Surprise Assembly

by katie



The last class of the day was English. She loved Miss Edwards, her favorite teacher. Her male classmates loved Miss Edwards as well. She was young, just a few years older than them…and she was blonde, built and beautiful. Many boys had hard ons for the entire class and she was the reason for many self-orgasms among the boys at St. Marks.
Shannon entered the room, naked of course, as she had been since that awful assembly and as she will be for SIX weeks because of her crime of skipping school and phoning in a fake sick call. She was in deep trouble.
As she sat down at her assigned desk, first row, third seat against the wall. She wished she could be two seats back in the corner but this was better than most seats. Miss Edwards entered and Shannon looked longingly at her stylish clothes. As always she looked great and sexy…a black skirt above the knee that showed off her legs pretty well but not trampy...a white silk blouse with a camisole underneath…nude pantyhose and black heels, about four inches maybe, she figured. She was the very picture of class and sex appeal.
Miss Edwards’ appearance made Shannon feel even more naked than she was. It was humiliating that this woman could be so dressed and so impressive while she had to suffer naked and embarrassed.
Miss Edwards turned to Shannon with a sympathetic smile and said, “Shannon, can I talk to you in the hallway for a second before class starts?”
Shannon nodded and got to her feet and walked out the door to meet Miss Edwards. The teacher grabbed her and gave her a big hug. The soft silk felt so nice against the naked girl’s bare chest she wished she could borrow it for just a minute and remember what it was like to have clothes again.
“I’m sorry, I just had to do that, I feel so bad for what is happening to you today,” Miss Edwards said. “I know it has to be this way, but you have always been such a good student and so well behaved I am sorry you have to be the first to suffer this punishment.”
Shannon, blushing, replied, “Thank you Miss Edwards, that means a lot.”
“And I think Mr. Jones is being especially hard on you. After all, it was your first offense.”
Miss Edwards stopped talking and looked at Shannon’s bare body. For some reason, this look was not humiliating to the girl…it wasn’t done in a lustful way, just admiring.
“You really are a beautiful girl and I like you a lot. That’s why what is going to happen in class today is so hard for me…but it probably will be harder for you.”
Shannon started to shake. No, please, not again, she thought. Why can’t she just have a class that wasn’t completely humiliating? Why can’t she just be a regular girl again, in her regular uniform? If only she could go back in time to yesterday and not skip school.
“Shannon, in case you haven’t noticed, all of your teachers have been especially mean and made you do things that were terrible and humiliating. What you do not know is that Mr. Jones has been behind them all. He wants to make sure that this experience is the most awful thing you have ever done in your life and that you pay for your crime. Also, he wants everyone else to see how bad it is to earn this punishment and wants to stop them from acting as you have.”
The realization hit her hard…she was going to be the model…they had to be especially rough on her to help show other students what could happen. Tears flowed anew from her eyes…funny how many tears are in a girl…she thought the reserve must be low by now!
“In class today, I have to give a humiliating assignment that pains me to do…but Mr. Jones has warned those of us that teach you that we may not be lenient…even if we want to.”
Shannon nodded, realizing now why things have been so awful. And she cried some more at the knowledge that she had six more weeks of this.
“But, please know that I am here to support you. If you ever need a place to come and talk…or hide from prying eyes, my classroom is open to you and so is my office. Come over and we can talk and I’ll give you a shoulder to lean on, Ok?”
The tears stopped but she still had trouble seeing. “Ok, thanks Miss Edwards.”
“Good girl, here,” she said, grabbing a tissue from her pocket. Ahh, pockets, Shannon thought…what a luxury! When she got her clothes back she will cherish small things like pockets and socks and panties!
Shannon dried her eyes with the tissue and she and Miss Edwards went inside.
“OK folks, sorry about the late start here. Get out your writing journals…we have a special assignment direct from the desk of our faithful principal Mr. Jones.”
The class pulled out their journals and waited patiently for Miss Edwards to write the assignment on the board as she always did. No one ever misbehaved in her class…the boys were too in love with her and the girls respected her look and the fact that she was so sweet and nice.
“Shannon, can you come up here and stand up on my desk please,” Miss Edwards said.
The class gasped. Shannon was thankful that Miss Edwards had warned her that this was coming. It didn’t make it easy but at least she wasn’t floored.
Shannon walked, her knees shaking again, her breasts heaving as she took deep breaths. She got to the desk and Miss Edwards offered her a hand to help her up onto the desk. She felt the smooth wood under her bare feet and felt completely on display, much like being on stage like she was at the assembly this morning.
“Now, class, you are to write down your thoughts of Shannon’s body and be as descriptive as you can. Then write a technical essay about her private parts, especially her vagina and breasts. You will have to whole class to work on it. Begin now.”
Shannon saw many of the students chuckle and begin writing. Miss Edwards didn’t feel comfortable sitting at her desk where her naked student was standing so she stayed at her podium. Shannon was very aware of the stares of her classmates and struggled to stand still and not cover any part of her. To do so would break a major rule during punishment and result in even more humiliation.
As she stood there, Shannon focused on the back wall, looking over the heads of her classmates. She could hardly believe what had happened to her today…she was a very modest girl…yes she sometimes wore short skirts but never revealed anything more than some leg. Even at the beach, her sisters had always teased her for her modest one-piece outfit.
At home, unlike her sisters, she never walked around in less than shorts and a tee. Her sisters sometimes wore their bras and panties, or just a tee. No way. And she always brought her clothes into the bathroom with her, changing right after her shower…no walking around in towels for her.
And now, here she was, naked as she can be, displaying her nude body in front of all of her schoolmates and teachers. Mr. Jones was right about one thing…she would never do this again and hoped that other kids got the message.
She lost track of the time, forgot that other students were there. She was lost in her thoughts…oblivious of the 30 sets of eyes drinking in her every curve, her every pore…her most private spots and her most public spots. She wondered if many were looking at her face or arms? Unlikely. Of course, they would focus on her breasts and her vagina…that’s what she would do if she was sitting out there. Those areas that are kept hidden. But why, she wondered? Who thought of that…that a woman must keep her breasts covered and that all people should cover their sex parts?
She knew what her body looked like, but wondered what they saw when they looked at her. To her, her breasts were too small…just a 32A. But, she thought her legs were great (many had told her so). They were long and thin, but shapely. As one boy told her, she had legs that went to her neck. She only wished that were so, it wouldn’t be so embarrassing.
Lately, she had spent a lot of time noticing her vagina and pubic hair…she had come to love her pubes. They had taken some time to grow in and they were still sparse but to her they were a sign of womanhood. She remembered the first time she had seen them, wanting to tell the world. Of course, the only one she told was Carrie.
She had noticed her vaginal lips a lot lately, especially today in bio class. They were plump…she didn’t know if they were plumper than other girls but they were a nice pink color and parted slightly. She thought it was cute and knew that boys loved to try and catch glimpses. Over the years, she had flirted with boys, letting them peek up her skirt while sitting in class. But she had always been smooth and allowed just teasing looks. She guessed she was paying for that now…no teasing looks here…not only could they see it, they were being encouraged to take long, hard looks and describe it.
“Attention faculty, staff and students, this is Mr. Jones, the principal…would Shannon Malone please report to my office immediately after classes today. Thank you and hope everyone has enjoyed this historic day for our school.”
Shannon cringed…she didn’t know what Mr. Jones had in mind, but she didn’t think it could be good. And that part about the historic day in school history…she would always be the first student to be forced to be naked.
As she stood there, she saw Eric Gorbo…his beady brown eyes staring right at her vagina, mentally raping her. She hated him and knew he would cause her trouble. He had already promised that much earlier in the day. She wondered if he was going to be the boy that finally took her virginity.
Then she looked out and saw that most of the class had stopped writing and were just staring at her body. She didn’t know whether to die from shame or be proud that her body could cause all of these eyes to stare. She knew that none of these boys had probably ever gotten this much of a view of a naked girl before…Christ, she thought, most gynecologists don’t get to see this much of a naked girl. She smiled at that little joke to herself.
“Enough gawking folks, more writing…this is English class, not impure thoughts 101,” Miss Edwards said, flashing Shannon a smile. Shannon smiled back. It was so nice to know that someone was on her side here.
RINNNGGG! The bell rang and the class closed their journals and packed up. Miss Edwards told the class to finish their entries for homework and be prepared to present their thoughts the next day. Shannon cringed yet again…she would have to listen to their perverted thoughts on her body during oral presentations. The humiliations never stop, she thought.
Miss Edwards reached her hand up and helped Shannon down. As she came off the desk, Shannon’s breasts grazed Miss Edwards’ silk blouse and Shannon felt a chill down her body. It was so nice, she thought…what is that?
Miss Edwards just looked and smiled, packed up her bag and left the classroom. Shannon snapped out of her pleasant thoughts and remembered that she needed to see Mr. Jones at the end of school. He probably just wants to gawk at me some more, she thought.
Then it hit her…she was going to have to get home tonight and deal with her parents! And her horny little brother…this is the worst day of her life!


Shannon ran down the mostly empty hallways to Mr. Jones’ office. Outside, Mrs. Phillips looked at her in disgust and told her to sit in the waiting area. She realized that the waiting area was totally glassed in and anyone walking by could see her.
She wanted to yell at Mrs. Phillips, “save your disgust for Mr. Jones. This wasn’t my idea. I don’t get off being naked in front of hundreds of people!” But of course she could not…she just sat there, her knees spread so that no part of her was covered, waiting for Mr. Jones to let her into his office.
She hated the man, ever since he began the assembly that morning that forced her nudity. One skipped day of school and one false sick call and now this. She was humiliated all day, groped and prodded. It was awful and she still had six weeks of this torture.
She saw many boys go past her, into the detention room located adjacent to Mr. Jones’ office. She knew that this little display was his idea of a joke, let all of the bad boys in the school see her in all her glory, add to her debasement. Well, she would show him. She sat there, chin up, breasts thrust out, knees spread as wide as she could go and showed that she was proud of her body.
“Miss Malone, Miss Malone,” Mrs. Phillips’ voice sprang her back to the present. “Sorry to interrupt whatever little perverted dream you were just having but Mr. Jones will see you now.”
Shannon flushed again. Mrs. Phillips knew…she had no privacy, not even her thoughts.
She entered Mr. Jones big wood paneled office. There was a large picture window overlooking the athletic fields.
“Shannon, I would ask you to take a seat but obviously wouldn’t want any of my nice leather seats ruined by your seepage.”
More red came out in her face at the comment. Why wasn’t there a limit to her embarrassment…that, if reached, would shut off all further embarrassment.
“I just wanted to give you some reminders. First, you are never to be on school grounds with clothes on…your punishment lasts until six weeks from now. At that time, Mrs. Phillips will call you down here and you will be allowed to dress, as long as you incur no other punishments. Understand?”
“Yes sir,” Shannon replied.
“Also, the rules state that students on enforced nudity punishment are not entitled to certain privileges. Therefore, I called your stepmother and she came and took your car back home with her. You are not entitled to park your car on school premises. Today, I suggest you make that last school bus home. It would be a long cold walk today, I assure you.”
This was the last straw. She had thought she would have some peace and quiet in her car. Even driving off campus nude wouldn’t be so bad. Now she realized she would have to take the bus completely naked and not dress until she got home. This was awful and she began to sob.
“Good, I can see our new punishments work well. Off you go and don’t forget to stop by the AV room…Charles has your video tape.”
She had forgotten all about the biology assignment. And the art assignment as well. And the English…all about her pussy! She cried as she walked out of Mr. Jones’ carpeted office and back onto the cold tile.
She raced to the AV room. There Charles was waiting with her videotape. She knew he watched her walk away, catching a great view of her ass but what did she care. This boy had already taped places that her gyn hadn’t seen.
Shannon ran to her locker and grabbed some books she needed for homework and then booked for the bus. It was her first time outside in the nude and the cold January air hit her hard. She felt the hard gravel from the street under her poor bare feet but ran on, not daring to miss the bus. It was just about to close the door when she yelled, “Wait, please!”
The door stopped shutting and opened again. She hopped up the step and onto the rubber flooring. “Thank you!” she said to the driver, who was eying up this new rider. “You are welcome maam, it is my pleasure!”
The driver was Vince, a 78-year old retiree, had been driving this route for 15 years, since he had stopped driving a city bus. The pay was awful but the bonus of seeing young girls and their bare legs was worth the energy. And at this Catholic school, most of the students weren’t discipline problems.
Now he had the privilege of driving home this naked girl. He had heard from some of the other drivers that the school’s first nude punishment was going on and each wondered who would be the driver. He would have to drop to his knees tonight and thank God that he was the lucky winner.
“Sorry miss, but the only seat open is that one,” Vince said, pointing at the front seat. It was completely open to his view and also to anyone their height who could look in through the front window.
Shannon thanked him and sat down. The bus had hooted and hollered as soon as she had stepped in. Many of her schoolmates were stunned that she was being forced to be nude at all, but especially out of school and out in the real world. They never thought the school would go through with it but were really happy it did.
Most of the bus’ riders were underclassmen…unable to drive themselves and not cool enough to know someone that could. Most of them Shannon did not know but they had become very intimately familiar with her.
“Hey Vince, why not share the wealth buddy,” one of the boys in the back shouted. Vince laughed and said, “You got it John,” and he turned the front mirror so that everyone on the bus could see Shannon’s bare, spread pussy from any seat on the bus.
Shannon began crying some more. She could not close her legs…that would result in a harsher punishment. She could do nothing but sit there and suffer.
Of course, her stop was last. Everybody that came by “mistakenly” bumped into the naked girl, some even groping her bare heaving tits.
Finally it was just her and another girl, Leeza, who came up and sat in the seat next to Shannon.
“Hey, do you remember me?” Leeza asked.
Shannon shook her head. “I’m Leeza, you gave me a campus tour last year and were the nicest person I had ever met,” Leeza said. “You are the reason I came to St. Mark’s.”
Leeza reached her hand out to shake Shannon’s hand. Shannon shook hands instinctively, knowing that it opened her up even more.
“I just wanted you to know that I think it sucks what is happening to you but you are holding up really well,” Leeza said. “I could have never gotten onto to this bus and done what you have done. And to sit with your knees spread and your pussy on display. I would have died.”
If this girl only knew how she felt inside…that she wanted to crawl into a ball and never leave her house again.
“Thanks Leeza, it’s nice to see you again.”
“Just so you know, there is a freshman here on your side. Most of the girls I know are so impressed with you. You have such a nice body and the boys are going nuts. I think a lot were hiding out in the bathroom jerking off to your image.”
That was the second time that a girl had told her that today. What was it about these girls…Shannon didn’t think it was that much of a compliment but these girls were impressed by it.
“Oh, here’s my stop…see you in the morning I guess. Save me a seat and I’ll sit with you if you want some company. Since you’re the first one on and all.”
“Ok, Leeza, that would be nice. Thanks!
Leeza got off, leaving Shannon alone on the bus with Vince.
“Excuse me Vince, sir, would you mind if I changed seats and closed my legs a bit. There’s no one else here.”
Vince didn’t want her to and could have been a hard ass but he had certainly seen a lot of this young girl’s pussy.
“OK, on one condition…you have to sit here every day. If you do not agree, I will call Mr. Jones and tell him that you were covering yourself and that will earn you some punishment right?”
“Yes Sir,” she said, more tears flowing. She would not even be allowed kindness on the bus from this old man.
She closed her legs for the first time in a half hour and felt like she was hidden from view. She hopped back into the second seat and put her bare back against the window and stretched her legs out. This brief respite gave her some time to prepare for the arrival home. Well, her stepmom knew…she wondered if her dad did as well.
She felt the bus stop and heard Vince say, “alright Miss, here’s your stop.” She looked out and saw that she was still three blocks from home on a very crowded intersection.
“No, please Sir, please drop me at my house…Mr. Jones said I would be taken home.”
“And I have taken you to your stop, last one on the route. Sorry, but rules are rules.”
She grabbed her bag and made her way to the door which had slid open. She was two steps away from having to make her way onto a crowded street, completely naked.
“Look Miss, if you do not get off this bus, I will have to take you back to school and Mr. Jones.”
That got her out and she heard Vince laughing as the door closed. She ran on the hard cement across the street. Horns blared. “Hey, look at that naked chick,” someone yelled. She ran on, her feet slapping the hard sidewalk…her breasts jiggling as she ran.
She made it to her street and turned off the main highway and went behind a bush and took some deep breaths. That was awful…she thought…so many eyes, even worse than school. At least there, most of the people knew it was against her will. Here, no one knew…for all they knew she was enjoying it, out to get a thrill.
She knew she couldn’t stay behind Mrs. McGeehan’s shrubs all day. She peeked to see if anyone else was out there and started down the sidewalk towards her house. She barely noticed the cold, being all worked up from her mad dash off the main street. Suddenly, it hit her…she would have to wait out on that corner tomorrow morning for the bus! UGGH!
She finally got to her house and walked up the path. She climbed the steps to the house as she had so many times in her life and stopped. Oh God, she had never been naked on these steps…and who knows what awaited her.


Shannon grabbed her keys out of her backpack and unlocked the door. She pushed but the chain lock was on and would not budge. DAMN! This would be a pain at any time, but for the naked girl, it was awful…she was cold, she was exposed and she just wanted to be in her room curled up in bed and cry.
She had been naked at school all day, punished for skipping school yesterday and calling in a fake sick call. Shannon became the first student punished under the new school code that permitted complete nudity for certain serious infractions. Skipping school and calling in a lie were certainly serious and earned her six weeks of total nudity.
She had survived her first nude day but had suffered humiliation after humiliation. Each class and teacher had a new insult for her to suffer…serving as a nude model in art and bio, walking to the board and doing a problem in math, nude dodge ball, running laps barefoot, creating a web site of her naked pictures in computer class and then serving as “inspiration” for journal entries in her English class. She knew she had provided inspiration for other things for most of the boys in her school.
Now here she was, naked on her front porch, locked out. It was her jerky brother Jimmy. She banged on the door, knowing that the 12-year old would have beaten her home, especially since she had been forced to take the school bus home. Mr. Jones, the principal, had taken away her privilege of driving to school meaning that the bus was her only alternative. On it, Vince the driver had forced her to sit in the front row, the mirror focused on her naked pussy. Then she had to run home through busy traffic.
“Jimmy, you little brat, let me in,” she yelled, then realized that she should draw less attention to her naked form. “Jimmy,” she said in a loud whisper, “please!”
She saw her snotty little brother’s face looking through the door at his older sister. They had always argued like cats and dogs…to her, he was the annoying younger brother…to him, she was the perfect big sister who got away with everything. He was so glad she finally was getting what she deserved.
“Oh poor Shannon, I would love to let you in, trust me I would,” Jimmy said laughing. “But Colleen told me to lock all of the doors and leave you out on the porch until she got home. She went to get Brighid at work and should be back soon.”
OH God, she thought. Brighid was her older sister and would hound her the rest of her life. She knew that her family would know about this but to be seen stuck on the porch naked on the first day was bad.
Shannon was the third oldest of four kids. Brighid was 24 and working. Megan was 20 and in college. Then Shannon and finally Jimmy, the bratty baby of the family. He was in seventh grade at the local Catholic parish school, the one where Shannon and her sisters went.
“Well, Jimmy, can I at least have a blanket, it’s freezing out here,” Shannon said in as nice a voice as she had ever used with him.
“Jeez Shan, you know that I would really love to, but I have been told not to let you cover up at all…Colleen and Brighid will fill you in and of course Dad will have his say later,” Jimmy said.
She crossed her arms over her aching tits…her nipples stood straight out in the cold air and goosebumps were forming on her breasts. She sat down on the wooden ground of the porch to get out of the line of vision from the street and Jimmy and to cry. She sat there, her back against the house, her knees up against her chest and her head resting on her bare knees and cried again.
She was starting to shiver when she heard a car approach and enter the driveway. She prayed that it was her stepmom Colleen and her sister and for once her prayers were answered.
“Oh good, you’re home,” Colleen called. “Come here and help me with the groceries.”
No, please no, Shannon thought. But she did it by instinct, leaving the relative safety of her porch and went down the stairs to help carry the groceries. At least now something will be covering me. She saw, with annoyance, that it was the plastic kind that you can hold at your side rather than the paper ones that you have to hold to you.
She saw the huge grin on Brighid’s face and knew that she would never live this down. Colleen didn’t even seem to notice her nudity, handing her two bags to carry. She took one in each hand and walked with the heavy bags back up the stairs, her whole front and back on display…and she knew Jimmy would be watching.
Colleen went to the door and told Jimmy to unlatch the chain. He did it and Shannon finally was able to enjoy the warmth of her house.
“Shannon, bring the groceries into the kitchen and then go back out and get the last two bags,” Colleen said.
“Colleen, please, couldn’t Jimmy go or Brighid?”
“No Shannon, I would like you to do it. And then you are to help me put them away. No more lip from you…don’t you think you are in enough trouble?”
Shannon knew she wasn’t getting out of this and realized that Colleen was right. She put the bags down on the table and went back outside. She realized there were still six bags left and knew it would mean at least three more trips. The first one was uneventful as she made her way down the concrete driveway and up the steps. The second trip wasn’t as smooth. First, the plastic bag ripped and some oranges rolled down the drive to the street. She ran down to track it and was met face to face with Darryl, the paper boy, who was delivering the afternoon paper on his bike.
“Holy shit,” said Darryl, a 14-year old black boy with an athletic build. Shannon had noticed this boy before and wondered how much longer she should wait until asking him out…he was that cute.
“Oh God,” Shannon said, realizing that he first saw her as she had bent over to retrieve the oranges. “Please go away Darryl, this is so embarrassing.”
“Why are you naked?” Darryl was a freshman at a private boys school where Shannon and her sisters had always gone to mixers. “What the hell are you doing?”
“Oh God Darryl, I don’t want you to see me like this, please go away.”
“Are you kidding, go away after seeing a hot girl like you naked and waiting…no way. I’ll just stay here and watch you work.”
Oh Christ, what the hell did she ever see in him. She had no choice but to continue picking up the oranges that had rolled out into the street. Luckily for her no cars came by. She gathered the oranges and held them to her, covering her tits as best she could. Her pussy and ass were on display but she couldn’t figure out a way to stop that.
She carried the oranges back to the driveway and stuffed them into the other bag. As she bent over the trunk, she knew the sight that she was presenting to Darryl. He could probably see right up her gaping cunt and asshole. Oh God, would this ever end? And for six more weeks.
She carried the bags up to the house and then came back for the last one. She noticed that Darryl had been joined by two other boys from the neighborhood, slightly younger kids. She closed her eyes and stood tall, not wanting these little boys to know they were bothering her. She picked up the bag and slammed the trunk shut. As she walked to the steps she wasn’t watching where she was going and missed the bottom one, falling to the ground, splaying her feet in both directions. The boys hooted and laughed…nice split Shannon, one yelled. Her face was even more crimson as she bolted up the steps and into the relative safety of the house.
She felt Jimmy’s eyes on her every move as she put the groceries away. The most humiliating parts were reaching up to put things on the top shelves and the ice cold of the freezer as she put the frozen food away. This made her nipples, already rock hard (would they stay like that permanently?), stand up and ache even more.
Finally the food was away and the kitchen was neat. She went into the living room to tell Colleen.
“Excellent, now go and stand in the corner, feet spread and facing the room until your dad gets home and we can deal with your day.”
“Please Colleen, may I wait in my room? Please may I have some privacy?”
“Ah, those answers will come when your father gets home, trust me. For now, you are to wait as I commanded.”
That was it, there would be no mercy. She went over to the corner of the living room and stood, her feet spread wide so that her pussy lips would be spread and on display. She was humiliated yet again, naked and exposed in her own house, the place she had always felt so comfortable.
She watched as Colleen and Brighid sat together on the couch, talking about their days and catching up. She was jealous of their easy manner and especially of their clothes. Colleen was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt and she looked so warm and comfy and covered. Brighid had yet to change after work and was wearing a skirt that ended just above her knees, a blouse, and stockings. She looked so stylish and sexy and COVERED!
Of course, as she stood there watching the scene, Jimmy made frequent appearances, asking Colleen to check his homework, to help him with this thing or that. Of course, he always chose the seat that gave him the best view of her humiliated nudity.
One of the worst parts of her wait was when Harry, her beloved Basset Hound, came up to her and sniffed. She tried to shoo him away but knew she was not allowed to move. Harry pushed his snout right into her vagina and licked. “OH GOD, Harry nooo!” she moaned as the dog’s tongue slid between her open lips.
Colleen and Brighid turned and saw the scene. Both laughed and Colleen told Harry to get away from Shannon. “Well, I guess Harry’s not used to having something that exposed is he?” Brighid asked, smiling. “Being naked opens you up to a lot of humiliation, doesn’t it Shannon?”
Shannon just groaned at the humiliation. It just kept piling on her and she was unsure if she could handle it all.
She continued to stand there, her legs aching in the awkward pose. The daylight was gone and the only lights in the room came from the lamps around the room. Jimmy had sat down and watched television, using the phone to tell all of his friends exactly what he was seeing as he sat there.
“Mike, you wouldn’t believe it,” she heard him say. “Yeah, Shannon’s completely naked in the living room…no man, she’s not allowed to cover herself…our stepmom is making her stand naked in the corner of the living room. I’m not kidding…something about a school punishment. Oh man, I can see every part of her…her pussy is awesome…I have never seen one like this…yeah, I used to sneak peeks of her and my sisters but never saw it for this long and this close up. Yeah, she can’t do anything…she has to stand there…one time, Harry licked her pussy (laughing like crazy)…she wasn’t allowed to move. I think she came while standing there…Colleen had to push Harry away…I wonder if his tongue was stuck to her, I heard that can happen.”
Shannon had to stand there and hear his vulgar description of her private parts.
“Well, her pussy has two big puffy lips…hold on, let me get closer.”
Jimmy brought the cordless phone and sat right next to Shannon. She glared at him with a killer look that normally got to him. Today he laughed. I guess my being naked takes some of the punch of that away, Shannon thought.
“They’re not red…more like pink…I don’t know, Colleen told me I can’t touch but I can look all I want. Hey, I have an idea…COLLEEN!!”
“What Jimmy?”
“Can I ask Shannon to do things for me?”
“Sure hon, as long as she doesn’t leave her corner.”
Shannon shook her head, “no, no, no, not for this twerp. Please let this end.” But there was no mercy.
“Yes, ok, Mike, let me find out…Shannon, touch your pussy lips and tell me what it feels like. Is it soft?”
Shannon reached her right hand down and felt her lips.
“Yes your little pervert, they’re soft.”
“No, sorry, that’s not enough…and call me Sir. I think I deserve some respect from the naked girl.”
“I will not call you sir you asshole.”
“Shannon, you are already in enough trouble…stop causing problems for your brother and do as he asks.”
I’m causing problems? Shannon thought. This little prick is asking her to touch her pussy and describe what it feels like and she’s causing problems.
“Sir, my pussy lips are very soft,” she said through gritted teeth.
“Hey Mike, she says they are very soft. What else…oh yeah…Shannon, keep your hand there and use your other hand to tell me how your tits feel.”
“UGGH,” she thought but with her right hand still touching her pussy lips, she massaged her left tit with her left hand.
“It’s firm Sir, and very soft as well,” she moaned, the touch and the situation turning her on.
“I think she likes this…holy shit,” Jimmy said. “Good one Mike…Shannon, reach inside of your pussy lips and tell me how hot you are inside.”
“NO, please Jimmy, don’t make me do this…please I’m your sister.”
“Do I have to tell Colleen again?”
She took a deep breath and reached her right hand inside of her pussy lips, feeling her hot juices leaking down.
“Sir, I am very hot inside, my juices are very hot.”
Just then they heard a car pull into the driveway. Jimmy knew it was their father and told Mike he had to go. Shannon went to pull her hands away but Jimmy said, “Who told you to move?” She glared at him but he laughed again.
She heard the door open and Jimmy said, “Okay, take your hands away.”
She just managed to return her hands to her side when she saw her father enter the room. He looked startled to see her there nude but quickly recovered.
“Miss, I am extremely angry at you for what you did and the situation you have created. You will be dealt with severely.”
She bowed her head. Shannon loved her father so much and always did whatever she could to please him. She had been six when her mom had died and had formed a very close relationship with her father…had always been teased as being Daddy’s favorite. Now he was seeing her in all her naked glory, leaking from the encounter with Jimmy.
“Come into the kitchen and sit for dinner. Then we will discuss your punishment.”
She entered the kitchen where Colleen and Brighid had been preparing dinner. She noticed that Brighid had changed into sweats. How she envied her big sister…to be able to change clothes was such a luxury.
They sat down in their regular spots but nothing was regular now. Shannon was very aware of her tits on display all through dinner. Luckily, she sat across from Jimmy and not next to him. Although he dropped his napkin a few times to get a better look at her bare pussy.
They ate in mostly uncomfortable silence. Her father rarely got angry but when he did the rest of the family knew to lay low. There was some small talk…that Brighid had talked to Megan today and that she was doing well in college…that Jimmy had basketball practice tomorrow night and would need a ride. Nothing had yet come up about Shannon’s punishment and condition but it was right there, just below the surface.
Except for her tits that is…they were the most obvious things that showed that something was less than right here. She also realized that she was sitting with her bare back to the window and that anyone looking in would see her. She wanted to change seats but realized that every seat had a view from the window. What had been her favorite part of the room, all of the windows, was now the source of her humiliation.
They finished their meal and Colleen announced it was time for dessert.
“Shannon, can you please go to the freezer and get the ice cream and take everyone’s order. Then dish it out and serve it to everyone.”
She pleaded with a look at Colleen but one look at her father settled it. She hopped out of her seat and went over to the freezer. She knew this would be embarrassing but she felt she could do it after all she had been through.
She reached into the cold freezer and felt her nipples push even harder out of her skin. They ached so much she was dying to dive under the covers and get warm. She pulled out some vanilla and chocolate and also some peach, her daddy’s favorite. Might as well try and brownnose a little, she thought.
“Daddy, would you like some peach ice cream?”
“Yes Shannon, two scoops please.”
Shannon grabbed the scooper and dished out two scoops of the peach ice cream and brought it to her father. To deliver it, she had to lean over Jimmy who gawked at her breasts and extended nipples.
“Colleen, what kind of ice cream would you like?”
“Two scoops of chocolate please Shannon, thank you.”
Shannon scooped out two scoops of the brown ice cream and put it in a bowl.
“Oh and Shannon, some whipped cream please.”
Shannon groaned but went to the frig and grabbed the Reddi-Whip and sprayed it onto the ice cream, getting some on her belly. She delivered it to Colleen and again had to lean over Jimmy. He saw the whipped cream and laughed at her. She ignored him and asked Brighid what she wanted.
“Actually, I’ll just have some fruit salad. Could you get some for me?”
Shannon glared at her older sister. “you should understand how awful this is,” she thought. “You should cut me some slack!” instead she just turned and reached into the frig, grabbing the fruit salad from the bottom shelf, giving everyone who could see (and she was sure everyone was watching) a view right up her pussy.
She took the big Tupperware out and spooned out a bowl full of fruit salad for Brighid. She delivered it and then asked Jimmy what he wanted.
“Chocolate and vanilla, two scoops of each.”
She went back to the counter and dished out the ice cream. As she came to deliver it, his hand “mistakenly” hit the bottom of the bowl and it fell onto her bare breasts. She screamed at the extreme cold on her soft breasts.
“Jimmy, you have made a mess and should be more careful. Please clean up your mess.”
Oh no…”That’s ok,” Shannon said to Colleen, “It was just an accident…I’ll take care of it.”
“Absolutely not Shannon, Jimmy has been clumsy and needs to learn a lesson. Jimmy, grab some washcloths, wet them and clean your sister off.”
She stood there while Jimmy rushed to the drawer where the washcloths were kept and wet them. Shannon noticed that he used cold water and she groaned inside again.
Jimmy came over and began to maul her poor breasts with his ice cold towels. “AHHH!!! TOO COLDDD!!” The family laughed at her agony as Jimmy finished wiping her breasts clean of the ice cream. Finally her breasts were free and no longer sticky. Her nipples threatened to burst from the cold water and exposure to the night air, even in the house.
“Good boy Jimmy, try not to be so clumsy next time.”
“Yes maam,” he told Colleen, a glint in his eye.
“Now Shannon, please dish out some more ice cream for Jimmy.”
She glared at Colleen who returned the look. Shannon knew she had no choice and went back to the counter and dished out more ice cream for her bratty brother. This time the dish made it to the table and she went to get herself some.
“Where are you going Miss,” her father asked.
“To get myself some ice cream Sir,” she replied quietly.
“I don’t think so, dessert is a privilege that has to be earned…you have not earned it tonight. Come and sit down please.”
She went back to her seat and had to suffer watching her family eat their ice cream. “Shannon, can you pour us some coffee. Get some milk for Jimmy as well. And feel free to pour yourself some hot tea.”
She went to the kettle, glad to be doing something and not watch them all eat ice cream. She filled the kettle and poured instant coffee into three cups. She also put a tea bag in a mug for herself and poured some milk for Jimmy.
She wasn’t even listening to the conversation her family was having, she was lost in the blissful quiet of the other side of the kitchen, finally not the center of attention.
The kettle whistled and she poured the hot water into the four mugs. Some of the scalding water sprayed against her and she winced but kept the pour clean. She carried the cups of coffee to Dad and Colleen first, paying special attention to Jimmy and his hands. She then went and delivered Brighid’s coffee before grabbing her tea mug and Jimmy’s milk. She sat down and pushed Jimmy’s milk towards him.
The conversation between Dad and Brighid finished. Shannon was glad to see that Daddy’s mood had lightened a bit.
“Now, Shannon, it is time to deal with what you have been doing,” he said.
“Daddy, I am really sorry for skipping school and lying about it. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”
“Shannon, do you realize what could have happened to a young girl out there downtown by herself…Christ, you are 16 years old for crying out loud…you are too young to be out there alone…you could have been raped or robbed or worse…murdered. Do you get that? And nobody knew where you were!”
Shannon started to sob. Her daddy had never been this angry with her. And, worse, she knew that every word he said was absolutely correct.
“Dammit, I don’t want you buck naked and walking around this house but God Dammit, I don’t know what else to do.”
“Please Daddy, no, let me wear clothes at home. Please, I’ve learned my lesson. Being naked at school is so horrible…it’s the worst thing I’ve ever done…please let me have clothes.”
The kitchen was quiet except for Shannon’s sobbing. Even Jimmy was moved by the force of Shannon’s talk. They all couldn’t imagine being forced through what Shannon was going through.
The silence continued. Shannon’s father just sat there, looking his daughter directly in the eye. Shannon’s teary eyes met his and they locked.
“No, Shannon, I am going to continue your nude punishment here at home…at least for the beginning.”
NOOO! Shannon’s sobs got louder and turned into wails.
“Jack, come on honey, can’t we have some compassion for her,” Colleen asked.
“Col, don’t you see how much she hates this. What better punishment than this?”
They all agreed that this girl did truly hate being naked.
“However, I am not going to have the punishment last for six weeks. Shannon, you can earn some clothing as the weeks go on. Go a week without an infraction of any kind and you can wear socks. Two weeks, shoes. Three, panties. Four, a bra. Five a shirt and then the sixth week you can wear shorts.”
Colleen smiled at him. She knew he loved legs and she realized that he had made sure that Shannon’s legs would be bare the whole time.
Shannon wasn’t sure what this meant. Socks and shoes were ok but she couldn’t wait until the third week and some blessed covering. Even the flimsiest panties would feel like a complete body wrap after three weeks of nudity.
While the news wasn’t all terrible, it still was not good. She was still going to be naked for two weeks until those panties.
“You may go to your room and do your homework. You will see that Colleen and Brighid have made some adjustments to your accommodations.”
She got up and started to leave. Something made her turn around and run to her father. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a huge hug, tears flowing out of her eyes.
“I am so sorry Daddy,” she said, conscious of her naked body against the rough fabric of his clothes. “I promise to do better and be a good girl.”
Jack could hardly contain his emotions. He had always loved Shannon, felt bad that she had to suffer through this humiliation. But inside, he knew that she would grow from the experience.
But, he also was keenly aware of the rising bulge in his pants. Having a naked teenager, even his own daughter, in his lap was a lot for a man to take.
“There, there honey, it’s ok,” he said, patting her bare back. “Apology accepted. Let’s move on from this and learn a lesson ok?”
She pulled away and nodded, pushing her long hair out of her tear streaked face.
She got off her Daddy’s lap and walked across the tile floor and up into her room.

Part 9

Shannon made it up the steps, still naked. Her father had just passed the punishment down…she would remain naked at home for at least two weeks. After that, it would be panties one week, then a bra would be added and so on until after six weeks should be allowed to be fully clothed. That day couldn’t come soon enough for the 16 year old.
Her forced nudity came as a result of a school punishment. St. Mark’s, where Shannon was a junior, had passed a rule that allowed for humiliating punishments such as forced nudity for certain infractions. She had earned six weeks of complete nudity after skipping school and calling in a false sick call to the school.
Her father had handled her a bit lighter. She was still to be naked to and from school and in school for the entire six weeks. However at home and at family events, she would be allowed to gradually earn a piece of clothing each week. She would be the perfect daughter, she thought…she so badly wanted to earn the right to wear clothes again.
She was grateful that her father was giving her some time alone. She couldn’t wait to climb into bed and cover herself with her quilt and hide away from all eyes for just a few minutes. She remembered that she still had some humiliating homework…draw her pussy and tits for art class…watch the video of Fr.’s biology presentation on her body during which she was forced to masturbate almost to orgasm…the English homework where she had to look at her naked body in a mirror and write a descriptive essay on it and a technical report.
She got to her room and saw immediately the difference. Her door was gone, her quilt was gone…there were no clothes in her closet or drawers…there were no sheets on her bed and no pillow. Her room was cleared of pretty much anything that could cover her nudity.
Shannon dropped to her knees….this was the final straw of her bad day. She wasn’t even allowed the sanctuary of her own room. She sobbed, looking like a tortured girl that she was…her head bowed, her hair covering her face, her back heaving with sobs.
Downstairs, the family heard her scream and then the thud of her hitting the floor followed by her sobs. Her dad and stepmom exchanged worried glances at each other…had they gone too far?
Jimmy and Brighid had secret smiles…but for different reasons. Jimmy was just a horny 12 year old who was glad to see a naked girl…especially one as hot as Shannon, even if she was his sister. Brighid had always had a thing about humiliation, especially another girl’s. Plus, she was always jealous of the relationship that Shannon had with their father…her and Megan had often talked about Shannon being the favorite…it was nice to see her get hers.
“Colleen, we have to be strong,” her father said. “Mr. Jones suggested this for a reason. He’s an educator and knows what is best for raising a child.”
Colleen nodded but Brighid just smiled. She knew what a pervert Mr. Jones is, had caught him looking up her skirt once during cheerleading. She also thought she saw him sneaking out of the girls’ locker room one day after school, a pair of panties in his hand. Yeah, he was a perv but it was going to benefit her this time.
Plus, what real harm would this do?
“I’ll go talk to her,” Colleen said, leaving the table and heading up the stairs.
She got to Shannon’s room and her heart broke for the poor naked girl. She saw Shannon’s bare back shaking from the sobs, her bare ass resting on the soles of her feet, her head bowed. She really was a thing of beauty, Colleen thought.
Colleen entered the room and knelt in front of the sobbing flesh. “Oh Shannon, I’m so sorry,” Colleen said, embracing her beautiful stepdaughter.
Shannon felt the soft sweatshirt of her stepmother and cried some more, enveloping her arms around Colleen. Although she was not her mother, Colleen had been around for years and she and Shannon had grown quite close. Not quite mother and daughter…more like big sister/little sister. Shannon needed the love of someone, anyone and was glad for the compassion.
“It’s so awful Colleen,” she said between sobs. “To be constantly on display, to know that everyone can see everything…and now this, I have no privacy. I hate it!”
Colleen rubbed the bare back to console the girl.
“I know sweetheart, and your father and I debated whether to do this or not, but Mr. Jones said it was the best thing for us to do,” she said.
Hearing her principal’s name made Shannon sit straight up. Oh God, I’m not even safe from that man at home. The sobs came even harder and louder.
Finally she calmed down. Colleen told her that she could come to her room at any time she wanted now. If there hadn’t made the alterations in her room, she would have had to be monitored. Now she could be in there alone. Colleen’s words made her feel a little better. Her stepmom helped her up onto her feet and Colleen made her way to her desk. There was her bookbag and her homework. Oh God, she had forgotten about her humiliating homework. She had to watch those videos of herself and do those assignments. And she knew her bratty, horny little brother would be right there with her.
She grabbed the humiliating videotapes and went downstairs. There her brother and father were watching a basketball game.
“Excuse me, Daddy, I have to watch a videotape for homework…do you think I could do it now?”
“Sure honey, your homework is more important than a basketball game,” her father said. “Pop it in and I’d like to watch it myself.”
No, no, no, tell him why he shouldn’t watch it. Be honest, she thought.
“Ah, Daddy, I don’t think you’ll want to watch it,” Shannon said. “Umm, it’s just boring science stuff.”
“Nonsense, I love science, pop it in and maybe Jimmy here will learn something!”
OH GOD, oh God.
With shaking legs, Shannon walked over to the VCR and popped the tape in. She sat down crosslegged on the floor with her notebook on her lap, her back to the couch where her dad and Jimmy were sitting. Jimmy got up and moved to a chair off to her side so he could see her better. She shot him a dirty look but he just smiled at her and returned his gaze to her bare tits. “I hate him,” she thought. At least sitting cross legged he couldn’t see much of her bare pussy.
What was she thinking, she wondered, Jimmy and her dad were about to see much more than a glimpse of pussy…they were about to see her intimately and then finish with masturbation. She cringed at the thought of her daddy seeing this display.
The screen was black now but soon it was filled with her naked body, completely spread open. She heard her father gasp and her brother laugh…this was so humiliating. The way the video was shot, the cuffs on her ankles were barely visible and she looked to be keeping this humiliating pose all by herself.
She tried to ignore the heavy breathing of her dad and the stunned eyes of her brother as she listened to her teacher’s explanations about her sexual organs. She was pleasantly surprised to learn that most of the lesson had not been about humiliating her. In fact, Father Magee’s lesson was very informative and she learned a lot about herself. Having a naked model was a huge help in explaining the sexual organs of a woman, better than any book. She just wished it wasn’t her sex organs being discussed.
She didn’t even realize it but the 45 minutes of the class went quickly. They were at the point of her ultimate humiliation…her masturbation. She thought that she would hear Father Magee’s commands but realized that the first sign it was coming was her hand reaching down and playing with her pussy.
Oh Christ, she thought, they are making it look like she couldn’t help herself. She saw her fingers moving with reckless abandon and knew that Father was egging her on. But on the tape, the audio had been cleared of every voice but her own. Her moans and then her begging.
She watched the tape, which was playing…:
“Father,” she whispered.
“Yes Miss Malone…”
“Father, I have to stop…I am close Sir.”
“Close to what Miss Malone.”
“Oh God, close to cumming Sir…Please let me stop.”
“No Miss Malone…sluts call it cumming…good Catholic girls like you might say they are near orgasm…is that what you are?”
“OH! YES Father, I am near orgasm Sir.”
“Oh yes, very well, Miss. You may stop.”
The memories overwhelm her…her face is flushed at the sight of her near orgasm…the last thing she wanted or needed right then.
She saw her brother and noticed that his cock was tenting his shorts. She turned and saw her father gulp.
“Daddy, I’m sorry you had to see that, Father Magee made me do that to show the class what a woman’s organ looks like when she is aroused.”
“Um, it’s, um, it’s okay hun, I’m sure that was just for science…ah, Jimmy probably learned something from watching too, right Jim?”
Jimmy was still absorbed in the picture that ended freeze framed on the screen, a close up of her gaping pussy, still leaking her juices.
“Ah, yeah Dad?”
“Did you learn something?”
Jimmy smirked right at Shannon, his eyes directly on hers and said, “Oh yeah Dad, I learned a whole lot.”
Shannon hopped to her feet and ran out of the room. Shannon’s father struggled to hide his erection as he rose from the couch to find Colleen to relieve his agony. Jimmy grabbed the tape out of the VCR and returned to his room to relieve the tension himself. This was going to be a great six weeks.


Shannon had completed most of the rest of her homework in her room. Her snotty brother had come in two or three times to bug her but Colleen, true to her word, had gotten him out pretty quickly. It was actually relaxing and she almost forgot about her nudity.
Well, not really. She felt the rough fabric of the mattress on her bare ass and tits…wishing she had a soft sheet on top. And her homework of course kept bringing the naked memories back to her.
She had written her journal entry inspired by her naked body for English class. It read like this:
My Body
By Shannon Malone
My body, once meant only for me, is now being displayed to all.
They all can see my breasts and vagina, my parts once so private.
They all can see all of me, the parts that I wish were just mine and for my eyes.
They all can see those parts of me usually reserved for someone I love or someone I allow.
Now they all can see.
My body, which I once was so proud of, is now a source of pain.
They all can see every flaw, every wrinkle, every bump or curve.
They all can see my excitement, my arousal, my embarrassment.
They all can see my nudity, my body in all its glory.
I do not decide who can see, that right was taken from me.
For now, I am just an object…an object of nudity, of humiliation, of despair.
I wish for clothes again…to have my private parts kept just that way.
I wish to be hidden, I wish to go away.
The pages were splattered by her tears. The pain of the moment echoed in her words and now this visible reminder of her embarrassment.
The art project was a bit more difficult. Despite the videotape, which she was sure her grubby little brother had already pilfered, she didn’t have a good feel for what her pussy looked like. And the only full length mirror she had in her room had been on her door which was now God knows where.
So she took her art pad into the bathroom and sat up on the counter. She put her ass on the sink and put her feet on either side. She knew the position she was in was extremely vulnerable and would put her on display to anyone that walked by. Of course she had been warned not to close the door while in any room or else lose more privilege. She had been mortified to have to pee or poop while people watched but knew she had little choice in the matter.
She took her art pad and began to sketch the outlines of her pussy lips…trying to capture the plump lips, slightly gaping…and the redness peeking out from inside. She drew the wisps of hair growing on her pubes and the extended area where her lips came to a point over her clitoris. She noticed little leakage coming from the spread lips and now knew what it was the class was snickering about. Drew the little specks of her juice as it came out.
On top, she wrote, “Shannon’s Vagina,” as instructed and then moved on to her tits. In her concentrated state, she did not see her little perv brother out in the hallway, videotaping her work. To someone not familiar with her situation, she looked like a slut, spreading her pussy in a mirror and drawing the sight. He would have his friends come over and pay for the right to view her display in biology and this little work.
Without even realizing he was there, Shannon closed her legs and began to draw her little tits. They had always been smaller than other girls and she drew them that way. She made them round like they were with pointy nipples on top. She had seen them lots of times and felt no special shame at drawing them for some reason…they seemed much less intimate than her pussy. On top, she wrote “Shannon’s Breasts,” as instructed and closed her art pad.
She scampered down from the counter and felt the cold tile on her feet. She got out of the bathroom and headed back to her room. Jimmy taped the whole thing and then went to his room to view the tape. And of course to jerk off to the vision.
Shannon, oblivious to her brother for now, finished her homework and got up to shut out the light in her room. Before getting onto her mattress, she knelt beside her bed to pray to God for the strength to make it through six weeks and to be strong. She then climbed up onto the bare mattress, her naked body against the rough fabric and drifted off into a deep but troubled sleep.