The Pleasure Beyond the Pain
by: hot2trot
Copyright 2000

Author's Note: This is a work of fiction involving two consensual adults or soon to be adults. The Author reserves all copyright privileges and would ask that permission be obtained before posting this to your site and/or passing it around. For any questions, comments or what have you, please Email me at

Iíve just been followed up the stairs to his bedroom in the attic.  Itís a little chilly because itís winter, but my sweatshirt and jeans are keeping me warm; heís wearing a flannel shirt with a t-shirt underneath it.  His jeans fit his slender body very well.  I know why I came up with him; know what is going to happen.  His parents are gone and we are all alone in his house.  He knows Iím a virgin.  I know that if I want him to stop, that he will, at least he says he will.  Justin and Iíve been friends for two years, but only recently have interested in each other in more than a friendly way.  Heís nineteen; Iím eighteen.

I stand there nervously, not sure how to proceed.  He pulls me close to him and begins to kiss me as his hands roam over my back.  He lifts my shirt up and slides his hands under it and all over my back, undoing my bra in the process.  I mold my body to his, feeling his cock harden against my groin.  Breaking the kiss, he pulls my shirt off and lets my bra drop to the floor.  Iím pulling his shirt free of his denims, unbuttoning it and pushing it off his shoulders.  Next, I immediately pull his t-shirt off.  I pull him back to me tentatively, and Iím rewarded with a long deep kiss, our tongues mating.  His hands slide down my back, cupping my ass and pulling me firmly to his hard body.  I can feel how much he wants me.  He sits down on the bed and pulls me down to him, laying us both back as his hands again roam over my back.  My hands are entwined in his hair, enjoying the kiss, the sensations his hands are evoking from my body.  I feel his hand slide down between us and unbutton my jeans, then hear the zipper slide down.  The sound appears far off instead of here.  He lets go of my lips and slides down, kissing as he goes.  He stops at my breasts, kissing round and round my nipples, and then taking one into his mouth.  Iíve felt this sensation before, but somehow this time itís different, stirring more emotions and feelings in me then the times before.  He continues on down my tummy, his lips heating my body up.  I feel his hands on my hips then a chill against my legs as he pulls my jeans and bikinis off with one movement.  He gets off the bed for a quick second as he removes his jeans and briefs.

Justin slides back up and begins kissing me.  I feel my arms being lifted above my head, but Iím not alarmed, all I can truly feel is his lips conquering mine, his naked body against mine.  I never feel him tie my wrists together with his shirt, or realize that heís also tied the shirt to the headboard.  He releases me from his captive kiss.  I try to pull my arms down to wrap them around him and thatís when I realize the predicament that Iím in.  I begin to get scared.  I know why I came up here, but now Iím totally incapable of protecting myself if I decide to change my mind.  Obviously he notices the fear in my eyes.  ďItís ok baby.  Iím not going to do anything that you donít want me to,Ē he states calmly.  With his reassuring words spoken, I begin to calm down, and then realize that Iím slightly excited by all this.  With my limited dating experience, Iíve never had this done to me and didnít know that he liked this type of thing.

Again he begins kissing down my body, his lips on my neck, my breasts, lingering there, enjoying my bountiful splendor.  I feel his fingers slide down between my legs, teasing my engorged lips.  They part them and brush lightly against my clit.  I jump and moan in pleasure.  Then, ever so slowly they enter my virgin territory, moving in and out slowly.  Iím so wet that the entry is very easy as he teases me into an even higher state of arousal.  His lips continue their exploration down over my belly and he comes to rest between my legs.  His tongue teases my clit as his fingers continue their assault.  Oh gawd, this feels so good.  Iíve never had this done to me.  What is he doing to me?  I want to pull him closer to me, but canít because of my bound state.  I can feel a strange sensation that Iíve felt before, but this time, itís more intense.  My impending orgasm is close.  He continues to lick my clit, and then unexpectedly draws it into his mouth, sucking it in deep, something else new to me.  This pushes me over the edge and I cry out in pleasure as my body quivers.  He feverishly laps up my juices as best he can.  Sliding back up, he kisses me.  I taste my own juices for the first time.  I never knew I tasted so sweet.

I feel him lying between my legs, his hardness lying against my lips.  ďDo you trust me?Ē he whispers.  I nod hesitantly.  Iím scared because I know what is about to happen.  Iíve heard from my girlfriends what it feels like, Iíve read about it, and now, Iím about to experience it firsthand.  He lifts his hips up and at the same time his hands urge my legs up and around his waist.  I feel him slide inside me just a little, and then he stops.  My virginal veil is keeping him from penetrating me fully.  Justin leans forward and begins to kiss me.  I feel his body everywhere, his tongue teasing mine, my fear diminishing.  He places his hands firmly on my hips holding them in place.  Lifting up he comes down hard and fast, slicing through my hymen.  My moans of pleasure from the kiss turn into screams of pain, but he doesnít release me from his kiss.  A bright white shining light of pain burns through my soul and between my legs.  I pull at my bonds and try to get him off me, but to no avail.  He continues moving his hips, carving out the remains of my virginity.  The pain eases and I begin to feel a new sensation, something wonderful.  I wrap my legs tighter around his waist pulling him closer to me, my hips meeting his with each stroke.  Higher and higher I climb, faster, harder and deeper he penetrates my hot cunt.  My orgasm explodes and the colors behind my eyes this time are like fireworks, bright and beautiful.  I shudder against him, and then hear him say heís cumming.  He explodes inside me, shooting his load deep inside me.  Collapsing on top of me, I let my legs relax and feel his breathing and heartbeat are as fast as mine.  He kisses me tenderly.  ďYou ok?Ē he inquires, genuinely concerned about my well-being.

ďIíll be fine,Ē I reply quietly as he releases my wrists from his shirt.  Iím slightly withdrawn.  I still canít believe that Iíve done this.  I donít feel any different.  I donít feel like a ďwoman.Ē  I canít ignore the dull pain between my legs and know there is no going back.  Whatís done is doneÖ

He glances over at the clock.  ďMy parents will be back soon.  We better get dressed,Ē he states.

I get up and look at the sheets.  The proof of what has occurred is there in bright red.  He sees it too.  He quickly gets dressed, strips the bed, and rushes downstairs.  I hear the water start filling up the washer as I get dressed.

I am awakened from my dream by hands on my hips, pulling my ass up.  Iím lying on my stomach, my cuffed hands attached to the headboard.  I feel Kyle behind me, the head of his cock pushing into my ass.  He slides in easily.

I see that blinding white light of pain again at the intrusion into what had been virginal territory.  I now have no virginity left.  ďLet me go.  What are you doing?  Release me now!!!Ē I scream incoherently all at once as I unsuccessfully try and pull away from him.  But, Iím not going anywhere.  His grip on my hips is holding me firmly against him as he remains still.

He leans forward and whispers in his soft reassuring voice, ďRelax, pet.  Everything will be ok.  I promise.Ē

At the sound of my name, I immediately begin to relax.  I trust this man and know he would never do anything intentionally to hurt me.  I Love this man.  Feeling all the tension flow from my body, he begins to move slowly.  Moving inÖ outÖ always watching me to make sure that Iím ok.  The pleasure Iím feeling is overwhelming.  Iíve never felt anything like this before.  I had always been so afraid because Iíd heard how much it hurt.  This wasnít pain.  It was an immaculate expression of love beyond words.  My hips begin moving, meeting his.  ďPlease, babe, let me cum,Ē I finally cry out, as I want so badly to let go and come.

ďCum for me, baby,Ē I hear him say and I let the floodgates open and begin contracting around him.  This causes him to lose all control and cum.  I had never though about what it would be like to have someone cum in my ass, and yet, I feel him filling me up.  The sensation is something that no one could have described to me.  He collapses on top of me.  Pulling my hair back, I feel his lips kissing my neck.  I moan in pleasure.  He rolls off of me and rolls me on my side.  Wrapping his arms around me, he pulls me close and kisses me deeply.  My moans begin again as I squirm to snuggle up closer to him.  After what seems like forever, he releases my lips.  ďI Love You,Ē he states quietly.

Looking into his eyes I see all the love that he has for me.  ďI Love You,Ē I respond, my voice emotionally charged.
I still have a few tears around my eyes from his initial entry.  He leans forward and kisses them away.  ďI wonít hurt you again, pet.  I promise,Ē he says, slightly remorseful that he had hurt me to start with.

I snuggle up against him again and relax in his embrace.  A contented sigh escapes from my lips.  I know Iíll always be safe with this man.