Our Island Retreat

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Author's Note: This is a work of fiction involving a wife and her husband. The Author reserves all copyright privileges and would ask that permission be obtained before posting this to your site and/or passing it around. For any questions, comments or what have you, please Email me.

part 1 - the slave

That Saturday that we'd gone out on the boat had turned out perfectly, as romantic getaways go. We'd anchored by a small island that day. I had wondered what was on that island that day, but hadn't gotten the courage up to explore it. Things were going much better between the two of us; our sex life, our marriage, everything. You'd told me just yesterday that you had a surprise for me. I wondered all day what it might be. Now I was going to find out. You had picked out my clothes for me - a button up blouse and my short shorts. You put a blindfold around my eyes and lead me carefully outside.

`Hmmmmmmmm...wonder where he's taking me,' I think. I soon hear the sound of water and feel the cool breeze coming off the water. We are on the dock. You help me into the boat and help me lie down. You secure my arms together, then my legs, then hogtie me.

"What are you doing?" I question a little agitated, but also curious. I not truly worried though, for I trust you.

"Quiet!!!" you command.

Ever since the last time we had gone out on the boat, I have learned that it was in my best interest to listen to you, unless I want to endure punishment. Now, I am more confused than ever, but know better than to go against you. I thought you had a surprise for me, but this definitely was not what I had thought it was going to be. I had thought it would be something romantic, not this. I was in no position to argue, so I just lie there quietly. `You have to let me go sometime,' I think. I can feel my brat rising from her corner. `No, this is not a good idea. Back, girl, back. I don't want to get in trouble,' I plead with her. "Please go back," I accidentally say aloud.

"Did you say something?" you ask sternly.

"Well, keep your thoughts to yourself until I ask for them. Understood?" you command.

"Yes, sir," I say meekly.

You release the bow and stern lines, then start the boat and pull it out of the slip. I hear you go to full power soon enough and realize you were heading out into open water. Now, you really had me wondering just what you are doing and where you are taking me. After what seems like an eternity, you slow the boat and stop. I hear you drop the anchor and after a few minutes, you come over to me and release the hogtie and free my legs, but still hold me firmly down. I feel my shorts being pulled off and my ankles retied. You then untie my wrists and unbutton my shirt, sliding it off my shoulders. My bra quickly follows. `God, where are we? Here I am, naked and blind. Can anyone see me?' I wonder. For all I know we are in the middle of the ocean with nowhere for me to go.

"Are you going to behave if I untie you?" you ask me sternly.

"Yes," I reply meekly.

I feel you untie my ankles, and then stand me up. I try to fight to stay down, afraid that someone will see me. I don't succeed. You then reach behind my head and undo the blindfold. As my eyes adjust to the bright sunlight, I see that you are standing in front of me. I stare into your eyes, and then realize that you are also wearing nothing. I start to turn around to look behind me, but you pull me tightly against you, kissing me hard. Your hand entangles into my long hair, holding me firmly. Your tongue parts my lips, deepening the kiss. I melt into you. I wrap my arms around you for support, knowing that otherwise I will fall over from the effect that you are having on me. It seems to go on forever. I don't care that I am exposed for all to see. I am in your arms and that is all that matters. We are in our own little world. You release the hold you have on my lips, and slowly turn me around. As your arms wrap around my waist, I see an island before me and realize that we are in the same place we had been before. I still don't know what the surprise is though. I've seen this island before. What's the big deal?

"Want to go ashore?" you question.

"Oh course, you know I do, but we can't, that's private property," I say with eagerness yet worry.

"Don't worry about that. I've gotten the owner's permission," you say reassuringly. "Hold on a sec and we'll go together."

You release me and I decide now that I'm free it's time for me to run. I don't know exactly where I am running to, but the idea of running from you excites me. I know what the consequences will be when you catch me. I dive into the water and start swimming frantically toward the shore. I hear you hit the water, but don't slow in my strokes. Upon reaching the beach, I begin running. I look back. You are still in the water. I see a log in front of me and dive over it, hiding. You take your time coming out of the water and look along the beach for me. Even though you don't see me, you don't need to. All you have to do is follow my footprints. I hadn't thought about that in my haste to hide. As you approach me, all of sudden you stop and turn around. I glance up and see you nowhere in sight. I spot a break in the tree line and spy a path of sorts. `Why not check it out?' I think. I start slowly walking up it. I just about jump out of my skin when you jump out from behind a tree.

"Going somewhere?" you ask.

"Just thought I'd see where this led," I say calmly as my heart feels like it will beat out of my chest from shock.

"Why don't we go together?" you suggest and take a firm hold of my arm. We continue walking down the path until you stop at a clearing. I can't believe what is in front of my eyes. It's a small hut, covered with palm leaves. Even though there is a window, I can't see inside. There is a door but it is closed. You pull me forward, but I hesitate, realizing your intent to enter the tiny building.

"We can't," I exclaim. "That belongs to someone."

"Yes, I know," you state. "Come on, it's ok," you say as you urge me forward with the hand you've placed behind my back. You open the door and I glance inside. I see a bed made of cane and covered with palm leaves. Over in the corner is a small cane table with two cane chairs around it and something this is out of the ordinary for this environment - a cooler. I start to understand what is going on here. He went on the island, found this hut and its furnishings and brought the cooler inland before we ever left today.

"How did you manage to contact the owner and get his permission to use his hut and his island?" I manage to squeak out, totally in awe that he would do this for me.

"Finding out who owned the island was the easy part. As far as all of this," he said, sweeping his hands around indicating the building and the furniture, "I made it." My mouth drops open. I stare into his eyes. This man loves me with all his heart and soul. I never had truly realized how much until now.

"You did all of this for me?" I query.

"No, I did all of this for us," he says as he stares back into my eyes. He pulls me to him as I wrap my arms around his neck to give him a huge hug. He had other ideas though. His mouth claims mine, kissing me deep and hard. I feel as if he is putting his mark of possession on me. Showing me who I belong to, who loves me, who wants me. I hold onto him as he slowly walks me backwards and lowers me onto the bed, never releasing me from his kiss. Only once we are on the bed and he is lying beside me does he let me go. He then leans down to kiss my cheek, the tip of my nose, graze my lips, kissing the other cheek and finally nibbling on my ear. I hear him whisper something and try to sit up abruptly, but am kept pinned down by his arm.

"What did you say? I don't think I heard that right." I exclaim in a raspy voice.

"You heard me correctly," he states.

"You bought this island?" I half whisper in an unbelieving voice. "But how? Where did you get the money?" I ask. `Now we'll have another payment,' I sigh.

"The owner wanted to sell this island and when I told him why I wanted it, he gladly lowered the asking price," he volunteers. "As for where I got the money, let's just say that I've been saving it for a very long time. I knew that I would want to buy something very special someday, but didn't know what it would be. I had plenty to cover what he was asking," he states. Then without another word, and to prevent me from speaking, begins to kiss me again. He knows that technique works extremely well for keeping me quiet. His hands begin to roam over my body.

Part 2 - the Master

As he kisses her to keep her quiet his hands begin to roam her body. They slowly slide down and begin caressing her breasts. He can feel her nipples hardening again at his touch. His lips begin to kiss their way down her neck. Soft moans can be heard coming from her as he does. His kisses did not stop there. They continue down her shoulder and to her breasts. His tongue then begins licking circles around each of her nipples constantly getting closer and closer. Then he gently kisses each one before taking it into his mouth to suckle on it. Once inside his mouth, he uses his teeth to hold it there as his tongue teases and plays with it. When he is satisfied they have enough attention he again starts kissing his way down her body. His hands are always ahead of him stroking and caressing as they go. They part her legs and can feel how wet she is getting but they did not go to the source. His lips continue on down her inner thighs, kissing and nibbling as they went. When they get to her toes he sucks each one as he had done to her nipples. He then comes back up and proceeds down the other leg to do the same. When he comes back up her leg, he begins to savor the taste of her sweet nectar as he gets closer to what he really wants. Once there he parts her lips with his tongue and just teases the inside of them stroking them up and down. He then takes her clit into his mouth and sucks on it real hard, then begins to nibble on it. Her moans grow louder and louder as he continues. He slides two fingers inside her. Her hips arch upwards. She is extremely wet by now. They go in deep and then slide back. As he continues to play with her clit his fingers move faster and faster until they are wet. Then he switches hands and they now go in.....out...faster......faster. His other hand slowly slides between her cheeks and presses against her small hole. Slowly ever so slowly they push their way in as she relaxes to accept them. They slide all the way in and then are held there before backing out. Then in......out.......almost in rhythm with the fingers in her pussy.
But they both move faster......faster........harder.........deeper......never stopping as she grows wetter. He gently sucks harder on her clit then bites it gently. A loud moan can be heard coming from her. Faster......harder....deeper......her body begins to shake in multiple contractions...........she is cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmingggggggg.
He starts licking up all her sweet nectar till the contractions slow.
Then he kisses his way slowly back up her belly........her tits.......finally reaching her sweet lips.

Slowly but passionately he kisses her. Their tongues dance as they do. He finally rolls her on top of him. Then...............

part 3 - the slave

I start kissing down his neck, then over his chest. My tongue circles around a nipple. I wrap my lips around it, sucking it into my mouth. My teeth grab hold gently, and I start sucking again. I could hear moans coming from him. I can't leave the other one unattended, so I kiss across, my lips and teeth repeating themselves. As I kiss and nibble down his tummy, my lips encounter his belly button. I can't resist letting my tongue circle around it, then plunging in and out. My hands slide up and down his arms. I can feel his muscles flexing slightly. I grasp his hands, bringing one to my mouth, sucking each finger in slowly, and then repeat with his other hand. I am teasing, tempting, caressing, and bringing him slowly higher and higher. My hands slide over his thighs as I let my body came to rest between his legs. Kissing and nibbling on one thigh, I then suck and leave my mark. I tenderly kiss each of his balls, then move to the other thigh, kissing round and round, finally finding the sweet spot and mark it with a duplicate hickey. Hearing his moans of pleasurable pain, I let go and wrap my lips around the head of his cock, sucking gently. As much as I want to take him deep right then, I would rather drive him slowly crazy with desire. I remove my lips and slid them to the side, sucking up and down his shaft. I start licking up and down the front and back, then wrap my lips around the head again. I begin moving up and down slowly, taking a little more of him in with each stroke, varying my speed and pressure, but always drawing back up with my lips tightly around him and my tongue stroking against his vein. One hand strokes the exposed portion of his cock, the other cradles and rolls his balls. I feel his hands on my head, entwined in my hair. He tries to push me down further, wanting me to take all of him in, not yet Babe. I stop, just sucking on the head, my tongue feeling him, then surprise him and take him in hard, fast and deep. He gasps then moans in pleasure. Holding him there, I suck harder then before. I love doing this to him, teasing, temping, making him want me, which makes me want him more. I draw back up then start moving slowly, increasing my speed, but always going deep. Occasionally I let my teeth graze him. I feel that vein start to throb. I know he is close. `Do I stop or continue?' I think. I so want to taste him, to drink down his salty cum. I continue moving, hearing him moan more. In a distant voice I hear him say that he is cumming. I intend to continue my movements, but he holds my head still as he fills my mouth. I swallow, but only end up with another mouth full. Did I tease him that much? Make him that excited? I feel his hands release the pressure on my head, his fingers running through my hair lovingly. I move slowly, milking every drop this from him, then suck on his ever so sensitive head. With a final light kiss on the tip, I slide up his body, snuggle beside him and rest my neck on his arm. I feel his hand stroking up and down my spine, then the other entangle in my hair, pulling me to his lips. I kiss him back with such abandon in this long, deep, passionate kiss. My tongue touches his as I moan uncontrollably. I never want to end. Holding him, being with him is everything to me, and more. I am surprised and unsuccessfully try to pull away but am held firmly against his lips when .....

Part 4 - the Master

He rolls over and is on top of her pinning her to the bed. She begins to wonder what is to come next, but doesn't care so long as it is with him. When he does release her from his lips he leans back staring deeply into her eyes. He knows then that she is all he ever needs. She has captured his heart and soul. And now she is willing to give herself completely to him, for he has done the same to her. He leans up further and gently rolls her over underneath him. Brushing her hair aside, he begins kissing her neck. Soft moans come from deep inside her. His kisses trailing as he moves down her shoulder. Then his body moves down hers, his hands caressing her back and his lips leaving a trail of kisses. He parts her legs as he continues on down.... kissing, caressing, teasing as he goes. Nibbling the back of her knees, hearing more moans and groans as he goes. As he comes back up he decides to adorn her cheeks with his own mark. He sucks and nibbles until he is satisfied with his work and then he smiles. His fingers begin to stroke and rub between her cheeks encouraging her to rise up. She has never done this with him but trusts that he will be gentle. After she is on her knees one hand begins stroking her sweet lips as the other gently rubs her smaller hole. He stops only for a minute, but when he begins again it seemed much easier to enter her. He has applied a small amount of lube from near the bed. She willingly accepts his fingers and begins to press back against them wanting more. He knows it is time. Again he stops but what she feels next is not his fingers. He slowly presses against her letting her take him at her own pace. More and more enters before he stops, slides back, and then begins again. Soon she has taken all of him. Her breathing quickens at this new feeling, a feeling she has wanted for so long. Slowly he begins sliding in......out......in.......out....with her matching his every stroke. In......out.........in......she can feel it rubbing against her love mound even from there. Her hand reaches back up under her. Her fingers begins playing with her pussy to increase the sensation. She keeps pace with his strokes.....in....out......in....out.....faster.....deeper.....harder.....as they both climb higher and higher. Faster......deeper......harder......his hands holding on to her hips tightly. Then in one massive gasp they both come. Neither one slowing or stopping. It seems like it will never end. Finally his grip relaxes and she slumps to the bed. As he lies down next to her she turns to face him. The glow of what just happened still in her eyes. She leans over and kisses him passionately. Their tongues again entwine. She then rest her head on his chest as he strokes her back. It has been more intense this time than ever before. They fall asleep in each other's arms. When he awakens .........

part 5 - the slave

I am still sleeping peacefully. He must have been gazing at me because I dreamt that an angel was watching over me then softly kissed me on the top of the head. When I awoke, he is gone and I feel so alone. I roll over and glance at the table. He has been busy while I was asleep. The table is set with coconut bowls and cups, one at each place setting, and several in the center. I get up to investigate and see that mango, pineapple and coconut shavings are mixed with berries in one bowl. Coconut milk is in the cups. I reach down, pick one up and take a sip. Mmmmmmmm...it tastes so good and it is chilled too. The breeze wafts an aroma towards me - something cooking. Setting the cup down, I peek out the window and see a small fire with fish sizzling over it. I glance around but don't see him anywhere.

I see that the sun is beginning to set, and decide to get a better view. I walk down the path, back to the beach. Standing there just gazing at the beautiful site. 'I wish you were here with me watching this,' I think. I think I feel the breeze on the back of my neck and turn around and there you are. 'Wishes do come true,' I muse as a smile covers my face. You smile back. You put your arms around my waist, pulling me back against you. I lean my head against your chest. I have never felt so perfectly matched to someone as I do now. Everything about this moment is ideal. I am with the man I love, my soul mate, the person who knows me better than I know myself. I couldn't ask for more and yet, he has given me more than I could have ever dreamed about here on this island, our island. As the sun sinks into the ocean, I turn around. My fingers touch his face softly, and then I kiss him passionately. I don't know how long that kiss continued, but it is he who breaks away with a groan.

"The fish. They should be more than done by now," he says as a slight laugh rumbling from his chest. Taking my hand we begin to stroll back down the path to the hut.

Our little love shack appears in a short time and he goes about attending to the fish, removing them from the fire and placing them in bowls. Mmmmmmmmm...it smells so good, and somehow isn't burned. He carries the bowls inside to the table then pulls the chair out for me to sit down. `What a gentleman and after all this time nothing has changed,' I think silently. He sits down and puts some fruit into each bowl. Then using his fingers, picks up a chunk of pineapple covered in coconut and lifts it to my waiting lips. I eagerly accept his offering, sucking his fingers in to clean them off. He next breaks off a piece of the fish, offering it to my eager lips. Picking my cup up, he offers me a drink. I swallow, but savor the taste of all the food as it mixes in my mouth. It is my turn. I break off a piece of the fish, presenting it to him. As he sucks my fingers clean, I begin to feel my wetness returning. Next fruit, then a drink of milk. We continue on like this until our appetite for food is satisfied. We both were famished after our extremely hot session of lovemaking, but the food is helping to bring some of the lost energy back. I lean over and kiss him softly.

"Thank you," I whisper, "for everything. You have made this one of the best days of my life and definitely the most memorable. I don't know what else to say but I Love You."

He grows silent for a moment. I can see what I have said has touched him deeply. "I Love You too baby and you don't need to say anything. I can see it all in your eyes," he says quietly.

I slide off my chair and onto his lap. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I lay my head on his shoulder. His arms encircle my waist, pulling me closer. Mmmmmmmmmm...this feels so good, just to hold him. Sensing something, I raise my head slightly, only to have him kiss me deeply. I melt into him more, feeling as if we are one. We are one. We have always been and will always be. We spend the rest of the weekend on our island, having fun, chasing each other, making love, eating only when we need strength, but mostly we just enjoy each others company. I'll never forget that weekend and wonder how soon we'll get to do it again.