by jenn


An early letter about my relationship.


Hi Susan,

Sorry i haven't been around much.  Last week at work was crazy and this weekend wasn't much better.  This is the start of a new week and i wanted to tell you about a much better time that i had last weekend. (This was the reason i wasn't on-line last week <Smile>.)

i spent last weekend with my "friend" Anne.  i don't know how much i told you about her.  We've been together about 3 years.  We are great 'playmates'.  This is such a change from January, we spent most of the month fighting, but that's another story.

Anne came over to my place about 7:30 on Friday.  We unwound a little and had a nice dinner that i cooked.   i have a one-bedroom townhouse with a loft.  It doesn't have the playroom of my dreams but with a little imagination there's a lot to work with.

We started out with me in nothing but a red leather dog collar and a smile.  Anne attached some leather cuffs to my waiting wrists.  The stairway up to the loft is open, so there's some natural anchor points.  my hands were pulled over my head by a rope run through the top step.

When she finished applying the first set of her decorations, i had on a face harness with a ball gag, ankle cuffs attached to a spreader bar, and my breast were swelling within the rope bra she wove around me.  It makes my nipples so hard when my tit's are tied, mmm.  The gag has a ring in the top, which she ran a rope through to the stair so i couldn't look up or down, just turn my head side to side a bit.

i stood there, legs apart, arms up, almost on tip toe.  She gently caressed all my muscles as i relaxed into my bonds.  She wet her fingers in my pussy before she plunged two up my ass.  She grasped my cheeks and squeezed them just right.  She is so good at massages.

She got out a ridding crop before i got to comfortable and refocused my attention.  my breasts, stomach and thighs got very warm, and i'm sure they were red too.  Each swing brings a sting, which is short lived and fads into a warm comfort on my skin.  That's part of why i like whips.  That and they always get me wet.

Anne let my arms and head down, only to clasp my cuffs together behind my back and pulled them up again behind me.  This left my head down and ass up.  i could almost stand upright but it really pulled on my arms.  To help me stay as she wished, clamps were attached to my dangling nipples and coupled to the center of the spreader bar.  The chain wasn't tight but it quickly straightened with the slightest upward movement.  The clamps hurt whenever they're put on, it's the worst when my breasts are plump from being tied.  The pain quickly blended with my attitude and served as a reminder that my nipples were very sensitive.

"To take the edge off" Anne said she'd let me have another drink. This was a payback i knew would come sometime.  She let me drink the beer (i think it was one) from behind in the form of an enema.  It really is an interesting sensation, the cool feel and all the bubbles, filling me inside and tickling as they move around.

Anne replaced the hose with a plug and paddled my ass good.  With each stroke,  i'd squeeze the plug tighter, knowing it couldn't escape.  The beer sloshed as i rocked, trying hard to keep from rising upward.  On the first whack, my body naturally jerked upward and my nipples quickly reminded me that that wasn't an option.  Oooo, it felt so good to be helpless, with all the sensations building into the pleasure to come.  The world condensed to just us.  And was closing in on just me.

To finish, Anne took the whip with long leather tongs.  She brought it up hard between my legs.  i think i actually jumped off the ground a couple times as the thongs found their way into me, from my belly-button to the inside of my lips.   i know i was very wet.  i could smell myself as the whip cut through the air.

Anne let me stand upright and ran a rope around my waist and between my legs.  i love the feel of a smooth cotton rope pulled inside me.  It pushes my lips apart and rubs them just the right way, although it's usually not enough to get me off completely.  It always leaves the hope that a twist this way or that will do the trick.  She undid the spreader bar and led me to the topside of the stairs.

i laid down and was tied spread-eagle.  my head was up and i could squirm a little, but i wasn't going anywhere.  As a finish, she added a leather blindfold, with a sheepskin lining (it's my favorite).  The stairs are carpeted, and open for almost total access, but i have to get my butt settled on a step before i can be 'comfortable'.

She played with me by dragging a feather up and down my front.  i thought one of the shivers that ran down my back was going to pop one of my clamps right off.   It didn't but oh, it felt good enough to do it.  When she did take the clamps off  (i think that's it's almost better to leave 'em on than the feeling of taking them off) i felt the heat of a candle below me...i knew what was coming.

Anne rubbed my legs, tits and pussy as she dripped the wax all over me.  i like the firm feeling as the wax builds and starts to encase me.  She even got on her knees between my stretched legs.  i could feel her tongue play with my hard lips and rope.

Anne knows me to well though, and left me at the brink.  i don't know for how long, but it seemed like forever.  i was ready to explode but couldn't do a damn thing about it.

When she finally came back, she untied everything except for the wrist and ankle cuffs.  i was retied to the stairs, this time with my legs up and head down.  She placed her knees on either side of my head and leaned into my hot waiting clit.  my mouth opened with a happy gasp, she plopped herself onto my waiting lips.  She was hot too, the sweet taste of her juices filled my tongue as it worked its way up and in.

We finished that night like that, my face was covered when she finally let go.  i don't remember much after that, although i do know that's how i spent the night.  It's kind of a head game to wake up and find yourself helplessly tied, but it's a good thing.

Anne was making breakfast (she can cook if she tries) to start another day together.  i spent that day tied, and serving her whims.  We even went shopping for a bit.  my hands were cuffed and under a coat and i had the plug back in with a rope to keep it there.  i think that it's a rush to walk around a crowded mall and wonder if anyone could notice.  No one has that i know of.

The evening activities picked up the intensity, again.  i wound up hanging by my wrists for the first part of the night and by my ankles for the rest of it.  It felt great!!

Needless to say i spent a lot of time last week cleaning but it was worth it!

Talk to you soon,