4th July
by jenn

Bondage fireworks for a Fourth of July Weekend


i was really looking forward to the long weekend. Having just started a new job, i didn't have much time off. Neither did Anne, but we did have a three day holiday weekend. It was only one extra day but i wanted to take advantage of it.

i got it started Friday morning, it was a casual dress, hot and sunny, summer day. i wore my favorite pair of stone-washed denim jeans and loose a short sleeve sweater (the office has a very efficient air conditioner). Underneath, Anne had neatly tied cotton ropes, crisscrossing my breast for a bra, another threaded around and through my hips for panties. Both of my undergarments would be hard for others to notice. And hard for me not too.

Every outfit needs some accessories. mine consisted of a plug, short gold chains for my neck and nipple rings, and a tiny padlock. The tiny padlock in my other rings made sure that my panties stayed in place.

The constant thought of being with Anne this weekend kept me going all day. i was surprised i got anything done; i wanted the weekend to start. i was so happy when they finally said we could go home early. After stops at the cleaners and the liquor store, i was finally on vacation.

i was sad when i found the house empty. i wanted Anne. A note put a smile back on my face for the moment. "We made it. Relax. I'll be home soon. Have yourself and dinner prepared by six (Uggghhh! Six!). No Chinese! (Another story). Love, Anne"

Six. It was three-thirty now. i took comfort at being home. i put away the clothes from the cleaners and mine from the day. i found my cuffs and collar laid out. Firmly wrapping each tightly, i secured them with a few more locks. Time to relax a bit and wait.

i opened the wine for Anne and put it in the 'fridge to cool. On hot days a cold beer beats a glass of wine for me. At four-thirty i decided it was time to set the table and start cooking. At six-thirty i sat, alone, in front of a lovely candlelight dinner.

i wanted to play. i was making myself hot. i knew to wait for her, but i was ready. After all she was very late. i got myself another beer.

A drop of condensation slipped down the side of the cold bottle. Tipping it up for a sip, the unnoticed droplet fell. Its cool wet kiss landed at the base of my nipple. A shiver ran my spine as my nipple awoke. "Where is she!" i slide my hand down my stomach, over my homemade panties, i was ready.

Finally, someone was coming up the stairs. i raced to the door and knelt in front of it. Anne opened the door and handed me her purse with a smile. i sat it down against the wall. my heart leaped.

She looked down at me and i smiled. Before she said anything, she cocked her head and sniffed the air. "Mmm. Dinner smells great. And you do too." she said with an evil, playful, smile. She knew. my heart sank.

Halfway through dinner she slyly asked, "Did you start without me?"

"Yes, i had a beer when i got home, another while cooking. This is my third," i said hoping to gloss over the matter.

Anne sipped her wine slowly and peered over the glass, "That's not what I meant."

"Please forgive me. It was only a little, i didn't mean too." i was worried and trying not to whine.

"You were late and...and i was very nervous...i've been home since three-thirty and i am so looking forward to this weekend, and..."

Thankfully she cut me off. "That's okay. Thank you for finally being honest. I am sorry I was a little late." Her voice was pleasant, but cool. i screwed up. Her wicked smile made me wonder.

"Are you up for a little bet, pet?" she asked.

my heart leapt, let the weekend begin. i knew what the "bet" was. It would push me. i should have been scared but i was too happy, sure of myself, and just plain ready. "i will do my best, Sweetie."

"Good. Any ideas for a wager?"

"No. Ma'am." i know when to answer that question and this wasn't one of them.

"Hmm, how about this. If you win, you get to spend as much time as you can off the floor tomorrow and we'll do our best to keep you up the rest of the weekend."

'Hmm, very interesting incentive,' i thought, 'then what if i lose?' This should be interesting. "And if you lose, i will surrender myself to you for the day."

What! i couldn't believe it. She couldn't. No! Not this weekend! i had been looking forward to this for a month. Anne rarely played the sub. i hoped with all my heart that this wasn't a weekend she wanted that. i really had incentive now. Oh, i was to shocked to be mad. i had to win.

How could she? i knew she still had a bit of a grudge from the first bet. But this? Dang she knows how to push my buttons. This will make the third time and i haven't lost yet. i won head to head the first time. It wasn't fair, Anne has never been good at being a sub. That was over two years ago. She lost badly. She wanted to know what it was like and she did learn. i think most of all that day taught her what her true roll was and that she did like it. That time seems almost easy now. This time it wouldn't. i had to win.

After i cleared the table, i knelt beside Anne with my head in her lap. We shared a smoke as she stroked my hair. "Are you ready?" i was relaxed but determined.

"Yes, Sweetie!"

"Good, but unfortunately we have a little indiscretion to deal with. Stand under the stairs."

'Oh well,' i thought, 'i deserve it and i was looking forward to this anyway. i just hope she isn't to mad.' i jumped up and stood under the top step in the open staircase to the loft.

"Your wrists, pet."

Anne looped the rope through the links in my cuff and over the top step. She gathered my hair and used the rope to make a ponytail. When i saw her bring out the spreader bar i opened my legs without a sound.

As i stretched my legs, my arms straightened and my hair held my head steadfast. my feet were mostly on the floor. i wished i had on heels just to be a little taller.

i waited for the gag, but did not expect the chopsticks. Again without a word i stuck my tongue out. Anne quickly wrapped rubberbands around their ends and rolled them in. It was tight but bearable and my tongue wasn't dry, yet.

On the table, Anne laid out a pair of whips, a small one for my nipples and a lash. The crop anxiously bounced in her hand. A flick of her wrist and its kiss stung my ass. The second was very hard and a SMACK filled the room. my back arched, my teeth tried to clench, my tongue throbbed, and my hair strained my scalp. All ignited by the fire growing in my left cheek. i had to hold still.

Both my cheeks were hot and red when Anne set the crop aside. She held the nipple whip i front of me. "Stick out your tongue dear."

A sassy smile was not the right answer. She brought the whip down over my tongue. OOOuch! i tried to gasp but couldn't move. The sticks pulled my mouth back and my lips tight. my tongue was still vulnerable. i closed my eyes as Anne spun the whip across my tongue. i could taste the salty leather as it struck. A few tears escaped my eyes.

"Will you control your tongue, pet?"

"Aha huh," was all i could muster.

"Will you control yourself?"

"Sss 'am"

With that she stopped. my poor tongue ached. Held in a forced tease, it was dry and throbbing. Part of my mind was regrouping. Feeling the pains and strains in my mouth. Another part was exploring them. 'That was different,' my submissive brain thought. 'We'll have to try that again, but not for a while.'

Anne unlocked my ring's padlocks and picked up the lash in her left hand, the crop in her right. The crop alternated a gently rub and playful slap within the arch created by the spreader bar. Mmm, this was much better.

With quick light taps she thumped my pussy. When she stopped she brought the lash up between my legs. The long tongs curled under me as they bit my awakening mound and glowing ass. i tried to hide my smile as i slipped into my punishment. i didn't want to think about anything except the heat growing down there.

The shaft of the crop slide between my legs. my knees started to bend. my hair stood on end. "Would you like to cum pet?"

"mmuph sss"

"What's that pet?"

"Please Ma'am," i tried to say, even though i knew it was barely comprehensible. my mouth was so stretched and tongue so dry i doubt i could have been understood without this gag. She started tapping again.

"Are you sure you don't?" my eyes opened wide.

"i wo, eas a'am" i sputtered.

Anne picked up her pace, tapping with the crop and firm loving kisses with the lash. my legs straightened while my knees tried to bend. my fire grew. "peas a'am, ay i umm?"

"I can't understand you pet?"

i realized i was in trouble. The best kind of trouble . Anne kept it up, rubbing the shaft of the crop, stroking the lash. i wanted to surrender "PPeeeaaas a'amm".

An evil smile formed on her lips before she said "No". I fought as best i could but lost. my body tighten and shuddered as my joy was released.

The crop and the lash started to strike full force. i couldn't yell, i felt too good. The feeling lingered but was overtaken by the whips.

i felt several welts grow as i sunk into my bonds. Another tear rolled down my cheek. The crop came down across my tortured tongue and my eyes opened again. "You lied to me again." Whack, the crop struck again.

"Will you control yourself?"


"sss a'amm," i mumbled as best i could while catching my breath.

"Good pet, make sure of it."

Standing in front of me she plunged her sweet wet mouth over my vanquished tongue. That kiss was divine. i leaned in as best i could. Her fingers danced with my nipples. This was still a good start to our weekend.

"I'll get things ready for our wager." Oh bother, the bet. i tried to regroup. A few deep breaths. i realized Anne was stacking the deck. i think she was from the start. She couldn't have given me better motivation to win. But i wondered, even though it would mean being a sub to me, did she want me to lose?

Anne finally returned and poured another glass of wine. She untied my tongue and asked if i would like another beer?

"ess, a'am." i still couldn't speak.

She opened the bottle and held it up to my lips. Mmm, the cold beer washed over my sore mouth. She tipped the bottle higher and pushed it in slightly. i almost gasped but was able to finished it with only a few spills. Oh, my head was swimming in all the feelings. Finally she let me down and led me upstairs.

i barely had a chance to shake out my arms before i was up on the stool with my hands locked to the hooks in the ceiling. With one ankle locked to the wall, i stepped off the stool so the other could find it's mooring. my arms and shoulders strained as i they bore my body. It was a very welcome stretch. i was on the clock again.

The "bet" is to see how long i can last hanging spread-eagle by my wrists. She's allowed to use clothespins wherever she wants, but nothing else. i have to ask to be let down. That is probably the worst part, except for taking the clothespins off. i guess that's another reason to keep going.

The first time Anne was still toying with her submissive side. She thought she could take whatever i did. i admit she can be pretty tough on the rare occasions she did switch, but i have too much practice. And i enjoy it too much.

A friend administered that bet. Tying each of us one at a time, so we wouldn't know how the other did. Anne lasted almost twenty minutes, i was just over an hour. i know Anne was impressed, but she hates to lose. The bet now is to see if i can push my record, an hour and thirteen minutes and a bag to clothespins cover me.

Anne is always creative with the placement of the clothespins. No place is safe, eyebrows, between my fingers and toes, ears, nose, clit, even several in my rear. i was going to be a red speckled sub. And be one all weekend too!

About halfway there, i felt the beer find my bladder. "Dang her again," i thought. She should have let me go first instead of another beer. i'd have to hold it. It wasn't that hard either. After a few moments the sensation was lost with other feelings. The exertion of my dangling body. Freedom. The cycle of the clothespins, pain, fire, embers, pressure, acceptance. Content.

Anne steadily targeted pin after pin on me. my tongue was again tormented by the wooden bites. i was really hurting as my skin was stretched and pinched.

i felt i was getting close. i didn't know if there was a place left on me without something tormenting it. i really didn't care much, i just was and that was good enough. Anne was still looking and finding a few places. i hardly noticed the recent ones. The part of my mind in touch with my body was out in space. It is ironically relaxing. Too much at times, i let my water slip. Fortunately, i think, the clothespins held it in. The pressure was slightly lessened for the moment. It also got my mind's attention and i became aware of the pain and desire coming from deep within me.

i could catch glimpses of a clock. It took a while for the time to register. An hour and five minutes, ten to go. Thinking only made me aware of just how much i hurt. my joints ache, skin like fire. A moment ago this agony was heaven. Now it is hell. Why would i do this! i don't can't take ten more minutes. i felt my eyes grow wet.

NO! The submissive side roared. i want this! i waited for this too long. Anne won't be the one tied up tomorrow. i want it then and always. i am now! Enjoy it. The impromptu pep talk worked. i opened my eyes and took as deep a breath as i could. Two clothespins popped off. The wicked fire they left added to my determination. Every part of me, body and mind, wanted this. And enjoyed it too.

Anne might have thought the clock was helping me. She pined my eyelashes. It didn't hurt, but it did keep my eyes closed. And i did count six more pins. The darkness did alter time but it also helped me relax again.

"Your hands are very red pet, are you okay?"

i nodded. i had to win. i was so close and hurt so bad. i started to wonder again if it was worth it. Anne can be fun to play with. And she could probably use a little.

No! A whole day of this was my reward. i must be crazy. i had to win.

"Poor thing, so much time left, are you sure you can go on pet?"

i knew i was near my limits. my hands and fingers tingled, my arms and legs ached, my body was one hot red spot from all the pinching pins. Was i close enough? i had to wait, just be sure, i had to win.

A muffled grunt from Anne told me i was close. i wasn't sure if she was just tempting me, i had to wait. my eyes grew wet again. This was pure agony. i hung there, just trying to be. All i felt was hurt. Tears found their way down my pinched face.

Then Anne said sweetly, "You are very precious pet. You have three minutes."

With that i let go and started to slip away. i could make it. Just a little longer. Anne regained my attention by wiggling my nipple pins. i had to focus for another minute.

"Congratulations pet, you made it" Anne said as she started to unlock my ankles. my legs hung down but not quite closed. Clothespins pressed into each of my thighs.

i smiled as best i could with a mouth full of wood. Anne stepped up on the stool as the worst part started, taking the clothespins off. The circulation returning through my body exploded with pain. It's only this moment that makes me wish i could have gone an hour and a half. Anne worked quickly and finally slid the stool under me. Steadying me, she let my arms down. i slumped into her warm embrace and sweet kisses.

She helped me back downstairs. And permitted me the use of the bathroom. i had the pleasure of taking the last of the pins off that held back a torrent. i almost passed out from relief.

With Anne's help i managed to get to the couch. i was laying with my head in her warm lap. Her hands caressing my hair and soothing my shoulders. She looked down lovingly and said, "Are you ready for tomorrow, my precious pet?"

"Yes, my Ma'am," i said with a smile "and we still have tonight."