Surprise Assembly

by katie


Shannon’s attention snapped back to her present state. She was still kneeling there in the principal’s floor, waiting for him to return and uncuff her and allow her to go home. It had been an especially rough day and now she saw the daylight fade and nighttime coming quick.
She had suffered all kinds of humiliations, from waking up for a naked jog with her sister to an embarrassing episode in an area Dunkin Donuts. Then she arrived at school, was cuffed behind her back and a spreader bar put on her ankles. She was then had to paint a portrait of her forced masturbation of a boy that morning and then was tickle tortured for almost an hour in biology class.
Gym class had been next and that had gone fine. Miss Kelly had taken pity on her and allowed her to sit in the bleachers and watch. Yes she was still naked and her ankles were spread but Miss Kelly had removed the ballgag and the cuffs so that she was relatively free.
She sat watching the other girls as they sweated through a game of indoor soccer. That was obviously why she couldn’t play. Couldn’t very well play soccer with a spreader bar between your ankles, she thought.
As she sat there, the hard wood feeling cold on her bare bottom, she closed her eyes and relaxed for the first time. It was hard for her to believe that she could relax while sitting naked in bleachers of her school with her knees spread while a group of 30 girls went about their class.
She watched the girls playing soccer and thought that it must be weird for other girls to see her humiliation. She wondered what they thought as they saw her. Shannon had a pretty good idea what the boys thought…many of them had made their feelings pretty clear on the subject. But what about the girls?
She thought that she would feel empathy for her if she were wearing clothes and another girl was forced to be nude. She would be embarrassed for the girl and try to make life easier for her. Shannon had seen some kindnesses from other girls but not many. Carrie, her best friend, had done the best that she could to help but most of the girls had stayed away.
Maybe they were embarrassed seeing her so blatantly naked. Or maybe they were afraid that it might soon be them enduring the forced stripping. Shannon had overheard a conversation in the principal’s office that two faculty members thought that behavior had certainly improved thanks to the new discipline, especially among the girls.
The boys, well she hoped for some compassion and there had been some. Not much, but a little. Some boys, like Charles, told her they felt bad but of course never passed up the opportunity to stare at her, grope her, tease her, etc. She wanted to hate them but she couldn’t….knew that they were just being boys. She knew enough about them, living with a younger brother. She cringed thinking about his party that night…with 10 other horny 12 year olds and her as a chaperone.
A sharp whistle broke her from her daydream. Miss Kelly was pointing at her and telling her that class was dismissed. The girl pushed herself up, trying to steady herself on her spread feet and somehow made it down the bleachers. At the bottom, Miss Kelly reattached the cuffs and the ballgag and patted her ass, forcing the naked girl to squeal under the gag and stumble forward, pushing through the doors and out into the hallway. She had lunch next and wanted to get Carrie’s help with the gag so that she could eat. She guessed that she would also need help holding her tray since only teachers had a key.
As she made her way to the cafeteria, she noticed the hallway was completely empty and remembered that gym class ended earlier than most other classes to give the students a chance to shower and change before the next class. She was grateful for the extra time to get to lunch.
As she turned the corner where many of the students’ lockers were, Shannon was grabbed from behind, a hand roughly grabbed bound arms and the other arms roughly around her naked top.
“Now I get to finish what I started in Father Magee’s class,” the voice whispered in her ear. It was Eric, the boy who had promised to make her life hell.
She tried to scream but the gag made it impossible to hear, especially with loud music coming from the band room adjacent to the lockers. She tried to get away from the boy but had no success. Tears flowed out of her eyes as she sensed what was to come.


Shannon shuttered as she remembered the feeling…no boy had ever touched her there. The only orgasms she had ever experienced had come from her own hands. But today, another’s fingers had slipped inside of her and made her cum. The naked girl closed her eyes at the memory of her degradation.
The girl was kneeling, naked and gagged, on the floor of the principal, Mr. Jones. She had been through a terrible day and just wanted it to end. She still had humiliations to suffer at home but at least she would be away from here.
Her mind flashed back to the memory of being assaulted in the hallway after leaving gym class. Shannon was in her third day of complete nudity after skipping school and calling in a false sick call. Her school had gone to this humiliating form of punishment and now she was the first student to suffer the fate and would be naked for six weeks. Her father had extended the punishment to home as well, although he was a little less strict about it, letting her earn a piece of clothing every week.
Today she had accepted an offer from her sister for a ride to school. On her way she had been humiliated at a Dunkin Donuts, been forced to wash the penises of two boys and masturbate a third in her sister’s car. All of that activity had made her late for school and now she was locked into a spreader bar on her ankles and had her wrists cuffed behind her. Also she was gagged. The teachers all had keys to the wrist cuffs and could remove the gag but only Mr. Jones had the key to the spreader bar and it had remained on all day.
She had suffered through humiliations in art class and biology, where several of her classmates had tortured her through tickling her body with a feather to gauge the reaction. One of those boys had been Eric Gorbo, who reveled in humiliating her. He had tickled her pussy to near orgasm but had been stopped by Father Magee.
Now she was in his clutches and there were no teachers or students around. Classes were in session and he had pulled her into a small area hidden from view. With the band room a few feet away and the gag on her nice and tight, no one would ever know.
He had grabbed her as she went to lunch room and was behind her, roughly mauling her left breast with his left hand. Meanwhile, his right hand was rubbing her semi-parted slit. He was rubbing her pussy, which was involuntarily watering.
She shook her head, “no, please no,” she whimpered, but the gag would allow nothing to slip through. She cried but couldn’t help the feelings coming from his fingers.
“This is good isn’t it Shannon,” the boy whispered, his hands knowing exactly where to touch her, slipping just inside of her opening, causing her to moan. The bound, naked girl shook her head violently but the moans didn’t stop.
“Remember earlier this week in math class? You said I would never have this chance…well, guess what, I am going to make you cum.”
And with that, he pushed two fingers inside of her and touched a part of her vagina that was her button…it was located about an inch up inside her front wall. It was where she touched when she wanted to cum. He touched it and she came, her body shivering and knees faltering. She cried out but the gag held her moans of pleasure mixed with humiliation in. She hadn’t wanted it but her body had betrayed her…she had cum by his hands and he was the first boy to make her cum.
The boy pulled his hand out of her and turned her around to face him. She saw his mean eyes taking her all in and she felt dirty and ashamed. He took his hand that was wet with her juices and wiped it under her nose and on her mouth and chin and cheeks. “So you can remember this moment all day,” he laughed and threw her to the ground and exited the area just as the bell rang and classes let out, filling the hallways.
She made it to her feet and shuffled off towards the cafeteria, her fellow students making room for the distraught naked girl. Shannon finally made it to the cafeteria and was met by Carrie, her best friend and one of the few people in the school to show her any pity. Carrie’s eyes grew wide when she saw her friend and even wider when she smelled her.
“Whoa, Shannon, what’s going on?”
The naked girl motioned for Carrie to remove the gag. The friend didn’t seem to comprehend but when Shannon lowered her head, Carrie got the message and undid the gag. Shannon sobbed at being free from the gag.
“What happened Shannon? You smell awful. I had heard about this punishment but you look ridiculous.”
“Care, I’ll fill you in during lunch but I need help finding someone to take off these cuffs. Let’s find a teacher.”
The two girls wandered over to the teacher’s lounge and found Miss Ryan, the art teacher, who gladly unlocked the girls cuffs. Turning to Carrie she said, “Make sure you recuff her after lunch okay?” Carrie nodded and turned to follow the shuffling naked Shannon back into the students’ area.


Shannon remained kneeling there on the principal’s floor running through the events of the day in her mind. Of course she was naked, a fact she was being constantly reminded of as she went through her life.
Three days of constant nudity had made her crazy…constantly humiliated and embarrassed. She had overheard her father and stepmom talking, wondering if constant nudity would make her less likely to be embarrassed by it. Truth was, it made it even worse. She had no place to hide ever and she hated it.
After lunch, her afternoon had been okay. Only once was there humiliation, when Mr. Felix, her math teacher, had again made her walk to the board to demonstrate a hard problem. Of course, it took her forever and she was still unable to answer it, needing him to come over and help her. What a great opportunity for him to observe her nudity up close.
She was sitting in her English class, the last period of the day, when Mr. Jones, the principal, came over the PA. “Pardon me everyone, but Miss Shannon Malone please report to my office immediately following class. Thank You.”
All eyes went immediately back to her. Not that they were off her much but Mr. Jones’ announcement brought everybody back front and center onto her. Miss Edwards, her English teacher, looked at her sympathetically.
“Shannon, why don’t you get a start over to Mr. Jones’ office. Class is ending soon anyway.”
Shannon’s eyes betrayed her inner feelings and without her saying thank you Miss Edwards already said “You’re welcome.”
Shannon made her way towards the door. She hadn’t had a bag all day and hadn’t so much as opened a book. She hadn’t even bothered asking Miss Edwards to uncuff or ungag her, resigned to the humiliation of it all.
Somehow she made it to the front of the class around everyone’s bookbag. Of course class could not begin until the bound, naked girl made it out of class. Finally she pushed the door open with her bare shoulder and shuffled out into the cold tile of the empty hallway.
As she walked, she felt a tightness in her chest and in her throat. Then she remembered…this is too much like the walk before lunch…an empty hallway, no one around to hear the assault. Every sound made her jump…she went as fast as she could and finally made it down the hall, down a flight of steps and into Mr. Jones’ office.
She tried to catch her breath…saw a man in the office dressed in a suit with his eyes bugging out of his sockets. What a sight she was, her breasts heaving up and down as she regained her breath.
“Excuse me Miss Malone…if you are done making a spectacle of yourself for Mr. Dannel, our text book rep, please go inside Mr. Jones’ office and wait for him as you are supposed to.”
Blushing again, she negotiated her way into Mr. jones’ office, again needing her bare shoulder to open the door.
Once inside the big well furnished office, she shuffled to where she had been told to wait and dropped to her knees. She did not know how long she knelt there but heard the bell. Looking out the big picture window behind Mr. Jones’ desk, she saw the students filing out of school and the buses pulling in, getting ready for the trip home. School ended a little early on Fridays and most students left on time.
Shannon wanted this day to end so badly but it wasn’t over…not even close. She still had basketball practice, still had to chaperone her brother’s party (six junior high boys, awful at any time, horrendous in her current state) and even had to go and arrange for cleaning the man across the street’s house.
Finally she heard the door open behind her and turned to see Mr. Jones walking in.
“Ah Miss Malone…glad you could join me. I hope you had an interesting day.”
Shannon glared at the man who was taking such obvious joy in her humiliation. She didn’t know how, but someday she would get this man!
“Oh, I see the gag is still in…no wonder you have been unable to answer me. No matter, it will stay in anyway.”
The naked girl groaned, hoping to have the gag out before basketball practice.
“Well, we can’t have you practice like this can we? No, a bound naked girl wouldn’t get a lot done on the court now would she?”
Shannon shook her head. Yes, finally some common sense and some compassion. She would at least have clothes to play basketball. YES!
“No indeed…let me make some changes here.”
He walked past her, his pant leg brushing her bare hip as he walked. The feel of his clothes made her yearn for her own.
Yes, he must be going for her clothes, the ones removed from her locker, her practice stuff. She couldn’t wait to get into those mesh shorts and her sports bra and her t-shirt. Oh and her socks and sneaks too! He might even let her have panties…oh blessed panties. She had forgotten how awesome they were!
“Let’s see here, yes, I found the box I was looking for.”
Her eyes were closed as he brushed past her again. She was imagining herself in those glorious clothes, being covered for the first time in days. She was imagining how good her feet would feel covered by the socks and sneaks instead of pounding bare on the ground.
When she opened her eyes, they widened at the sight. Mr. Jones was not holding her practice clothes in his hands…he had something that looked like metal clothes pins! What were they for, she wondered. Suddenly, she came to an awful realization…they were going on her nipples!
She started shaking her head…please no. But all Mr. Jones could do was smile.
“Shannon, I see you have figured out the meaning behind these. After all, you are still under punishment. I will remove the spreader bar and the cuffs but you must have something on you to remember the punishment.”
He walked over to the girl and began to rub her nipples which, despite the situation, quickly became erect and hard. He then positioned the clamps over the right one and let go.
AHHHH!! The muffled scream came from the young girl as the pain shot through her whole body. The metal clamps were digging into her sensitive flesh around her breasts, causing major pain.
“Okay now, just one more.” He poised the clamp over the other one and let that one go as well, causing the pain to double.
She shook her upper body in an effort to get the clamps off but they held tight, causing her breasts to sway from side to side, stretching the skin as it went.
“Shannon, they aren’t going anywhere so you might as well stop. And they are to remain on until you come back here.”
She knelt there, tears streaming down her face and onto her aching bare breasts. She wondered if things would ever get better.
She felt Mr. Jones fumbling around at her ankles and heard the sound of the cuffs coming undone. She began to move her knees closer together after so many hours apart but she felt Mr. Jones’ hand pushing on her inner thigh, telling her to stay apart.
Finally Mr. Jones uncuffed her wrists and she had her arms and legs free for the first time all day.
“Now, two more things. Even though you are uncuffed, those clamps stay on your nipples. If you are caught without them, the punishment will be worse than today by a lot. Understand?”
She nodded, unable to do more than that with the gag in.
“Same goes for the gag. Now you had better hurry on to practice. Coach McBride is waiting and you know he hates to be kept waiting.”
With that he waved his hand to say that she was dismissed and she got to her feet the clamps on her poor nipples and the gag still in her mouth. The tears continued to flow as she made her way out of the office to the girl’s gym.


The naked Shannon Malone walked into the brightness of the girl’s gym. She saw that only Coach McBride was in the room. The other girls were probably still changing for practice.
Shannon was mortified that her coach would see her in this state. She had always respected him and thought of him as the big brother she never had. Now she was reduced to a humiliated nude girl in his presence.
Her bare feet slapped at the hard wood as she made her way to where he sat on the bleachers. His eyes looked up from his practice schedule and his eyes got big. The fact that he knew the naked girl was coming meant nothing when confronted with the person in the flesh. Coach McBride was having a hard time keeping his obvious arousal hidden from the beautiful naked girl.
“Oh, ah, Shannon. Glad you could finally join us,” he said, finally getting himself together.
Shannon was too embarrassed to look her coach in the eye, choosing to look at the wood floor beneath her. That was fine for the coach, a 25 year old guy who could not believe his luck. Here he was in the presence of unbelievable naked beauty. He had taken this job because he liked coaching…of course the presence of girls in shorts and tank tops didn’t hurt any. But this was beyond his wildest dreams.
“Well Shannon, this is an interesting situation you have put us in,” he continued, his eyes drinking in her entire nudity, seeing her little round breasts so firm and tight, her long shapely legs rising to meet narrow hips and of course, that oh-so-wonderful feminine mound in the middle, completely void of hair, compliments of his friend, Barbara Kelly. He would have to remember to thank her later.
“What are we going to do? It’s hard enough playing in our league without the added burden of having our best player completely naked. What’s going to happen when we go on the road?”
Shannon’s eyes closed tight. It was horrible enough to be here naked but to be exposed to all of those other eyes would be completely awful.
“Already tried to get him to make an exception,” he said. “Not very hard,” he thought, but let it pass. This was going to be fantastic. Attendance at girl’s games were always a problem and this should help that. Plus the distraction of a naked player would be an advantage. His team would be used to it by the time games came around. Other teams wouldn’t be.
“No, I’m afraid Mr. Jones is staunch in his defense of this punishment,” Coach continued. “The rules say that you must participate in every school function completely nude and that you must compete in all of the things you did before the punishment so you can’t quit. So, what we have here is a problem.”
Tears started flowing down her cheeks again, this time she had no idea why. She had always been a good girl…now everything was a problem.
She felt her coach’s fingers on her chin, pulling her face up so that her eyes met his.
“Hey, no tears…we’ll figure something out,” he said, his face bright with a smile. For the first time in days, the naked girl smiled too, silently thanking her coach for his cheer.
“But, before we get to that, there are the punishment drills,” he said, turning away from her.
She grimaced, forgetting that she had missed practice while skipping school on Tuesday and was now subject to the punishment drills. Every girl had to do them at some point but skipping practice was a huge no-no. She had expected the punishment drills when she returned to practice but had forgotten all about them since the nude punishment began. She kind of thought it had been removed.
“I know you think I should forget the punishment drills but this a team rule…no excuses and you know that. I would lose all of the discipline on this team if people found out I let people go without a good reason.”
“How’s this for a good reason,” she thought, “I’m completely naked!” But she stood silent, afraid of earning more punishment.
“As you know, skipping practice without a good excuse is breaking a major rule of this team. So, you have to do punishment drill A. Coach Ryan will lead you through the punishment drills. When you have finished, you will join the team for practice.”
Another silent grimace from Shannon. Coach Ryan was always gawking at the girls, trying to touch them inappropriately. She didn’t want to be one-on-one with the man but knew that she had no choice. She climbed the bleachers to the raised jogging track where the man was standing. The lustful look in his eyes made her want to disappear, a feeling she was getting very familiar with recently.
“Okay Shannon, I guess it’s just me and you. Begin with laps…30 laps around the track…you have 10 minutes.”
Shannon stood there for a second with her eyes wide open. 30 laps in 10 minutes? She would die!
“The clock has started Shannon…I’d get started if I were you…the punishment is even worse.”
Knowing he was right, Shannon began to run. As she started, she realized a huge problem…running made the clamps on her nipples swing back and forth, causing major shooting pain up and down her spine. As they pulled, her breasts moved back and forth, her skin stretching this way and that. Plus, she could only breathe through her nose with the gag solidly inside.
The pain in her breasts brought tears to her eyes yet again. Pretty quickly she had a sheen of sweat on her body. She tried to block out the pain in her nipples, breasts and bare feet, which were pounding on the surface, but she just couldn’t….it hurt so much.
She just ran, losing all track of how many laps and how long it had taken her. She even blocked out Coach Ryan leering at her as she passed him after each lap.
Finally he called out “30” as she passed him. She wanted to stop then but he told her to walk a bit to cool down. Her breasts heaved up and down until she finally bent over to catch her breath.
Coach Ryan admired the new pose on the naked girl. He saw her cute little clit and lips poking out from behind…he always loved that view of a woman and his erection got even bigger. He luckily had worn roomy sweatpants to hide his arousal.
“Good job…nine minutes and 12 seconds. Didn’t think you were going to make it. Okay, follow me to the next phase of the punishment.”
She delayed following him and when he turned, he read her mind.
“You didn’t think that was all did you? The laps were just part one, actually the easy part.”


Shannon’s punishment was just beginning and the nude girl was already at her maximum hurt point. Her body ached from the running of almost three miles on the track, her bare breasts swinging with the clamps on them, her throat raw from having to breathe through her nose, her feet sore, her muscles cramping from the lack of shoes.
The girl was naked her in the gym of her high school and would be for the next six weeks, the victim of a new punishment regime in her school. She had skipped school and phoned in a false sick call, leading to this mess.
When she skipped school, she had also missed basketball practice and was now going through the dreaded punishment drills. They were horrible when she was clothed…even worse naked…and she had never gone through the worst punishment…had only heard about them.
The first round was over…she had run 30 laps around the track in less than 10 minutes. For her gym, 12 laps was a mile so she had been able to run almost three miles in that time.
Now, Coach Ryan, a leering older man, was leading her to her next punishment. He stopped at the rope hanging from the ceiling.
“Now, you must climb up this rope and down three times in two minutes. Time starts now.”
Shannon was shocked…climb this rope naked? Three times? She didn’t know if she would make it once.
“Hurry Shannon, the clock is running.”
She grabbed the rope with her hands and pulled herself up a bit, her bare thighs wrapped around the rope, which now dug into her sensitive skin. She started up the rope, which was burning her bare skin. She knew she had to hurry and managed to get to the top of the rope. But, without thinking, she started down too fast and caused a major burn on her thighs, less than an inch from her pussy mound. She screamed beneath the gag but somehow hung onto the rope with her hands.
Finally she made it down. “One, now two more…you have one more minute.”
Christ, she thought, moving quickly up the rope again. This time, the rope was also digging into the little cleavage between her bare breasts, causing her to groan as she climbed and tears out of her eyes yet again. This time she was more careful getting down.
“30 seconds…hurry.”
Coach Ryan watched the young nude girl struggling to finish the task…she didn’t know that the three minutes was his addition. The head coach, Coach McBride, was too easy on these girls…Coach Ryan liked to watch them struggle a little, earn their way. He wouldn’t have added another punishment to her task…just wanted her to think so.
He watched her climb, seeing her bare arms pulling her up, her legs clamped together just above the knee…what an erotic site. When she was above the halfway point, he could see her slit and ass…a great view indeed. There were times when being an assistant girls’ basketball coach was a pain in the ass…today was not one of the them.
Shannon struggled to the top of the rope for the third time…the clamps pulling on her nipples, the rope digging into her flesh, her arms aching from pulling her up…everything hurt. Finally she made it back to the ground, wondering if she had made the time limit.
“Just made it…a second to spare…you’re a lucky girl. Follow me…”
She moaned beneath her gag…she was in awful pain and just wanted to rest. He motioned angrily for her to follow and she did, not really understanding why.
She could just leave. Remove the gag, rip off those awful clamps, steal clothes from the locker room and just go. So she was expelled…she could go to another school. But her father would kill her and she needed to make him happy.
She followed Coach Ryan to the center of the court. She noticed that some of the other girls had made their way out of the locker room and were starting to shoot. This was her first interaction with them since they snubbed her at lunch that first naked day. Since then they had ignored her and kept their distance…some friends.
Now they were intrigued that she was there. They probably thought what everyone did…that the nudity punishment would never extend to basketball. Some were giddy seeing it. Others were scared it might happen to them.
She felt their eyes boring into her and looked down. She wanted to scream at them…make them understand that this was awful and they weren’t helping the matter any. Maybe if they supported her, this could be better for her.
But she got no looks of compassion. They wanted blood.
“Okay Shannon, 100 squats in one minute and count them for us. Go.”
The girls started laughing and pointed as she did the squats quickly unintelligibly counting the squats from beneath her gag. The clamps on her tits swung up and down. She saw the girls’ eyes focusing on her pussy and she thought that must be truly obscene. As she squatted, she could feel her lips part. She wondered if they could all hear the squelching noise. From the laughter, she guessed they could.
“mmfff, mmfff, mmfff,” came the sound of her voice as she counted each squat. She was so humiliated by the exercise and by having to count…they couldn’t understand what she was saying anyway…it was just done to embarrass her.
She was groaning and grunting with each squat, trying to keep accurate count. The pain in her thighs and stomach was intense…especially with her breasts being pulled down and up as the weighted clamps moved up and down.
Finally, she finished 100 and stood up straight, relieved to be out of that humiliating position. Standing naked in front of her teammates wasn’t as bad when compared to what she had just done. Oh, it was mortifying and embarrassing but at least her pussy lips weren’t on as prominent display.
Her whole body ached. Her feet and legs hurt from the laps and the squats, her upper body, and arms hurt from the rope and her breasts ached from it all.
“Okay, last part…you need to run 20 suicides in five minutes.”
All of the girls gasped and Shannon almost dropped to the floor. Suicides were the way the team ended practice. Starting on the baseline, you run to the foul line, touch the line, then back to the baseline. Then you run to midcourt, touch the line and go back to the baseline. Then the far foul line and back and finally the other end line. Twenty was a lot…20 in five minutes after all she had been through would be murder.
One of the girls stepped forward, a senior named Juli who had been one of her best friends before the events of the past week.
“Coach Ryan, don’t you think that’s kind of harsh,” she asked. “That might injure her after all she has been through.”
“Well Juli, if you’d like to take her place, maybe I will allow it.”
Juli bit her bottom lip, a sign to Shannon that she was considering it.
“Okay, I’ll run them for her.”
Shannon let loose a sign of thanks. She looked at her former friend and thanked her with a wink. Juli winked back and smiled.
“Okay then, remove your clothes, give them to me and then runt he laps.”
Everyone gasped. No one had thought she would have to run the laps naked.
“I didn’t earn the punishment, she did,” stammered the girl. “Why should I be naked?”
“You said you would take her place. That means running as she would. Now strip…we have to start practice.”
Juli was in a bind now. She had spoken up in defense of her friend and had earned the nudity. But she desperately wanted a way out.
Shannon ran over towards her and stood between her, shaking her head.
“Mmmfff, mmfff, I’ll run,” she said. Of course no one understood the words but almost everyone made out the message.
“Isn’t that sweet. No, Juli has offered and I have accepted. Your punishment will be completed by her. Now Juli, strip.”
Everyone was shocked but the girl kicked off her sneakers and pulled her socks off with the other foot. Juli didn’t want to show it, but she was terrified. But it kept running through her head that if Shannon could it in front of the whole school, certainly she could do it in front of 15 girls and the two male coaches.
Juli was short, maybe 5’0. She was the team’s point guard, a hustler. Her and Shannon had been best friends at school since they met during Shannon’s freshman year.
Her body was nice but nothing like the girl already naked. She had always envied Shannon’s long legs and narrow waist. She always tried to keep her body hidden…now it would be on blatant display to everyone in the gym.
Juli pulled the t-shirt over her head, revealing a gray Nike sports bra. She then pulled off her mesh basketball shorts to show matching gray bikini panties. The girl tried to decide between the two articles of clothing…finally chose her bra and pulled it over her head. The other girls were spellbound, seeing her big round breasts on her little body. They looked almost unnatural. She had always worn bras that hid her size…even the other girls had rarely seen her undressed.
The breasts were no surprise to Shannon, who had seen Juli naked a frequently over the last three years. She was so touched by the gesture that she wanted to hug her friend. Instead she could only stand there and watch.
The girl hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down her legs, revealing her full blonde pubes that completely covered her slit. It was obvious that she had trimmed the hair there but there was still a lot of it.
Shannon looked with envy at the pubic hair, wishing she still had hers. Unfortunately they had been cut off as part of a health education lesson yesterday. Lost in her thoughts, she hadn’t realized that Juli had started running until she heard the other girls yelling encouragement.
Juli’s bare feet slapped along the court as she ran back and forth…her large breasts bouncing as she ran. The feeling was uncomfortable for the girl after years of running with sports bras and tank tops. She could feel her breasts slapping by her chin as she bent over to touch each line.
The girl running had a few advantages over Shannon. First, she hadn’t already run three miles, climbed a long rope three times and done 100 squats. Second, there were no clamps on her tits causing her even more pain. And third, she was faster than Shannon, one of the fastest girls on the team despite her large round breasts.
Finally she finished the suicides and worked to catch her breath. The other girls cheered as Coach Ryan announced that she had finished her goal. A bunch of girls gathered around her and slapped her on the back as she walked nude among them, a queen with her subject.
Coach McBride called the girls to gather at midcourt while Juli headed to where her clothes were piled. She was surprised to see that someone had taken her panties but quickly donned her sports bra and shorts before sliding into her socks and shoes and throwing her t-shirt back on. Before she joined the team, she went over to Shannon, who was doing sit ups with Coach Ryan holding her ankles wide apart and touched her shoulder, mouthing the words “sorry.” Shannon gave a muffled thank you as she continued the humiliating exercise, with Coach Ryan’s hands on her bare ankles and his face a few inches away from her spread open pussy.