by katie



Shannon walked into school in a great mood and why not? Yesterday, she had skipped out of St. Mark’s Catholic High School and spent the day with some kids she had met through her older sister. They were hanging out in the city and had invited her along. One of them, Rachel, was able to call into the school and say she was sick and they had a great time in the city. It was so nice being out of uniform and hanging out with older girls. She had even flirted with a college boy who had taken her phone number and promised to call.
Before she got home that night, she snuck into the back yard and put on her uniform, leaving her older, skipping-school clothes in a bag on the porch. She then went around the front of the house and in, her dad never knew a thing.
It was a bright, sunny day but a bit chilly. January gets cold around here. Shannon was wearing her school’s uniform for girls…a blue tartan skirt, white blouse, blue tights and blue and white saddle shoes. Underneath it she was wearing a plain cotton bra and panties. Not that she needed much of a bra. While all of her friends had developed, her breasts were tiny, still a 32A, much like she was in grade school. She was tall and thin, 5’7, 110 pounds. She had long legs (runners legs her Daddy called them) and a cute Irish face. She had a light complexion with freckles that matched her strawberry blonde hair. Her pussy hair was mostly sparse…just a touch of fuzz on that intimate area. Not that anyone but her sister and her doctor ever saw it but her. No man had seen her naked in a decade, since she was about 7. At that point, her daddy had told her that she must cover up around the house…it was inappropriate to display your naked body unless in the privacy of the bathroom or her bedroom.
She is a junior at the school and turned a lot of boys’ heads in the past year. Her teammates joked that the attendance at their basketball games improved when Shannon joined the team and their uniforms inexplicably became shorter. Shannon was also a cheerleader during the football season, president of her class for student council and sports editor of the school newspaper. She was popular, friendly and cute. She had it all.
That morning, as she entered school, everyone asked how she was feeling. The only one who knew about where she had been was her best friend Carrie. As she filled Carrie in during homeroom, the principal came over the PA announcing an assembly in the auditorium at 8:30, before first period. This was strange, Shannon thought. Her school was so strict and rigid that something must be really wrong for them to call an assembly.
After homeroom, the entire class made their way to the auditorium. Her school was relatively small, about 100 kids in each class. Once the 400 students got settled, Mr. Jones got behind the microphone and began to speak.
“Ladies and gentlemen, we are sorry that we had to call this assembly but something terrible has been brought to our attention and it concerns one of you. As you know, our school adopted some strict rules regarding certain areas of discipline and today the first student to be punished under those rules will begin her punishment.”
Gasps went up around the whole student body and the boys started to whistle. They heard that it would be a girl punished and knew what that would mean.
St. Mark’s had some trouble in recent years with discipline. Now, rather than suspend a student or kick her/him out of school, they were going to use humiliation and public displays as punishments. Each student and her/his parents had signed off on the new punishment, with most of the students thinking it would never happen. Here was proof that it would.
“Would Shannon Malone please come up to the stage?”
All eyes turned towards her and she turned a bright red. Oh no, it was her! Oh God, please no.
“Miss Malone, the punishment only gets worse if you do not obey orders. Let’s move.”
Somehow, her legs got steady enough for her to make her way to the front of the auditorium and on stage. She had been in front of people before at games and stuff but never like this.
She got up and stood next to Mr. Jones. This was her first chance to look out over the gathered crowd. Every eye in the place was on her, wondering what was going to happen.
“Now, Shannon Malone has broken one of the major rules of our school. She skipped classes yesterday and phoned in a false sick call. Each of those offenses calls for complete nudity for two weeks and servitude. Since they are combined, I have been authorized to call for your punishment to last six weeks as an extra punishment.”
The entire school gasped and Shannon erupted into tears. She shook her head, no, no, please no.
“Here are the rules of the punishment. You are not permitted clothes during any school functions, including dances, basketball games, liturgical events, etc. You will be naked from the time you leave your house on the way here in the morning until you get home. How your father chooses to punish you is up to him but I would suggest that this punishment be kept up at home as well.”
Shannon could not believe it. No, this couldn’t happen to her, not to her. This could not be happening. She was a good girl at school, someone who always did what was asked of her. One slipup and here she was.
“We want to see some skin,” she heard someone yell.
“Now, now, that is inappropriate behavior and if it keeps up you all will be punished.”
That got the crowd quiet. “However, that young man was right about one thing…it is time to begin your punishment. Your clothes will be handed over to me and kept in my office. Six weeks from today you may come and pick them up.”
“Now, your shoes please Miss Malone.”
Shannon knelt down on one knee and started to untie her left shoe, hoping that this could somehow be stopped. She took off that shoe and then switched knees and began on the other. She stood up, holding her shoes in one hand. Mr. Jones held his hand out and took the shoes, placing them in a bag.
“Come on please Miss Malone, I would like classes to begin at a reasonable hour.”
She didn’t know what to take off next. She reached under her skirt and pulled at her tights. She was afraid that the boys in the front could see up her skirt and then laughed to herself. Boys looking up her skirt were going to be the least of her problems for the next six weeks.
She pulled the tights down and off her long legs and handed them to Mr. Jones. She saw that he did not place them in the bag but in his coat pocket and wondered why. But that was not something that overwhelmed her…after all, her current frame of mind was not good.
Weighing the evils, she decided to take off her skirt. Her blouse was long enough to cover her panties and would delay the inevitable ridicule of people seeing her small breasts. She unzipped the skirt at the side and slid it down her legs and it piled at her feet. She bent over to pick it up as she heard the murmurs of her schoolmates.
What a sight she was from their point of view. Shannon Malone was hands down the cutest girl in the school…and she never put out, or so the stories went. She would go so far and stop, leaving boys with a bad case of blue balls. Now here she was, in just her blouse and panties, her long legs on display. The few boys that had not jerked off to her image were certainly going to start tonight.
“Come on please Shannon,” Mr. Jones said, putting the skirt in the bag. “We have to start the class day. Delaying it is not going to help matters Miss.”
She struggled to remove her white blouse, her hands were shaking so much. It wasn’t much, but it was her last piece of covering in her mind. Soon of course, even panties and a bra would feel covered. She managed to get the buttons undone one at a time until her blouse was parted and her little bra-covered tits were on display along with her white cotton panties. She took the blouse off one arm at a time and handed it to Mr. Jones. This made it into the bag as well.
“Wait Shannon. We will take a vote of your classmates. Would you rather see her remove her bra first or panties. Raise your hands for the bra?”
This was so humiliating…it was like she was a piece of meat at the auction. They would decide what they see of her first. Her tears started to fall once again, her little breasts heaved, making the 200 hardons in the room grow even harder.
“OK, how about her panties.” Shannon saw that this won hands down and was a bit surprised. She guessed that hardly any of the boys had ever seen a naked pussy but may have seen tits before. And the girls would know how awful it was to show that most intimate area and wanted to see her suffer. Some friends.
“Panties it is. Shannon?”
She hooked her thumbs into the waist of the dainty little panties and lowered them down her legs. She heard the gasps again as her almost hairless pussy was now on display to her 400 classmates and the teachers. She realized that the lack of hair down there made it even worse, more on display and vulgar.
“Very nice,” Mr. Jones said, slipping the panties into his coat with the tights. Being principal at a high school with young girls in short skirts can take a toll on a man. These would come in handy when he remembered this event in his office later. His fetish was smelling the crotches of used panties, especially teen panties. Often he would sneak through the girls locker room during gym or games and sniff their panties.
“Now the bra please,” he said. “Finish the job and we can get on with our day.”
Shannon again struggled to get the clasp of her bra undone but finally succeeded and removed the garment, handing it to Mr. Jones. This went into the bag (not a tit man, Mr. Jones thought), which was given to Mrs. Phillips, his secretary.
“You may rejoin your classmates Shannon and get on with your day. However, remember that any attempt to cover yourself or to avoid being seen will result in severe punishments. Do you understand?”
She nodded. “I need words Miss Malone.”
“Yes sir,” she said quietly.
With that he gestured for her to leave by the side steps. This was even worse, being on display in front of the audience had been horrible. Walking among them might be even worse. They were close enough to touch and many of them would, she knew. She got to where her class was sitting and saw them file out of the auditorium. Carrie came to her and gave her a hug and tried to shield her nudity from everyone but it was impossible.
They got to the classroom after what seemed like an hour trip up the stairs. She knew that the stairs was a place where her whole body would be on display. The boys behind her got an excellent view right up into her slit and the boys above would see right down her tits.
It felt weird being barefoot and naked in school. The air was cold and her nipples were hard as rocks. She felt the draft blow right up against her pussy and felt so vulnerable.
Finally they arrived at her classroom. She picked up her bookbag and put it on. This just covered her back and nothing else so it was allowed. She walked to the next class, Carrie right beside her, trying to talk to her and make her feel better. But Carrie’s class was down the hall and Shannon had to hustle all the way to the third floor. It was art class, normally her favorite but she was just not in the mood.
When she got there, she noticed that there would be a model and cringed. Usually it was someone from the outside that her school paid to model for the students. They weren’t nude like they were at her sister’s college but it was good practice.
She sat down at an easel and took her art supplies out of her bag. She saw every pair of eyes in the room on her and the awful display she was making.
“Class, let’s get started.” It was Miss Winters, one of the meanest teachers in the school. She was normally a Spanish teacher. What was she doing here?
“Miss Ryan is out sick today and I am subbing for her this period. It is figure drawing. Today, we will do the female anatomy. Shannon, you are going to be our model. I was going to use a slide for people but a real girl with breasts and vagina are perfect. Please come up here.”
She was even more humiliated than before. She stepped up onto the raised stage area and saw that Miss Winters had arranged stools on either side. She was led to sit on the middle one and put her bare feet up on the ones on either side.
“Now, class, concentrate on this area,” Miss Winters said, placing the pointer around Shannon’s pussy. “I want a good detailed drawing of this, notice the texture, the lips, the sparse hair. Get those areas right and then we can move on to the breasts.”
Shannon didn’t know why, but she felt her pussy start to water. Was she turned on by this? No way, but her body was betraying her. She noticed a couple of the girls in the front start to whisper and point and giggle. They passed the information onto the few boys in the class who stared wide eyed and mouth open. Tears formed in her eyes as she realized they had seen her arousal. How humiliating!


“Oh dear, young lady, you are enjoying this…let me clean this area up a bit,” Miss Winters said.
“Oh God, how humiliating,” she thought. The teacher grabbed a handful of tissues and dabbed at Shannon’s pussy, then spreading the lips and scooping out the moisture that had accumulated inside of her lips.
Shannon gasped at the touch on her pussy and inside of her most private area. She cried out when Miss Winters’ finger touched her clit and almost moaned. “No, not here…” despite her humiliation, she knew an orgasm wasn’t far away. She had to have this stopped, cumming with her classmates watching under the hand of mean old Miss Winters would be too much to bear.
Miss Winters noticed the flushed look on Shannon that stretched from her face down to her breasts and smiled. She stopped but Shannon’s breathing continued to be labored.
“You will notice class that Shannon is extremely aroused…the rest of her body gives you that indication but look at her vaginal lips…and the leakage of her arousal coming though her lips…see…these tissues are filled with her juices…I will pass it around so anyone that wishes can smell what female arousal can smell like.”
Tears started to flow out of Shannon’s eyes and down her cheeks. Was she not entitled to any privacy? Was one sin really worth all of this punishment? Not only had they removed her clothes but they were also removing all of her dignity. Now, this whole class not only saw her arousal but also could now smell it. How humiliating!
She couldn’t look at her classmates and their leering eyes anymore so she concentrated on the clock on the wall…9:30? Oh God, that means this class still had a half hour…she felt like this was going on forever.
After a while, Miss Winters told the class that their vagina portraits were excellent and to please turn them so that Shannon could see them. She cringed as she saw dozens of portrayals of her own private parts staring back at her. She had to admit that many were good and that her classmates were taking this seriously…except for that group of boys who took the class to meet girls. They had drawn dirty things, not taking much time at all.
“OK Class, title them Shannon’s Vagina and hand them to me with your names on the back. These will be displayed at our upcoming art show. Shannon, since you were unable to participate today, we will have you do some extra credit work with a mirror.”
OH GOD! Would her humiliation ever end? Was she really going to have to draw a painting of her own vagina for a class? UGGHH
“Now her breasts…I wish Shannon had more to work with here but at least it’s something. We could have done as well with some of the boys with their shirts off.”
BITCH! Shannon thought. Bad enough that she has been humiliating me since class began…now she is comparing my little breasts to a boy’s.
“Sit up please Miss…and you may close your legs now…I know that must be hard for a girl like you.”
Her words cut through Shannon and tears flew out of her again. She wanted to say that she was a virgin and that this nudity was not her fault but she knew she would remain silent…those extra punishments were supposed to be awful…she didn’t want to find out.
Miss Winters went on about the female breasts, explaining the function for reproduction and also the sexual aspect of them. She also pointed out Shannon’s larger than average nipples and the roundness of her little breasts. Shannon heard the scribbling of the pencils and saw the leering of the boys and some of the snickering.
Finally, class was about over. “Class, please show Shannon your drawings of her breasts.”
Again, overwhelming humiliation as dozens of sets of breasts were displayed to her. She knew right away that these would also be on display at the art show.
The class wrote “Shannon’s Breasts” on their work and handed them in. Miss Winters told Shannon she could get down and she did, grabbing her backpack as the bell rang to signal the next class. For a second, she forgot where she needed to be but then remembered…Biology. Then she started crying again, remembering that they were studying the female anatomy.
In the hall, she was met by Carrie, who did her best to hide Shannon’s nudity from the class. “How was it?”
“It was awful,” Shannon said, recounting the events of the 60-minute class.
“Yeah Miss Winters can be tough.”
They entered the biology classroom and saw that the chalkboard said “Live demonstration today!” She cringed, figuring it was going to be her again.
She grabbed a seat in the back of the theater type classroom. She tried to blend in but knew that was impossible. She crossed her legs at the knee to keep her pussy out of sight and held a book against her chest like she was reading. She knew that she could be punished for covering her nudity but thought this was ok.
Father Magee walked into the room, holding his usual amount of textbooks. He was in his 50s and took no crap from any students. He lived to bring a student down a peg and Shannon instinctively knew that this was going to be hard…and she had bio every day. At least art was only twice a week.
“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I see one of you is out of uniform…that’s a nice look for you Miss Malone.”
The class laughed at her, enjoying her suffering. Inside she thought, “I’ll get all of you for this…sometime you will all be naked and I’ll get even.” But outside, she took it, her face scrunched up as she fought back the tears.
“And this is a perfect time for your little display Miss Malone, as we head into our unit on the female anatomy. Normally, we have to rely on textbooks and videos to show those sensitive areas of the female anatomy but luckily this time we have a willing model.”
She guessed that her blush extended from her forehead down to her bare toes as she imagined the humiliation she was about to undergo.
There was a knock on the door and she saw the maintenance man Carl walk in, pushing something and she groaned…a gynecologist chair from the nurse’s office.
“Father Magee, where do you want this chair?”
“Right here in front of the lectern Carl, where it will be in full view of the rest of the class.”
Carl moved the heavy table to the front of the classroom, and put it right on display for all.
As he went to leave, Father Magee stopped him.
“Hey Carl, I might need some help adjusting the chair…could you spare a few minutes to help me?”
Carl’s face broke into a huge smile and he looked at Shannon. “Sure Father, anything to help a priest and to assist in a scientific demonstration.”
Shannon started to shake from the humiliation. Carl was a dirty old man, she thought. She remembered the rumors on the basketball team about Carl in the girl’s locker room or drilling holes in the shower walls. Well, no need for all of that underhanded stuff, here he was being given a free view of the great Shannon Malone.
“Shannon, please come and hop onto the stage for our great demonstration.”
Wobbly, Shannon got out of her chair and walked down the stairs to the front area. She noticed that this room was carpeted and felt warm on her toes. Weird that her nudity brought this fact to her brain.
“Carl, can you please help Miss Malone onto the table please.”
She felt Carl’s hand on her arm as she went up onto the step and then turned to sit on the gyno chair. She squeezed her knees together to keep her pussy out of view. She did this even though she knew that soon that area of her and much more would be on display.
There was another knock on the door and Father Magee called for the knocker to come in. The door opened and there stood Charles Fisher, one of the geekiest guys in the school and the president of the AV Club, holding a tripod and a camera case.
“Oh Charles, thank you very much for coming on such short notice. Shannon, Charles here is going to do you a great service…he is going to tape all of our sessions so that other classes and you can see the demonstrations later. That saves you from having to do this five times a day in all of my classes and also gives you the opportunity to see the essential parts of the female anatomy that I point out. I know you can see these parts any time but you may need my assistance to see what they mean to the anatomy.”
Oh God, she thought, her humiliation would be on tape…every day she was going to be displayed in front of her class and then Charles was going to tape it. And she knew that a tape would make it around the school and she could only imagine the sick things boys would do to it.
“Charles, set up right in the front here, we’re going to need close-ups of her lower extremities today.”
“Her what Father?”
“Oh poor little Charles, I mean her vagina and anus. Put the camera so we can see that area.”
“Oh sorry,” Charles said blushing.
Through the blur of my tears, Shannon saw a shaking Charles fumbling with the equipment. She wanted to scream out, “Why are you nervous, I’m the one sitting here naked about to be exposed in front of everyone. You have it easy you creep.” Instead, she just sat there, tears still flowing out of her eyes and down her cheeks, landing on her breasts.
“Oh Carl, Miss Malone here is dripping on her breasts…could you clean that off for her.” Fr. Magee says handing a towel to the maintenance man.
“My pleasure Father,” Carl says, grabbing the towel and taking the opportunity to grope Shannon’s poor little tits. He is kneading them through the towel and there is no finesse.
“Good job Carl…now Charles, is the camera ready?”
“Yes Father…I can begin taping whenever you say,” Charles stammered.
“Good, now, Miss Malone, put your feet into those stirrups please,” Fr. Magee said.
But Shannon couldn’t do it…she froze, unable to expose herself so blatently…doing it in an art environment was horrible but so different than this.
“I thought she might have some stagefright…Carl, can you help Shannon place her feet into the stirrups please.”
“YES FATHER, I would LOVE to…”
Carl grabbed Shannon’s bare ankle and roughly pulled her leg apart. She cried out in surprise at the force of the yank. He placed her bare heel of her foot into the stirrup and then did the same with the other.
“Carl, did you make the modifications that I asked for,” Father Magee asked.
“Yes I did Father,” Carl replied, holding up an ankle cuff that was attached to the chair.
“Very well, connect them to Miss Malone’s ankles…I can’t have her moving too much once we start.”
Carl attached cuffs to both of Shannon’s ankles, causing her to cry out in shock and horror. She was now caught in a completely spread open pose, way more exposed than even in the art class.
“OK Class, take out your notebooks and turn your textbooks to the page where there is a illustration of the female anatomy. That will give you an idea of what is inside the organs that you see here on blatant display.”
Father Magee then set about pointing out the different parts of the female sexual reproductive organ…pointing out differences in Shannon’s vagina than the one in the book.
“See the puffiness of Miss Malone’s labia major (taking his pointer and indicating where they were on Shannon)…that is a sign of arousal…” Father Magee said. “Obviously, Miss Malone is much more aroused than the person that is modeling for the illustrator.”
“Carl, can you spread the stirrups a bit more…I would like there to be a more natural parting of her labia major to see if we can spot the labia minor and the clitoris.”
MORE SPREAD? Was he serious, Shannon thought…This was so bad…the worst thing she had ever experienced in her young life. But Carl turned a knob and she felt her legs spread even further than the already obscene split she was doing.
“Notice class, how flexible most women are…this is very helpful in sexual acts,” Father Magee said as the class chuckled.
“Class, we deal with mature matters in this class…if you cannot handle it let me know and maybe you can transfer…or better yet, I need other models besides Miss Malone,” Father Magee said, silencing the students.
The class continued under Father’s unique lecturing style. He made some points on Shannon’s body and interacted it with the textbook. Actually, it was a very informative lesson…one that few high school biology teachers ever has the chance to give…not many schools allow nude models for biology presentations.
“OK, as a final aspect of this project, I am going to show you what a female vagina looks like during arousal…you will see some interesting changes in the visual aspect of her organ.”
Shannon and the class were silent…what did he mean.
“Shannon, using your fingers, make yourself aroused so the class can see what an aroused female vagina looks like please.”
Shannon did not move as the class gasped. Was a Catholic priest really asking a student to masturbate in front of a room full of students? And on camera?
“Now, now class, I do not want Miss Malone to orgasm because that would be a sin according to the church…however, I see no other way to have her achieve arousal than her using her fingers…and I do not trust any of your grubby boys to lay your hands on her today.”
“Now Miss Malone, if you do not mind, I would like you to finger yourself until you have achieved arousal…but an orgasm would result in a punishment…if you do not do it, Carl here is standing by and ready.”
That was enough to push her over the top…no way would he get his grimy hands on her precious vagina. She moved her right hand down and began to rub her vaginal lips, gently rubbing the outside before pushing a finger inside to the warmth. She started to rub in and out and felt the unmistakable stirrings in her vagina, stretching up her spine…she shivered.
“Good, that’s it Shannon…class, notice how the female responds during the beginning stages of arousal…the shivers, the wetness, see the difference in her labia.”
Shannon had almost forgotten her classmates but now remembered the fact that she was masturbating in front of 30 classmates and a video camera. She was ashamed but could not deny the wonderful feeling she was having.
“Father,” she whispered.
“Yes Miss Malone…”
“Father, I have to stop…I am close Sir.”
“Close to what Miss Malone.”
“Oh God, close to cumming Sir…Please let me stop.”
“No Miss Malone…sluts call it cumming…good Catholic girls like you might say they are near orgasm…is that what you are?”
“OH! YES Father, I am near orgasm Sir.”
The class was riveted at the scene in front of them…their classmate, the hottest girl in the school, begging their biology teacher to let her stop fingering herself before she orgasmed.
“Oh yes, very well, Miss. You may stop.”
“AHH!” Shannon pulled her hand away just in time, feeling the orgasm about to crest…her hips flailed in the air as she fucked the air, her body begging for release.
“Carl, hold her middle down please, put your hand on her stomach.”
She felt Carl’s hand pushing her down onto the chair and she could smell her arousal and hear her labored breathing.
“Class, look carefully at her labia major, swollen to almost twice the size and very sensitive…see.”
He touched her lips with his fingertip and she moaned.
“Also, notice how wet she is…you boys might be surprised to see how wet a female is during sex…that allows for full penetration of her vagina during intercourse…”
Father Magee put on surgical gloves and put his fingers between her lips…no one had touched her there ever…these were the first male hands to touch her most intimate place and it was her biology teacher…and a priest. She sobbed in humiliation and covered her face with her hands…no longer caring about what they saw.
“See here ladies and gentlemen, her clitoris…if I were to rub that, she would probably reach orgasm instantly…she is so close right now.”
Mercifully the bell rang for the end of class.
“OK class, next time, we will examine the breasts and then some other areas of the female anatomy. Your homework is to go over the illustration in your book and relate your memories of this session in your journals.”
Shannon didn’t even look up to see her classmates pass by, all intimately examining her sopping wet and red vagina. She was beyond humiliated and knew this was only the beginning.
She felt Carl undo the ankle cuffs and she was finally able to close her legs…feeling her thighs cramp after the awful stretching for 45 minutes. Father Magee handed her a towel…
“Here Shannon, dry yourself…can’t have you dripping all over the halls,” Father Magee said.
Redfaced, she took the towel and patted her pussy and thighs dry. Luckily, or what passed for her luck today, her next class was gym and then she could shower.
“After school, go by the AV room and see Charles for a tape of today’s lesson. Tonight, you can watch it and then make some notes in your journal like the rest of the class will. You can also finish the homework assignment.”
While Shannon got her bookbag, Carl thanked Father Magee for letting him assist and he left. Shannon had noticed the bulge in his pants and figured out where he was going…probably that little office he has where he can spy on the girls changing…that and his memories of humiliating me would probably make him cum pretty quick, she thought.
Father Magee left right after, leaving her alone with Charles.
“You know Shannon, I feel really bad about this, you were always really nice to me,” Charles said.
“Thanks Charles, I know it’s not your fault.”
“Well, see you around,” he said.
“Hey, Charles, what are you going to do with these tapes, besides what Father Magee wants?”
“Well, a bunch of my friends have asked for copies, but I won’t let them. If it had been another girl, I would do it no problem, but you have always been so cool to me…most of the girls in the school don’t pay me any attention. But you always say hi and smile at me…and I appreciate it. So do my friends, who are in total love with you. If your friends desert you, come hang with us. I know we’re not the coolest kids in the school but we’ll accept you anyway.”
For the first time all day, Shannon smiled.
“Thanks Charles, I might do that someday.”
“Cool, well, see ya.”
Charles took his camera equipment and tripod and exited the classroom, leaving Shannon alone for the first time since she was forced to be nude. She took a deep breath and pushed out the door and into the crowded hallway, heading for gym and more humiliation. At least the geeks still love me, she laughed to herself.


The walk to gym was even more humiliation for Shannon…some of the kids who had not seen her up close at the assembly or during the morning classes were now spotting her for the first time. Some of the younger guys…the freshmen especially, were bumping into her, touching her, making rude comments. She walked onto the girl’s locker room and her gym class.
Shannon had always loved gym, being a natural athlete who could perform well in any sport. She got to her locker and thought that she was going to get a rest from being naked. She opened her locker and saw nothing but a small towel and an envelope.
“Dear Miss Malone,
Please note that I have removed your gym uniform as a guard against the temptation to put it on…your socks and sneakers are also gone and I have sent all of your belongings to Mr. Jones to be delivered to your parents or to you in six weeks. I have provided you with a small towel to dry yourself after your shower but please make no attempt to cover yourself with it or it will be taken away. Part of your punishment means attending every school function and class in your present state and that includes gym and basketball.
In the future, please come to the my office to receive a small towel before every class.
Miss Kelly”
Oh God, she had forgotten Mr. Jones’ words…that she would be naked at ALL school functions. She had thought gym would be ok…how could she be expected to perform in a sport nude?
She put her towel back in the locker and stuffed her bookbag in. She had to hurry to make it to class on time because Miss Kelly always punished those who were late with extra activities…most of them involving running or gymnastics.
She must have been running late because there were no other girls in the locker room. However, she had an excuse…until two minutes ago she had been tied naked to a gyno chair spread open for her bio class…cut her some slack, she thought.
She made it to the gym just as the bell rang. The rest of the girls in the class were stretching and many of them looked up and gasped. Like Shannon, they had thought that the punishment wouldn’t include gym class. “Shouldn’t she at least have sneaks?” one of them asked.
“Girls, enough of that whispering…let’s get this out in the open,” Miss Kelly said.
Miss Kelly was a young woman, just 24 years old…she had graduated just six years ago from St. Mark’s and looked like she could be a student. The girls loved her and, since she was very easy to talk to, many of them had confided in her with their problems.
“Shannon here broke a huge rule of the school and all of you signed the paper that allows for this punishment. Shannon just happens to be the first one affected by it.”
One girl, Kacy, raised her hand.
“Miss Kelly, isn’t it kind of unhygienic for her to be naked all of the time, especially during gym and stuff?”
Shannon cringed at the thought but Miss Kelly had an answer.
“Well Kacy, that is a good question but the answer is no. Shannon doesn’t have any diseases so that is not a problem…also, it is just a natural juices flowing out of her…like sweat. Yes, Juli.”
“Couldn’t she at least have sneaks?” Juli asked. “Her feet will kill after running during gym.” Shannon nodded, hoping that Miss Kelly would see the point.
“Another good question. Actually, a woman’s feet can withstand greater pain than a man’s…after all we do wear high heels, etc…most men would never be able to stand them. Plus, the human feet can withstand a lot of pressure…and she will soon get used to it and her feet will harden on the bottoms. I agree that they will hurt, a lot, at first, but after a while, she will get used to it.”
“Will she have to do everything that we do?”
“Yep, the school rules are very clear about that…the student being punished must fulfill the normal obligations of a St. Mark’s student…that includes gym and other school activities, field trips, sporting events, plays, etc.”
“Shannon, do you have any questions for me?”
Shannon looked down, ashamed then back at the kind, smiling Miss Kelly.
“Yes Miss Kelly,” she whispered. “Do you agree with this kind of punishment for me?”
Barb Kelly stopped for a minute, taking a deep breath…she knew this question was coming and wondered if she had the strength to pull the answer off. Because inside, she loved it, loved seeing the bare flesh of this extraordinary looking girl, one that she had admired for years. But, on the other hand, she really did like her, liked her whole family…had been best friends with Shannon’s older sister when they went to St. Mark’s together.
“Well, I stand by what the administration has decided…and I think it is a true deterent for all of you girls and the boys too. Imagine seeing those little peters sticking out for six weeks. Us girls have it easy!”
The class, Shannon included, laughed out loud.
“OK, today we are going to play dodgeball…”
Shannon cringed, knowing that the ball would sting.
“but the rules are a little different…Shannon is on one team…everyone else is on the other. This is part of the punishment Shannon, Mr. Jones decided it, Sorry.”
OK Girls, let’s begin.
The girls began running at Shannon, hurling the ball at her. Shannon ran for her life, trying to avoid getting hit with the ball. In her haste, she didn’t notice Charles up on the track, filming the whole thing, or Mr. Jones standing just outside the gym in the hallway watching the whole scene. And no one saw good old dirty Carl watching from beneath the bleachers.
After 45 minutes of this, with just one break, Shannon was exhausted. While the other girls went out when they were hit, Shannon had no one to take her spot. She was forced to play all 45 minutes, running. Sweat was all over her nude body and that made it hard for her to run. Several times she had fallen, getting whacked with the ball from close angles.
Every part of her body hurt, her butt, where most of the balls had hit, her legs and feet from running without shoes, her back (which was also a good target). But her breasts and pussy ached as well…apparently, some of the other girls had a bet that her tits and pussy would mean more points. Once she had fallen and her legs splayed out. A girl, Tina, took the ball and gunned it at her spread pussy, causing poor Shannon to see stars. At that point, Miss Kelly called a break and came over to help Shannon.
“Why, why is everyone out to get me…why does everyone hate me?” Shannon was crying to the teacher. “Please Barb, tell me why you hate me?”
“Shannon dear, I don’t hate you, this is a punishment for two very, very serious crimes.”
“Serious crimes? You mean you and Brighid never skipped school and lied about it?”
“That was before the new rules Shannon…and that is none of your business. For being so fresh, you can run until class is over. Jennie, come over here and count Shannon’s laps for me. Everyone else is free to go.”
Shannon moaned…she had gone too far with someone that wasn’t as much of her friend as she thought. Miss Kelly grabbed her arm and pulled her close…”don’t you ever bring up my past with your sister…do it again and this dodge ball game will be the least of your worries.”
With that, she walked off into her office that opened with a window so she could see the gym. That meant there would be no skimping on the laps.
“Come on Shannon, I’ll run with you,” Jennie said.
Although she didn’t know Jennie very well, she was happy for some kindness. After all, Shannon hadn’t had the best day of her life.
“So, how bad is it?”
Shannon wondered what it was.
“The nudity I mean…is it awful being naked all of the time?”
Shannon nodded, trying to catch her breath.
“It’s terrible…everyone is staring, pointing, touching…I’ve been humiliated in every class it’s really, really bad.”
They ran in silence for a few minutes. Then Jennie spoke…”I’ve dreamed about it…wondered what it would be like being naked at school or in public…never imagined it would ever happen to me though.”
Shannon looked at Jennie and saw a very pretty girl. She had short dirty blonde hair with a slender build. Her breasts looked to be about the same (small) size as Shannon’s and her legs were nice and long.
“You know, all of the boys are hard over you all the time…especially this morning,” Jennie said after they ran in silence for a few more minutes.
“Uh, thanks, I guess.”
“No, I didn’t mean it like that…I just mean you should know that boys really love how you look and you should be proud to give them erections…it’s a great compliment to a girl…that’s what my boyfriend tells me.”
Shannon thought this was getting a little weird but had bigger problems…her entire body was racked with pain after all of the exertion.
“Please Jennie, can we stop, I’m going to die.”
“Wait, keep running and I’ll go ask Miss Kelly.”
Jennie ran fast to the office and Shannon prayed for mercy. She saw Miss Kelly nod her head and Jennie peeked her head out. “It’s ok Shannon, you can stop!”
Shannon stopped running and collapsed in a heap onto the gym floor. Her legs and feet were screaming in pain…she had never run so much in bare feet. Her chest hurt from the exertion.
Miss Kelly and Jennie ran over to her, concerned that they had pushed her too hard. They helped the poor naked girl up and helped carry her to Miss Kelly’s office.
“Shannon, I’m so sorry, I just wanted to be tough in front of Mr. Jones…I’m sorry I pushed you too hard.”
“That’s ok, Miss Kelly, I understand.”
“What class do you have next?”
“I have a free period then lunch.”
“Good, stay here and take a rest in the trainer’s room. I’ll wake you when it’s time for lunch.”
Miss Kelly and Jennie helped Shannon walk into the trainers’ room and helped her onto the leather exam table…not too much unlike the gyno table that Father Magee had used. Despite the bad memories, Shannon eased into a sleep.


It was a dream like no other…she was naked in Madison Square Garden while the New York Rangers were playing…she was at center ice, tied and spread while the players attempted to play around her. Then she noticed that the puck was heading right for her splayed open pussy and went in.
SCORE! The horns blared, the lights were flashing, and the crowd went nuts. She was a bright red but was now sitting in a net, the puck lodged in her huge pussy. She had Rangers painted on one breast and Flyers painted on the other. As she watched, one of the players took a marker and put a one under the Rangers on her tit.
“Ladies and gentlemen, that is the first puck to go into Shannon’s pussy and gives the Rangers a 1-0 lead. Now ladies and gentlemen, the lucky seat holder who gets to reach in and get it is sitting in section…”
“Shannon, wake up, Shannon, wake up.”
She jerked awake, not knowing where she was. One minute she was a goal at the Rangers game, the next she was jarred awake by a woman’s voice. In a second she remembered she was in the trainer’s room and the voice belonged to Miss Kelly.
“Shannon, wake up honey, it’s time for your lunch period.”
Shannon finally came to her senses and her shoulders sagged as she remembered all that she had been through since she came to school this morning. At a surprise assembly, she had been forced to strip naked and would be kept this way for six weeks because she skipped school and lied about it. Since then she had been humiliated in art class, serving as a naked model, in biology class, showing the class where her “reproductive organs” were and being forced to masturbate nearly to orgasm, and gym class where she was the target of dodge ball for 45 minutes before collapsing while running punishment laps. She now laid here after Miss Kelly took pity on her and let her nap during her free period.
“Shannon, I wish I could let you stay in here all day but Mr. Jones would get suspicious and I’m afraid he would take it out on me. You have to run to the lunch room and eat ok. Plus, I think it will do you good to get some food in you…you must be starved after all of that running.”
Shannon nodded, realizing that she was really hungry. Then it hit her…the lunch room, naked…this might be worse than anything else…out in the open, people eating while she sat there bare ass on the chair, bare tits on display. And her nap had hidden her for an hour and now she would pay for the rest. She had lost her confidence and now it was all new again.
She grabbed her bookbag and went into the cafeteria. It was if everything stopped as soon as her bare feet hit that tile floor of the caf. She felt like everyone stopped to look at her as soon as she walked in and she was right…all eyes were on the naked girl.
She walked quickly to grab a tray and get a salad and a tuna sandwich. She would skip the chips, she thought…going naked meant no extra pounds could be gained. She felt weird being naked around the food, standing there at the salad bar, dishing out the lettuce, etc. Some of the dressing splattered up onto her belly. She quickly wiped it with her hand and looked around to see if anyone spotter her. Silly her, she thought, of course they spotted her, everyone is staring at her!
She got to the cash register and saw Jerry, the nice old man who worked there eyeing up her nudity. She shot him a dirty look. She was always so nice to the workers at the school, the janitors and cafeteria workers. Now she was being ogled by one.
She pulled her backpack around and pulled her wallet out and paid for the food and then began the daunting task of walking with her hands full through the crowd and finding a table. She spotted a group of girls from the basketball team had an open seat but when she got closer they slid over to fill the gaps.
“Sorry Shannon, no room for the naked girl…why don’t you find another place to sit,” one snickered at her.
She was mortified. Her best friends were deserting her, just like Charles said they would. Finally, she saw Carrie waving her hands motioning that she had a seat available and Shannon breathed a sigh of relief. At least here was one friend.
Shannon and Carrie had a very strange relationship. Best friends since they were five, they mostly hung with different crowds in school. Shannon was always the jock and hung out with the popular athletes. Carrie was more of a studious person who felt uncomfortable with those types of kids. So she had a separate group of friends. Although they hung out together they often ate lunch at different tables.
“Carrie, thank you so much,” Shannon said.
“No problem, I figured that Miss Goody Girls would turn you out. And we don’t mind.”
Shannon turned and saw a group of kids, mostly the smart ones, the first trackers. She hadn’t even noticed them at first she had been so relieved by Carrie’s kindness.
“Oh, ah, thank you all for letting me sit with you.”
“No problem,” said a boy in glasses, Shannon thought his name was Kevin. “You are always welcome…we don’t mind a naked girl here once in a while.”
The group laughed…Shannon did too but she wasn’t comfortable being the reason for the joke. She sat down and felt the cold folding chair against her bare skin.
“What happened Shannon, the cool girls kick you out,” one of the girls said.
“Now, now Sheila, Shannon’s my best friend…let’s not get on her…it’s not her fault she’s nude,” Carrie defended her.
Shannon was worried…she hoped Carrie wouldn’t get cast out by her friends for this. Carrie was always her best friend but had always liked hanging out with the smart kids instead of the girls that Shannon hung with. I guess she now knew why.
“Carrie, it’s ok…Sheila’s right…those girls told me that there was no room for a naked girl at their table.”
The table laughed at her again…this time she just blushed. That made Carrie angry.
“Look, Shannon has been my best friend since preschool. If you don’t make her feel welcome here, we will just go and find our own table. I thought you were all better than those other kids.”
Shannon was surprised at Carrie’s bold talk…she had always been so quiet. But here, it was obvious she was the leader of the group. The other kids were silent, some looking down at their food.
“Hey, we’re sorry,” Kevin said. “I know it must be really hard for you to have to go around naked all of the time…must be awful having everyone looking at you and your private parts. I heard about biology class this morning.”
Shannon groaned at the memory of being so exposed in front of the class as her biology professor, a priest, gave a lesson the female anatomy.
“Yeah, Kevin’s right,” Sheila said. “You are welcome to hang out with us anytime you want. Sorry Shannon, sorry Carrie.”
The rest of the kids, about four others, said their apologies and for the first time all day, Shannon felt better.
The kids spent the rest of the hour chatting about school, other students, and regular teen stuff. Shannon was almost able to forget her nudity, but not quite. The constant feel of the steel chair on her bare thighs and ass reminded her of the situation very quickly.
She looked up at the wall and saw there was 15 minutes before the next period. Then she remembered that she hadn’t showered after gym and must be a mess.
“Oh thanks everyone for letting me hang with you,” she said.
Carrie responded…”it was our pleasure…you are welcome any time.”
Shannon saw the other kids smile and nod and felt like they truly meant it.
“Thanks! See you all tomorrow!”
She grabbed her bookbag and then her tray and went to dump it in the trash. As she did, a group of boys surrounded her and began touching her.
“Stop it, let go of me, let me out!”
She fought through the circle but they knocked her to the floor. Her bag went sliding across the floor as she felt the cold tile all over her body. She scrambled to her feet in tears, grabbed her bag and ran into the girl’s locker room.
She sat down on the bench in front of her locker. That was awful…these boys now think they have free reign to do anything to her body that they want now that she is nude. Oh God, she thought…and this is only the first day. She had six more weeks of this to suffer through.
After having a good cry, she realized that she should hurry if she wanted to shower. She still had the sweat smell on her from the gym class and her sex juices had coated her legs from the morning classes. She grabbed a towel and ran into the shower, getting totally refreshed and clean. She lathered up with some soap and enjoyed the freedom of being naked in a place where she was supposed to be naked.
She quickly washed her hair and then shut the water off. She grabbed the little towel that Miss Kelly had left for her and did her best at drying off. She realized that there was at least one benefit of being naked all of the time…getting dried off didn’t really matter.
She took some time to get her hair dry and then placed the towel in the bin near the shower. She went to her now empty locker and grabbed her bookbag, the only thing she was allowed to wear, and left the locker room, heading for math class. At least there, she couldn’t imagine any more humiliation there beyond just being naked.
And she was right. She sat in the back to stay out of people’s vision and she was barely bothered. Of course many of the other students snuck peeks at her but she was beginning to not notice that anymore. Things were going great until Mr. Cooney said, “Shannon, please come up here and demonstrate the problem at the board.”
“Um, Sir, I would rather stay here in my seat if that is ok with you,” Shannon said softly.
“Well, young lady, it not okay with me…part of your punishment is that you have to perform the same duties as any other St. Mark’s student…now come up here and demonstrate.”
She knew she had no choice and wondered what the big deal was. She had been naked and spread totally apart during biology class and art class and the entire cafeteria had seen her naked. Why the fuss now?
She got out of her seat and walked down the row towards the front of the class. She noticed Eric Gorbo, the class jerk, slid her bookbag in her way, making her step over it and exposing her pussy even more. She glared at him but he just smiled back.
Finally she made it to the board and did the problem. She heard the chuckles of her classmates as she struggled with the problem, her bare ass constantly on display. Finally Mr. Cooney helped her solve the problem and she headed back to her seat, her entire body flushed with embarrassment.
On her way back, this time Eric tripped her and she fell face first into him. His “helpful” hands grabbed her tits and crotch as he “broke” her fall. By the time she was able to get her balance his fingers were inside of her pussy and pumping. She gasped and moaned at the touch and everyone knew why. Her musky odor now filled the room as she made it back to her seat.
Oh God, she thought, how humiliating…moaning at being invaded by the fingers of the class jerk. She would never live that down…she would never live any of this down…she knew it.
Finally the bell rang and Eric came over to her… “I liked having my fingers in that nice warm hole…I have other parts that would like to try it too.”
“Fuck off Gorbo…they can make me be naked but they can’t make me let you fuck me!”
“Oh we’ll see, we’ll see. You do know that my dad is on the Board of Trustees don’t you?”
Shannon cringed…she forgot the power this boy’s family had. But she couldn’t be forced to have sex with someone could she? Wouldn’t that be illegal?
Eric laughed at how uncomfortable she had become and walked away. She now knew that he was going to make her life completely miserable.
She walked out and went on with the rest of her day. She had just two classes left, including computers, which she was heading to now. She didn’t think Computers or English would be terribly humiliating but who knows…she was beginning to realize that everything is humiliating when you are nude.


She made it to the computer lab, barely hearing the smart comments as she passed, comments about her pussy and her tits and how nice her ass was. It was like she was wearing blinders. But inside, Shannon was dying…hearing every word, noticing every pair of eyes on her bare body and praying that this day would end.
She entered the lab, which was air conditioned because of the computers and went to the back row…her normal seat where she could log into the computer and get started on their next project. As she logged in, her eyes got wide when she saw the screen. It was a picture of her, completely spread wide and masturbating.
She tried to get the awful picture off the screen but couldn’t. Every command just brought more and more pictures of her fingering herself in the bio class. This looked horrible. Anyone who saw it would think that she was just a slut who didn’t mind masturbating in front of a room full of people. There was no sign of Father Magee, who had ordered her to do it so that the class could see what a woman’s “reproductive organs” looked like when she was aroused.
Finally, her files popped up but the wallpaper was still the photo of her, fingers in her pussy, the look of orgasm about to cross her face, her juices leaking out onto her thighs and fingers. She wanted to curl up and die.
Her classmates all gathered round and looked at the photo, making crude remarks about her obvious arousal. No one came to her defense, not even the teacher who smiled and said that some girls get what they deserved.
Finally, the class settled down and began to work. When she clicked on her homework project she saw the whole group of photos click up. As she read what her teacher, Mr. Blake, had assigned her, she gasped. Her job was to create a website for all of these pictures and present them to him by the end of class.
She couldn’t do it. Design a website where the whole purpose was to display her humiliating photos. No way. Then she read further…failure to complete this task will mean further public humiliation and an F in computers on the report card.
She was lucky to be very proficient with computers and creating web pages. Actually, this was easy…the pics were already scanned and the school used a simple program to update pages. It took her most of the period, putting the photos in the right locations and putting captions and interesting graphics where needed. She then titled it “Naughty Schoolgirl Shannon Wanks Off In Bio.” Exactly the title Mr. Blake had required.
Shannon looked at her finished product. The photos were from those scenes when Father Magee had ordered her to masturbate to show female arousal. It must have come from the video but she was shocked that it had happened so quickly. Then she saw Charles’ head in one of the photos and realized that someone must have used a digital camera without her knowing. The photos showed her on the table, feet in each stirrup, her right hand rubbing her pussy lips and then plunging in, pushing her fingers in deeper and deeper. She can see her hips moving in each photo as she got into the movements. And then her mouth opened, she knew she was begging to stop before she came. To anyone looking, it looked like orgasm or some other yell was about to come out.
She sent the file to Mr. Blake and got the auto response that he had received it as the class bell rang. Tears flowed anew as she realized that her embarrassing photos, with the graphic captions and titles, would soon be accessible to any pervert with a computer. She wondered where it would be linked but realized it didn’t matter. It would be out there and anyone would be able to find it and do something with it. And she had been the creator of it all.