Surprise Assembly

by katie


Shannon hopped down from the gyno table, a practiced art for her now after three sessions on it in the last 24 hours. It felt good to have her legs closed after being spread for most of the hygiene class.
Shannon, a junior at St. Mark’s Catholic High School, was naked in school…and would be for the next six weeks because of a punishment. She had just served as a “practice” dummy for the girls in her hygiene class to insert tampons. Now she was headed for the showers for a lesson in shaving.
She had learned that all of these lessons were designed with one motive…to embarrass her and give a warning to other kids that crimes like hers were to be avoided. All she had done was skip school and phone in a false sick call but that was enough to keep her nude for the next six weeks. Her father had extended the punishment to include her home life too.
She thought these “hygiene” lessons were extra silly. What 16 year old girl didn’t know how to insert a tampon or shave her legs and underarms?
OH GOD, shaving? She had been extra careful shaving this morning…she wanted to be sure there was no hair anywhere there was not supposed to be hair. Having light-colored hair was helpful on her legs and underarms. Of course, it didn’t allow for much hiding in her bush but that hadn’t been a problem before yesterday…no one ever saw her bush!
They went down the steps, through the girl’s locker room and into the shower. There another gyno table sat, this one seemed to be waterproof. Without being asked, she hopped up onto it, sure that she would be the guinea pig yet again.
“Well now aren’t you the eager beaver, no pun intended,” Miss Kelly said laughing. “I was going to ask for volunteers but since you are already here and naked why not you?”
Shannon glared at the teacher, who was her older sister’s best friend in high school. She had thought Miss Kelly might be an ally here but was learning she was against her too. Now Miss Kelly made it seem that she wanted this abuse…yeah, real likely. Excuse me Miss Kelly, but would you use my pussy for tampon insertion practice…oh and please shave my legs, underarms and pubes in front of all of the girls in the class. Thanks!
“Ladies, I have noticed that most of you have mastered the art of shaving your legs and armpits. Of course I haven’t seen any of your pubic areas but I assume that many of you do not trim and would have no knowledge of how to do it. So, using our volunteer Shannon here, I will show you the art of trimming what is sometimes called a `bush,’” Miss Kelly said.
“First, I will show you the art of shaving the armpit…for this demonstration Shannon, I need you to hold onto the headrest.”
Mechanically, Shannon followed the order, raising her arms and exposing her armpits. This was nothing there but smooth skin…she had made sure of it this morning.
“Well now, Miss Malone here is an excellent example of a smooth shave on her pits and her legs. Girls come forward with the sanitary gloves on and feel how smooth it is for yourself.”
The girls recoiled at the suggestion…inserting a tampon into her pussy was bad enough…but touching her sweaty armpit? YUCK!
“Come on girls, no one seemed to shrink away during the tampon demonstration. Let’s go…or maybe you would all like to be stripped naked and put in Shannon’s place.”
That did it. All of the girls quickly got into two lines, one on each side, donning the plastic gloves to feel her “smooth” armpit and legs. A few of the girls nodded, realizing that it really was a smooth shave.
“Since Shannon is so good at shaving those areas, all I have left to demonstrate is the shaving of her pubic hair,” Miss Kelly said.
Shannon shook her head, looking at Miss Kelly with her big blue eyes. She mouthed the words, “Please Miss Kelly, no.” Miss Kelly looked at the girl sympathetically, looked out towards the locker area and then back at Shannon and mouthed the word “Sorry.”
She turned back to the class, her normal tough manner back. “Mandy, hand me that shaving kit please.” Shannon saw the tall, thin blonde pick up the bag from the table and bring it to Miss Kelly. As the teacher opened it up, Shannon saw a pink Bic razor (which she hated) and some pretty shaving cream with flowers on it. She used Noxema at home but this didn’t look horrible.
What was she saying? This whole thing was horrible! She was about to have her pubic hair shaved totally off! Her entire pussy, which had been mostly on display since yesterday’s assembly, would now be totally nude and waiting to be gawked at.
She heard the sound of the cream leaving the can and looked to see Miss Kelly letting a big blob of it go into her flattened hand. The gym teacher then stuck her hand out to Shannon and said, “Miss Malone, please lather your pubic area for me.”
Shannon hesitated. What would happen if she declined? She knew that her pussy would be shaved one way or the other, but why make it easy for them all the time? Then came the thought of adding time onto her punishment…or maybe something worse. What could be worse? She didn’t want to find out.
She took the cream out of Miss Kelly’s hand and lathered it onto her raised mound. She felt dirty and disgusting at the act but felt it was better than having the teacher do it for her.
Once her pubes were totally lathered, she saw Miss Kelly put on the sanitary gloves and pick up the razor. Shannon hated Bics, knowing that it chafed her skin and she certainly didn’t want this area chafed. But she grabbed onto the sides of her chair and closed her eyes.
“Shannon, you have to have your eyes open…otherwise, you will miss the lesson,” the teacher whispered. Shannon opened her eyes and saw the razor was poised over her beautiful downy covering. Within seconds, she saw the pink plastic razor hit her skin and she felt (and heard) the scrape. The girls watching winced but were unable to take their eyes off of the riveting sight of their classmate having her pussy hair removed by their gym teacher.
Miss Kelly explained that you should always shave up away from your vaginal lips to avoid hair getting in between them. She continued to scrape and give lessons as she went until Shannon’s pussy was as bare as a 10 year old.
Miss Kelly removed her gloves and sent one of the students to fetch a towel for Shannon. The girl came back with a white towel and handed it to the naked, now clean shaven, girl. As she stood there, her eyes were glued to the naked pussy.
“Well now Chrissie, I see that this is a new vision for you, obviously you don’t shave your pubes. Many of you will do this at some point in your lives, for a bathing suit, or tight jeans or a revealing dress. Now you have some idea of how to do it and what it will look like when it is done. Now come on up and take a closer look yourselves. I have to run to my office. When you are gone with your look, you may leave class for the day. Shannon, please wait here as you are until I return.”
Shannon sat there, her legs spread in the stirrups, her recently denuded pussy on vulgar display. She watched her classmates coming up, their eyes intent on her mound. She wanted to close her eyes but when she saw her classmates, there was no disgust or intent to humiliate. They truly seemed to be mesmerized by her bare pussy lips, something most of them haven’t seen in years since their own pussies were bare.
Most of the girls left without saying a word to her. The last one to leave was Jenny, the girl that had run with her yesterday, who touched her on the arm and said, “hang in there Shannon, you’re doing great,” before exiting the shower area and leaving her in peace and quiet.
Shannon leaned back and breathed a sign of relief. It was such a joy to be alone. Of course, she didn’t realize that Charles was there with his ever present video camera. He had been granted special dispensation to be in the girl’s locker room and was taping from just beyond Shannon’s view. He felt bad doing this because he really did like Shannon and felt bad for her. But Mr. Jones was a tough man and would not accept no from the best videographer in the school.
Thinking she was alone, Shannon’s hand wandered down to feel the softness of her bare pussy mound. Oh, what a new sensation, she thought. This was going to take some getting used to. Her fingers found the top of her slit, where her clit was. Unfettered by her hair, she now had an easy access to her pussy…despite the humiliation of the whole demonstration, she was aroused. Come on, she had her pussy manhandled by 40 girls and then she was shaven in front of them…shouldn’t she be somewhat aroused.
Her fingers found their way between her lips and inside, just inside, to the places that Shannon loved to touch in the old days of her privacy…under the covers before she slept. She dreamt of boys, making love and she fingered herself…within a minute she was stifling a moan, trying not to arouse the attention of Miss Kelly. Finally she couldn’t take it any more and moaned again and came, her body shaking.
At that moment, Miss Kelly entered the shower area. Shannon thought she had barely escaped but Miss Kelly was smiling. She had seen the whole thing, standing right next to Charles and the videocamera. Mr. Jones had wanted this, had predicted this. He would be pleased with her.
“OK Shannon, down you go…boy, what is that smell? Did you get excited by all of this?”
“Um, no maam, not at all. May I go please?”
“Sure, but shower first, pay special attention to getting all of the hair off of your pubes. Tell Brighid I said hello.”
Shannon scooted down off the table, feeling the breeze on her bare pussy, which was now also soaked with her juices. What was she thinking masturbating here of all places? JESUS, she was a slut!
She hustled over to the shower the furthest away from the entrance and turned the water on as Miss Kelly wheeled the chair out of the room. Shannon ran the water up and down her body, which was sweating from her ordeal. She then made sure the nozzle hit her pussy directly so the spray could get all of the loose hairs off and also remove all signs of her cum. Of course, all of this was caught on tape.
She finished the shower and went to her locker where a folded towel was placed on the bench in front of her stuff. She dried off, realizing what a difference in time it made to not have to wear clothes and headed off to the cafeteria and another naked lunch. Charles left the locker room after her, taking his valuable tape with him to show Mr. Jones. The principal liked to review all of the tapes for “Quality assurance.”


Shannon made her way through the rest of her second naked day pretty well from then on. Of course there had been the obligatory computer project that she had to put more pictures on a web page of her nudity, this time she was mortified to find out the pics were from the tampon exhibition. She didn’t understand why she never saw the photographers.
She was in the second day of her punishment that forced her into complete nudity while at school. Her dad had extended the punishment at home but, unlike the school punishment, she would earn one piece of clothing a week at home. She couldn’t wait for that covering!
She completed the assignment as instructed, putting the photos into place and titling it “Shannon On the Rag,” and e-mailed it to him. She got the auto reply that it was received and she packed up her books. One of the perks of this class was the ability to leave as soon as the assignment was finished.
She left the air conditioned room, thankful to be out of there because she was freezing! The temp in the room was kept low for the computers and without clothes, the room was more than unpleasant. She glanced down and saw her nipples standing straight out at attention…an annoyance but nothing close to the worst thing that could happen to her. Shannon remembered the old days (was it just two days ago?) when stiff nipples poking through her bra and blouse would have made her mortified. Now they were just another bit of bad luck in a week full of it.
“Attention everyone, attention,” came the voice of Mr. Jones over the PA. “There will be another assembly this afternoon after seventh period. Please report to the auditorium. And will Shannon Malone please come and meet me in my office now. Thank you.”
She cringed…what more could this man do to her. She made her way to the first floor where Mr. Jones’ office was.
“You may go in Miss Malone, Mr. Jones is ready for you,” Mrs. Phillips, his secretary, said to her.
She pushed open the door and her feet again sunk into his plush carpeting. She was getting to know the feel of the floors around here, she thought. After six weeks, I will probably be able to know where I am even blindfolded.
Mr. Jones was finishing a phone conversation and waved her to kneel where he had showed her that morning. She blushed some more at the subservient pose she was being forced into by the man but did as commanded. The soft carpeting felt good on her bare knees as she knelt there.
She heard Mr. Jones tell his caller that he had another more pressing matter to attend to and would call her back.
“Hello Miss Malone, thank you for coming so promptly. I suppose you are wondering why I needed you here today.”
“Yes Sir, I was.”
“Well Shannon, we have three students who are earning nude punishments, well partly. One is totally nude, two others will lose some clothing. At the assembly next period, you will walk in with me and stand next to me on the stage. Then you will remove the other student’s clothing for them.”
She shook her head but no words came out. “Is this a problem Miss Malone?”
She wanted to scream out, “YES A MAJOR PROBLEM…” but the words would not come to her.
“OK then…” RINGGG! “Well now, time for the assembly…wait here until I am ready to go.” He then turned his chair around and began to work on the computer. Finally he stood up and walked towards his door, his suit grazing the naked girl. “OK, let’s go.”
Shannon got to her feet and followed behind Mr. Jones. The principal walked quickly and she struggled to keep up with him. Of course taking big stride with clothes and shoes on was different than when you are naked.
Mr. Jones opened the door to the auditorium and all of the students turned to stare. He motioned for her to enter first and here she was, naked in front of the whole school yet again. It brought back a flood of the awful memories from yesterday when she had been stripped in front of the whole school. Now she was in front of those hundreds of eyes, totally on display.
And this time she didn’t even have pubic hair to hide behind, having her pubes shaved as a demonstration in health class.
She walked up onto the stage and stood next to the podium, alone, waiting for Mr. Jones to make his way up there. She knew he was intentionally taking his time to get up there, letting her be the sole object on view. Finally the principal made it there and got behind the podium.
“Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we have another assembly for more punishments. This time, it is for three students caught smoking in the basement. Would Sarah Lyons, Juli Becker and Glen Barmore please come forward.”
The students made their way to the stage…Shannon thought they looked like they going to be executed. At least they knew in advance about it…she had been shocked at her assembly.
“Now, for Miss Lyons and Miss Becker, this is a first offense. For their trouble, they have earned partial nudity for the rest of today and tomorrow. For Mr. Barmore, this is offense number two so that means total nudity for the rest of the week.”
The crowd gasped, especially the girls. They were going to get a look a man’s penis, the first for many of them.
“First, Miss Lyons. You are required to remove the outer layers of clothing and your shoes. Miss Malone here has been good enough to volunteer to serve as the assistant and will remove your clothes for you.”
Shannon glared at Mr. Jones, at his lie, but it did no good. She walked over to Sarah, a pretty brunette, a freshman. She was thin but had a big chest for her age. Shannon guessed it was about a 34 or 36.
She began by getting on one knee and untying the girl’s saddle shoes. She took off the right and pulled the blue sock off as well, leaving the girl’s feet bare. She saw Sarah flex her toes and knew what she was feeling. She then did the same with the girl’s left foot until she was barefoot.
She got to her feet and began unbuttoning the blouse. Her eyes locked with Sarah’s who was sobbing. The blouse had actually gotten wet with the girl’s tears. “I’m so sorry about this,” Shannon whispered as she finished with the unbuttoning and pulled the blouse down the girl’s arms.
Sarah was wearing a very pretty lacy bra but Shannon realized why the girl was crying. Inside the lacy undergarment was a pad making her look bigger. Mr. Jones was startled to see it.
“Miss Lyons, I am shocked that a good Catholic girl would pad her bra.”
There was a chuckle going up from the crowd, especially the girls who knew that a lot of girls wore push up bras, wonder bras or pads. Just Sarah got caught in the worst way possible.
“Miss Malone, please remove those pads.”
Shannon whispered to Mr. Jones, “but sir, then her bra would be too big for her.”
“I don’t care Miss Malone…and while it is very nice that you are concerned for your schoolmate, please do as I order.”
Shannon turned back to the girl and reached into the bra, feeling her soft little breasts in the process, and pulled the foam pads out of the cups of the bra, which was now falling off of her.
“Please finish her off so we can move on here Miss Malone.”
Shannon squatted, knowing that the first few rows would get a nice view of her slit. Oh what the hell, she thought, every part of her was on display all of the time, who cares what they see know? She knew that she did and hated every second of it.
She undid the clasp and zipper on the side of Sarah’s skirt and let it fall to the floor. The girl stepped out of it and Shannon picked it up and handed it to Mr. Jones. Sarah now stood there with her bra mostly hanging off so that her tits were almost totally on display and a pair of lacy bikini panties that barely concealed anything.
Sarah thought to herself that she was going to wear the biggest bra and panties she could find tomorrow.
As if he could read her mind, Mr. Jones said, “And for Miss Lyons and Miss Becker, you are going to wear similar styles tomorrow…Sarah, you may wear a bra that actually fits you but the same kind and the same kind of panties. It would defeat the purpose of this punishment if you were to wear big bloomers.”
“Now Miss Becker’s turn. Shannon, please do the honors.”
Shannon walked over to the next girl, who was much bigger than she or Sarah. She was slightly overweight but pretty. She was also a freshman.
Shannon started again with the shoes, knowing that the girls would probably want as much covering for as long as possible. She removed the girl’s shoes and socks and saw Juli’s uncomfortable stance change.
She got to her feet and started to unbutton the blouse. For some reason, Juli didn’t seem upset at all. Not as upset as she or Sarah. Shannon pulled the blouse out of the girl’s skirt and down her arms.
For now saw why there was not a lot of tears. The bra was big with big cups and thick straps…like one she had seen older women wear. She noticed that the girl needed the heavy support of a bigger bra. Most of the girls in the school chose to wear frilly bras with thin, stylish straps. Or sports bras. But that’s because most of them were still waiting for tits. This girl had them in great volume.
Shannon then dropped to her knees and removed the girl’s skirt. The panties were white cotton bikini, nothing nearly as revealing as Sarah.
“Now Mr. Barmore.”
Shannon walked over to the boy. She had seen him before…he definitely stuck out in a crowd. Most of the girls swooned over him…he was built, a football player, backup quarterback. He was just a sophomore and would be the starter the next year. Every girl dreamt of him nude and would now get the chance to see.
Again Shannon dropped to her knees and removed his shoes and socks. She realized that she had rarely looked at boys’ feet but noticed that girls have much prettier feet than boys do.
She got to her feet and pulled his tie off and began to unbutton his shirt. She pulled it down his arms and he stood in his undershirt. Shannon pulled it up and over his head, feeling the hard muscles of his chest and stomach. She moaned involuntarily at the brief touch.
For his part, Glenn was fighting the demons inside. He was humiliated at being stripped in front of the whole school but some part of him was so turned on that the person stripping him was the beautiful Shannon Malone and she was completely naked herself. He had felt her firm tits brush his naked belly as she removed his shirt. Oh God, he couldn’t control his hard on which was sticking like a pole into his pants.
Shannon knelt down and her face was inches away from the place where Glenn’s cock had made a huge bulge. She wondered if any of the other kids could see it but heard the whispers and knew that they could.
Because of the huge erection, unbuttoning his pants was a challenge but Shannon was able to do so. Unzipping was another matter and she struggled to get it down. Glenn cried out as she pulled a little too hard.
“Sorry, I don’t know what to do,” Shannon blurted out nervously. “I’ve never done this before.”
The auditorium roared with laughter. Shannon was mortified and didn’t know why. Wasn’t she supposed to stay a virgin until marriage? Wasn’t she a good Catholic girl?
“While I find that hard to believe Miss Malone, perhaps Mr. Barmore can help you with that particular area.”
Shannon saw the boy’s hands go to his crotch and she watched him push his erection out of the way with one hand and pull the zipper down with the other. With that accomplished, Shannon pulled his pants down and off, leaving him in a pair of very stretched out tighty whiteys.
Shannon knelt there, her face inches away from a penis, the closest she had ever been. Oh she had petted once in a while but always through pants. This was the thinnest of covering. She reached up, put her hands between the waistband and his bare skin and pulled the jockey shorts down. She had to maneuver around his painfully erect penis and soon he was as naked as she was.
The crowd of students were quiet. Most of the girls had never seen a penis this big or erect before. And even a few of the teachers were surprised at how big this 15 year old boy was.
“Thank you Miss Malone, you may take your eyes off of Mr. Barmore’s endowment and come over here please.”
Shannon blushed an even deeper shade and made her way to the other side of Mr. Jones. Oh how she never wanted to take her eyes off of that magnificent cock! But now she was out of view and only an obvious peek around the principal would give her the view she wanted.
“Everyone, I hope this is a reminder for all of you that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. As you can tell, this punishment will happen and it could happen to you.
“As for the three of you, your punishments continue until the end of school tomorrow. You can come to my office after classes tomorrow and pick your clothes up. You will ride the bus home as you are now and may change when you get off or home. School is dismissed.”
The students didn’t rush out of their seats like they normally did. Instead they sat there, transfixed as first the naked Shannon came off the stage, then the mostly naked Sarah and Juli followed by the very naked and very noticeably excited Glenn.
The girls in the seats just looked with mouths agape as they stared at the erect eight inches of the stud quarterback. But Glenn was humiliated and his cock was betraying him. He now knew how Shannon felt, naked and exposed. At least his was only one day, but at least she could HIDE her arousal for the most part.
Glenn realized how mean he had been to her. He was the one on her bus that had asked Vince to “share the wealth” and turn the mirrors towards her so that the whole bus could see. He had also been the one to cup her tits as he departed. Now here he was in her shoes (or her bare feet), forced to suffer the indignities.
Sarah could feel the cool air on her naked nipples, which weren’t adequately covered by her too-big bra. She had been stuffing her bra since she was 12 and didn’t know if she had one that really fit her. She couldn’t go through a day of school tomorrow like this, her entire chest on display.
For Juli, this wasn’t too bad. Sure it was humiliating being mostly naked, but she had worn less to the beach. And the fact that she had tits was better than Sarah who had to stuff. She had figured as much but had never been sure. Now the whole school was sure.
The naked girl, naked boy and mostly naked girls made their way out of the auditorium and to the buses. Shannon had to run to the AV Room for her videotape and then out to the bus for the dreaded ride home.


Glenn got on the bus, the smooth seat cold on his naked butt. He had attempted to get to the back of the bus but Vince insisted that if Shannon had to ride in the front seat so did he.
How did he get involved in this? He wasn’t really much of a smoker, had been trying to impress Sarah and her friend Juli. Now he was completely naked and they were in bra and panties for the rest of the day and into tomorrow. He counted down the hours until he got his clothes back.
Making matters worse was his constant rigid erection that showed no signs of letup. He almost wished he had stopped off in the boy’s bathroom and jerked off…maybe then his erection would go down and he and it could slink away. I guess this is better than not having a penis and being teased. At least now the teasing revolved around his “monster cock,” as one girl had put it.
His cock got harder, if that was possible, when the beautiful and equally naked Shannon Malone made her way onto the bus. She knew the routine by now and settled into the seat next to him, her bare thigh making contact with his. He closed his eyes to try and settle his imagination. He prayed that he wouldn’t spurt here on the bus.
He saw Shannon spread her knees wide apart as ordered and he saw a look from Vince before realizing that he was expected to do the same. Shannon had her arms at her side, not covering any area of her body and he took his cue from her.
Just then he felt it…a hand wrapping around his cock. Shannon saw it too and gasped. A girl behind them had stuck her hand in between the seat and side of the bus and began to slowly stroke the poor boy’s erection.
Glenn knew it wouldn’t take long before he would cum…his cock was so hard and he was so aroused. The hand would not relent, despite his head shaking no. He couldn’t move his head without making everyone notice and so he did not see who was jerking him off.
“No, please no” he said in a whisper and then he saw Vince readjust the mirror. The whole bus gasped as they saw the hand, a pretty little girl’s hand, nails painted a pastel pink, masturbating the big quarterback’s cock. That pushed the boy over the edge and he came, spurting his cum out and down his cock, onto his legs and crotch, his belly and thighs. Some of it even made its way over onto Shannon who moved out of the way a second too late and got a glob on her right thigh.
“Ewww, that’s gross…make him clean it up Vince.”
Shannon turned and saw her new “friend” Jenny with a tissue, wiping the cum off of her fingers and smiling. She knew that girl was a little weird.
Vince was forced to clean up the cum off of his body to the hoots and hollers of the entire bus. He did the same to the glob of it that was on Shannon and stopped but he was still coated with some of it and smelled like cum but at least most of it was gone.
Luckily for him, his stop was one of the first, unlike Shannon’s who was the last stop. He excused himself and eased past her, his cock much softer now but growing harder as he came into contact with her nudity. DAMN! He thought. Was he going to have a hard cock for the next 24 hours? He didn’t think he could take it.
His stop was on a pretty secluded spot, right next to the park. He thought he could hide his nudity from the street most of the way, just popping out at the last minute to run home. He cursed at himself as he stubbed his toe on the sidewalk. He hated being barefoot outside, preferring shoes even in the summer. Now here he was, barefoot and naked in January.
He went into the shrubs and seemed to be hidden and then he realized the bad part of his plan…his bare feet on the thorny sticks and twigs and the branches against his bare body. He tried to run but it hurt too much. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and he pushed out onto the sidewalk. Just then, a busload of kids from a private girls school in town pulled up. The girls looking out the window gasped. He tried to run around the bus but the girls seemed to be coming from everywhere. The preppy girls in their fashionable outfits were having fun with this naked boy, surrounding him, touching his naked body, even grabbing at his naked cock, which had hardened yet again, despite his humiliation.
He managed to get away from the group of girls and ran down his side street. One of the girls stayed in hot pursuit but he was faster. He would have made it except his bare feet landed on a bottlecap, causing him to slow down. She caught up to him, pinching his ass.
“Hey, man, nice ass…I just wanted a closer look at your little guy. Oh my, he’s not little at all is he,” the girl said, taking hold of him at the base. Although Glenn was obviously stronger than the girl, he was unable to move, spellbound that his naked cock was being masturbated for a second time in less than an hour by a girl he did not know.
“Oh my, look at it, so nice and firm…I love it…I’ve never really held one before,” said the girl as she jerked the organ up and down, causing Glenn to moan. Here he was, lying naked in broad daylight on a public street in the middle of winter, his cock being jerked off again. Part of him loved it but another part wanted to get the hell out of there.
“Please let me go, Please, I can’t take it anymore…oh GOD!” he shouted as he spurted more cum out of his shaft and down the sides of his cock, covering the girl’s hand as she continued to jerk him off.
“No more, hurts, please no more,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper. Finally the girl stopped, licking his cum off of her fingers.
“Well, that was nice. Thanks for the opportunity, you were my first,” she said, picking up her book bag and walking away.
Glenn just laid there, unable to move. He had never imagined having two girls jerk him off in the same day let alone two total strangers in the course of an hour. He was so humiliated that he had let it happen, a big tough boy letting two girls much smaller than him make him cum again and again.
He finally managed to gather the strength to get to his feet. Two orgasms can take a lot out of a guy, especially a guy who had only self-imposed orgasms except for one messy one that a girl had given him the night of the freshman dance last year.
He knew he had better hurry if he wanted to beat his mom and sister home. He wanted to change into some clothes before they spotted him…especially his sister. She was 18, a senior at the public school who always resented the little brother at the Catholic school who was Mr. Jock and Mr. Popular. She would have a field day with this.
He ran down the street, his cock, now shriveled and up in his sack, bouncing as he ran. He made it to his house and up the steps. He opened the door, certain he was home free, and ran up to his room. He was about to go in when he realized it was locked. What the heck. Then he saw his sister come out of her room, her eyes drinking in his nudity.
“Well, well, thought you were going to be able to hide this right? I guess you didn’t know that your principal called to talk to mom. I took the message but haven’t called mom YET.”
She took him harshly by the arm and pulled him into her room. It had been years since he had been in there…it was strictly off limits. “Lay down on my bed Glenn and tell me about your day unless you want me blabbing to Mom.”
There was no way she could ever MAKE him do anything. After all, he had seven inches and about 110 pounds on her. But she had him and he did as she commanded, telling her what had happened.
“Spread your legs and jerk off while talking ok, your big sister would like that.”
“Oh God, please Michelle, I can’t have another orgasm.”
Her eyebrows raised…”another?”
“Yeah, I’ve already had two. Please no more.”
“Well, I want to hear about that…and I’m sure Mom does too.”
“UGGHH” Glenn said but took his cock into his hand and began to do what has become a practiced thing, jerking off. He did almost every day after school before his mom and sister got home and before bed. Now he was doing it on his sister’s bed with her sitting a few feet away.
For Michelle, this was heaven. She was going to be able to humiliate him and blackmail him at the same time. She now had video of him jerking off on her bed but of course she had made sure that she wasn’t in the shot from where she sat. She would be able to edit it and give it to Mom at any time.
“And then..she chased meandoh GODDDD!!!” Again he erupted as cum flew out of his cock and down the shaft, coating his fingers. How much cum was inside of him, he thought.
“You perv, what a disgusting mess,” Michelle said. “OK Glenn, here’s the deal. You agree to do this every day and become my naked slave, I will never tell mom and she will never know about your little smoking incident and what you have just done here on my bed. Do we have a deal?”
Glenn rolled his eyes, his disgusting hands still wrapped around his cock. He nodded his head.
“Good, now go and wash your disgusting hands and meet me in the laundry room. Today you are going to do my laundry.”
He got off of his sister’s frilly bed and went into the bathroom, dreading the next few weeks as his sister’s slave.


Shannon’s second naked day went very much like the first…there was the humiliation of school, where she had her pubes shaved and had served as a model for biology class and health. Again she had to stand in front of the whole school naked, this time with the added burden of stripping three of her fellow students as part of their punishments.
Then, at home, there had been the constant eyes of her brother Jimmy, who could not get enough of her bare pussy. He was constantly staring at it. At one point, as she sat at her desk, he came in and bent over to look, his face barely inches away. Of course she was not allowed to shoo him away and had to withstand his prying eyes.
Jimmy was less brazen when their father came home. This time Shannon was allowed to eat without having to serve everyone’s meal and she was able to partake of dessert, unlike last night when she dished out the ice cream and had some of it “accidentially” spilled on her by Jimmy. No, this dinner was more back to normal except for her nudity.
At the end of dinner, Dad said,” Shannon, Mr. Firgus called, from across the street.”
Shannon nodded, wondering what the man had wanted. She had noticed him checking her out over the years and had enjoyed teasing him a bit. Every so often, she would leave her window shades up while changing to give the old man a bit of a thrill. It was pretty harmless, she thought.
“He’s looking for someone to come over to his house once or twice a week to clean and cook for him. Said he would pay double the minimum wage.”
“Dad, you don’t mean that I should do it, do you? I mean, I’m naked…do you want me to go to a strange man’s house alone naked?”
“Shannon, you are being silly. Mr. Firgus is an old man and has been my neighbor for 25 years. I feel like he can be trusted and plus, you’re just across the street.”
“Please Daddy, I can’t. Don’t make me do it.”
“I’m not making you do anything Miss, but you can forget about gaining a piece of clothing every week. If you don’t want to cooperate with me then I don’t feel you deserve cooperation back.”
So this was it…they would hold out her precious clothing as a carrot to perform humiliating tasks for them. She looked at her father through teary puppy-dog eyes, trying to get some sympathy. There was none and she had no choice.
“Oh Daddy, I’m sorry, I think I’m just so confused by my constant nudity. I would be happy to help Mr. Firgus.”
“Great, that’s my girl. You start tomorrow night after basketball practice but before dinner. Say around 5? Just stay until 6:30, find out what he needs and you can start whenever it works for you.”
She cringed internally but shook her head yes outside. She could not believe that she would be exposing herself in the privacy of a stranger’s home. It was more of a violation than at school or here.
“I spoke to Mr. Jones and he says your behavior has been wonderful and that you even volunteered today for a class assembly. That is really nice to hear. Should be no trouble earning back socks this week!”
Shannon nodded, unbelieving that socks would be considered a reward! But to a naked girl, any covering would feel good. She wondered about poor Glenn, who had been forced to cum on the bus. She couldn’t believe how bold that girl had been to jerk him off. Seeing the penis cum from up close was amazing…something she had never seen. The poor guy had to wipe it off of himself and then her thigh when some of it splattered onto her. She had felt the hot liquid shoot onto her and was grossed out at first but then turned on. Luckily, as a girl, her arousal was a little more hidden, unlike Glenn who had been hard since she stripped him.
“…and Shannon will be here so it won’t be a problem, right hon?”
Shannon looked at her father with a blank stare. She had not heard the beginning of her father’s talk and was now wondering what she would be around for.
“Ah, I’m sorry Daddy but I didn’t hear the beginning there, could you please repeat it?”
“Sure, Jimmy is having five friends over tomorrow night but Colleen and I have to be at a family function and Brighid is going away. Unfortunately, that leaves you home to supervise the party.”
“What? Me, naked, supervising a party of six 12 year old boys? Daddy, are you crazy?”
“Watch your mouth young lady, show some respect for your father.”
Her father rarely got angry with her but when he did, she quaked. This was the second time in as many days that she had earned his anger.
“You are a member of this household and it is not too much to ask that you carry your own weight around here. It would not have been too much to ask if you had clothes on and it is not my fault that you are naked. Therefore, you will be here on Friday night.”
“B-b-butt Dadd, what if they try something on me. What will I do?”
“Jimmy, I want your guarantee that you and your friends will not rape your sister. Is that clear?”
“Sure Dad. But can we have some fun with her?”
“Sure…that is part of the punishment…in fact I expect it. Shannon you are in charge of some things but you are unable to say no to Jimmy in matter involving showing your nudity. Jim, none of your friends may touch Shannon, is that clear to both of you?”
Jimmy nodded vigorously. Shannon had to be prodded by a harsh look from her father before saying “yes Daddy.”
“Daddy, Carrie invited me to spend the night at her house. Can I go on Saturday?”
“Sure honey, as long as everything goes well on Friday and there are no problems.”
“Thanks Dad.”
“Now you and your brother clear the table please. I have some work to do and then I have to pick up Colleen and Brighid at the dinner.”
Their father left the room, leaving the two younger Malone’s to clean up the table. Shannon knew her brother would be brushing up against her and doing stuff to get better looks at her and she was right. He leaned over her, grazing her bare tit, touching her naked thigh. She wanted to strangle him but couldn’t get too angry…after all, what 12 year old boy didn’t want to see a naked girl, even if it was his sister.
Finally they cleared the table and Jimmy left her to clear the dishes off at the sink and put them in the dishwasher. She was glad for the quiet, even though standing at the sink made her top half exposed to the back window and any prying eyes. She didn’t think anyone could see in but never knew. What she didn’t know was that Jimmy had gotten his trusty videocamera out and was filming her erotic chore.
She scraped the excess food off of the dishes and silverware and cups and filled the dishwasher. Jimmy’s zoom lens got her pussy lips opening and closing as she bent in different directions. His friends would love this and especially love his party favor tomorrow night. They were going to have some fun with a naked girl and it was going to be the greatest party any of his friends could ever imagine.


This time, Mr. Firgus had set the alarm. He did not want to miss a second of the show and he was ready this time, a wet towel in hand, he jerked off at the image of Shannon’s naked stretching body and came again as she walked out. It was almost like having sex with someone, he planned it so well.
He had some humiliating things in store for her, including cleaning his cum-covered articles from his masturbation. Let her take care of those items that she had dirtied.
This time, he hopped into the car and followed the girls on their run. He stayed far enough back not to attract notice as the naked runner made her way in just sneaks and socks through the main street of town. He wondered why she would choose to run in this public of a place but then remembered the punishment that her father had told him about. This was probably part of it.
He saw the girl’s leg muscles flex as she ran, the perfect body so graceful in her strides. She really was perfect in every way. It had been a long time since he had felt this way about a woman. His late wife had done this to him. They had met in high school and, much like Shannon, she had been perfect. Athletic, at least for that era, she had played field hockey and they started dating when he went to her games. A few years later, when they had married, he had asked her to put the uniform on for him one night and she had. They had made long, passionate love that night and had conceived their only son.
He had a tough time concentrating on the road, paying so much attention to the girl and to his memories. He saw her jogging in place while waiting for a stoplight to turn green. This was a perfect opportunity for everyone to see her. Her tits, small but round, bouncing a bit on her frame, her legs bulging in all of the right places, her little lips, completely bare, seemed to be compressing in and out. He was hard again, despite his cum earlier.
He turned away from the way she was running and drove home, wanting to beat her there to be able to fully enjoy her stretching. He had just settled into his easy chair with the great view of the house across the street when Shannon and Brighid arrived home. As had been the case yesterday, they stretched, putting on an erotic show without even realizing it. Again he came into a towel as the naked runner bounded up the steps, removed her sneakers and socks and went into the house naked as the day she was born.
Mr. Firgus got up to go and shower and get ready for work. He couldn’t wait until 5 o’clock when the very naked Shannon Malone would be his housekeeper.
Shannon ran into the house, another humiliating run behind her. She had seen Mr. Firgus checking her out while she stretched and felt so gross. Most girls know that boys masturbate over them…but few ever have it shoved in their face as much as Shannon has had in the last few days. She had received 75 e-mails last night from boys who saw her show on the internet. She hated her school and wondered how they could let a 16 year old be naked on their site. Then she realized that the only way onto the site was having an e-mail account and password with the school so only the students could access her nudity and they could see her any time they wanted anyhow.
She went up the steps, her bare feet flapping on the wood floor and went in to grab a shower. She was in the middle of washing her hair when she felt a cold breeze. She opened her eyes and saw that Jimmy had opened the shower curtain all the way.
“Jimmy, close the curtain for Christ sake, I’m going to freeze.”
“Sorry Shannon, but I want to watch.”
“Jim, please just give me a minute’s peace.”
“Nope…do I have to call Colleen and ruin your chance at some nice socks to wear?”
“You pain in the ass,” she whispered in a low, mean voice. But she continued to shower, getting the rest of the shampoo out of her hair. She then had to go through the task of shaving her legs, armpits and pubes. Most girls can go a day or two without it but for a naked girl, it was a daily necessity. She had never shaved her own pubic hair before but Miss Kelly had warned her to keep it clean or another demonstration might be in order.
As her younger brother watched leering, she lathered up her legs and went about the task of clearing her long, slender legs of any hair. Then she did her armpits until they were smooth and bare.
Now came the hard part, shaving her pubes in front of her brother. She had seen his face looking directly at her pussy as she had contorted her legs in the many different directions needed for a clean shave. He had stood there, wide eyed and mouthed, as she did so. But now, he would have a great view as her fingers moved her pussy lips this way and that to get all of the fresh stubble that was coming through. His eyes never left her pussy until she was finished and took a towel to wipe the remaining cream off. With that he took a step back and sat on the cover of the toilet.
She grabbed a towel and dried off, being extra careful not to cover herself any more than necessary. She knew that Jimmy would love to run to Colleen and Dad and tell them that he had been refused a healthy view of his older sister. Once she was dry, she stepped out of the tub and over to the sink to do her hair and makeup.
“Please Jim, haven’t you seen enough? I just want a second of peace and quiet.”
“Nope, sorry Shannon, I don’t want to miss a moment of this.”
She tried to hold back tears as she dried her hair and put on some makeup. Finally, she had to ask him to get off the toilet so that she could pee. The smirk on his face made her sick to her stomach as he got up and she sat down. She was mortified as her pee tinkled into the basin as her brother watched, sitting on the tub across from her. Finally she finished, wiped (he didn’t miss that at all) and left the bathroom and went into her room falling on her bed in a ball, her head in her hands sobbing. For once she was alone as Jimmy went down the hall into his own room to get ready for his day of school.