Property of ………
by:  hot2trot
Copyright 2000

Author's Note: This is a work of fiction involving two consensual adults. The Author reserves all copyright privileges and would ask that permission be obtained before posting this to your site and/or passing it around. For any questions, comments or what have you, please Email me at

I couldn’t wait until Kyle got home.  The last week had been stressful for both of us.  There had been a lot of serious talk, and we hadn’t had a chance to play.  Now, the holiday weekend was upon us and with family coming in, well that meant more time.  We did have a few hours before everyone would be arriving though.

I heard the back door open.  Kyle was home.  I was so happy, and he was too.  He was looking at mail as I came up behind him.  My hands begin roaming over his back, and then down to his ass.  He turned around and I wrapped my arms around him, continuing my exploration.  My hands squeezed his ass and pulled him to me.  His arms slid around me and pulled me close.  He gazed into my eyes, and I begin to drown in his.  My brat began to go back into her corner.  His lips touched mine and the kiss was tender.  I melted against him, but jumped as his hands came down against my ass with a smack.  “That was for what you were thinking of doing.”

‘How does he know me so well?’ I thought.  Now, she was back, and raring for a fight.  “Keep you hands off my ass!” I responded forcefully and brought my hands down hard on his tight butt.  He pulled away from me and turned and walked away.  I stood there stunned for a moment, and then began pursuit.  I caught up with him quickly and smacked his ass again, turned around and ran.  I heard him stop and knew he would come back to me.  I calmly sat down on the couch.  Before I knew it, I saw his legs in a firm stance in front of me.  Glancing up at him, I knew I was in trouble.  I got up but before I could go anywhere he had taken hold of my arm.

“Get undressed, Now!” he commanded.

I gazed into his eyes before slowly pulling my sweater off then unhooking my bra and adding it to the couch.  Waiting a moment, I then unbuttoned my jeans, slid the zipper down and pushed them down.  He took me by the wrist and led me into the kitchen.  Placing me at the end of the table, he then moved away for a moment.  I thought about running, but knew that I wouldn’t get far and when he did catch me that my punishment would be worse.  I turned my head to see what he was doing.  He opened a drawer and pulled out some rope.  “Since when did you start keeping rope in here, huh?” I questioned.

“Quiet!!!  Face forward, now,” he instructed.  I immediately snapped my head back to its former position.  He came over to me.  “Put your wrists out in front of you.”  I knew he meant business and immediately presented my wrists.  He bound them together then holding the loose end, walked to the other end of the table.  “Lean forward,” he stated firmly.

“And if I don’t?” I challenged.  He pulled on the rope and I complied by lying down on the table.  He tied it off snugly to the table.  I did something at that moment that I know I shouldn’t have done, but just couldn’t resist doing.  The moment I did it though, I regretted it.  I hopped my legs up on the table under me.  Why did I have to let my brat loose when I was this vulnerable?

Walking back around behind me he smacked my butt hard.  “Put your legs back down,” he commanded.  I quickly did as he requested.  He bent down and pulled one leg to the side and tied it tightly to the table leg.  My head rested between my arms.

“Hey don’t cut off my circulation,” I implored.  My words fell on deaf ears as he moved over and tied the other leg off.  He walked away from me and down the hall to the bedroom.  “I know.  You’re probably going to get your bag,” I said.

“No probably about it,” he responded.  Coming back he sat it on the counter.  I tried to turn around to see what he was getting.

“I’m not going to like this, am I?” I asked.

“No, you aren’t.  And it’s time that you were quiet, for you’ve been making too much noise.”  With that, he turned around and I saw he was holding a ball gag.  He came over to me.  “Open your mouth,” he commanded.  I immediately complied and it was placed inside my mouth and buckled and locked into place.

He went back over to the counter to retrieve something else.  I looked but he kept it concealed from my eyes.  Coming behind me, his hand started caressing my ass.  “Now it’s time to show you whose ass this is,” he stated.  I felt the leather of the cat softly caressing my bare skin.  I knew what was coming, I just wasn’t sure when.  Before I knew it, my soft skin was red and stinging and my muffled screams resounded for none but him to hear.  One, two, he paused.  Three, four hard lashes to my tender flesh.  “Now, this is my ass isn’t it?”  I nodded my head vigorously yes.  “And I can do anything I want with it, can’t I?”  Again, my head nodded responding yes.  “Good, I’m glad that we’ve got that settled.”

And with that he went over to the refrigerator and opened the freezer, removing something.  My eyes widened at what I saw and I began to shake my head no as I also muffled the word.  He came back over to me and began to stroke between my cheeks with the cold wand.  I responded by tightening my ass.  “Are you saying that this isn’t my ass?”  I shook my head no.  “Good.  Then relax and this will go a lot easier on you,” he said softly.  The words had a calming effect and I did as he suggested.  His hand spread my cheeks apart to better view my tight little hole.  I felt the vibe slide between my parted cheeks and slowly push into me.  I wanted to tighten up, but forced myself to stay relaxed.  It was so cold.  Slowly he pushed it in, deeper and deeper until it was fully buried inside me.  “I thought that since you were so hot, that maybe you needed to cool down a bit.”  He began to slide it in…out…faster…harder…deeper.  I couldn’t feel the coldness as much, just my desire climbing as I grew hotter.  My gagged moans grew louder.  His free hand was barely touching my pussy.  “Seems that you aren’t cooling off, but just getting hotter.  I guess I better make sure that you get nice and hot.”  I moaned in agreement.  He slid his fingers inside me, searching for my sweet spot.  He stroked it hard, and my moans grew louder, begging for him to allow me to cum.  Evidently he understood my moans.  “You want to cum?”  I moaned yes.  “Not yet.  Not until I tell you to,” he stated.  I moaned in frustration, but knew that I would obey him.  I began to shake, so close to cumming; but somehow managed to hold my orgasm off.  His fingers slid out and began to stroke my clit firmly.

“Please,” I moaned, hoping he would understand.

“No, not yet,” he responded firmly.  Harder and harder he stroked my clit.  I was going nuts, and just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, it got worse.  He turned the vibe on.  The dam was about to burst and if even one pebble were slightly jarred, the entire dam would spill forth its entire contents.

“Please,” I begged again in my muffled voice.  This time his response was more to my liking.

“Cum for me, now,” he commanded.  I let go and the orgasm shook my body violently.  I cared about nothing except all the feelings that exploded in my brain and body.  I still can’t believe how hard I came.  My juices were running down my legs.  I never felt him slide the vibe out.  I barely felt my legs being untied from the table and retied together.  I opened my eyes in time to see him in front of me, untying the rope from the other end of the table.  Coming to the side of the table he turned me around and helped me sit up, yet held on to the loose end of the rope that was attached to my wrists.  Reaching up he unlocked and unbuckled the gag and removed it.  “Seems we don’t need this anymore.”  He gazed into my eyes and kissed me softly.  “I want you know that whether it is there or here,” he said as he pointed to me, “that all of this is mine.”  I nodded my head silently in agreement.  “Now, don’t you think you need to express your appreciation to your Master?” he asked.

He helped me off the table and onto my knees.  I reached up and undid his jeans, and then began pulling down each side until they dropped off his hips.  I leaned forward and grasp his briefs with my teeth and pulled them down.  Grasping his hard cock with my hands, I opened my mouth and let my tongue circle around the head then up and down the shaft.  Coming back up I wrapped my lips tightly around him and drew him in slowly, deeper and deeper until he was buried deep inside my mouth.  He placed his hands on my head, his fingers winding in my hair as he moaned.  I drew back ever so slowly, and then took him in hard and fast.  In…out…faster…harder…deeper with every stroke.

I felt his hands grasp my head firmly.  He began to fuck my mouth.  I kept my lips firmly around him, my tongue moving against his vein with every stroke.  He was moving faster and harder.  I knew he was close.  He stopped, his cock deep in my throat and came, moaning loudly.  I swallowed, then again for there was more.

I felt his grip on my head ease.  I began to move slowly, my tongue sliding over him, cleaning him off.  As I circled around his head, he moaned, “Yes, clean it off good.”  I drew him back into my mouth, sucking again.  I knew what I was doing to him, how sensitive his cock was.  I was enjoying myself as I tortured him.

Sliding back, I felt him lift me up by my shoulders.  He wrapped his arms around me pulling me tightly against him.  Looking deep into my eyes, his lips locked onto mine in a deep passionate kiss.  Oh, how I love his kisses.  I leaned against him.  When he finally released my lips all I could say was “I Love You, Master.”

“I Love You, pet,” he replied tenderly.  I laid my head on his shoulder and placed kisses on his neck.  He sighed in contentment as I snuggled up to him, my bound hands resting on his chest.  “Come on my Love.  We will have guests arriving soon and you are not presentable.  Well, you’re presentable to me, but I don’t think family would understand,” he chuckled.

He pulled his jeans up and redid them, and then picking me up he carried me to the bathroom.  After putting me down, he reached over and turned the water on, adjusting the temperature.  He removed the rope securing my ankles together and helped me into the tub.  After I had sat down, he lifted my wrists up above my head and using the rope that had bound my ankles, slipped it between my arms and attached it to the towel bar.  He then proceeded to wash me clean, not missing any areas.  He helped me dry off and led me into our bedroom.  I was instructed to sit down on the bed.  He retrieved my clothes for me and released my wrists.  “Get dressed, and be quick about it for company will be here shortly.  I’ll tell them that you’ll be out as soon as you can,” and with that he was gone and the door closed behind him.  I came out a few moments later to greet my family.  I wonder if they noticed the glow in my cheeks?  I know Kyle did for he smiled at me, a twinkle in his eye.  I smiled back, knowing how much I was loved and how much I loved him.