The Pendulum
by jenn


It was Friday afternoon and i was anxious to get home. Anne had sent me an e-mail saying she had a fun surprise for this weekend. i had no idea what she had planned, i rarely do. i know it will be fun, whatever it is.

my casual Friday accessories stole too much of my attention as the minutes crawled towards five. With the cool weather i could wear bulky sweaters and jeans on Fridays. They concealed the ropes between my legs and around my breasts. my rope undergarments were almost form-fit. The rope splitting my pussy also held in my plug. This one was the medium size. Enough to be noticed, but not unbearable. You even get used to it (i hate to say it, but i miss them when they are not there). i am always amazed how they lock themselves in place. Snugly filling. The rope ensured it would not escape.

my lips partially hid the rope as it tunneled through my sensitive mound. Anne was always careful to make sure my clit was centered between the parallel cotton cords. Thin chains linked the rings in my lips to my nipples' rings. They made reaching up for things a little more interesting.

i tried to appear busy as i daydreamed about the weekend. Lost in thoughts i realized it was finally time and shut down my pc in record time. Traffic was light but still agonizing as i hurried home.

i came through the door to see Anne setting on the couch. i was very surprised as i usually beat her home by an hour. She smiled and said, "Hello".

The surprise melted into a huge smile and i began to undress, as was Anne's wish at home. "Hello my Love," i finally managed to say. "This is a surprise"

"It's only the first", Anne said..

i folded my clothes and walked them to the bedroom. Returning with my cuffs and collar i knelt in front of Anne and presented them. She quickly locked each in place. Handing me a glass of wine and a cigarette, She smiled. "You need to try and relax before your next surprise."

i finished the glass as i put out the smoke. Anne untied my "panties" and unchained my rings. She instructed me to remove the plug and clean up. i was again surprised. i usually was plugged most of the night.

i went to the bathroom and got cleaned up. Anne was thoughtful enough to fill the enema bag for me. As the warm flow started i quickly realized that she'd spiked the mix with a little vodka.

Once filled, i cleaned my toy and put it away (the second best place to store a butt plug is in the freezer.) and returned to Anne. (i tend to waddle when i'm full.) And finally i stood in front of Her.

She smiled at me and offered another cigarette. i tried not to dance as i held the sloshing mixture with my stretched ass. i finished my smoke and awaited Anne's next wish. my head started to feel the effects of the vodka. She noticed and said it was time to let it go. i waddled, in almost a straight line, back to the bathroom as fast as i could.

When i returned i was led upstairs to our main playroom and i got another surprise. It looked like a jungle gym was set up in our loft. Pipes crossed and formed a box that ran ceiling to floor. At one end was a long pole with a large round circle at the end. It hung from a geared circle that attached to pole across the top. Large chains hung from another gear in the center of the pole.

Anne positioned me in the center and brought my wrists behind me. She slid the leather binder up around my arms. Pulling the laces compelled my arms together under the caress of the leather. my shoulders drawn back, thrusting my breasts up and out. The belts around my elbows, wrists, and shoulders pressed my arms tightly against my back and framed my breasts.

The chains rattled and i heard a fateful 'click'. i was locked in. Kneeling in front of me, she attached cuffs above my knees. Pulling two more chains and measuring their length. A gentle touch and a sugary order, "Gimme Sweetie".

i raised my leg and met her hand. She pulled my leg up so my knee was just above my waist and locked it to the chain. i was doing a nice standing split. i'm thankful that i can keep my balance, i guess that really doesn't matter as i couldn't fall. She had to step back and admire Her progress. "Oh you are so distracting," She gleamed.

Anne turned and picked up the big cat. "I bet you're wondering about your new toy."

It would have been very easy to gag me now as my mouth still hung open looking at this contraption. With a smile and a flick of the wrist the lashes whooshed to my pussy. Whack!

"You do remember Steve don't you?" Whack!

The sting always made me jump as i tried to hold still. Yes, a coworker of hers. i nodded. i heard the next just before it landed. Not too hard but enough to get me warm. The stings blended into a warm spark that engaged my pussy.

"He has an interesting hobby." Whack!

"He works on large clocks." Whack!

"As luck would have it, he had these spare parts." Whack!!! That one stung deep.

Finally, Anne put the cat down and pressed her lips deep into mine. i began to melt in her arms. my breasts pressed against Her. Caressing my red, warm mound, her hand slipped a finger just between my wet lips. Her other hand felt cool as it slipped over my reddened cheek and began to pull on my left leg. "This one too, Hon," She said with a smile.

i tried to shift my weight to my other leg as my arms and waist felt the pull of their chains. With Her help, my leg locked into place and i was sitting wide open in the air.

The chains were just the right lengths to pull my legs apart. i could close them, but my weight kept a steady pull on my knees. i relaxed a little and my legs opened wider. The pull eased. Anne reached down and tied a thick red shoestring around my big toe. Without a word or look, i pressed my other leg in as she ran the string towards my other foot. Once tied, my legs opened again but my toes made my feet point inward and i leaned forward a little more.

Anne hooked smaller chains to my each of my rings. She attached them to rubber bands on the sides of this contraption. my nipples ran up to the top while my lips anchored to the sides. There was slack in the chains and i knew the rubberbands would give a little too. i began to wonder about this surprise.

Anne turned to our toy chest and pulled out my inflatable gag. i opened wide as it entered my mouth. It encased my face in it's leather embrace. Tightly in place, Anne looked me in the eye and squeezed the little black ball. The air rushed into my mouth and i felt the gag growing against my teeth and tongue. my mouth filled as it opened. Several more pumps and my mouth was held wide.

"It's time for the big surprise my dear," Anne said as she walked downstairs.

i heard her coming up the stairs as my curiosity was almost over the edge. my eyes almost popped out and my jaw tried to drop even further open. my rear clenched involuntarily. i saw what she was carrying. It was the biggest damn plug i'd ever seen!

She set it on a pole and quickly positioned it directly under me. my mind began to run, 'i can't take that. It's huge!' i tried to relax.

"Gloop" Thankfully she was lubing it up. 'Oh my girl, relax, you have to,' my mind told me. i felt the sweat bead on my forehead.

i saw Anne's shadow as She stood behind me. "Now it's...time"

She raised her hand. Another long thin shadow began to swing. i heard metal 'click' as the shadow paced back and forth. As Anne walked in front of me i began to realize that i was slowly sinking. my eyes revealed my deduction as Anne smiled.

"You'll have plenty of time to enjoy this. i figure a few hours before you "peak". Of course, i can adjust the pendulum faster...and slower."

my eyes widened. i tried to take a deep breath and prep myself. 'Relax, focus on who you are. i am as i am and i love it' my mind repeated. And i do love it. i also heard the litany of 'It'll split you, either way.'

i worried about my ass. The biggest i ever had was about half that size and i barely took it. i know i can take more in front, but this...

my focus returned to the present as Anne stopped the pendulum. i heard Her adjust something and the shadow's saunter started again. The clicks were faster and i noticed that my descent quickened.

Anne headed down the stairs and "ta-ta's" a dismissal. i managed some composure by enjoying how i was. my arms and shoulders would ache, but not yet. The chain holding them up actually seemed to help a little. Of course, that benefit was more than nullified by the tightening of the belts on my front. my anticipation blended with my other feelings as i watched the slack dwindle in the chains.

my enchantment was broken by the tip of the plug. The smooth, gooey (thankfully), rounded summit landed almost dead center between my openings. Oh my. i had to choose and choose quickly. i almost hated her for it. Either way she picked, i just endured it. Now i was responsible. Which one will hate me?

i leaned forward and tried and extend my legs, sending my hips back. my pussy opened as the chains on my rings grew taut. i waited as the 'clicks' counted off. i felt the pinnacle submerge between my lips. my ass tightened as i began to realize that the peak alone was huge.

As my impaling began, Anne returned. "i knew you'd take that course," She said between sips from her glass. "We'll save the back nine for later."

"i don't know if i can make the clubhouse" was all i wanted to say. And if she made a comment about "playing through" i'd scream. i do love our sarcastic sides, even if they come out in stupid puns.

i leaned back, the rubberbands on each of my rings began to stretch, pulling my nipples and lips. i guided the plug's apex inside me. i was on it. i tried to gasp, it's girth felt gigantic, and it was only the beginning. my hips unconsciously embraced the beast, not yet aware of its wrath.

Click, click, click. The shadow waltzed in front of me while the plug marched on. Anne watched me for a reaction. i tried to relax. It was still not too bad. Being still, the chains were just getting tight. The plug was growing, stretching my pussy, firmly filling it. i flexed my muscle, tensing my loins, i tried and hold on, but it was inevitable.

The strain showed in my face as i tried to slow my slide with my legs. They tired quicker with each flex. The strain was not just from the fight; i was getting hotter too. Victories are short and only temporary as the plug caught up and the tug returned to my rings during each rest.

Anne got up and headed towards our toys. She returned with a spreader bar. Standing between my parted legs, She untied my toes and tied the one end of the bar to left knee. She strung up the bar to my right leg and pushed my legs wide. Perched on this plug, i was doing aerial splits.

"This should take some of the bounce out of you. You should savor this, you had a long week and it's going to be a long weekend. Besides, you're almost halfway home." With that, i watched her elongating shadow stop the pendulum again. i was so stretched, but thankful for the brief rest.

It only paused for a moment. Its dance began again. i swallowed as best i could as i listened to the noticeably slower i didn't really feel like i was going down, just the strain in my pussy, lips, and nipples.

The slower pace gave my body a little more time to adjust, but it was also maddening. Part of me was ready to take it all, get it over with. Plugs can be wicked, but they show mercy. If you get past the widest point and it locks in, no matter how huge, it's not as bad as it was a moment before.

i'd passed the point where the stress on my pussy was a constant pain. Each click gently, slowly added to the pain. i was starting to compartmentalize the parts of my body. The pain gave my breasts and pussy their own entities. They were held together by the underlying pleasure generated with the pain. i started to slide deep within myself.

Anne brought me back to reality. It was dark outside and i couldn't see the shadows. The pain refocused my attention, my nipples achee and my pussy was on fire. i let go a yell into the gag.

Anne pulled my hair back into a ponytail and tied it up. i felt my hair reach up, holding my head upright with it. Anne looked into my tearing eyes and said. "You're almost there sweetie. You're so close to that hump. You'll still be quite stretched, but it will be a relief from where you're at now."

i heard the clicks start again at a fast pace. my head rose up on my neck as my hair stood on end. my hair was being pulled out by my own weight, slowing my descent. The clicks started to slow, and i could just about feel the edge of the plug. i started to sob, my scalp ached, my neck was stretched, and my pussy was in agony. i was being split in two. i couldn't take it and let out a muffled scream.

Anne held my face in her hands. i tried to focus on her but it was difficult. i was not much more than a wounded animal. She said, "You made it. You reached the most difficult part. It's all downhill from here." With that, she pulled on the rope holding my hair.

i didn't drop much, but it was enough to pop the plug into me and almost rip my rings out. my mouth opened wider than even the inflatable gag could expand it as i let out a silent scream. i was still split opened wider than i ever had been but it seemed like there was some relief. The pain was blending into a welcome sense of being.

i almost caught my breath as Anne ran a vibrator over my nipples. my eyes rolled back into my head. my nipples danced with joy, even if it was on hot coals. All of my feelings, sensations, pains, and thoughts converged within me. i felt wonderfully alive, peaceful, floating.

i barely made out Anne's voice saying, "You have permission..." before She touched the vibe to my clit. i saw an explosion of light as my orgasm erupted throughout me. Every fiber of my being tingled. i didn't look back towards the edge of reality; i was off to paradise.