by jenn


Another letter to a friend discussing the events of much needed weekend.


Hi Susan,

Sorry i missed you this weekend.  i actual had this weekend off.  Monday is back to the semi-nuts schedule.  i hope we can chat next weekend.  i feel so much better.  i really needed this weekend.  i haven't worn a thing, except my "accessories" since i got home Friday.

i got out about three on Friday and went straight to home, via the liquor store <smile>.  i started getting into my weekend attire as soon as i got in the door.  By the time i put my keys away i was down to my crotch rope and work was all but forgotten.

i called Anne as i was leaving the office and she said that i could enjoy myself until she got home.  And to be ready to make up some time when she did get home.

i flicked on the TV, popped a beer, and put on my cuffs and collar.  i pad locked each of them and dropped the key into an ice tray and put it in the freezer.  i figured Anne would have to make me tell her where it was <smile>.

By four-thirty i had a nice buzz and wanted to feel something more than the tired dread i've had for the last two weeks.  i was, am, still tired, but i have had an adrenaline rush since about noon Friday thinking about some good playtime.

i fixed myself on the horse with about an hour to wait for Anne.  It felt so good to get on it.  As soon as i clicked the handcuffs to my leather cuffs i stated pumping my legs to smash myself on it.  i wished i had tied my legs.  Anne did take care of that <smile>, when she finally got home around six.

She kissed and caressed me so lovingly.  i was able to suck on her lovely breasts as i rode.  i was well beyond the ache between my legs.

She grabbed a beer and took her time changing.  (She hasn't worn much since she got home either <smile>.)  i wasn't long before we went upstairs and i was flying in my favorite way.  my arms cracked as they stretched, taking on my weight.  Anne tied my ankles tight and low so they added to the pull in my wrists, holding me taunt and tight.  mmm it is so wonderful.

After good whippings with the cat and crop, Anne started putting clothespins on and around my nipples, down my stretched stomach, the last five on my pussy and clit.  A string connected them all.  Thankfully she gagged and taped my mouth before letting the clothespins sink in.  After about ten minutes of wonderful waiting, she came back and gave a good yank.  She got them all.  my mouth tried to fight the tape and open fully to scream.  Each pin feels like a stab as it's ripped off.

Anne took me back downstairs and tied me on the coffee table, where i spent most of the evening.  i was so happy to have her sit on my face.  my head hung over the edge of the table so Anne could grab my hair.  i love it when she gets a handful on each side and pulls my face in deep to her sweetness.

i got her off in both her pussy and ass with the dildo-gag.  Anne must have wanted this weekend a lot too.  She doesn't often let me do her rear like that.  She fisted me to a great orgasm to finish off for the evening.  i feel asleep with my hands cuffed behind me and my head using her pussy as a pillow.

Things didn't let up yesterday.  i slipped into subspace three or four times and quit counting orgasms at about five...and that was before noon.  One of the best things was when Anne put me in a flying hog-tie.  i started out lying on a stool.  The spreader bar held my ankles open.  my arms were also pulled back and apart to the bar.  Anne tied the bar up and gently removed the stool.  my back arched and my limbs spread out.

She looped a rope through my legs and tied it to the wall.  It was just barely pulling my forward.  Anne clamped my nipples and chained my rings.  This gave her something to pull on.  She pushed me forward and put a long large dildo into me.  It felt so good that i almost came then.  She lowered me back making sure the rope held the dildo.  She then started to pull me forward with my nipple chains.  Each time they felt like they were going to pull out before she let me back down, driving the dildo in with my own weight.  i don't know how long that went on.  It was great.  She gave me permission to cum and i jumped over the edge into subspace.

i know i'm going to feel like hell come Monday, but i feel wonderful now.  i don't know what we'll do today, i just want to do it! my adrenaline-slut rush has not waned.  We really needed a weekend like this!

i hope you have a great day and a wonderful week.