How Does Cowboy Handle His Brat?

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Author's Note: This is a work of fiction involving a wife and her husband.
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I walked into the door after another long day at work.  Finally the week was
over.  Maybe I’ll get some relaxation this weekend.  ‘Hmmmmm, that’s
strange.  I wonder where Kyle is.’  He usually gets home before me, greeting
me at the backdoor with a kiss and a hug, asking how my day was.  Just then
you walk around the corner, a smile on your face.

You give me a long, deep passionate kiss, then just hold me.  I melt against
you, my energy level rising from the fire that you’re starting.  You have
always had the ability to see when I’m not feeling great, and always know
what to do to solve the problem.  “Long day again?” you ask in a concerned

“Yea, too long.  The whole week has been this way.  I’m drained.”  I utter,
my voice reflecting the lack of energy I have.  “So, what were you doing?” I
ask out of curiosity.

“Talking to a business associate on Messenger,” you state as you walk back
to the computer.

“Go ahead and talk to them for a while.  I’m going to go lay down and take a
nap,” I declare.

“Don’t you dare go anywhere!” you respond.  I hear a bit of teasing in the

“Yes, dear,” I answer back promptly.

“In fact, get your cute butt over here and hold me.”  I immediately scurry
over to you and sit down on your lap.  Wrapping my arms around you, I pull
you close.  “That’s much better,” you declare huskily, then proceed to kiss
me.  You release me, then start responding to your associate’s last comment.
  I begin kissing your neck, a hand running up and down your back.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmm,” elicits from your throat.  My hands slide down further,
squeezing your cute butt and pulling you closer to me in the process.  I
start nibbling on your ear.  “Aaaaaaaaaaa,” you moan.   ‘Hmmmmmm….wonder if
I can get your attention more?’ I think devilishly.  My tongue plunges
inside your ear. “AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa,” you moan louder.  I think I might be
succeeding.  I slide a hand down between us, over your tummy and let it move
seductively over your hard cock.  “I’m finding it hard to concentrate,” you
say in a ragged voice.

“Good,” I whisper.  “It’s about to get worse.”  I pull away from you
slightly.  My hands sliding over the top of your jeans, then slowly undoing
them.  First the button, then sliding the zipper down slowly.  I slide down
your body and off the chair, exposing your cock.  You draw in your breath as
you feel the cool air rush in against your warm body.  Wrapping my lips
around the head, I begin sucking.  I let my hand start stroking you as I lay
kisses on your thighs, first one leg, then the other.  I notice that you
have stopped typing and turned the computer off.  “Problem honey?” I
question teasingly.

“No problem.  I’m all yours,” you reply.

My lips encircle one of your balls and I begin sucking, then move to the
other one.  “Oooooooooo…Godddd, Lizzie,” you proclaim.

“Thought you’d like that,” I say with a smile on my face.  I then take them
both in my mouth.  A moan rumbles from deep within you.  My tongue is
running over them.  I start licking up your shaft, a hand cradling your
balls, rolling them.  I kiss and suck my way up to your throbbing head.

“I feel like I’m in heaven,” you utter in a distant voice.

I’m starting to feel a little more playful as things progress.  “You’d do
anything right now as long as I don’t stop,” I state.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…almost,” you reply.  My tongue circles the tip, then I take
your cock into my mouth hard and fast, drawing you all the way in.  You moan
loudly, your fingers are running through my hair.  I hold you deep in my
throat, just sucking.  My tongue explores the length of your cock that is in
my mouth.  I moan.  You feel so good.

I moan again.  “What’s that I taste?  Precum?” I tease.

“If you keep going it will be more than that,” you warn.  I take you back
in, only the tip though, then out again slowly.  You start moaning again.  I
continue my slow tease, moving my mouth further and further with each
motion.  Once I have you half way in, I moan, then draw back out.  I glance
up.  Your eyes are closed.  I draw you back in harder this time, then back
out.  The next time though I take you in hard, all the way in.  I continue
my motions as your breathing grows faster.  I know your pulse is racing.  I
draw out slowly and look up at you.  I can see the ecstasy in your face.
“Ohhhh yessss babyyyyy,” you moan.

“Hmmmmm…I wonder if I should leave you like this?” I tease.  I feel my
mischievous brat rising up from the depths of my soul.

“If you do, you’ll regret it,” you state.

“Oh!!! I will?”  I respond.

“I still have that belt that I tied you up with,” you reply.

“And your point?” I query.

“I will put it back on,” you threaten.

“Hmmmmmm,” I counter as a plan begins formulating in my head.  I begin
kissing the tip gently, circling my tongue around it.  A resounding moan
elicits from your throat.  I then slip away from you and run, looking for a
place to hide.

You open your eyes, looking around for me.  “When I get hold of her…” you
avow.  I sneak out the back door and run into the backyard.  You get up and
starts looking all around, then hear the door open.  You calmly walk to the
door and go outside just as I scoot through the gate and into the front
yard.  ‘Hmmmmmmm…where to hide.’  I spy your truck and run over to it,
jumping inside and duck down in the passenger foot well.  ‘Maybe he won’t
look in the cab.’

You continue to maintain your calm as you go back into the house and out the
front door.  Hearing the door, I lock the doors to the truck.  As if hearing
the doors lock, you say, “that’s not going to work, baby.”

‘Damn, he’s got his keys and even if I had them he always carries a spare.’
I listen for you, ready to run if necessary.  You walk up quietly and peek
into the truck, seeing me hiding on the floor.  I look up but don’t see
anything.  “Well, I guess she’s not here,” you declare as you give up and
walk away noisily.

I continue to lie still, wondering if you’ve really left or are just hiding
outside waiting for me.  I decide to risk it and hope that you’ve gone, for
if you catch me, I’m in real trouble.  I crawl over to the driver’s door and
unlock it.  Opening it slowly, I slide out and quietly close the door.  I
jump as a hand grabs my leg and you pop out from under the truck.  “Dammit,
you scared me!!” I proclaim loudly.  You get up and firmly take hold of my
arm.  “Hey, take it easy.  I’m not going anywhere.”  I declare in an
irritated voice.

“Not anymore you aren’t,” you state flatly.

“What?!?!  Did I do something wrong?” I say as I feign innocence.  You start
taking me back into the house, but I try to hold onto the doorframe.  You
take hold of that arm and close and lock the door.  “Alright, you made your
point.  Now, let me go.” I demand.

“Not yet,” you say calmly.  I begin to struggle against you in earnest,
trying to break free.  I know I’m really in for it after pulling that stunt.
  You take me over to the couch, forcing me to lie down face first.  I try
to crawl away from you, but you only pull my wrists up behind me, thwarting
my attempt to escape.  I hear you pull off your belt.  ‘Oh no, he’s going to
spank me.’

“Hey, that’s not nice.  Don’t you dare!!” I exclaim.  Opps, I shouldn’t have
dared him.  You usually take me up on them.  You take the belt and make a
loop, then put it around my wrists.  “Let me go.  I’ll be good,” I plead.

“Quiet!!!!” you command.  You pull the belt tight around my wrists.  You
then pull up one leg and tie the loose end to it.

“Hey, not so far.  I said I’d be good.” I exclaim, hoping you’ll loosen it
and I’ll be able to slip away from you.

“I heard what you ‘said’,” you proclaim.

“You don’t believe me.  I’m shocked.  I always tell you the truth.”  My
voice timid and questioning your belief.

“Or at least you tell me what I want to hear,” you say with a grin.  I
giggle.  You get up off the couch and proceed to lock the backdoor.  I think
of rolling off the couch, but realize that it would hurt too much.  As if
reading my mind, I hear you say, “yes, it would.”

“Babe, what are you doing?” I ask you as I listen and hear you walk down the
hall to the bedroom.  No answer.  “Oh, sweetie,” I say sweetly.  I hear you
coming back, looking to see what you’ve gotten, but you keep your treasures
hidden from my view.  “Come on, what are you hiding?” I say as I squirm on
the couch.

“You’ll see,” you declare with a glint in your eye.  You roll me over and
begin unfastening my jeans.  You pull them down then roll me back over.

“Just what do you think you are up to?” I question.  You pull them off my
free leg.  I feel the cool air on my warm skin.  A shiver passes over me.  I
hear you moan as you stare at my nude lower half.  I look back at you, my
eyes pleading for release.  You then untie the other leg, but continue
holding me so that I can’t move.  “Don’t trust me, do you?”  I state
teasingly.  You secure the belt around my wrists and pull my jeans the rest
of the way off.  I start to feel really cool now that my legs are fully
exposed.  I shiver as chill bumps cover my legs.  ‘Uh oh, now he’s going to
think that I need to be warmed up and give me a spanking.’  “Don’t think
that means that I need warmed up.  I know how your mind thinks.”

“Do you??” you question, your eyes staring into mine, with a mischievous
look to them.

“Well, most of the time.” I answer.

“Hmmmmmmm” is your only response.

I decide to push my luck and open my mouth again.  “Experience counts for
something.”  You put a pillow on the floor.  Now, I start to really wonder
what you are up to.  You take hold of me and turn me gently, putting my head
on the pillow while my butt is still on the couch.  I try and squirm away
from you.  You quickly climb over the back of the couch and tie a rope to my
ankle and then to the leg of the couch.  “Aghhhhhhhh.”  You then secure the
other ankle in the same manner.

“Comfy???” you ask in a devilish tone.

“The blood is rushing to my head.  What do you think?”  I exclaim.

“Good,” is all you say, as you lengthen out the word.

I’m definitely not sure of what you have planned.  “When I get free…” I

You come back around to the front of the couch and sit down next to me.
Your hand starts stroking my thighs.  “When you get free, what???” you
question commandingly.  Your fingers just graze my inner thighs, getting
closer and closer, then teasing my lips.  A moan escapes from my lips.  My
ability to think is disappearing fast.  Your fingers part my lips, feeling
my wetness and warmth.

“Mmmmmmmmmm.”  I can’t do anything other than moan.  My ability to think
totally gone.  You start gently stroking my clit, watching my face as I
quiet and enjoy your ministrations.  I then feel your finger disappear and
hear a soft hum then feel a vibration against my lips.  “Aaaaaaa,” I moan in
pleasure, my hips squirming for more.  I hear you moan.  You’re enjoying
this as much as I.  You move the tip and begin gently rubbing my clit, then
circling it.  “Aghhhhhh,” you know how to drive me wild.  I feel you move it
slowly down the full length of my lips.  My moans are more constant now.  I
close my eyes, not doing anything except feeling the pleasure you are
providing me.  Then, a little at a time, you penetrate my hot cunt.  And
with each stroke, going a little deeper.  You have taken my breath away.
You continue until the full length is buried inside me, then just hold it
there.  “Aghhhhhhh, you are driving me crazy, pleaseeeee,” I beg.  I feel
that one slide out.  I sigh in relief.  I then hear a second hum, but don’t
care.  I am surprised though when I feel one move toward my ass.
“Pleaseee,” I beg shamelessly.  You press slightly, then feel me relax to
accept it.  “God, I want it so bad.”  You only penetrate me a little at
first, then slide it back out.  I feel it slide in again, deeper.  “Two,” I
hear you say, but again you remove it.  I don’t have to wait but a moment
before I feel it sliding in again, deeper.  “Four,” you say before pulling
it out again.

“More baby?” you query.

“Pleaseeeee,” I beg.

“Five,” you state as you slide it in and out easily.  “More?” you question.

“You’re going to drive me insane with this teasing,” I whisper.

“Six.” And again you drive it deep, but deny me as you remove it.  You pick
up the second vibrator and put it in my pussy, moving it faster, harder,
deeper with each stroke.

I begin to moan.  “You are keeping me on the edge,” I complain.

Evidently you wonder if you can fill all of me, because you push them both
in deep.  “Aghhhhhhhhhhh,” I moan at the unexpected motion.  You get up and
remove your jeans.  Then standing over my head, you slowly lower yourself
down until you are kneeling.  I squirm against the humming devices buried
deep inside me, wanting relief.  I moan as I see your hard cock only inches
from my lips, I want you so badly.  You reach up and begin moving them in
and out of both my holes, faster and harder with each stroke.  You look down
and see me staring at your cock, and lower it.  I part my lips and you enter
my mouth.  I am so close to cumming.  I suck you in.  You moan.  I wrap my
lips tightly around you as you start moving it in and out of my wet mouth.
My tongue is caressing you with each stroke.  I feel your hand moving the
vibrators deeper and harder into their respective holes.  I suck harder.
God, you feel so good, deep in my mouth.  You continue moving them, in and
out.  I want to cum so bad.  You can see my impending explosion on my face.

“Cum, baby, cum,” I hear you say as I let my release go.  My moan sends
vibrations through your hard cock.  Just hearing me moan causes you to cum.

I drink you down, wanting every drop.  You pull out the vibs.  I am totally
exhausted.  You slowly get up and untie my legs.  “Mmmmmmm,” I sigh as I let
them come back together, easing the strained muscles.  You lift me back onto
the couch and untie my wrists.  You pull me close to you and I hold you
tightly.  Moaning at my proximity, you then began kissing me deeply.  I kiss
you back passionately as I moan into your mouth.  You seem shocked at how
high a level to which you took me.  You release my lips and I rest my head
on your shoulder.  In a whisper, I say, “ I Love You Kyle.”

“I Love You Lizzie,” you whisper back.  We both sigh simultaneously, so
comfortable with each other.  Tears begin to well up in my eyes.  “Why are
you crying baby?” you ask, very concerned.

“I’m so happy,” I manage to squeak out.

“Awwwww, I’m glad I can make you so happy,” you coo.

“I can’t imagine life without you,” I utter.

“Nor can I,” you reply.  You then become extremely quiet.

“What’s the matter?  You’re quiet,” I ask.

“I am at a loss for words,” you manage to say after some time.

“And yet again I surprise you,” I say as my body trembles.

“Yes, as I do you,” you say as a smile forms on your face.

“Yes, you did surprise me today,” I say as I smile.

“We always said it would never be dull,” you remind me.

“Yes, we did, and with my moods, I can assure that,” I say as I laugh, then
hear and feel your laughter also.  “It was that just after this day, I was
in that mood.”

“But you knew I could fix that,” you proclaim.

“Yes, I did,” I whisper.

“I should get supper started,” you manage to say.

“Do you think that you can move?” I say teasingly.

“If I go slowly,” you say as you grin.

“I know that feeling, no energy.”  You kiss me softly, laying me back on the

“Alright, let me go,” you request.

“I Love You,” I say, not wanting to let you go, even though I know you’ll
only be in the other room.

“I Love You,” you reply huskily, then head to the kitchen slowly.  I just
continue to lie there, listening to you prepare our feast, and relaxing in
the afterglow.