Surprise Assembly

by katie


Shannon had been there crying for a few minutes when her sister Brighid came by. As always, Brighid was dressed great, wearing a business suit that was a tailored jacket, a blouse and then a short skirt. Her legs were covered with stockings and she wore five-inch heels. The very picture of a sexy business woman.
Across the room, Shannon couldn’t have been more of a contrast. She looked like a tiny little girl, vulnerable as she laid there naked as the day she was born, as she had been for two whole days and was about to begin her third naked day. This was part of her school’s punishment that focused on humiliation and loss of clothing instead of suspensions, etc. She was the first one punished under the new rules after skipping school and calling in a false sick call.
Her father had extended the punishment to her home too and she was now naked 24/7. It seemed like she spent all of her time embarrassed and crying. She and Brighid had just returned from their now daily running routine. She ran in just her sneaks and socks through the streets of hew neighborhood, giving quite a show to anyone out there early enough to see it.
Brighid had been rough on her and had some more plans for humiliating her formerly “perfect” sister. But first, she had to gain her trust. She walked over to the bed where Shannon laid balled up in the fetal position, face red from crying. Brighid sat down next to her and rubbed the girl’s bare back and moved in for a hug. Shannon, surprised at this sudden affection from her sister, appreciated the warmth of someone.
“There, there, sorry about all of this?” Brighid said.
Shannon nodded her head, knowing deep down that her sister was loving her humiliation.
“Come on, I’ll give a ride to school…I can be a few minutes late for work today,” Brighid said.
Shannon raised her head and looked at Brighid with her teary eyes. Finally, some compassion, she thought.
“Oh thank you, thank you so much. You can’t know how awful it is on that bus, everybody staring and groping and I have nowhere to go. That would be so nice of you Brigie.”
The nude girl got to her feet, wiped her eyes with a tissue and grabbed her bookbag, ready to leave. She certainly did not want to make her sister late for work after she was being so generous.
Brighid smiled as she followed after her naked sister, admiring the girl’s long, bare legs and hard ass. She wasn’t a lesbian but certainly saw that her sister was built. She would enjoy the ride to the school.
Shannon didn’t even notice her sister’s appreciative stares, she was too happy that she would be shielded, at least for the short drive to school. While the trip on the bus took 45 minutes, the drive would be no more than 15 minutes. She figured this would save her so much humiliation, from the awful groping and exposure on the bus to sitting and waiting at the corner for it to come. It was a terrible experience from beginning to end.
When she got to the car, Shannon realized it was still locked. She felt vulnerable in the cold winter air, naked in the driveway. She crouched next to it, shielding her from all but those behind her. Finally, she heard the door shut and Brighid’s heels coming down the front steps. She heard the door lock spring up and she jumped to open the door and climb in. She climbed in, feeling the leather of the seats on her bare ass and thighs.
“Here,” said Brighid, tossing her a towel. “Sit on this please. I don’t want your wetness ruining my seat.”
Shannon blushed but obliged. As she settled into the sports car, she realized how low she would be next to other cars. Anyone passing by would be higher and would see all of her. She covered her pussy with one hand and crossed her arms over her breasts with the other as they drove off.
Brighid looked over at the nude girl, her little sister sure had grown up. Her breasts weren’t too big but she was sure a woman…you could see it in her hips and her pussy. Brighid felt some jealousy in seeing her beautiful sister. She had always felt like an ugly duckling next to Shannon and Megan. Sure she had boyfriends and was long beyond her virginal days and many men complimented her nice legs and figure. But she didn’t have the same look as her sisters, that drop-dead gorgeous look that makes men’s head turn. Shannon did and part of Brighid hated her for it.
For her part, Shannon never even saw her sister’s gazing eyes. For once she could relax on the drive to school, enjoying the safety of her sister’s car. She sat there, feeling the warm heat on her naked body, listening to the music, feeling good for the first time in days. She closed her eyes and could almost pretend that she wasn’t out in a car in broad daylight completely naked.
She didn’t notice when Brighid turned off the main road but opened her eyes when the car came to a stop.
“What’s going on Brig, I have to get to school,” Shannon said nervously when she saw that they had pulled into a Dunkin Donuts parking lot.
“I know, but we skipped breakfast this morning and I wanted to grab something,” Brighid said, swinging her nylon-covered legs out of the car. “Come on, my treat.”
“Brighid, are you crazy? Have you forgotten that I am completely naked? NO WAY AM I GOING IN THERE!”
Brighid slammed her door and Shannon breathed a sigh of relief. She had finally won a victory over those who wished to humiliate her. She didn’t even notice as Brighid opened her door and pulled her out by the nipple.
Shannon screamed at the disgusting act but, to avoid having her nipple ripped off, scampered to get to her feet out of the car.
“You little bitch,” Brighid said in a low menacing voice. “I am here to do you a nice thing. If you do not do everything I say, I am going to leave you here and let you manage your way home or to school, whichever you prefer. Do everything I say and I will finish the ride, understand?”
Shannon nodded, tears filling her eyes and rolling down her cheeks. She felt more naked than ever now, her sister exposing her to the whole world.
Brighid turned and walked towards the door. Of course the donut shop was all windows so that many had already observed the naked girl. She made her way to the door, her bare feet against the hard, cold concrete.
Brighid was holding the door open, motioning Shannon to go in ahead of her. This felt so wrong but the naked girl entered the cold store, every head there turned to her.
This Dunkin Donuts seemed to be all male…only two women were there, a worker in a Dunkin Donuts uniform and a woman sitting at the counter in an attractive business suit that showed off nice stocking covered legs. Shannon would have given anything to trade places with either girl.
“Well now,” one of the men behind the counter said. “We don’t normally let barefoot people in here. You know, no shoes, no shirt, no service. But for you, we can make an exception.”
“Thank you for that,” Brighid spoke up. “This is my little sister Shannon. She goes to St. Mark’s and is being punished.”
Everyone nodded. There had been a report that some of the students there were having forced nudity as punishment for doing something wrong. None of them could imagine it happening but here was the evidence.
“Well, I’m happy to serve you anytime Shannon,” said the man behind the counter in the dirty apron.
Shannon blushed and looked down. “Thank the man Shannon,” Brighid said, acting like a mother would with a little girl.
“Thank you Sir.”
Shannon could not believe that she would be forced to stand there, under the full gaze of everyone, while her sister examined the menu board. It’s a donut shop for Christsakes, why do you need a menu board, she wanted to scream at her sister. But she didn’t, instead standing there fully naked, her breasts being scrutinized by Carl, the store manager.
“I will have a chocolate chip muffin and a cup of decaf. My sister will have a powdered cream donut with a glass of milk.”
Shannon looked up at Brighid, wondering why that order. She didn’t like donuts and certainly never ate powdered cream. And what was with the milk?
The man went and got each thing one at a time. This gave him more time to ogle her little breasts. It also gave the customers an extended view of her naked legs and ass as. The only thing not on display was her bare pussy as she kept her legs tight together.
The naked girl looked around and saw about 10 customers. Five guys in what looked like construction outfits were straining to see all that they could see. There was the nicely dressed woman, who didn’t seem as interested in the business section of the newspaper as she had been before they entered, and four other men, mostly business men in shirts and ties.
Finally the order was filled. When Brighid went to pay the man said “no need, just bring her in again ok?” Brighid smiled and Shannon groaned, knowing that a trip to this Dunkin Donuts would be on the agenda again before her six weeks were up.
“Shannon, grab the tray, I’ll find us a seat.”
Shannon seethed but leaned over and grabbed the tray, putting her ass out and giving the man behind the counter a better view of it and her breasts. She pulled the tray off the counter and walked to where Brighid was sitting. She couldn’t really cover anything but held the tray low, figuring that everyone here had already seen her tits anyway.
She cringed when she saw that Brighid had chosen a high stool and the lack of a wall where her legs would go. She noticed that anyone walking into the store would have an unobstructed view of her bare pussy as she sat in the chair.
“I was going to get it to go before you pulled that little stunt back there,” Brighid said in a quiet, but mean tone. “Now, you’ll have to suffer a little.”
The older girl took her muffin and began to cut a small piece off, placing it in her mouth and taking a swig of the coffee. Shannon didn’t want to eat this disgusting donut but her hunger got the better of her and she picked it up and bit into it. As soon as she did it, she knew why Brighid had ordered it for her. Some of the powder shook off and blew all over her chest, breasts and chin. There were no napkins near her as Brighid had moved them all over to her side of the counter.
The bell attached to the door went off and she heard a gasp. She looked over the partition and saw there were three teenage boys standing there, mouths agape as they saw her pussy in all of its glory. She had been concentrating on eating her donut and forgot about her situation. When they had entered, her knees were spread wide, giving them an unobstructed view of her pussy lips, slightly agape.
Quickly she closed her legs and ducked down so that they would be unable to see her face. Just then she heard one of them say, “Look guys, if you come around here you can see her tits.”
She saw two heads hurry around the partition and their eyes went right to her powder covered tits. “Holy shit, look at her.”
Brighid was smiling at the awful situation she had put Shannon in. The boys didn’t even move until she spoke up…”Hey guys, why don’t you order and then come sit with us. I’m sure Shannon would like to get to know you better.”
That got the boys running to the counter. Brighid smiled. “And we are not leaving until all of your donut is eaten and your milk is finished.”
Shannon rolled her eyes. Brighid knew the difficulties she was having eating the donut and she hated milk…would struggle to finish the whole container.
She continued to bite pieces off the donut, trying to be careful but the powder was going everywhere. The onlookers all stopped and stared, enjoying the erotic site. The boys hurried back and sat next to the naked girl. They could not take their eyes off of her. Who would have thought that watching a girl eat would be such a turn on but for these boys, their erections were a sign that they were certainly turned on.
They started asking all kinds of questions, why she was naked, did she like being naked, did she know that she had powder all over her chest. She answered them all civilly (school punishment; no, she hated it; and yes she knew that she had powder all over her chest thank you). As she bit into the next to last piece, a wad of cream fell out and landed on her right nipple. She froze and the boys gasped. What an erotic site!
“Would one of you please help my sister with that, she’s always making such a mess,” Brighid said. The three boys almost feel over each other but one, the tallest one, took his finger and got the cream off of the nipple, taking a feel of her breast while he did.
“Thank you,” Shannon said, feeling a chill through her body that she couldn’t explain.
Brighid finished her muffin and coffee and put it on the tray. “Come on Shannon, finish your milk so that we can go. You’re going to be late for school.”
Shannon took the carton and began to chug the milk down. As she did, she felt something hit her elbow and the spout left her mouth and went down her chin and onto her bare breasts. The cold milk caused her to groan and her nipples hardened almost immediately.
“Jesus Shannon, what a mess you are. You can’t go to school like that.”
The sight of the naked girl dripping milk sent two of the boys over the edge. Their pants now showed what their moans from before had signaled…they had orgasmed at the vision.
“Shannon, look what you have done to those poor boys. My God, you are so bad. Go into the bathroom and get yourselves cleaned off and get those poor boys some wet paper towels or something. We can’t have them walking around all sticky now can we?”
Shannon looked at her sister, pleading for this to be over. Brighid stared right back, letting her naked sister know that this was far from over.


Shannon got off the high stool and walked to the bathroom. The girl behind the counter started to laugh when she saw the naked girl covered with powder and milk. Shannon shot her a nasty look but that just made the girl laugh harder. After all, what threat was a naked girl.
Shannon pushed open the door to the ladies room and sat down on the toilet, holding her head in her hands and sobbing. She was a filthy mess and everyone could see every part of her. Despite being naked for two whole days now, she still wasn’t over the embarrassment of being seen in those most intimate places.
She heard a knock on the door and Brighid telling her to hurry. Quickly Shannon went to the sink and started to wet some paper towels. She saw the mess that was her body, the milk was drying and the powder that was left was clumped together. By the time she finally got everything cleaned off, the knocking began again but louder. She went to open the door and remembered that she had to get some wet towels for the boys. Shannon wet the towels and folded them up and finally left the bathroom.
Most of the store had cleared out of the people that had witnessed Shannon’s earlier humiliation and new people were there. They were shocked to see the naked girl exiting the bathroom, her bare feet slapping against the cold tile of the store floor.
Shannon walked through the gawking crowd, getting a little something extra with their morning coffee and donuts. She made her way through the line, grazing a man’s overcoat as she passed, feeling the rough material against her bare skin, tearing up in jealousy over the fact that he gets clothes but she must always be naked.
Finally she made it to where Brighid was sitting with the boys. They again gaped as she came over, her skin still moist from the washing.
“Shannon, these boys go to St. Andrew’s, you remember that private boys school. Didn’t you go to a dance there last year?”
Shannon nodded, “Yes, the Winter Formal.”
She remembered it so well. She wore a long black dress, floor length. She had argued with her father to let her wear a strapless dress but it was worth it. She looked great and had been the attention of the party. She had gone with Joe, the love of her life before she broke up with him last fall. She had decided that she needed some space after dating him since 8th grade.
“Who did you go with? Was it Joe Davids?”
Again she nodded, knowing now that word would get back to Joe about her humiliation and current situation. He would love the predicament she had gotten herself into.
“Hey, I know Joe, we play baseball together. Wow, he was dating a piece like you? WOW, never would have thought it.”
She blushed at his words. She normally would have been flattered at his words, even though they were a little gross. Now it was just more humiliation.
“I wonder if Joe ever saw this much of Shannon?” one of the boys asked.
“Good question,” Brighid said. “Well Shannon, did he?”
“Did he what,” Shannon asked challenging her sister.
“Careful girl,” Brighid warned. “Did he see you naked like these boys have?”
Shannon shook her head.
“What? Not even your breasts?”
Shannon said, “No, he never saw me in less than a bathing suit.”
“What a shame,” one of the boys said. “You dated all of that time and he never got to see this? What a sucker!”
Shannon turned on the boy and advanced towards him. “HE IS NOT A SUCKER! He was a nice guy.”
“Yeah, so nice you broke up with him. Shows you what nice gets you.”
Shannon began to cry. The boy’s words hurt. She had been so shallow breaking up with Joe. Now she figured he would never want her again.
“Enough of this nonsense. Shannnon, help those boys get cleaned off. We’ll shield you so that no one is offended by their nudity.”
Sure, Shannon thought, their nudity gets shielded. No one ever shields my nudity. Then it hit her…Brighid wanted her clean off their penises.
“No, I can’t. I mean, I’ve never touched one before.”
The boys started to laugh. Brighid said, “Don’t make a big friggin production out of it. Just take the paper towels and clean their cocks off. You made them mess themselves…it’s the least you can do.”
On shaky legs, Shannon made her way to where the first boy was sitting. She saw the huge wet spot on his pants and wondered how he would get through the school day. The other kids formed a human wall in front of them so that the other customers couldn’t see what they were doing.
The naked girl’s hands were shaking as she undid the boy’s pants and pulled them down a bit. She then did the same with his underwear and let his penis spring free. Of course it was not he first penis she had ever seen. She had seen her brother naked in past years and just yesterday had ridden the bus home with that other boy who had forced nude. But she had never touched a penis before.
Shannon saw that his hair was matted down by a sticky substance. She knew this was sperm, she had even been hit by some yesterday when that girl had jerked off the boy on the bus. She grabbed the wet towel and began to rub the boys now erect penis, making sure the long organ was clean and that his hair was free of the sticky stuff. The boy was moaning and Shannon knew she had to stop touching him or do it all over again. She looked pleadingly at Brighid who nodded.
The naked girl moved her hands away from the boy’s crotch and stood up. The boy looked at her, his eyes glazed over and thanked her for a great morning, smiling.
“OK, hurry up and get the other boy clean. I have to get to work.”
Shannon moved to let the boy stand up and he was replaced by the other boy who had cum watching her. He sat down and allowed the gorgeous nude girl to undo his pants and pull his sticky cock out of his pants. What a feeling, this unbelievable looking girl was being forced to massage his cock and clean him off. Oh God, no one would ever believe him at school.
The naked girl used both of her hands to get his cock clean and then took a piece of towel to dry the wet cock. She looked at Brighid, who nodded, and Shannon got up.
The boy who hadn’t cum earlier was protesting. “Why do they get to have her touch their cocks and I don’t?”
Brighid said, “Alright, come out to the car. I don’t want her to do it in here, it might cause a riot.”
Shannon was shaking her head. “No Brigie, please no. Don’t make me do this, please. I’m your sister.”
But Brighid just walked out of the store and out to the car, the lucky boy right on her heels. Shannon knew she had no choice but to follow. As she made it to the door, she bumped into a man, her bare breasts making contact with his jacket.
“Excuse me…whoa. Shannon?”
Shannon looked up at his face and saw Mark…the older boy she had met that day that caused this forced nudity…the day she skipped school. She couldn’t believe that he was here and was seeing this.
“Oh, uh hi Mark.”


“Man, I’ve been dying to see you again, but never thought I would see you like this,” Mark said, his eyes huge.
Shannon wanted to curl up and die. She had met Mark that day when she had skipped school and gone downtown with some friends of her sister. They had a ball and met Mark in a café when she had felt so grown up. He had taken her number and said he would call on Friday. Today was Friday and this was more than a call.
The next day at school, Shannon had been stripped of her uniform and forced to remain naked for six weeks. Her father had extended the punishment to her house as well so the 16 year old would be completely naked for six weeks at school and mostly naked during that time at home.
“Ah, Mark, this is a long story and I have to go. I’m late for school,” Shannon said, trying to cover as much of her nudity as she could. “Could I explain on the phone tonight?”
“I think that would be good but couldn’t we meet for dinner or something,” Mark said, his eyes taking every inch of her in.
Shannon looked into those gorgeous brown eyes and wanted to wrap her arms and legs around him and have him then and there. Funny but when he looked at her, she wasn’t as uncomfortable. Of course, he didn’t know she was 16.
“Um, I, uh, I can’t. I have to work tonight and then chaperone my brother’s birthday party. How about tomorrow?”
Please say yes, please say yes.
“Absolutely. Will you be wearing this,” he asked with a grin.
For the first time, she wasn’t embarrassed by her nudity and smiled back. “Oh yeah. I’ll tell you all about it.”
She pushed the glass doors open and walked out to the car. Her sister was seething but the boy was just excited in the backseat.
“Here, use this towel and finish him off. I would bet it won’t take long.”
Those words quickly brought Shannon down from her high of seeing Mark. She was repulsed at the depths her sister was sending her, jerking a boy off in the backseat of a car in the parking lot of the Dunkin Donuts during morning rush hour seemed a bit crazy.
Shannon realized she had no choice and hopped in the back. The boy was so ready…his cock was twitching and sticking straight out. He had already released it from his pants. Shannon took the towel, placed it under her cock with her right hand and began to jerk him off with her left hand. She grabbed him at the base and quickly moved her hand up and down the length of the boy.
Brighid was right. It only took about two strokes before he began to spurt. Shannon managed to catch it in the towel as he did so. The beige fabric now soaked by the white liquid that poured out of the boy. Shannon couldn’t take her eyes off of the boy’s jerking penis as he moaned and her hand became soaked by the goo as well.
“Here,” Brighid said, handing back a box of tissues. Shannon took it in her free hand and began to clean the boy off and then her own hand. By the time the boy left the car, Shannon had touched three cocks and jerked one off. How was that for a first time?
Shannon went to get into the front seat but Brighid stopped her. “After that disgusting display you just put on, I don’t think I want you sitting up here with me. Sit back there and spread your knees wide.”
“I’m disgusting, I’m disgusting,” she screamed at her sister. “You make me clean off two boys cocks, spill my milk all over myself and then jerk a guy off and I’m disgusting. You are nuts!”
Brighid pulled the car over with a screech to the side of the road. She threw Shannon’s book bag at the naked girl and screamed “GET OUT NOW! You can walk to school if you are going to be such a bitch!”
Shannon was shaking from the confrontation and the thought of having to walk to school now.
“Please Brighid, please no. I’ll die out there…it’s so cold…please, I’m sorry, I’ll sit like you want and keep quiet, I promise.”
Brighid sat there, eyes blazing in anger. Who did Shannon think she was? This was more proof of her high and mighty attitude.
“Fine you stupid bitch. But from now on, you will listen the first time.”
Shannon breathed a sigh of relief as Brighid pulled back out onto the road and into traffic. Remembering her orders, she spread her knees wide apart, feeling her pussy come into full view. She sat there, arms at her side, her tits and pussy completely on display as they drove through traffic.
The naked girl was mortified as they drove, seeing the eyes of people in vans, trucks, buses and minivans checking out every part of her. She tried closing her eyes but was quickly told that was a no-no so she sat there, eyes straight ahead on the road ahead.
Finally they pulled through the gates of her school and onto safe ground. She never thought she would be so happy to be naked at school but at least here everyone had seen her. While she was still mortified, it was better than being on the street.
“Thank me for your ride and for breakfast Shannon,” Brighid ordered.
“Thank you for breakfast and for driving me to school,” Shannon said meekly, eyes downcast.
“You are welcome little sister. It’s nice that we get to spend time together,” the older girl said laughing.
As Shannon climbed out of the car, she felt the cold road on her bare feet. She had barely touched the first step up into school when she heard the bell ring. Damn, she was late. She turned back and saw Brighid with a smirk on her face wave out the window.
The second she stepped inside the school building, Mr. Jones, the principal, was there. “Miss Malone, my office please.”
She groaned, knowing that this would mean more humiliation. She walked through the office of his secretary, a holier-than-thou woman who looked down her nose at the naked girl. When Shannon reached the plush carpeting of Mr. Jones’ office, she dropped to her knees and spread wide, her back straight. She knew that she was going to be in for a rough day.


A very sweaty and dirty Shannon Malone knelt there, naked after a full day of humiliation at her school. Shannon, who is the midst of a six-week punishment at school, had survived so far but was now kneeling in the principal’s office, hands cuffed behind her, blindfold on, knees spread and sinking into the plush carpeting. She waited in anticipation for Mr. Jones to return and set her free.
Her morning had started with the humiliation at Dunkin Donuts with her sister. When she got to school, she was a minute late, earning her first visit of the day to Mr. Jones’ office. The principal had taken a very personal interest in her discipline.
As she knelt there that morning, Mr. Jones came around carrying a box that he had pulled out of his closet. He placed it on his desk, a big smirk on his face.
“Well Miss Malone, you just can’t seem to keep your nose clean can you?”
The naked girl looked down, eyes on the carpet. She was embarrassed enough about her morning activities but now felt that worse was going to happen.
“You will now have an additional punishment to the nudity,” Mr. Jones said. With that, he pulled out what looked like handcuffs. “Today, your hands will be cuffed behind your back. All of your teachers have a key and can release you if they desire.”
He came around his desk and grabbed Shannon’s slender wrists and cuffed them together behind her. She felt a strain on her shoulders as her arms were pulled into the unnatural position.
She felt Mr. Jones’ hands under her shoulders and she was pulled to a standing position, her feet being tickled by the soft carpet. She stood there as Mr. Jones returned to the box and pulled out a long rod with two cuffs on either ends.
“This is a spreader bar Miss Malone…can you guess what it is for,” he asked. Shannon groaned. She knew that it was going to be put on her. Quickly Mr. Jones fastened the cuffs onto her ankles. She was now unable to get her feet closer than three feet apart.
“Now, Miss Malone, I am the only one with a key to your spreader bar. You may come here after school before basketball practice to have it removed.”
Shannon’s mouth dropped open and eyes got wide.
“What is it Miss Malone, speak your peace now because you will not have another chance today.”
“Mr. Jones, you expect me to go around all day like this? Please Sir, I couldn’t do it.”
“Nonsense…you will be fine…an athletic girl like you should have no problem getting around the school. Steps might be hard but you will manage. Your teachers know of the arrangement and will be okay if you are a bit late. Nothing excessive though Miss…do not take advantage of this situation.”
What was he talking about? Take advantage of the situation? I’m naked, cuffed and spread, unable to cover any part of myself and he thinks I may take ADVANTAGE of the situation?
“Now for the last part.” Suddenly in her view was a red ball that flashed over her eyes and into her open mouth. She felt it clasp shut behind her. “This may be removed at lunch only but must be put back in. Ask that friend of yours, Carrie, to remove it at lunch. Now move along please.”
As a final insult, he slapped her butt, almost causing her to fall. “Careful Shannon, you might not be able to get back up,” he laughed.
The naked girl somehow managed to get out of the office and into the hallway. She was thankful that the halls were clear since she had been late. First class was art…she hoped that Miss Ryan was back and there would be no repeat of Miss Winters humiliation the first day she had been naked. She had been forced to model for all of the students who titled the work “Shannon’s Breasts and “Shannon’s Vagina.” All of the work was on display at the school gallery located in a prominent hallway.
Somehow Shannon negotiated her way down the hallways, going as fast as she could but knowing that it was painfully slow. She was only able to go a few inches at a time the way her feet were attached. She looked at her duck like walk and knew she would be mortified doing this in front of her fellow students for the rest of the day.
Slowly she went until she came to the first set of steps. Luckily her school was only three floors high and most of her classes were on the second floor. Unfortunately, she had to get there first. At the bottom she put her right foot up on the first step and then her left. It was tricky and once or twice she felt like she was going to fall backwards but managed to keep her balance. How would she do this when the stairs were filled with people, she wondered.
Finally, after what had to be 10 minutes, she made it to the top of the steps. She tried to hurry and made it down the hall to the art studio where her first class was. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Miss Ryan instead of Miss Winters. The young and pretty teacher looked up from where she was helping a student and gasped. Although she had been warned about Shannon’s appearance today, the sight of it was amazing. She had been out sick the last few days and this was her first experience with nudity at the school.
Even the kids who had seen her modeling and had been here every day were surprised at the spreader bar and cuffs and gag. This was intense.
Shannon tried to look away from their eyes. At least with her hands free she could cover when she could but this was just total immobility. All of her private parts, hidden for the first 16 years of her life, were now on blatant display to anyone and everyone.
She didn’t even see Miss Ryan approaching her, wrapping her arms around the naked girl. The soft fabric of the teacher’s sweater felt so good and Shannon yearned for some clothing even more.
“Shannon, this is awful. You know I can’t do too much to help you but I feel terrible for you. Let me take this gag off and uncuff you. You know there is nothing I can do about the bar.”
The naked girl nodded, grateful at the kindness of this teacher she had always admired. She felt relief as the handcuffs came off and she could straighten her arms…and it had only been about 15 minutes. She felt Miss Ryan’s hands in her hair and felt the gag come off. Thank God, she thought, my jaw hurts…I hope more teachers let me remove it. It’s painful!
“Shannon, come on over…you can borrow my brushes and paints…Mr. jones said that you will not have a book bag at all today.”
She tried to negotiate around the easels in the room but it was nearly impossible. Finally Miss Ryan took the easel and brought it to her with the paints and brushes. Shannon looked around for a chair but noticed a sympathetic look on Miss Ryan’s face as the teacher shook her head.
“Sorry Shannon, you are going to have to kneel…you are not allowed chairs today.”
“Please Miss Ryan, please let me sit in a chair, I’ll be good, I promise,” Shannon whispered.
“Sorry hon, Mr. Jones’ orders.”
“Now class, here is the photo we are going to paint.” She flipped on the overhead projector and the class gasped. It was a photo of Shannon jerking off that boy in Brighid’s car that morning. Oh God, they know everything she thought. Of course the boy’s face was blocked out but not his cock and not her hand wrapped around it and not one single inch of her body.
“Paint this the best you can and title it…Shannon Gets her Breakfast. This will also go into the Gallery.”
Shannon couldn’t even see the picture anymore, her eyes so blurred by the tears. This teacher that she so admired and wanted to be like had betrayed her like the rest.
Miss Ryan came by, squeezing Shannon’s bare shoulder, and handed her a note. Shannon opened it and read it.
I am so sorry about this…Mr. Jones seems to have it out for you. I have to protect my job and go along. I am so sorry. Please understand. Miss Ryan.”
The teen looked at her favorite teacher, tears flowing down her cheeks. Instead of offering a reassuring look, Shannon looked away and began painting the awful scene ahead of her. While she painted, she tried to detach herself from the event. She focused on the bluish grey interior of Brighid’s car, the white shirt the boy wore but there was no way around it…she had to focus on that penis and draw it. She noticed that the entire class was silent and assumed that they were all as blown away by the photo as she was.
“Class, about five more minutes…finish up. Every student in the school is going to draw this picture and the best dozen will be displayed in the gallery.”
More humiliation…Shannon’s tears continued as she put the finishing touches on the painting. She thought it would be ironic if her painting was chosen among the best.
The bell rang and Miss Ryan came over, collecting the painting. She then recuffed Shannon’s hands behind her and put that awful ballgag back in her mouth. Shannon knew this wouldn’t come off next class with the sadist Fr. Magee. As she shuffled off to biology, Miss Ryan gave her a pat on the back and said quietly, “good luck.”


Kneeling there on Mr. Jones’ floor, Shannon continued to recall her horrible day. There was the awful humiliation at Dunkin Donuts. Then when she got to school, Mr. Jones had put her in the terrible spreader bar and handcuffs behind her.
Miss Ryan’s art class had been bad, drawing the still photo taken while she had masturbated that boy off in the back of her sister’s car. She had been forced to do it but no one knew that of course. To them she looked like a slut, choosing to jerk off a boy on her way to school.
The next class that day had been Fr. Magee’s biology class. The priest had been the meanest teacher she had to deal with, forcing her to be a model during a class on the female anatomy and had allowed the class to grope her breasts as a lesson on feeling the “milk glands.” She wondered what he had in store for her.
She shuffled her way down the halls into the biology classroom. All of the students laughed at her, pointing at her predicament. She tried to ignore them but couldn’t hold in her humiliation and walked through the groups.
Finally she made it to biology and saw the dreaded gyno table that had been her seat for the class. She hopped up, doing the best she could with the spreader and her arms cuffed behind her.
Somehow she had beaten Fr. Magee into the class and her classmates had some fun at her expense. Some of the boys were throwing balled up paper at her spread pussy, with one hitting her directly on the spread organ. She glared at the boys who laughed back at her. No one came to her defense…not even the girls who she had thought were her friends.
Fr. Magee finally made it into the room and she breathed a sigh of relief, even though she knew this would be just as bad. At least she trusted that nothing horrible would happen to her…with her classmates, who knew?
“Good morning class and good morning Miss Malone. Glad to see you are ready…the bar is a bit much, even for our illustrious principal,” Fr. Magee said, attaching the spread feet to the chair.
The class kind of chuckled. Fr. Magee’s ingenius punishments were known around the school and it was funny for him to think another teacher had gone too far.
“OK, today we are going to observe and study the responsiveness of the female of the species. Now class, what is the spot of your body that is most responsive to a tickle…you Miss McMahon.”
“My feet Father.”
“Good Jennifer, now take this feather and tickle Miss Malone’s feet please.”
The young teen stood up and took the feather. Jen McMahon was a small girl, thin with blonde hair. She was one of the nicest girls in the school and Shannon could see this was uncomfortable for her.
She came towards her naked classmate and gently brushed the feather on Shannon’s toes. The naked girl cringed and tried to move but the stirrups held her tight and she started to moan behind her gag.
“Good Miss McMahon. Now, you Miss Evans, what is the part of your body that tickles the most?”
The girl blushed. “My armpits Father.”
“Good girl, now go up there Janet and tickle Miss Malone’s armpits.”
Janet Evans was on the school’s swim team, solidly built but cute. She was an all-state swimmer and had been a friend of Shannon’s before the events of this week but had turned on her like the rest of the athletes had.
“Yes Father, my pleasure.”
The girl took the feather and began to mercilessly tickle the girls armpits which were exposed because of the way Shannon’s arms were cuffed behind her. The naked girl tried to move away but it was nearly impossible…Janet continued her assault on the girl’s armpits, a teasing torture.
Finally Fr. Magee put an end to the torture as tears flowed out of Shannon’s eyes. She was laughing so hard behind her gag but it wasn’t laughter of joy…it was pain, frustration and humiliation.
“Thank you Miss Evans…you certainly put a lot of energy into that,” Fr. Magee said. He would remember that for the future…this girl would be helpful in other situations.
“Any boys…yes Mr. Gorbo.”
Shannon’s eyes flew to the boy who had threatened her earlier in the week. He had it in for her and she knew he would make life awful!
“Father, please pardon my bluntness, but I think her pubic area would be very sensitive sir.”
“Yes Mr. Gorbo, you are correct. Please come and take the feather and show us how she responds.”
Shannon groaned behind her gag and shook her head back and forth. Her eyes seemed to be begging the boy to please not do this. The boy nodded and took the feather and began to tickle the girl’s exposed pussy, trying to stick the feather between her lips. Shannon moaned and bucked and tried to get away from the awful tickling, which went on for what felt to her like hours. Actually, after five minutes, Fr. Magee stopped the boy, who handed Father the feather and smirked at Shannon. The girl was panting from the intense tickling and was trying to get beyond the good feelings that feather caused in her.
“Any others?” Fr. Magee asked.
There were no hands up and then one, then another and finally a third.
“OK, all three of you come on up and using your hands, tickle the area you think.”
Two boys and a girl came forward and moved towards Shannon. The girl started to tickle the naked student’s sides, causing Shannon to buck and lift her bottom from the chair. One boy began to tickle her inner thighs, just inches from her wet and very aroused pussy. The third boy began grabbing her breasts, tickling the underside.
This was more than she could take…the feelings were terrible but a part of her was so turned on.
“Hey, my fingers are getting wet…she’s dripping,” the boy tickling her thighs announced.
“Yeah and her nipples are sticking straight up,” the boy working on her breasts said.
“Very good you three, you may stop,” Fr. Magee said. “You have all achieved the desired result. Many women respond to teasing and tickling with a sexual response. Miss Malone here is exhibiting that behavior.”
Shannon laid there panting, trying to gain control of her body. Her face was flushed. Her classmates could see the results, her breasts heaving, her pussy slick with her juices and the red marks all over the spots where the boys and girl had groped her.
Finally the bell rang and the class walked past the naked girl, who was oblivious to the action and laid there with her eyes closed.
Father Magee came to her and she finally was free of the stirrups. She still had the awful bar on but could move. The priest was kind enough to grab her arm and pull her to a standing position so that she could shuffle off to gym class.