The Letter
by hot2trot

Copyright ©2000

Author's Note: This is a work of fiction involving two consensual adults. The Author reserves all copyright privileges and would ask that permission be obtained before posting this to your site and/or passing it around. For any questions, comments or what have you, please Email me at

Here we are again. This has got to stop, but oh, I don't want it to. We are both attached to others and would do nothing to hurt them. So why are we doing this? We don't want to hurt them, and definitely won't tell them. Funny, we don't even feel guilty. Just had to put these thoughts down while they were in my head. I'm so wet, just thinking about last night. And you must think I'm crazy. I already spilled the beans and told you that I was attracted to you, so how much worse trouble can I get myself into? I wish I knew. Would like to find out, too. Uh oh, there I go getting into trouble... hehe.

Anyway, thinking back to last night when I was lying on the couch. WOW!!! Hard to think of another way to describe it. I mean, first we were teasing and learning more about each other with Truth or Dare in a private chatroom, then to take it to phone. My heart skipped a beat as I heard it ring. I wouldn't do this with just anyone. Geez, I don't know how I managed to keep my sanity. `Course, it was starting to slip,' I say now as I laugh. Just to hear your voice sent chills up and down my spine, then to remember you telling me what to do. Mmmmmmmmmm. Yes, you are much better on the phone and your Dom is definitely more evident. As I sit here and type I think back. I only did what I was told; sliding my hand down my body, coming to rest between my legs, and rubbing. "Mmmmmmm... that feels so good," I said. Circling a finger slowly around my clit, then sliding ever so slowly inside me. God, I was so wet. Moving it slowly in and out. My breathing quickened. Then to taste, mmmmmmmmmmm... so good.

"Pinch your nipples harder and harder until you can't pinch them any harder." Then sliding my hand slowly down my body, between my legs and slowly inserting one finger in all the way. How I so wanted to do this faster and harder. Moving it in and out as you told me, then inserting another upon your command. Ever so slowly I slid a second one in. Oh, how I want more and I don't mean my fingers either. Moving them both in and out. Ohhhhhhhh... yesssssssssss. With both my hands now free, you told me to twist my nipples and pull them, hard, harder; then to draw my fingers almost all the way out. That's not want I wanted. But, yes, another was to be inserted.

"Oh, that feels so good. Mmmmmmmmmm." Seems all I was doing was moaning now. Slowly, ever so slowly, I slid them in. Harder and faster you said; pinching my nipples hard just as my fingers rammed deep into my wetness.

"Fuck yourself, hard," you commanded. God, this felt so good. "I wonder if you can take a fourth?" you questioned.

"Yes, I can," I replied.

"Then slide a fourth one in, now," you said. "Fuck yourself, hard."

"Please," I begged, "let me cum."

"No, not until you have my permission," you stated. With my fingers sliding in and out quickly banging against my clit, my nipples being pinched, it was hard to hold off my orgasm. But, somehow I did. "Slide your fingers out. Move your hand down and insert one into your ass." I did and gasped as it entered. Moving it upon your command.


"Put your other hand on your clit, stroking it." Slowly my hand slid down from my breasts, down my tummy, parting my lips and finding my very sensitive clit. Moving slowly at first, but increasing pressure and speed. "Insert a second one," you said. I began moving them in and out, begging you to let me cum, but no, not yet, not without your permission. This was so frustrating.

"Mmmmmmmmm... that feels soooooo gooooodddddd."

"Now, a third and fuck yourself hard. Make sure your fingers are still on your clit," you reminded me. No reminder was necessary. They were moving quickly. I was climbing higher and higher, my breathing totally erratic.

"Please, let me cum," I begged shamelessly.

"Then cum, now," you replied. Finally! My moans were off the scale, my body tingling all over, shuddering at the same time. This felt so good. I can still feel it now even as I type, an orgasm so powerful and strong. I felt like I was being blown by the wind, my feet forgetting how to walk. I haven't ever had phone sex like this. It was different before. I wasn't told what to do, but what was being done to me.

"Oh, it could be so much more dangerous if I was there right now," I said.

"No, it'd be more trouble for you. I'd roll you over, lifting your hips up and slide into your ass, pulling your hips back against me," you responded.

"Mmmmmmmmm... I'd like that, though it has been a long time since I've done that... 13 years."

"Wow, that is a long time. Why haven't you done it?" you queried.

"I'm not with the right person. Don't feel comfortable with my hubby. Besides, I'm saving it for someone special," I replied with longing in my voice.

I could tell that what we had talked about the other night was still on your mind - the four of us getting together in the future, and then if we are comfortable enough with each other, having some fun. You mentioned that you needed to go take a cold shower. "Why, when I can take care of it?" I said quietly.

"Wrapping my lips around the head, sucking gently then taking all of you in hard and fast. Moving slowly up then back down fast. Faster and faster I bob on your cock, my tongue sliding over you. Mmmmmmmmmm... feels so good. Harder, faster, deeper, in, out." Your moans had been steadily increasing. I could tell that you were close. "Holding you deep and sucking hard, my tongue caressing you." You came. I felt as if you were filling mouth. Even though I swallowed, there was more and more. `God, you taste so good,' I thought. Slowly you came down. There's a part of me that would like to give you a passionate goodnight kiss, but I felt as if I'd be crossing a line if I did that. I know you feel what we have is fun now, and I feel that would make it more intimate. I don't want to do anything to destroy or hurt our friendship. One thing is certain. I'll never be able to think of you and not remember these past couple of nights. We hang up after having a great time knowing that we'll both be able to sleep well, even if it's only for a short time.