Sweet Torture
by hot2trot

Copyright (c) 2000 hot2trot
All rights reserved.

Author's Note: This is a work of fiction involving a wife and her husband. The Author reserves all copyright privileges and would ask that permission be obtained before posting this to your site and/or passing it around. For any questions, comments or what have you, please Email me at dazmom@hotmail.com

I'm sitting in my chair, here at the computer.  I'd gotten up very early yesterday morning and now it's the wee hours of the next day.  This long day is starting to wear on me, but my work is far from done.  I stand up and stretch. 'I've got to get another chair; this one is not comfortable enough,' I think to myself.  It is one I took from the dining room.  It's a wooden four-legged, straight back chair, with a very comfortable cushioned seat, but it's not getting the job done well enough.

As I walk to the kitchen to refill my goblet with the bottle of wine from the fridge, I hear the TV in the background, droning on with another seemingly endless commercial about a "Pony" something.  I could care less as I doggedly walk back and sit back down to start again.  I'm towards the end of a very intense erotic scene, my concentration totally on my work at hand.  I'm totally aroused from my own writing.  'How do I end this scene?' I think to myself again.  I never heard him walk up behind me, and barely felt his hands as they touched my shoulders, softly at first then more strenuously.  His strong hands begin massaging the tense muscles, working out all the stress.  A hand pulls back my long hair, and he begins to kiss my neck gently.  I start to turn my head to tell him to stop, but as I do, he kisses my ear.  I welcome the familiar feelings.

"Ssssshhh," he whispers.  "Just relax and enjoy it."  I have a desire to protest, but realize that it will do no good.  When he sets his mind on something, he doesn't budge.

He comes around in front of me, cupping my hands in his face.  Kissing my lips gently, then a kiss on each eyelid, my nose and cheekbones.  'I so love your lips on me.'  I feel a blindfold, soft and silky, as it slips over my head.

"You've been working too hard, and its time for a break," he states in his deep voice that causes me to melt.

I hear him step away.  I listen, but hear no discernable sounds.  I am amazed at my lack of fear; I trust this man with my heart and soul. Next I feel his hand caressing up and down my arm, then am quite surprised when I hear "click....click" and feel cold metal against my wrist.  I become a little apprehensive, but my trust in him does not waiver.  I tug at the handcuffs securing me, although knowing it will be useless.  Now that one wrist is secured to the arm of the chair, he quickly proceeds to secure the other one in the same manner.  I am surprised at how quickly the excitement is building in me.

"Slide forward, love," he requests tenderly.  I instinctively do as he asks, my butt almost off the chair, my upper back still resting on the back of the chair.  I feel him tie one ankle to the leg of the chair, then proceed to secure the other one in the same manner.  I know what is happening.  Every nerve in my body tingles with anticipation.  I start to pull my knees together, but he pulls one to the side firmly.  Holding it there, he ties a rope around the bent knee, runs it behind the front chair legs, then, pulling the other knee outward, tying the rope to it, making sure all is very snug, but at the same time not hurting me.  My legs are spread wide, my hot mound exposed for his pleasure and mine.  He has never treated me like this and I know I could stop this right now by using my safe word.  We had talked about bondage before, but never explored the area.  At that time I told him that I thought it would be thrilling if he did it when I least expected it.  My dream is coming true.  I find myself almost gasping from the wanting, the pure physical need he makes me feel.

I hear him leave, but he quickly returns, setting something down on the desk.  His fingers deftly unbutton my sleep shirt, parting it and exposing my bra covered breasts.  His hands caress my cleavage, his thumbs rubbing each nipple, then squeezing each mound of flesh gently.  "Mmmmmm...that feels so good."  I feel him begin to suck first one nipple, then the other through the fabric.  He releases them, his hands gone from my hardened nipples that are begging for his touch.

I feel something hard and cold against my cleavage, sliding over each breast, tracing the top of the bra line. "What is that?" I question, almost in a whisper.  "It is a very large knife, dear," he states flatly.  He slides it down between my cleavage, adeptly slicing the material connecting the two cups.  I force myself to breathe, wondering if this is really is happening to me.  Keeping the blunt edge against my skin, he uses the blade to draw back each cup.  My breasts spill out.  The relief evident as I become exposed for his eyes to feast upon.  I feel the sharp tip trace down my belly, then along the top of my panties.  He slides it underneath the material, down between my lips.  I am afraid to move; the proximity of the razor-sharp blade is so close to my sweet spot.  He swiftly draws the sharp edge up several times, shredding the satin into thin ribbons.  I next feel that hard steel in the area where my leg meets my pubic bone, pulling up quickly, then moving to the other side, effectively severing that last little bit of material holding my panties together.  I cringe, a whimper escaping from my throat, as my panties are ripped out from under me, the sharp, stinging pain searing my delicate flesh.  I feel the cool air on my open crotch, my excitement level growing quickly.

His hands touch my breasts, caressing and squeezing them.  Simultaneously, he starts kissing my neck.  I feel as if he is smiling.  He knows just how to send me to heaven.  I tilt my head to the side for easier access, and I'm rewarded, as more kisses are placed upon my sensitive skin.  I feel one of his hands slide down my tummy, then over a thigh.  I try to squeeze my legs together in order to draw his hand closer to my lower lips, but only cause the muscles in my thighs to hurt from the strain.  His lips search out mine, kissing me, his tongue exploring my mouth, mine teasing his back.  I'm melting with only a kiss, his kiss.  The hand between my legs is tracing my mound, my desire growing by leaps and bounds; the want in me turning to ache quickly.  I feel a finger gently rubbing my clit.  "Oh God, yesssssss."  He continues to kiss me, claiming my mouth with his, ignoring the effect his caresses are having on me.  Before I want them to, his lips leave mine, kissing my chin, then continuing down to my breasts.  I feel his lips all over my breasts, first one then the other, never ceasing their contact as they trail over my hot flesh.  Finally, his tongue circles around my nipple, and then his lips grasp it, drawing it deeply into his mouth.  I moan with ecstasy as my pleasure increases due to the intensity of the pain his suckling is causing.  He releases it, only to start sucking on the tender flesh beside it, once satisfied there, over a little further, and starts sucking hard again.  He continues this pattern until he has reached the other nipple.  I now have a string of hickeys, looking like a chain, connecting my two large rosebuds.  'I can't believe that he did that.'  I feel his tongue trace around that nipple, then grasping it with his teeth, rolling it, his tongue flicking over it.  I draw my breath in sharply.  I'm enjoying every sensation he's causing.  He sucks it into his mouth quickly, taking it in as deep as the other had been only a short while before.  I moan in delight.

He releases that hardened peak and begins the descent downward, my tummy involuntarily contracting as his lips explore the region.  His wet tongue traces around my belly button then plunges in.  My body tingles, causing goose bumps.  I feel his tongue trace across the top of my pubis, then trailing randomly over my silky zone.  His finger continues exploring the sensitive area between my legs, circling around my lips, then parting them, and slowly sliding inside to where heaven's nectar flows free.  He barely enters me, then withdraws only to penetrate my entrance once more, sliding in deeper this time.  The intensity in my pussy is becoming unbearable.  His mouth continues its downward journey, his lips claiming one of my lips and sucking, then grazing my clit as he moves to the other side.  He sucks that side into his mouth.  Moans escape from my throat.  I struggle to push myself closer to his mouth.  Ever so slowly, he releases it, only to take hold of my clit with his teeth, flicking it with his tongue.  He closes his lips around it, and then pulls his tongue back quickly, creating a vacuum.  "Oh gawd, you are driving me wild," I moan incoherently.  He inserts another finger, this time plunging deeply with them both, working them in and out of me, moving faster with each stroke.  I then feel a third one enter me, moving in tandem with the other two, then disappearing.  I feel something circling around my tight little asshole, then slowly penetrating it.  My moans of pleasure increase tenfold.  His fingers continue working in and out of my hot areas.  During all this his mouth has not decreased the pressure on my clit, and now, he's increases it, sucking harder than before.  "Ahhhhhh...I'm so close, please, don't stop!!!" I moan as I venture closer to nirvana.  This seems to spur him on, for he starts pumping his fingers faster, crooking the ones in my pussy so that they hit my g-spot with every stroke.  "Please...let me cum!!!" I begged.  "Cum baby, cum on my face, let me taste your sweet nectar," his voice carrying subtle undertones of dominance.  Upon the issuance of his demands, I can hold back no longer.  I let my release happen, my body begins shuddering violently, my muscles contracting around all of his fingers, and yet they continue their action, not slowing up.  His sucking of my clit intensifies as I come, wave after wave cover my body.  "Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh....yesssssssssssssss!!!!!" issues from the depths of my soul.  His fingers cease their action, but the two inside my heavenly zone begin circling around and around my sensitive spot; his lips are still wrapped around my clit, the attention being given to it, slowing a little, but still constant.  This orgasm will not stop.  My legs are shaking.  I keep cumming and cumming.  After what seems like an eternity, he slows down more, and I start to come back down to earth.

He slides back up, kissing me passionately.  I taste my juices as our tongues intertwine.  Once again amazed at how good I taste.  "Mmmmmmmm," involuntarily escapes from me, as I continue to kiss him.  He releases me from my bonds and removes the blindfold.  Scooping me up in his arms, he carries me to the bedroom.  He gently lays me on the bed.  He removes my sleep shirt and the remains of my bra, and then dispenses with his clothes.  Climbing in beside, pulling me close, he proceeds to make love to me.  I finally get to touch him, to express to him the thank you he so richly deserves for the pleasure he brought me.  As I lay in his embrace afterwards, I realize he has just provided the ending for the scene in my story.  'Should I tell him?' I muse to myself.  I close my eyes, a smile on my face as we drift off to sleep.