Surprise Assembly

by katie



Shannon was watching the news…it was George Bush making a speech. Behind him was his wife Laura. And to her left were his twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna, completely naked on stage. They had been crying recently and Shannon heard the report talking about them skipping class and lying about it. Shannon could see that both had bigger breasts than her but her legs were nicer…
“SHANNON, wake up, come on it’s time to get up.”
It was her sister Brighid shaking her. Shannon’s eyes could barely see in the darkness as her mind was still on the very vivid dream.
“Brighid, what is it? Is something wrong,” she said, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
“Come on, I need you to run with me. You know that I don’t like to go by myself. Plus you promised you would run with me to help me get back into shape.”
“Brighid, I’m naked. No way am I running with you.”
“Yes you are. Come on, I already convinced Dad to let you wear sneaks and socks for this. Let’s go, you owe me!”
For some reason, Shannon bought this logic from her sister and swung her naked legs off the mattress and onto the floor. Shannon had been completely naked for about 24 hours now, ever since that awful morning assembly when she had been punished for skipping school and then lying about it.
“Brig, please have some mercy on me. It’s winter out, I’ll freeze my ass off.”
“Nonsense, I just checked the Weather Channel and it’s 40 degrees outside…way above freezing. By the time we’re done, we’ll be hot and sweaty and I’ll envy your nudity.”
Shannon knew her oldest sister was impossible to argue with so she gratefully took the socks and sneaks, her first covering in a day. Twenty-four hours ago, she would have felt totally naked. Now, not having her bare feet hitting the ground or on display was a huge blessing!
She followed Brighid out of the room and down the stairs. She figured she was lucky that it was barely light out yet. Maybe there wouldn’t be many people out there.
They went out the front door and the gust of cold air hit her naked body. She shivered and hoped that Brighid was right.
Of course Brighid would not hear of them starting to run right away, leading Shannon through a series of stretching exercises. She realized the positions she was in while stretching and wondered if any early birds were catching this show.
She couldn’t see Mr. Firgus, a neighbor across the street, taking in the view from his large picture window. He had been up all night working on a project for work and had just shut the lights off when he noticed the porch light come on across the street. Mr. Firgus was a widower, having lost his wife two years ago. They had a grown son who visited once in a while but he hadn’t had much female companionship since then. He had always admired the Malone girls from across the street and had often seen them out running and he loved seeing them in their sports bras and their short running shorts. Occasionally, he would catch glimpses of them changing…especially the youngest girl Shannon whose room faced the front of the house. To him, she was the best looking of the three girls and one of the best looking girls he had ever seen. He reminded himself to look towards her room more often.
When he saw the light go on, he had looked on the off chance that one of the girls was going out running or maybe even Colleen, she was pretty good looking herself. Although, on a cold day like today, there wouldn’t be much chance of seeing anything. Even so, those tight lycra running pants would be nice to see. Of course, it probably was just Jack heading off to work.
He had spotted Brighid come out first and had been disappointed to see the bulky sweatshirt and long pants. She was pretty but not as good as her sisters. Still, those short skirts she wore to work showed off some great legs.
He was about to head upstairs when he made out some bare white skin. Then he saw her…Shannon was running too and she was totally naked except for socks and sneaks. This must be a dream, he thought, the most wonderful dream ever. He rubbed his eyes but the lovely vision did not go away. In fact, she was treating him to some of the most erotic views he had ever seen live. Even those girls at the strip joint he stopped at once in a while never did this for him. She was stretching her muscles and her could see her gaping pussy on display.
He could not control the feeling in his cock as he pulled down his boxers and began to jerk off not taking his eyes off of the view in front of him. Right now she was bent over, her bare ass facing him, giving him a view of her cute little slit and her bare asshole. That was enough as he shut his cum all over the wall under his window.
Just then, the two girls ran off. He continued to spurt and jerk watching them go. Finally they were out of sight and he breathed again, the orgasm more powerful than any he had experienced since early in his marriage. It was then that he noticed the mess he had made and went to wet some washcloths and wipe the wall and his cock clean. When it was tidy again, he sat in his easy chair with a full view of the window and waited for them to arrive home. Finally, almost 40 minutes later (during which he wanked constantly), they came back and again she stretched in some cool down exercises. Again, he spurted, this time into the warm washcloth and she disappeared into the house. Sitting there, he fell into a deep, blissful sleep, dreaming of the naked runner.


Of course, Brighid had planned the course for the morning jog. The main streets were no problem for her, being covered by the sweat suit. But for naked Shannon, the route was full of humiliation.
Shannon had been naked since early the day before, suffering a school punishment. She was to be naked like this every day for six weeks. If at that point she earned no additional punishments, she would be allowed clothes again like a regular girl.
When she got home, her father and stepmom had informed her that the nudity punishment would be in effect at home too. They had even cleared her room of its door, her clothes, her blankets and pillows. There wasn’t even a sheet on the bed to prevent her from “being tempted to cover herself.”
At least Brighid had convinced her dad to let her wear sneaks and socks during this run…her feet wouldn’t be in too much pain. Just her ego. She had been forced through a lot of humiliating experiences yesterday and today wasn’t starting too good.
First there was the stretching outside the house, at Brighid’s insistence. Then she had to run alongside her older sister as they went down their quiet secluded street and onto a main street. It was there that the first cars spotted her. Some honked…some swerved, taking their eyes off the road when seeing the naked girl. They had passed startled walkers going by, walking dogs or just out exercising. Some had been discreet when they saw her. Others were less so. One tripped over a raise in the sidewalk and fell onto his face.
For Shannon, the run had been just what Brighid had in mind…humiliating. Every pair of eyes that bore into her crushed her…she imagined what people were saying…”slut, tramp, whore, cunt.” They might think she enjoyed showing off…that she was out there naked by choice. She wanted to scream…”I DON’T LIKE THIS! I HAVE NO CHOICE!”
Finally, they made it back to the relative sanctuary of her house. Of course, she was not allowed to simply go inside. According to her sister, first she had to cool down, stretching again. This time it wasn’t quite as dark and she knew that some people on her street had to be awake. She was at least glad that she had not frozen to death…in fact, Brighid was right, she was sweating.
Finally, Brighid thought they were sufficiently cooled down and they were allowed inside. Just as she was about to enter the house, Brighid held her hand out and said, “Give me your shoes…you are not permitted to wear them in the house. I forgot to tell you.”
A small humiliation comparatively but a humiliation nonetheless for the naked girl. She knelt down and untied the sneaks and pulled them off with her socks and handed them to Brighid.
She felt her sweaty feet on the cold tile of the foyer and relaxed a bit when she hit the carpet. Funny that bare feet made her feel even more naked than with sneaks and socks on.
She smelled breakfast cooking and ran up the stairs to shower before eating. One good thing about being naked all the time was that she did not need to get undressed or find clothes to wear. She just went into the bathroom, turned the water on and hopped into the shower.
The warm water felt good on her muscles which had been aching from the run. She rubbed some shampoo on her hair and washed it, feeling alone and at peace for the first time in a day. At least here she was supposed to be naked.
She got out of the shower and dried off. She knew that she would have to fight her normal after-shower habit of wrapping the towel around her body while she did her hair, brushed her teeth and applied her makeup. Now she would have to do it all nude.
While she was drying her hair she felt the need to pee. She shut the hair dryer off and sat on the toilet. In seconds, the flow of pee was hitting the water. Just then, her brother Jimmy came into the room.
“Hey Jim, please leave for a minute. I’ll be done in a second ok?”
“Oh Shannon, don’t worry about me, I just want to brush my teeth.”
OH GOD…”please Jimmy, please have a little compassion for me…this is so humiliating…I’m your sister, can’t you let me pee in private.”
“Ah, Shannon, I don’t think you get it. You are not allowed any more privacy. Sorry.”
So she sat there and peed while her brother stood, inches away, supposedly brushing his teeth. She hung her head in defeat, buried it in her hands as more tears flowed out of her eyes.
For Jimmy, it was a dream come true. He had spent a lot of time last night on line, telling all of his friends about his good fortune. He had taped hours of footage of his nude sister and would soon be showing his friends. And now, he was able to totally humiliate her by standing next to her while she peed. This was a 12-year old’s wet dream!
She waited for him to finish, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of seeing her wipe…a small stupid victory for her but she was willing to take anything she cold get at this point. But her brother was willing to wait her out…moving on to combing his hair and then gurgling with some mouthwash. Shannon realized that the bus would be there soon so she began to degrading task of ripping off the toilet paper and wiping her slit free of pee. Jimmy’s eyes went right to that part of her as she suspected and he grinned.
He quickly left and she finished her hair and makeup. She knew she had to hurry but not having to dress saved her time. She grabbed her book bag and ran down to eat. Colleen had left a plate of toast and eggs for her and she gratefully ate it. Just then Brighid passed her. Shannon hated her, seeing her in her miniskirt that showed off just enough of her leg, wearing clothes that covered the parts that were supposed to be covered but showing off the parts that she wanted shown. She would give anything to wear clothes again.
“I would give you a ride to school but I am running late,” she said grinning. “Have a good day Shannon dear…don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”
Shannon seethed as she watched her older sister walk out of the house, her heels clanging on the tile floor. The she looked at the clock and saw that the bus would be there in five minutes. She had timed it to avoid a long wait at the stop in broad daylight but didn’t want to risk missing it. She grabbed her bag and ran out the door towards her second naked school day.


Shannon made her way out of the front door, on her way to school. She was like a normal school girl in every way, except she was completely naked and would be this way for six more weeks. Ever since yesterday’s assembly, where she had been forced to strip in front of the school as punishment for skipping school and then making a false sick call, she had been nude. Even at home, she was kept nude, an extension of her punishment.
She walked down the path…her bare feet being careful to avoid rocks and sharp edges. She thought how much she took for granted when she wore shoes…and prayed that the day would come again when she could slip her feet into those dreaded school shoes.
She didn’t want to run and get to the stop too early and have to wait but certainly did not want to miss the bus. That would mean either walking, a public bus or calling Dad or Colleen for a ride. Any of the solutions would make her late and earn her further humiliation and punishment.
She left the relative quiet of her side street and made it to the busy main street. She decided to run again, to avoid lingering glances at her. At least now she was moving. Again her naked dart caused commotion…cars honking and squealing, people gasping and laughing…rude and lewd comments made about her.
She finally made it to her corner and hid next to a newspaper stand. At least here only her tits were in sight and only from one direction.
“Well now, look at that set…” She turned and saw an older man, wrapped in a dirty blanket. She realized that he was a homeless man who had been making the alley behind the convenience store home for the last few weeks.
She closed her eyes and turned towards the wooden wall of the stand.
“Oh honey, don’t hide those beautiful things…come and let me see them…I just want to feel them a little, that’s all.”
She crossed her arms over her tits, praying that the man would leave her alone. But she soon felt his presence right behind her, his breath, which reeked of alcohol, on her bare back. His cold dirty hand touched her back and she squealed.
“Easy now George, leave the little girl alone…move along.”
They both wheeled and saw a police officer standing there, a friendly but firm look on his face.
“Oh come on officer, I just wanted to touch her…I mean she is standing here naked…she obviously wants it.”
“Just because she’s naked doesn’t give you any rights George…if you touch her again, I’ll run you in for indecent assault…that’s a hell of a lot worse than those public drunkenness charges.”
“OK, Christ, a guy can’t get any fun around this town,” he muttered, walking away from Shannon and back behind the alley.
“Tthh-ankk you officer.”
“My pleasure maam. You must be Shannon Malone. I was told to keep an eye out for you. Sorry about old George there…you have to admit, most people would think you wanted that kind of attention.”
“But, I hate all of this attention. You have to believe me.”
“Oh I know…Mr. Jones called the precinct to tell us that you would be naked and not to give you trouble. This town owes a lot to St. Mark’s and we would never let its students be hurt. We understand their rules and will help keep the peace. I’ll be here every morning to protect you and most afternoons. Don’t worry about being hurt. I can’t stop people from gawking or calling you names. That’s their right. But no one has the right to touch you.”
Just then Vince pulled up in the school bus. “Your chariot my naked friend…by the way, my name is Fred. Let me know if there is anything I can do.”
Fred held his hand out and helped her into the bus. She got on, sat in her assigned seat, spread her legs for Vince and the mirror and saw Officer Fred wave. He was cute, she thought…and he was her protector. She smiled, despite her embarrassing pose, and met the new day.
The first person on the bus was her new friend Leeza. She jumped into the seat next to Shannon and began to talk. She was glad at some friendliness, even if the girl was simply chattering on. Listening to her helped the ride go faster.
Of course everyone that got on “accidentially” bumped into the naked girl in the front seat on the aisle. Book bags, hands, arms hit her shoulders and tits while legs and shoes found her bare legs and feet. One brazen boy cupped her bare breast until Vince yelled at him to find a seat.
The ride was humiliating…she heard the students remarking at her naked pussy on display. Even the chattering of Leeza couldn’t block it out.
“So, what are you going to do about basketball?” Leeza asked.
“What? I’m sorry, I zoned out.”
“Basketball, how are you going to play naked?”
Shannon hadn’t thought of that. She was one of the team’s top players…had been hoping for a scholarship. A good year this season would bring the scouts next season. Now she would be forced to play barefoot and naked…if her coach let her play at all. And how could she perform in front of all of those fans and having to play against other girls, their bodies rubbing up against hers as she posted up or went for a rebound.
“I don’t know…maybe they’ll let me wear something.”
“Oh no, the rules are pretty clear Shannon. A student on naked punishment stays naked for all school activities. That includes basketball.”
Her new friend was right…Shannon vaguely remembered reading that in the rules she and her father had signed before the school year. Those new rules enacted by the Board of Trustees at the school. She had never thought it would effect her…had secretly waited for it to happen…especially to a hot boy. But she never dreamed she would be the first one tried under the new rule.
The bus was now full and she felt the eyes of almost everyone on the mirror that contained the image of her bare pussy. She wanted to shrivel up into a ball and disappear but instead she sat there, legs spread, tits and pussy on full view of all who cared.
Finally, the bus pulled up at school. She started to get up when she heard Vince say, “Shannon, you need to be the last one off.”
She sat back down, resigned to another grope fest. She was right too, most of the kids laid a hand of some body part on her naked body. One boy, the same one that had cupped her breasts, kissed her on the lips and ran his hand up her slit. She pushed him away but he just smiled, enjoying the revulsion on her face.
Finally the bus was empty and she was at least able to close her legs and get on her feet. She grabbed her bag and left the bus, entering the school building. She passed her clothed schoolmates, many of whom wondered if this show could last another day. They were pleasantly surprised that it had.
As she passed the principal’s office, Mrs. Phillips yelled out, “Miss Malone, Mr. Jones needs to see you.”
She groaned at the news…knowing that Mr. Jones would have something humiliating for her to do.


She entered the principal’s office, her bare feet sinking into his plush carpeting. Mr. Jones had been the one to impose this nude punishment on her, making her strip yesterday in front of the school and then creating new ways to humiliate her during classes. He had even reached into her home, convincing her father and stepmom to enforce the nudity clause at home and then removing everything out of her room that would provide some privacy.
“Miss Malone, I trust your had a good night’s sleep,” he asked.
“Yes sir,” she replied softly. Being a young and naked girl in front of a fully-clothes authority figure made her feel tiny.
“Good, every day you have to report here when you enter the building. If I am not here, you will kneel on the floor and wait for me. Do you understand?”
“Why so you can gawk at me every day,” Shannon thought. But she just said, “Yes Sir.”
“Good…you may go.”
Shannon turned and walked out of the plush office and onto the cold tile again. Mrs. Phillips handed her a note for being late to class and the young girl hurried to her locker.
What she saw when she got there floored her. The entire row of lockers had a huge poster of her nudity on it…her body from head to toe. It was taken while she slept in the training room. Her posture had her completely spread, her lips slightly gaping yet again, her arms at her sides so her bare tits were shown. The only thing was, laying like she was, they were barely bumps on her chest with nipples.
In big block letters across the top were the words: Naked Shannon’s Sexy Dreams.
She could hardly believe it…there she was again…at the brink of a breakdown…she didn’t think anything could floor her but this had. She cried again, making it to her locker and dropping off some books. Wasn’t there anybody here who cared about her? Was she going to made to suffer every day for six weeks?
Carrie, her best friend, ran to meet her at her locker. “Oh God, poor Shannon. This is awful…I wanted to warn you but somehow you slipped past me.”
“How could you miss me, I’m the only naked person here?”
Carrie laughed, thinking Shannon was joking. Then she saw the pain in Shannon’s eyes and got serious.
“Oh man, it must be so terrible. I feel so bad for you,” Carrie said, wrapping her arms around the girl. Shannon lingered in the hug, loving the warmth of her friend, knowing there were few friends like Carrie here anymore.
She thought of how popular she used to be…she had lots of friends and lots of people who admired and envied her. Now they all leered at her, made fun of her, groped her, humiliated her and teased her. She was lower than the lowest kid out there.
“Here, I brought you a treat,” Carrie said, handing Shannon a peanut butter brownie. “I thought you could use a pick me up.”
Shannon smiled at her friend’s kindness. Then she giggled and said…”if I eat this, there’ll be even more of me to be seen.”
Carrie enjoyed her friend’s joke, glad to see her mood lightening a bit. “Hey Shan, want to come over this weekend for a sleep over? I thought you could use some fun.”
“Sure,” Shannon said smiling. “I’ll ask my dad.”
The two friends walked off, one naked, the other in her uniform. How Shannon envied her friend’s clothes. She remembered how much she used to hate her uniform, dying to remove it as soon as the school day ended. If she had it now she would love it and never want to take it off.
Carrie could almost read her friend’s mind…well they had been friends since kindergarten. She felt her blouse and skirt and wished she could give it to Shannon. Carrie couldn’t even imagine being naked in front of the whole school but would do it for a while if it meant her friend could be covered.
Carrie didn’t have the body that Shannon did but she was growing into a beautiful woman. She was about 5’4, 100 pounds. Her breasts were bigger than Shannon’s (about a 34C) but she thought her legs were kind of dumpy. She didn’t turn the boys heads like her friend did but the two of them together were a sight.
Finally, they had to part, Shannon had to go to religion class and Carrie to French. They promised to meet again for lunch and hugged. Shannon felt better than she had in a long time, thanks to her best friend.
Nothing happened in religion class. Thankfully, Sister McCool was one of those nuns that didn’t agree with the punishment and didn’t care what Mr. Jones thought. She had pulled Shannon aside and told her so and told her not to worry in her class, which came as a relief to the naked girl.
The next class was again, Father Magee and biology. In the front of the room sat the dreaded gyno chair. She figured she should sit there but still made her way to a seat in the back of the room, hoping against hope that she cold stay there.
Father entered the room and looked at her with a grin. “Miss Malone, this is your seat for the next six weeks. Even when you are not a model, you will sit here. Understand?”
“Yes father,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. She got out of her seat again and made her way down the platformed steps onto the gyno chair. Again Carl was there to lock her ankles into the seat. This time, they raised the back so she was sitting straight up, her face and tits in clear sight of all of her classmates. Also they tied her arms at her side so she was unable to move one inch from anyone’s vision or touch. Carl especially enjoyed tying her upper body, his face inches from hers.
They had to wait until Charles arrived with the dreaded video camera and set up. He apologized profusely to Father Magee who warned him not to be late and holdup class again. Once everything was ready, Father Magee launched into a dissertation on the female breast and its part in the human reproduction process. He pointed out her milk ducts, etc. for the class.
“OK, class, if you would come up a row at a time, I will allow you all to feel a female breasts…even you girls should feel another girl’s breast in the way that I am showing.”
WHAT? Shannon thought. He was giving them permission to grope me. Father Magee laughed at her shocked expression…”There, there, put those eyes back in your head…this is a science lesson…not a sex party. They need me to show them where the milk ducts are.”
First Father Magee showed the class where to put their hands…she felt the awful mauling of her tits and screamed inside…STOP TOUCHING ME! LEAVE ME ALONE! but she stayed quiet, the only sign that she was protesting was her tears.
The class came up, one by one to grab her tits and basically grope her. Most of the kids tried to keep a straight face but some of the nastier boys couldn’t help themselves, taking both hands and just squeezing her tits, not even bothering to “feel her ducts.”
Finally the class had their feel and Charles spoke up…”Father, may I feel her ducts?”
“Sure Charles and Carl too…no reason why the two of you shouldn’t have the chance to gain some insight on this lesson.”
She groaned at the further touching and humiliation. But she was helpless to resist as first Charles groped her poor aching tits and then Carl, who had a lingering, harsh grope. Her tits hurt so much from the rough grabbing…she looked down and saw how red they were and knew that this was another humiliation she would have to carry.
Finally, the bell rang. Carl took his time untying her upper body, leaving her lower half still split in two. His jeans covered crotch rubbed her slit “accidentially” and she felt his hardness almost go inside. She shivered at the grossness of that action and prayed that Father Magee saw it. Of course when she looked up he was looking away.
Finally she was untied and her body screamed when she finally closed her legs for the first time in an hour. Again she heard Fr. Magee laugh and thank Carl for his “help” as they both left the room. Charles was still putting his stuff away, but this time he stopped and grabbed Shannon’s bag.
“Here Shannon, let me help you,” he said, slipping the bag on her shoulders.
She didn’t know if this was another excuse to touch her naked body or not but appreciated the kindness. “Thanks Charles…see you later ok?”
“Yeah, see you later,” Charles said, his eyes drinking in her nudity as she exited the room and went out into the hallway.


Shannon wandered through the halls towards gym class. She knew she was running late because there weren’t many kids in the halls. Surprisingly, most of those still out there ignored the naked girl for the most part. Oh they still looked and gawked but there were fewer comments.
She rushed through into the girls’ locker room. She put her bag in and closed it, missing the days when she could change out of her school uniform and into gym clothes. She ran down the room into the gym, hurrying to avoid being late.
She almost fell down when she saw what awaited her, another gyno table in front of the bleachers that had been pulled out. Her 40 classmates were sitting in the seats…apparently waiting for the guest of honor.
“Ah, Shannon, glad you could join us…a bit late there hon?” Miss Kelly said sarcastically.
“Pardon me please Miss Kelly but Father Magee has me modeling in class and doesn’t untie me until after the bell rings. By the time I get my stuff and get down here I’m late.”
Her gym teacher laughed. “I know sweetheart, it’s fine. I know Fr. Magee and his tricks. Don’t worry, I was just kidding.”
For a second, Shannon was relived. Miss Kelly’s punishments usually involved strenuous physical activity and, in her naked state, Shannon wanted none of that.
“Come on and sit up here Shannon,” Miss Kelly said, directing her to a chair that she was getting to know very well. She hopped up onto the chair but did not put her feet in the stirrups yet. Let her tell me that herself, Shannon thought.
“Class, today is hygiene day,” Miss Kelly said as the class groaned. “I know, it’s embarrassing for all of us but it’s part of the physical education requirement so we have to do it.”
“If you all remember correctly, last time, we learned how to properly apply deodorant to your armpits and we did it to each other to see.”
Shannon remembered…she had thought that was humiliating. Here they were, juniors in high school, most of them had been wearing deodorant for five or six years. Now, they were being taught how to do it and then had to “practice” on each other. Miss Kelly had them all strip to their bras (most had on sports bras but some had regular that day…poor Ginny Walsh had worn an undershirt and had to be topless for the practice).
“Today, we are going to learn about feminine protection…i.e the use of tampons, pads, etc.”
The girls groaned. Jeez, they thought, we’re juniors…most of us got our periods in elementary school.
Shannon remembered that day the she had gotten her first period. One night she felt something leaking out of her pussy and woke up to find blood all over her panties, pajamas and sheets. She screamed and her father came running in.
“Daddy, am I going to die,” she said, then just 12 years old.
“No sweetheart, it’s ok, you are just having a period…all women have them…come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”
He led her to the bathroom and explained that every month a woman has a period to clean out the egg that had not been fertilized that month…her period meant that she wasn’t pregnant. Her body was just getting rid of the egg and cleaning out her system, which was a good thing.
“So honey, there’s nothing to be ashamed about having your period,” he said, leaving her in the bathroom to clean up her bloodied vagina. He must have gone and woken up her older sister Megan who was a junior in high school then. She came in, gave Shannon a quick hug, and helped the young girl get some of the blood off. She then showed her how to use a tampon and a pad.
It had been a bit of a shock to her system to know that something got put inside of her private part. But Megan assured her that it was okay and the best way to sop up the blood and keep it from dripping onto her panties and pants. That sounded good to the young girl and she inserted the tampon for the first time in her life.
It certainly wasn’t the best night of her life but it was far from being awful, like some girls had told her about. She was about to find out that it would be awful today.
“Yes Kacy,” Miss Kelly said to the girl raising her hand.
“Uh, are we going to have to `practice’ on each other again?” the girl asked timidly.
“Oh no, not for something this intimate,” the girls, Shannon included, breathed a sigh of relief. “No, for this demonstration, you are all going to practice on Shannon.”
Everyone gasped. Shannon began to sob, closing her eyes to the humiliation.
One of the girls spoke up. “Uh, Miss Kelly, I think we all know how to insert a tampon…please don’t make Shannon go through this.”
All eyes went to the girl…Shannon saw Jenny, the girl that had run with her the day before.
“Well Jenny, I think it is very sweet that you want to support your friend. However, we are going to do this to a girl today…if it’s not Shannon, would you like to volunteer?”
The girl gulped. The class was shocked at Miss Kelly’s tone of voice. This was totally unlike her. She had always been cool to them but now this was just mean.
If they had looked carefully around, they would have noticed Mr. Jones standing on the raised track around the gym. He was watching Miss Kelly carefully after finding out about her letting Shannon sleep in the privacy of the training room. He had ordered the school photographer to find her for the poster that hung on the lockers and the boy was unable to find her. Finally they located her in the trainer’s room. That morning, just after Shannon had been in to see him, Mr. Jones had scolded the young gym teacher and forced her to be meaner and more demeaning to Shannon.
“No Miss Kelly,” Jenny said quietly. Shannon looked at the girl and mouthed the words “thank you.”
“Now Shannon, I know you know how this little chair works…put your ankles in each stirrup. Good girl…now do I need to tie them in or can you stay spread like a good little girl?”
“No maam, I’ll stay spread,” she said in a voice barely above a whisper. She was thankful to avoid the humiliation of being tied spread. Small victories, she thought to herself.
“Now class, this is a tampon,” Miss Kelly said, holding up the Tampax, still in the wrapper. “And this is the applicator,” she continued, holding up the plastic cylinder. She then showed the girls, using Shannon’s vagina, how to insert the tampon in the applicator and then into the vagina.
Shannon took a deep breath in as she felt the hard plastic enter past her lips and go into her canal. She never liked this part and she was going to have to do it 40 times! Finally she saw Miss Kelly push the applicator in and then felt the cottony tampon fill her vagina and pull the plastic out.
“You see how easy this can be ladies…the plastic applicator makes it a no brainer…and no, this is nothing like what sex feels like,” she added laughing. The girls giggled, except for Shannon who sat there mortified with tampon’s string hanging out of her pussy. She covered her head with her hands and tried to imagine she was anywhere but here.
“Now, now Shannon, eyes open hon, I wouldn’t want you to miss this valuable lesson.”
Somehow she got the strength to move her shaking hands away from her face and look out over her schoolmates. She was seeing them over her mound and saw all of their eyes on her stringed pussy.
“Ok girls, the next thing is removal of the tampon…we will practice that as well…as you can see, grab the string and gently pull it out.”
Shannon felt Miss Kelly’s fingers right at the bottom of her slit, near her asshole, where the string had settled. She saw Miss Kelly pull on the string and felt the cotton tampon pull past her lips and out of her pussy.
“See how swelled this got from Shannon’s vaginal juices,” Miss Kelly asked. “Imagine that filled with the blood of a tampon.”
The girls giggled at the sight of the wet tampon, knowing what was soaking in that cotton.
“Now girls, come up one at a time to insert the tampon…I will make sure that you are doing it correctly,” Miss Kelly said.
The girls all came up, pulled on surgical glove (“for sanitary reasons girls”) and took their turns, inserting the tampon into the applicator and then into Shannon’s spread pussy. Some seemed actually not to know how to insert the devise and needed some guidance from Miss Kelly. They all then removed the tampon and soon the can next to the gyno table was filled with 40 wet, balled up tampons.
There was also the unmistakable smell of female arousal in the room. The constant hands near her pussy and the constant intrusion of objects inside of her had worked the inevitable arousal. Miss Kelly had made note of this and showed the girls the difference between the tampon she had removed and the ones that were coming out at the end. Shannon was to crawl into a hole and hide forever.
Finally the last girl sat down and Shannon thought she was done.
“Now, Shannon, please insert the tampon into your own vagina,” Miss Kelly said.
UGG! Shannon thought. This was so humiliating. This act, one normally done in the privacy of her own room or bathroom or even a stall, was now to be done in front of 40 other girls.
What was her problem, she thought. Those 40 girls had just inserted tampons into her pussy…could this be any worse than that? Somehow, it felt worse to the naked teen.
She took the applicator handed to her by the young gym teacher and unwrapped the tampon. She pushed the cotton into the applicator and then slowly spread her pussy lips far enough to get the plastic in. Her pussy was red from all of the intrusion and this latest one caused her to wince. But one look at Miss Kelly dismissed any thoughts of stopping and she pushed the applicator in as far as she could. With one push of her forefinger, she pushed the tampon into her pussy and she was filled for the 41st time.
“Excellent, Shannon, now girls I hope you all saw how easy it is to insert a tampon into your own pussy. Most of you will not have to maintain this silly pose while doing it and it will seem more natural. OK Shannon, remove it please.”
Shannon grabbed at the string, unable to see it due to the position of her head. Slowly she withdrew the tampon, which had accumulated a lot of her sex juices. She noticed, as did Miss Kelly and the class, that the tampon was covered in a thick coating. She was so humiliated.
Miss Kelly made a face before taking the slimy tampon in her gloved hand and depositing it into the trash can next to the table. Again Shannon thought she was done but Miss Kelly produced a razor.
“Now girls, if you will all follow me into the shower, we will discuss the best techniques for shaving underarms, legs and pubic hair. Shannon, please close your legs, have you no modesty? You follow too please.”