingly exposing positions.


The boys were just as bad. They had her perform exercises for "motion" shots, stretching exercises for "muscle tone" shots and then just humiliating poses. She had been forced to sit with her knees spread and holding her tits up to the camera.


The last one had been posed by Emily. Carrie sat on a chair, her knees together and pulled up against her body, effectively covering her breasts. But, that was not what the group was looking at, settling their eyes on her little slit, poking out from between her legs. The group all took that photo and hoped it would turn out. They thought a poster of that would be appropriate.


Finally, everyone in the class was finished and headed for the dark room. Carrie breathed another sigh of relief, but she should have known better.


"Carrie, stay like that."




Carrie saw Mrs. French taking photos, five, six at a time. "Oh God, this is fantastic. The images are amazing. A young girl exposed...your passion, your humiliation, fantastic! Just a few more."


The nude girl prayed for the strength to hold on and finally the teacher was finished.


"Wow, I'm sorry about that Carrie, but the way you looked was amazing. Thank you so much."


Carrie murmured a "you're welcome."


"Now, go and help the rest of the students with their developing and then help Darryl organize his into an album. He needs some extra know he's a football player and everything. Plus, I think he likes you."


Carrie groaned, remembering the encounter in the hallway and wishing to stay far away from that boy. Reluctantly, she headed for the darkroom. Before she reached the door, Mrs. French called to her.


"By the way, Carrie, you will have to finish this assignment as well. You may use your imagination to figure out how to do it. Maybe Shannon will help you."


She rolled her eyes, not wanting to put her best friend through that turmoil and headed into the darkroom.


"Alright, now I can see the cunt in person and in the pictures," Darryl said laughing.


"Shut up Darryl," David, one of the other boys in the class, said jokingly. "This is the only way you would get to see her cunt. She wouldn't give you the time of day before. You stupid jock!"


The entire class laughed, except Carrie, who was mortified. They were openly discussing her most private area and she could do nothing about it but stand there and let them see it.


Mrs. French entered the darkroom, her film in hand.


"Class, Carrie is here to do whatever you need to help finish the developing. Nothing is beneath her."


"I have to pee, can she take care of that," Darryl asked laughing.


"Well, no Darryl, that's biologically impossible. But maybe she can help develop your pictures while you go."


"I have another idea. Maybe I can pee in a can in the closet and have her take it to the bathroom for me. That way, I won't miss as much lab time."


"Ew, gross Darryl," Emily said, but then she smiled and added, "how degrading. I think it's a great idea Mrs. French."


Carrie shook her head no, begging by her actions for Mrs. French to dismiss the idea. But the longer it went without the teacher's refusal, the more the sinking feeling inside of her grew. She knew she was going to be forced to do it.


"Well, Mr. Jones was very clear that Carrie had to do whatever the students wanted for help. Okay, anyone that needs to pee can do it in a jar in the closet. Then Carrie can dispose of it."


"OH GOD, no, please Mrs. French, that's so disgusting. Please, anything."


"Now Carrie, stop this nonsense. It's not like I'm asking you to go into the closet with them, though you're tempting me. Now stop this foolishness and get back to work."


Through blurry eyes, she got back to helping Sam with his photos. She heard the laughter as Darryl went into the closet and closed the door. She heard the sound of his stream hitting the glass jar and started to sob. To make matters worse, the images of the photos taken by Sam started to take focus. She saw her naked body in way too many intimate and disgusting poses. She knew that nothing was going to be left to the imagination of anyone who saw these photos...her intimate parts were spread open and on display. She wanted to pour extra chemicals into each batch and destroy them but knew it was no use...she would be forced to pose again anyway.


Finally she heard a sigh and the door opened. Darryl was carrying jar full of his dark yellow urine. Oh God, she thought, I have to handle that!


"Here Carrie, sorry it's so much but I didn't get a chance to go this morning. Here you go!"


Carrie took the jar, which felt warm, and held it at an arm's length away from her bare body.


"Ok, Carrie, please go and deposit that in the bathroom."


The naked girl started towards the door when she heard, "oh and Miss Bartlett, since that is urine from a male, please dump it into the boys bathroom. Thank you."


The class heard a sob from the naked girl as she walked out of the room, her shoulders heaving. Carrie could not believe how awful everyone was being. She had thought of Mrs. French as a mentor, someone who cold help her get into a good art school for photography. And the teacher had always been so nice. And Emily, what the hell had gotten into her? She and Carrie had always been friends but the girl was heaping on top of everything the boys were doing to the naked girl. What was her problem?


Carrie now was going up the steps towards the nearest bathroom. It took her a second to remember where the boys bathrooms were but she remembered there was one on the first floor. She hurried up the steps too quickly and some of the urine plopped out onto her belly and pubic hair. She smelled the boy's stentch and wanted to hurl.


She held the jar more carefully as she made it up the steps and into the main area of the school. She turned the corner and was shocked. In the hall were about 100 of her schoolmates in the area for a college fair. There were about a dozen schools gathered with many of the seniors there getting literature and other information about colleges.


As soon as her bare feet were heard slapping into the room, almost everything stopped and all eyes turned towards her. Many of the kids stood with their mouths wide open. It was really the first chance that many of them had to see the naked junior in all of her glory and they were soaking in her beauty. Then one of the girls noticed the jar.


"Oh God, she's carrying a jar of piss."


That caused a huge laughter from everyone as she gathered her body together and moved through the mocking crowd.


"Oh man, what a slut, carrying someone's piss. Man, what a girl she is...bring her home to mama."


"I wonder if she had to hold his cock for him too. Do you believe her?"


She was mortified but could not turn back as she headed for the boys' bathroom and tears flowing down her face. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the college recruiters standing there shocked at the naked girl carrying piss in a jar. She was shocked too and she was living the nightmare. Finally she made it to the boys bathroom and pulled the door open.


"HOLY SHIT, she's going into the boys room," one of the girls called out. She wanted to scream that she was being forced to do it but couldn't form the words. She went into one of the few stalls towards the back of the room and poured the disgusting liquid into the toilet. When she was finished she flushed the toilet and sat down.


She heard footsteps around her but needed to rest before going out there again. The boys were all around, waiting for her to get out. She wasn't worried about being raped, though she wasn't sure why. She was mortified that they would grope her or worse though. She felt an itch in her pussy and began to scratch it. She was shocked to find her slit was soaked completely...oh God, what is this. She scratched and rubbed her lips and a moan escaped her felt so good.


"Fuck, she's doing herself." She wanted to stop but it felt so good...her fingers slid inside...she was still horny, despite the embarrassment of the last few hours...she wanted to cum. She rubbed faster and faster, desperate for an orgasm when it came and hit her hard.


"UNNGG!!!" she moaned, breathlessly moaning out an orgasm. "OHH GOD!"


The boys were clamoring for a view of the masturbating girl. Some were trying to peek through the slats of the door, others were on the floor looking up. Two went into the next stall and stood on the toilet to look from above and got the best view.


Carrie looked up and saw them staring and froze, her hand still between her legs. Oh Christ, what have I done?




Carrie's whole body was shaking as she stood up off the toilet and picked up the jar. Although it was chilly on the cold tile of the bathroom, her body was hot after her orgasm and the humiliation suffered as she realized what she had done. Had she just fingered herself to orgasm while completely nude in a boys' bathroom stall while her schoolmates watched? After the humiliation of carrying a boy's pee through the halls of the school in front of hundreds of people? What the hell had happened to her? She had never masturbated anywhere but in the secrecy of her bedroom, buried under her covers. Now she had done it in a very public and humiliating place.


She gathered the strength to pull open the door of the stall and out into the regular bathroom area. The boys were staring at her open mouthed as she silently walked past them, bypassing the sink and heading back out into her humiliation. She moved through the crowd, many of them whispering and pointing as the boys who had seen her spread the word among those who hadn't. The other boys looked at her with lust while the girls looked at her in disdain. She wanted to scream, yeah right, like you've never felt the urge to do that in school before, but she remained silent, humiliated that it had happened to her and she had given into it. It was this damn uniform she never would have given in to the temptation, to that feeling. Oh God, what was happening?


She finally made it through the pointing crowd and went back down the stairs. Here she took a deep breath for calm and smelled it...her belly and pubic hair had been doused with that was mixing with her arousal to create quite an odor. Maybe she could sneak into the girl's bathroom and wash herself...she turned left towards the bathroom instead of right towards the photo lab when she heard a cough behind her.


"Miss Bartlett, the classroom is this way," said the voice. She recognized Mrs. French's sarcastic tone and turned back around.


"Oh, Mrs. French, I got some of, um, uh, Darryl's pee on me and was going to clean it off."


"Why didn't you do it when you dumped his urine in the bathroom?"


Well, I was too busy fingering myself to orgasm maam.


"Um, I forgot about it until I was coming down the steps."


"Carrie, come closer please."


The nude girl walked towards her photography teacher, who sniffed the air as the student got closer. "Is that urine or female arousal I smell," she asked.


Carrie blushed a deeper shade of red than normal. "Um, both maam."


"Ah-ha, so the rumor is masturbated in the boys' bathroom. Unbelievable."


The naked girl was humiliated in front of this teacher who she thought of as a mentor. "Please Mrs. French, I couldn't help just happened."


"Come now Carrie, orgasms don't just happen. Your hand did not just wander down there without your head consciously pushing it there did it?"


Carrie shook her head, humiliated at the truth to Mrs. French's words.


"Truth is, you are slightly turned on by humiliation and being naked in school and don't even realize it. This punishment might be good for you, might awaken the real Carrie inside of you. Go back inside like you are. I think a few other students have biological needs to be taken care of. You are not permitted to wash up until class is over, do you understand?"


The nude girl nodded, ashamed at having to spend the next half hour stinking up the lab with her obvious smells. She followed the teacher back into the room and watched Sam smirk at her before heading into the closet. She completed the work on his prints while the class giggled at the sound of Sam peeing into the glass jar. Finally, he finished and was still zipping up when he left the closet.


"Thanks Carrie, much better than having to walk all the way to the bathroom."


Their laughter burned Carrie's ears and cheeks as she went into the closet and grabbed the warm jar. She felt moisture on the outside and wondered what the substance was. She didn't want to know.


Again, she trekked out of the lab and up the stairs. There were still the seniors at the tables for the College Fair. They were shocked to see her a second time but Carrie was determined not to give them any more fodder to laugh at her. She walked through them, against clutching that container of hot piss. She pushed into the boys' bathroom and dumped the contents into the toilet and flushed. This time, there would be no show and she pushed out of the room, ignoring the disappointed jibes from the boys who had gathered for part two of her self-gratification show.


She hurried back to the classroom and was rewarded by the other six boys in her class peeing into the jar. As she was heading back on her eighth trip, she was stopped by one of the suited men recruiting for a college.


"Carrie? Carrie Bartlett," the man asked incredulously.


Oh GOD! It was Jim O'Neill, her father's best friend from college. Oh GOD, she had forgotten that her father had mentioned that he might be her recruiting for State College.


"Yes, hello Mr. O'Neill," she replied, hanging her head in shame.


"Jesus, what the heck happened to you? Why are you naked? Are you alright?"


"Yes Sir, it's a punishment Sir. New school policy."


"Oh man, you mean, they're really doing it huh? WOW, never thought they would have the guts. Where are the other naked people? Are you the only one?"


Carrie shook her head. "No Sir, there is another girl. She's in class right now."


She looked up and saw the man's eyes roaming up and down her body, drinking her in totally. She knew the boys in the school were doing it but for this man who was a friend of her father's to be doing it felt so wrong and dirty.


"Well, I see I really have a reason to stop by and see your old man tonight. I was planning on it anyway since I was in town. This seals the deal. Will you be in this state tonight?"


The nude girl, wishing this conversation to be over, shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, mom and dad will decide that tonight. The punishment says I have to be naked to and from school and at school but the parents make the decision for home."


"Well, I must say, it would be a shame for this work of art to be covered. I hope to see all of you tonight."


"Yes Sir, see you tonight."


As she walked, Jim O'Neil watched her firm ass wiggle as only a girl can do. He felt his cock twitch as he watched her go, knowing that his good friend Jed Bartlett would be sure to keep her naked. Yes, dinner tonight would be very nice indeed.


Carrie felt his eyes boring into her bare bottom and her mound that peeked out from behind. She wanted to run but somehow thought that would earn her a punishment. She knew there weren't more than five minutes left until the end of class. At least her piss runs were over. All of the boys had gone.


She made it down the steps and back into the lab. She saw the photos of her nude form were now hanging to dry and she was disgusted at them. Her vagina and breasts were prominently displayed in all of them, way more than her face. She wasn't shocked to see that many of the photos had her face out of focus but her lewd body parts in perfect focus.


"Mrs. French, what should I do with the jar now that everyone has finished?"


"Um, excuse me Mrs. French, but everyone is not finished," Emily said. "I have not yet gone and would like to."


Carrie groaned, hoping she was done humiliating herself in this way.


"Ok, Emily, into the closet and go. Carrie will dispose of it."


"But, Mrs. French, it's much harder for a girl to go into a jar than a boy. Do you think Carrie could come in and help me while I go, hold the jar at the right angle or something."


Carrie shook her head, silently begging Mrs. French to end the torture. But the teacher smiled at the nude girl and back at her other student.


"I think that is only fair. Carrie, please accompany Emily into the closet and help her urinate into the jar. You can then dispose of it."


Emily smiled an innocent smile and headed into the closet. She stopped after opening the door and cocked her index finger towards Carrie and said, "follow me." The boys whooped and hollered at the brazenness of their formerly quiet classmate and the thoughts of one girl helping another pee in such a near-public way.


Carrie entered the dark closet as Emily was pulling the light string on. She saw Emily's eyes all over her and whispered, "why? Why are you doing this to me?"


"Because it's fun humiliating people...especially cute girls like you."


Emily motioned for Carrie to squat in front of her and the nude girl followed the order without thinking. The girl reached under her uniform skirt and pulled down her panties, letting them fall to the floor. She then lifted her skirt to reveal an almost totally smooth slit..


"Here it comes Carrie, hold still."


Carrie could not believe her eyes...she had never seen a girl pee up close and was fascinated as Emily placed her two fingers to spread her pussy lips and let the piss flow out finding the jar. Carrie was able to judge the stream and placed the jar in front of it to catch it. Some of it was spraying off of the jar and splattering on the nude girl, who finally had enough. With her free arm, she reached over and opened the closet door, revealing the nude from the waist down Emily, peeing into the jar.


"What the hell, Carrie, what have you done, close the door," the mortified girl screamed as the boys laughed now at the other girl.


"How does it feel Emily," Carrie asked as she continued to hold the jar, this time not feeling so bad.


Finally the stream stopped and Emily let her skirt drop to cover her pussy. The boys cheered at the show but the red faced girl stormed out of the closet and went back to her seat, leaving her panties on the floor. Carrie, now on her knees, grabbed them with her hand and held them up for all to see.


"Oh Emily, you forgot these. Can one of you boys give these to Emily?"


Darryl came over, smiled and winked at the nude Carrie and took the balled up wad of cotton. "Sure Carrie, anything to help my female classmates." He walked the panties over towards a humiliated Emily, placed them at his nose for a sniff and dropped them onto the girl's desk. She took the tiny garment and stuffed them into her pocket.


"Well now, that was an interesting class," Mrs. French said as the bell rang. "Carrie, I believe you have lunch next. Dump Emily's urine in the girls' bathroom and then bring the jar back before cleaning up. And don't forget to finish the assignment you missed today."


Carrie carried the warm jar of piss out of the classroom again, this time right down the hall to the girls' bathroom. She dumped the jar out and returned it, smiling a little inside. She had finally gotten some revenge, even though it wasn't much considering all that she had been through and the fact that she was still covered in piss and her own sex juices. She then went back to the bathroom and cleaned up, taking wet paper towels and getting the urine off. Finally, she was as clean as could be and walked out of the bathroom. She walked down the hall when she stopped short. There was a boys' bathroom, steps away from the girls on the same floor as her classroom. She could have avoided the crowded foyer and the humiliation of the College Fair. Her stomach dropped a bit.




Carrie felt better the second she walked into the cafeteria and saw her equally naked friend Shannon standing there waiting for her. Shannon was staring at her with big eyes.


"Carrie, is it true," the one nude girl asked the other.


Carrie's stomach felt like it had a pit about 40 pounds in it. Shannon knew...everyone knew.


The naked girl nodded and Shannon's mouth opened. It had crossed her mind to push her hand down there but she had always resisted...unbelievably, Carrie had succumbed the first day she was naked.


"It's okay, honey," Shannon said, trying to reassure her friend. "Let's get some food and then we can talk about it."


The two nude girls had all eyes in the room on them but they tried to ignore the stares as they walked together towards the lunch area. When they were about to go to the salad bar, Mr. Jenkins, the food manager, stopped them.


"Sorry girls, it's a health hazard, you can't be near open food. If you want something from the salad bar, ask one of the workers to get it for you. Otherwise, you can eat some sandwiches already prepared or something from the grill."


The people around the conversation started laughing and pointing at the girls as they filled in their friends. Both nude girls couldn't believe it, but the school had found another way to mortify them.


"Is that clear girls," Mr. Jenkins asked. "I'm sorry to do this to you both, you're such sweet girls, but it's a law. We could get fined if we let you near the fresh food."


"yes sir," Shannon said softly, directing Carrie over to the section where the prepared sandwiches were. Shannon grabbed a ham and cheese on a roll for herself and a turkey on wheat sandwich for Carrie, two bags of chips and two bottles of soda, throwing them onto her tray. Carrie seemed completely listless, unable to make the choices for herself. Shannon led to the register and pulled some money from her backpack to pay for the meals and then almost had to pull her best friend along towards the tables.


Kevin and Shiela, two of Carrie's best school friends, were eating alone. Shannon headed towards them but Carrie shook her head, pointing instead towards a table in the corner, far away from her two friends. "I just don't them to see me like this, at least not today," Carrie said to a completely understanding Shannon.


The two nude girls eased onto the cold metal seats and Shannon divided up the lunch. Carrie was shivering, crossing her arms over her chest, trying to warm up. She felt the hardness of her erect nipples.


"So, tell me what happened," Shannon said. And Carrie proceeded to tell the entire, sordid story, from Darryl's grope in the hallway that knocked her down to the photo modeling to the developing to her humiliating exercise of carrying full jars of piss to deposit into the boys bathroom and how she never realized there was a boys bathroom in the basement.


The girl went on for a full 20 minutes before finally stopping and looking embarrassed. Shannon knew what she was thinking...she had no explanation for what happened in the boys bathroom.


"Carrie, when did you have your orgasm," Shannon asked softly.


Tears started to well up in Carrie's eyes. "After the first time with Darryl. I don't know what happened...I was just so wet and it was itchy and I just did it. Oh God, what must you think of me?"


Shannon looked sad for her best friend but understood, better than any girl in the school. All girls have feelings like that, not quite as obvious as the boys with their erections, but it was there. Most girls just ignore their urges down there, sometimes completely. Many (alright, most) girls masturbate but never display their public feelings. But, except for these two best friends, most girls are not naked.


Ever since that horrible day one week ago, Shannon had been having the craving more and more. She felt the tingling in her body, most of it centered between her legs, and she would want to rub it...just get a quickie off and get on with the rest of her day. But she had resisted and stayed away from herself. She was shocked that Carrie had given in so quickly.


"Care, look, I've had those feelings too, all girls have. And, trust me, I know it's harder when you are naked, I'm right there. Stop killing yourself over it."


"Shannon, people are going to make fun of me forever now," she said quietly, her voice shaking.


"I hate to break it to you, but that was probably going to happen anyway. You're naked and everyone can see you. For three weeks, your pussy is going to be on full display to anyone who wants to see it. This is just something else on top of it. Let it go."


The words that her friend was speaking sunk in to Carrie, who started to sob. Her life as she had known it was gone...she was now the girl that would be snickered about and laughed at! People were always going to point and stare, even when she got her clothes back. They would look through her clothes and remember what her breasts looked like, what her vagina looked like, her bare belly, shoulders, toes, thighs, everything. She would forever be naked in their eyes, nothing more than tits and pussy.


"Oh Shannon, this is so awful. Why us? What have we done to deserve this?"


"Well, I skipped school and lied about it. You, you're my friend and Mr. Jones seems bent on making our lives miserable."


The tears flowed more from Carrie, who thought everything was hopeless.


"But, the point is, we have each other Carrie. We're best friends and we're in the same boat. We can help each other and take care of each other. Do you see?"


Carrie looked vacantly at her friend.


"Care, we can stick together and get through this!"


The tears stopped momentarily from the girl, who started to register what was being said.


"It does seem a little less horrible when you're around," she said to Shannon, who nodded in agreement.


"So, we stick together...let Mr. Jones send his best at us. We can handle anything together."


The two girls shook hands and began to eat their lunch. Both had just taken bites of their sandwich when Mr. Kelly came to their table.


"Ladies, hurry up, you'll never be finished in time."


The two naked girls looked up at the teacher who was the faculty monitor for lunch. Finally Shannon spoke.


"Finished in time for what Mr. Kelly," she asked.


"Cleanup duty. You'll never have time to finish all of these tables before the period is over if you don't hurry."


The two girls looked at each other questioningly. What was the man talking about?


"Mr. Jones told me that for the remainder of your naked punishment time, you are also supposed to be on lunch cleanup duty. Wiping the tables, making sure the trays are put away, that kind of thing. Didn't he tell you?"


The girls shook their heads.


"Well, that's not an excuse, your names are posted at the doorway where cleanup duty is listed. You should have checked. You know the punishment for failing cleanup duty is corporal."


The girls did not know that. Each had been assigned cleanup duty in the past...every student takes turns. Usually you got it every 12 weeks or so after it rotated through all of the students. But it was usually four people per lunch period and it was hard work. The two naked girls could never finish it and still have time for lunch. No one had ever been punished for not fulfilling the duty.


"Sir, can you let us slide today. We can start tomorrow," Shannon asked hopefully.


"Nope, sorry. If I were you, I would get started now. You have an outside shot of making it."


The two girls each took another big bite of sandwich and Shannon threw the chips into her book bag (Carrie's was in the locker). They scooped up their trash and hurriedly dumped it into the trash can. Shannon ran over to get the bucket and rag while Carrie took over trash detail. She went around and began to dump the trash left on some of the tables. Although everyone was supposed to dispose of their own trash, many students left wrappers and napkins lying around after leaving. Shannon was carrying the full bucket of water to each table and, using the rag, washing off each one, getting rid of soda and juice stains that might be left.


The girls didn't even realize the reactions they were causing among the students left in the room and the faculty and staff who had been warned of the show. The sight of naked girls leaning over tables to clean them was amazing. The nudes were in such a hurry to get the job done in time that they left nothing hidden. Their young firm breasts were on total display and their bare asses and pussy slits were on show from behind. The girls, forgetting their nudity for once, gave all gathered some show.


RIIIIINNNNNGGGGG! As the bell rang to signal the end of the lunch period, the two naked girls stopped working and looked at each other with sad expressions. They then looked at Mr. Kelly, who was smiling.


"Finish up girls, your punishment will come later."


The two nude girls took more time finishing the job, realizing that they were going to be punished anyway and noticing the crowd that had gathered. Finally, the last four tables were clear and clean as another group of lunch eaters came in, surprised to see the naked girls.


"Ladies, report to my office after seventh period. Your punishment will happen during eighth."


Shannon grabbed her book bag and walked out of the cafeteria with Carrie by her side. The two naked girls were dreading the punishment, knowing that humiliation would be involved. They separated in the hallway to go to different classes, each squeezing the other's hand for strength.




The next class seemed to be lightening fast for the two girls, who wished it could drag on. For both, in these classes, they blended in, at least as well as two naked girls could blend in among a sea of school uniforms. Shannon in her math class was sitting towards the back and the material was too difficult for people to insult her. Carrie was in an English class where the teacher was a tough nun who allowed no nonsense.


The next class for both was worse. For Shannon, it was another humiliating computer assignment, designing a web site around her pictures from the mall. She noticed that many of the shots came from a video camera and cringed, knowing that the video would show an awful lot of her, including her kicking cheerleading routine.


Carrie's class was even worse. It was geometry and she wasn't very good at it. To make matters worse, the teacher was Mr. Baines, an older man who all of the girls hated. He was always trying to look up their skirts or touching their shoulders or getting too close. Dirty Old Baines was his nickname among the girls in the school.


Carrie was intimated by him in the best of conditions, meaning when she was clothed. Now, he frightened her to near death. She knew he would degrade and humiliate her and she loathed going into his classroom. She pushed through the door and saw him sitting at his desk, leering at her.


"Miss Bartlett, it's about time I got to see what you've been hiding all these weeks. Come in, you are our lesson for today."


The nude girl walked towards her desk and found it missing, just a bare area of carpet where her desk should have fallen in line. Dirty Old Baines was one of the few teachers in the school that had assigned seats.


"No seat for you, unless you want to sit on my lap, sweetheart. No, come on up here and stand in front of the desk as the other students walk in."


She walked up towards the front of the room and noticed the chalkboard read: "Today's lesson, Volume of a Cylinder." She shrugged her shoulders, not knowing what that meant.


The rest of the class came in, many gasping when they saw her. Unlike Shannon, who had many classes with the same people, Carrie was in many different classes as her ability levels were in many different tracks. This class was almost remedial geometry, with many sophomores in her class.


The class filed in, some getting closer to her than she would have liked, even brushing up against her, making her uncomfortable. She felt their uniforms up against her bare body and shivered, wishing for the cover.


"Good afternoon class. And a special good afternoon to the very helpful Carrie Bartlett. I had been looking for a way to demonstrate the way to determine the volume of a cylinder. Carrie's new uniform here has given me that opportunity."


The class looked puzzled as Dirty Old Baines displayed a tape measure.


"Class, each of you will come up and measure the space around the perimeter of Carrie's breasts and then, again using the tape measure, try and measure its' length from the base of her body. That way, we can then work on the volume."


Carrie looked with anger and disgust at the teacher. She begged him with her big brown eyes to please spare her this humiliation but knew it was to no avail. She felt her face become flush as tears of anger sprang again to her eyes.


She became aware of the students lining up in front of her. Dirty Old Baines had been thoughtful enough to provide two tape measures for the job so that the students could utilize both of her breasts for their measurements. Everything quickly became a blur as each student measures the circumference of her breasts and then the length that it stuck out from her body. She wanted to die as each student grabbed her poor breasts roughly and wrapped the tape around it. Surprisingly to her, the girls were rougher with her than the boys, as if it were her fault that she was nude and they were forced to do this. Actually, some of the boys were reverent with her body, touching her softly. On the other hand, the girls were crude, wrapping the tape tightly around her breasts, sometimes too tightly, causing her to moan in pain.


"Mr. Baines," Harold, one of the goody-goody boys in the class, said. "Should we measure to the edge of her nipples? That would add another inch or so."


Without meaning to, Harold had just added another indignity to the girl. It was bad enough that her nipples were so hard they would have poked holes through a shirt had she been wearing one. Now, it was articulated and she was humiliated. And her nipples, if it were possible, grew even bigger.


"Good question Harold. Yes, Carrie's nipples are longer than average women, but it is part of the cylinder. Why don't we get both measurements for safe keeping!"


Carrie tried to look Harold in the eye but Harold was not looking at her face...he was concentrating on that part of her that everyone seemed to these days....her tits. That's all that existed...oh, and her pussy...oh and her ass! Nothing else seemed to matter anymore.


Finally everyone had finished taking the measurements and she looked at Old Man Baines for guidance. She desperately wanted to sit down but he just smiled at her, his eyes feasting on her nudity. So she was forced to stand there and watch her classmates smirking as they figured out the volume of her breasts to see "how much milk" she could produce.


"Class, if you get stuck, check the board and also take a look at her breasts to make sure that you understand what you are working on. I'll put some hints on the board every once in a while to help you along."


She heard Baines walk behind her and start writing on the board. That signaled the class to look up and they feasted on her body much like the teacher had. She closed her eyes and prayed for class to end quickly. Finally the bell rang and she was done. She was forced to stand there a little longer as the class handed their work into Mr. Baines, piling the papers on his desk and brushing past Carrie as they passed.


Carrie breathed a sigh of relief as the classroom was empty except for her and Dirty Old Baines. He was smiling at her with a leering look.


"Miss Bartlett, thank you for all of your help today. You will need to finish this project for homework tonight and turn it in tomorrow. Have a great day!"


The girl gathered her things and made her way into the hallway, dreading the punishment of eighth period.