Surprise Assembly

by katie



Shannon slept very well that night, enjoying the luxury of a warm bedspread, sheets and even a blanket. It had been almost a week since the last time she had been covered while she slept.
She had been dreaming. She was sitting in school and almost all of the students who had tormented her were naked. She of course had all of her clothes on...her skirt, blouse, tights, bra, panties, socks and shoes...blessed shoes. Right now, in her dream, she was watching the very naked Eric Gorbo, having his cock tickled with a feather, his breasts groped (to show the difference between men and women) and was being masturbated by a girl to show what the male response to sexual stimulation was. She heard him moaning and she knew he was just about to cum...she watched in great interest...
"Shannon, honey, wake up," she felt the soft hand of her step mother on her shoulder, gently shaking her.
She awoke, almost forgetting her nudity. Of course, as she felt her bare nipples rubbing against the soft comforter, she remembered her fate and closed her eyes yet again.
"Shannon, come on, your father is cooking breakfast for everyone and it's almost ready."
The nude teen sat up in bed and was tempted to pull the covers up to her neck to hide her nudity but didn't want these few luxuries graciously given back to her to be taken away. So as she rose, she left her comforter in place, revealing her bare breasts.
"Dad's cooking breakfast? What a treat! Ok, I'll be down...just let me take a fast shower and brush my teeth okay?"
"Alright but hurry, I smell the pancakes cooking."
Colleen left the room and pushed the door wide open. Normally that would annoy the girl but she remembered her place. The door had been put back on the hinges yesterday as her father relented a bit on the punishment.
She was in the midst of a six-week torture at school where she was to be totally naked because she cut school and phoned in a false sick call. Her father had carried the punishment over to the house but had relented after seeing the damaging effects it was having on her psyche. He replaced the door that had been removed and put the comforter back on the bed. She was glad for that...after all a girl needs some privacy, even when she's always nude.
Shannon swung her bare feet onto the floor and padded down the hall to the bathroom. She pushed the door open and was surprised to see her brother standing at the toilet, pee pouring out of his penis and into the bowl. Shannon had never seen a boy pee before and was fascinated.
"Can you please leave," her brother asked in a nasty voice. He was totally naked as well, part of a punishment for sending nude pictures of her to the Internet. His two weeks were limited to the house though...he would be clothed outside.
"Yeah right, like you were so ready to let me have my privacy," she laughed, remembering the times when he had sat there while she shaved or dried off and even pissed and shit. "I'm just showering, no need to worry about me."
The naked girl reached in and turned the shower on, never taking her eyes off of her very naked brother peeing three feet from her. He closed his eyes to avoid the humiliation. Finally he finished and shook his penis and flushed before washing his hands and pushing past her to leave the room. She laughed to herself as she eased into the shower and quickly washed and shaved. She knew there would be quite an audience today at the game and she wanted to make sure she was smooth.
Once she finished, she rinsed her long hair of shampoo and got out of the tub, drying off without wrapping her towel around her and then moving to the sink. There she brushed her teeth, put on some makeup and brushed her hair.
She looked at herself and smiled...she was still the same old Shannon...she just had to forget her nudity and live her life!
The girl, still nude, dropped her towel in the hamper and left the bathroom, heading to the stairs and down to breakfast. Her naked brother was there along with her father, step mother and sister Brighid, still in her pajama shirt.
"Good morning Shannon, how about some pancakes," her father asked cheerfully.
"Sure, smells good Dad, what the occasion?"
"Oh don't pretend you don't remember," he said and then got quiet. "Oh God, you don't remember. Today is your first solo with the choir at church. Did you forget?"
Her body, a flushed red before from the shower and her cheerfulness turned white. OH God, she was going to have to get up in front of the entire church and sing a solo. She had always wanted this but not today!
The naked girl shook her head, her still damp hair shaking as she did.
"Please Daddy, I can't go to church like this. Please, Colleen, Brighid, help me. I can't, not to church. Please Daddy, this would be a sin."
The whole group looked at Jack Malone who stood there in an apron over his church suit, a spatula and a pan in hand.
"Excuse me Miss, but are you saying I am committing a sin by punishing you in this way?"
Shannon noticed the hard edge in his voice and knew she had gone too far. She tried to get out of it.
"No sir, I would be sinning. I brought this nudity on myself and I would be committing the sin by going to church naked."
Jack Malone's face softened a bit. Normally very easy going, he was strictly religious, sending all of his children through Catholic school. He had enough guilt about this punishment without being told it was a sin.
"Well, don't worry about it. I spoke to Father Jim and he understands the punishment. In fact, he said it was kind of a nice thing to have a naked angel singing, showing the perfect form in its natural state."
Brighid groaned for Shannon, knowing that she was stuck. Their father glared at his oldest daughter who clammed up quickly, knowing the way punishments were going around here.
"Now, eat your pancakes. We have to go."
The five members of the Malone family ate in silence, not enjoying the pancake breakfast nearly as much as had been intended. Finally, Shannon asked if she could be excused.
"Honey, you barely ate," Colleen said.
"I'm too nervous about my performance" she said, wanting to add "in the nude!"
"Well, maybe we should load up. Jimmy, your clothes are laid out on the porch. Go and put them on and meet us in the car. Brighid, go get dressed and meet us there. Remember, 9:30 sharp."
Jimmy scampered out of the kitchen, his bare feet slapping on the tile floor as he rushed towards the blessed relief of clothing and covering. Shannon envied him so much.
She followed her father and step mother out of the kitchen and down the steps. Jimmy was trying to hurry on with his khacki pants and long sleeve shirt that he had been given. Shannon didn't spend too much time watching because she was too caught up in her own misery.
She got to her father's car and saw that a towel had been laid out and guessed that was her spot. It was the third time this had happened but each time was a humiliation nonetheless. She opened the door and hopped in wanting to be inside the car for the small level of cover it provided. She was happy to note that her dad had tinted windows. At least, she thought, the weather was nice today and she wouldn't freeze.
Her little brother scooted in beside her, wearing clothes for the first time in two days. She couldn't wait for that feeling herself as Colleen and Dad opened the doors.
She saw her father push a button as he said, "it's such a beautiful day, let's give this new convertible top a try."
"No Daaad!!!"
The top flipped open and revealed the normal American family...a man, a woman, a boy and a very naked and humiliated girl. The sun shone brightly as the group pulled out of the driveway. Shannon wondered if this little extra humiliation was the result of her talking back in the kitchen.
She crossed her arms over her tits in an effort to shield them from view but also to keep warm. The air was warm for January but it was still winter and it was very cold for the naked girl, who shivered in the back. Her hair was also becoming a mess, flying every which way. She didn't even bring a handbag with a hairbrush in it before her big solo. This was turning awful.
They stopped at a light about three blocks from the church. So far, no other cars had passed them this early on a Sunday morning. She thought that maybe for once God was looking out for her when it happened. An SUV filled with about eight young boys heading to a soccer game. They looked to be about 12 years old and were all pressed against the window, pointing at the naked girl shivering in the back of a convertible. Then, on the other side of them, a pickup truck pulled up, with two very drunk men riding in the cab.
She wanted to cry. There was no where to turn. Her father and stepmother seemed oblivious to her plight but her younger brother sure wasn't. He was laughing and egging the boys on.
Finally the light turned green, just as the pickup truck window opened and she heard "nice tits!" yelled out the window. Her father said, "what was that," but kept on driving, unaware of the scene he had just created for his daughter.
After what seemed to the naked girl to be hours, they pulled into the church parking lot. They were early and, luckily for Shannon, they got a close parking spot. She hopped out of the car and started into the church but her father stopped her.
"Wait for the family, young lady. We go into church together."
She groaned but stopped, standing there with her bare feet on the cold concrete while her father worked to get the top back on. It took much longer than she thought necessary and she was viewed by several cars passing by on the street and some others as they pulled into the lot. Finally, he was satisfied with the job and they headed into the large church.
Shannon felt so dirty and sinful walking into this old church nude. Here she had been baptized, received first Holy Communion (oh she had been so pretty in her little white dress) and her confirmation. She planned to be married in this church and wondered if she could ever feel the same way in here again.
As they entered, the priest was standing in the back and gave a long look up and down the naked teen. She felt even more naked in this church in front of a priest but stood there as the two men conversed. Finally, they entered the pews and Shannon made her way up the stairs to the choir loft. Here she didn't feel so bad but soon she would be completely naked on the altar.
When she got there, Miss O'Brien, the church's organist and choir leader, gasped. "Oh dear, what is going on here? You march back down there at once Miss and put some clothes on."
"No, Miss O'Brien, it's alright, I have to be naked. Didn't Father Jim tell you?"
Shannon then had to explain the mess that she was in and her nude punishment. She couldn't believe that she was defending this torture but felt obligated to back it up to this woman.
"You mean you are going to go onto the altar naked and sing that solo," the woman asked, her eyes wide.
Shannon nodded, unable to finish the words. "Alright then, go and gather over on the platform and wait for the other girls. This should be interesting."
The naked girl sat there on the cold, metal platform while the rest of the choir filtered in. There were 15 girls in the choir and three boys who played musical instruments. She tried to remember if the boys were involved today and hoped they weren't.
The rest of the choir filtered in, all gasping when they saw her. Even those who went to her school were shocked to see her naked in church. There were whispers and pointing but no one spoke to her, either too embarrassed to be in conversation with a nude girl or they felt they were better than her.
"Shannon, psst, over here."
Shannon had been ignoring the arriving girls, trying to get over their pointing and giggling but turned at hearing someone speaking to her. She saw Brighid standing there on the stairs and felt grateful to have a friend.
She got off of the cold metal and walked over to where her sister stood.
"Colleen told me about the convertible. That was mean of Daddy but I think he was trying to get you back for speaking back to him."
Shannon nodded, figuring as much herself.
"Here, I brought up my makeup and hair brush and mirror. This way you can freshen up a little before the performance. Just because you're naked doesn't mean the rest of you can't look normal."
Tears streamed out of her eyes at her sister's kindness. What a change from three days ago when her sister had orchestrated her humiliation.
Shannon took the makeup kit, mirror and hair brush and tried to get everything together. Her eye makeup was running from the tears, which she dried with a tissue provided by Brighid and then reapplied some around her now puffy eyes. She put on some more lipstick and then got working on her long hair which was now way wild from the ride.
"Christ, I can't get it," she whispered. "It's too far gone."
"Here," Brighid said, taking the brush and running it harshly through the nude girl's hair. The two didn't even realize how turned on the few boys who could see this image were...a girl playing with the hair of a naked girl.
"You're right, without gel, we're screwed. Here," Brighid said, handing Shannon a scrunchie. "Put it in a ponytail."
Shannon didn't want a ponytail, had hoped the hair would cover at least a little of her nudity. But she didn't want her hair to be messy. This is so weird, she thought, I'm worried about my hair being a mess but most of the people wouldn't even notice that she has hair. They will notice the lack of hair on her pussy though, that much she was sure of!
Brighid pulled her hair back and tied the naked girl's beautiful mane behind her. Shannon glanced down and saw that now nothing was hidden, not even her bare shoulders. She remembered begging her father to let her wear a strapless gown to the prom last year, how proud she was to show off those bare shoulders. Now, they were another humiliation.
She heard Miss O'Brien call the choir to order. Shannon was glad that the three boys weren't here. She thought the one that played the guitar was kind of cute and didn't want him to see her like this. Of course, he was probably in church anyway and would see all of her on the altar.
The girls all stood on the platform in their spots. Shannon felt so exposed in this mass of choir robes. All of the other girls wore long white robes with green trim at the arms, neck and hem. She had nothing, just her music book to hide her. Her nudity definitely stood out in the uniform rows of robes. At least they were up in the loft and hopefully no one would be looking at her anyway!
Miss O'Brien began playing the first hymn and Shannon saw the congregation stand. She tried to concentrate on the singing but kept looking out for someone in the crowd to notice her. She was relieved to see the backs of everyone's heads, knowing that anyone who might spot her would be turning around. She sang along with the choir, hoping to take her mind off of what she still had to do.
Finally the hymn was over and the priest began the mass. The choir just stood there, waiting for their next time to sing. The mass went on to the reading and finally the homily. The priest made mention of a "very special treat" awaiting the crowd in a few minutes, saying a "beautiful natural angel would be singing her song."
Finally, the time had come for her to move. Normally, a singer going from the loft to the altar drew little to no attention. After all, there was other movement at the time. However, today she knew would be different.
From her spot in the third row, Shannon had to go through two lines of girls, their long robes brushing against her naked body. She felt it and longed for their touch on her skin, totally covering her. Then she noticed it...she was wet! Her pussy was betraying her and she was starting to feel so turned on. Why, oh why, she thought. Please no!
She hoped to God, prayed to Him that her moisture stayed inside of her and didn't leak down her thighs, which she knew would be the focus of many eyes.
She felt each step on her bare feet as she went down from the loft into the back of church. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as the congregation sat down. She then walked with her head up and eyes forward down the center aisle.
The nude teen heard the gasps and whispers as she made her way down the aisle, trying hard not to look at the eyes now turning to see what the commotion was about. Please don't cry, and don't leak, she thought. She tried to block out the crowd but couldn't help but hear them and see them pointing and smirking or just looking plain disgusted at her. Towards the front, she saw her family, trying to be supportive while making it plain they were embarrassed, especially her father who was well respected in the church community.
She finally made it to the plush carpeting on the altar and stood in the center, where the music podium was. She now had to perform a solo, singing the offertory hymn. Oh God, please help me through this.
She nodded and Miss O'Brien took the cue to begin playing. Somehow, Shannon's first note was right on and she began singing a beautiful hymn that she had practiced for weeks. She blocked out the gawking eyes and focused on the stain glass window in the back and sang her little naked heart out. Unbelievably, the hymn was completed and many had never heard it sound prettier.
The applause filled the church, an unorthodox move in her rigid parish. Some even stood. This brought her attention from the window to the congregation who looked truly moved. Her eyes again filled up with tears, this time of genuine appreciation. She saw her father beaming and her step mom next to him, with even her sister and brother standing.
Finally, the priest, who was also cheering, stood and said, "Brothers and sisters, I know this is highly unorthodox, but Shannon here is under punishment at St. Mark's our illustrious high school. Most of you know about the new punishment code and Shannon is the first girl to be punished because of it. However, I think we all can agree that it takes an amazing amount of strength to perform in the nude like she just did and finish the song so beautifully...I think this is a wonderful tribute to the beauty of God."
Shannon was blushing from her face down to her bare breasts. She was completely on display but now in a different way...she was being compared to a vision from God!
She moved off to the side but had to stay there to lead the congregation through the rest of the hymns. If felt weird being in front of everyone naked and she knew that some still gawked, but most moved along to the celebration of mass. Finally, it was time for the last hymn. The priest was walking down the aisle, leaving her alone on the altar to finish the hymn...she saw some teens walk up and one pulled out a camera and snapped a bunch of pictures of her. She cringed, wondering what they would do with that but kept on singing.
As the hymn finished, most of the church had cleared out. Her family rushed up to meet her as they she walked off the altar and gave her big hugs, even Jimmy, who had enjoyed the show immensely.
As they were walking out, an elderly woman stopped them. "I think it's shameful for you to be flaunting your little body around in church. You are going straight to hell." Jack Malone looked ready to say something to the old woman, but thought better of it and pushed the family past her. But Colleen pulled away from him and stood face to face with her.
"Excuse me maam, but you have some nerve judging my step daughter like that in a house of God. You heard the priest say that God was with her as she sang today. If you have a problem with her nudity, take it up with me and her father and the Catholic school she attends. This young lady, who I assure you is a fine person and Catholic, had nothing to do with it and I wish you would just keep your mouth shut!"
The old woman sat down, acting as if she had been shot. Jack grabbed his wife by the arm and pulled her out of the confrontation and out of the church.
No one said a word until they got to the car. This time, the top stayed on. Brighid followed close behind in her car.
"Thanks for defending me back there," Shannon finally said, breaking the silence.
"No honey, don't thank me. It had to be said. You are such a sweet girl and if they don't know it, it's on them. I just thought it needed to be said."
There was more silence before Jimmy spoke up... "man, did you see the look on her face. You really beat her up! Man, remind me never to get you mad!"
That broke the tension in the car and everyone started laughing, even Shannon who hadn't laughed like this in a week. They all headed home for lunch before Shannon's next test, the game.


Shannon was shaking as she sat in the locker room before pregame warm-ups. She heard the buzz from the gym upstairs, a noise that always gave her little butterflies in her stomach but now was causing her to feel like throwing up.
She had overheard Coach saying how big the crowd was and whether it was because it was the two top teams in the league or the presence of a naked player. She blushed at his talk as he didn't know she was there. Finally he came around the locker and blushed himself at seeing her.
"Sorry Shannon, I didn't know you were there," said the coach, looking different in his shirt and tie than he normally did at practice.
He walked past her and she followed him into the gathering area where the other girls now were, completely clothed in uniform. All except Juli, who was in her sports bra, still waiting to put on her jersey.
"Ah, ladies, we have just one problem before the game and that's Shannon."
All eyes turned towards the naked girl who wondered what else could go wrong.
"Well, it seems that the league is okay with you playing naked as your uniform but rules state you must have a number."
She sat up, hoping that this was a way out...maybe she didn't have to humiliate herself in front of all of these people.
"I though about letting you use a pinnie," Coach said, referring to the mesh practice shirts that they wore over their regular shirts, "but I was told that was unacceptable. The compromise is to paint a number on your back and breasts."
The girls all gasped at once and they all secretly thanked God that they weren't in her place.
"Please Coach, there has to be another way," she begged.
"Sorry Shannon, but this was the compromise of the league. And Mr. Jones says you have to play or face expulsion."
Shannon knew she was beat. She walked over to where Coach McBride was standing with a dry erase marker. She knew it would be awful trying to get it off. "We have to use the permanent marker so that it doesn't run when you sweat. It will take some scrubbing but it will come off...eventually."
She turned and allowed Coach McBride to write the number 12 in big bold strokes on her back. She felt the disgusting wetness on her skin and smelled the awful odor of the marker.
She felt Coach turn her around and he bent over, taking her right breast in his left hand and making a big number one on it. He then did the same with her right breast, writing a two on that one. It was the first time that he had touched her and for some reason, a shock went off up and down her body. She felt odd and wondered why.
"OK girls, time for pregame drills, go get them."
The team ran out, Shannon trailing behind. She had wanted to see what the numbers looked like but only got a glance as they ran past the windows in the lobby.
She closed her eyes and prayed for strength as the team pushed through the door of the gym and onto the court. They were all surprised to see the bleachers filled, even with the boys team playing in the other gym next door. They all knew why when they saw the video and still cameras in the hands of the many men, most of whom had never been to a female athletics event in their lives.
When they got in the door, the crowd started to hoot and holler for the naked girl. The whole team stopped and stood in awe until Juli started yelling, "gather in a circle, come on."
The team instinctively gathered in a circle, their hands together in the air as their captain spoke.
"Now, these perverts are here to embarrass Shannon. Let's help her out. Be as cool as possible and show them that we're not embarrassed by her and she's not embarrassed either. Let's be a team and kick Central Catholic's ass!"
The team then ran onto the floor and got into two lay up lines. The other girls slapping hands with the naked Shannon, pretending that nothing was wrong. This gave her strength, even as the 100s of male eyes preyed on her naked flesh. She cringed when she saw a newspaper reporter there with a photographer and two TV a girls' basketball game? Yeah right!
The girls from Central Catholic were stunned. They had been warned that one of the girls on the other team was going to be naked but didn't really believe. But there she was, completely nude, even barefoot, with a number painted on her back and tits. This was great...the boys back at school would be sorry they missed this trip.
Shannon felt like it was the first day again. Very few of these folks had seen her naked and now the entire city would see her on the news. She wondered what her life would be like for the next five weeks.
Finally the buzzer went off and the team's went to their benches for the introductions and the beginning of the game. All eyes in the place were boring into her bare back. At least the girls' gym only had bleachers on one side. The boys' gym had them on both.
The announcer, one of her classmates, began reading the starting lineups. There were few cheers as Central Catholic was introduced. Finally, she got to the starters for St. Mark's.
"First, at center, Heather McConnell."
The big girl slapped hands with her teammates and coaches and then ran over to the Central Catholic bench to shake hands with their head coach before running to her team's side.
"Next, the forwards, first team co-captain, Juli McNamara!"
Juli ran out, followed by the gorgeous Connie Azentin, who received her share of cheers and whistles.
"At point guard, freshman Melissa Koller."
The young girl, not used to playing in front of such a big crowd, tentatively slapped hands and ran to the CC bench.
"And now, the girl of the hour, co-captain and star of the team, our naked Shannon Malone!!!"
The roar of the crowd was deafening. All of the men in the bleachers, which was everyone but a few schoolmates and families, stood in unison and barked and whistled. Shannon was humiliated, her body red in shame as she reluctantly slapped hands with her teammates and then shook hands with Central's coaches, a very tough looking woman who gave her an appreciative stare, and a young man, who was obviously enjoying her plight. As she turned, she felt the two television cameras right on her, filming as she ran towards her teammates and they formed a huddle.
"IGNORE THEM, IGNORE THEM," Juli yelled. "We can handle this because we're closer than they are. WE'RE A TEAM! LET'S HEAR IT!"
The girls broke the huddle and ran back to the bench where they received last minute instructions from the coaches, who finally seemed more interested in coaching than seeing Shannon's nude body.
The 10 girls gathered at the center circle and were about to start the game when the female referee came into the circle and whispered something to the male. They both stopped and turned to look at Shannon, who already felt totally on display, nude ont eh court in front of hundreds of people.
Both officials nodded and woman came over to Shannon while the man went to Coach McBride.
"Honey, you are out of uniform and cannot play like this," the referee said kindly.
The naked girl looked at the ref's face and wanted to thank her...hoping that this was a way out. Maybe now she could slink off to the locker room and sit alone until the game was over.
"Here," the male referee said, handing the female ref that awful marker.
In full view of the crowd and the other players, the woman grabbed Shannon's breast as leverage and began writing "ST. MARK'S" in big letter just above her breasts. Shannon closed her eyes but felt the soft tip of the marker and smelled the odor of the ink.
"OK ladies, now we can play."
Shannon was even more humiliated after hearing the laughter of the crowd and seeing the red faces of her teammates.
"Ignore it Shannon and play ball."
She looked to see her father, who was yelling encouragement to her. When she looked, she saw Colleen, Brighid and Jimmy. And with them was Mark who smiled at her and pumped his fist to give her strength. Then she saw Juli wink and the naked girl felt more confident. She bent her knees to get into position for the jump ball and the game began.
The game progressed as Coach McBride said it would in the first half. The Central Catholic girls didn't want any parts of their naked opponent and she had easy jumpers and lay ups as St. Mark's led 31-16 at halftime.
The St. Mark's girls ran into their locker room full of energy, even Shannon, who had 17 points despite (or possibly because of) her nudity. Coach McBride was more excited than any of the girls had ever seen him.
"Great job ladies, fantastic...and Shannon, the best you have ever played on offense. We have Central Catholic right where we want them. Go and get ready for the second half and I'll be back in five minutes."
That was Coach's signal to go and use the bathroom if necessary or change. The coaches and trainers left the room, leaving the team alone with Kim the manager.
Some of the girls did go towards the bathroom, either to use the toilet or to wash their faces and cool off. They only had three minutes or so until Coach would come in.
Shannon sat there, her naked ass on the cold wooden bench, her bare feet on the cold concrete floor and her back pushed against the freezing metal locker. They all felt good on her warm body.
"How are you making out," Juli asked her.
Shannon shrugged. While the beginning had been awful, by the midway point of the first half, she had forgotten all about her nudity and was just into playing. Now, as her sweaty body had time to relax for a moment, her humiliations were coming back.
"Ok, I guess, I'm surprised that the plan is working."
"Yeah, but be ready in the second half...I don't think things are going to go so easy on us."
Coach McBride came walking in and it took every ounce of Shannon's self control to not cover up...normally being naked when your male coach walked into the room meant a squeal and a dash to the stalls or lockers. For her though, she was forced to just sit there exposed.
"Ok girls, same thing this half...get the ball into Shannon and Shannon, keep making those shots. This is the greatest game you have ever played. Gather in girls."
All of the players, coaches and Kim moved into the circle. Shannon's naked tits, covered in the ink numbers, brushed against Coach McBride's shirt and she moaned at the touch. Why was she so horny, she wondered. Was this turning her on somehow?
The team ran out of the locker room and onto the floor. The crowd hadn't let fact, more people were there. With everyone owning a cell phone, anyone ion the crowd could have alerted their horny friends to the fact that there was a gorgeous naked girl playing basketball for St. Mark's. Shannon also noticed that there was another photographer and a TV camera added to the mix.
St. Mark's inbounded the ball to begin the half. Shannon knew right away that things were different. As soon as she got into position, she felt a knee digging into her thigh as she bent her legs to get into position. When she got the ball and turned, her defender's knee came up into her bare pussy and slammed into her, forcing her to the floor in agony.
TWEETT!!! "Foul, blue 22. Two shots," the referee called. But Shannon was still seeing stars, her naked form balled up as she tried to stop the pain.
Of course the end of the court she got hit and was lying on was also the end where the TV cameras are. She didn't even realize it but the camera men (all men) all noticed the sight that she was, her little pussy lips poking out from between her legs as she laid on the floor, her bare back and butt facing them.
Finally she stood up and went to the foul line to shoot the shots. She made them both but knew that points would be a lot harder to come by. As the half went on, the girls from Central Catholic pounded her, giving her black and blue marks up and down her body, stamping on her bare feet, grabbing and scratching at her bare tits. She was a ball of sore muscles and pain but when the buzzer sounded, St. Mark's had won, 59-48.
Most of her teammates were whooping it up but Shannon had enough of this. The TV cameras ran over to her and enveloped her as she walked to the locker room. They stuck their microphones in her face, asking how she felt being naked, winning the game, any comment at all. But the sweat hid the tears flowing out of her eyes as she pushed through the girls' locker room door and into the sanctity of the empty room. When her teammates came rushing in minutes later, they found her sobbing in the corner, in physical and emotional pain. They all sobered up quickly, showered, dressed and left her there alone.


Shannon lost track of time...she had barely noticed her teammates entering the locker room, followed by her coaches. No one came over to the girl that had won the biggest game of the one knew what to say.
The coaches left quickly, followed by the players. Only Juli and Melissa made their way over to Shannon, Melissa with a loving pat on the shoulder and Juli with a long hug that made Shannon feel a little better.
But they all quickly left and the sobs kept coming...the exposure today was awful and she saw the contempt in the other team's faces...they hated her and her nudity. She wanted to scream from the rooftops that this wasn't her idea and for everyone to stop blaming her for the stupid new rules!
She heard the door open and for a second wondered if it was the janitor. She waited and heard some footsteps and then she saw was Mark. He was just what she needed.
The naked girl jumped to her feet and ran to greet him...they had only dated once but he already felt so right, so much like her boyfriend. She wrapped her arms around him and buried her head in his felt so good having her naked body so close to his warm this she didn't feel so this she felt protected and less vulnerable.
Mark just hugged her, pulling her nude body close to him. This was a dream come true for the boy, not only was he now dating a gorgeous girl but she was naked and right there next to him. He thanked God for the answers to his prayers.
Within a few minutes of hugging, the girl calmed down and she pulled away from Mark. "I'm so sorry Mark, I just needed a hug."
"Hey don't worry about it, I'm the one who got a naked hug from my girl. I hope you don't mind that I came back. Your friend Juli said she thought you needed someone."
HIS GIRL, she thought, smiling, thanks Jules, I owe you.
"It was so awful Mark, all of those eyes and those girls wanted to kill me. Oh God, and we have seven more games and then the playoffs."
"But you were fantastic...I was so proud of you. You were the star and you handled yourself better than any of those girls, naked or not."
Shannon looked at the boy, tears in eyes but these were different...they were of love.
"You were really proud of me," she asked disbelieving.
"Yep. You showed those girls how tough you are. I bet none of them would have the strength to do what you did."
The girl ran towards Mark again and wrapped her arms around him, this time standing on her bare toes so that her lips met his and they kissed for the first time. Not just a peck on the cheek like last night but a real honest-to-goodness kiss. Tingles ran up and down her body, her nipples hardened even more, she could feel the telltale signs of moisture in her vagina.
It took all of her power to break off the kiss before it got too far. In her condition, she wanted nothing more than to pull him closer, unzip his pants and let him inside of her, taking her virginity. She was so vulnerable though, it would not be right.
"Thanks Mark for helping me get through this. I better shower."
"Ok, I'll wait outside."
It was a normal response for a boy when his girlfriend said she was going to shower but this seemed silly. Could there be any more of her for Mark to see? But like the dutiful boyfriend, he left her with a kiss and went outside to wait.
Shannon grabbed a towel and went into the shower area. She gasped when she saw herself...what the hell was Mark thinking, she wondered. I'm a mess. Her hair was soaked with sweat and she smelled. Her body had cuts and bruises from the assault of the girls and the awful letters and numbers were on her tits and back. She turned and saw the numbers on her back and wanted to cry. That would never come off.
She turned the nozzle on in the far corner of the shower room and stepped under it. She turned the knobs so that it was just right, a mix of cold to refresh but warm to keep her always nude body comfortable. She grabbed the soap and scrubbed at her tits, trying to get the letters and numbers off. She was happy to see that they were fading very quickly and after 15 minutes of scrubbing were now totally off. You had to look really close to see the remnants. Her back would be a bigger problem since she could not see and could not reach it. She tried to scrub it but had no idea of her success rate. Finally, after being in the shower for over 30 minutes, she turned the water off. She laughed when she saw her skin pruned...take a picture of me now, she thought.
She got out of the shower and dried off, rubbing the towel across her back over and over, hoping that the ink rubbed off. She turned around and faced the mirror and saw that much of it had come off. "I'll just ask Brighid or Colleen to help with the rest," she thought. She did her hair, threw on some makeup and left the shower area.
She was just a few steps away from Charles, who was hiding in the locker room the whole time, filming the naked girl after the game. What a sight! The fact that he had gotten some views of the other girls while they showered and changed was a bonus, but he had been told he could not film them...against the rules. Shannon was fair game but not the other girls. It seemed unfair and mean spirited but he wasn't in a position to argue, even if he wanted to. The scenes with her boyfriend were awesome and seeing the girl scrub her tits and back was worth the price of admission alone. While he felt bad in some ways at this invasion of privacy, he knew he had no choice. Mr. Jones was becoming quite addicted to Shannon.
The naked girl didn't see him and dumped the towel into the basket. She pushed out of the door and into the now empty hallway, where just Mark waited.
"Your dad said it was okay if I drove you home. Do you mind?"
"Not at all. Why don't you come over for dinner?"
"Sounds great...I'll call home from your house and let my parents know."
The two teens, one naked girl and her very clothed boyfriend, walked hand-in-hand down the empty corridors of the high school and out to his car. For once, Shannon didn't feel so naked and on display. She felt just right being naked with him.
They drove with some upbeat music going and happy conversation. She barely noticed the passing motorists all taking their peeks at the very naked girl engaged in an animated conversation with a boy.
Shannon's head hurt from one ever made her laugh like Mark. And Mark felt like he had died and gone to heaven. This was the girl of his dreams and she was also naked. They both felt warm, even Shannon who was naked in a car in the dead of winter.
The boy pulled into the driveway behind Brighid's car and the two got out. Shannon ran out of the cold air into the house, followed quickly on her heels by Mark, who didn't want to be TOO far behind the naked girl.
When Shannon opened the door, she was shocked by a crowd of people yelling "SURPRISE!" She saw a number of her teammates with her family. Even her sister Meg, who was living at college, was there. Jimmy was no where to be found and Shannon figured he was naked up in his room.
"To celebrate your performance today," her father said. The rest of the room cheered and Shannon was bright red from the attention.
"Oh my God, I don't believe it! Thank you all so much!"
She looked around and saw Connie, Melissa and Juli standing with Carrie. Juli and Carrie had absolutely nothing in common with each other but Shannon yet they somehow became friends. Also there was Meg, Brighid, Colleen and Dad!
Meg came running over and threw her arms around the naked girl. "Oh my God, Brig told me all about your nudity but I can't believe it now that I see it. You are one brave girl Shan!"
Shannon hugged her sister back, happy to see her and, truthfully, enjoying the heavy sweatshirt and jeans against her naked body.
"Meg, you came back for me? You are so awesome!"
"Yes you...well and my laundry!"
That caused some laughter and the party continued. Shannon almost forgot her nudity, feeling comfortable among friends. She chatted with the other girls and introduced them all to Mark. Meg especially eyed the boy up and down, enjoying the view. She pulled Shannon aside and said, "Wow, good for you...he's adorable!"
"I know," Shannon whispered and the two giggled like they used to as little girls.
The group all started to feast on the lunch meat and chips that Colleen had put out. When they had finished and dessert was being served, Mark pulled Shannon aside.
"Shannon, I have to go home...I have to finish a paper for tomorrow."
Shannon nodded. "Okay, thanks for everything today," she said with a smile.
"My pleasure...can I call you tonight?"
Again, the nude girl nodded. The two hugged and exchanged a small kiss on the lips which drew a "WHOOOO!" from the girls watching intently. Both blushed as Mark said his goodbyes and left.
All at once, her four friends and two sisters ran over to her.
"OH MY GOD, he's so hot and sweet," Connie said.
"He's everything you said he was and more," Carrie added.
"I know, can you believe just feels so right," Shannon said.
The party started wrapping up and the seven girls, including the naked (but comfortable) Shannon, made their way to the family room in the basement.
They all gathered around on the couches...Shannon felt the smooth pleather under her naked ass and legs.
The girls all were asking Meg about college, specifically college boys. She told them about some of her wild fraternity parties and this crazy thing that one girl let a boy do to her. The younger girls gasped, not realizing that was possible.
"So, how about you far have you gone with a boy," Meg asked.
The girls all blushed...Meg and Brighid exchanged knowing looks...they had been here.
Finally Connie spoke up. "I gave oral sex to Bobby last night."
"What?!?" the other girls shrieked and all attention turned to the beautiful girl, who was bright red from embarrassment.
"We have seen you all day and this is the first time you are telling us this?" Juli shouted.
"Yeah Jules, I was going to say it during the basketball game...pass the ball Juli and by the way I sucked a cock last night!"
The other girls laughed at the use of the word cock. This was so unlike Connie, who wore sexy clothes but was otherwise pretty straitlaced. No one had ever heard her talk like this.
"So, what was it like," Shannon shouted.
"I thought it would be disgusting at first but it was actually nice. It was smooth and he didn't have much hair. I was worried that I would get his hair in my mouth and gag and stuff. But it was nice."
"Nice, uggh. That's disgusting," Melissa, the freshman said.
"What, you wouldn't suck on your boyfriend's thing if he asked you to," Brighid asked the younger girl.
All eyes turned to her and now it was her turn to blush. "Well, no...I think it's gross...who wants that thing in my mouth. Bad enough it goes in down there."
Everyone laughed. "Oh Melissa, so much to learn dear," Brighid said.
"Well Connie, what did it taste like," Carrie asked. The laughter had died down for the younger girls...this was now serious business.
"I can't explain tasted like a was nice. And I swallowed all of the stuff that came out."
"EWWWWW!" the younger girls said in unison while Megan said, "WOW, good girl...welcome to the club!"
"Club, what club," Connie asked.
"Well, men love women that swallow their stuff but a lot of women don't like it. They pull the penis out when it's close to spurting or spit it out. Women that swallow are very valuable to men."
"Tell us, what was it like..."
"Well, it was kind of syrupy but bland...had almost no taste. But it wasn't gross or anything. I was kind of surprised when it happened but he was enjoying it so much that I just went along with what was happening."
The other girls sat in admiration...meanwhile Carrie dropped a bombshell.
"I let a boy fuck me."
"What, you never told me," Shannon said, her head swiveling around to look at her best friend.
"Well, it was the day you skipped school...I didn't think you were in any shape to hear about the loss of my virginity!"
"Oh God Care, I'm so sorry," Shannon said hugging the girl.
"So, how was it," Juli asked.
"Well, it hurt and it was over quick. We were in his car and he had just pulled over in the woods. I wasn't really wet down there and he was kind of clumsy...he finally pushed it in and I hurt a lot because he was bigger than I felt like something ripped out. I started bleeding of course, but that at least made it bearable. He pushed and pushed and finally I heard him groan and fall on top of me. He was done."
"Oh God, please tell me he wore a condom," Brighid asked, her face ashen.
"Yeah, yeah, I'm not that dumb. As soon as he finished though he pulled out and ripped the condom off. Then he said, alright, let's get you home. No thank you, no you were great, nothing...he just got his rocks off and left me there legs spread, my skirt up around my waist, my shirt open and bra twisted. Meanwhile he's all dressed again. I was so humiliated as I sat up, pulling my bra up over my breasts, rebuttoning my blouse and smoothing out my skirt. I was too humiliated to look for my panties which he pulled off and threw somewhere."
By this time, Carrie was crying. The other girls felt so bad for her. "Who was it Carrie," Shannon asked softly.
"It was Eric Gorbo, do you know him?"
Shannon's face went white. That slime had gotten his best friend too...what a fucking pig!
"Ah, yeah, I know him well," Shannon said and she told her story for the first time.
"That's should tell Dad," Megan said. "This kid sounds like a real threat to women."
"NO. No one says anything to Dad or Mr. Jones or anybody. I do not want this out, understand?" Shannon said strongly.
The other girls saw the look of emotional pain on both Shannon and Carrie's faces and nodded their heads.
The party atmosphere had turned cold. "Well, maybe we should wrap this party up and head out," Juli said. She stood up and was joined quickly by Melissa and Connie.
They hugged the naked Shannon who walked them to the door. "Guys wait up, I'll walk out with you," Carrie called. She brushed past Shannon and pecked her on the cheek. "Don't be upset...we're better than Eric Gorbo."
Shannon stood at the door and waved to her friends as they walked out. She then quickly regrouped and joined her sisters as they all helped Colleen and Dad clean up.


"BZZZZZZ!!!!! Why do you build me up...buttercup baby just to let me down..."
Shannon sat up in bed and looked at her alarm clock...5:45 it blared to her in big red numbers. Uggh, she thought as she swung her legs out from under the warm blankets and let her bare feet hit the floor. She needed more sleep as she and Meg had stayed up until late in the night catching up. But she was determined to run today, despite her nudity.
She gingerly got to her feet and felt the chill in her room. Uh-oh, it must be cold out today. Not good for a naked girl, she thought.
She resisted the urge to climb back under the covers and instead padded out into the hallway and down to Brighid's room. Every day last week, Brighid had to come in and wake her for a run. Today, Shannon was primed to go and wake up her older sister.
She entered Brighid's room and saw Brighid's eyes get big. The girl was naked from the waist down, her hands were between her legs and she had two fingers stuffed inside of her.
"Oh shit," the older girl hissed in a whisper. "What the hell are you doing in my room?"
"I-I-, um I was going to wake you for running this morning, I thought you would appreciate that," Shannon said, feeling mortified.
"Oh Christ, don't worry about it...that's okay," Brighid said, pulling her fingers out of her wet pussy. "I was just so close. Well, let me go and wash up and we can run."
"Why don't you run like that," Shannon asked tentatively.
"Run like that, bottomless or nude."
"I could never do that, outside?"
"Oh, you couldn't do it but I can?"
Brighid sighed...she must have been thinking the same thing previously. "Okay, I'll do it."
Shannon smiled. Her sister was going to run naked with her.
"Should I get Meg?"
"NO ABSOLUTLEY NOT!" Brighid said in semi-hysteria.
The older girl lifted her pajama shirt off to reveal small but perky breasts. They did not have the shape that Shannon's had but were nothing to be ashamed of. She now stood naked in her room, the light from the outside just barely filtering in as dawn had yet to come. Shannon saw her black pubic hair and noticed that her sister must trim because it was not too bushy. Brighid's thighs were a bit thicker than Shannon's but still nice. Her skin looked flawless.
"Done gawking Shannon," Brighid asked sarcastically.
"Oh please, don't even tell me about gawking," Shannon replied. The two grabbed their socks and sneaks from Brighid's closet (since Shannon's closet was to be kept empty), slipped them on and started down the steps.
For Shannon, this was beginning to feel routine, not that it ever got easy. But Brighid hesitated at the door before stepping out.
"Come on Brig," Shannon said, her words forming a cloud of steam in the cold morning air. "Like you said, once you start moving you'll be fine. I survived it twice."
Slowly, Brighid moved from behind the door and joined her younger, equally naked sister who was stretching in the driveway. Brighid was never good about being naked...even at the gym she would wear her clothes until the very last minute, leaving her blouse on while changing her pants or skirt into shorts and then quickly removing her blouse to put the T-shirt on. She was never naked, choosing to shower in the privacy of her own home.
She stretched and kept looking around, wanting to see if anyone was looking. They sure would be soon enough when she was running down the street naked...Oh God, why am I doing this, she thought. But she knew why...she had felt so jealous of Shannon and wondered what it felt like to be naked all of the time. In fact, that was the fantasy that Shannon had walked in on...Brighid naked at work, having a penis filling her from behind as she continued typing out a report. In her dreams she was moaning as the faceless penis pounded her but she kept on typing, like it was a normal occurance to be fucked silly at work.
"Ready Brig," Shannon asked.
The older girl nodded and the two started running. "Thanks for doing this for me," Shannon said and Brighid smiled at her, unable to form words she was so terrified.
As they ran in the relative comfort and security of their quiet side street, Brighid wondered why she was so prudish about her body. She thought it had something to do with being the third best looking girl in her family. Megan was always the free and easy one that the boys like so much and Shannon was just plain adorable, the kind of body that makes women crazy with jealousy. She was just plain Brighid, cute enough but not as much as her sisters.
As they ran towards the first turn where traffic picked up, Brighid closed her eyes and prayed for strength. I mean, she wasn't without her share of male attention...she may be the ugly duckling among her sisters but she was still above average compared to most women. She had nice legs and often wore skirts and dresses that showed them off. Her breasts were small and without any she wished she had tits like Shannon, perky and nice and round...hers were just there. She looked done and saw them now, blah compared to her sister, whose tits giggled as she ran.
HOOONKKK!!! "WHOOO HOOO LADIES...KEEP THOSE TITS BOUNCING!" A man leaning out of a pickup truck screamed to get their attention, Shannon pulled Brighid's arm and led her down a pedestrian path next to the street to avoid the man.
They veered back onto the street and thankfully the pick up was gone. They ran in relative peace until they saw red and blue lights coming from behind and heard a siren.
"Oh no, not again," Shannon said. They stopped and turned around. Once again, there was Officer Fred getting out of his cruiser.
"Hey Shannon, good morning. Nice to see you out for a jog. Who is your friend?"
Shannon saw the traffic slow down and almost stop all around them. If naked girls was enough to make you stop your car, naked girls in front of a police car with its lights on is even better.
"This is my sister Brighid."
Shannon looked at her sister who stood with her left arm trying to cover her breasts and her right hand cupping her vagina.
"Oh, I didn't hear there was another naked punishment at St. Mark's. You look a little old to be in high school Brighid."
"Um, I ah am ah not in high school. I'm 24 and Shannon's sister."
"So you are naked out on the street and it has nothing to do with St. Mark's?"
The naked woman shook her head.
Fred walked towards Brighid and grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her, cuffing her behind her back.
"Fred, what are you doing," Shannon screamed.
"Your sister is under arrest for indecent exposure."
"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Shannon HELP ME!"
"Fred, you've never arrested me and I'm naked outside a heck of a lot more than she is."
The commotion had cause many people to stop and stare, even more than before. Now, being unable to run, the audience had an unimpeded view of the two naked girls. Brighid wanted to crawl into a ball and die.
"Shannon, you know why I don't arrest're from St. Mark's. But your sister is just causing a commotion."
"No she's not, she was trying to be supportive of me. Please let her go...I'll do anything."
"Will you take her place?"
Shannon thought for a second, wondering how awful that would be. But she had to do it...this mess was because of her.
"Yes," she said after taking a big breath.
"NO Shannon, don't," Brighid yelled, but the cuffs were already coming off and Fred was moving towards the nude teen. Within seconds, she was cuffed with her hands behind her.
"You run on home...Shannon will be taken care of. We'll call you if she is being released."
Brighid ran away tentatively, not wanting to leave her little sister but having little choice. Both girls heard him say IF she is being released. Brighid never felt more vulnerable and alone, running naked by herself back to her house.
The cruiser pulled away, the young girl cuffed in the back. "Spread your legs Shannon, I have to make sure you aren't hiding anything." Reluctantly the girl spread her knees apart, giving the young police officer a perfect view of her bare pussy.
The car drove around for a good 15 minutes until they pulled into the police station, giving many passing motorists a good view into the police car. "I want to make sure the community sees that we are taking this seriously," Fred said with a smirk.
Finally they pulled up to the old city police station and he came around and opened her door and pulled her out by the naked arm. She winced at his force, wondering if it was necessary...she wasn't a real criminal and he knew that.
He pushed her ahead of him, his arm gripping hers. She was completely nude with her arms pulled tight behind her, giving everyone they passed a complete view of her.
All of the police officers on duty seemed to be men. He took her past the long line of officers and led her to a cold metal chair next to his desk. "Sit down Shannon," he said gruffly.
"Fred, why are you doing this? I thought you were a nice guy."
"Well Shannon, we have gotten a lot of complaints from some of the prudes in the neighborhood about you running around town naked. We had all assumed that you would stay in the house but no, you jog every morning, go out and play basketball, clean the house across the street, people are upset."
Shannon gasped. "How did you know all of that? Have you been watching me?"
"You haven't seen the papers yet have you? Here," he said, throwing a copy of the local daily news on the desk. There she was, a huge color photo of her in all of her glory there on the front page. A long black bar covered her tits and the way she was running, her pussy was blocked but there was no doubt she was completely naked. The headline "NAKED BALLER LEADS ST. MARK'S TO VICTORY: More pics in Sports." She turned the paper to the sports section and was shocked to see five more naked pictures of her, including one where she was lying all balled up on the floor.
The look on her face as she saw the photos was priceless, Fred thought. He always liked girls that were a little helpless. This was why...they were so vulnerable.
"So the police chief calls me this morning and says did I know that there was a naked girl running around town. I of course said yes and that St. Mark's was involved and he said that was fine but if I caught anyone else trying to make a mockery of our laws, I should arrest them. Then I came across you and Brighid running naked in clear violation of the law so I moved in."
Shannon started crying. She was going to be arrested. She never thought it would get to this.
"I'm going to lock you in the cell for a little while. I can't offer you a blanket or anything that might interfere with your rule. I have to call the chief and find out what he wants."
Fred got up, pulled the naked girl out of her seat roughly by the arm and led her back through the room full of leering men. She felt the cold drafts on her body and shivered. They entered a closet sized room that locked from both sides and he recuffed her in the front...he got out, leaving her there alone. In seconds, she heard his voice through a speaker.
"This is where we make prisoners strip out of their clothes and put on the jail smocks...but since you are already naked, all you have to do is remove your sneaks and socks and put them in that case. Once you do, a guard will lead you to your cell."
She leaned over and untied her sneakers and pulled off her socks. Now she was really naked...not that they covered much. She took the few items she wore and stuffed them into the box and heard a click. She stepped out and was met by a guard.
"WHOO WHEE, you are the finest looking piece we've had here in a while," the guard said leering at her. "And usually the girls are in smocks, not nude. Yes, this is quite a treat."
She realized she was in general population and they passed several cells full of men who were now wide awake after hearing about the naked prisoner. They eyed her, trying to reach through the bars to grope her. The guard would have nothing to do with it and pushed their groping hands back, threatening them with a stiffer sentence..."you can look but no touch!"
Finally they came to the center of all of the cells to an area that had bars on all four sides and was completely on view of everyone in the block. "This is our suicide watch cell but it's the only empty one we have right now...since there are no other women to bunk you with, this is the only option."
She cringed, knowing she would be on complete display in all directions. As an added insult, the guard uncuffed her arms from the front, where at least she could cover her tits or pull her knees up to block her body and then wrap her arms around them, and recuffed them behind her. "In you go girlie. Enjoy your time with some of our town's finest."
The sound of the cell door closing was intense for the young girl, who had never seen a jail cell before. She was shivering from the cold and from fear. There were no chairs of beds in the cell and she remembered it was for suicide watch...nothing to kill yourself with. She sat on the floor, her back to the bars and pulled her knees against her.
"THAT'S IT BABY!!! SHOW US THAT PRETTY LITTLE SLIT! I love it when girls try and hide it but the slit won't let them and it peeks out. Come on honey, show it."
Shannon started to cry yet again and let her legs down in front of her.
The verbal abuse came from all angles...some asking her to do disgusting and vile things, others just commenting on her body parts and what they would do to her, where they would stuff their penises into her, etc. She cried the entire time, unable to cover any part of her or even her ears from their taunts. All she could do was sit there and take it. She wanted to run away but was locked in by the cell bars so she withstood their taunts and their verbal assaults. She did the only thing that she could still do...she closed her eyes.
She heard the sound of boots coming down the block and opened her eyes. The verbal stuff had stopped after more than an hour of abuse. She looked up and saw Officer Fred at her cell door, a smile on his face.
"Well Shannon, looks like this is your lucky day...the chief talked to some folks at the school and there is no arrest necessary. But please tell your sister to keep her clothes on in public."
He turned the key in the cell door and she scampered to her feet, thankful that the ordeal was almost over. As they made their way down the walk between the cells one of the men thanked her for his orgasm. She shuddered as they got to the locked door where she had removed her sneaks and socks. Fred undid her cuffs completely and again she was locked in and her sneaks and socks were given back to her. She put them on, even though they covered nothing, and the other door opened and she was back in the desk area where all of the cops were different from the ones that had seen her before. Must have been a shift change, she thought. Their eyes bore into her...they all knew she had been there and had been alerted to her discharge by Fred.
Fred again walked her through the gauntlet of desks, taking a diagonal route, making sure everyone in the room got to see his nude charge. Finally they made it to his cluttered desk and the cold metal chair and again he pushed her towards it. She wanted nothing more than to just leave this place but she couldn't quite walk away from the police could she?
She sat gently on the cold metal chair and felt the coolness shoot up her ass and up her spine. Jesus, did her keep his chair in a refrigerator?
"Alright Shannon, sign this paper and you are free to go."
"What is this paper?"
"Just that you were held for the time specified and that no physical abuse of damage was done to you during your incarceration."
"Does all of that sex talk from the other prisoners count?"
"No, just physical abuse."
Shannon briefly read the paper and signed her name under the term "Person Detained."
"Okay, your dad and sister are waiting for you our in the waiting area. You are free to go."
He looked down at the paperwork on his desk. Obviously he was not going to walk her out. She stood up, puzzled by his suddenness, and turned to walk out. She again felt the eyes of all of the officers and others in the room as she passed.
Finally she made it out of that area and saw her dad and Brighid. They ran up to her and gave her a huge hug. The three were oblivious to the stunned murmuring in the room as they saw a naked girl leaving the police station.
"Are you alright sweetheart, did they hurt you?"
Shannon shook her head, not physically anyway, she wanted to say.
"WHOA BaBY!" one of the men said to her..."let me guess what you were in for."
Jack Malone put his arm around his daughter and led her out of the police station to the car where finally Shannon had some peace. She looked at the clock on the dashboard and saw she had been a prisoner for three hours.


Shannon told Brighid and her father all about the jail trip as they drove towards, Shannon assumed, home. Suddenly, she saw her father pull into the driveway of her school.
“No Daddy, please not today…the jail thing was so awful, please I just can’t go to school now…I’m already late.”
“I know you have had a tough morning, but missing school is what got you into this mess in the first place. I already contacted Mr. Jones and he knows about your morning and is expecting you. Don’t worry, we’ll unwind tonight at home okay?”
“But my book bag, I left it at home.”
“Um, well Shannon, Dad asked me to throw it into the trunk before we left,” Brighid said, mouthing the word sorry.
Shannon opened the door and started to get out. “Um, honey, you need to remove your sneaks and socks and leave them here. That would get you into trouble in school today.”
Disgusted Shannon kicked off her sneaks and socks and threw them into the front seat and slammed the door shut. Normally that would have got me reamed out by Dad but I think he was going to let things slide a bit today.
The nude girl felt the bitter cold as she went to the trunk that her father had automatically opened from inside the car. She grabbed her backpack and slammed it shut, again earning nothing more than a glare from her father.
The bounded up the steps and went right into Mr. Jones’ office where his secretary again disdainly looked at her. After the morning she had, Shannon wasn’t in the mood for her looks today.
“Mrs. Phillips, you know I have no choice about being naked…why are you so annoyed by me?”
“Because you broke the rules and now flaunt your body around the school. I don’t think the punishment rules are right…why should everyone else be punished by seeing your vulgar display?”
Just then Mr. Jones popped his head out. “Thank you Mrs. Phillips, come in Miss Malone. Glad to see you could join us today.”
She glared at him and he replied…”watch it young lady…I am prepared to cut you some slack today but don’t go overboard. Please take your spot.”
She knelt as she was instructed, her knees slightly apart, arms at her side, back straight.
“I hear you had an interesting morning.”
“Yes Sir,” she said automatically.
“Tell me about it.”
This was exactly what she didn’t want to do…relive her awful morning with the man who seemed to take the most pleasure with her dilemma. But you know what, he wants gory details, he’ll get gory details.
“Well, Brighid and I were running nude…you know it’s hard to have your tits bouncing all over the place without a bra…”
The look on his face was priceless as he heard her say tits. What was she doing, he wondered.
“Then this police office came up to us and cuffed Brighid’s hands behind her back. I mean everyone could see her tits and pussy because now she couldn’t block anything. I agree to take her place in the squad car, after all it was my punishment that led to this, and then I was in the car and I had to spread my legs, much like I do in here, so Officer Fred, that’s his name, could see my pussy to make sure that I wasn’t hiding anything…”
Shannon went on and on in graphic language…the principal’s face became redder and redder and she saw him squirm as he became more and more uncomfortable. She talked about what the prisoners said about her “slit” and her “tits” and she saw him shiver.
“That’s enough Miss Malone. Go and ask Mrs. Phillips for a late pass.”
“Thank you Mr. Jones,” the naked girl said cheerily as she got up and left the office.
“Close the door please Miss,” he called after her.
“Hold my calls Mrs. Phillips, I need a moment of peace please,” he said on the intercom. He stood up and saw the huge wet spot in the front of his pants. Thank God I keep an extra suit in my closet, he thought, pulling his pants off and walking over towards the closet.
As he pulled off his underwear and stood nude from the waist down to his socks, he wondered what had gotten into the shy young Shannon Malone. Ah, but it was so good to hear her talk like that.
Shannon got her late pass and headed out of the principal’s office smiling. She had finally gotten to old Mr. Jones, the bastard. He was getting so much pleasure from her nudity at least now he could know what it was like a little.
By this time, third period was ending and she made it to the end of the gym class. She was granted permission to sit it out and she sat talking to Zoe, a pretty blonde who was not participating because of menstrual cramps.
Zoe started talking about the game and the pictures. “Don’t remind me,” Shannon said.
“Yeah, you were big on the news last night…the lead story. You were also the topic of the Morning Crew this morning.”
Oh great, she thought.
“What did you think of the hallways?”
Zoe’s words brought her back to reality. “What hallways?”
“Oh God, you haven’t seen the halls? Mr. Jones and some of the boys did a tribute to you, showing all kinds of pictures from the game and other things.”
OH GOD! More reminders of her nudity…like they didn’t see enough, now she was on display even when she wasn’t there!
“CLASS OVER!” Miss Kelly announced as the girls ran out of the gym. Zoe and Shannon walked together out towards the hall and there she saw it…except these photos didn’t have bars over her tits and her pussy was very much on display.
She was mortified, putting her hand against her mouth in shock. These pictures were vulgar and graphic…she saw her slit staring at her about a foot long…her tits were huge balls in the posters which hung everywhere.
She cringed, knowing that this blatant display would be up for a long time. Now she was going to be looked at and humiliated in the hallways even when she wasn’t there! Even those boys who were a bit shy when she was around and hesitated to look at her private parts (not that there were many of those boys around anymore) would take as long as they wanted in looking at these obscene pictures.
Shannon’s mind whirled…why could she be wanted at the principal’s office? She hadn’t done anything wrong, had just gotten to school. And why Carrie? Or Jay, a real cutie who had gone to elementary school with her and Carrie.
Shannon padded her way down the hallway towards the principal’s office, her bare feet pounding the tile floor, making a splat sound. She cringed, realizing that even her walking drew attention to the fact that she was different and would draw attention to herself. All heads turned as she came down the hall, all wanting a view of their naked schoolmate.
She arrived at Mr. Jones’ office at the same time as Carrie who raised her eyebrows as if to ask what was going on. Shannon shrugged, had no idea. Mr. Jones’ secretary waved them into Mr. Jones’ office without taking the phone off her ear.
The two best friends, one nude the other in uniform, entered the principal’s warm carpeted office. Carrie slipped into a chair but Shannon remained standing.
“Ah, please hold Bob…Miss Malone, if you will take your proper place and wait until Mr. Wallace arrives.”
Oh God no, Shannon thought, shaking her head. “Please Mr. Jones,” she started before he cut her off with a sharp look and a “NOW MISS MALONE!”
Quickly Shannon dropped to her knees and spread them apart so that she was completely subservient to the principal in the presence of her best friend. Shannon couldn’t even look at Carrie, instead she bowed her head and looked straight at the carpet. Even though her friend had seen her naked, tied, gagged and spread, this humiliation seemed the worst…this was her own doing, kneeling in front of this man.
She felt the cold breeze of a door opening before she heard it but the gasp was still there…”Oh my God, what is going on?” It was Jay.
“Hello Mr. Wallace, please have a seat. You know Miss Malone and Miss Bartlett I assume.”
The three teens nodded and Carrie and Jay smiled at each other. Shannon didn’t look up, too embarrassed to be seen this way by the two other teens.
“OK, the three of you have been selected to the Franklin Mall for an educational awareness day with Father Haglin.”
Carrie and Jay smiled, happy for the day out. But Shannon wanted no parts of it, shaking her head no, pleading with her eyes for Mr. Jones to please spare her.
“OK, Father Haglin is waiting in the hallway for the three of you. Have a great day!”
Mr. Jones looked directly at Shannon as he said that and she bowed her head in defeat. She knew she was going to have to go through the humiliation back at the mall.