Surprise Assembly

by katie


Chapter 51


Shannon heard the alarm go off and pulled her covers up over her head. She had barely slept, worried about what she was going to do at school. What decision would she make, save her best friend a day's worth of embarrassment by adding months of humiliation to her own life or allow her friend to be as naked as her for a day.


When she did sleep, all that came her way were nightmares. She dreamt that she was visiting Yale in the nude with all of the people there laughing at her. She dreamt that she was forced to stand in the middle of the football field so that everyone could critique her body. "Her tits are tiny...can you ask her to spread her pussy lips a bit so that we can see inside...oh, her vulva is so plump and red...what a whore."


Another dream had her in a glass case at a museum, unable to move a fraction of an inch.


"You will notice the example of the nude teen female...this is a fine example, though most teen girls have bigger breasts than this model. Notice her fine vagina however, one of the best looking examples we have seen in this museum."


Each time she woke up with a start, sweat pouring off of her naked body. Her sheets were soaked from the sweat and she knew from another reason...she was as turned on as she had ever been. How could that be, she hated being nude.


"Shannon, you're going to be late and I don't think you want that," yelled her sister Brighid. Shannon knew her older sister was right, the last time she had been late she had been bound, gagged and forced to wear a spreader bar. She did not want a repeat.


She threw her comforter off onto the floor and took the sheets off, balled them up and threw them into the hallway to take down to the laundry room. Quickly the naked girl grabbed a towel and ran into the bathroom. She pushed through the door and saw Jimmy standing there peeing.


"Oh Jimmy, I'm so sorry. I didn't know you were in here."


She heard a stream hit the floor and knew she had thrown off his rhythm.


"It's alright, come in."


"No, you deserve your privacy. It's just that I'm late so can you hurry?"


"Shannon, really, I'm done. It's not like you haven't seen it all anyway. Take your shower."


The naked teen continued into the bathroom, felling the tile on her bare feet.


"Thanks Jim, I'm so glad we're getting along again."


"Yeah, me too," said the naked boy as he washed his hands and left the bathroom.


Shannon turned the water on and eased into the shower. Being the fifth person to use the hot water didn't leave her much time to get ready. Plus she had to shave. Uggh, being naked did not make it easy.


Finally she was hairless below the neck, with her underarms, pubic mound and legs all shaved totally smooth. She turned off the water, which had turned cold midway through, and grabbed a towel to dry herself.


Once dry, she put on some makeup and threw her hair into a time to dry it today. She rushed out of the bathroom and into her room where she gathered her books and stuffed everything into her bookbag. The naked teen, with her bag on her back, raced out of her room and down the stairs, her bare feet barely registering a noise on the stairs.


She ran into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of toast.


"You have to eat something," Colleen yelled after her but the girl was gone in a nude flash, heading out to catch her bus.


The naked girl ran out of the house into the cold winter morning, gazing for a second at Mr. Firgus' house. She had felt oddly at ease there last night, cleaning the house while the nude man busied himself around the house. She had two more slices of that tasty pizza with the special cheese and had washed it down with a milkshake that Mr. Firgus had made with "natural ingredients." She didn't know what was in it but it was good.


She had vaccummed the house and washed down some stains that were on the floor. There were a lot of them and they were mainly around the windows and doors. Very odd. Maybe he left them open one day and it rained or something, she thought. There was also an easy chair and she had to scrub it down with fabric cleaner to get a white stain off of it.


All in all, not a bad way of earning $40.


Her feet felt the cold hard concrete as she headed down her block towards the unsafe streets. Funny but on her street she felt invincible, even naked. She felt anything but beyond it. She heard the traffic as she neared the corner and steeled herself for the attention.


HONK! HONK! She steeled herself as the first glimpses of her were happening. Every time it was the same...someone would see her and start honking which would attract the attention of everyone else. It was so humiliating but she ignored the honks and the yells out the window and headed for the bus stop a block away.


She was late and began to jog, forgetting for a minute the show she was putting on for those watching. She heard the splat of her feet as she ran but ignored it, not wanting to miss the bus. As she neared the stop, she saw the bus pull up. The naked girl wildly waved her hands, "Stopppp Viiinnccee I'mm here!!!!!!"


The bus stopped momentarily and then eased right along.




"You need a ride honey, bring those tits and cunt over here...I'll give you a ride," a man in a sports car yelled at her.


Oh God, this was awful. She was going to miss school if she had to walk. It was almost 10 miles and to do it nude would be even worse. Plus, today was the day she had to help Carrie.


Shannon ran back towards her house. Again she was just a second too late. As she turned the corner onto her street, she saw Colleen's car pulling away to take Jimmy to school. Again she waved her arms but was not seen. She ran quickly to her driveway, hoping that maybe Brighid hadn't left yet but the driveway was empty.


She was panicking...maybe she could reach Colleen on the cell phone but knew it would still be too late.


The naked girl didn't know what to do. Just then, she noticed the lights on in Mr. Firgus' house. Maybe he could drive her to school.


She bounded up his front steps and rang the doorbell, hoping that he was awake. He had said he was an early riser.


The old man was shocked to see his naked neighbor on his front porch. He was still naked, recovering from the orgasms that he had after she left last night. He had cum three times while thinking of her moving around his house.


"Ah, yes Shannon, what's wrong sweetie?"


The naked girl was surprised to see that her neighbor was still naked. She was used to his nudity while she cleaned his house. It was done to make her feel more comfortable, he had told her. "Um, Mr. Firgus, Sir. Could I ask a huge favor?"


"Sure honey, anything. Come on in."


"Actually Sir, I'm really late for school, I missed my bus and Dad, Colleen and Brighid have all left. Would you mind giving me a ride to school?"


The old man could not believe his ears...or his luck. Thank You God for giving me this gift...this naked girl.


"Oh sure honey...let me put some clothes on. Oh gosh, you're late. I'll just throw on my robe and some shoes and be right out. Wait for me by the car."


With that the old man closed the door and took a deep breath. This might be his chance, he thought. He moved as quickly as he could towards his bedroom and pulled a robe down. He pulled it on and slid his feet into a pair of loafer. Certainly not a fashion statement but he wasn't worried about that.


He grabbed his keys and went out into the cold morning. He saw Shannon's nude form shivering next to his car and his penis got rock hard again. Unbelievable, he can it be hard again.


"Oh Shannon sweetie, I should have brought you inside. You're freezing."


"I'm okay Mr. Firgus, I just appreciate you driving me."


"Not a problem dear. You've done such a good job helping me around the house. Hop in, it's unlocked."


Shannon dropped her bag into the feet area of the car and settled in, feeling the leather seats smooth against her bare ass, legs and back.


"Um, Mr. Firgus, should I sit on something so I don't, um, uh, get, ah, anything on your seat?"


"Come on Shannon, you should know me better than that. I could think of nothing better than to have a piece of a wonderful girl like you in my car to remind me of you. Please relax...we'll be at school in no time."


While his words struck Shannon as a bit weird, she leaned back and relaxed...she felt so comfortable with this man for some reason. She felt the smooth leather against her, so nice and soft. She felt the heat bursting from the vents which Mr. Firgus had thoughtfully directed towards her. She heard the strains of classical music that filled the car. Ahh...finally an oasis.


The two in the car made a strange pair. One beautiful teenage girl nude and one senior citizen clothed only in a robe. They rode in silence for a few minutes until Mr. Firgus broke it.

"Um, Shannon, can I ask you a personal question?"


Shannon opened her eyes, her sense of security about to be shattered.


"okay, Mr. Firgus, sure."


"Well, it involves a very private area...well, not so private on you but on most women."


Oh God, oh God, please not him too.


"I was just wondering how a naked vagina felt. Could you describe it to me?"


Silence in the car. The old man wondered if he had gone too far. He thought he had better try and smooth things out and not ruin a good thing.


"I'm sorry, I've asked a bad question haven't I? It's just that, well, my wife died many years ago and even so, women didn't do this when I was young. I've never felt a bald pus, I mean vagina. I was just curious."


There was some more silence as the naked girl looked out the window.


The old man was silently cursing himself, worried he had blown any chance he had with keeping a friendship with this young girl.


"It's smooth, like these seats. It makes me feel so naked."


The old man smiled and looked over at the naked girl, who was still looking out the window.


"Oh, I see. Smooth huh...yeah I can imagine that. When did you first grow hair there?"


Shannon looked at the kind old man. There was nothing perverted here, she thought. Just a curious old man.


"Well, I think I was about 13 or 14. I was in eighth grade. I remember that it made me feel like such a woman, I ran and told Carrie, my best friend."


The mention of Carrie brought back the memory of what was going to happen at school.


"Had you had your period by then?"


Shannon didn't answer right away. What was she doing answering this man's questions so easily. But, she had gone this far, she might as well keep going.


"Yeah...I was 12 when I got it. In seventh grade."


The old man was beyond excited. Shannon saw his penis poking through his robe and gasped, quickly averting her eyes out the window.


"Oh dear, Shannon, I'm sorry. You must realize what the sight of a naked girl can do to a man. Please forgive me."


Shannon turned towards the old man. "I do forgive you and I'm sorry too. I am tempting you too much by asking for a ride and coming over to clean your house."


"Shannon, I am glad to have you over and it's not too much of a temptation. Please, I enjoy our time together. You wouldn't want to hurt an old man's feelings would you?"


Both of the car's occupants smiled. "No, I would never want that Mr. Firgus."


Shannon turned and saw the car pull into the lot. "Thanks Mr. Firgus, I owe you big time."


"Any time, Shannon...maybe one night you can do me a favor."


"Sure," said the naked teen as she opened the door, grabbed her bag and ran out into the cold morning and up the steps of school. As he watched her go, Mr. Firgus felt an ache in his groin as he cock hardened even more.




Shannon entered the school, actually welcoming the public area of school. Anything to warm her up. Today had to be the coldest day of the year. She headed down the hall and actually made it to her locker for the first time in a while. Yesterday she hadn't made it that far and last week had been a blur. She grabbed some books and threw them in, wishing she could have dropped a coat into her locker but there wasn't one, of course.


As she closed her locker, she was approached by Carrie.


"Shannon, what's going on? Mr. Jones' secretary stopped me on the way in and told me to get you before first period. That you would decide what whether there was a first period assembly or not."


"Oh God, he's such a prick."




"Oh nothing, let's go and get this over with."


The naked girl led her clothed friend out of the locker area and down the hall to Mr. Jones' office. Shannon, used to this intrusion into her day, pushed her way into the principal's office and knelt in her assigned spot. Carrie, shocked at her friend's boldness, took a seat, being careful to fold her legs at the knee so as not to reveal a peek up her skirt.


Mr. Jones was reading a letter as his secretary came to the door. "Mr. Jones, I'm sorry but I was on the phone and these girls just barged in. Should I make them wait out here?"


"No Mrs. Phillips, that is okay. I think Shannon spends so much time in here she feels she doesn't have to wait. Miss Malone, that is not true but I will let you slide. That will be all Mrs. Phillips, please shut the door."


The principal, dressed in a dark grey three-piece suit with a blue shirt and a striped tie, came around his desk and leaned against it, just inches from the naked teen kneeling on his carpet.


"Well, Shannon, what will it be?"


Shannon raised her face and made eye contact with the man, her bright blue eyes looking for some sympathy from the heartless principal. She saw none.


"Sir, is there some other way?"


Mr. Jones drew a big sigh. "Miss Malone, we have been over this. There is one way to do this. What will it be?"


Tears started streaming out of the naked girls' eyes and down her cheeks. She turned and saw a look of wonder on Carrie's face as her friend tried to figure out what was happening. She saw her best friend sitting there, her legs crossed demurely at her knee, her arms folded over her chest, an obvious attempt to keep her breasts and hard nipples (it was cold) from the view of the man in the room.


"Okay, I'll do it," Shannon said softly, her body racked with sobs by what she had just done.


"Do what? Shannon, what's going on?"


"Well, Miss Bartlett, your friend here has just agreed to be naked for the rest of her time here at St. Mark's completely naked in exchange for you not having to be stripped today. She's a good friend isn't she?"


Sobs escaped from Shannon's throat as she knelt there in tremendous emotional pain. Carrie stared at her friend's naked back, realizing the tremendous sacrifice Shannon had just completed.


"Shannon, just sign this document and your new uniform regulation will go into effect. Since there is not an infraction to punish you for, you must sign this agreement."


He slid a piece of paper over to the edge of his desk and motioned Shannon to crawl over towards it, holding a pen out to her. She took it in her trembling hand and was about to sign when...


"Wait, stop. You can't do this!"


"Miss Bartlett, this is between me and Miss Malone. Please keep quiet."


"NO! I will not allow her to take this for me. She's done this for me her whole life and I owe her. I will take my own punishment."


Shannon shook her head. "No Carrie, you don't know how awful it is. Please let me do this."


"NO! I have to do this. Please Shannon, I can't be the reason for you being naked the rest of your high school career. Mr. Jones, I'll take my own punishment please."


The principal and Shannon looked shocked at the strong words from Carrie Bartlett. She was always so quiet but now was standing up for her friend.


"Carrie, are you sure? I can take it, I've already done it for a week. Can you do it?"


"Oh God, I don't know, but I'm going to try."


"well, Miss Bartlett, you have more of a spine than I thought. Excuse me for a second. Shannon, you may rip up that agreement since we will not be needing it."


The man brushed past the naked girl and out into the secretary's office. Shannon ripped up the agreement and rushed over to where her friend was sitting to give her a big hug.


"Oh Carrie, thank you for saving me."


"Thank me? Jesus Shannon, you were willing to go naked for the next year and a half for me. Christ, you're the best friend ever!"


They heard the noise of the loudspeaker come on...


"Please pardon the interruption teachers and boys and girls. There has been a slight change in our schedule. There will be another punishment assembly prior to first period. Miss Carrie Bartlett will be stripped naked in the auditorium."


The two girls squeezed harder..."Oh God, what have I done," Carrie whispered.




Mr. Jones entered his office again and saw the two girls embracing. Of course his penis jumped a bit inside of his pants as he saw the erotic sight of a naked girl hugging her friend.


"Back to your position please Miss Malone," he said briskly as he went behind his desk. He saw the two girls release each other and watched the naked teen drop to her knees in front of him again, a very erotic sight.


"Now, Miss Bartlett, you can wait here for a few minutes and think about your fate. We're heading to the assembly in three minutes."


The two girls waited there in agony...Shannon for her friend and Carrie awaiting her fate. The nude girl knelt there knowing the humiliation and shame that her best friend was about to suffer. In fact, she not only knew it but was living it every day. She just hoped that Carrie would make it ok.


"Alright girls," Mr. Jones said, looking at his watch. "Let's go. Shannon, of course, you will help with the disrobing."


Shannon groaned but was met with a smile by the man. He grabbed her by the arm and helped her up and then told the girls to follow him.


They did, the naked girl right behind him and her soon-to-be-naked friend at her heels worried about the next few minutes. She hadn't even begun to process the next few days. She wondered what the duration of the punishment would be.


Carrie's stomach lurched when Mr. Jones opened the auditorium door and she heard the wall of noise fill the hallway. Oh God, she thought, nude at school. She never thought it could happen to her!


Shannon's nerves were equally shot. No matter how many times she had done this, no matter how many people had seen her nude body, this was always terrible. When the fact that Carrie was with her and about to experience her own torment was added in, Shannon's legs started to quiver.


As soon as the two girls entered behind Mr. Jones, the jeers and cheers started. The teachers tried mightily to stop the misbehavior but the sight of a nude girl and the thought of her clothed friend soon be naked was more than even the teachers could handle.


Both girls were ashen as they headed down the side aisle towards the steps leading to the stage. Shannon felt every step with her bare feet and the draft coming around the large room. Carrie felt it too, noticing her skirt blowing in the breeze. She blushed even more of a red in her face when she realized that all people's views were soon going to be on those places where only the breeze was going on.


They climbed onto the stage and stood to the left of Mr. Jones. Shannon, though used to the exposure, was still unsettled in front of the whole school. Carrie had never been this front and center. Sure, she had been on stage for the plays at school but that was a little theater. This was the auditorium with hundreds of people and they were about to see something that only a handful of people had ever seen...her naked body!


Besides her face, the only parts of Carrie's skin being seen currently were her hands, knees and about a half of an inch of thigh. She had her blue socks pulled up to just below her knees and, unlike most of the girls in the school, her skirt was a modest length, cut just above her knee. She wore a long-sleeve white blouse and a plaid tartan skirt, along with her school saddle shoes. Right now, she was the perfect picture of a nice Catholic School girl...the poster child for the uniform regulations. Soon, she would be like her best friend Shannon, a poster child for St. Mark's new punishment regiment.


"Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry to have had to call you all together yet again," Mr. Jones said from the podium. "I had hoped that this new punishment would be a deterrent. Obviously it has for many of you since there is only one student currently naked."


Those few in the audience who were not staring at Shannon now looked her way, causing her to blush again. Damn that blushing, she thought. It's bad enough to be humiliated every hour of every day. Does everyone have to know about it?


"But, I can tell that some others think it won't happen to them. I am sure Miss Bartlett here was in that category. Well, she is about to find out that it not only can happen to her, but it is going to today."


Some hoots and hollers went up from the crowd. Carrie wanted to run away and hide forever but knew that was no use. Her parents had accepted this punishment for her and would never accept her leaving school. She had to accept the punishment and try and do as well with it as Shannon seemed to.


"For insolence to a faculty member and behavior off campus that caused embarrassment to our fine institution, Carrie Bartlett is sentenced to one full week of total nudity."


A gasp rose up from the crowd and an anguished groan from Carrie. Shannon could not believe it.


"Now, now, that may sound like a lot, but this punishment is fitting because her actions brought negative feelings towards St. Mark's off-campus. Even though Miss Bartlett has been a model student for her first two and a half years here, that is no reason to not punish her as severely as I should."


The crowd was still least with Shannon the six weeks seemed justified. She had skipped school and lied about it so her punishment made sense. This was out of control...the kids that had been caught smoking at school had gotten one day for the two first timers and two days for the second time offender.

"Now, Miss Malone, would you please begin stripping Miss Bartlett."




Shannon hesitated.


"Miss Malone, you had the chance to stop this and did not do it. Please begin stripping her."


The naked girl walked in front of her best friend, tears flowing down both faces. She mouthed words "sorry" and Carrie nodded. Shannon crouched down at her knees and began to untie Carrie's shoes, slipping them off one at a time and handing each one to Mr. Jones, who put them into a bag.


Shannon then pulled down Carrie's knee socks, hearing the hoots from the crowd as more and more of Carrie's legs came into view. She has nice legs, Shannon thought, though she was always so shy she never showed them off.


"What next," she whispered to the girl after handing the socks to Mr. Jones.


"Oh God, do the blouse," Carrie whispered back. Shannon thought it was a strange choice since the blouse provided more covering than the little skirt. But this was Carrie's decision so she went along with it.


The sight of the naked girl unbuttoning the blouse of her best friend was a lot for the boys (and some girls) in the room to handle. Instead of the hoots and hollers from before, there was now more reverent silence, as they admired what was coming into view.


Shannon's shaking hands struggled with the buttons. She got down to the waistband of Carrie's skirt and pulled the rest of the blouse out to finish unbuttoning. She saw that Carrie was wearing a conservative white cotton bra that was filled quite well with blooming breasts. Shannon pulled the blouse off of the girl's arms and revealed the bra-covered breasts to the entire room.


Well now, Mr. Jones thought, that Carrie's been holding out. What a nice pair of breasts. Her outfits never even hinted at that...she must be a 34B or C. Not being a breast man, he was only guessing but would be sure to check her bra tag.


Shannon bent over to unzip Carrie's skirt but felt the girl's hand stop her. "My bra next," she whispered. This puzzled the naked girl...why would Carrie intentionally choose to show her tits off earlier than she had to. Shannon had wanted to delay the inevitable as long as possible. "Are you sure," she asked and Carrie nodded. Shannon started to walk around behind the girl but Mr. Jones stopped her.


"Undo it from in front of her please," he said. Shannon grimaced and shot a dirty look at the principal who smirked.

She came back around in front of Carrie and got close to her. By the time she could reach the bra clasp in back, her bare breasts were pressed against her best friend's smooth skin. This felt nice, Carrie's skin was so soft. What was she thinking? Stop it! IT'S CARRIE AND WE'RE BEING HUMILIATED. But there was no stopping the moisture accumulating at her bare pussy.


Carrie felt it too and closed her eyes, too mortified to look out. But that practice was cut short by Mr. Jones, who coughed a warning to the two friends. Finally the clasp came undone and Shannon started pulling the bra down Carrie's arms and off. Neither of them could look each other in the eye as Carrie now stood topless with just her skirt and panties on.


The crowd oohed and uhhed at the sight of the girl's breasts. They were spectacular...round and perfectly shaped. They stood firm, not an inch of sag on her pale body. Her nipples were pointy and the size of a dime. Almost all of the boys would have agreed...they were the nicest breasts they had ever seen and they never would have suspected that they belonged to this girl who wore baggy sweaters. From the waist up, this girl was definitely quality, possessing breasts like those seen only in magazines.


Shannon was equally impressed by her friend's endowments. She hadn't seen them in a while and hadn't realized what was there. Why was Carrie so reluctant to show them off?


For Carrie, this whole experience was a nightmare. She wanted to grab Mr. Jones' coat, wrap it around herself and run for her car and home, if her car was even still out there. After all, Shannon's car had been sent home after her punishment.


Carrie knew her breasts were very pretty, after all boys had been looking at them for a while. Not all of the boys, because she was a nice Catholic girl who rarely showed them off, but at the beach or the pool, in her bathing suit, they looked. And the boys in the play, who had seen her in different forms of disrobing for shows had looked and appreciated them as well.


But she had always been self conscious about them and how they make her feel. Her family was a strict Catholic one, her father had been in the seminary, her mother had spent five years in a convent before they both had left. In her house, there was no cable TV, no fashion magazines, no smutty novels. She and her four sisters were under very strict make up, no miniskirts, no pants at church, no two-piece bathing suits, no skimpy underwear. Her two brothers had it a little bit easier but not much. She had been taught that displaying her body was sinful and she should remain clothed at all times.


She had looked longingly at other girls as they wore short skirts to show off their legs. She could never do it...even when friends like Shannon offered to lend her clothes, she just felt funny showing off. Her only concession was one pair of panties that she had bought...a naughty pair of red lacy thongs. She wasn't sure why she bought them but they had been such a turnon. She had seen them in Victoria's Secret one time with Shannon but hadn't bought them then. She went back alone and made the purchase, enjoying the feel and look only in her most private moments. She had only worn them in the privacy of her own room...until today.


She didn't know what had come over her this morning, but she felt a little horny. Even a strict Catholic girl was entitled to her fantasy life. She had woken up with wet panties and a wet nightshirt...she had dreamt of one of the boys in the play, Craig. He was so cute and sweet...she had imagined him in one of his tight t-shirts, sweating as he helped construct the set, his tight butt in his jeans, his muscular legs and adorable crooked smile. He was the total male package and he seemed to like her. She imagined them having sex on the catwalks above the stage, him gentle, nothing like the insensitive pig Eric Gorbo.


The alarm had ended that dream but the tingling in her sex had remained. She was so hot and wanting to be fucked that she decided to slide her fingers down there. She rubbed her lips and was about to cum when he door flew open and her mother poked her head in.


"Rise and shine sleepy're going to be late for school."


Carrie had quickly pulled her hand away as her mother came into her room and opened the curtains to let the sunshine in. As Mrs. Bartlett walked into the room, she sniffed the air.


"Wow, what is that odor. Maybe while you are at school, we'll air this room out. Something stinks."


Carrie blushed at the knowledge that the smell was her and her sexual frustration. She wanted to stay buried under her covers but her mother would not allow it and pulled them off, forcing the young girl to get out of bed. Carrie got her feet on the floor quickly and raced to the bathroom, grateful that it was empty. She turned the water on, undressed and quickly showered, temporarily forgetting about her arousal. But once she got back to her room and removed her towel, it came back. She felt the tingling and decided to be a bot naughty. She grabbed the wadded up lace from between her mattress and boxspring and pulled them on quickly, not wanting her mother to see. She then hurriedly pulled on her skirt to cover up and was just in the nick of time. Her mother came through the door, again without knocking, seeing her daughter half naked.


"Come on Carrie Elizabeth, we do not have all day here. You will be late. Put some clothes on, what if I had been your father or brother."


Carrie didn't even begin to say that her mother should have knocked. She had come to accept the disregard for privacy in her house. She was just thankful that she had the time to put on her skirt so her mother did not see the sexy lacy panties. They felt so nice against her wet sex, brushing the sparse pubic hair and her puffy lips, engorged a bit her fingers earlier.


She quickly grabbed her boring cotton bra and buttoned up her blouse. Because of the lateness, she grabbed socks instead of tights and put on her shoes. Turns it, it had been a huge mistake.


One of the rules that the school had imposed was dress code and, even though it was nearly unenforceable, there was even a guideline for underwear. Boys were to wear white briefs or single colored boxers and white undershirt in regular sleeved or tank variety. Girls were allowed cotton panties and bra and no thongs. Lace and silk were illegal and punishable. Most of the students laughed at the rules, figuring that no teacher or administrator would ever know what kind of panties or underpants a student wore. But now, Carrie was going to pay the price.


"Interesting choice, Miss Bartlett," Mr. Jones said into the microphone. "I would think most women would rather have her breasts covered until the last moment, but you must like showing them around. Most girls do, even our nice girls. You are no different...look at how quickly your nipples sprang out like little erasers. Obviously you are glad for the opportunity to show your breasts off to the entire school."


The topless girl shook her head no, but the laughter of the audience came over her. She was mortified.


"Now, let us see that part that Miss Bartlett was so reluctant to show us. What is that skirt hiding? Miss Malone, if you please."




The moment of truth for the mostly naked girl had come...Carrie Bartlett, who hadn't been naked in front of anyone but her sisters and mother in years, was about to be completely bare in front of the entire school. And she was about to have punishment heaped on because of her panty choice.


Her naked friend, Shannon, crouched over at the knees and unzipped the skirt and dropped it around Carrie's feet as the entire crowd gasped. Everyone saw the blatant disregard for the underwear rule...her red lace panties pulled tight over her dripping, swollen lips and her wispy pubes. She started to cry, knowing that her humiliation was going to be extended. She never intended for anyone to see them.


"Well, Miss Bartlett, you are a very naughty girl, aren't you? Seems like you have broken yet another rule. Can anyone tell me what Miss Bartlett has done wrong this time? Yes, you young lady."


"Um, she's wearing sexy panties."


The crowd laughed and the girl answering blushed, not expecting the reaction.


"Well, yes, you are right. But more pointedly, she is wearing panties that are against the regulations of the school. Some people think the white cotton panties are sexy too...just being sexy is not the crime here. It's the fact that red lacy panties are not cotton panties."


The crowd nodded, better understanding the rule.


"Now, Miss Malone, if you would please remove the offending garment and then I will explain the additional punishment."


Shannon knelt down in front of her almost equally naked friend and hooked her fingers in the waistband of Carrie's flimsy panties and pulled them down her smooth legs. She saw that the sparse hair above Carrie's pussy covered nothing and that the pussy lips were full, plump and slightly gaping.


Carrie lifted each of her feet and stood there completely naked in front of everyone. She felt the unfamiliar breeze on her bare pussy and started to dry sob.


"Now, Miss Bartlett, you will be naked for the next week. If you had been wearing appropriate panties today, you would have received all of your clothes back next Tuesday. Instead, you will receive your bra and blouse back, along with your socks and shoes. You will remain bottomless for another full week and your blouse may not cover your vagina or anus. Is that clear miss?"


Carrie nodded through her mess of tears.


"Then, the third week, you will receive your skirt back but no panties. During that week, anyone who cares to inspect to see whether you are wearing panties may do so and you will comply and show them everything. Understood?"


More tears and a groan from Carrie but again she nodded.


"Finally, you and Miss Lynch will be excused from your first class to help in a demonstration. Please report to the theater when this assembly is over."


Both naked girls shivered, knowing that whatever waited for them in the theater was not going to be good.


"And speaking of the theater, this is a good time to remind all of you that the drama club is performing three shows of "Grease" starring young Carrie Bartlett as Sandy this weekend. And I can assure you, she will be acting as you see her currently."


"OH GOD NO! Please!"


Carrie was shaking and fell to her knees. Shannon knelt next to her and grabbed her tight and gave her a huge hug. The crowd, especially the boys were extra turned on by the display.


"Okay, everyone, the assembly is over. Miss Malone and Miss Bartlett, if you will please make your way to the theater."


Shannon got to her feet first and took Carrie's hand. The newly naked girl was shaking violently, her legs were like jelly.


"Oh God, Shannon, I have to act in the play nude. I can't, I won't!"


"Carrie, you know you have no choice. Just relax, you'll get used to it."


The two girls scampered down the steps, trailing behind the last group of students to exit the room. Mr. Jones watched them go, loving the sight of two bare butts and naked flesh going. He still had the offending panties in his hand and held them up to his nose to smell the young girl's excitement. He took a long breath, inhaling the odor of the Gods and then stuffed them into his pocket. These would be hung on the bulletin board outside of his office as an example of inappropriate underwear...well, they would be hung after he used them for something else. He made his way to his private bathroom to take care of some business.