by Jenn


The story of my first summertime trip to the movies, with thumb cuffs.


We decided that we'd see a movie and that i would 'Dress' for the show.  This was the first time i'd done this in the summer, mostly because we didn't think of it till last Fall.  It seems easier to do when it's colder.

'Dressing' means that i'm tied in some way before we go.  It's never very obvious, but we know.  That's what made me a little nervous.  In the winter, clothes are heavier and i can easily wear or carry a coat.  The sundress was almost concealing and i carried a light sweater.

Underneath, i had a rope woven between my breasts and around my back.  i have a pair of nipple 'lasso's'.  They are little rope circles that tighten around nipples when pulled.  Even a baby would notice that my nipples were hard that evening.

Fortunately, she put on the one with the sliver chain, the red one would have shown right through my dress.  Lord knows how many double takes and stares i got anyway.

Another rope wound it's way around my waist and through my legs.  It made sure my plug would not come out.   Anne inserted three ice cubes before the plug, which we also keep in the freezer.  (i think it makes them easier and more fun to put in.)

Once my dress was on, it was time for the handcuffs. Every time before, she had cuffed my hands in front and i usually carried a coat/jacket over them.  That's why i was surprised when she took my arm and stepped around behind me.

Without really thinking, i brought my other arm around back.  Click.  my thoughts were still on hold with surprise when i felt the cool touch of metal around my thumbs, click, click.

Anne draped the sweater over my hands and led me in front of a mirror.  my mind started up again as i realized that i pretty much looked normal.  After all, i sometimes did carry my jacket in my hands behind me.  i also new that if someone
looked as closely as the mirror looked back at me, they'd notice something.  i noticed something.  i knew something.

As we walked through the mall's food court toward the theaters, Anne headed off to the stores.  Smiling, she said, "We can go to the later show, it'll give us almost an hour to shop."

my mouth dropped and my face grew warm, and red too i'm sure, as i stared back at her.  i know she was trying to provoke me and i've since made up my mind that i could top her for a day.  i may even let her act out my fantasy about being tied to the bed with the pagers.

We strolled through the mall and i was thankful that there were not a lot of people in the stores.  In one boutique, she decided try on a very nice red dress.  She said she'd be back in a sec and left me holding her purse.  It's added weight made my breasts stick out even further.  i tried to ignore the sales clerks as they sauntered by and started whispering to each other.  Anne took forever!

When they started to giggle i went into the dressing rooms.  She said, "What kept ya?" as she let me in.

She planted a deep kiss on my lips and caressed my breasts. i felt my nipples grow even harder.  Her other hand went under my dress and grabbed my ass.  Her hand released into a gentle caress.  i was getting hot, and this time not at her.

Her fingers ran the down the rope, making sure it way all the way between cheeks and lips.  She paused over the plug to give it a twist and a tug.  my cheeks responded by clamping down and driving it in deeper.

i saw my self in the mirror and thought "Oh Shit!, i can't wait till the lights go down".  my nipples were in Braille for the blind.

Anne took her purse and started looking through it.  She smiled and pulled out a little black weight.  "This will help", she said.

i didn't know if she meant 'help conceal them' or 'torment them'.  It didn't matter.  In a moment its pull filled my mind as it stretched the chain.

She said "Come on Jenn, not EVERYONE is going to notice them, it's time for the movie".

With that, she strutted out into the store. i took another look, still very prominent, but the weight my have actually helped a bit. i took a deep breath, that i quickly let out because of the mirror, and followed her.  i guess she noticed the clerks curiosity because she waited for me at in front of the register.  When i caught up she bent me back and planted a deep kiss on my neck and ran her tongue up to mouth.

i think i felt the air rush towards the clerks as they gasped.  Anne handed them the dress, said "whew" and left.  i felt my attitude change.  i smiled, winked and followed her.  To bad, i know she'd look great in that dress.

Anne let me carry her purse until we got to the theaters.  She made sure to get in the longest line at the concessions counter.  i stood with her in the middle of everyone.  At least it seemed that way.

When we set down, she put the drink between my legs to hold.  i was amazed at how cold it was!  i felt the damp cold of the cup cool my inner thighs and pussy.

Anne felt me up through most of the movie.  A couple of times i had to clench my teeth to keep from making a sound.  i'm also glad we sat near the front and off to the side.  No one was really that close to us, or looking at us.

We had a wonderful time when we got home.  i was Anne's toy until she went to bed.  It is my true calling.  But i didn't forget.  i knew she wanted to be a toy for a while.   It is a very rare occasion for us, but she wants it.

And today, Anne did find herself spread on the bed.  Clamped, gagged, plugged and roped.  And of course, paged.  She had a pager on the nipple clamps' chain and another clipped onto her pussy.

She's been there since 10 am this morning.  i never really left, but she doesn't know that.  i'm making sure each of the pagers go off frequently ;).

Before i let her up, i'll make sure she gets a face full of me.  my knees tightly holding her head and my legs crossing beneath her, driving her face deeper.  MMMMMM, i get a shiver just thinking about it.

i'm sure she thinking of a few things to do with me when i let her up.  And i will gladly comply.

When i do let her up.