Sundae for Dessert
by hot2trot and MasterCowboy
Copyright © 2000
All rights reserved.

Author's Note: This is a work of fiction involving a wife and her husband. The Author reserves all copyright privileges and would ask that permission be obtained before posting this to your site and/or passing it around.

We had just finished dinner and cleaning up the dishes.  The shrimp cocktail had been perfectly chilled.  The steaks cooked to perfection.  Everything was wonderful.  We both loved it.  Not sure what the rest of the evening would bring, I glanced over at you as you watched me and asked, "Did you have anything in mind

Just as you said, "Now that you have me what are you going to do?"  We both laughed because we were thinking the same things.

"This is killing me, us thinking the same thing," I said.

"Never had anyone so close in thought as we are," you replied.

"That's why we are soul mates," I stated.  I leaned over to meet his kiss.  "I love you," I cooed and you echoed the sentiment.  I smiled as you smiled back.  We were so happy with each other.  "Uh oh, Beth is getting bratty in her thinking," I declared.

"And why is she doing that?" you queried.

"It just came on that's all," I replied sheepishly.  You laughed in your evil laugh as you began to walk towards me.  I started scooting back a bit from you, but only got more of a mischievous look from your eyes as your eyebrows raised as if to say Ďohhhhhhhh.í  I started backing up slowly.

"Watch out for the wall," you warned.

"Uhoh," I exclaimed as I started sliding along it.  You pinned me to it.  I tried to slide away from you, but that only prompted you to take hold of me turning me slightly and giving me a smack on the bottom.  "Owwwwwwwww," I cried out.  A devilish glint still in your eyes, I began to struggle against you.

"That wonít help," you stated calmly.

"You canít hold me forever," I retorted.

"I have my bag tonight," you replied.

"Aghhhhhhhh.  Should I call for help?" I inquired.

"You can call but no one will hear," you countered.

ĎNot worth straining my voice,í I thought.  Taking hold of my arm with a firm grasp, you led me into the kitchen.  Although I went, I was straining against you.  I noticed that you picked up your bag as we went.  "And just what do you plan to do to me, have me cook?" I questioned, even though weíd just eaten.

"No, but you will do anything I want," you answered firmly.

"Good," I responded, hating to cook, "but are you so sure that I will do what you want?" I questioned.

"Yes," you said flatly as you put your bag on the counter.

"Yea, you're right," I agreed meekly as I watched you.  You began to open it up and removed some rope.   "And just what do you think you are going to do with that?" I inquired.

"Tie your hands together," you answered.

"But I'll still be able to run," I said as I giggled.

"Not for long," you responded.

"Opps," I said as I looked down at the floor.  You pulled my arm behind my back.  "Hey, easy," I responded, but you only tied the rope to it then pulled the other one behind securing it also.  "Ok, so, Iím tied," I said sarcastically.  You turned me around and sat me on the kitchen table.  I realized what you had in mind and said, "You wouldn't."

"Wouldnít what?" you countered.

"Iíve been here before, on your birthday and it was me who got the spanking," I said thinking that was what you had in mind to get me under control.

"And we just finished supper, time for dessert," you replied.

"I guess thatís me, sweet and delicate," I responded as I smiled.

"Just not innocent," you said quietly.

"Yes I am, when I want to be," I responded seeing the evil grin on your face.  "What did you have in mind, darling?" I inquired sweetly.

"A sundae," you stated.  I was totally speechless, my mouth falling open.  You began to remove my top as far as possible.  I tried to scoot back away from you, but you only pushed me back onto the table.  I attempted to turn to get my legs away from you as you began to undo and pull my jeans off.  "You can't get away that easily," you stated.

"My butt's getting cold against the table," I declared.

"Awwwwwwwww," you stated.  The sarcasm was heavy in your voice.  "Would you like me to warm it for you?" you inquired.

"That's not necessary, it's just fine like it is, thank you very much," I retorted.

"Just want to make sure," you verified.

"Uh huh, I bet you do," I replied, my voice reflecting the doubt of your true intentions.

"If itís cold, I can fix that," you affirmed again.

"I know you can, but you'll have to let me go to do that and your bagís on the counter," I challenged, thinking that youíd get one toy or another.

"No I won't," you said.

"Ohhhhhhh?" I exclaimed.

"I can do it the old fashioned way," you replied.

"But you get hurt too," I responded.  Then making the mistake and acting like a school child said "Nananana!!!"

"Not as much as you," you mischievously replied.

"Don't you dare!!!" I cried out than realized Iíd made the ultimate mistake, to dare you.  "Jimmmmmm," I hollered as you started pulling me off the table and sat down in a chair.  I struggled against you as you put me across your knee.  "Jimmm," again I pleaded.

"Yes," you replied.

"Just what do you think you are going to do?" I said knowing exactly what your intentions were.  I had to mess up and utter, "Don't!!  You will pay," as I struggled in vain.

"Oooohhhh!!!!" you exclaimed.

"Yes," I declared a little too loudly and strongly.

You held my arms with one hand, as I tried to slide off your lap, while rubbing my ass with the other.  "Now, you were saying," you queried.

"I'm sorry," I quickly responded.  "Is that the right word combination?" I answered as I began to squirm.

Ssssssssssmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaacccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk resounded throughout the room as your hand connected with my bare bottom.


"You moved," you stated.  I immediately froze.  "Thatís better," you said.

"Are you going to let me up now?  Please?" I pleaded questioningly.

"Give me a good reason why I should," you replied.

I began to think, hoping to come up with something that you would believe.  Finally, I announced, "Iíll be good, that's it."

"Not good enough," you replied as your hand again came down on my ass with a loud ssssssssmmmmmaaaaaaacccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

"OWWWWWWWWWWWWW," I screamed out and squirmed again.

Ssssmmmmmaaaacccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk again as my ass began to burn and sting.

"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww," I exclaimed again.  Stop that," I yelled.  I felt the wetness between my legs growing.

"Why???" you questioned, knowing just what your actions were doing to me.

"What did do to deserve that one?" I asked.

"You moved again," you stated.

"It's burning now, that you very much," I replied.  "And as far as moving, well, it's a response I have no control over."

"Hmmmmmmmmm," you hummed.  You let me up, but still held on to me as you put me back on the table.  I glanced at you warily, noticing that you had grabbed some more rope.  You gently pushed me back down on the table and tied my ankles to the table legs.

"It's uncomfortable lying on my hands," I said.

"Oohhhh," you replied, "I can fix that.  Sit up," you commanded and I responded to your order.  Going around behind me, you loosened the ropes on my wrists.  I turned toward you, but you pulled my arms above my head.  "Now, lie down again," you directed and I immediately complied.  You tied the ropes to the end of the table.  "Comfy??" you inquired.

"As much as possible," I said a little agitated.

"Good," you drawled.

"You're enjoying this aren't you?" I questioned as you went to the refrigerator and began to look.

"Yes," you said.  Then I heard "Oooo, ice cream, whip cream.  Need to find chocolate syrup.  Aaaaaa, got it."  I watched you as you came back with all your cold possessions.

"And just where do you think you're doing this?" I questioned.  "You forgot a bowl, and don't think Iím it," I answered for you strongly.

"And why not?" you asked, a smile covering your face.

"That stuff is cold," I said as my voice became shriller.

"When I'm done you'll be all warmed up," you assured me.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," I moaned.

"Where to start," you said to yourself.  "First the ice cream."

My eyes opened wide as I saw the size of the scoop that you had.  "You can get a smaller one," I suggested.  "I won't mind."

Taking the big scoop of ice cream, you placed it on my belly.  An anguished cry came from me as the cold penetrated my body.  "Good," you said as if I wasnít even there.  "Now the syrup," you declared as I squirmed, trying to get the ice cream to slide off.  "No, itís setting nicely on your belly button," you told me as all I could do was try to think of any way that I could get this cold stuff off me.  You began to pour the chocolate, starting on my breasts.  I moaned as I felt it trail down.  You ran it down my belly, over the ice cream, and on down to my pussy.  "Good, thatís enough of that," you commented.

"Iím glad you think so, this feels weird," I stated.

"Now some whipped cream," you replied.

"That stuff is cold," I stated as I felt the ice cream melting a little.  I felt you put little mounds of cream on each tit, then on the ice cream and just above my pussy.  I looked up, trying to see, but wasnít successful.

"Done," you proclaimed.

"Is that for decoration?" I asked.

"Yes," you acknowledged.

"Just checking," I replied jokingly.  "Now do you mind getting this stuff off me?

In the near future please," I requested.

"You are making too much noise," you noted, "have to fix that."

"I'll be quiet," I reassured you, "promise."

"Just relax and enjoy," you stated.

"Yes dear," I responded, since I was in no position to do anything about my current situation anyway.  You started at my tits, licking up the chocolate as you circled around each one.  I began to moan.  My nipples were somehow harder than before.  Your tongue began to trail up to the whip cream and slowly you sucked it off as my nipples began to harden fully at your touch.  You then sucked each one into your mouth as a moan ripped from my throat.  Taking advantage of your current location, you nibbled on them.  I felt you licking your way down my belly, my tummy contracting at your touch.  You continued on down until you got to the ice cream and began to eat and lick it slowly.

"Aghhhhhhhhh," I moaned, "you are driving me toward insanity."

I felt you watching me heat up and melt some of the cold confection.  "I'm heating up a lot right now," I said as I confirmed your suspicion.  Finally you could see my belly button.  "Babe, pleaseeeee!!!" I begged shamelessly as you ran your tongue in so as not to miss anything, then began to lick your way down further.  I was squirming, trying to get you where I wanted you.

You seemed to sense what I was thinking and asked, "And where is that, baby?"

"To my sweet nectar," I somehow managed to say as you moaned and began licking all the way around, just glancing my lips.  My juices were flowing freely now, mixing with the chocolate making it even sweeter and me much hotter.  As you licked up and down my lips, I endeavored to arch my hips up.  You had not parted my lips yet, but seeing my clit as it grew harder with desire, flicked your tongue against it.  I jumped at the contact.  Slowly you began to get closer, licking harder.  I moaned loudly.  Finally you drew it into your mouth.  My moans were off the scale as I begged "pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"  You started sucking it hard as your tongue still played with it.

"Do you want me to stop and let you up?" you solicited.

"Thatís up to you," I replied, not being able to think.

"Ok," you mumbled as you began to lick harder and faster.

"I don't have a say in things right now, really," I said, then begged, "pleaseeeeee."

"But I did ask you," you countered.

"Don't stop, please," I implored as your tongue went deep to taste the inside of me.  As you moved faster and harder, I drew in a breath and held it, then let it out slowly.  Harder your tongue moved on me, running circles, faster and deeper you moved in and out.  I started to feel my orgasm rising quickly.  Round and round you moved it as I burned out of control.  Faster, harder, deeper.  I began to cum.  You moaned as you felt me start to contract.  My body shook as I cried out your name.  You only sucked harder on me, trying to drink all my sweet nectar.  The orgasm did not slow up or stop in the process of your attentions.  You moaned realizing this.  I slowly started coming down and you slowed your ministrations.  Reaching down, you untied my legs.  I didnít move them from their position.  I wasnít able to.  You walked around and untied my hands and I pulled them down over my tummy.  I wasnít feeling so bratty now.  I watched you as you moved back toward my feet and taking hold of my hands pulled me up.  You leaned towards me and kissed me deeply.  My passion matched yours as I kissed you back, my moans filling your mouth.  When you had released me, I moaned, "oh Jim, I Love You so much."

"I Love you too, Beth, more than anything right now," you said as you looked into my soul.

"I know that.  And you know the same goes on this end," I replied, meeting your gaze.

"Yes I do, baby," you said.

"And who Iíll be thinking of when I talk to him shortly," I replied as I thought of having to talk with my boss.

"And who I'll be thinking about all weekend," you replied as you thought of how you were going to be away on business.

"You'll see me, you just won't be able to talk to me, and you'll feel my presence," I reassured you.

"We don't need words," you whispered.

Our conversation moved to the next day when we would both be away from each other.  "We get two hours to ourselves before intrusion, unless that call comes in early, but I can take care of that," I said, thinking of the call I was to receive the next morning and only having one phone line into my office.

"Ok baby, I'll leave it in your hands," you retorted.

"I've got to go, in case he tries early," I declared.

"I understand," you said lovingly.

"I Love You," I said, as tears welled up in my eyes at having to let you go so I could go into the office.

"I Love You," you said as you kissed my tears away.

"The more Iím with you the more I want you.  Iím addicted," I admitted.

"Been hooked for some time now," you replied.

"I know," I confirmed as I kissed you softly on the cheek.

"Couldn't get away even if I wanted to and I don't," you confessed.

"Or me either, and don't want to," I revealed.  You leaned forward and I pulled you close and kissed you deeply, passionately.  Sliding off the table, I walked into the bathroom and stepped into the shower to rinse off any residue of the sweetness that might be left.  What I really wanted was for you to be in there with me, but knew that I needed to rush into the office and if you had joined me, time would become meaningless, would just disappear.  The last thing I wanted was to be leaving you right now, but my obligations left me little choice.  I sighed then my heart leapt thinking of how Iíd be coming back home to you as quickly as possible.