Life's Lemonade

By jenn

A story of making the best out the opportunities life gives you.  No matter how bad they look at first.


It was a hot August day.  Even without air conditioning, being inside was better than going out.  Besides, i can be myself inside.  Dressed in my cuffs, collar, and tight crotch rope, which held in my plug, Anne left for her day at work.  i went to work cleaning our home.

Early in the afternoon i started vacuuming.  Having never been accused of being graceful, i proved once again why.  The vacuum's cord caught my ankle cuff, sending me stumbling forward and the head of the vacuum into the base of our free standing floor fan.  CRASH!

The round top of the fan, still spinning, rolled around on the floor, leaving the base on its side.  i raced to unplug it.  Thankfully, the fan was the only casualty.  i picked up the pieces.  The plastic base that held the fan to its pole was snapped.

i was really mad at myself.  Our main floor fan lay in pieces.  Worse yet, it was Anne's.  my hands weren't even locked together.  Sheer klutz.  The fan still worked, but without its base, i didn't think it would have much use.  i gathered myself together, sat it aside, and went about the rest of my chores.

i felt like such a bonehead.  i guess that motivated me.  my regular chores and then some were completed and our home looked very nice.  i decided to make one of Anne's favorites for dinner, hoping to diffuse the punishment i was sure i was going to receive.  Anne's favorite is Sloppy Joe's and green beans.  i enjoy cooking, Anne doesn't.  Which may have something to do with her thinking this combination was a fanciful feast.

A little after six, i heard her car pull in.  i scampered to the door, kneeling on the floor, i got into position to greet her.  my heart seemed to pound with each step she took.  i looked over at the cross dimple in the carpet where the fan should be.  When the door started to open, i took a deep breath and chastised myself one more time.

Anne looked a little tired from her day at the office.  She closed the door and bent down to kiss my forehead.  "Hello Jenn, my precious."

"Welcome home my Love" i replied without looking up.

She took off her suit jacket and handed it to me.  i stood up and moved to the closet to put it away.

"Mmm, dinner smells wonderful." she said as she followed me back to our bedroom.

"Thank you" i said, and waited to help her undress.  She hasn't noticed yet.

"The house looks great.  You really worked hard today." She said, stepping out of her skirt and handing it to me to put away.

"Thank you" i mumbled with a slight smile.

my tone gave me away.  She stopped and looked at me, "What's the matter Hun?" she said with some concern.

i knelt down in front of her lovable legs, took a deep breath, "i'm sorry, Anne.  i have been a major klutz today.  i was vacuuming and...i broke our floor fan."

"Are you okay?" she replied.

"Yes,  i feel really bad and really stupid and very sorry.  That fan was so perfect for our living room.  Now its useless." i stammered.

"Oh Jenn," she said in an uplifting voice, "don't worry about that old thing. I am just glad you are okay."
And gave me a much needed hug.  It helped, but i still needed time to forgive myself.

Anne finished undressing and we started to settle into an ordinary evening.  The sight of Anne's charming curves helped me temper my earlier clumsiness.  She sat at the table and i fixed her plate.  i knelt beside her and waited.

After her first bite, she complimented my culinary talents (yeah, right) and told me to fix my bowl.  This may be another reason for Anne's enjoyment of this entrée.  This meal can easily be eaten from a bowl.  It has been years since i actual ate a Sloppy Joe Sandwich, other than a few pieces Anne occasionally breaks off and feeds me.  i guess this might have something to do with why i have grown fond of this feast too.

Two scoops of the mix were in my bowl and i set it beside her chair.  i stood, moved to her other side and turned away from her, hands behind me.  A short wait and she 'clicked' my cuffs together.  A love swat on my rear sent me to my dinner.

After dinner, Anne relaxed on the couch with me beside her on the floor.  Thankfully, she wiped my face since she didn't undo my hands.  After a smoke, she looked at me and said, "So, what did you do with the fan?"

"It's up in the loft, my Love. " my heart sank again.

"Fetch it, pet" she said casually.

i shot up our open staircase to the loft.  i had to turn round and bend to pick up the two pieces.  The wide round cage was pretty easy to pick up.  i carried it down to her with the cord and control box dangling behind me.  She looked it over with a "hmm" as i went back for the pole.

The pole was easier to grab but harder to carry.  It has four wide legs that make its base.  Walking carefully, i managed not to trip on my way down.  Setting the pole on her left, i went back to my spot on her right.

"This still runs, doesn't it?" she asked.

"Yes" i replied.

"Good, we might still be able to use it." She said and put it aside.

There was a long, quite, pause as she looked over the pole.  Feeling a little uneasy, i looked up to see her finger pressed along her glowing cheek.  She was deep in thought.  A glimmer entered her eye.  It led to a twinkle.  One corner of her lovely lips moved up into an evil grin.  Then the other went up into a grand smile.  "My precious, I believe we can salvage this piece."

She told me stand by the wall as she picked up the pole and went into the bedroom.  She returned shortly with a collection of toys.  Ball gag, blindfold, clover clamps, a small weight, clothespins, and duct tape.  The gag was first, followed by the blindfold.

She rolled my swelling nipples in her fingers before closing the clamps at the base of my nipple's rings.  The dangling chain bounced on my stomach.  i gritted my teeth, waiting for the pain in my nipples to blend in with the wetness the clamps automatically bring to my pussy.  The weighted chain swung again, increasing the pain and the wetness.

A touch on my upper thigh, and i opened my stance.  Anne's finger glided across my moist lips.  A shiver ran down my back.  She grasped and pulled  an outer labia, sinking the crotch rope slightly deeper.  i felt the pinch of the first clothespins.  my wetness quickly absorbed this discomfort and the seven others that lined my pussy.

The sticky rip told me the tape was next.  She passed it over the half of the clothespins and around my right thigh.  Two full turns around each leg pressed the clothespins into my thighs and held me open.

i heard her move off again.  Alone in the dark, i waited.  my guilt still nagged at me as the pain in my nipples turned into a welcome ache. The sound of some fumbling around, the scent of my sex, and an occasional, "Dang it!", were the only things to distract my anticipate.

Finally, after what seemed like a much longer time than i'm sure it actually was, she returned.  The folds of my darkness lifted and my eyes adjusted to the room.   The sight of the pole opened my already gapping mouth.

Atop of the pole sat one of our larger dildos.   Some paint stirs and tape secured the beast to the adjustable shaft of the pole.  Its tip came up to the bottom of my breast.  Swallowing hard, my eyes widened, and my mind started a civil war between "Oh Yes!" and "Oh No!"

Still in my daze, Anne opened the clamp that holds the shaft and it sunk down to my knees.  She pulled me forward and untied my crotch rope.  i was still in shock.  i wasn't paying attention to anything other that Anne's great idea.  She moved me over the beast and started hooking my ankle cuffs to ropes she had run through the eyelets in the legs of the pole.

my heels rested on the edge of the legs, almost like wearing a low heel.  my feet were only slightly apart when Anne moved the shaft up.  i felt the beast at my defenseless entrance.  She stood up and stepped back to view her masterpiece.

"We'll have to work on the mounting of the dildo.  I'm sure we'll think of something.  But I think this thing just might come in handy.  What do you think Jenn?" she said with a smile.

i mumbled the best "Thank you" the gag permitted me.

Kneeling in front of me, Anne raised the shaft again.  The beast started to part my already pull pussy.  Oh, i love this.  i tried to keep relaxed as worked the dildo into me.  i could feel it press against the plug already filling my rear.  The thought of being impaled on this thing made me hot.

Anne locked the shaft in place once the full girth of the beast was within me.  There was still plenty of it left.  Shifting my weight from leg to leg and bending my knees slightly, i started to explore the impact this new toy could have.

"I thought you might like this" Anne said, "I can even help you along"

With that she pulled on the ropes in the bases legs.  my ankles were drawn out to the ends of the legs.  my legs where more than two feet apart and the beast an inch deeper.  'Oh Yes!' won a crushing battle!  "Mmm, ank oui" spilled over the gag.  i leaned forward to adjust myself and the weight's sway reminded me i had nipples.  The worries of the day were fading with the sun.

Anne went back to the couch.  She finished the paper and turned on the TV.  i was starting to stand straight.  my thighs were starting to ache.  i was always fairly still.  i was cheating by bending my knees.  Moving my impaled body up and down its newfound toy.  i mean, i couldn't shift my weight very much with my legs apart like that, could i?  Plus, that pinched my pinned lips.  That was the justification my mind's little voice gave me.  It should have told me not to wear down my legs so quickly.

On the first set of commercials, Anne came by and played with my nipples.  i wanted to melt but my legs were locked.  "Poor baby" she said, batting my breast.

Bending down, she flipped the clamp and i felt the shaft loosen for a moment.  Anne forced it, and me, up.   i was up on my tiptoes and feeling full.  The head of the beast reached my uterus.  my knees were definitely locked now.  Pain filled my lower bowels and shot out to my limbs if i tried to rest my heels on the toy's legs.

The ache in my thighs ebbed slightly.  Within a short time, the blaze in my calves more than made up for it.  my teeth clamped down on the ball stuffing my mouth.  i closed my eyes and made myself as rigid as possible.  The pressure of the beast against my plug was like giant fingers pinching the inside of me.  i waited.  my guilt made a last stand with 'Oh No!'

Anne's tug on my chain opened my eyes.  She placed a hand on my shoulder and pressed me down.  my heels found the support of the legs again without pain.  i hadn't even realized she loosened the shaft.  A tap on my leg and i found my ankles could move in, just a bit.  The moment passed and Anne resumed pressure on my shoulder.  i started bending my knees again.

The beast started to move in me again too.  Anne had relocked it.  With my knees halfway bent, Anne stopped.  She bent down and pulled the ropes that parted my ankles again.  She didn't pull them apart, just made them taut.  She then tied the ends together so they passed through my nipple chain.

"There you go girl," she said as she stepped back, "Let's see how far you can stand up."

my upper body would only straighten a little before my nipples we pulled.  Sliding my feet, my ankles again found the ends of the base's legs.  i tried again and this time could straighten up my top, but not my legs.  If i bent over, I could straighten my legs.  In either case, i would not be escaping the beast.  Changing positions made my pussy heat up as the beast roared within me.  But the lack of strength in my legs made movement minimal and only when necessary.

"I think you can keep yourself entertained for a while." Anne said walking back to the couch.  "My shows almost over.  You can wait that long for your punishment for breaking my fan, can't you?"

"Of course i will, anything for you" i thought.

The ache in my legs caused an automatic change in my position.  The slide of the beast sent a shiver up my spine and my eyes started to roll back.  "Oh Yes!' had won the war.  Sub space filled its victory cup.

Anne again brought me back to reality with a kiss on my cheek.  She reached behind me, click, my hands fell to my sides.  She helped me stand up.  Forget the gym, my legs had just received a through workout.

"Go upstairs and get into your 'fav' my precious.  I'll join you shortly." She said.

Climbing the stairs was not as easy this time.  The dull ache now in my legs heightened the pain of the clothespins pulling my sore pussy.  i reached the top and bent over to stretch my legs.  It was just what i needed to get a little life back into them.

i moved the large pillow from in front of the door over to a chair.  The door opened to the utility/storage room.  At least that's what it was in most of these units.  In ours, it was my favorite playroom.  The room wasn't very wide, but it was high.  Several hooks traced the outline of a beam in the wall, up across the ceiling, and down the other wall.

Long loops of well-used cotton ropes where waiting on a small chair inside.  Each set had a threaded hook in the end.  i encircle my ankles with the single loops.  Pull the looped end through my cuff's D rings, then  the hooked end under the loop to make a large slip knot.  i repeated the process on my wrists.  These moorings had four loops attached to the hook. Moving the small chair to the side, i was ready to get into my 'fav'.

i learned this trick long before i met Anne.  The first time i saw a picture of a woman tied this way, i knew i had to try it.  my quest to be tied this way led to many experiments.  A few have nearly been disasters.  Others much more rewarding, but none are as fulfilling as having someone there to click that final lock, making sure i abandon the ability to rescue myself.

i lifted my left leg and slipped the anchor rope's hook through an eye-hook in the wall.  The rope held my foot a few inches above the floor.  Turning around, my hands held the chair and i hopped up on it. A sharp pain shot through my pussy as the clothespins, and i, settle onto the chair.

i attached my right ankle to its hook and i stood up, legs well apart, pussy still throbbing and very open.  i double-checked my wrist ropes.  i pulled them snug and placed a hook in each hand.  my arms floated up to the ceiling, my hands quickly found the eye-hooks.  i slipped the rope's hook in.

Turning the nut built into the hook, the "C" shaped hook became an "O".  This way i can't accidentally pop my arm free.  It's a safety thing.  Safety is too important to this tie.  my ropes and hooks were well tested, falling sucks as i learned in an earlier near disaster.

my supports secure, i bend my legs and lower my weight onto my arms.  They creak a little as they stretch but the pull in my arms always feels so gratifying.  With my weight on my arms, i kick the chair away.  my legs straighten, my arms taut, and i hang, spread-eagle. Mmm, i relax and wait for Anne.  The stress of the day is long lost in my helpless floating freedom.

Anne eventually came up, i don't know how long it was and i didn't really care.  Her appearance did break the trance of my 'fav'.  She had our new toy and a few whips.  She set them as side and gave me a big hug, pressing her head against my breasts.

"Jenn, I love you so much.  You are so wonderful to me. I could not ask for anyone better.  I am glad it was only the fan that was hurt.  You are much more important to me.  Besides, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Finding this new toy is well worth another fan.  I don't understand all the things you like, but I love you so much I want to give you everything I know you need."

Anne picked up some scissors and cut the tape around my thighs.  "Hold tight" was all i heard before my vision went black.

A weak mumbled whimper was all that survived of the savage scream from my pussy.  The tape ripped around my leg and took two of the clothespins.  i managed to suck in a quick breath before the tape tore across my other leg, this time taking three clothespins.

Tears escaped my eyes as my pussy burned.  A few gasps and i regained my breathing.  The area around my pussy was on fire.  The spots where the clothespins had been felt like they had been pierced.  One at a time, Anne added three more spots as she slowly removed the last of the clothespins.

Anne's tender hand cradled my fiery mound.  Oh, i melted.  Her finger slid through my battered slit.  my head went back and i gave myself to her.  Her finger skimmed my hard clit and the pain no longer mattered.

She positioned the toy under me again.  Raising the shaft, the beast easily penetrated my glistening pussy.   It was well inside when Anne locked it in place.  my pussy contracted to greet it.  my mind swirled with feelings and thoughts.

i snapped back when Anne took the clamps off my nipples.  The blood returning carried the pain back with it.  Sometimes i would rather leave them on then go through the feeling of taking them off.

Anne was not as tender this time.  Instead of a caress, my nipples were kissed by the ridding crop.  i moaned into the gag as my muscles instinctively contracted.  Moving the beast through my pussy.  The crop found my other nipple, then my thighs.

She changed to a whip for the second pass.  When it hit my thigh, i surrendered myself to my pussy.  All i could do was flex my arms to move myself on the beast.  Each strike of the lash added to my desire.  i fought to maintain just a little control of it.  i had to.  my orgasm was building.  Anne knew and said "Jenn, you may indulge yourself"

A sigh of joy escaped me.  i stopped any attempt to fight for the control i no longer needed.  my  autopilot  took over.  i was on course for sub space.  my last coherent thought before the ecstasy of the orgasm was that i should have broken that damn thing a long time ago!