by jenn


Another letter to a friend discussing the events of a much anticipated vacation.


Hi Susan,

i hope your week is going well.  i'm not sure if you have the whole week or just Thursday and Friday.  i think you did have the week.  i hope you do and that we might get to chat before the weekend.

i don't ever want to go back to work.  i hit my stride today and feel great.  i know i am back to normal.  lol.  i have been thinking about that word and what it means to me.

Some would think that by the description of how parts of me ache and other are
sore, i am miserable.  But it's what lets me know how alive i am.  Others might think that being "locked" away in the house for three plus days means i'm not feeling well.  i am doing better than i have all year!

Unfortunately i will probably have to go out for a little bit today for groceries.  Since i'm staying in town, i get to cook.  i'm sure we will come up with someway to make cooking more interesting <smile>.  i did housework all day Monday, while Anne was at work, with my feet hobbled, my elbows tied behind me, and my wrists cuffed and chained.  i would really have liked to spend the whole day helplessly tied and awaiting her return.  But i had to get some things done around here.  Especially with Anne's folks coming.

Tonight it will be five full days that i have been in my proper outfits.  i know the little things tied here and there help during the workweek, but nothing beats the good ol' weekend attire.  Lol, this is the longest i haven't had clothes on in months.

Susan, my pussy hurts.  my tits hurt.  my arms, legs, ass, mouth, hurt.  Even my nostrils hurt but i feel wonderful!  i feel kinda a slut.  i lost count of orgasms today early this afternoon.  They have been incredible!  i have been in and out of subspace most of the day.  i really needed this week.

i also think my nipples will be about a half inch longer when this week is over.  Anne has had my stretchers in most of the time.  Each time she changes my position and restretches my nipples, she also adjusts the clamps to take up most of the slack.  When the weights come off, i know the stretcher rings are longer, but they still feel slightly better than the weight they have just given up.

About the only time i have been out of them is during a few whippings and Anne's idea to play with a "zipper".  i don't know if you tried that yet, but if you do i suggest that you be tied up good and gagged well.  A "zipper" is a series of clothespins tied together with a string.  The clothespins go on one at a time and can cover any part of me.  The 'zip' comes when Anne takes them off by quickly pulling the string.  OMG Susan, i take pride in not making sounds.  i know the extra hurt the release of those beasts provides and embrace it.  But you can't imagine.  i screamed and balled for a while each time she did it.

What i thought was a finale to the "zipper" was interesting, but i could maintain myself.  Anne put the clothespins on a third time.  This time to take them off she hooked up a hose to a bucket on a pulley.  It was also tied via another pulley to the line of pins.  Each set grew tighter, pulling, stretching, and finally letting go.  i did mumble and mmmph when the one on my clit and the ones on my battered nipples finally released, but other than that i was very quiet.  Even when the bucket finally grew heavy enough to "zip" the remaining wooden teeth, barely.

i guess i didn't give Anne the proper response.  Or better, she knew the one i needed.  As soon as the last set popped off, she was up and gathering the line.  Quickly she replaced them again.  Lines of the pins ran down from my breasts and nipples over my stomach, through my pussy, and finished with two in my rear.  When she finished, she looked at me a second, lovingly.  Then WHAM!  Her hand flew up pulling off the lower set, then crashing down to remove the rest.  All i could see was black.  i know i wailed.  Thankfully i had tape over my gag so only Anne could hear me. An instance latter i was hit by a whip on my breasts.  Then my pussy.  i don't even know what kind it was.  i know it went on for a while but i really don't know.  Before the forth blast hit i was in subspace.

i couldn't hear any thing or see anything.  i just was.  i felt the caressing strikes of Anne's lash.  i felt the pulling in my stretched limbs.  i felt the building burn under my wrist cuffs.  i felt the fullness of the plug and the eggplant (yes, we bought several and still have three left <smile>).  No pain, no real pleasure.  Just that they were there and they were part of me.  i could feel each individual part of me whether it was physically part of me or just attached.  i was nothing but a collection of parts, hanging and used.

At one point, Anne focused the whips on my breasts.  i know they felt warm and glowed in my mind.  Eventually she put my stretchers back in.  After that she did something to my pussy.  i don't know what.  It flung me over the edge.  i was floating in nothingness yet it was everything.

i don't know how long or what all happened. The next thing i remember i was up on my shoulders.  my wrists were behind me.  my ankles were tied to my thighs.  i was kinda balled up but with my legs parted.

Above my pussy was a candle.  Hanging sideways it was positioned to drip down the line from my pussy to my ass.  It had been burning a little while based on the drippings i started to feel above my clit.  Each hot drip stung my pussy and gave me a brief dose of reality.  When i started to hit my rear i went flying over the edge again.

Most of yesterday evening is a wonderful blur that has left me feeling very content.  Anne was in bed when i slipped back into this world.  i know today will be hard to top, but i also think it will be easier to do since we both seem to be back in the swing of things.

i hope all is well with you and all and we chat soon.