Surprise Assemby

by katie



Finally the punishment drills were over and she was able to join the team. They were mostly doing a run through of their offensive plays. Shannon, normally one of the guards outside, was inserted as a power forward and went into the lane. This would force her to have her naked body come into direct contact with another girl as the forward frequently had to post up in position right up against the defender. As a shooting guard, she could get away from the opposing player without much contact.
“This is how we are going to use Shannon as an advantage. Most other girls will want nothing to do with the naked girl and won’t want to guard her. This will get you open for some easy layups. Understand Shannon? Girls?”
Shannon turned a bright crimson, even more red than she already was from all of the exertion. Coach McBride was suggesting that her nudity would be such a disgusting thing to opponents that they could have an advantage.
They ran through some drills, allowing her to get the ball in the lane and turn and shoot. As she posted up, she felt the bare knee and thighs of Melissa making contact with her. She felt the sweat of the other girl and got a tingle. What the heck was going on?
The other girls seemed angry at Shannon though. Every time she went up for a shot, she felt a hard slap across her arms, legs, breasts. By the time this part of practice was over, she had black and blue marks all over and her tits were scratched. That, plus her annoyance of having to scream for the ball through her gag were driving her crazy.
“Boy, the big girls gave you a workout today Shannon,” Coach McBride observed. “Not like playing on the wing is it?”
Shannon shook her head, hoping it was over.
“Alright girls, gather at midcourt.”
The team all assembled in the midcourt circle. This was Coach McBride and Coach Ryan’s favorite part, having all of that young girl flesh gather in close, their bodies glistening from sweat, their hair matted on their foreheads, their shirts sticking to their bodies. Even sweat smelled sweet when it came from young girls.
“Alright girls, good practice today. And Juli, I really liked how you came to the defense of another teammate. I would expect that from all of you. As for Shannon, we were hard on her today as punishment. But, she is still part of this team and we need to respect that. While we might all be a little put off by her nudity, we have to accept it as a part of life now. Is that clear?”
The girls all said yes, including Shannon, who’s yes came out as “yffmtthh.”
“Ok girls, to the showers, except for you Shannon. Mr. Jones wants to see you immediately after practice.”
Shannon groaned. She was a sweaty mess, her hair matted, her body covered with a sheen of sweat. She stank and wanted to get clean. But as always, she did as she was told and made her way out of the gym down to Mr. Jones’ office. The hallways were completely empty…the other team’s were playing away games.
She finally made it to Mr. Jones’ office. His secretary was gone (thank God!, Shannon thought of the judgemental woman) and his light was the only one on in the suite. She entered the room, noticed he was on the phone and dropped to her knees, spreading them wide apart.
“Yes, I know, but that is our rule. You will have to allow it. Okay, thanks Sister Mary. I look forward to seeing you at the wrestling meet tomorrow. Bye now.”
“Ah, Shannon, come in. How was practice?”
Shannon gave a muffled answer to which Mr. Jones laughed. “I keep forgetting about that darn thing. Sorry. That was Sister Mary from Mercy Catholic. As you know, our wrestling team has a meet there tomorrow. Of course, you will be there as well as part of the cheerleading squad.”
Shannon’s eyes got big. She shook her head no but Mr. Jones would have none of it.
“I know, you are part of the football cheerleading team, but two of the wrestling cheerleaders got hurt at practice today. Your coach, Lisa, recommended you to fill in since you are the captain of the football squad and know all of the cheers. Be here tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. sharp. The meet is at 11 at Mercy. Sister Mary was a bit upset when she heard you were coming but she has no choice in the matter…you are going in uniform and that is all there is to it, so stop crying.”
Mr. Jones came from behind the desk and stood in front of the kneeling naked girl. She felt so vulnerable in his presence, especially with him completely clothed and she naked. Plus he had a good five inches and 100 pounds on her.
“Now, let’s get these clamps off. I hope we will not have to use them on you again.”
As he spoke, his right hand went to the clamp on her left breasts and he yanked on it, causing her to scream out and then he undid it.
“Oh yes, I should have warned you…many women who wear these express discomfort when the clamps are removed and the blood returns. It should go away in a few seconds.”
Shannon’s hand went to her poor nipple but Mr. Jones quickly pushed it behind her again…”please Shannon, I’d rather not cuff you again.”
His other hand went to the remaining clamps…she bit into her gag to avoid screaming out again for his satisfaction but it was no use. The pain of the removal was so great she cried out again.
“Now, I have made arrangement of calling your stepmother and she is going to pick you up. You are to stay here as you are until she arrives. You may then remove the gag, place it in this box, put the box into the closet and you may leave. Please do not try anything silly as this office is videoed and monitored by security. They have had a lot of fun watching the tapes of you in here lately, I can assure you.”
Tears of pain and humiliation dripped down her cheeks as he packed his briefcase and then moved past her. He switched off the light, leaving her sobbing in darkness, a sweaty, disgusting mess.


Shannon finally stopped crying and got her bearings. After a full day of torment and humiliation, she was finally alone. Although she was a bit uneasy about Mr. Jones’ words about the surveillance cameras and the thought of the men watching her, she still felt more comfortable than she had been in days.
This had all started on Wednesday, when she was punished for skipping school on Tuesday and lying about being sick. That day, she had been stripped at a surprise assembly and forced into six weeks of total nudity. Her father and stepmother had extended the punishment to home as well.
She knelt there, feeling her knees scratching against the plush carpet. Her body was feeling things it never had before, being relieved of clothes makes a girl realize how vulnerable she really is.
Her mind wandered to what still laid ahead tonight…she had to go to Mr. Firgus’ house to arrange for a cleaning schedule. Then she had to chaperone a party that her brother was throwing for eight of his little friends. Neither thing was going to be much fun for her…being nude alone in Mr. Firgus’ house made her uncomfortable and being nude in her own home with nine middle school boys was beyond her worst nightmare.
She kept looking out Mr. Jones’ large picture window, hoping to see Colleen’s car. She never thought she would be at the point where being naked in a car driving through town would be a relief but it was the best she could hope for.
The last few days, she had to take the bus home as Mr. Jones had taken away her car privilege. This morning, her sister had driven her, but she had been forced in several humiliating situation and been one minute late. That had forced her into extreme bondage for the day and many more humiliations.
Finally she saw Colleen’s blue Volvo wagon pull into the parking lot. She got off her knees, reached behind her to undo the gag, and dropped it into the bag of pain that had been put on her that day. She took the box and placed it in the closet, looking wistfully at the locked box with the label “Shannon Malone’s Clothes.”
She saw her book bag in the closet, dropped there that morning and exited the office, pulling the door shut behind her. The school was strangely quiet and dark. Only a few lights were on as she exited the school, pushing in the bar that had locked it. The door closed and locked behind her as she went into the cold night, her first experience outside in the cold night air. She felt a chill as she heard the door lock, knowing there was no way back if there was a problem.
Shannon felt the cold hard concrete under her bare feet as she hurried down the steps. Finally she saw her stepmom’s car stopped at the curb and ran towards it, trying to minimize her time out in the cold. She opened the door and what she saw made her heart sink…Colleen had laid a blanket down over the seat where Shannon would sit. Another humiliation.
“Shannon, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to embarrass you, but it’s a new car and I didn’t want to ruin the new seats. I’m sorry but after what Brighid told me about what happened to her car this morning, I didn’t want to take any chances.”
Oh God, does everyone know about her morning?
“Ah, what did Brighid tell you?”
“Only that, oh, how can I put this, your seepage spilled onto her seats and her car smelled like…uh, a female, for the rest of the day.”
Shannon didn’t think it possible, but she blushed again, an even deeper red. Having this conversation with your stepmother, no matter how well you got along or how cool she is, wasn’t supposed to happen. She sat onto the rough blanket, an old army blanket that her father insisted be kept in the car.
“So, how was your day?”
She wanted to say, “well, I was nude, of course you know all about that…oh and I had my ankles cuffed in a spreader bar, my wrists cuffed behind me and a gag in my mouth all day. I was humiliated in art class, biology class, math class and English class, I was groped and brought to orgasm by a boy against my will, I was forced to wash the penises of two boys I didn’t even know this morning at Dunkin’ Donuts and then jerk off a third until he came in Brighid’s car. And then there was basketball practice and the nipple clamps…”
Instead, she said, “fine, a lot like the last two days.”
The music was the only sound in the car for a few minutes. Colleen could tell that Shannon wasn’t really here and Shannon just wanted the quiet. Finally, Colleen had to say something.
“Shannon, I know this is hard. I can’t even imagine being in your situation. But you are a tough girl and we love you. Please understand that we think this is for your own good.”
Shannon’s eyes again filled with tears. She looked at Colleen, who felt the girl’s pain.
“Colleen, may I tell you something?”
“Sure honey, anything.”
“Well, I don’t feel real loved right now. I feel completely alone…all anyone wants to do is humiliate me and some me off in some way. Everyone gets their kicks from taking advantage of the naked girl. Even forcing me to do regular things around the house is awfully embarrassing for me. Do you understand?”
The older woman nodded…although she was the stepmom, she always felt closer than that to the girls…especially the older two, Brighid and Megan. Her and Shannon were further apart in age…Colleen was 25 years older than her and could actually be her mother. She wanted to say the perfect thing, but couldn’t.
“Sometimes, things don’t seem to be the right thing, but I can assure you that your father and I love you a lot and are always here for you. This may seem awful but you will get through this and be better for it. Okay?”
This time, Shannon nodded, wiping the tears from her eyes and sniffled. Colleen handed her a tissue.
They pulled into the driveway and Colleen leaned over and hugged the naked flesh of her stepdaughter before exiting the car. Shannon took a minute to collect herself before opening the car door and venturing out into the cold winter night. She headed up the porch steps and into the house.
She heard the shower running upstairs and assumed that Brighid was getting ready for her date. For some reason, Shannon wondered what she would wear. The naked girl was now obsessed with clothing…even the clothing of others. Any clothing occupied her mind.
She heard the phone ring and went to get it.
“Yes, is this Shannon?”
“Yes it is.”
“Shannon, this is Mr. Firgus. I saw you and Colleen arrive home and wondered if you could come over now. I just ordered a pizza and you can eat here while we talk over the job.”
Shannon hesitated. She wanted to be at the man’s house as little as possible but the offer seemed reasonable. She desperately wanted to get some quiet time in her room to ease her mind but thought she should probably get it over with.
“Okay, I’ll come over now. I’ll just tell Colleen I’m going.” And grab my coat, she wanted to add, but knew that a coat was not in her immediate future.
“Great, see you then. Could you come in through the backdoor and grab a two-liter bottle of soda from the pantry as you enter? Would save me the trouble.”
“Sure,” Shannon said and hung up.
The naked girl padded up the steps, just in time to bump into Brighid, who was exiting the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her, covering the private parts. What a luxury, she thought, and remembered how she never liked to be so exposed as leaving the bathroom in just a towel. She always brought shorts and a t-shirt with her into the bathroom to change into as soon as she was ready to leave. Now, even the towel would be welcome.
Brighid eyed the naked girl and smirked. “How was your day? Did you get in trouble with Mr. Jones?”
Shannon glared at her sister. “You know that I did, don’t lie to me. Did you give him the picture from the car?”
The older girl looked surprised. “What picture? What are you talking about?”
“The car, remember when you had me get a little bit friendlier with that boy? Somehow, the school got a photo of it and it was plastered 10 feet high and 10 feet wide on the screen in my art class.”
Brighid gasped. She had no idea they were being filmed. Watched, yes, but not filmed.
“Shannon, I am so sorry. I didn’t realize. I just wanted to have some fun with you. I never thought they would stoop that low.”
Shannon turned away, not wanting anything more to do with this conversation. Brighid watched her go, feeling bad for contributing to the humiliation.
The naked girl went down the hall and into the room her dad shared with Colleen. The stepmother was in just a bra and panties, getting ready for a cocktail party she was going to with Shannon’s dad. Shannon had to admit that Colleen had a great body. She was tall, about 5’9, but thin, maybe 115. her breasts were a perfect shape, 34C, and stood out wonderfully with her shapely body. Shannon was jealous of the lacy bra and panty set that the woman wore, realizing that it would be six weeks before she could wear something so nice.
“Hey Shannon, what’s up?” Colleen’s words broke the girl’s concentration.
“Uh, oh, Mr. Firgus asked me over for pizza so that we could discuss the job. So I am going to head over, ok?”
“sure…don’t forget to be home by 7. That’s when Jimmy’s friends are coming over.”
Don’t remind me, the naked girl thought.
“Oh, don’t worry about them,” Colleen said, reading her stepdaughter’s facial expressions. “They’ll have some harmless fun. But remember, you are in charge.”
“And they have to be out of here by 10. Your father and I will be home by 11 and expect them gone. Jimmy knows that it is his hide if they stay later. OK?”
“Got it. What are you wearing tonight?”
“Oh, just this black number. What do you think,” Colleen said, holding the dress against her. Shannon reached out and caressed the silk material, imaging it slinking over her shoulders.
“It’s nice. Maybe I can borrow it…um, I mean someday,” Shannon said, embarrassed that both women knew she wouldn’t be wearing a dress for a long time.
“I think that could be arranged in a few weeks.”
Shannon hugged her stepmom and headed out of the bedroom. As she made it to the steps, she was stopped by Brighid, now wearing jeans and a tight sweater. Shannon could make out the faint lines of her sister’s bra, being conscious now of clothes.
The look on Brighid’s face made the nude girl pause. She wondered what was wrong.
“Shannon, I can’t tell you how sorry I am for going too far this morning. I was trying to have some harmless fun with you. I didn’t mean to have all of that happen. Please know that I love you.”
She reached out and pulled her naked sister to her in a tight hug that made Shannon know she meant it. The bare-skinned girl felt the warmth of her sister’s sweater and basked in the feel against her, no matter how brief.
“Thanks Brig, I forgive you.”
“I promise you, no more games. If I give you a ride, it will be for real, ok?”
Shannon nodded. “Thanks!”
“Well, have a good time tonight…oh, you have Jimmy’s party, that sucks. I would take your spot but I have this date with Tom and just can’t break it. I promise I’ll be a better sister from now on ok?”
“Ok, thanks. Have fun,” Shannon said, and actually meant it, getting another quick hug from her sister before Brighid broke it and headed back to her room to put on makeup.
Shannon continued down the steps, hearing her brother in the living room. She was going to say hi but didn’t want toe good feelings from Brighid and Colleen to be ruined by his lustful stares. Better to confront that when she got back and dealt with him and his friends.
She opened the door, yelled a goodbye to everyone, and headed out into the cold night.


The cold concrete hurt her feet as she scampered down her driveway to the street. She ducked between the shrubs as she saw a car drive down her quiet street, her heart in her throat. She wasn’t sure why, so many people had seen her nude in the past three days, but the need to hide was still great.
The car passed and she checked to see if the coast was clear. She scampered out onto the sidewalk and was about to cross when another car came out of nowhere and approached her. She had no place to go without attracting attention so she just stood there. She breathed a little sigh of relief when she saw her father’s car pull up and into the driveway, stopping at the sidewalk. She wished he would have just pulled in but he rolled down his window and she felt obliged to duck her head in.
Jack Malone was trying to contain his arousal. This was his youngest daughter, a girl he loved more dearly than any other person in the world. But now, seeing her like this the last few days, he could not deny what he felt in his pants…even now, especially now, seeing her naked on the side of the road had forced his penis to bulge…he would never act on these impulses but sure enjoyed the view. Maybe he and Colleen could sneak a quickie in before leaving.
The nude girl leaned into the car window, her breasts pressing against the door frame.
“Hi Dad, I’m heading over to Mr. Firgus’ house,” Shannon said, feeling the heat from the car on her upper body.
“Great hon, I’m happy to hear that. He’s a nice old man and we should help him as much as we can,” her father said, trying to keep his eyes on her face and not on the more obvious naked breasts.
“Well, see ya. Have a good time with Colleen.”
“Oh, I will,” he laughed, thinking that if only Shannon knew the half of it.
She straightened up as her father rolled the window back up and continued across the street. As instructed, she went around to the back door of Mr. Firgus’ house and went inside. She grabbed a two-liter bottle of Dr. Pepper and entered the kitchen.
“Hello, Mr. Firgus?”
“Yes, sweet Shannon, come in, come in. I’m in the living room. Grab a glass and some ice out there for me and you and come on in.”
Shannon carried the bottle and the glasses in, filled with ice, into the other room. She gasped when she saw Mr. Firgus there, completely naked chewing on a piece of pizza.
“Mr. Firgus, what are you doing?”
“Oh Shannon, I’m sorry I startled you. I just thought you would be more comfortable if we were both naked. That way you wouldn’t think I was trying to force a power trip or anything.”
Shannon’s eyes went directly to Mr. Firgus’ penis. She noticed the gray hair around his organ, which was sticking out hard as a rock. Her mouth was wide open as she stared at it, slick with some kind of white, gooey liquid.
What she didn’t know was that Mr. Firgus had watched her naked run across the street, masturbating to the image. In fact, he had cum all over two of the slices of pizza, which he made sure to put on a plate for her to eat. It actually blended in well with the white cheese he had ordered special.
He had asked her to come around back to give himself more time to masturbate and finish….not that he normally needed it when he jerked off to her nude image. But her father stopping her in the driveway worked out perfectly for the old man, who came before she even started across and then was able to get hard again while watching her walk towards his house. Knowing she was coming to see him made him cum even faster.
“Please sit down. Sorry about these plastic covers, they are left over from when my wife was here.”
Shannon sat down and quickly folded her legs over her thighs, allowing her pussy to be hidden a bit. Not that much of her was out of view. Mr. Firgus sat there, his ankles apart, his penis swaying anytime he moved.
“Please, here, I have put some pizza on your plate. You may have more but I thought you would eat at least two slices.”
“Thank you,” she said. “What is this white stuff?”
“Oh,” he said, stammering a bit. “Thth-at’s ricotta cheese. A specialty of the place I order. Please tell me if you like it.”
He almost came again as the girl took a bite, getting a mouthful of his spunk at the same time. A 16-year-old girl was eating his cum…even if she didn’t know it.
“It’s good Mr. Firgus…I’ve never had cheese like this.”
He bet she would have a lot more of this “cheese” if the boys have anything to say about it. He looked at her lips and thought…perfect for that…wrapped around a penis is the perfect place for them.
He shook his head when he heard her voice. “…most days.”
“Ah, I’m sorry Shannon, what did you say?”
“I said that I can be here from 5-7 most days. Is that okay?”
“Oh, yes, that’s perfect. I want you to be completely comfortable being here. Bring your homework and there will be times you can just sit and do that or watch tv. Sometimes there will be a lot, sometimes, it will just be laundry. Although, it seems a little mean to have you doing laundry when you never wear clothes,” he said laughing.
She blushed, embarrassed at the verbal reminder of her constant nudity. She dug her teeth into another bite of the pizza, enjoying this new taste she had discovered.
“I will pay you $10/hour to be here. Can you come four days a week for two hours a night? Maybe Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays? Possibly a Saturday or Sunday if you can spare it?”
She nodded, starting on the second piece of pizza. She had rarely enjoyed pizza this much but the taste was so appealing to her.
Mr. Firgus smiled…yes, you are a natural cum eater Shannon, he thought. Enjoying the taste I see.
“Good then. When you are finished here, there is a load of laundry in the hamper in my room. Please start it and then straighten out the living room. Once the clothes are washed and dried and folded, bring them up to my room and I will show you where everything goes.”
“Okay, Mr. Firgus, but I have to be home tonight by 7. I am chaperoning my brother’s party. I could come back another night and finish,” she said, finishing the crust of the second piece of pizza, noticing that some of the “cheese” had dripped onto the crust as well.
“That’s fine Shannon, just fine. Finish what you can and we can go from there.”
She grabbed the plates and glassed and placed them into the sink in the kitchen. She then grabbed the pizza box but he stopped her…”no leave it there, I might have another slice.” She then went upstairs to grab the laundry and get started.
She made her way into the only bedroom that looked used and saw the pile of laundry, mostly whites, underwear and stuff. As she moved the laundry, she saw a pile of magazines next to his bed. As she investigated closer she was horrified…they featured pictures of naked girls…mostly young girls like her, doing all kinds of sick things, sucking penises, playing with their vaginas, getting things stuck into them. What appalled her the most was the one where the girl was being tortured, hanging completely naked, whip marks all over her body. She thumbed through it quickly, gasping as she saw the terrible things that could be done to a girl.
She shook her head, wondering why he had them all. She was getting more and more uncomfortable being alone with this man, especially with the two of them naked. Quickly, she gathered up the laundry and came down the steps.
While she was gone, Mr. Frigus had managed to crank out another orgasm from the old penis, his third of the night. Again he came all over the remaining three slices of pizza. Once done, his cock shriveled to normal size and he stood to go and wrap the pizza. He would leave it here and warm it up for her as a “special treat.”
He saw her come downstairs, carrying the load of laundry. Against all odds, his cock sprang to life yet again at the sight of her.
She went into the laundry room and began to do a load of whites. She noticed that all of his underpants had big yellowish stains at the crotch and wondered why. Then she realized…they were his spunk! Eww, she thought. She had seen them before in Jimmy’s underpants, but he’s 12. This guy has to be in his 70s! Oh man, gross.
She put the load in, washing the pants with bleach. She then took the stuff that was in the dryer already, folded them and put them in the basket.
“good girl,” Mr. Firgus said. Had he been there the whole time, watching as she bent over to get the laundry or reached over the washer to stuff the clothes in or to get supplies? The old man would have gotten a real eyeful, she was sure of that.
Of course he had been watching her the whole time and yes he did get an eyeful. He watched her little pussy open and close as she moved…sometimes he could see it from behind, other times it hid, like the minx that girls can be. He loved them so much and this one in particular.
“Thank you. Uh, Mr. Firgus, I found some magazines upstairs that are a little disturbing.”
“Oh, my research,” he said matter-of-factly.
“Your research Sir?”
“Yes, I am a psychotherapist and I am treating a patient with an attraction to nude young girls. Those magazines you saw are the type of things that turn him on,” he said, not adding that they turned him on too.
“Oh,” she said, relaxing her body. “I didn’t know you were a therapist.”
To her, that explained why he was nude…just trying to make her comfortable. And the way he looked at her wasn’t lust, she thought…just a professional stare, trying to gain insight into her.
Of course, though he was a therapist, his stare had nothing to do with his job or the fact that pornos were stacked in his bedroom. His rock hard penis was a sure sign that his interest was more than professional. While she had been doing the laundry, he had been jerking off again, trying to get a third cum out of himself in the few minutes she was in sight. What was it about this beautiful young woman that turned him on so much? Sure, part of it was her total nudity and proximity…but she was truly a gorgeous girl…one who would have been way out of his league as a young man.
She went to straighten out the rest of the house, dusting the living room and dining room, cleaning the dishes that were in the sink. She noticed that the place wasn’t quite as dirty as she thought it would be…that Mr. Firgus had done some work. She guessed that he was too old now.
The old man was having the time of his life. He would watch the young girl as she moved nude from place to place. What an amazing thing to happen to him at his age…having a young naked teen as a maid? Oh Lord, thank you for being so kind!
Finally, Shannon looked at the clock and saw it was almost 7. She went to the laundry room and folded the underwear she had just cleaned, put them in the pile with the other folded laundry and brought the basket upstairs, where she found the still naked Mr. Firgus on his bed, reading the porno magazines…the bondage one that she had thumbed through. Even if it was research, it still made her feel a little gross that he was looking at girls being tied and hung and tortured while she stood in the room naked.
“Oh Shannon, I forgot you were here,” yeah right, he thought. “Could you put the clothes into the drawers for me. You are a doll.”
The man watched her bend over to retrieve the clothes from the basket and put them away. Finally everything was put back and she stood at the door.
“Mr. Firgus, I have to leave to go and chaperone Jimmy’s party. I’ll be back on Monday okay?”
“That’s wonderful sweetheart, thank you. You have done a great service for an old man and I want you to know how much I appreciate you.”
She blushed at his words, not reading his double meaning.
“Thank you Mr. Firgus. It is my pleasure. Oh, please, I can let myself out.”
“Oh nonsense, I can walk a fine young girl like you to the door.”
He motioned for her to lead down the stairs as he put a robe on and followed along behind her, another chance to gawk at her perfectly formed, smooth body. She had the wonderful ass of a young athlete.
He led her to the front door, turning the porch light on. She cringed inside, wishing to leave by the more secluded back door and make her own way. Now, anyone driving by cold see her in all of her glory.
“Oh, almost forgot,” he said, reaching for the wallet he kept by the door. “Here you go, $20. Take care of that, though I’m not sure where you will put it.”
“Thanks,” she said, blushing again. “See you on Monday.”
“OK,” he said, not adding that he saw her in his dreams and out the window.
The naked girl bounded quickly down the wood steps of the porch and onto the street, heading home for three more hours of humiliation and degradation at the hands of eight junior high boys.
As she left, Mr. Firgus watched her out of the peep hole, masturbating yet again, cumming all over the door as she made her way up the porch of her own house. He might have her clean that off on Monday.


Jimmy Malone watched his naked sister cross the street after leaving Mr. Firgus' house. His plan was just a few minutes from starting.
The 12 year old had watched from the very same window when his sister made her way over to Mr. Firgus' house two hours ago. He had been watching her naked body out in the cold, her butt barely jiggling it was so tight. He saw her father's car pull in and watched him have a brief conversation with Shannon before pulling into the driveway and letting Shannon on her way.
Jimmy had been living in heaven for the last three days. His gorgeous sister Shannon had been forced to be completely naked at school and at home for six weeks. Not only that, but she was forced to sleep without a blanket, shower without the curtain pulled shut and even had to pee with the door open. He had been treated to several great views and even had the pleasure of groping her tits with a towel when he "accidentally" spilled his ice cream on her.
Unbeknownst to her, Jimmy had been videotaping much of her movements. He had then uploaded the video to a nude teens website, getting several thousand hits. Last night, he had gotten an e-mail from the web master offering a free hosting on the website for a Shannon page, filled with nude photos and downloadable videos. He accepted and the two arranged for a live Web cast of Shannon scheduled for tonight.
Of course, Jimmy had already been planning a party for tonight to allow his friends the chance to see and humiliate Shannon too. They had all accepted and his father had even forced Shannon to act as a chaperone for the night. It was all coming together perfectly for him...not only a chance to show off for his friends and see a naked girl, but also a chance to be a hero on the Internet. It really was perfect.
From his window he had watched his older sister Brighid leave for her date. She looked sexy too, wearing a miniskirt and a tight top. She was hot but not as hot as his other two sisters, Megan and Shannon, and Shannon moved to the top of the list because she was here and she was naked.
It wasn't that he didn't like Shannon. In fact, he was closer to her than his the other two. Maybe it was their close ages. More than likely, it was the fact that Shannon was a very sweet girl, giving him rides whenever he wanted one, helping him with problems. But, a naked girl is a naked girl and the chance to see one and do things to her was too good to pass up.
He had to wait for his dad and stepmom to leave. He got the lecture about showing respect to Shannon and not be too hard on her. He listened and nodded but knew that wasn't could he respect a girl, let alone a gorgeous one who was completely naked.
Finally he watched them pull away and he sprang into action. He had set it up so that the video camera linked directly into the computer. His friends started arriving at 6 to help him finish the preparations. He manned the computer and got the hookup completed. The Web Master told him that already 5,000 people had signed up for the Web cast and who knows how many more would look at the archive.
The clock now read 6:55. Almost time. He stood at the window, ignoring his friends chattering and the music playing. He was so was his chance to show off and be the envy of all of the men watching.
- - -
The very naked Shannon Malone made her way across the street, feeling even more naked than she had before. She was going into her own house where she would be subjected to hours of degradation and humiliation at the hands of her brother and his friends. But her father seemed to want it this way...saying it was part of her punishment.
Shannon was in her third day of a six-week nude punishment. It had started at school because she skipped a day of classes and phoned in a false sick call. Her father and stepmother had extended the punishment to home as well so the 16 year-old girl was left completely naked for six weeks.
She bounded up the steps, eager to get out of the cold January night. As soon as she hit the door, she heard the noise of the boys. She took a deep breath before turning the knob and pushing open the door.
All of the noise stopped except for the loud music playing on the CD player. She could feel the heat as her face began to burn with humiliation. All 16 eyes were on her, almost burning a hole in her naked flesh. She wished the heat were enough to make her collapse into a puddle.
"Hey Shannon, it's about time. We thought you had forgotten."
"No Jim, how could I forget this fun activity?"
Alright, she was going to be a bitch, Jimmy thought. That will make it easier.
"We just ordered a pizza, can you do us a favor and grab it at the door. Here's the money," he said, sticking a wet $10 bill on each tit.
"You may not use your hands to give the pizza man the money. Make him peel it off for you and use this as a tip," he said, sticking a wet $5 bill over her bare slit.
Shannon closed her eyes to halfway and glared at her brother. She saw the dreaded video camera filming her every move and wondered what Jimmy would do with it. She was sure that all of these boys had seen it...she just didn't know that 1,000s had viewed it on the Internet.
Just then, the doorbell rang and Shannon made her way to answer it. When she opened the door, she was surprised to see Mrs. Donnelly, their next door neighbor.
"Oh my, Shannon, what is going on here? What are you doing?"
Shannon was surprised that Mrs. Donnelly, who was Colleen's best friend, didn't know about her punishment. "Ah, you don't know about me Mrs. Donnelly?"
"Oh yes, the nudity thing I know about, but what is this money thing? Are you trying to be a whore?"
Shannon was humiliated by the woman's word. No, she was so far from a whore. But, how could she explain this? She had to think fast.
"No maam, this was a dare by Jimmy...he dared me to answer the door this way."
"Oh, harmless fun then? OK, I guess it's alright. Your father said it wouldn't be any trouble if I dropped my nephews off for the night as well. They won't be too much trouble."
Shannon saw three 14 year-old boys, their eyes popping out of their sockets at the sight of the beautiful nude girl. To make matters worse, they were adorable...boys that Shannon would definitely want to date under other conditions.
"Oh ah, sure Mrs. Donnelly. They are most welcome."
The three boys came around their aunt and into the house, making contact with the naked girl as much as possible. For all of the boys in the house, except for Jimmy, this was the first time they had seen a naked girl. They were getting an extended view as well, something few men ever get, let alone young boys.
"I'll be home by 10 and will come pick them up. Be good boys for Shannon, okay guys?"
"Yes Aunt Ruth," they replied in unison, smirks on their faces.
Shannon closed the door and got more gawking stares. Without the neighbor here, the boys felt more free to look at the naked girl and, even with the money covering her nipples and slit, she felt even more she was a thing instead of a girl. She hated her brother right now.
"Jeez, I hope that's the pizza guy," Jimmy laughed with the rest of the boys.
Shannon opened the door and saw a dirty man, a bit pot bellied, holding two pizza boxes and a bag that looked like it contained French fries or something like it.
"Holy shit, what is this?" he asked, his eyes wide at the sight.
"Umm, sir, how much?"
"You answer the door like that and want to pretend that nothing is wrong. Miss, what is going on here?"
Again she thought fast.
"Sir, this is a bet that I lost and my friends here are making me pay up. I ask that you please take the money off of my breasts and vagina and please leave."
By now tears were flowing out of the naked girl. Of course, Jimmy's friend Bill was catching it all on videotape.
The man laughed, wiped her cheek with his dirty hand and pulled the bills off of each tits slowly, enjoying the feel of her breast that came along with it. For a guy like Angelo, married 22 years, feeling a teen tit wasn't something that happened every day and he was willing to go along with whatever game they wanted to play.
"What about my tip...this just covers the food?" he asked with a grin.
"Sir, that is on my vagina...," she said, blushing a deeper shade of red.
"Oh, your cunt is my tip?" he laughed, peeling the five slowly and roughly from the young girls bare lips. "Thank you Miss, order from me anytime."
The naked girl made her way with the pizzas into the living room and onto the table.
"Please Slave Shannon, feed all of your masters," Jimmy said, causing the whole room to roar in laughter. Shannon groaned but took a slice of pizza to every one of the boys, who all shared the thought that what could be better than a naked girl giving you pizza?
"What about the drinks?" one of the Mrs. Donnelly's nephews chimed in.
"Yes Shannon, please go get us some soda...I think I left them in the cooler out on the back deck. Please take each boy's order and go and get him a soda."
Shannon again glared at her little brother but he laughed at her. So she went and took orders. Each boy asked her to kneel as she asked what he wanted. She then had to crawl on all fours to the sliding glass door, open the door, crawl out onto the cold wood deck and then back inside, clutching the cold soda against her bare tits. Her nipples, already stiff as erasers, threatened to poke through each can.
"Okay guys, I hope you enjoyed's now time for Shannon's dinner. Shannon, please come over here and sit in the easy chair."
Shannon did not like the sound of this or the sight of bright lights on the chair. One of the boy's father is a photographer and these were studio lights.
The naked girl made her way over to the easy chair. Two boys came to her, grabbed an ankle and pulled them up and over the sides of the chair, putting her naked vagina on display.
"Shannon, before you eat these egg rolls and French fries that we so generously ordered for you, you have to provide some sauce."
She looked at her brother with a dumb look...sauce...what kind of sauce. She hated the pose she was in, her naked pussy on blatant display to all of the boys and that awful video camera. She could just imagine the sight she posed.
While the rest of the boys were focused on the naked girl, Chuck, Jimmy's computer whiz friend, was making sure the web cast was still going strong. It was and he saw that the counter now registered more than 10,000 hits on the web site, making the show the all-time live web cast on the site's history.
"Sauce Shannon, girl sauce. Dip the rolls and the fries in your pussy before each and every bite. I know it might get messy but you can clean it up later."
Shannon was aghast at the disgusting person that her little brother was becoming. Stuff mozzarella sticks and French fries inside herself and then eat them. No way, she thought.
"If you don't, I will tell Dad that you were nasty to us and all of these boys will agree. Then you will never get those socks and shoes and clothes back. You will be completely naked for the full six weeks. Oh well, do what you want."
She knew that she wanted those socks and clothes more than anything.
"Alright, I'll do it."
Jimmy handed her an egg roll. The boys at her ankles pulled her even further apart, causing her to moan in pain. But she took the egg roll and pushed it down to her pussy, just inside. She felt her pussy water involuntarily and knew that the roll was no moist.
She pulled it out and moved it to her mouth. She desperately wanted this to end but realized there was nothing she could do and popped the egg roll in her mouth, taking a bite, tasting and smelling her girl juices mixing with the taste and smell of the egg roll.
The boys were loving it. All of them had huge erections, threatening to poke through their jeans. Chuck knew that the sight was awesome on the web and wondered how many hard ons were out there.
She kept dunking the disgusting egg roll into her pussy, feeling the innards of the roll rubbing against her sensitive pussy lips, some of it smearing down there. She felt so gross but continued to eat it and finally finished it.
"Now boys, time for you to enjoy some French fries with special sauce. Anyone interested, please come up and dunk."
The boys hurried over to the pile and grabbed the thick steak fries, lining up to stuff them into Shannon and grab her "sauce." This was horrible, she thought as the boys groped her tits "as leverage" on their way to stuffing the awful fries into her pussy. The salt made her raw down there and each touch was torture.
Every one was so preoccupied with the fry dunking that they missed the arrival home of Mr. and Mrs. Malone. They were shocked at the behavior of their son and his friends.
"What is the meaning of this?" Jack Malone yelled. He ran over and pushed the boys away from his naked daughter, pulling her out of the chair and pushing her towards the doorway where Colleen stood.
"Dad, we were just having fun with her," Jimmy said. Just then, the door slammed and Brighid walked in. She stopped and wondered what she had walked in on.
"I said you could humiliate her, but grope her and stuff things inside of her? Jimmy, she is your sister!"
"But Dad..."
"But nothing son, the party is over."
While her father was reaming out Jimmy, Brighid wandered into the room and went to the computer. She raised her hand to her mouth, shocked at what she saw!
"Daddy, look at this...Jimmy has taped everything and put it on the computer live."
Everything stopped. The video camera, which Billy had dropped when Mr. Malone walked in, was now aimed at Shannon's naked legs.
"Everybody out of here but Jimmy!" Mr. Malone said menacingly and the boys all scrambled.
"James Andrew Malone, you have some explaining to do young man."



It took an hour but the constant questioning by his father and stepmother got him to confess everything...the Web site, the live Web cam, the humiliations of the party that night and everything he had forced her to do for the last three days. It all came out in a few excited sentences and then there was silence.
Jimmy felt totally outnumbered in the room with his father, stepmom and sisters. The fact that one was completely naked and the victim of all of this abuse meant little now.
Shannon sat there, tears continuing to flow down her cheeks, like her eyes were now just faucets. She was humiliated at hearing about the total amount of degradation.
"How many people have looked at the pictures Jim," asked his father Jack.
"I don't know," Jimmy mumbled.
"You do know you freak, tell Dad," Brighid yelled hostily.
"A few thousand watched the video and about 50,000 looked at the pictures," he said softly.
Shannon wailed at the knowledge that so many people had seen her naked photos. This was so much worse than walking naked in least she was moving. No, here, people were in their homes or offices, some probably jerking off to her picture. She cried and was instantly consoled by Colleen and Brighid.
Jack Malone's face was redder than anyone had ever seen it. Not only was his little girl's picture being used for masturbation fodder on the Internet but it was his young son that had done the damage.
"Jim, you have done some awful things. I am going to write an e-mail to this Web master and demand that Shannon's page be deleted. You are going to help me connect with him, understand?"
"Yes Sir," Jimmy said.
"Let's go," Jack said.
"Daddy, is that all," Brighid asked incredulously. "That's all he gets, helping you write a nasty e-mail."
The girls stared at their father, unbelieving the unfairness of the act.
"Relax ladies...I have a special punishment in mind that will help young James here understand what he put Shannon through. Shannon, go and get washed up and then come down for the real punishment."
Shannon stood up and headed for the bathroom, forgetting how awful she felt with the remains of the egg rolls and French fries still left on her pussy. The salt was still irritating her sensitive mound and the innards of the egg roll were still inside of her.
As she headed up the stairs, she was joined by Brighid and Colleen, both of whom seemed genuinely sorry for what was happening and wanted to console her.
"Do you mind if we help you," Colleen asked her beautiful step daughter.
Shannon shook her head, happy for the compassion. Shannon went to enter the hall bathroom where the kids had always bathed but Colleen steered her towards the master bathroom.
The nude girl waited by the edge of the tub as her step mother and sister filled the tub with warm water and some scented soap. This was going to be a bubble bath, a wonderful bubble bath. But even here she was not alone...even after the humiliations of the last three days, she could not bathe alone. Now she wished she had not said they could help...she wanted to be alone in her torment.
But, she did have to admit that the bath was starting smell wonderful...Brighid knew how she felt about lilac and had used that as the bath soap. She felt the steam coming off the tub and knew it was going to be glorious.
"Step in Shannon," Colleen said and the naked girl reacted as she had been told, stepping her left foot into the warm water and then the other. She was about to slip in when she felt Brighid stop her.
"Here," she said handing Shannon a wet sponge, "wash yourself down there first."
Instinctively, the naked girl took the wet sponge and began to rub her pussy, getting the salt off. Without thinking, she pulled the lips aside and spread them, allowing the wetness of the sponge to rinse the food out of her. She closed her eyes and began to moan, forgetting about the presence of her step mother and sister.
"Um, okay, Brighid, let's give your sister some peace," Colleen said, pulling the girl out of the room. Brighid could not take her eyes off of the sight of her beautiful sister almost masturbating in the shower.
Shannon heard the door close and realized what she had been doing. Her face turned a deep red as she slunk into the warm, scented bath. She hadn't known how tired she was, but the three days of humiliation and degradation had taken a lot out of her and she feel into a deep sleep while nestled in the warm bath.

- - -

Jack Malone was sitting at the computer, working on getting the offensive photos of Shannon off of the web site. He sent along a nasty e-mail to the web master, threatening police action if the photos were not removed by noon tomorrow. In his e-mail, he said, "not only was the model a 16 year old, but the pictures were submitted by a 12 year old. I am sure the police will find those facts very interesting."
But in reality, he didn't want to involve police in the matter. That would raise questions...why was she nude? Isn't this really your fault? After all, why allow a young boy to have access to a naked girl? You know how boys are.
He sat there, kicking himself as well. He hadn't been supportive of this punishment, really had it forced on him by Mr. Jones, the school principal. He had just wanted to ground the girl for the six weeks but Mr. Jones thought it was important to keep the punishment going at home. Now this happened.
Oh well, he thought, there is no turning back now. That would look weak. He had to stay strong. The punishment stays for Shannon. But now, how to handle Jimmy.

- - -

Shannon heard a soft knock at the door, which was blessedly closed. It was her first bit of privacy in days and it was most welcome.
"Sweetheart, it's Colleen. Your father is ready to dish out Jimmy's punishment and he would like you to be there. Are you ready to get out?"
"Um, okay," Shannon replied. Truth was, she wanted to stay in that tub forever, never leaving the blanket of lilac bubbles that had formed in the tub, never leaving this warm place far away from everyone's eyes. But she knew that was impossible so she lifted her body out of the tub and stood up.
She heard the door open and saw Colleen enter, invading the quiet moment that the girl had cherished.
"Here sweetie, use this deserve some comfort," the step mother said, handing Shannon a lush white towel. The naked girl was appreciative as she dried her body, which was now red from the warm water.
"I wish I could let you cover yourself with this for the rest of the night but you know that I can't," Colleen said, sounding a bit sad.
"I know, I trying to get used to it but it's so hard always being on display," Shannon said softly.
Colleen gave the girl a big hug, letting the terry cloth towel wrap around the girl for a few glorious moments of cover.
"SHANNON, COLLEEN, ARE YOU GUYS READY," Jack yelled from downstairs.
"We're coming dear," Colleen yelled, letting the hug go but leaving the towel momentarily wrapped around Shannon.
"Let's go, I think you're going to like what happens tonight," Colleen said.
The two women headed out of the master bathroom and into the hallway, heading down to hear Jimmy's punishment.