Surprise Assembly

by katie




Colleen and the naked Shannon entered the living room where Brighid and Jimmy were already sitting with their father. Shannon guessed it must have been around midnight by now but the house was far from sleepy.


The two women too their seats and Jack, the kids' father and Colleen's husband, began to speak.


"What has happened here is a complete invasion of the rights of family members. Yes we have been punishing Shannon in a different way but there is no way that one member of the family should gain from another's pain and humiliation as Jimmy has."


All eyes in the room went to the boy, who was looking uncomfortable in his chair.


"Jimmy, you have removed any sense of safety that Shannon can feel in her own home," Jack continued. "You have taken this place that was special and made it into a place where she has to always be on alert. I am sorry that this special punishment tempted you too much and for that, I take the blame. But you still had no right to betray your sister like this."


Shannon was surprised at the power of her father's speech. Wasn't the whole point of this punishment to be that she had no privacy? She wondered if he knew what was going on at school.


"So, for your punishment, you will live like Shannon for a little while. You will be completely naked at home for the next two weeks?"


"NO, please Dad, no...don't do that, I'm sorry I didn't mean for this to happen."


"What you mean is you didn't mean to get caught. You did mean to humiliate your sister, right?"


Jimmy nodded.


"So, please stand up and strip completely. Brighid and Colleen have already taken care of your room so that it is exactly like Shannon's. No door, no sheets, no clothes."


The obviously uncomfortable boy stood up, wanting to prolong the nudity and try to figure a way out. Shannon thought he was getting off easy...thousands of people saw her naked body thanks to only four other people would see him.


Since his shoes were already off, Jimmy pulled his socks off first. He then pulled his shirt up over his head, thinking that wasn't a big deal...he often went shirtless. Now came the difficult part...his pants. He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down his legs, the obvious erection showing through his briefs.


He hesitated, looking up at Colleen and his father, trying to avoid the eyes of his sisters who were staring intently at the bulge.


"Finish Jimmy, you have no shyness when you were humiliating your sister."


Jimmy closed his eyes, unwilling to see his sisters' eyes as he pulled the white cloth from his penis and let his pants fall, revealing a very erect cock.


"Good, now, you will strip the moment on the porch the minute you get home from school. There will be a box to put your clothes in. Me or Colleen will retrieve them when we get home. Every morning, there will be more clothes for school on the porch and you may put them on out there.


"Unfortunately, because this is just a home punishment, you cannot go out in public or to school naked like Shannon does. But, in this house, you have exactly the same parameters as she does. Understand young man?"


Jimmy nodded, his eyes down at the floor, giving him an unintended view of his rock hard penis.


"OK. Shannon, here is the video camera. You are going to video tape your brother while he cleans this mess up from the party. Let him see how it feels to be watched every step he takes."


"Please no Dad," Jimmy whined, not wanting his humiliation to be recorded. He had thought he would become a hero tonight. Instead, he was facing his worst night ever.


"You sure thought it was a good idea to film Shannon. No...this is the punishment. Then Shannon can do whatever she wants with the tape."


Shannon took the camera and turned the button to camera and started filming her naked brother. It felt so good to have someone else be the ridiculed nude...she relished being the watcher instead of the watched.


She zoomed in on Jimmy's naked cock...she was becoming quite the expert on them in the last few days. After not seeing one for the first 16 1/2 years of her life, she was not looking at the third one this week. She thought it was cute how the little ball sac bounced up and down while Jimmy bent over to pick something up, or ran the vacuum. His cock looked painfully hard, she thought, wondering how boys survived with those things on them. She much referred being a girl.


Finally the room was clean. Jimmy had worked up a sweat as he went. He spent a lot of time cleaning the salt and gunk from the chair where Shannon's debasement had happened.


The pizza boxes, cans and plates were in a pile near the back door. Dad came into the area to examine Jimmy's work.


"Well son, excellent work. Just put this trash out in the cans out back and we can wrap this all up."


"Please Dad, don't make me go out there like this. Please I can't."


"Young man, you notice that your sister has survived three days of this type of punishment, outside for much longer stretches than you, exposed to countless people. I think you can survive a walk to the side of the house to put away some garbage!"


Jimmy knew he was beat and went to grab the garbage. There was too much to take in one load, unfortunately, so he grabbed the pizza boxes and one bag and went out the sliding glass door, leaving the light off.


His Dad flipped the light switch, causing Jimmy to drop the pizza boxes in surprise. He scurried to the row of trash cans and dumped the bag in and then went to get the dropped pizza boxes. He was trying to keep his naked genitals out of view of anyone who might wander by but had to use two hands to grab the boxes.


He deposited them in the can and went back for the rest of the trash. He grabbed the bags and brought them out, the cold concrete and grass feeling odd on his bare feet, the cold night air nipping at his naked body. It was a feeling he didn't like at all.


Of course, Shannon caught the whole thing on video, even the part when his father made him bend over to clean the frost off of his feet before entering. Shannon zoomed in on her brother's naked butt as he bent over to clean the soles of his feet off with a rag.


The whole family then gathered again in the living room where the worst of the degradation happened that night. The clock on the mantle read 1:15 a.m.


"Jim, I hope you learn your lesson from all of this," Dad said.


"Yes Dad, I have," Jimmy said.


Shannon popped the tape out of the camera and walked over to Jimmy. She had placed a hammer on one of the chairs while Jimmy was cleaning. She placed the tape on the table and said to Jimmy, "No one should be humiliated like I was, not even you," and she took the hammer and slammed down on the tape of Jimmy's nude clean up, destroying it.


The naked girl then turned and left the room, heading to bed feeling better than she had in a week. She missed the tears easing out of her brother's eyes as he realized what he had done.




Shannon slept well that night, exhausted from the events of the day and feeling good that someone had actually stood up for her. She heard her alarm go off at 7 a.m. and she felt refreshed, even after just five hours of sleep. She was glad for that with a full day ahead of her, starting with the humiliation of cheerleading at the away wrestling match followed by basketball practice.


She got up and ran in for a quick shower and shave. She noticed that she was the only one awake and she cherished the quiet and aloneness. She hadn't showered alone in four days and realized how wonderful it was.


Shannon finished shaving her legs, pubes and underarms and got out of the shower. She then sat on the toilet and took the opportunity to poop, something she was too embarrassed to do with her brother watching these last few days. She felt glad that she only went once every few days!


The nude girl stood up, wiped and saw blood. No, not this today, she thought...her period. She put the paper into the water and flushed. She grabbed the box of tampons out from beneath the sink and took the plastic applicator which was filled with the cottony tampon. With a practiced motion she reached between her legs and inserted the applicator, plunging the tampon into her bleeding pussy.


The worst part about it was the nasty string, calling everyone's attention to the nude girl's pussy and the fact that she was on the rag. This was not a good start to a day she had known would be awful.


She finished getting ready, which wasn't much for a naked girl. She brushed her teeth, put her hair into a ponytail and did her makeup as she would for any game that she was a cheerleader for. She wished that she cold put on that uniform today, even the tight top and short skirt with the panties, clothes that seemed almost indecent to her in the fall, would be better than nothing.


Shannon went down the steps and found a note on the kitchen table with car keys.


"Shannon, Just thought you would like to know that your photos are no longer on the web site and have been destroyed. Also, take my car and don't worry about messing up the seats. Love, Brighid."


Shannon smiled, silently thanking her sister for some comfort. It was good to finally have an ally. The naked girl grabbed some breakfast, a bowl of cereal and some toast. She knew she had to gain some energy for this day.


She packed a small bag with a towel, water and some tampons, grabbed the keys and exited the house to begin another humiliating day in the life of a naked girl.


It felt good to be driving again but weird doing it nude. Out of respect for Brighid, she did place a towel under her butt as she drove, not wanting blood or girl juice to get on the new seat. Driving naked took some extra work to concentrate on the road and forget her nudity. Luckily it was early on a Saturday morning. She had given some joy to a delivery man, who blew his horn at her as he passed her on the road. She gave an embarrassed wave as he passed her.


Finally she made it to school and parked the car in the student lot. She got out and weaved through the buses waiting to take the team and the cheerleaders to the match. She hurried into Mr. Jones' office and knelt where she had been told and waited for the man.


She heard a commotion at the door and saw Mr. Jones bustling through the door into his office. It was weird to see him out of his suit. Today he wore khackis and a long sleeve golf shirt and almost looked human, she thought.


"Good morning Miss Malone, I am glad to see you here, ready for the day in uniform. What is that bag for?"


"Ah, Mr. Jones, it has a towel to wipe my sweat, some water and some tampons."


He bent over and examined her pussy. How humiliating, she thought.


"Yes, I see the string. Well, that is fine...leave them here for now, I need your help."


Mr. Jones walked out of the office, barely giving the naked girl a chance to get off of her knees and follow him. She almost had to run to keep up with his long paces but finally caught him as he went down some dark steps that led to storage.


"Miss Malone, the JV cheerleaders are going to this meet as well and have no uniforms. I need you to go up and get them for me. Bring back 10 of the old uniforms for them, bring them down one at a time."


Shannon saw where he meant, a ladder that went up into a dark storage area, almost like an attic.


"Here," he said, thrusting a flashlight into her hands. "There are no lights up there...rarely used in fact. I don't want to get my clothes dirty climbing up there but that will not be a problem for you."


The girl took the flashlight, silently cursing the man. He hated her, that much was obvious, and he was taking much joy out of abusing her. She made her way to the old wooden ladder and put her bare foot on it, testing it. It seemed sturdy and she started to climb, flicking on the flashlight. When she got to the top, she poked her head through and the flashlight.


Eww, she thought. There was dust and cobwebs everywhere. She could not believe she had to walk on this stuff barefoot and naked. She climbed up and hopped onto the floor, feeling the dust and dirt on her naked ass.


Mr. Jones could not believe the view he had right now. He could see right inside her slightly spread open pussy, seeing the wadded up cotton tampon and the string. An amazing sight, he thought, not one many men get...a naked teen's spread pussy with a tampon sticking out. Sometimes, he loved his job.


Shannon shined the light around, oblivious to the man below her. She got to her feet and flashed the light on the boxes, finally finding the ones marked "Cheerleader Uniforms, 1993-99." These were the ones she wore freshman year, she thought, remembering how wonderful it was to be covered with clothes. With some effort, she pulled the box down and opened it. She saw the white tops with the green and yellow trim neatly folded on one side and the pleated skirts on the other. She pulled out 10 tops and 10 skirts and then found 10 pairs of the green panties underneath. She put them into sets by sizes and then put the box back onto the shelf.


She made her way to the ladder and began the descent, one uniform at a time. She made her way up and down the ladder 10 times before she was finally finished. The grime that she had accumulated in the storage attic was now oozing from her sweat.


"Thank you Miss Malone. Now, you have 10 minutes. Go and shower. I will make sure your bag is on the bus to the meet. Meet the team in the gym that."


The naked girl was glad to have a chance to wash. It was bad enough to be naked like this without being disgustingly dirty. She ran to the locker room, determined to make it in the 10 minutes allotted. She ran into the shower room and got under the stream. She was surprised that the other girls weren't in the locker room, getting make up on, putting their uniform together. She put it out of her head and finished washing. She grabbed a towel from the pile in the equipment room and stopped at her locker for deodorant and a hair brush and then ran to meet the team in the gym.


When she opened the door, she was shocked at what she saw...there were no girls in the room, just the 30 wrestlers there waiting. There stared at her leeringly, enjoying the view of the freshly cleaned body.


"Ok, you must be Shannon," the man who was obviously the coach said. "Now we can go."


"Um, Coach, I'm supposed to go with the cheerleaders."


"Oh, they left 10 minutes ago. The JV girls got their uniforms and were going to change in the bus. We were waiting for you. Let's go, can't be late."


Shannon could not believe that she would be forced to ride to Mercy with the boys but followed along, not wanting to earn more punishment. The boys maneuvered her so that she was in the middle of a large group of them and out of sight of the coach. Here they began to fondle her, grabbing her tits and ass. She tried to escape their touching but found she was unable to move.


Into the bus they went, the 30 wrestlers, their three males coaches and the very naked and embarrassed cheerleader. The boys convinced their coach to let her sit in the back with them, so they could take care of her and make her feel welcome. Coach smirked at their words but allowed it and she was almost carried to the back of the bus, feeling like the sacrificial virgin.


The boys had been told they could not touch the naked girl sexually but forced her to adopt many humiliating positions, including putting both her feet spread on the seat in front of her so that they cold see right down into her pussy. They laughed at her string, wondering what would happen if they pulled it. No one touched her, but she felt so violated.


Finally the bus pulled into Mercy's parking lot. She had been dreading the match but thought even that was a better alternative to being alone with those boys any longer.


She followed the team out of the bus and headed for the gym. She noticed that the stands were a bit more full today...obviously word of her arrival had preceded her. She ran over and met up with the rest of the cheerleaders. Some of them she knew from football but most were just wrestling cheerleaders. Nowadays, most girls also played a sport in a season so anyone who cheered did it out of season. Since she was a basketball player, she cheered in the fall. Many of these girls played soccer in the fall, allowing them to cheer in the winter.


Most of them looked at her with disdain. Those that knew her felt bad but those that didn't felt threatened. How could they get anyone to look at them with this nude floozy around.


The cheerleader coach was the same all year and she gave Shannon a warm hello. She saw there were two boys with her, both of them on the gymnastics team who also doubled as spotters and throwers for the cheerleaders in the fall.


"OK ladies and gents, time to stretch...make sur eyou are nice and we are going to do some stunts."


Shannon groaned, knowing that she was always the one thrown around. She was the most athletic girl on the squad and could withstand the pounding the body takes during the stunts. But, being naked would make them even more difficult and humiliating.


The girls stretched and she noticed people videoing them and taking some pictures. The crowd had gathered over on the side of the bleachers where the cheerleaders were warming up.


She tried to block them out, but the attention was enormous. Finally she was finished and headed out to join her teammates.


She was handed pom poms but realized they were much smaller than the other girls and would not cover much. She saw why...couldn't have pompoms covering her precious titties now could they, she thought.


She pasted the cheerleader smile on her face and pretended not to notice the gawking and the stares. The other team came out and almost tripped over the matt. She saw them pointing and wondered how they would wrestle with their mouths wide open.


Finally her team came out and she cheered with the rest of the girls. She did the kick cheer without thinking, throwing her right leg into the air as high as possible, up and over her shoulder. That caused the entire bleachers across from her to gasp at the sight.


The match began and she sat cross legged with the other girls. Right away she noticed that her appearance was having an effect on the home team...the St. Mark's wrestler had seen her for three days and in the bus and was somewhat used to her. The Mercy guy kept looking over at her and getting distracted. He was pinned easily.


St. Mark's won the first five rounds before the break.


"Now, let's do the famous Shannon Malone pyramid split. I brought John and Tim along here to spot and throw you in the air. The other girls have been practicing all night last night to get this right."


The St. Mark's cheerleaders headed out onto the mat. Shannon felt the rubbery surface under her bare feet and it felt weird. She didn't have much experience with wrestling and had never been on the mat before.


She watched as two girls climbed on the backs of other girls and sat on their shoulders. Each couple stood about five feet apart from each other, with Shannon right between them. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend that she had clothes on...that the worst people would see is her green cheerleader panties. She felt John's hands go on either side of her naked belly and instinctively she bent her knees and allowed him to throw her up in the air.


They had done this cheer hundreds of times in the was one of the squad's trademarks and Shannon was the only member of the team who could perform this difficult maneuver. She had to do a split in midair so that each ankle would land on one of the girl's shoulder. She then had to hold the split there, exposing her naked and gaping pussy to everyone beneath her for the seconds she had to stay up there. Normally it was a revealing stunt and had almost been outlawed by her school. She laughed thinking that they thought it was revealing before.


This time she landed it perfectly and pasted the cheerleader smile on her face. The girls who had her ankles on their shoulders cringed and made faces at the near contact to her bare pussy, the string still hanging there for the world to see.


Finally, she did a roll and came out of the split, into the waiting arms of John, who grabbed her extra tightly, enjoying the feel of the naked girl in his arms.


The girls cheered and realized that everyone in the place had stopped to watch the stunt, even the wrestlers, coaches and referees. Shannon turned a bright red, knowing what they all had seen.


The rest of the meet passed with St. Mark's taking every match. They all shook hands as the cheerleaders did their final cheer, a rousing stunt which ended with Shannon doing a split on the rubber mat. Again all eyes were on her as she completed it. She felt the spongy rubber extremely close to her bare pussy and hel her split only as long as necessary.


Finally it was over and she made her way to where the bags were. She desperately needed to go and change her tampon and started towards the girls' locker room. Before she got there, she was stopped by a nun.


"No Miss, sorry, we don't need your kind in our facilities. If you want to flaunt your body like that, that's your business. But in my school, a floozy like you doesn't use the ladies' room."


Shannon teared up, upset at the awful treatment of her by this person. She headed back into the gym, looking for somewhere to go. Finally, she decided to go under the bleachers. There she did the awful task of taking out the bloody tampon and inserting a new one. With nowhere to put the used one, she wrapped it in the towel she had brought and exited from under the bleachers.


When she did, she saw that only the team remained. Again, the cheerleaders had left her.


"Let's go sweetheart," the coach said, "Time to go and celebrate."


The bus ride home was again awful. The boys were in a rowdy mood after the shutout victory and wanted to enjoy some rewards. Again they were told not to touch but some did anyway, crushing her poor tits and naked flesh.


Finally they made it back to school and exited the bus. She hurried along, hearing cheers of  "great job" and "don't leave so soon." She ran into the locker room and was shocked by what she saw...the entire girls basketball team was completely naked, standing in a circle.




"Um, what's going on," Shannon asked the naked girls.


Juli, her best friend on the team who had taken her place running naked suicides the day before, stepped forward.


"Well, we heard about the awful cheerleading thing and decided that Coach McBride was right and we should stick together as a team. So we thought that we would practice naked today, just for you."


Shannon was so touched that her eyes again filled up with tears as she looked at the 14 naked girls, all standing in just socks and sneakers. Even Melissa, the freshman player who none of them had ever seen naked, even in the locker room, was completely nude. Shannon noticed that she barely had bumps there and was almost completely hairless.


"Oh thank you all so much. This is so nice of you. But you don't have to suffer humiliation because of me. I can't let you do this."


It was Melissa, the quiet newcomer on the team, who spoke up.


"Shannon, we all think this thing sucks. So, if it helps you for us to be naked, then we'll do it. Just don't ask us to do it in games!"


All of the girls shared a laugh at that. Shannon, giddy for the first time in days, threw her bag in her locker and joined her naked teammates as they headed out onto the practice floor. For the first time, her nudity didn't make her stand out. The only difference between her and these other girls was the fact that she was barefoot.


Coach McBride's eyes nearly flew out of his face when he saw the large mass of naked flesh coming towards him. Yes indeed, he definitely loved his job! When he gave them that speech about team unity, he never thought it would come to this!


"Ah, ladies," he said, trying to hide his obvious erection. "What's up here?"


The girls, most redfaced, just stared blankly at the floor. Juli, being unusually brazen, stepped forward, thrust her amble breasts out and said, "Team unity Coach, just like you said. We're standing with Shannon today! Is that a problem?"


The Coach laughed, "No problem at all. I love it. Great idea girls. Okay, let's start practice. Juli and Shannon, lead the team in stretching exercises."


The naked girls looked at each other in surprise. They hadn't thought this all the way through. No one expected to have to stretch and do those awful exercises. It was hard enough being naked.


But they followed the two team captains to the center of the floor. They were joined there by Coach Ryan. Coach McBride was no where to be seen. Actually, he retired briefly to his office to relive his growing erection and get the video camera. No one would believe this.


The girls arranged themselves in a circle, with Juli and Shannon in the middle. They started out touching their toes, keeping their hands on them for counts of 10. The girls realized what a display this made, as their asses and little pussy lips were peeking out from behind. Coach Ryan could not believe his good fortune and wished he had found a place to relive himself.


Coach McBride meanwhile was video taping the entire show, not letting the girls know they were being taped. Many of their practices were taped for them to go over later. They forgot that it was even there.


The girls did the toe touches 10 times and moved to do 10 sets of squats. Each one was a lewd display as 15 naked pelvises and thighs squatted up and down. The moans of the girls made it sound much dirtier that it would have had they been clothed.


Next, all 15 naked girls sat on the floor, their bare bottoms against the cold hard surface. They spread their feet wide apart and then grabbed their toes, stretching. One of the girls, Connie, closed her eyes as she realized the sight she was. She was a tall redhead, thin with nice round boobs, a 34c. She had pale skin and green eyes and was lusted after by many guys. She had always loved her body and showing off but this was too much even for her.


The girl having the toughest time with the nudity was Heather, a tall muscular girl. She was the team's center, standing 6'0 and weighing 160 pounds. She never liked her body, had been ashamed at being bigger than most girls. She normally liked to hidde in baggy sweaters and jeans. Rarely wore skirts (except at school) or dresses. Even in uniform, she hid her body as best she could.


But now she could not hide. She was on the verge of tears and wondered why she had gone along with it. She saw her tits, 36Ds, and thought they were ugly. They sagged, unlike most of the girls, who had perky, hard breasts. Hers were too big and awful. She felt fat, having some extra flab in her belly and she noticed that her thighs met just under her pussy while the other girls all had gaps there.


She didn't want to be nude but felt no way around it. She didn't want to go against the team, had felt awful about Shannon and wanted to help. But she never wanted this.


While the team stood up and began doing layup drills, Shannon was still touched by her friends' show of support. She wondered what she would have done in their place. She knew now how awful total nudity was and wondered if they had realized how it would feel.


The team was struggling to complete their drills. Many were missing the easy shots, shots they normally made without a problem. Only Shannon and Juli seemed to be concentrating on the basketball...Shannon because she was so used to being naked now, had practiced that way yesterday and Juli because of yesterday's running and her new found boldness.


Finally Coach McBride called them to huddle in the center court. Beside the team, Coach McBride and Coach Ryan, there was Amy, the trainer, and Kim, the student manager. Kim had gotten the nudity message late but had dutifully stripped when she got to the court and stood there naked. The only clothes being worn were on the coaches and Amy, a shapely young brunette, in her first year out of school.


Kim was hot, had always been unbelievably sexy. The other girls had always envied her, the way she even made their dumpy Catholic School uniform seem sexy. Her skirts were always short but not slutty, her blouses were unbuttoned just enough to look like there was something to see but not showing really anything. Her makeup was always perfect and her jewelry was dainty and just right for her.


Coach McBride had been so happy when the blossoming Kim stuck with being the team manager. A player on the school's volleyball team, she had tried out for basketball her freshman year but got cut. However, since she was friends with many of the players, she stayed with it and was now a senior.


He noticed her now, standing out even in this group of nude women. Her breasts were completely perfect...not too big but not small, perfectly round with long nipples. Her body was shaped well too, a perfect hourglass shape on a 17 year old. Her pussy, which he had never seen before, was one of the best he had ever seen, even in porno mags...he lips were puffy and slightly gaping, the hair trimmed in a strip so as not to hide a thing. Her legs were long and thin and just plain perfect. He realized that perfect was the only way to describe her, even her face...a total girl next door!


His attention snapped back to the girls who had gathered around him. He smelled the sweet smell of teen girls perspiring and wanted to bottle it. Definitely one of the perks of the job, he thought.


"Okay ladies, while I appreciate the effort it took for all of you, including Kim here, to be naked today, I want to make sure you concentrate. You know that we have a big game tomorrow afternoon against Central Catholic and we need to be ready. Do you think we can concentrate on our game plan like this or do you all need to go put on clothes, Shannon excepted of course?"


The girls looked at each other. Heather became hopeful...maybe there was a way out of this. She groaned when the other girls shook their heads and Melissa spoke up. "We'll stay like this Coach but concentrate better. We want to show our support for Shannon."


The other girls, including a reluctant Heather, nodded and stated their agreement. Coach McBride smile, happy with the decision, and led them through a hard practice to prepare them for the big game the following day. The players and even the coaches seemed to forget about the nudity and worked hard to get ready for the game against the first-place team in the league.


Finally, the panting, sweaty girls all gathered in the center circle for the final words from the coaches. They were gathered in tight like always, but today it felt so different, their nude bodies grazing each other.


"Girls, this was one of the best practices we have ever had. You focused and concentrated and it was great. I think we are ready for Central Catholic tomorrow! Bring it in!"


He raised his fist in air as always, expecting the girls to put theirs in his. As they did, many of their bare breasts grazed his arm as they clamored for a spot. "St. Mark's on three, one, two, three!" "ST. MARK'S!!," the 15 nude girls cheered together and broke the circle, most of them wanting to run back to the locker room and slip into some form of normalcy.


As expected, Shannon and Juli were the last two, walking together.


"Jules, thanks for arranging this, I feel so much better knowing you guys support me."


"Hey Shan, it's cool. I'm sorry that we were so rotten to you last week. We felt weird to have you around but then I realized it was out of your control and we should support you! Just don't expect this every practice and especially not on Monday in school!"


The girls laughed and Juli put her arm around Shannon's sweaty shoulder as they walked down the steps and into the girls locker room. All of the girls showered and all but Shannon got dressed, most putting on sweats. Shannon's was momentarily envious but then remembered all they had done for her and felt better.


They all said goodbye and Shannon headed for the car, wondering what else could happen to her.




Shannon hopped into Brighid's car and drove home through the afternoon traffic. There were many more cars on the road now and she knew many could see her tits but she tried to block it out. She played the music louder, even dancing to the music. The music was so loud she almost didn't hear the police siren behind her.


SHIT! What did she do wrong? She pulled over to the side.




Shannon opened the door in a panic, not believing her awful luck. How could this have happened?


She got out of the car and put her hands in the air, her breath making smoke in the cold afternoon, her bare feet on the cold, hard gravel of the shoulder of the road, her nudity now on blatant display. She saw a cop coming at her, his gun pointing at her and he hurried up behind her, grabbed her right wrist out of the air and pulled it harshly behind her back and then did the same with her left arm and cuffed her. He then threw her on the ground face down, her knees under her so that her naked ass was thrust up in the air. Shannon had never been more scared in her life.




Shannon wanted to scream that she didn't know what he was talking about. He had his knee pressed harshly against her naked cheek and his body over her back to pin her down.


"Wait, Shannon is that you?" she heard a voice say from a few feet away.


"Yes, OH GOD YES!"


"JESUS BOB, LET HER UP! THAT's NOT THE BANK ROBBER YOU IDIOT! That's the girl from St. Mark's I was telling you about!"


Officer Bob quickly removed his knee from her face and got off of her. She stodd up, scratches all over her body from the scuffle, a red blotch on her cheek from his knee.


"Oh Christ, Miss, I am so sorry. We were alerted that a bank robber was coming up from the city. She stripped all of her clothes at the bank, where she killed four people, and was driving the getaway car totally naked. The model of the car and her description matched you. I'm terribly sorry. Did I hurt you?"


Shannon had just barely made it to her knees and took the hand of Officer Bob. She saw that her savior had been Officer Fred, the same guy who had come to her rescue when she was being molested by the homeless guy while waiting for the school bus.


"Ah, no, just a few scratches."


"Miss, I am so sorry, I feel terrible. Please know how bad I feel. Let me help you," he said, grabbing her by the arm. Violently, she shook her arm free of him, not wanting him to touch her any more than he had.


"I'm fine thank you," she said flatly, opening the door and getting into Brighid's car. As she did, she realized that her face was totally flushed and her heart was racing. She was almost dizzy from the encounter.


Just then, Officer Fred was by her side.


"Shannon, this was totally a case of mistaken identity. Weird coincidence but I'm glad I was here. Let us give you an escort home so that it doesn't happen again."


Shannon shook her head as Officer Fred closed the door and smiled at his partner. As soon as they had seen her riding naked and Bob heard the story, they decided they wanted a little feel for themselves. Fred never thought Bob would be so rough but it had been fun for a bit anyway. Making up the part about the killing was strange but at least the girl seemed no worse for wear.


The naked girl eased the car into drive and with the help of the police car behind her, merged into traffic. She knew she had to drive carefully to avoid a ticket. Her vision was clouded by the tears again filling her eyes. Jesus how could she have tears left, she thought. I've been crying for four days!


Finally she pulled onto her street and into the driveway. The police car stopped at the end of the drive and waited while she got out of the car and started up the steps. Both officers enjoyed the view of the naked girl as she climbed the steps onto the porch. She turned and waved a thank you to the men and entered the house.


"Wow," Bob said to Fred, "you were right. She is a real piece. I need to keep my eyes out for her."


Shannon went into the house and was surprised to see her brother naked in the living room watching television. She had forgotten all about his punishment and wondered how he was doing, feeling a bit bad and knowing what he was going through..


"Hey," she said.


"Hey," he replied, barely lifting his eyes away from the TV. For three days she couldn't get him away from her. Now he wouldn't even look at her.


"How's it going," she asked.


"It sucks, that's how it's going. I'm naked and I can't leave this house. All because of you!"


Shannon saw red.




She stormed out of the living room, not believing that she had actually felt bad for him and wanted to help him out. Screw him, she thought.


She went into the kitchen where Brighid was sitting reading a magazine. Shannon's heart dropped when she noticed it was an L.L. Bean catalog and it was filled with wonderful clothes.


She sat down and told her sister all about her lousy day, ending with the blowup with Jimmy. Brighid sat quietly and listened, feeling bad for her sister.


"Well, I know something that will cheer you up. Here," she said, passing a note to the naked girl.


Shannon took the paper and read it. It read: "Mark called...555-5555!"


The naked girl blushed and looked at her sister. She had to tell someone.


"Brig, can you keep a secret?"


"Sure," the older girl said, leaning forward to hear the news.


"OK, Mark is a boy I met while I was skipping school. We ran into each other while you were humiliating me at Dunkin Donuts. He wanted to talk but I told him to call me. What should I do?"


"Call him back. He obviously wants to see you again."


"And what would we do? I'm naked remember. Hard to find a nice place to go with a naked girl! Plus, he thinks I'm a college girl."


"Well, you have to be honest. He knows you were naked at Dunkin Donuts and called you anyway. Obviously doesn't bother him too much."


Shannon knew Brighid was right. She took the message, thanked her sister for the advice and headed to her room. When she got there, she noticed that her comforter had been put back on the bed and the door was back on the hinges. She saw a note on her pillow.


"We thought you deserved something nice. The comforter can only be used during the night to sleep and the door must be open at all times you are awake. When you go to bed, you may close it. Sorry about all of this...hope this helps a little. Love, Daddy."


She smiled, knowing that tonight at least she could be wrapped in wonderful comfort...she wanted to run and thank her father but knew she had to make this phone call.


The naked girl went to her phone, which she happily found left in the room even when everything else was stripped. She picked it up and dialed Mark's number.


"Hello," said a voice that she found to be so sweet and sexy.


"Hi Mark?"


"Yeah, Shannon?"


Oh God, he knows it's me.


"Yeah, hi, I was just calling you back."


"Great...well, are you still naked?"


How's that for an opening line?


"Um, yes. But I can explain."


"Don't bother, your sister explained everything."


Oh God. Oh God! "Everything?" Even the high school part.


"Yeah and I was so glad."


"Glad? Glad that I'm naked all the time?"


"Yeah that, but also that you are in high school. You see, when we met, I lied too. I am in high school too...I'm a senior at the Academy...those boys that you jerked off were classmates of mine."


Her face flushed. Oh God, everyone in his ENTIRE SCHOOL knows!


"That wasn't my idea," she sputtered.


"Relax, relax, I know...Brighid told me the whole thing, how she was hassling you and you couldn't say no. Don't worry about it, I understand."


She relaxed, noticing her breasts heaving as she took a deep breath.


"So, how old are you," she asked.


"I'm 17 and I know that you are 16. So, can I see you tonight?"


"Um, well, I'm not sure."


"What's wrong?"


"Well, for starters, I'm naked! Not much to do with a naked girl is there?"


Then she had an idea. Maybe they could hang out at her house. "Um, Mark, can you hold on for a second?"




Shannon placed the phone down and raced out of her room. "DAAADDDDD!!"


"Down here Shannon!"


Shannon raced down the stairs and came face to face with her father who must have just walked in because he had his coat in and smelled like the cold.


"Um, well, first, thanks for the comforter and the door. You are so sweet."


"Oh you're welcome sweetheart...I felt you had suffered enough after what Jimmy did to you. It was at least something."


"Well, thanks! And, do you mind if I have a boy over tonight?"


There it was, Jack thought, the question. Could his completely nude daughter have a boy over to the house and hang out? He knew it might come up but had hoped that she would be so completely mortified by her nudity that she would not want boys over.


"I don't know Shannon, in your condition."


Tears again welled up in her eyes. She had always cried easily but this was ridiculous.


"Daddy, I didn't choose my condition, you did and Mr. Jones did. Am I not allowed to have some fun while you do these horrible things to me?"


"Shannon, you don't understand...boys are different than girls. Look at what Jimmy did to you and he's your brother. I'm just afraid that a boy would take advantage of your nudity and want to avoid that."


"So let me put on clothes tonight."


"You know I can't do that. Your punishment is for six weeks and that's it. Period!"


"So I am stuck with no friends and no social life because my father and principal are perverts and want to keep me naked. This sucks. You're just as bad as Jimmy!"


She turned on the steps and ran up the steps. She had almost forgotten about Mark on the phone but saw the receiver sitting there.


"Uh Mark, can I call you back? I don't know if I'm allowed to do anything tonight, still being punished for skipping school and all."


"Oh, I understand. Ok, well call if you want to do something."


"I will, Bye," she said sadly.


She laid down on her comforter covered bed and bawled into the pillow, afraid she had gone too far with her dad and sad about the turn her life had taken.


Minutes later she heard, "Shannon, may I speak with you?"


It was her father and he was in her room. She wanted to cover up, to not be so naked here with him, to hide her private parts from the man. She felt like such a little girl.


"Shannon, I'm sorry about what happened downstairs. Your behavior was wrong and you should apologize to me as well, but I was wrong too. You should be allowed to have a social life, even during the naked punishment. There is nothing that says you are grounded, like Jimmy...the nudity for you was the punishment. So, have the boy over and enjoy your night."


Shannon tear-stained cheeks lit up and her eyes sparkled. "Really Daddy? Oh thank you!" She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her naked body against him in a bear hug.


"I'm sorry I yelled and called you a pervert. It really wasn't you I was yelling at. It's men in general...everyone seems to want to humiliate me for their pleasure."


Jack shook his head. Yes, I know how men are, he thought. That's what scares me about this date. He remembered being a teenager and what he would have done with a naked girl next to him.


"Well, don't blame them too much. Seeing a beautiful girl like you naked drives men crazy, even your own brother. Be patient, I know it's hard, but you are a better person than them. Let them think they're humiliating you but don't humiliate yourself."


Shannon hugged him tighter and said, "thank you so much Daddy!" He left the room, not believing that he had just gotten a bear hug from his very naked daughter. He went in search of Colleen, hoping to get a little bit lucky.


Not realizing the impact she had made on her father, Shannon rolled over and dialed Mark's number. She invited him over to watch a movie and maybe some food (no French fries or egg rolls, she laughed to herself) and he accepted. He would be there at 6. She looked at her watch and saw it was 4...two hours to get ready. Ready? What did she need to get ready. She would put on some makeup and perfume maybe, but she would be unable to dazzle him with a sexy outfit. Just her, in all of her naked glory.


She ran in and showered, shaving yet again (can't be too careful when you're naked) and quickly put on some makeup and sprayed some daisy perfume on her.


Oh God, I'm supposed to go over to Carrie's tonight for a sleep over. She called her best friend who completely understood but then demanded a call immediately after with all of the details.


Shannon then went down into the living room to wait. There she remembered...Jimmy was naked too! Oh God, she couldn't have Mark see her brother naked too. That would be too weird. Her being naked was bad enough but what would mark think of her and her brother naked together in the same house.


"Dad, can I ask a favor," she said when she located her dad exiting his bedroom, looking a bit sweaty.


"Sure, Shannon smell nice and your face looks great."


"Um, thanks Dad, but could you ask Jimmy to not be visible when Mark gets here? It's hard enough to explain my nudity without having to describe his as well."


"I see your point. Okay, but just tonight. If this boy comes over again when Jimmy is naked, you will have to explain it somehow. I think Jimmy can do you a favor tonight. I'll go and tell him."


"Thanks Dad, you are the best," she said and ran down into the living room. Her dad came down and told Jimmy that, as part of his punishment, he was going to have to be in his room immediately following dinner and must stay on that floor of the house. As he did it, he winked at his naked daughter who grinned.


Shannon sat in on dinner but did not eat. Even if she wasn't waiting for Mark to have dinner, she would not have been able to eat...she was too nervous. Going on a first date is hard at any time, but especially in her current "condition," as her father called it.


The conversation was lively and she joined in, feeling like a part of the family for the first time since her nudity punishment began. She told them all the story of the basketball practice and both her father and Colleen said they were planning to attend the game tomorrow. Dinner was just finishing up and Jimmy finishing the clean up when the doorbell rang.


Shannon looked worriedly at her father who mouthed, "calm."


"Jim, that's enough...time for you to go to your room. You may watch TV up there."


The naked boy was thrilled to be able to leave this kitchen where all eyes were on him and he ran out and up into his room, where he settled in for the night.


"Go ahead Shannon."


The naked girl ran out of the kitchen, her bare feet slapping the tile and then the wood of the hallway and foyer. She swung open the door and there he was. He looked gorgeous and she felt so naked...




"Hi," she said, blushing.


"Hello," he said, his eyes drinking in her nudity. She remembered her father's warning not to get too angry, boys will be boys. If she were wearing a miniskirt and cool blouse he would still check her out.


"These are for you," he said, handing her a bouquet of fresh flowers.


"Oh God, they're wonderful You're sweet, thanks. Come on in."


Wow, flowers, she thought...he is a sweetheart.


"I'll go and put these in water, you can come with me."


"Sure," he said, following her into the kitchen.


"Mark, this is my dad, my stepmom and my sister Brighid, who you spoke to. Everyone, this is Mark and he brought me flowers!"


The three older people were happy for Shannon, especially the women who eyed the cute young man with appreciation. Brighid noticed them looking and knew what they were thinking. He's so cute, warm eyes, broad shoulders, flat belly and great butt. She was in love with him!


"Here's a vase Shannon," her father said. "Ah, Mark, can I have a word with you in private?"


Shannon cast a worried look at her father and then at Mark. For his part, Mark handled it well.


"Sure Mr. Malone, whatever you want."


The boy could not believe what was happening. Here he was, standing beside a naked girl in her house with her father and step mom sitting right there. Amazing.


Mark had liked Shannon the minute he met her. He had even doubted she was a college girl, as she claimed. But having her naked was beyond his wildest dreams...usually a guy like him would be lucky to grab a feel here and there of a bare tit or pussy. Here he had a view of it all and he liked what he saw!


He followed the tall older man into what looked to be a study. Here was a computer on a desk and book shelves.


"Please Mark, sit down," Jack said pointing to a chair across from him. The boy dutifully sat down.


"Mark, I don't know you, but I want you to know, I love my daughter more than anything. I know her punishment is a bit odd and that her being naked is going to be a temptation, but she's a good girl and deserves your respect. Will you have a problem with that in her current condition?"


Mark looked the man in the eye and shook his head. "No sir, I greatly respect your daughter and liked her before I knew she was naked, had even planned to see her tonight. I can't lie and say that I don't like the fact that she is naked...she's a beautiful girl, but I will treat her with respect Sir, you do not need to worry."


The boy saw Mr. Malone exhale at the statement.


"Good then. Enjoy your time here. If there is anything you need, help yourself."


"Thank you sir," Mark said, taking the outreached hand to shake it. The two men exited the study and rejoined the group, where the very nervous Shannon waited.


"You two have a nice time," her father said to her with a smile.


She grinned back..."thanks Dad, we will. Mark, let's go downstairs to the family room."


The two teens headed down the steps into the finished basement that also doubled as a family room. Here was a big screen TV with a VCR and a DVD player and a stereo.


"Whoa, cool room," Mark said.


"Thanks, here, I got you a soda," Shannon said, handing the boy a can of Coke. As he reached for it, his hand unintentionally grazed her bare breast and they both stopped.


"Wait a second here, this is silly," Mark said. "Are you embarrassed by me seeing you like this?"


Shannon thought and answered, "not really. Not as much as I thought I would be. All of the other times I've been on display have been awful. With you, it doesn't feel so bad."


Mark smiled, happy she was comfortable. "I have to admit, you look great naked. You are an impressive looking girl Shannon."


The naked girl blushed but not in the way she had been for the last four days. This was a happy blush.


"So, we are going to be together for a little while here tonight and sometimes I am going to touch you in a normal way, not sexually. We can't keep worrying about it each time. If you are uncomfortable, then tell me and I will split. Deal?"


She nodded, reaching her hand out for a shake. "Deal!"


The two placed a food order (two hoagies and chips, no fries!) and picked a movie. Shannon thought it was sweet that he picked "Save the Last Dance" after she told him it was her favorite. They both knew it was a bit of a "chick flick" but she thought it was sweet that he would want to watch it.


They settled on the couch, near each other but not touching. Shannon curled her legs up under her in her favorite position and Mark sat cross legged as the movie began. They heard the door bell and Shannon cringed, thinking that she might have to go and answer it nude.


"I'll get it," Mark said, "stay here and relax."


Shannon watched him go up the steps to pay for the food and bring it back. Right then she knew he was a keeper...he had the chance to humiliate her and force her to go and get the food. Instead, he jumped in and did it himself, saving her the indignity.


He brought the bags down and she noticed that paper plates and napkins were on top. "Your step mom grabbed them for us." The two continued watching the movie as they ate, Shannon managing to finish only half while the bigger boy consumed the whole thing quickly.


"Man, you eat like a girl," he said laughing. "Come on, eat up!"


"Well, you must be blind case you haven't noticed, I am a girl...can't be hiding any little things here can I?"


She was shocked she had said it, not believing that she cold be so brazen about her nudity. But his loud gaffaw eased her mind and she took a big bite of the hoagie to show off.


Finally they pushed the food and drinks away as the movie went on. Somehow, during the viewing, the two had gotten closer and closer to each other on the couch. When Shannon realized that he was inches from her, she leaned over and rested her naked upper body on his side, resting her head on his shoulder. Oh he feels so strong and smells so nice, she thought. Thank you God for something good in this mess.


Mark had stopped concentrating on the movie, instead trying to control his hormones as he felt her naked flesh lean against him. She felt so warm and smooth and he loved her perfume, closing his eyes to let the smell come in. How do girls smell so nice, he wondered as her hair brushed his nose.


The two sat like that until the movie ended. Shannon was a bit disappointed as she was enjoying the closeness. But still she got up and stopped the tape.


"Well, what do you want to do now," she asked.


"Why don't we talk," he responded. By the smile that crossed her face, he knew he had asked the right question. A part of her brain had thought that he was too good to be true...that once the movie ended he would try and ravage her. But this was nice, a chance to talk to a boy.


The two spent the next two hours talking about life, school, dreams, college plans, sports, etc. Even though she had dated a boy for three years, Shannon had never felt so close to a male.


Finally, he looked at the clock..."I gotta go," he said.


She pretended to groan and then smiled. "I had a really nice time tonight Mark."


"Me too. Can we do this again," he asked.


She nodded, more tears coming to her eyes, this time tears of joy. "I would like that."


" the way, do you mind if I come to your game tomorrow? Would that distract you?"


"Um Mark, I am playing my first naked game...I don't think you being there will be too much of an added distraction."


"Well then, good night," he said, closing in for a hug. She so much wanted this and she sighed when he naked body brushed his clothed one. She placed her head on his chest as he pulled her closer, also relishing the warmth and the feel of a naked girl held tight against him.


"Good night Mark. Thanks for coming over." With that the two held hands as they climbed the steps. There Dad and Colleen were sitting in the living room, watching TV.


"Good night Mr. Malone, Mrs. Malone. Thanks for letting me come over."


"Good night Mark," they both said and Jack added, "you are welcome any time."


The two parted at the door and Shannon ran upstairs to her room. She quickly dialed the phone.


"Carrie, oh my God, he's adorable...I think I love him!"