Surprise Assembly

by katie


The two clothed teens got out of their chair and left the office. Shannon began to get off of her knees and follow when she was stopped by the principal.
"Shannon, let me make this clear. You WILL be the smiling representative of this school today, extolling our virtues and telling everyone that you are SO HAPPY here, even naked. Do you understand?"
"And if I don't," she asked.
"I personally guarantee that if Father Haglin gives you a bad report today, your chances of EVER wearing a uniform in this school again are none, do you understand that Miss Malone?"
The girl started tearing again, knowing that he had her.
"And please do not test me Miss. You may go and be a good girl."
Shannon got to her feet and made her way out of the office. She noticed that Father Haglin was already speaking to Carrie and Jay.
"Oh good Shannon, you are ready. Let's go, you may leave your bookbags here."
Shannon didn't want to lose her bag, the only form of cover she had on this trip but reluctantly relinquished it to Mrs. Phillips, the secretary who now hated her. The three students trudged out of the office.
"Wait, I need my coat, I'll freeze out there without it," Carrie said. Then she stopped and looked at Shannon. "Oh God, Shannon, I'm sorry, I forgot, I mean, I, uh..."
"No, don't worry about it Carrie," Father Haglin said, "Just because young Shannon here cannot wear a coat doesn't mean that you two can't. I am certainly planning to wear one. Shannon and I will wait here while you two run to your lockers and grab your coats."
Shannon was uncomfortable with this reminder of her nudity. She stood there, her bare feet on the smooth tile of the hallway, as Father Haglin made small talk with her about the basketball game, etc. She saw his eyes devour her nude body and she cringed...wasn't he a priest? Shouldn't she be safe with him?
Finally Carrie and Jay came back, coats on ready to brave the winter's day. Shannon longed for her coat for any covering.
The foursome, a priest, two students in uniform and one naked girl, exited the school. Instead of heading for the parking lot, Father Haglin led them towards the street corner. Shannon was shocked, had expected to be driven in Father's car. The other two students didn't seem surprised.
"Excuse me Father, where are we going?"
"To the bus stop Shannon, remember? Oh Gosh, I forgot you were still in with Mr. Jones. I take public transportation to each of these shows to exhibit to the public that we understand how difficult it can be to get here."
Shannon groaned at the thought of being naked on a public bus. Carrie eased over towards her and the two hung back a few steps while Father and Jay discussed the school's football team.
"This is awful Shan, I feel so bad for you."
"Thanks Carrie. I don't know how I will get through it."
"Maybe it won't be so bad in the middle of the day."
Shannon knew it would be awful, even in the middle of the day...that was the way her luck was holding lately.
They crossed the nearly deserted street and caught up with the two men and the four waited for the bus. What an odd sight they must have made, thought Shannon, two students, a pries (in his black outfit and collar) and a nude girl.
A number of cars drove by, a few horns blared at the sight of the naked Shannon. She wanted to die but Carrie did her best to shield her from the prying eyes but she was just a small girl and the area left unblocked was large. Jay and Father Haglin made no attempt to shield her and Shannon thought that Jay was enjoying this an awful lot as he cast smirking looks over at her. God, she had thought he was so cute and sweet and nice. She guessed that being naked shows the real side of people.
Finally the bus pulled up to their stop and the door opened.
"Holy crap, oh God, excuse me Father, it's just she's gorgeous and she's naked. What's going on?"
"Don't worry about it...I know it's a bit of a shock. This is Shannon Malone, one of our students. She's under a special punishment."
Great, Shannon thought, this total stranger now knows my name. Just another humiliation for her.
Father motioned for her to lead the way onto the bus. She climbed up, feeling the ridged floor against her bare feet. As she got on, she heard the gasps...there was a full bus load of people, most of them senior citizens but a few young mothers and their children. The mothers were trying to shield their children from this offensive sight.
Father Haglin paid their fares. Shannon desperately wanted to sit right up front and get out of the way but there were no seats. She started towards the back, feeling every eye on her. Many were whispering and pointing at her, some (especially the women) were glaring at her, treating her as if she were the lowest form of life.
There were no seats and no one offered to move for her to sit. So she stood there, holding a pole, trying to press up against Carrie for shelter and support. She felt a hand touch her bare ass and she spun to see a little boy touching her. The boy's mother quickly pulled him back away from the nude girl.
Poor Shannon lerched with each movement of the bus. Many of the men appreciated how her tits bounced when the bus hit potholes. The bus stopped at the next stop and some of the seats opened up. Unfortunately, not before many exiting brushed up against the naked girl and one even groped her, giving her a smirk. As Shannon went to sit Fahter Haglin grabbed both seats instead, one for himself and the other for his briefcase. Another seat opened but Jay sat there and his feet up on the other, smiling broadly at Shannon.
"Jay, may I please sit," she asked sweetly, begging with her eyes. Please have some compassion, she wanted to add.
"No, sorry Shannon, but I need to seat for my feet. I'm too tall for these seats. Maybe another seat will open up."
Now both Carrie and Shannon glared at the boy who was having fun with Shannon's predicament. Finally, at the next stop, two seats together opened up and Shannon scurried after it, pushing up against the window, thanking God that it was tinted. Carrie sat in the aisle seat, protecting Shannon from view that way.
No one new got on the bus and eventually the other riders lost outward interest. Oh some still gawked at the girl's bobbing tits but most of the hubbub was gone.
Finally Shannon noticed that their stop was coming up but was surprised that Father pulled the string so soon. "I hope you don't mind getting off one stop early...I like to walk on nice brisk days like this."
Yes, Shannon wanted to scream, I DO MIND! I AM NAKED! Instead she nodded meekly and followed the other three down the aisle towards the front. The bus stopped suddenly and she fell into Jay, who enjoyed the impact of her naked tits into his back.
"Sorry," she blurted out without thinking.
"Oh it was my pleasure," he laughed. Why did she apologize to that monster, she wondered.
"Have a nice day and feel free to ride with me anytime, especially you young lady. I've got a good ride for you if you know what I mean," the driver joked. Shannon wanted to shrivel up and die.
"You pervert," Carrie said.
"But..." Carrie stammered.
Carrie's face was bright red in embarrassment and anger but she knew better than to continue arguing with the priest.
"Please sir, accept my apologies."
"Sure Miss. Maybe next time you can be dressed like your friend here," the driver said laughing. He was joined by Jay and Father Haglin in his laughter.
The group got off the bus. Shannon immediately felt the cold air hit her and the hard sidewalk under her bare feet. She wanted to run towards the school but knew that Father would not allow it. The priest was still angry from his encounter with Carrie and she knew better than to push her luck.
"Sorry you got into trouble Carrie," Shannon whispered.
The priest then motioned for the mortified girls to walk ahead while he and Jay, deep in conversation, walked behind. Shannon and Carrie tried to stifle their tears at this turn of events...they had always heard nice things about Father Haglin...why was he being so mean to them.
The forced silence left Shannon alone in her thoughts as they headed towards the school. This was an embarrassment on par with any she had experienced in the last week. To be nude and headed to that place where she had always felt so comfortable and enjoyed hanging out with her friends. Now she was an example of what would happen to a student when she does wrong.
Finally they turned the corner and could see the mall. The parking lots weren't too crowded with it being the middle of the day.
They walked up the blacktopped parking lot towards the mall entrance. Her church, the scene of her humiliation yesterday, was attached. She cringed, remembering the scene from mass. They made their way up to the front door and went in.
Shannon was shocked as she was met by the clamor of the inside of the mall. There were hundreds of people inside, many of whom were from other schools. The sight of the naked Shannon Malone caused an audible gasp from the gathered. Shannon lowered her head and followed after Father Haglin, trying to blend in with her two schoolmates and priest, an impossible task in her nude state.
"Oh dear God," a sharply dressed woman said. "Father, what is the meaning of this?"
"Ah, Miss Tarelton, this is Shannon Malone, one of our top athletes and students. She is a fine representative of our school."
"Oh cut the crap Father, you know what I am talking about," the woman yelled, her anger rising sharply. "She's naked in the middle of a mall. Not exactly normal behavior from a high school girl is it? This is unacceptable."
The woman's voice caused many to gather around. Shannon wanted nothing more than to run into a store and throw on some clothes. Instead she stood there, bare naked on display for those watching. She saw the angry woman looking at her in disgust and wanted to switch places. Oh what I wouldn't give to be wearing that nice skirt and blouse and jacket. Even her painful-looking four-inch heels and pantyhose were source of envy for the naked girl.
"Miss Tarelton, Miss Malone here is an example of our new discipline regiment at St. Mark's. I would think you would know all about it since you are an alumna."
"Father, no one was ever naked when I went to St. Mark's."
The attractive woman stood silent for a moment.
"Why don't I go and get her a robe from one of our stores. That way she could still stand out but still be decent. She could then explain why she was not in uniform but wearing a robe. It could be a skimpy robe even."
Shannon's face brightened...a glimmer of hope. The group from St. Mark's and the PR person from Franklin Mall were now the objects of everyone's attention. Shannon began praying for Father Haglin to accept this offer...after all, it would still be skimpy and she would still be mostly on display. Just those offensive parts of her would be covered. She looked at Father, trying to read his mind.
"That will not be necessary. Shannon broke a very important rule and is now being punished. She is an excellent example of our discipline and one of the reasons she is here. Also, she is one of our finest students and our best female athlete, all things your students should be interested in."
Monica Tarelton looked at the nude girl, not even noticing Jay and Carrie standing off to the side.
"Oh I don't know. I'm not sure I can, in good conscience, allow our mall to be a part of this."
Shannon wanted to wrap her arms around the woman and thank her. "I could stay here in your office miss so that no one sees me," Shannon said hopefully.
"That is unacceptable...she is part of this presentation. The rules state she must fulfill all requirements that would be asked of her if she were not naked. She still would have been a part of this demonstration even if she was in uniform. The fact that she isn't makes no difference to me."
Monica looked at the priest and nodded her head. "I suppose you are right Father, as always. OK, it's your show. But you have to explain it to the patrons and to the police or any media that show up, not me."
The breath went out of Shannon again. Another failure...another loss.
"Wonderful. Now Monica, if you will please direct us to the location of this demonstration of our fine school, we can set up."


The pretty mall employee led the priest and his three students, including the very naked and humiliated Shannon Malone, to one of the many tables in the center court of the mall. Here Shannon saw several other tables, belonging to many of the local schools in the area.
Shannon stood there, next to Jay and Carrie, trying to blend in. She heard some comments from boys from another school, located right behind them.
"We always called it St. Pussy, now it's really true" the one boy said loud enough for the three St. Mark's students to hear. The boy and his friends laughed loudly.
"Want to transfer to honey, I can be your mentor," another voice said.
"This is all your fault," Jay hissed at Shannon in a whisper. "Because of you I have to stand here humiliated in front of all of these people. What a bitch!"
Shannon glared at him and started to say something back when Father said, "Shannon, come and help me with this stuff please. I need another pair of hands."
Shannon wanted to ask why it had to be her but went along. She helped Father lay out the table cover that said St. Mark's Catholic School on it.
"Miss Malone, grab all of the pamphlets in that box on the floor and lay them out please."
She groaned knowing the show she was going to be putting on for the boys nearby but knew she had no choice but to comply. She began the process, bending over at the waist to pick up the bundles of pamphlets in the box and laying them out on the table where the tablecloth had been put down. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw that every head was directed at her and she felt the view of dozens of boys and even some girls on her private parts. Jay was getting an up close view, sitting just inches from where her ass and pussy were on display.
"I'll help you," Carrie said, earning a look of thanks from the naked girl. Father gave a disapproving look but said nothing. Finally all of the brochures and pamphlets were on display and the box was empty. There were three metal folding chairs set up behind the table. Carrie sat in the one next to Jay and Shannon went to sit next to her.
"Excuse me Shannon, but that chair is for me," Father Haglin said.
"But, Father, were will I sit," the nude teen asked.
"You have no need to sit. You will stand in front of the tables and hand out our pamphlets and answer any questions. We will sit here and direct people to you and answer any questions from back here."
Oh God, she thought...this was even worse. Instead of sitting with her friend behind a table, she was going to be wandering out among the people. This naked teenage girl mixing with clothed men, women and children. And she was going to have to hold conversations and ask questions.
"Please Father, please let me stay back here with you. I'll answer questions but I'm not comfortable being out in front of the table."
"I'm sorry to hear that Shannon but that is your job here today. It's a shame that your current condition makes your feel uncomfortable but that is your problem not mine. If you refuse, then the punishment will be worse, I can guarantee it."
Shannon hung her head in defeat. When she looked up, she noticed a crowd had gathered near their table. Father Haglin handed her a pile of pamphlets and nodded his head towards the crowd.
Tentatively, she took steps towards the growing crowd, which was made up of 90 percent males. Never had she felt her nudity more...she felt the cold tile floor beneath her feet...she felt the draft from the mall hitting her bare slit and tits, causing her nipples to threaten to burst...she felt the eyes on her naked body, drinking in her entire if they could see every part of her inside and out.
Within a few seconds they had moved forward until there was no space between them. She began handing the pamphlets out but more than a few hands swiped at her bare tits and belly. She felt the hands touching her from the front, under the guise of getting information. She looked back, hoping that Father Haglin would save her from this but she saw his amused grin and knew she was on her own.
Finally Father said, "Please feel free to ask Shannon some questions about our school."
The group began to throw questions at the girl, who somehow had to answer them while getting groped.
"Yes there are a lot of activities to get involved in...(oh God, she thought as a finger slipped dangerously close to her bare slit)...there are tracks, I'm in the honors track...(Jesus, doesn't anyone see where they're putting their hands)...well, there are several plays and musicals (this one kid's hand is going places my gyn hasn't been)...yes, I play basketball and I'm a cheerleader...(oh God, that felt good)...I don't think I could give a display of my cheerleading...there's no place to go...(oh God, why am I getting wet down there)."
The boys all smiled, especially those who had felt her pussy. They knew what was going on...her body was betraying her.
"Excuse me Shannon, I think you could a few routines right here...boys give her some room."
She gasped in relief and some frustration...the anonymous hands had touched some nice spots and while she desperately wanted them to stop, a small part of her had enjoyed their touch.
But then she realized it...Father Haglin wanted her to draw even more attention to herself (if that were possible). She looked at him, pleading with her eyes to get out of this, but the priest looked at her with a stern face and she knew no mercy was coming.
"Um, I uh don't have pom poms or anything."
"That's okay Shannon, just pretend."
She looked and saw Jay's face perked up in interest. And she saw Carrie's pained look as she watched her best friend's humiliation.
"Ok, ah...let's go St. Mark's..."
She started into a cheer, doing the routine that goes with it. The boys watching achieved instant arousal...her tits were bouncing, her bare legs and arms moving all around. She was a blur of nude movement, cheering.
Lost in the midst of the cheer, concentrating on her movements and the words being shouted from her mouth, Shannon had almost forgotten her situation. She was going on instinct as she moved.
The routine ended with a high kick of her right leg, which came up past over her head and then down. Shannon ended by raising her hand in the air and screaming, "Whoo, St. Mark's number one!"
Shannon was on her tiptoes, forgetting her state. All of a sudden, it came flooding back to her. Her nudity, forgotten moments ago, was now front and center. Her body gleaned with sweat, her chest heaved as she caught her breath. She wanted to curl up into a ball.
"Wonderful Shannon. Gentlemen, take our card...they have Shannon's school e-mail address on them. If you have any questions, please ask her. She's happy to correspond with all of you."
Father had the cards at the table and the 25 or so boys pushed past her towards the table, taking the cards from Father Haglin, Jay and even Carrie, who had been prodded into action by the priest.
The boys gave a final look at Shannon and thank her for her time. She blushed and looked at the ground, trying to ignore the eyes that were pouring into her. Finally she saw no more feet around her and looked up, surprised to find herself alone in front of the tables.
"Wonderful job Shannon, wonderful. A great commercial for our school. I am sure those gentlemen will be sending a lot of questions and comments your way. Please reply to all of them and encourage their frequent replies. And also, please copy them to my e-mail address and Mr. Jones so that we can be sure you are completing the task."
She closed her eyes and grimaced. Now she would be forced to remain in contact with the perverts who had seen her in all of her naked glory.
Shannon now had a more pressing problem...she had to pee. She hadn't gone all day, after the incident at the jail and then going to school. She was also hungry but more pressing now was the bathroom.
"Excuse me Father Haglin, but I need to use the ladies room. May I go?"
The priest looked up from some paperwork.
"That is the problem with can't hold it in?"
The naked girl shook her head, now afraid of leaking her urine all over the floor. With no panties blocking it, she couldn't even lose a drip without it being noticed.
"Very well, come with me. Carrie and Jay, man the booth here."
The priest came around the table, took Shannon by the arm and led her towards the hallway marked restrooms. The naked girl was surprised by the motion but couldn't worry about it. She was working too hard to try and keep up.
Father led her past the ladies room entrance.
"Father, stop, the ladies room is here..."
"You are not using the ladies' room Shannon. You will pee in the men's room."
Shannon was shocked as the priest pushed open the men's room door and led her into the bathroom where the walls were lined with urinals. She had never been in a men's bathroom but knew what a urinal was and felt disgusted at being there.
"Mr. Jones said I was to look out for you and after the display you put on out there with those boys I worried about your safety. Therefore, since I cannot go into the girls' room, you have to go in here."
Shannon felt dirty in the room. The ladies room seemed so much nicer...with stalls for privacy. She noticed that there were few stalls here and they were towards the back.
"Please Father, I'll take responsibility for my own safety. Just please let me go to the ladies room."
"Shannon, your choices are clear. Do your business here in the men's room or hold it in. Maybe there's a bush outside the mall that needs watering on our way out."
Oh God, not outside, she thought. This was much better than that. She started walking towards the back where the stalls were, thanking God the bathroom was empty.
"Where are you going Miss?"
"To use the stall Father."
"Oh no, I'm afraid that is not possible. After all, I can't see you if you go into the stall and would make this whole thing pointless. You may use the urinal...after all there's no danger of splashing onto your clothes."
Fresh tears came to her eyes and streamed down her cheeks. She had thought she was becoming immune to the humiliations...that nothing could drag her down further. But here she was, faced with the task of peeing in a men's bathroom into a urinal with a priest watching.
She went over to the wall of urinals and was happy to see that they reached to the floor. She put her bare feet on the grimy tile floor on either side of the porcelain urinal, pushed her pelvis out and reached her fingers down to push her pussy lips apart to let her pee flow. She closed her eyes but heard the stream of pee hit the urinal in a flurry. She had to pee badly and was surprised at the force of it. Of course she had always peed into a toilet and never realized what this was like.
With her eyes closed she tried to block out the fact that Father Haglin was there at her side. But her eyes flew open when she heard the door open.
"Holy shit," the voice said, "it's the girl from St. Mark's and she's pissing in the men's room. CHECK THIS OUT!"
Shannon looked over at the door and saw about five guys enter the bathroom. She wanted to stop and cover up but she couldn't stop the stream of piss flowing out of her. The boys got real close, watching the spread open girl as she peed. She saw the boys, just a few inches from her hand was spreading her pussy. She thought the whole act was gross beyond belief but the boys seemed turned on. Men are so weird she thought and disgusting.
Finally all of the pee was out and her bladder was empty. Red faced she pulled her hand away and pulled her feet together.
"Father, I need to wipe."
"By all means...would one of you gentlemen mind going into the stalls and getting Shannon here some toilet paper so that she can wipe her wet vagina?"
There was a fight as the five boys all scurried towards the stalls and ripped toilet paper off and quickly returned it to her. "Now Shannon, use all of the toilet paper and thank the boys for doing you such a big favor."
Shannon reached for the paper closest to her. "Thank you for doing me such a big favor," she whispered to the boy. She took the paper, rolled it into a ball and wiped her slit of the excess pee.
She then went around the circle and did it four more times, wiping herself completely dry and raw.
She now had the dirty paper in her left hand. "Shannon, go and flush that paper down the toilet. Hurry."
The girl padded over to the stall with her bare feet and dropped the balled up paper into the toilet and flushed. The six males in the room never took their eyes off the nude girl. Shannon tried to ignore their gawking and hurried over to wash her hands. She had to bend at the waist a bit to get at the soap, giving the onlookers a great view of her bare ass and her slit poking out from behind. Finally she dried her hands and stood there waiting for a sign from Father.
"Thank you for your help gentlemen, I am sure Shannon agrees with me that your help was most welcome. Right Shannon?"
Shannon did not agree but nodded anyway, mumbling, "yeah, thank you." She followed the priest out the door but not fast enough as one of the boys pinched her bare assm, causing her to yelp.
"DEAR GOD MISS MALONE, you are such a poorly behaved young woman. Can't you please stop calling attention to yourself. Just behave instead of making these noises."
Shannon started crying again. This was not her fault. She followed along behind the priest as they made their way back to the St. Mark's table. Carrie immediately knew that something had happened and hugged the naked girl, causing some of the other kids to smirk and make cat calls. "Yeah ladies...we like girl girl action."
Father Haglin begant he process of packing up, calling on Shannon to do almost all of the work and certainly anything that required lifting, bending or exposing herself to the largest amount of people. Finally his briefcase was packed and they made their way out of the mall. All of the shoppers they passed gasped and stared at the young woman. They stopped at the mall office and said goodbye to Monica, who looked happy.
"Any complaints from the customers," Father asked.
"Not one, but I did get a few asking when we were doing this again and would the naked girl be here. I hope we can work something out Father," Monica said, eying up the naked beauty.
"I'll speak to Mr. Jones but I think he will be in favor of arranging something. I will be in touch. Come along students. Back to St. Mark's."
The foursome, two students in uniform, the priest in black and the very naked Shannon Malone, headed back out into the crisp winter day and back to school.


When the foursome got back to school, Shannon was again debriefed by Mr. Jones. She was in no mood for the game she had played that morning, turning him on. She generally glossed over the report, telling of the bus ride, the encounter with the driver, the argument with the mall employee, the cheerleader exhibit and then the men's room experience. She saw his eye get wide as she related the way she had been forced to pee in front of the boys in the urinal and thought she saw him shiver.
She was kneeling there in front of the principal's desk as she was commanded. In the big window behind Mr. Jones, she saw students racing towards their cars or the bus. She wanted to catch that bus...had no desire to have to take public transportation or walk home.
"Well, I think you acted satisfactory on your trip today. Unfortunately, according to Father Haglin, your friend Carrie wasn't so well behaved and has earned punishment."
Shannon's heart started racing. She knew that Carrie had been fine but also knew that her friend would never be able to handle the punishment that she had been facing.
"Please Mr. Jones, Carrie's behavior was fine...and if Father Haglin had any problem with it, it must have been my fault. Please Sir, let me take any punishment that you want to give Carrie."
The principal smiled...not that he was going to be any easier on the other girl but this might be a way to get more out of Shannon.
"You know Shannon, that is very admirable of take the blame for your friend. What would you do to take this punishment from your friend?"
Shannon tried to think fast. "Um, I could stay after school and work with the janitorial staff a few days a week."
"Well, that's a nice idea. Anything else?"
"Well, I could offer myself to give tours of the school on the weekends and stuff."
The man smiled as he came around his desk and faced the nude kneeling girl.
"Those were two excellent suggestions and I will take them under advisement, but let me ask you another question. Would you stay naked for the rest of your time here at St. Mark's?"
The girl gasped and stared at Mr. Jones with her big blue eyes. Surely he couldn't expect her to not wear clothes again for the next year and a half! She shook her head but no words came out.
"Just as I suspected...some friend you are. I guess you have sealed Carrie's fate. Tomorrow, we strip some of her uniform off and she will have no one to blame but you."
Shannon stood up..."please no, I'll do anything for Carrie, but not this. Please anything but this."
"KNEEL DOWN THIS INSTANT!" he bellowed and the girl obediently hit her knees in fear. "Who do you think you are? I have had it with the young women today who think they can do what they want. Just show some leg, flash a smile and get everything. Well guess what Miss Malone, you are flashing more than some leg but you are not getting what you want. Tomorrow, Carrie Bartlett will be stripped at an assembly and you will be responsible. Sleep on that Miss Malone. You may leave."
Shannon wanted to scream at the principal who went around behind his desk and picked up the phone. The nude girl turned and walked out, tears blurring her vision. She had no idea what to do to save Carrie from her fate.
She almost tripped over her book bag left near the door. Attached was a note from Carrie... "Dear Shannon, Sorry you had such a awful day. I wish there was a way I could help you but I don't know how. I know that I would never be able to walk around naked like you are so strong...keep it up! I love you! Carrie."
Oh God Carrie, please don't make me do this, Shannon thought. One week has been nearly impossible. To be this way until graduation and probably at graduation would be too much.
The crying girl looked up at the clock and knew she had to hurry to make her bus. Luckily Mr. Jones had already called Vince the bus driver and gave him the heads up to wait a few minutes. Vince was rewarded by the site of the naked girl running out to catch the bus...her breasts bobbing, her bare legs flexing as she ran. Her long hair, tied in a ponytail, flapped behind her. She was a wet dream come alive, Vince thought as he pushed open the lever to open the bus door.
Shannon was grateful that she made the bus but then remembered the humiliation she would suffer on it. She saw her seat open in the front and watched Vince fiddle with the mirror. She groaned, knowing the full display she was now on for the entire busload of students. She tried to block them out but heard the catcalls and hoots and hollers.
"Where've you been pussy girl...hiding from us," one of the boys yelled.
"Yeah, like a naked girl could hide from anyone," a girl yelled back.
She closed her eyes to try and ignore the insults but felt someone tap her. She looked up and saw the boy who had been stripped last week, Glenn. He looked at her with sympathetic eyes.
"Hey Shannon, I just wanted you to know how bad I feel about what's happening to you. And I'm really sorry about the things I yelled on the bus last week."
Shannon was so relieved to finally be getting some compassion. "Thanks Glenn, that means a lot."
"May I come up and sit with you?"
She nodded, surprised that anyone would want to sit with her. She would probably be ashamed to be seen with her as well.
The boy came around from the seat behind her and brushed her bare leg as he passed her to sit against the window. She longed for the feel of clothes against her bare legs and ass and pussy, wondering if she could make it the long year and a half naked.
As the boy passed, his crotch was at the her eye level and she saw his hard on pressing against his pants and she closed her eyes. He wasn't being nice at all, she thought...he was just trying to get closer to her.
"Please don't do this," she whispered, tears streaming down her face.
"Do what," Glenn asked.
"Humiliate me more. Embarrass me. Play with me. Grope me, gawk me, all of the things that everyone else is doing. I've had a really bad day and just want to be left alone."
The two teens sat there silent...Shannon crying Glenn at a loss for words.
"Shannon, I don't know what you are expecting of me, but it isn't what you think."
"Yeah, well what is it you want?"
Glenn sat silent for a minute, unsure if he wanted to share what he was thinking. He looked around and realized that the bus seemed more interested in their own conversations than what they were doing. Sure some were still looking towards the mirror but no one seemed to care what the girl that belonged to the naked pussy was saying.
"I wanted to let you know that I feel awful, especially now that I experience what you have to go through."
"What do you mean, you experience it? I don't see your penis flying all over school," Shannon hissed at the boy. "How could you possibly know what it's like to be me? Just because you spent one day naked at school and had some little sophomore girl jerk you off you know what constant nudity is all about? I don't think so buddy."
The venom that had been rising in the naked girl for the last week was unleashed on Glenn, who sat there taking the abuse.
"I know because I am being forced to be my sister's naked slave every day after school and any time my mom's not around."
Shannon mouth fell open. She forgot about her nudity for once and focused on this other boy.
"Oh God, I'm so sorry. It must be awful. What does she make you do?"
Glenn turned and looked the naked girl in the eye, ignoring her nudity and focusing on her face.
"well, it's not too bad. She makes me do her laundry, make dinner, clean her room, normal stuff that we used to share the duties. Now I do them all and I'm always nude."
Shannon felt bad for the boy, knowing how awful the humiliation must be. Without thinking, she leaned over and hugged him, feeling her erect nipples brushing against his coat.
The hoots and sexist remarks filled the yellow school bus. Shannon pulled away from the hug, her face a bright red from embarrassment. Again she realized that an act that was so innocent when wearing clothes was now anything but.
"Shut up, shut up all of you," came a loud voice from next to her. She turned and saw Glenn on his feet facing the back of the bus. "Why are you adding to her humiliation. You have no idea how awful it is! This isn't her fault! Next time it could be any of you!"
"Sit down all of you," yelled Vince the driver. "If you all don't settle down, I'll write you up and report you all to Mr. Jones. Got that?"
The kids mumbled a reply and everyone, including Glenn sat down.
"Thanks Glenn. You're the first person to stand up for me."
"Don't worry about it," he said, patting her hand. "You can count on another friend in school."
With that, the boy stood up, grabbed his bag and got off the bus, leaving a smiling Shannon.

Part 50

Shannon's naked bus ride continued. She was happy for the kindness that Glenn had shown her but now the memory of poor Carrie was coming back to her. What was she going to do? She couldn't let Carrie down.
She was so lost in her thoughts that she failed to realize that the bus was now empty and her stop was coming up. She blushed again as she realized that all of the kids had walked past her, drinking in her nudity. At least she had been oblivious to the stares.
Finally Vince pulled up at her corner. "Your stop. By the way, I should turn in your little boyfriend for his little display of anger but I'm not. It's about time someone stuck up for you Miss."
"Thanks Vince."
And the naked girl headed down the rubber steps and made contact with cold breeze and the concrete. She shivered and began her trek home. Why was she still so embarrassed when people saw her nudity? She had been naked in school, the mall, a police station, at a high school basketball game and in church. But the honks, whistles and catcalls still made her want to crawl inside of herself and die.
She raced towards her street and down the sidewalk to her house. She ran up the porch steps and into the house. The heat inside covered her like a warm blanket. She fell backwards against the door and slid down to the tile floor. She pulled her knees up against her chest and hugged herself into a ball, sobbing.
Her very naked brother Jimmy walked past her on his way from the kitchen up to his room to do his homework in relative peace. He was in his fourth day of total nudity at home as a punishment for being awful to Shannon. Now he felt bad for her, understanding how awful it was to be on display all of the time.
"Hey Shannon, are you alright," he said, sliding to his bare knees on the cold tile floor.
"Jimmy, please leave me alone," she said softly between sobs. "I'm in trouble that I don't know how to get out of."
Jimmy sat there, unsure what to do. He was already uncomfortable being this close to his sister while they were both naked. The easy solution was to get up and go to his room away from everyone. But something about the way she was crying touched a nerve inside of him.
"Shannon, no one better understands what you're going through than me. Maybe I can help."
Shannon raised her blood shot eyes to see her brother looking at her with some concern in his face. All of the good memories came flooding back to her...the younger brother who used to tag along with her. She took him to her friend's houses and they talked for hours. It was only recently when they had grown apart, with the events of last week the breaking point.
"Do you really want to help," she asked.
"I asked didn't I," he replied.
Jimmy reached out his hand and helped his naked sister up off the floor and into the kitchen. He grabbed them some glasses of iced tea while listening to the whole story.
"So, you see, either I stay naked the rest of the my time in high school or force Carrie to be naked. I don't know what to do!"
Neither Jimmy nor Shannon paid any attention to their respective nudity, focusing instead on the problem. Jimmy, chewing on a cookie, thought for a moment and then spoke.
"What does Carrie want to do?"
"She doesn't know Jim. I can't bear it if she knew it was my fault she was forced to be naked at school. She's one of the few friends I have left and she would never forgive me."
"Shannon, it doesn't make any sense for you to be naked for 18 months to spare Carrie's for one day. Just ask her and tell her you are willing to do whatever she wants. She's your best friend and she doesn't want to do anything to hurt you. Being naked for one day seems like nothing compared to your punishment."
"But her note about not thinking she could ever do what I am doing. She couldn't take it, I know her."
"Did you think you would ever be able to go around naked in front of the whole school, your family, friends and anyone else that wants to look? No way, but you're doing it. Give Carrie some credit. At least tell her what's going on."
The naked teen thought about it and smiled. "You're right. Thanks so much Jim. I owe you one," she said, wrapping her arms around her brother. As soon as their naked flesh touched, Shannon realized her mistake and she saw her brother's penis get hard.
"Oh God, Jimmy, I'm sorry. I forgot about our nudity."
"That's alright Shannon, really."
"but, um, your's all hard and stuff. Is that okay?"
"Well, it'll go down. It's alright it happens a lot, just no one ever knows about it but me."
Shannon looked at her brother's sad face. "I'm sorry you have to suffer like this. I know you couldn't help the other stuff but it was pretty bad stuff you did to me."
"I know, and I'm sorry. This is a good I realize how awful it is for you."
"Yeah, well, thanks again. And I meant that, I owe you one, okay."
Jimmy nodded and Shannon left the kitchen to go up to her room and think. She heard Jimmy come up a few minutes after her and go into his room.
The naked girl tried to concentrate on her homework but was unable to see the words. She needed to talk to Carrie so she grabbed the phone on her end table and dialed her best friend's number.
"Yes, Mrs. Bartlett, it's Shannon."
"Hi Shannon dear. How are you holding up?"
"Things have been better Mrs. Bartlett, but I guess as well as could be expected. Is Carrie there?"
"No dear, I'm sorry. She's at her dad's for the night. Normally you could call her there but they were going to a basketball game and staying out late."
"Oh, ok. Well, thanks."
"Shannon, Carrie told me about what happened today. I think it's terrible what they are doing to you."
"Thank you Mrs. Bartlett."
"Stay strong sweetie. Talk to you later."
"Ok, you too Mrs. Bartlett."
Shannon hung the phone up and buried her face into the pillow, wondering when her life got so complicated.