by jenn

A summer's day in the secluded mountains, a picnic, and dreams.


The late summer morning was beautiful. The sky was completely blue, apart from the warm sun and a few scattered cotton-ball clouds.

Anne and i were going on a picnic. We both needed to relax after another workweek. my fondness of bondage only amplifies the irony of thought that people think what happens at work is normal. That's the real D/s if you ask me.

We drove into the foothills. The air was cooler and crispier, but the sun was just as hot. A seldom noticed dirt path (calling it a road is an insult to cow paths everywhere) and a short hike and we arrived at a lovely place. Several trees shaded a corner of the meadow. A babbling stream cut through, carving its way past the trees.

Anne and i placed our packs, baskets, and cooler under a tree. We spread tablecloth in the bright meadow. Anne hammered in stakes at the corners to keep it in place. i knew from previous expeditions that the tablecloth would not be the only thing stretched between those posts today.

Anne surprised me buy saying "I'll set the "table", you grab a beer and settle yourself."

We usually eat before anything else happens. Even the time it rained we ate first. i know Anne wanted it to rain too, she left me staked out with the funnel gag in my mouth. She carved a hole and added a funnel to one of our old ball gags, the ultimate recycling. It does add intrigue and feels just like a ball gag, but you have to be very careful how fast you swallow and pour. The rain, even when heavy, was an interesting but easy challenge. The chill, welcome as it was that hot day, was worse than the water.

i slid out of my shorts and tee and knelt at the top of the tablecloth. my back grew hot from the sun's rays. Anne's basket was full of our toys. She encircled my neck with my orange leather collar. Cuffs were then tightened around my wrists and ankles. At least she used the sheepskin-lined cuffs on my wrists. i knew the black leather would grow hot quickly. The mountain sun can be brutal.

i sat with my legs apart on the tablecloth and started my second beer as Anne fastened my ankle cuffs to the stakes. She started setting out the food (More like containers. We stopped to pick up some coleslaw and chicken nuggets on the way. Anne's idea of cooking.).

"Ready, my dear. I'll let you finish that after i tie your hands," she said with a smile.

i left a good swallow in the can and rolled back, leaving my hands outstretched. Anne quickly affixed the ropes between my cuffs and the stakes. i felt the grass around my wrist and ankle cuffs. i almost wished i was on the ground, the tablecloth is coated and felt sticky when it's hot.

The sun's heat was beating down on my entire body. Flexing my limbs, i felt secure. Being staked out has been a long time fantasy/game of mine. my smile broke out and Anne let hers shine back at me.

Anne offered me a nugget and slipped one into her mouth. "These need sauce," she said with her mouth still full. (That does bug me.)

With that she opened the honey, BBQ, and ranch sauces. She poured the ranch and BBQ over my breasts. She took another nugget and passed it around my right breast (BBQ) before saying it was much better, mouth full again.

The sauces did feel better, cooler, against my hot skin. She poured the honey over my pussy. She pushed each nugget hard between my lips whenever she desired my honey. She offered me several and i must admit i liked them the best.

She emptied the slaw onto my stomach, it was colder than all of the sauces. Some of the juice tickled as it ran over and down the sides of my stomach.

"This needs to stay cold," she said as she headed toward the cooler. At least i'd taught her something about handling food.

She returned with several ice cubes and placed them inside me, front and back. i felt the honey thicken around my lips as the ice cooled me from the inside. i knew it wouldn't help the slaw but i really didn't care.

i tested my binds again, pulling my arms and legs to no avail. i could relax in my helpless comfort. i loved that she was actually eating off me.

The sun was in my face and i squinted at best. i knew Anne had gotten up when i heard her say, "To bad it's not the spring, i this would make some great tan lines."

Don't i know it. Our first picnic this year was in the spring and i didn't have a good start on my tan. i wound up with some nice tan lines around my neck, wrists, and ankles. Ankles were easily concealed, but my neck and wrists were another story. i wore lace chokers for a week and explained, "i jogged with wrist weights," when ever someone noticed my hands.

She returned with my sunglasses and let me finish my beer. i'm glad i only left a swallow because she just poured it in when i opened my mouth. i had to wait for some of the foam to settle before i could swallow.

The sun was high in the sky as she pulled out another surprise. Anne showed me the magnifying glass she had brought. Her hand moved up and down as she focused it in on my nipple. When it stopped, i had a moment of serenity before the searing pain shot through me.

my normally quiet demeanor broke the tranquility of the area. Mumbled grunts escaped me as i tried to regain composure. Anne had mercy and slowly moved the beam. i am thankful the ray had to remain in place for a moment before it stabs my skin. my nipples, breasts, pussy, thighs, and even my tongue got feel its ire.

Anne finally lay down between my legs and tried her best to lick up all of the honey, mmm she did a good job. Her hot wet tongue circled and probed my lips for each drop.

After dessert, Anne untied me from the stakes, took off my cuffs, and helped peel the tablecloth off my back. i rolled over on the ground to get the leftover coleslaw off and wound up with a layer of dirt, especially on my breasts, stomach and pussy.

As i stood up, Anne and i agreed that i was a mess. "We'll have to clean you up before we go back," she said as she pulled up the last of the stakes.

i followed her over to the stream. The water was shallow but cold even for late summer. At a narrow bend where the water was moving, she told me to stretch out, head aimed down stream.

When i did she replaced a stake just beyond my outstretched arms. She wrapped my wrists in rope and pulled it to the stake. Two more stakes went in by my feet on opposite banks. Even as she finished binding my ankles, i could feel the rush of the water, channeled down and over my pussy. A few drops splashed over and collected in my navel.

i slowly adjusted to the cold water; the sun helped. Anne washed my body tenderly with a towel. She was asking me if I still had my "high tide" fantasy. i assured her it still held my interest. i was feeling warmer just thinking about it. i do love her so, she is so good to me.

Being tied up to a pier, staked out on the beach, or buried in the sand near the low tide mark. Waiting there, half a day to wonder and find out just how high the tide would be. Mmm, it is one of my favorite fantasies.

She told me of her variation "dam it". The stream was not very wide so it would be pretty easy. She traded my sunglasses for a pair of swimming goggles that we'd painted. They just covered my eyes and had a slight blue glow as the sun tried fight through the paint.

Splash-clunk. Anne began to pile up rocks. She was at it a good while.

Click, Splash, Clunk, the dam grew. It took a while, but i was starting to notice the effects as the water grew up my sides. my hair was gliding downstream.

She finally sat down on the bank beside me and opened a beer she'd had in the stream. i knew she was tired. She offered me a sip, part of which spilled over my cheeks. It was getting hard to hear anything as the rush of the water came up over my ears.

Anne kneeled over me and lifted my head. "Let's see if you can make good use of your time as we wait."

With that she straddled my face and arms. She leaned forward and my lips met hers. my tongue caressed her hardening pebble as my upper lip suckled hers into my wet mouth.

She leaned forward, pushing my head into the streambed and her sweet pussy deeper into my mouth and onto my tongue. Her knees, and my wiggling, shifted the sand and rocks below me. Lowering my body in the process. The water was over my neck and close to my forehead.

She slipped two fingers in me and paused. Holding me open to let the stream fill me. It was a great sensation! She used her other hand to do the same to my ass.

After she came she collapsed on top of me. Her wet pussy completely covered my face. i held my breath until she finally started to stir. She rolled over onto sank into the bank.

i tilted my head to keep my mouth up as my breasts became little islands. The water was coming over my pussy and stomach. Anne decided to prop my head up with a rock. It did help. The water could rise a little higher.

When it again reached my chin, she removed the rock and pushed my head under. She started working my pussy good with her fingers, pulling my head up occasionally. Ooohh i felt great. i could released myself to the sensations of the water and my body. As i grew closer to release, she placed a rock on my flowing locks. It pulled my head under. Pinching my clit, I floated away. After a long moment i heard the movement of rocks and the water receded. i was relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.

We packed up and started back; i was back in my cuffs. Anne let me put my shoes back on. She did wrap me in a blanket, after cuffing my hands behind me, for or ride home.

It is days like this that really make me like the great outdoors, and love my Anne all the more.